Grand Prize Poker

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; bond; cuckold; fucking-machine; packaged; exhib; oral; sex; cons; X

She wants to get him interested, so she offers herself to be put naked in a box on which her boyfriend's poker game is to be played, and to be the grand prize that night. Of course, he's going to win...

Steve was getting restless, and I was getting concerned. We were both pretty compatible and happy with each other, at least I was, but the spark was starting to fizzle between my boyfriend/live-in of four years and I. I had already done what I thought were all the right things: I was supportive, did my best to be good in bed, wore revealing clothes out in public and even when serving refreshments for his every-other-week once-every-two-months-at-our-place poker game. That seemed to perk him up, having the other three guys get to ogle me, but to know he was the one who was going to be all over my naked and willing body later that night. But I could tell something needed to happen to put me back forefront in his mind. To convince him I was the absolute best he was ever going to get and he better take good care of me. But what?

Then it hit me. He knew I liked to show off and tease. He loved to see me show off to others and he liked the way I looked naked. I could offer myself as the grand prize for his next poker game in our house in three weeks. Of course, he'd win. He'd better! And then an extra twist hit me, one that I knew would have him hot the entire time up to the game and hopefully quite a while after.

We had purchased a "fucking machine", a machine where you could mount a dildo and the machine would run it up and back a short distance. If that short distance was inside of me, well, all the better. It was a deluxe model with a self-timer, the ability to change speeds within a set range, long-term lubricating dildos, and even an attachment which varied the depth of the stroke randomly each time.

We (he) had padded and embellished a 3x6 piece of plywood so I could use the FM when I was alone and wanting to be tied up, with no control over what it did to me. Sort of a mechanical ravishment fantasy. So we'd padded and set up the plywood. It had straps to hold my ankles and knees wide apart at the edges of the plywood and four little holes on the board between my ankles for the rubber feet of the FM to lock it in place so the vibrations didn't shift it any (which could be real bad if I were tied down and couldn't keep moving with it, and the idea was that with this setup I couldn't). My hands rested together hand in palm right above my head and there were stocks-like padded clamps that came down over my wrists to keep my hands and therefore the rest of me trapped in place. There was a latch to keep the clamps closed where a peg could be slipped through, or we had a timer-based solenoid that would also work. It could be set to keep a rod extended into the latch and thereby keep the stocks locked for a period of time. When the timer shut the power off, or the power failed, the solenoid sucked the bar back in and I would be unlatched, able to get free.

Steve had a lot of fun personally testing the setup on me, especially the stress testing one night where he put me in it then took maximum advantage of me! He came three times in and on me, running me up to the edge several times, but the bastard didn't even let me come once! Boy, I fixed that once I finally got loose!

The FM could be left running for quite a while without losing lubricant. The dildos had lubricant reservoirs inside them and the back-and-forth motion slowly eased it out over time, keeping the dildo lubricated while it continually did its evil magic. We figured we had at least three hours before we had to worry about one of the dildos running out of lube, but our actual testing ran between four and eight hours, depending on how fast it went. Steve enjoyed using the platform and the FM and me to generate those statistics too!

But back to my idea. We could get plexiglass or something similar and construct sides and a top for the platform. Holes could be cut into the sides large enough to ensure airflow for me and to allow the guys to reach into the box and play with me. I would be strapped and locked to the platform, naked and visible to all of the players, and would be left alone with the winner for the rest of the night to do whatever the winner wanted. Of course, that would be Steve. Of course, that better be Steve. Jack, Will, and Matt seemed nice enough (maybe not Matt. He seemed to be a creep sometimes, spending a little too long drinking me in) but this was all for Steve.

I mentioned the idea to Steve at an opportune time, selling it as a "high stakes" poker game. He really liked the idea of the box and me being strapped into it and naked and helpless so the guys could grope me a little. He didn't like the thought of me being the grand prize, and me potentially having to have sex and basically be the toy of one of the other guys. For me, the idea was to get him excited. I told him that I was doing this for him, and I wanted it to be a contest. I needed it for my own fantasy. I didn't mind the groping as long as I was safely in the box and he was right there, or at least around.

