Grace's Discovery

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; D/s; cheat; revenge; latex; bond; bdsm; club; hum; emb; oral; cons/nc; X

For Mickey.

As darkness fell, Grace closed the curtains on the world outside and prepared the evening meal for her and her partner Stella, Stella was just the wrong side of forty and Grace was starting to feel a little apprehensive about turning fifty in a few months. Grace had fallen under the spell of Stella online on a Bondage Forum and after months of talking had met up. and found they really liked the other one. Stella had always been dominant and Grace the submissive years later were still together. Stella had a highly paid job in local government and was a liaison officer who’s job dealt with all things feminist. Grace, on the other hand was a director of her own printing company.

Dinner was nearly done when Stella walked through the door "Evening Grace!" Said Stella giving Grace a peck on the cheek. "How was your day then?" Said grace getting the food ready.

"Well something’s come up and I’ll have to go out tonight and sort it out!"

"Damm I thought we’d spend the evening sat beside the fire!"

"Oh I can’t I’ve got to sort out the roster for the social workers, they’re changing the amount of time allocations!"

"Oh well!" they sat down to eat and after a few minutes Grace sensed Stella was uncomfortable with something. "You OK? You look a bit flustered!"

"Oh no, it’s nothing it’s just the fact I haven’t dome the rosters before, so I might be a long time, I could be all night!"

"Oh I see. If you want me to come over and keep you company, you just have to say."

"No it’s a long boring job and at least you can sleep tonight, at least it’s Saturday tomorrow!"

As they finished dinner Grace cleared and Stella readied herself to go back to work. An hour later Grace got bored and looked at her emails online. All she had was email’s from companies. She needed something to do so she thought of writing to Sally her friend from university, her first Mistress. She hunted round for her email address but could not find it. Grace remembered that Stella’s PC was in their bedroom so she got it to find out if Stella had Sally’s email address.

Grace fired up Stella’s PC and went into Stella’s email, looking for Sally’s address. She found Sally’s address but found an email address for a Master Oslo. Grace knew that Stella felt nothing for men and had many, many, times spoken out against chauvinism by men. It was her bugbear, she flew into male chauvinism and could talk about it for hours.

Grace didn’t have to roll down the list of previous emails, Stella had got an email from him that morning. As she read it her blood ran cold!

My Whore.

You master requires your presence tonight at my dungeon. I expect you to wear your slutiest hooker clothing and I will use you in any way I see fit. Do not clean your fuck holes as I delight in using it and having you clean me using your tongue. I will use my whip on you at last, I cannot wait any longer despite your pleadings for your partner you crave be kept out of this. I shall destroy your fuck hole tonight and you will thank me for the privilege.

Usual time, usual place

Master Oslo

The answer that Stella had given shocked Grace to the core!


Please except My humble mouth for your pleasure as I freely give it and any other part of my body I can give you Master. I shall wear anything I can to please you Master. I shall not clean myself so you may pleasure yourself and watch as I lick you clean of my shit. Please whip me until my whore body is bloody with welts, I care not for my partner and she means nothing to me!

Your very Obedient Whore

Grace looked in disbelief at the history of emails basically they all told the same story Stella had met this Master on a bondage forum and went to meet him. Now there was the evidence, in front of her. Grace burst into tears. for over an hour she just sat there and cried. The one person whom she trusted had lied and cheated to her. She thought about just throwing her stuff out the back door. She bagged the thought up and stored it. Maybe later. She had things to do. Firstly she found Sally’s phone number and rang her, and told her what she found. Grace downloaded the email on to a memory stick and hid it for Sally. Sally worked for a detective agency so Grace told her what ever it cost she wanted his butt on a platter and enough on Stella to "persuade" her to do whatever Grace wanted.

Although Grace was the submissive, she was only submissive to Stella. She saw Men in general and Masters in particular as social workers! You know they exist but never did you ever see one!

Everything was put back as it had been before and Grace wiped her eyes, she would pretend nothing had happened!

Stella had left at around six thirty at half past two Grace woke when Stella opened the front door. Grace prepared herself and pretended to still be asleep, Stella tip toed into the bed room and undressed, then slid under the covers. She cuddled up to Grace and gently kissed the back of her neck. "Hi babe!" Grace mumbled.

