Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

by Alcatraz

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© Copyright 2011 - Alcatraz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; ziptie; gag; captive; tape; torment; hood; collar; spank; bdsm; nipple; oral; sex; reluct/cons; X

Chapter 1: In bondage no one can hear me scream

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

My heart is beating powerfully and fast.

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

Darkness. Endless darkness. My eyes are open yet I can see nothing.

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

Silence. I hear nothing outside of my own body. All I hear is my blood pumping through my veins and my laboured breathing whistling like a sirocco through my nostrils.

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

Am I alone? I have no idea any more. How could I know? I have lost all track of time since my abduction; since my senses were stolen from me. Alone in my nightmare I am a prisoner in a jail with no walls.

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

My mind is in chaos, a maelstrom pulling me down into the murky depths of panic and despair.

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....
Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

I try to focus my mind as I piece together exactly how I ended up in my predicament .....

Chapter 2: Why am I here, and for how long?

My name is Angelina and I am a mobile hairdresser by trade. I had received a call that morning from a guy called Craig. I didn't get his last name. He had got my number from somewhere and we arranged for me to visit him at his apartment today to cut his hair.

He had been a true gentleman throughout; polite, funny and charming. He had rugged good looks and I could tell he was no stranger to physical activity.

Once I had cut his hair I readied to leave his apartment. But before I could open the door he grabbed me from behind. He forced me to the floor, easily overpowering me. With strong hands he bound my wrists together behind my back with a cable tie, the raspy scraping sound as the plastic clamped my wrists together sounded like the thrashing tail of an angry rattle snake.

A rag was forced between my teeth and deep into my mouth, stifling any attempt at a scream. A piece of adhesive tape was stuck over my mouth securing the makeshift gag in place.

It had all happened so quickly. I hadn't had time to react. Even if I could have attempted to fight him off there was no way I could have resisted his physical strength.

Once my silence had been assured he carried me effortlessly into a bedroom and dumped me - unceremoniously - face down onto the bed. He sat astride me, his butt weighing heavy on the back of my thighs. I struggled, God knows I did, but he was too strong, manipulating me like a rag doll with his powerful arms.

He said nothing at all. No threats, no cursing .... Nothing. His chatty, amiable demeanour had gone and he had become a stony silent abductor.

Whilst still sat upon me, I felt him cut the cable tie from my wrists. Seizing my chance I reached out for anything I could use to try and escape this madman. My flailing arms found nothing of any use. His rough hands were pulling my own arms behind my back once more. He positioned my arms such that my left hand was at my right elbow and my right hand was at my left elbow. The pain in my stretched shoulders caused me some consternation, but the cloth gag sealing my mouth ensured no one would hear my howls, no one would know I was in desperate trouble.

I heard the sound of adhesive tape being unravelled. The gummed material felt cool as it was wound time and time again around my forearms, from one wrist to the other, making a single plastic sheath. After several winds of the tape he released his grip on my arms. I still could not move them; the wrapping was too strong for me.

He flipped me onto my back, my spine forced into an uncomfortable arch by my bound arms. Straddling me again; this time sitting a little lower than my pelvis, I felt his weight upon me pressing me into the cushioned mattress beneath me.

He had control over me, but what were his intentions? My panic had taken grip and I attempted to plead with him through my gag. It was futile. He remained impassive and ever silent, going about his business with cool determination. His grey eyes sparkled, betraying his enjoyment at his endeavours.

He held up my hair scissors in front of me, turning them in his hand, the light glinting off their sharp edges. He snapped them open and shut a couple of times indicating his intent. My eyes widened and I shook my head. Tears were streaming down my face due in part to fear and also the dull ache which was increasing across my shoulders. He held the point of the scissors to my neck and slowly scraped them down over my white cotton short-sleeved blouse to my navel.

SNIP! A button flew off to the side as its thread was cut.

My chest heaved, my distress forcing me to take deep, deep breaths through my nose. What is this bastard doing? Shit, is he going to rape me? Kill me? I thrashed my body desperately trying to dislodge the brute sat atop of me.

SNIP! Another button was severed. I felt a cool breeze on my stomach as button by button my torso was exposed.

SNIP .. SNIP .. SNIP! My blouse now hung open, my chest rising and falling with my strained breathing. A few more cuts with the scissors and my shredded blouse was tossed to the floor.

I felt so violated and vulnerable. Why was this bastard doing this to me?

SNIP! My bra flopped open liberating my breasts. He held my full 'C' cup tits in his hands and roughly played with them. My nipples were erect; he pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers causing me to squeal in pain and ..... oh God .... and pleasure?? I was disgusted at myself for feeling any sort of pleasure at being abused by this monster, but my body's physical response was unmistakable. I thrashed again to let him know that there was still some fight left in me.