I didn't want anyone to win but him; I wanted the risk and situation of being tied up and naked in front of all the guys with the understanding that I would be the absolute sex slave to one of the players later that night and the risk that it might not be Steve. Just the risk. I didn't actually want to screw anyone else but him.

He still didn't like it, so I thought about it for a moment, then told him to never mind. Without the risk, I was just throwing my naked body at the guys and getting nothing for it. I would be happy to give Steve the winner's reward when everyone else went home but didn't want to spend the time getting fondled and played with and showing my naked body in the box to the others for nothing and acted like that was the end of it.

I figured Steve would react this way and was being honest with him. I was inwardly hoping that his desire to see me naked in the box and to see the guys playing with me would overcome his reluctance to taking a chance on the game. I could see he was thinking it over. I slid up next to him. "You're going to win, you know. With me at risk, you'll play for your life."

Something inside him clicked. "OK, I agree," he said. I squealed, grabbed him, pulled him close, then started dragging him upstairs for what I hoped would be some really inspired sex for a change. It was.

He put the box together over the next few days. It was everything I wanted. The plexiglass had holes about four inches high through all except the last twelve inches of each side of the box, plenty of air, plenty of access. The box dropped snugly over the plywood; he didn't worry about latching it since the point of me being in there was being stuck in there. The Thursday a week and a half before the game, he called me at work and asked me if I was willing to do a test run when I got home. Of course I was!

The platform was sitting in the middle of the den on the seats of four of our kitchen chairs. The plexiglass cover was sitting off to the side, and the FM was in its intended place. When I got home he was waiting a little expectantly, so I looked it over and everything looked fine. Off came my shoes and jeans and blouse and bra and panties, and I sat down in the middle of the platform. I strapped my ankles and knees in, making sure the FM was properly positioned, then lay back and put my hands into the stocks. Steve was there in a heartbeat, flipped the top of the stocks into place and dropped a dowel into the lock.

Locked in!

I could feel my heart beat a little faster and myself becoming a little wet. Then he started the FM, with the random depth attachment, slow and steady. Nothing I could do about it as it plunged in and out of my pussy,but I wouldn't have stopped it if I were able except to replace it with its nearest non-mechanical substitute. I hoped that was in Steve’s plans for the night.

Steve took the plexiglass and placed it gently over me. It sat perfectly, and I could hear out pretty well, not that I could hear much over the FM running. He pulled up another chair on the left side at chest level, then spent some time reaching in and tweaking and playing with my nipples. It felt good and helped me along in the direction I was already going. A person could pretty much reach to the far side of my body from either side.

"OK, it works," I told Steve, "now let me out."

"I don't think so, not yet. You need to be in it for about thirty minutes to test how the airflow is going to be."

I glared at him, but of course, couldn't do a thing about it. We actually ran the test for about thirty-five minutes; thirty minutes for me to work up to a nuclear bomb of an orgasm and five minutes for my shaking to stop. After that, the top came off, the FM was placed off to the side, and Steve commenced to remind me why he would never be replaced by the FM.

"It's time," Steve told me.

I had butterflies as big as elephants. Steve had been really heartless; that test run was the last time he had given me an orgasm, and he made me promise not to do myself alone. He wanted me to be so, so ready for him later on tonight. I did it but was not happy about it. Especially the three times over the next week that he tied me to the platform and got my motor thoroughly running, but didn't take me all the way. Well, he wanted me sex-crazed and ravenously hungry on poker night and he had that. I was still willing to do this. I could see the light in his eyes and I didn't even want to think how it'd affect our relationship if I chickened out at this point. It's not like he'd leave me or anything but he'd be hurt for a long time. Besides, I'd been wet all week in anticipation.

It was about forty-five minutes before the poker game started. Steve had made the box the table on which the game would be played. At first I would be inside the box, naked, gagged and silent, with a large sheet acting as a tablecloth over the box. At some point, after the game had been going a while, Steve would pull off the sheet and the fun would begin.