"Did you get it done?" She said with her care head on.

"Yeah, most of it anyway."

They fell asleep almost straight away.

The following morning Grace brought up coffee and toast on a tray for Stella.

Stella tucked into the toast and slipped her coffee, Grace noticed that Stella had put on a long T shirt, She sat on the bed. "Were you cold last night?"

"Yeah, a bit!"

"Well that’s why I got a twin chamber water bed! should turn the thermostat up a bit!" Stella looked a bit embarrassed, she didn’t know that Grace knew why the cover up!

"I’ll bring the tray down with me. I think I’ll have a bath and relax for a while."

"OK babe, I’ll see you down stairs!"

Grace had a little moment when she could have let the whole thing out, she just wanted to scream out loud! She had an email from Sally requesting Stella’s email address. She sent it by reply and asked a few questions at the same time. Grace had just closed her Laptop when Stella walk in. "I’ll pop off and grab some shopping." "OK!" Stella kissed her on the head, and walked out to the front door when the door slammed shut she had realized that Stella had probably got another email, and she was going out for a while to ring him with whatever he wanted.

She went upstairs to find Stella’s laptop and had a look. Sure enough she had another email.

My Whore,

Your master requires your presence as soon as your able. I have an opening tomorrow night I will allow you to confirm by phone.

Master Oslo

She rang Sally who asked the question "Could you get to her cell phone without her knowing?"

"Why of course!"

"Good I’ll over in about two minutes!"

"Wow! That’s quick!"

"Not really I was on the way over to see you anyway." Grace looked out the window to see Sally walking down the road, walking straight to the house.

They hugged warmly "Its been a while!" "Hasn’t it just!"

"Right number one! Are you sure?"

Grace handed her the stick and she uploaded it into her computer.

"Good we have his IP address so we know where he is! Ok number two do you want to get rid of Stella?"

Grace looked at Sally. "I’ll take it that’s a yes!"

Grace felt she had wasted six years on someone that cheated and lied to her. Once the trap was set, Stella would have to suck a lot of pussy before she would see the inside of Grace’s home again.

"We have hacked into her email address so we know what’s going on. What type of cell phone does Stella own?"

"Oh a new Nokia, I’ll get you the model number, the box is upstairs."

"What we have here is a new battery for her phone, it’s fully charged. It looks like a normal battery but it’s got a tracking device which uses the cell phone system to pass the information and location to us where ever we are!"

"Information, what information?"

"It sends out everything she says, it picks up every sound that’s made near the phone and we digitally record every word uttered including Phone calls."

"Wow! I didn’t know you could do all this!"

"No, well It’s illegal in this country but who would know about it! And anyway we’re checking out this Master Oslo, he’s been on most of the good websites and he has a fairly terrifying reputation. He’s basically an anti Feminist He loves to destroy women."

Grace had mixed feelings, she on the one hand wanted to strike back at Stella for lying and cheating to her she wanted to do something about this Master Oslo.

Sally went before Stella came back and Grace had to calm down before facing her. The more Grace pondered her position she found herself in the more angry she felt. Grace hardened, she cried last night and Stella wouldn’t make her cry any more. Stella came home with some shopping and took it through to the kitchen. Grace walked after her and helped put the food away.

"Where do you want to go tonight?" Asked Grace.

"Oh I’m going to be too tired to go anywhere after last night"

"Mmmm, Pity I thought we might rubber up and go to the club for a few hours."

"Well I rang work while I was out and they want me to work late tomorrow night as well!"

"I don’t believe this! They expect you to work on a Sunday night, as well as during the week! What’s you’re bosses name? Adams? Christine Adams was it I’ll be having words with her I can tell you!"

"Oh don’t do that! She never got over the last time you had a word! The thing is it all goes in my file and if she feels like being a bitch then when our next pay agreement is due It’s brought up in conversation by the heads of section. It’s a ploy to wrong foot us but it usually works!"

Grace looking at Stella lying her face off so wanted to tell her to pack her bags and go. "So how long is this going on for?"

"Probably a good few weeks yet!"