He bent lower and teased my nipples with his tongue, flicking and sucking with an animal ferocity. I saw his strong, angular face was flushed as his own excitement grew, the first sign that this was turning him on.

Next he used the scissors to slash and remove my skirt and it too joined my tattered blouse on the floor.

I feared the worst as my clothes were removed with such savagery. I desperately tried to say NO to him but he did not, or would not listen. He remained silent, not a word of explanation passed his lips.

Once more I was flipped onto my front. There was some relief from the pressure in my shoulders like this but I had no time to relax before he continued his work. I felt him bend my left leg at the knee and he forced my left ankle down onto the back of my left thigh. My left foot pressed into the soft flesh of my ass cheek. I heard the sound of tape again as it was wound repeatedly round my left thigh and lower leg tightly compressing them together. The taping started at the top of my thigh and extended down as far as the knee. The process was repeated for my right leg. The windings felt incredibly tight and immobilized my legs completely. I realized there was not a chance in hell I could escape on my own.

I tried to wriggle around on the bed, testing my incapacitation. He had done his job well and I could barely wriggle. The effort of trying to move was also causing me to feel other sensations; I felt a wave of nervous excitement take hold of me.

I sensed Craig sit on the bed next to my head. He began to play with my long blonde hair and I could tell that he was tying it into a makeshift ponytail. I felt plugs being forced into my ears. As the spongy foam inserts expanded my hearing slowly faded to nothing.

Suddenly my head was pulled sharply back and I felt something cool pressed over my face. I recognised the material as rubber as it was pulled roughly over my head. Thank God there were holes for my eyes, nostrils and mouth. He continued to pull the helmet tight around my head. I couldn't imagine it could get any tighter until I felt the vibration of a zipper being fastened at the back of my head. The zipper was fully closed with a series of strong tugs; each one compressed my head a little tighter. When finished my head was held in a black rubber compress. He had pulled the pony tail out of the top of the helmet and it now lay tickling the back of my shoulder blades.

Something hard was slid under my throat. It was then wrapped around my neck and tightened at the back. The collar sheathed my neck and squeezed it firmly but not enough to further adversely restrict my airflow.

He eased me onto my side. There was a mirror at the side of the bed and I saw what the fucker had done to me. I looked like an amputee, my arms were invisibly tucked behind my back, and my lower legs were also hidden wrapped insanely tightly behind my thighs.

Suddenly his face appeared in front of me, devoid of all expression. Still he remained silent.

He held two soft pads over my eyes. I was unable to see. Again the muffled sound of more tape as it was wrapped around my head, sealing the pads over my eyes.

Without neither sight nor hearing; terror gripped me. A paradoxical surge of excitement took me and I felt tingles in my pussy. I knew I was getting damp. I prayed that he could not tell I was getting aroused; I didn't want to encourage this monster!

I felt the tape over my mouth being removed. The wadding was removed too. I exercised my jaw to try and ease the ache and took the opportunity to take some deep breaths to help relieve the pressure in my lungs.

Abruptly, something new was forced into my mouth. It cruelly prised my mouth open wider than before. I touched it with my tongue and could tell the object was a metal ring holding my jaws apart. I felt him fastening a strap behind my head, the tighter he worked it the deeper the ring sank. Almost immediately saliva started to seep out of my mouth. I was unable to prevent the drool from dripping down onto the bed.

I suddenly realised that my mouth was no longer stuffed with the wadding and made a shout for help. My bellow was quickly stifled with his large rough hand. More material was stuffed through the ring into my mouth, packing it fuller and fuller. Another wind of tape ensured the material would not come out.

Laying there gasping to control my breath I took stock of my predicament. I was naked, trussed up tight, immobilised, breasts exposed and at the complete mercy of this animal.

It was then that something dawned on me. He had not removed my thong! Perhaps he was not going to ravish me after all. But if it wasn't sex he wanted ... what were his intentions? Was there some other fate in store for me? Oh fuck, was he going to kill me?!?

I lay there waiting for the inevitable. Waiting for the final blow. Waiting for the last act of a madman.

Waiting ....

Waiting ....

Chapter 3: Time is not always a healer

I laid there for what seemed an eternity. I ached, my limbs screamed for release from their tight bonds. The sparks of excitement I had felt previously had gone; my adrenaline rush had long since subsided.

Where was my captor? Had he trussed me up like this and left me to lie there forever? Was he perhaps hurt himself and physically unable to release me from this nightmare?