"Ok, " I reminded him. "You promised. If you lose, you'll go with the other two guys and stay gone until morning, right?" I wanted him on edge. I wanted him to really be risking me not just playing games. He had announced he wanted to tape-gag me, and in exchange, I extracted this promise from him: if I wasn't really, truly at risk, it wasn't worth it to me. But he damn well better win. Then again, he and I had addressed that.

He nodded. He still didn't like it but he knew I needed the promise and I knew he really, really hated to break promises. Then again this might be one of the times. "You're going to win." I hugged him, pressing my body hard against his.. "And have me as your willing, submissive little sex slave all night. What are you going to do with me?"

He gestured at the platform.

It took a second for my sundress to fly off my head and join my sandals on the floor. I smiled and looked sultrily at Steve. "May your future sex slave meditate on any ideas of the sort of things you have planned for her?" I asked. "Thinking about what is coming might help me pass the time."

He pointed at the platform, answering me only with a mischievous smile. I climbed up and arranged myself on it. He placed and tightened the straps around my knees and ankles, then flipped the stocks onto my wrists and shoved the pin in. I took a deep breath. I was committed. I was naked and stuck on the plywood and if Steve wanted to go through with our plan I no longer had a way to stop him. I felt myself get a little wetter. He took a strip of duct tape and pressed it down around my mouth and then he carefully placed the plexiglass box over me. The sheet was draped over it, covering the box entirely. It'd seem a little weird to the guys, not playing at the kitchen table, but we expected they'd deal with it at first and have no problem at all once the sheet came off.

Despite now having an itch that I had no way to scratch, I settled in to wait. Steve left the room for a few minutes then came back in. Flipping up one side of the sheet, I watched in concern and chagrin as he put some extra things in the box. A pinwheel, two of our vibrators, a set of clothespins, and our clover nipple clamps. "No, Steve! What will they think of us when they see all..." I started to slow down as I heard myself and saw myself. "That... stuff. Yeah."

Steve wasn't listening anyway. The sheet came back down into its proper place and he moved off into the kitchen to work on snacks and sodas.

I had insisted on one thing to make sure I was the prize for my boyfriend. Right above the table, the ceiling was mirrored and Steve and I had worked out a system just for this one time. I would be able to see the face-down cards, they'd be above me on the Plexiglass. I could see the face-up cards in the mirrored ceilings so I could basically see everyone's hands. If Steve was going to win, I should look at him and smile. If he was going to lose, I should look at him and blink. Yes, it was cheating but it was only this time and I didn't want anyone else's cock in me tonight (or any other night) but Steve's.

But he had made sure of that. He had kept me high and dry ever since the last test and I was quite ready for some multiple orgasm sex in a few hours. After this show,he should be sizzling like the surface of the sun. I was going to enjoy the hell out of quenching that fire.

I thought idly as I waited about the three other guys in the game. Will was middle-sized, sandy blonde hair, an accountant or some kind of financial person. He was quiet and courteous at the games. Sure he looked me over just like everyone else when I was showing off but seemed to be all gentleman. He wore a wedding ring. If I had to be his sex slave for a night, I thought, he'd probably pass, but if I wound up serving him, it'd probably be interesting and I wouldn't regret much about it the next morning.

Jack was the most muscular of the three. He and Steve and I went way back, all the way to high school. He made his living as a plumber and did pretty well from the car he drove. He was quiet and well-centered as people went, with a quick sense of humor. He had been in a real serious relationship with a girl named Jenny but they had broken it off, rather roughly it seemed, about four months ago. You could see it when that happened; the first game or two he would get so drunk he would just quit playing, but he seemed to be getting his life back in line. Nobody had replaced Jenny yet that I knew of.