Later Grace changed the new battery for the old one. She put the old one in her bag so she could throw it away without attracting attention. After they ate they sat down and listened to some Russian classics, Stella walked out the room to check her inbox. Grace’s cell went off silently, just as Sally asked her to do. She looked at the text message. It said: Master sent email He wants you! Grace couldn’t take this in, what did he want with her? And far more important how is Stella meant to explain this one away? Grace deleted the text and resumed her listening to music mode.

Stella Sat down next to her, she whatever she was thinking stayed silent. Grace thought she was trying to formulate a way of getting her to see him. She wanted to know what Stella’s email was about. Grace thought it could be that Her master had ordered her to bring Grace along but why? She had already told her that Stella was working tomorrow night. Grace glanced at Stella she knew that Stella had something on her mind. An idea struck Grace, and as she thought about what she knew of "Master Oslo," she felt not only could work but would work.

"Oh I’m going to have a bath!" Grace announced, Stella looked like she was going to say something. Grace disappeared upstairs not really caring what she has to say for herself. After Grace had been in the bath for quarter of an hour Her cell rang on silent, she saw it vibrate on the side where she had put it. The text message said "She is on cell to him!"

Grace rang Sally, "Hi Sal what do he say in the email?"

"He wanted to see you! Presumably all he wanted was to see your face so he could identify you. We don’t think he actually wants to say anything to you yet. We think he will tell Stella she can be his slave and she’s to leave you! We’ll know what he’s doing before it happens!"

"That’s good!"

"Oh we’ve found out he’s a Nigerian, his real name is Kenneth Leone. He sometimes goes under the name of Kenneth long. Oh She’s finished, hang on! Yes the computers printing a transcript, Yes he want to see your face, that’s all!"

"Well I won’t disappoint him then! I’ll talk to you soon, Bye!"

She could hear Stella starting to climb the stairs she opened the bathroom door and put her head round the corner. "While you were in here soaking they called me and said they had thought it unfair to ask me in on a Sunday night."

"Well At least they had the guts to tell you before you went in!"

"Yes well they were sorry!" replied Stella.

"To you maybe the mere fact they ruined my weekend as well didn’t bother them did it!"

"I’m sorry, I’ll tell you what we’ll go down the club tomorrow!"

"The Club! Did I hear you right? The Club! Oh which Club do you mean? The Club where you get to talk to all your friends and have a few drinks while I’m dragged around on a leash with a gag in my mouth I can’t talk to my friends, I can’t have a drink, I can’t even sit on a bloody seat! Remember I’m only your slave! No I don’t want to go to the bloody Club!"

Stella looked shocked, She had decided to cure Grace’s boredom by going down the Club, but as Grace had just pointed out It’s not exactly a fun place if you’re a slave, and that was exactly what they had done for years!

Stella was knocked for six! The plan she had come up with should have worked, but now she had promised her lord and master that Grace would be there tomorrow night and obviously she was going to get Grace to the Club, It was going to be a lot tougher than she thought! "What do you want to do then?"

"Well I was having a nice soak.."

"Well I could always join you!" Seizing her chance Grace nodded hopefully.

Stella realizing she had made the most stupid mistake because of her back. "Oh no I had better wait I had a bath last night didn’t I!"

Stella came over and kissed Grace, a long a passionate kiss on the mouth, "I’ll make some coffee!" Walking out the door and down the stairs.

Grace wiped her mouth with a towel. "He’s had his shitty bloody cock in your mouth you bitch!" she thought!

Grace hardened that night the more she thought about her lover cheating and lying to her, the more evil her revenge became. Even though Grace had a plan, she didn’t get any sleep. She went to the loo about four in the morning and checked her phone again, she had another text It said 'Master Oslo sells DVD’s of Slave action, we have her on DVD!'

This made her laugh out loud! The stupid bitch had been conned into selling her soul and for what? So Kenny boy can pass round DVD’s of his latest slut! The laughter changed to tears in a few seconds as she knew she was kicking Stella out, maybe in days. Grace texted Sally and asked for some favours, she didn’t feel like going to bed and dwelling on the subject she went back into the bedroom to get her robe and realized Stella wasn’t in bed. Grace searched the house and when she couldn’t find her checked her laptop.

The newest email

My Whore,

Bring your partner to the Club Sunday night so I might see her. If I think your slut is suitable, I might use her in future sessions.