Or was he still here, still in the room, watching me, revelling in my torture .....

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt hands on my ass. They squeezed and massaged my firm cheeks, his fingernails scratching patterns into my flesh.

SLAP, a hand struck my butt with a sting. I squeal into my gag, hidden tears filled my eyes.

SLAP SLAP the barrage of strikes continued.


I felt the physical pain of the beating yet I couldn't see or hear anything. Locked in my sensory deprivation it was as though some malicious phantom was assailing me.

The spanking ceased. I felt my thong go limp. I guessed it had been cut. The material was pulled away from my crotch; it brushed my clit as it was slid away and a fire burned deep within my pussy. With my primary senses blocked the slightest touch felt like static charges, the hairs on my body standing to attention in response.

The removal of my thong scared me. Until that point I had desperately clung to the fact that proceedings had not been overtly sexual. But with the removal of my thong things had taken a more sinister turn. 'Oh shit, this must be it' I thought. I assumed he must be about to violate me. Why else would he remove my thong, exposing my ass and pussy?

I awaited the inevitable; my whole body tensed in anticipation of the imminent and surely painful assault on my pussy.

The assault didn't happen .....

Chapter 4: Back in the now

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

Ba-dum ... Ba-dum ....

My heart beat is louder in my head now than it has ever been. The violation I have been expecting hasn't materialized, yet my mind and body refuse to relax.

I roll onto my side, desperate to alleviate the stress that my body is enduring.

My heart skips as I feel something cold upon my left nipple. The shock sends shudders through my breast. The object does not warm up; it remains cold as it is moved in circular motions around my nipples. I feel beads of moisture start to make tracks from my nipples, following the curves of my round breasts down to the bed upon which I lay. I realise it is ice that is being used on me.

The initial shock is gone and I begin to enjoy the playful way the ice is used. I can feel my nipples harden and engorge at its caress. I feel the pangs of pleasure beginning to build within me once more.

Suddenly I feel a different sensation in my nipples, snapping me from my rapture. This time it is not the pleasurable icy cold feeling. This time it is a very real pain as I feel my nipples being pinched mercilessly. The ice has done nothing to numb the pain. I can tell it is not his fingers his is using; the compression is by something hard and metallic. The clamps - I assume they are clamps - are tightened harder and harder. I scream into my gag but of course it is fruitless. The pressure becomes constant now and the stabbing pain is replaced by a dull throbbing ache.

I feel myself being manipulated again and I am laid on my stomach. I can feel no support under my breasts, they are swinging beneath me and I know that they are hanging over the side of the bed. As my breasts sway with my body's motion the weight of the clamps causes little sparks of pain and pleasure through my body.

My ponytail is grabbed and my head is pulled vertically upwards causing my back to arch painfully. I feel fingers playing at my mouth and then the wad of material is removed, followed by a puddle of drool which runs down my chin. My mouth cannot be closed of course due to the ring gag still firmly in place.

Something touches my lips, something warm and firm. It plays at my mouth entrance, but remains outside. Instinctively I test the object with my tongue. I take little licks at it trying to work out what the object is.

Oh SHIT !! I realise what it is. I shake my head as violently as I can, demonstrating my revulsion at what I believe is about to happen.

His other hand cups my chin; my head is held firmly in his strong vice-like grip.

And then, slowly, the guy's thick cock enters my mouth through the ring. I can't believe how big it feels and it almost reaches the back of my throat. I gag a little and his cock withdraws slightly before plunging in again. I desperately try to swallow away the flood of drool which builds in my mouth; the side effect of this action is that my tongue massages the underside of his cock. This seems to spur him on and he builds a regular rhythm as he slides his cock in and out of my gaping mouth.

My mouth is being used as fuck-hole and I am powerless to stop the bastard. I am being used like a whore yet my body is responding in a surprising way. A warm sensation is developing in my pussy as he pumps my mouth with his huge member.

My earlier shouts of repudiation are replaced with grunts of pleasure. Each thrust of his cock draws a groan of pleasure from me.

My lust is getting the better of me and I know my pussy needs some attention. I need to cum, but I know I won't achieve it like this. I hate myself for hoping that he will fuck me hard in my pussy. But, at his current pace I fear that he will cum in my mouth and I will be left unfulfilled.

With my head held upright my collar's constrictive effect on my throat is amplified. My breathing is harder now and the pressure in my head is intensifying. I find it difficult maintain focus on what is happening to me, a shroud is descending over my cognizance.