I wondered if I should work on that, and if so with who? Maybe Carla? Could I get her to come over for the next game and help serve, and have her wear something much skimpier than me (which wouldn't be a problem for Carla, she had incredible curves for it) and see what would happen. But as far as tonight, if he won it'd probably be intense, and I imagined I'd get that hard, solid fuck I was anticipating from Steve. He'd be a pleasant one-time change of pace.

Matt. Matt was a co-worker of Steve's from his previous job, and Steve liked him a lot but he gave me the creeps. He always seemed to be looking just a little too hard and too long at me at the games and his eyes wandered during the few social situations we had both been to. I wondered how Erica, his wife, could stand him. If on the wild chance he won the game I'd sure as hell better be completely tied and helpless because he wouldn't lay a finger on me if I could stop it. I'd rather run down the street outside my house stark naked than have him touch me. But Steve liked him and he kept his distance with everything but his eyes so I just ignored it and was polite.

A knock at the door stopped me and I let all that go. Steve was going to win and I was pseudo-reluctantly going to be his little slave girl all night. Yeah, all night. Maybe into tomorrow if we were having fun. The thought brought a smile to my lips and warmth in places I couldn’t currently reach.

It was Will, about fifteen minutes after I went undercover. Steve called out for him to come in, the front door opening and closing as he did. There was the normal small talk about work and sports and stuff as Will helped him finish setting up the snacks. At one point Will asked where I was. Steve told him, "Dina's kinda tied up right now but I expect she'll be putting in an appearance later on." I cringed but was careful not to make a sound.

Matt showed up a few minutes later. When he asked the same question and got the same response, Matt made a smart-ass remark about women always running off shopping or something when there's important work to do, like keeping the snacks and drinks coming. The silence from Steve was deafening, broken a few seconds later by the arrival of Jack. By then, all the drinks and snacks had been set up on the side table, the cards placed and shuffled on the lid above me, and the four of them settled in to start their game night.

After four rounds, Steve excused himself to go to the bathroom. Once Steve had left the room I heard Jack say, "Hope Dina shows up soon. She's one of the nice things about playing at Steve's house."

"You'd fuck her if you had the chance," Matt challenged him. Bastard. My opinion of him was confirmed. I couldn't believe they were talking about me like this. Is this just man talk or did they already know I was down here?

"Oh yes, long and slow until she was begging," Jack answered, "but she's not on the market. Wouldn't do that to Steve."

"I'd fuck her long, hard, and fast. Hold those long legs way up in the air. For about six hours," Matt confessed. "Ride her hard and put her away wet. How about you, Will?"

Will was the quiet one of the set. "She's not available. Moot point. I agree with Jack; I wouldn't do that to Steve."

"But notice you didn't say no," Matt cornered him. There was no answer from Will as Steve came back in the room and play started back up again.

As the cards flew around above me, I wondered when Steve would pull off the sheet. After a few hands, while Will was dealing, the question of where I was came up again.

"Actually," Steve began, "everyone pick up your cards and drinks. She's closer than you think. She decided she wanted to spice up tonight's game. As well as getting the pot, the grand prize winner gets her for the night." And the tablecloth was whisked away.

If I had been fishing I could have hooked all three of them without effort. Their mouths were open that wide. "Damn!" Matt was finally able to get out.

"Here's the rules," my honey continued, "you can reach in the box and do anything you want. The winner of each hand can use any of the toys in the box, everyone else is just hands."

I looked at each of them as they recovered from their shock and smiled at them. "Are you okay in there?" Steve asked. I nodded yes.

"What if you lose?" Will asked.

"I go with the other two guys to McFarland’s, get drunk off my ass, and stay gone until 8 AM tomorrow. But I won't lose."

Matt reached in. He buffed my nipples which were already hard to their maximum erection. Will reached in and gave the breast nearest to him a firm healthy squeeze. Jack reached in and played with the inside of my leg on his side just above the knee strap. And then he reached up higher and ran his hand through my pussy hair and across my clit. I was soaking wet and I couldn't help it. I shivered and moaned through the gag.