Master Oslo

Grace very nearly emailed him back! She wrote out an email and was that close to sending it. She stopped Grace would have ruined everything! She deleted her reply and put Stella’s laptop back where it was.

Stella must have crept out of the house, probably to her Master. She aimlessly walked around her house. Her house, not their house. Stella was history, but she needed to keep up the act a while longer. Around seven in the morning Stella hobbled in obviously in a great deal of pain Grace was sitting on the sofa. One look and Stella knew that Grace knew!

Stella burst into tears! "I’m so sorry!"

But Grace cut her off , the first time in six years "No your not bitch! All your sorry about is I’ve caught you and you’ve nowhere to live!"

"But Grace I love you!"

"What was it you said, I care not for my partner and so is nothing to me! Pretty damm stupid thing to say on your own laptop wasn’t it! The laptop I paid for! Let me tell you about Master Oslo, his real name is Kenneth Leone. He’s an illegal immigrant from Nigeria. He get stupid little whores like you and whips them! He fucks them in the arse, in the mouth, that turns him on watching you lick your own shit off his cock, and you come back here into my home and you think I want to kiss you on the lips. Well Best of all he make DVD’s of all the stupid whores he fucks and fairly soon we’ll have a few copies sent over. "

"But, He made, DVD’s."


Grace recomposed herself.

"Now strange as it may seem I am unused to sharing my home with a cheating lying, cocksucking whore that is the laughing stock of the council offices, so I’ll make it simple Things will never be the same, Ever!" Grace walked over to the hall table and picked up Stella’s keys. "Now You have no reason to have my keys, And you will not be using my car ever again! Now the good news, Well there isn’t any!"

At that moment Grace’s cell went. "Hi yes the whore just walked through my front door, like she owns it! Yeah! Oh good! Who Oh yes I have a plan! Could you all assemble at the Club tonight. Oh for sure! Oh I could. Oh definitely, Oh sure, I’ll be there Oh Of course It’s Mistress Grace! OK, and you, bye!"

"Grace who was that?"

Grace looked down with obvious distaste. "I don’t believe it! You’ve actually look like a whore! Did you turn a few tricks on the way!"

Stella burst into tears again. "He makes me wear these clothes!"

"No cock sucker You wanted to wear the clothes. I dare say he would look fairly stupid wearing that lot wouldn’t he! For the moment you can live in the dungeon. Right now your presence makes my skin crawl!"

Stella hobbled downstairs to the dungeon, it was a good choice as it had it’s own sink and loo.

"Right you can throw your 'hooker clothes' in the bin, by the way there better not be any trace of your whore ways in my car because you’re paying to have MY car thoroughly cleaned! So Is there?"

"There’s a suitcase in the boot of the car, I’m so sorry!"

"No you not sorry for what you have done to me, you’re just sorry you were caught! If I hadn’t been there when you walked in you would have changed and pretended nothing had happened. Which shows you just what a cheating lying Whore you have become".

Stella stood in the middle of the toys stripping off her clothing, sniffling. Grace shut the door and locked it. She knew first hand that the room was cold, but she wouldn’t have the whore walking round her house helping herself to her things! Grace spent the morning clearing out Stella’s clothes out of the wardrobe. She threw her stuff into black bin liners and lined them up in the hall. She had no idea what she was going to do with Stella long term, Grace had realized that change was coming. She thought the first thing was to ring Sally!

"Hi It’s me anything new?"

"Well she spent the night there according to the tracker and we are going through the recording as we speak to see if there’s anything we can use."

"Could you get me another sub for tonight? Well I could do it."

"No I would prefer you next to me as another Domme. No I need someone who could play the part really well, because I want two subs! The reason’s simple, if I only have one that infers a one to one relationship. If there’s two it infers a Pro Domme. Also could you be there by my side, I would feel better baring in mind this man has destroyed my life!"

"I understand Grace I have had a lot of help on this from the people here at the agency I’m sure I can get you a willing sub, but then what about Stella?"

"What about her. She’s damaged goods as far as I’m concerned. She has had his cock shoved up her fanny, shoved up her arse and she has willingly cleaned her own shit off of it, she kissed me last night and I very nearly threw up! Any chance of seeing the DVD of her at work?"