With my grip on consciousness almost lost he abruptly removes his cock from my mouth. My ponytail is released and my head falls forward. I am gasping for breath, the mist in my head clearing a little, the pressure in my lungs slowly subsiding again.

Before I can relax, I am spun around 180 degrees so now my pussy is facing him at the edge of the bed. I am still face down on the bed, the mattress brushing my hyper sensitive nipples. I expect him to begin his invasion of my pussy but nothing happens.

"Oh God" I think to myself, "please don't leave me like this. Not again. You have teased me so much, fucked with my mind, driven me to distraction with desire. I need your cock inside me .... NOW!"

There is an unexpected tugging at my breasts and I wince as my nipples are pulled painfully out in front of me, stretched toward the other side of the bed. I grunt at the discomfort. I realise that was a mistake when the wadding is stuffed back into my mouth, again sealed with tape.

I feel his hands upon my ass now. I try to shuffle my body but the clamps on my nipples discourage any movement. He must have tied the clamps to something immovable in front of me as any attempt I make to move causes my nipples to distend even more.

Something is placed under my hips. Soft yet firm, pillow-like, it raises my hips off the bed and I feel his fingers playing at my pussy lips.

This is it, this is what I want more than anything right now. 'Give it to me' I silently plead.

His cock enters my sopping pussy and he begins his long strokes in and out of my sex.

Endorphin waterfalls crash waves of pleasure down from my head to my toes.

He pumps me harder now and I moan at each strong thrust. As his pelvis meets mine my thighs are forced open at an acute angle.

He pulls my ponytail backwards using it as an anchor so he can thrust in me harder still. With each 'in' stroke he pulls my body backward by my hair stretching my nipples further, and with each 'out' stroke he lessens his pull on my hair allowing my body to inch forward slightly, easing the pull at my nips.

The constant cycle of pain and release is driving me wild and I emit guttural roars with each pounding thrust.

His pace reaches a crescendo, and all at once he plunges his cock deep inside me, yanks my hair back and grips my ass cheek with a vice like grip that feels as though it will rip my cheek clean away from my body. I know he has cum, shot his load deep inside me.

This final act pushes me over the edge and I reach a thunderous climax of my own. My whole body is shaking from the euphoric release and I scream a long scream of pleasure into my gag.

He withdraws and releases his grip on my hair. My head rests on the bed; I have no energy left. I am feeling wave upon wave of pleasure, lost in a private bubble of ecstasy, detached from reality.

The pull on my nipples stops and the clamps removed. They hurt like hell.

There is fumbling at my legs and my calves flip back away from my thighs as the wrappings are cut. The dull ache I had felt in my knees begins to subside a little.

Now my arms are released from their sheath, I know it will take a while before the feeling fully returns, but I am glad of the chance to relax my shoulders.

I roll myself onto my back to help the flow of blood return to my limbs. Instantly he is upon me, straddling my hips, pinning me to the bed once more. I feel his hands at work behind my neck and the collar which hugged my neck so tightly is removed. As each instrument of my bondage is removed a little more life seeps back into my drained body.

I know I should fight him, but I am so weary after my torments that all I can do is lie there while he goes about his business ... whatever it may be!

Next the wadding is removed from my mouth quickly followed by the ring gag. I exercise my jaw to fight the stiffness which has started to set in.

The zip at the back of my helmet is undone and as the mask is peeled forward taking the eye pads with it. The light is bright and assails my eyes which have been used to total darkness for the last god-knows how long. As my eyes grow accustomed to the light intensity my vision is becoming focussed.

I see him in front of me now. He is naked, his body sculptured and hard, his face insanely handsome.

"Hey sweetheart" he says to me. "How do you feel Sarah?"

I smile widely. "FANTASTIC! Jim, that was amazing! I almost wanted to stay like that. Angelina was getting quite a taste for the rough stuff" I giggle throwing Jim a naughty look.

He leans closer and kisses me ever so tenderly on my lips. All suggestion of brutality is gone; we kiss the lingering kiss of lovers.

I look up into the eyes of my husband. "You know, Jim, I think this was my favourite game yet, even better than the others. Using adhesive tape was a new twist, but I loved it. I think Craig has great potential!"

"Ha, yeah I thought that would surprise you. Angelina and Craig were fun, huh? Think they will come out to play again sometime?" he asks me.

"Hmm, who knows? We have been so many fun characters. But next time I want to be in charge. So expect the unexpected, I'm gonna make you pay for using those damn nipple clamps on me".

We lie together naked on the bed in the afterglow. He snuggles into me from behind, his strong arms around my body, his warm skin pressed into my back.

"By the way" he says "I need to go the barbers tomorrow. This haircut sucks!"