After a few minutes play went on. I got occasional squeezes, the winner would play with me, the pinwheel only once or twice, the clamps just on once and off the next hand, but the dildo was used on me almost every turn. I started looking forward to it, thrusting what little I could toward it when one of the guys was using it on me. I could see the "down" cards in everyone's hands, so I had a pretty decent idea how each hand was going to go.

Play went on. Will went out first, after about an hour. Matt was down to his last bet, but pulled a high flush and was back in the game. It went on for another thirty minutes; it must have been after ten. Then Matt went down when Steve pulled a straight against a full house. Jack and Steve were left.

The hands went back and forth for the better part of an hour and the two that were out of the game taking pretty good advantage of me. Horny as I was, it was torture, a torture I could do nothing about. The tape gag came off after a while so I could suck on fingers, especially ones that had just been in my pussy, but Matt really over-enjoyed putting a fresh gag back on me each time afterward. Then the game came to a head. Steve had three eights, but Jack was working on a straight flush, he needed either the seven or the three of clubs. They both put in their bets and drew their replacement cards. Steve did draw the last eight, but, dear God, Jack drew the three of clubs. Jack had the winning hand!

They bantered back and forth a few times until they were both all-in. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak; I was paralyzed with fright. I was blinking at Steve the whole way down. He looked at me a few times but didn't seem to notice and still bet it all. Then the cards came out and the game was over.

There was dead silence above me. Steve was real quiet and the other three waited for him to announce that he was reneging, that Jack could have the pot but he couldn't have me. Actually, there were four of us waiting for that, me included. I looked at him, panic-stricken, and he looked back at me. He was enraged. This was a stupid idea, and a stupid bet, but it was okay, Steve, I tried to tell him with my eyes. I'll forgive you for breaking your word. All of that crap I said was just crap. Just tell them no.

"Let's go, Steve." Matt encouraged. Bastard! I'll bet he was rock hard thinking of Jack fucking me tied up like this.

But then, to my disbelief, Steve pushed his chair back and stood up. "Come on Matt, Will. I've got about thirty beers waiting for me at McFarland’s. Have fun, Jack." And then he strode out the front door of the house.

I couldn't believe him. I could say nothing but I sure made lots of noise under the duct tape. None of it mattered; Steve was already gone. After a second, almost frantically, the other two followed him.

He left me! HOW DARE HE! What in the hell was he thinking? The cold fury burned through me. Jack was just sitting quietly above me listening as a car motor started up outside and faded into the distance. The bastard left me for Jack!

Then it hit me. Steve wanted this. Steve wanted me to have sex with Jack, to be Jack’s toy. He must. He saw me blinking, telling him not to bet and deliberately threw the game anyway! Okay, if he didn't mind Jack fucking me maybe I shouldn't mind either! The hell with him!

Jack pulled the Plexiglass off and set it to the side. He spent a long moment looking me up and down. I got the impression he hadn't gotten any since Jenny; he had that hungry look in his eyes. I looked at his pants and from the bulge in them feeding that ravenous beast might be plenty rewarding. I wondered, naked and stretched out, if I'd have any choice in the matter. Jack carefully pulled the duct tape off my mouth.

"Well, Dina, what now?" he asked, looking at me.

"Well, I sorta guess that's up to you. I can't do anything to stop you now, can I?"

He smiled a little, almost a sad smile, reached out and started running a hand gently up and down my leg. "You know, I've wanted you since about eleventh grade. Gym class and those tight blue shorts you wore and your marvelous long legs," he shook his head, "just that, got me through a lot of nights. But you wound up with Steve. Now here we are and you're all gift-unwrapped for me. But do I get to have you? And what would happen between me and Steve if I did?"

He smiled sadly. "All you'd have to do is say no. I would scream all night if I walked away but I won't rape you even if Steve invited me to."

I shook my head. "Don't even worry about that. Steve? You know something? We had a system and I could see everyone's cards. I could warn him if he was going to lose. I tried to tell him not to bet that last hand and the fucking idiot went in anyway and lost. I think that despite the way he acted he wants you to have me. And you know, if that's how he wants it, I'll do it." I paused for a breath. "Oh no. I'm on the pill so don't worry. Take what you want. Come and get it."