"Yes in fact there’s three we’ve found so far! Give me a few minutes and I’ll be over."

"Thanks Sally!"

The DVD’s made pretty grim viewing, made on the cheap, It pulled no punches, each one was about twenty minutes long and showed Stella being humiliated, fucked, humiliated, given anal and made to suck her shit off of his cock. Sally looked up at Grace who was crying. She took her hand and tried to ease the pain Grace was feeling. "It Ok, I’m over the worst of it now! Now it’s revenge!"

Grace went down to the dungeon and got Stella. Grace put a collar round her neck and handcuffed her. "Grace I love you!"

Grace smiled at Stella. "Watch my lips! NO YOU DON’T!" Grace clipped a leash to the collar and started to pull her out of the dungeon.

"Wait my clothes!" She grabbed her clothes out of the bin and covered herself with them.

"Want to see what your Lord and Master thinks of his whore?" Grace turned and stared at Stella who’s mind was working overtime.

They got to the living room and Stella stared at the screen in disbelief, shocked at the evidence before her. "And have you any idea how much he sells these for ?" Stella was more interested in the screen and the big black cock covered in shit she just stuck in her mouth. "Twenty pound a go!" Sally said.

"Lets hope you’ve got a good deal on royalties then!" laughed Grace.

"I didn’t know!" Cried Stella.

"Well that just goes to show doesn’t it! Apart from Lying, cheating, cocksucking, whore you are your very stupid as well!"

"You going to tell her about tonight?"

"No! I don’t think so! You’ll just have to wait! But I’ll tell you what, your going in what you have in your hands!"

"You have another advantage Grace," Said Sally, "You Know what he looks like now!"

"That’s true!" said Grace.

Stella hadn’t noticed Sally before. "Don’t I know you from somewhere?"

"Oh she’s a sharp one Grace! You stupid bitch! You‘ve had a tracker on you for weeks, we’ve heard every word you’ve said! And every word that’s been said to you!" Stella looked in disbelief, "Well you reached his dungeon at one sixteen AM and the first words he said to you was Your late, whore!" Stella went beetroot, as she realized the extent of her fall. "We have everything recorded. The Lies the deceptions we have it all!"

Stella looked at Grace "Grace I still have feelings for you!"

"Yes you probably do, but it’s probably got more to do with delivering me to Master Oslo rather than anything else!" Stella’s shocked face couldn’t take much more, "We know exactly what the two of you were planning to do, and All you have managed to do is fuck yourself! Well I’m afraid you have one chance, and one chance only. You work with us we go tonight, we see Master Oslo and we’re done."

"What happens after that?" Stella asked nervously.

"Well put it like this you won’t wake up in Nigeria will you!"

"Nigeria Is he from Nigeria?"

"Yeah!" Said Sally. "Here’s a picture of Master Oslo, with his wife!" Sally held a picture of Master Oslo with a Black woman, dressed in white with a bouquet of flowers.

"He never told me he was married!" Stella said quietly. "OK, I’ll do it!"

"Good! Now did you have any luck with the other slave, Sally?"

"Er yes I wanted to tell you about that, I have an ideal candidate, her names Mickey, she’s in her late twenties, and she’s into fetish, she loves leather, latex helmets, straitjackets, she loves being bound and dominated, she’s a real livewire! She’s a lot of fun and I showed her your picture and she liked what she saw!"

Grace glanced at Stella who was listening, then Sally, "Yeah but it’s only for tonight?"

"Yeah just tonight!" Sally said, seeing that Grace didn’t want Stella to guess what was going to happen to her. "Tell me have you heard of the Wandsworth headhunters?" Grace shook her head. "Well they’ll be down the Club!"

Stella was looking at the screen at herself being arse fuck for the fifth time! Sally pointed at his picture and indicated something about fucking! Grace, having led a fairly sheltered life didn’t know exactly what she was saying so she left it till later. "So let me take Stella back to the dungeon, perhaps you can think of what your going to say to the man that made you a star!"

Grace walked back to the living room and hugged Sally. "Lets go down the pub and eat!"

"What about Stella?" Sally asked.

"Oh she’ll be OK I’ve left that tin of Quality street which my mum used to buy me for Christmas!"

