Growth Hormone

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2011 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; captive; bond; outdoors; plant; insertion; tendrils; stuck; nc; X

You have all read about genetically modified plants in the press. Some say they are a terrible evil that will no doubt destroy the world while others think they will be the saviour of the human race. Me, I tend to go with the former idea right now as my current situation is giving me a very unique perspective on the subject.

My name is, well, I guess my name does not matter right now. I am quite, quite naked and I guess I must be burning quite nicely out here in the hot sunshine. I would have liked to have crawled into the shade some time ago, but unfortunately my ankles are tied tightly to two stakes which keep me very firmly here. Those same stakes also keep my ankles rather widely spread where I would like to pull them tightly together. Very tightly together in fact.

This all started as a story about genetically modified crops and some strange reports of massively successful growth hormones down at this farm, so down I came to investigate. Oh now how I wish I had sent someone else to investigate.

I was politely received, wined and dined and allowed to stay the night. Only as the sun rose did things start to go wrong for me.

I was roughly hustled out of my bed and run swiftly across the field in the cold light of dawn until we reached this spot in the middle of this field. A plain enough looking field I thought as I was hauled upright and my ankles lashed tightly to those two deep stakes I had watched them drive into the ground with heavy hammers.

When they released their grip on my arms I lashed out wildly and swore like a trooper before they fastened my wrists behind me and all stood back and laughed at me as I swayed back and forth on my tethered legs.

Then the farmer himself dropped down between my ankles and I thought for a terrible moment he was going to kiss my manhood. But no, he pressed something into the grass and watered it before stepping back away from me and smiling at me.

“This is what we do with snoopers” he said “Enjoy yourself”

Then they were gone and I was alone with the slowly warming morning air and wondered what was going to happen. I looked back and forth, but as far as I could see in every direction there were only rolling hills and desolation.

The tiny sound took some time to force it’s way into my mind, and when it did it took me several minutes to identify where it was coming from. I looked down and watched as a round green shoot emerged from the ground and slowly began to climb up out of soil. As I watched it actually grew taller and I felt my mouth fall open as I watched it’s slow progress. It suddenly seemed that everything I had been told about the farmer and his fantastic growth hormone had been true. He really had developed a growth hormone that might indeed revolutionise food crops everywhere.

I must have allowed my mind to drift then as I felt the sunshine warm my naked body because when I looked back the green plant stood nearly two feet tall and it’s head had formed itself into a rounded, veined bulge. The stem was still a soft pale green and it stood absolutely vertical to the ground. I looked at the sun and reckoned that I had been out there in the field for about three hours.

I looked about again, now desperate to see someone, anyone who might come to my aid. Although there was a part of me that screamed that I really should be choosy about who found me as I was a stark naked man tied up in the middle of a field and being found by the wrong person might not go too well for me.

The day was wearing on when I felt the first touch at my anus. I sprang up on to my tiptoes and looked down at the fast sprouting plant. That rounded tip was now gently nudging my virgin anus. And to complete my shame my manhood drew itself slowly up to attention as some dark part of me felt the advances of the new intruder and responded to it in the only way it knew how.

I started to shout, to call for help, crying out like a child as I could suddenly see my intended fate and I didn’t like it one bit.

At first I didn’t believe my eyes as I saw a hedge move, then a figure forced it’s way through and started to run towards me. I could make out flying blonde hair and long tanned legs that told me my rescuer was a woman. I felt like crying as I tried to think of what to say to her in explanation of how I came to be tied up in a field about to be raped by a plant and displaying a massive erection.

I realised my calves were screaming at me so I cautiously lowered myself back down onto my souls and gave a yelp as I felt that green intruder nestle gently but firmly into my anus. I quickly raised myself up on the balls of my feet again and did my best to ignore the howling pain in my muscles.

She was getting closer and closer as I watched her, her legs pumping over the turf as she came in response to my cries of distress. She looked quite lovely, and part of me was delighted to see her. But another part was ashamed at how I looked. If only my erection would subside it would not have been so bad, but it stood treacherously proud into front of me.

I could keep my feet bent no longer and it was with tears in my eyes that I allowed them to relax and I felt that terrible green shoot embed itself firmly in me.

My rescuer had finally arrived, and she came to a dead stop some ten feet from me as she realised exactly wheat confronted her.

“For heaven’s sake” I cried out “Break off the plant. Can’t you see what it’s doing to me ?”

Something in my voice must have overcome her natural resistance to the idea of coming to the aid of a clearly aroused man in bondage. She sprang forwards and took a firm grip on the stem before hauling it away from me.

I gave a howl as it was roughly yanked from my poor anus but I was instantly relived. My treacherous erection quickly faded and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Snap it off” I shouted “For god sake snap it off”

I watched as she took the stem in both hands and tried to break it but it was tough. She looked up at me, then I saw an idea cross her face and she took the top in her mouth and bit down hard. There was a damp explosion of pollen and slime and for a moment her face was hidden from me.

When the cloud cleared she was squealing as tendrils that had burst from the stem’s head had wrapped themselves about her head and pulled tight keeping the end of the stem deeply embedded in her mouth. As I watched she grabbed the stem in both hands again and desperately tried to pull herself free. Then I watched the slow realisation on her face as she found her hands embedded in the adhesive sap that had run down the stalk. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes as it came to her that had become as helpless as I was.

That was all about fours hours ago and things have got worse since then. A second shoot has buried itself deeply in my anus and is now throbbing gently. My terrible erection has returned and tendrils that have blossomed from the head of the stalk are cradling and caressing it gently.

As for my rescuer she is swathed in a dozen shoots that had grown up around her in record time. From what I can see they have slipped gently into her shorts from every angle and every so often I hear her make a little sound that might be despair but might just as easily be of unwanted orgasm. Her ankles are spread and pinned to the earth and a mighty creeper tightly encircles her waist. The way it squeezes her breasts up into her white top does absolutely nothing for my sense of calm as they are quite lovely.

The sun is setting now and I wonder if anyone will come to our aid from the farm or whether the new dawn will see more plants emerge from the soil to make our subjugation complete.