"But you're right," I continued, "this is a one-time chance. It’ll never happen again. What is sex with me like? Find out now or wonder about it forever! I have no clue what is going on inside Steve's head but I still want him and he's still mine except for now." I stopped for another moment. "I'll let you in on a secret: Steve hasn't done anything with me for about the last week. He wanted me hot and begging for him later tonight. Well, I’m ALL that. Besides, you four have been playing with me for the last two and a half hours and I’m about ready to hump a bedpost right now. I see something in your pants I'd like a whole lot better." I paused for another moment. "I'm dying here. If you aren't going to let me go, then I really really need a good hard, hungry fuck and if you don't leave me bruised down there, you didn't fuck me hard enough. One way or another, take care of me, please? If you don't let me go, slide off those jeans and please, please slide into me. If you don’t want me, don’t let me go because I like what I see right now and I’m hungry enough to find out if women can rape men." And I grunted and struggled a bit in frustration.

He just looked at me for a second. I wondered if I indeed was going to need a bedpost tonight. Then he smiled, pulled off his shirt in one move, his shoes, socks, and pants were down a moment later. With a smile I found I was going to be done well tonight. He wasn't huge but he wasn't small at all.

He took the platform off the pedestal and set it on the carpeting. Then, without untying me he pressed a very hard cock against my lips. I started eagerly sucking on it but dammit wrong hole! This wasn't helping me any. It wasn't bad but he wasn't doing anything to me. With my hands still in the stocks above my head neither was I. Sucking on that hugeness and wanting it in me was just more torture. But I was tied solid and was supposed to be his sex slave for the night. So on I went. I could smell my sex wetness dripping out of me, crying for even the slightest touch.

Suddenly he had enough. He slid down, and before I could catch my breath he was in me and going deep. Real, real deep. And it felt incredible. My hands and my toes curled, I let out a screech of ecstasy. And he kept going, in and out, firmly and steadily. I was so lost I barely was aware of him slipping my ankle and knee straps as he continued that slow, steady, firm conquering of me.

He pushed my legs up in the air, nearly folding me in half with my legs on his chest. Then I got what I really wanted. He slammed into me hard, deep, solid, firm. I cried out the first time, then tried to wrap my legs around him with no success while he continued to slam into me. I loved it. I'd be happy if he never stopped this.

Then, with a mischievous look in his eyes, he went back to firm and soft and steady. I slammed my elbows down in frustration. "No, don't stop! It felt so good! Fuck meeeee!"

I felt a click and my hands were free. I don't know how I managed it, but I rolled him over, he was on the carpet, and I was astride him with his cock buried deep inside of me. I grabbed his wrists and held him down while I rode him, pounded him into me for all I was worth. Over and over until I felt it coming, getting closer, and then... YES! Over the top and spinning wildly down the slope. I fell onto him full-length and barely managed a whispered croak in his ear, "Move and I'll kill you." I don't know how serious he took me but that ride back to reality had been a long time coming and I wanted to savor every nanosecond of it.

When I opened my eyes he was still under me and still hard inside of me. I found I could move okay. I reached up, caressed his hair, rolled off of him. "I do believe I am your prize for the night. You've done me perfectly so now it's your turn. How do I say thank you?"

He rolled me over onto my back and was soon back working on me. Not quite as hard as the other time but still quite satisfying. I reached up and caressed his face. I wrapped my legs around his tush. Oh no, you're not going to pull out of me when you come my dear.

He pumped for about another five minutes, and then with a screwed-up look of agony on his face, he tried to pull out, but found my legs locked like vise-grips around him. So he drove into me so hard I thought I saw stars. Then I felt that feeling I love, him throbbing inside of me, six, seven, eight times as he spurted his load groaning with pleasure the whole time. When he opened his eyes I unlocked my legs. "Thanks!" I whispered. "That was lovely."

He looked at me. "Yeah, you too."


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