"But your mums been buried for four years! We went to the funeral!"

"Yeah! I know!"

Sally rang a number and asked Mickey to come over to meet them in the pub.

They walked down to the pub which was only a couple hundred yards away. Everyone knew everyone else in the pub they both sat down and started talking, a couple of minutes Later this woman walked through the door. She was beautiful! Long legs, shortish hair and her jeans looked like they were sprayed on! The women saw Sally and walked over, "Hi, I’m Mickey Looking at Grace". Grace stood up and they kissed (on the cheeks) for the first time.

"Wow!" Said Grace realizing where she was, "Your up for tonight then?"

"It would be a dream come true!"

"Do you want to eat, My treat?"

They walked back to the house, Sally on one side and Mickey holding Grace’s arm on the other. "This is home!" Grace said glancing at the youngster, Grace opened the front door and motioned both Mickey and Sally inside. Grace sat Mickey down and turned on the screen. Mickey sat open mouthed as Grace dropped the bombshell that the person taking the shitty cock was her ex-Domme partner and since she had found out she had assumed the role as Stella was locked in the dungeon at that moment! Both Sally and Grace explained the reasons Mickey had been asked to help. "Count me in! I’ll do everything I can to make your revenge as sweet as I can!"

"Thanks Mickey I really do appreciate you volunteering to do this!"

"Well, I ‘m a security Officer in the company and I’m the one Sally asked to hack into Stella’s email account, so Hopefully we can amaze each other!"

"Oh I do hope so!"

"I have her locked inside our dungeon!"

"What! You have her here!

"Yes, she actually smells like a whore, you know sex, shit, stale tobacco sweat! You can smell the shit on her breath!"

"Yuck! And you let her back in the house?"

"Well there’s a good reason for that, we need her for tonight."

"And then?"

"You’ll see! What I had planned was I want to give the impression that I’m somewhat better than he might be expecting. So I’ll have you, if I might on one leash and her on the other. He will expect you, who he sees as a slave to be passive. If he gets physical then you can sort him out! Now In about an hour I’ll let her out. I want you dressed and acting like a slave, I will only leash you I don’t want to prevent you from doing your job!"

"I’ll love doing this, It’s a pity you can’t put me in mittens and stuff!"

"Well perhaps later if everything goes well, we’ll lose her and if everyone does their stuff, I would love for you to stay, I can show you my appreciation for your help."

"Thanks, this is getting better and better!"

"Come upstairs with me and you can get changed and prepare in my bedroom."

"Thanks your very kind!"

"No, It’s the least I can do. I thought I might have to deal with her, and her lord and master alone. And that thought scared me!"

"Has anyone held you? Has somebody hugged you and told you they care!"

"No, the only one has been Sally!"

"OK just come here!" Grace almost fell into Mickey’s arms and burst into tears!

"I’m not strong enough for all this!" Grace admitted.

Mickey just held her and kissed her forehead," We only need worry about tonight. After that it’s a new day and your starting out renewed as a Mistress, and I would be pleased for you to consider me for the position of slave."

Grace was really shocked! Mickey continued, "I know you haven’t thrown her stuff out yet, but I knew this old man who told me to grab every opportunity I see with both hands. Life is for living! He used to say. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Tomorrow you might find someone else and I would‘ve missed this opportunity so I thought I would ask!"

Grace Looked at her with wonder, she was a real beauty her boyish hair cut really suited her. "Come sit here next to me! I don’t know what to say! I must be twice your age, and you look so sweet, why would you want to be my slave Mickey?"

"Well I have been a submissive from an early age, at least half my life, I can’t except a Mistress just because she say she is, so have to prove yourself to me, but gain my trust and I’ll crawl round the world for you."

"Well after tonight, I start a new sheet! So, it looks like the first job is to prove myself to you then!" Grace grasped her hand a gave a little squeeze. "I think we’ll start off by you telling me your likes, and dislikes. I wouldn’t be any good without knowing what my slave liked would I!"

Mickey put her arms round Grace and kissed her on the neck, Grace folded and they kissed forcefully. Grace won over Mickey and as they lay on her bed.

Sally shouted up the stairs "Grace! Do you have a spare key?"

"You get ready Mickey I’ll sort Stella out!" Grace kissed Mickey on the nose and walk down stairs. Sally didn’t know where Grace had thrown Stella’s keys, "Oh they're here! What’s it for?"

"Sandra’s volunteered to come in and throw out Stella’s stuff!"

Grace found it difficult to understand how people she didn’t know could just drop everything and help! She gave Sally the key and Sally gave the key to Sandra. "All her stuff is in the black bin liners. So just take them and throw them away, anywhere where she can’t dig them out!"

"No problem!" Said Sandra. "Consider it done! You’ll text me when you go?"

"Yeah thanks for this!" said Sally.

"Anything to help Sal!" She disappeared down the road.

Grace had gone back up to help Mickey and get changed herself. Mickey was halfway into a Latex catsuit. Grace walked in front of her and teased the suit up her arms. Mickey’s smile took Grace by surprise, she really was everything Grace had ever wanted in a partner. Grace reached round Mickey’s bum and started doing the zip up, she closed her eyes as the zip could be heard being done up.

When It reached the neck Grace was inches away from Mickey and her beautiful face. "You love that sound, don’t you?" Mickey guessed

"It makes me all wet!" Grace whispered dreamily.

"Let me guess the zip must be done up, not undone."

"Yes!" Grace realized this was not the words of a Mistress. "I know you haven’t told me your preferences but you keep this up and I’ll have no trouble putting you over my knee, Slave!"

"Sorry Mistress"! Mickey quickly trained her hair so she could put her helmet on. Grace prepared herself and the pair of them went down to show Sally, she had used the time to change herself.

"What’s the time?"

"Ten past eight", said Sally, who still had her watch on.

Grace looked at their heels they couldn’t get through the door without ducking! Grace had boots to match her leather Jodhpurs, her blouse had a black leather tie she slid her leather jacket over her and pulled her hair back and tied it back.

"I’ll get Stella!" Grace walked down stairs and opened the dungeon Stella was sat in the corner stinking of piss, stale sweat, and shit! "Come on we’re going!"

Stella made for the door.

"Oh not so fast!" Grace neatly forced a ball gag into her mouth, she had already strapped it up when Stella looked round to see what was coming next. "Handcuffs!" As Grace read her mind! She closed the cuffs round Stella’s wrists and walked round the front of her and clipped a leash to her collar and started up the stairs, Stella in tow! She whined like crazy until Grace turned her and whipped her butt with a flogger that was placed there by Grace!

"Now behave yourself, we have guests."

As they went into the living room, Stella saw Sally and Mickey in her helmet.

"Sit!" Grace said. Stella looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. Once she sat on the floor Grace took the gag out of her mouth. "Who are you!" Snarled Stella at Mickey. Mickey not bothered by anything Stella did continued to stare at her unnerving Stella.

"We are your fan club!" Mickey eventually said. "We’ve seen all your films!" The penny dropped! And Stella looked at the floor trying hard not to burst into tears.

Sally’s cell went and she answered "Yeah! we’re outside in two!"

They all walked outside and got in a people carrier, which drove them to the club. As they got out the enormity of what Grace was doing caught up with her, she stopped and appeared to wobble, Mickey grabbed her hand and the moment past. "Are you Ok to go on?" asked Mickey

"Yes it’s past!" smiled Grace.

They went in as they walked past the members of the club, Sally whispered to Grace "Follow me Grace we have a table reserved for us!" Sally guided the group to a table in one of the corners, "This one will do fine!" Sally said under her breath. "Grace! Look around you. Every table you can see is surrounded by friends", Grace looked at those around the tables. Wherever she looked the people round the table waved their glasses at her or mouthed Hello or just smiled at her.

A Leather Man walked over and knelt down to Grace’s height, his lunch box was about the size of a kitchen roll! "Hello Grace, you don’t know me, I’m Alexander from the Wandsworth Headhunters! We’re a group of friends that work out, drink and play together. The only thing is none of you can’t join the club! You see we’re all gay!"

Grace laughed "So are we!"

"We’re dotted around here with the private dicks so we feel right at home! You safety is our concern, I know Mickey from way back so I know your as safe as you can be! He’s on his way so he should be about ten minutes. Focus yourself, and we’ll be righteous!" He stood up, his massive legs could move trees.

Mickey gently touched Grace’s arm and said "I don’t think he would fit in our club either!"

Another Leather man put his fist into the air and dropped it. Grace took it he was here! She had hoped to at least have a drink before it all went down, but thing just had a way of racing faster when you don’t want them to!

Grace saw a Black face in the crowd, he was looking for Stella, Grace decided to go for it! She grabbed Stella’s leash and hauled her to her feet! She walked towards him with Stella protesting behind her. He caught sight of Stella and glanced up at Grace couple of feet away. "I think you should have this!" holding the end of Stella’s leash in front of him, "I don’t want a soiled slave!"


Grace continued "Let me make this as simple as I can, You used my slave without asking, didn’t you?"

"But she!"

"But she said what? It isn’t up to her it’s up to me I’m the Mistress and you can take your prize, your welcome to it, it stank of your shit! So you have her!" Throwing the leash in his general direction, and taking the cuffs off of her. Every person in the Club, started laughing at "Master Oslo" and applauding Mistress Grace! The dark colour of his skin seemed to get redder as it dawned on him just what had happened! Mistress Grace walked back to the table and took her seat. Master Oslo glanced round to see the smirking faces of those he thought were just Club Members, he pulled the gag out of Stella’s mouth and slapped her round the face, he was mad because he thought she had lied to him, and that would never do!

Stella was visibly shaken, she screamed at him as he lifted his hand to slap her again, "I have not lied to you master!" He slapped her anyway and pulled the gag back in her mouth. The crowd started cheering as the monitors flickered on and the scene was of Master Oslo whipping Stella on a frame. Again he was shocked! He made the recordings to sell on the quiet to earn him some money, and for friends to watch his sexual prowess at humiliation, not to be shown in front of him and the slut he had reamed in a Club full of jeering people!

He made his way over to Mistress Grace, unsure of who was responsible for the DVD. "Who is responsible?" Waving his arm roughly at the monitors.

"Why don’t you know, YOUR responsible! After all who made the DVD’s?"

"I mean who put them on for all to see?" Looking more angry by the second.

"I have absolutely no idea! I suggest you ask at the bar!"

He glared at Grace who was happily drinking a white wine. "Was there anything else?" She asked sweetly, at that moment a few things happened almost at the same time!

Stella was pulling on her leash trying to attract her Masters attention, his patience ran out! He swiped out at Stella who fell back clasping her eye!

Mickey jumped up and as he turned back towards Mistress Grace she put her clenched fist squarely on his chin! He tripped backwards and ended up falling over the next table. The headhunters pounced and had him bound and hogtied in seconds. They removed the ball gag from Stella who was nursing what was to become a black eye! Once captured Master Oslo looked terrified! He suddenly saw all these men in black leather carrying him out! Everyone cheered as he was manhandled out of the Club by the headhunters. He probably would have been OK until he felt someone squeeze his bum. He looked round and saw a six foot five rugby player in Leather chaps grinning at him! After that he was still screaming when they left him outside the local police station, with a large card saying Illegal immigrant!

Stella had got a icepack for her eye. She walked over to Grace, "I am so very sorry about this! When we get back I’ll pack my bags and leave!"

"Firstly don’t bother yourself I have removed everything of yours from my home. There nothing of yours for you to pick up!"

"What about my clothes?"

"What about them! They’ve gone, get used to it! Anyway we’re going to have an early night. So stay away from my home, stay out of my life, We’re going home! Mickey held Grace as she stood up, Stella gave her a wide berth, she had seen off a six foot plus man so she would eat her for breakfast!"

Stella, still open mouthed had never considered Grace as any more than a meal ticket, the finality of Grace’s parting shot did little to dampen Stella’s thought that she would be able to talk her round! That evaporated at work the following day when she was telling a superior why she was dressed as a tart.

She said she went to a party and had her bag snatched so she had nothing and it took all night to walk back by foot. The superior nearly took it hook, line, and sinker. But for the hysteria in the main office. When they went to investigate all the computers were on and running DVD’s! workers grouped round to see Master Oslo sinking his shit covered cock into Stella’s mouth!

She never did go back!