Good Neighbor Dan

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2022 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; F/mf; bond; rope; tape; gag; sex; toys; buttplug; oral; bedtie; cons; X

Good Neighbor Dan

Dan Kolwolski was a 68 year old retired Marine who looked 50. He’d been divorced over 10 years, but had a few regular “dates” to assure his virility and stamina were in as good shape as his muscles. His daily jogs in the neighborhood gave a feeling of security to those older citizens that lived alone. He would greet each one of his neighbors on his daily three mile trek. Dan was kind of the neighborhood watch. He was a Vietnam Veteran who had seen the worse things of life, and death. The neighbors knew they could trust him to help in any situation. Dan would stop by and introduce himself when someone new moved into the area. Tall and tough looking, he was really a big teddy bear.

On one of his morning jogs he noticed two cars in the driveway of a house that had been sitting unoccupied with a for sale sign. The sign was gone and the garage door was open with boxes stacked high.

“Hi, you one of our new neighbors?” a friendly voice called from behind the moving boxes.

“I’m Dan Kolwolski, I live three doors up.”

The shapely female who appeared to be in her mid 30’s scampered from behind the boxes wearing a flimsy tank top. “I’m Sabrina, my husband Bobbie and I just started to move in today.”

“Glad to have you in the neighborhood, if you or your husband need any help, feel free to call,” Dan responded.

Over the next few days, Dan noticed another female at the new neighbor’s house. This second lady looked to be a bit older than Sabrina, maybe mid 40’s. She was much taller with a bodacious figure. Her tight sweater brilliantly outlined her massive breasts. “I’m Dan, your neighbor up the street, I met Sabrina the other day.”

“Yes, she mentioned meeting you, I am Bobbie.” Dan was a bit taken back realizing Bobbie was Sabrina’s husband. In his early Marine days, he would have been shocked with lesbian neighbors. But Dan had mellowed greatly in his old age and accepted same sex marriage as way of life. “Well, like I told Sabrina, anything you all need, just call. Glad to help.”

Dan got to know his neighbors much better, inviting them up to his place for a cookout. He even began to serve as their handyman. When autumn came, Dan stopped by with his heavy duty leaf blower to help clear the yard and even climbed a ladder to clean out the rain spouts. He would also do minor plumbing work, cleaning out a backed up drain and fixing a toilet that kept running water. Over the months, the ladies gave Dan keys to the house so he could watch their house while they were on vacation. Dan became a trusted friend of Bobbie and Sabrina. So much so, they decided they could trust him with their deepest secrets.

One spring afternoon, Dan saw both girls out in their garden planting flowers and trimming shrubs. As he was walking down the driveway towards them, Sabrina turned to Bobbie, “Should we ask him now?”

“Ask him what?” Bobbie quizzed back.

“About playing with us, you know, us together.”

“No,” Bobbie replied, in a sharp tone of voice, “not the right time.”

“Hi ladies,” Dan said with a smile. “Spring has sprung!”

Sabrina glanced over to Bobbie, who looked back sternly. “Yep, beautiful weather outside. How about coming down for some pizza and a few beers out on our patio tonight?”

“Why, sure,” Dan replied. “I’ll bring the beer!”

Dan showed up with a cooler full of his favorite craft beers and a bottle of wine as the girls were getting the table ready for the pizza delivery. As the evening progressed, and alcohol intake increased, tongues began to loosen. “Does it bother you we are lesbians?” Sabrina asked Dan.

“Hell no, sex in any flavor is good sex!” Bobbie nearly choked on her beer when Sabrina asked the question, and nearly fainted to hear Dan’s answer. “But, I guess you two don’t need a man, right?”

Sabrina kind of blushed with Dan’s comment. “Wellll, we just might have a need for some male assistance” as Sabrina purred in her best shy little girl voice.

Bobbie chimed in, “Dan, we are all mature, consenting adults. We have our lifestyle and you have yours. What we are asking is if you would be willing to, well let’s say assist us, in our unique, kinky fantasies and pleasures.” Dan started to sober up listening to these two lovely, well-endowed ladies with talk that definitely piqued his interest. “Dan, we really like you, trust you and appreciate you as our neighbor. We don’t want to scare you off or alienate you. If you feel uncomfortable we will just stop the discussion and have a few more beers” noted Bobbie.

“Ladies, I ain’t no prude or angel. Not too much I haven’t done or seen done in my 68 years. The Marines aren’t exactly choir boys. So let’s talk, exactly what do you want me to do, or not do, with, to or for you girls?”

Bobbie was a bit tipsy herself and responded to Dan’s seemingly positive discussion, “OK Dan, to be frank, we are into bondage. In fact, that’s how we got together. We met at a bondage club and began doing a few, shall we say maneuvers together. We truly love each other and would never hurt each other. But we both enjoy being tied, gagged and even some more intimate play. But, there is no way we can each enjoy the bondage together. We need someone we can trust to tie us both up at the same time, tie us together and add some excitement.”

Dan absorbed the conversation, and even fantasized himself where this could lead. He sipped on another beer, shook his head and agreed he would be their Mr. Roarke for their fantasies. With the ice broken, the rest of the evening was less tense. The beer flowed as the conversation floated between talking about some of the neighbors, football, and the weather. Then without warning, Sabrina jumped up and said, “OK Dan, let’s see your skills, tie me up on this patio chair.”

Bobbie’s head sprang up from her beer in shock. She actually wanted to gag Sabrina right then. “OK lady, what do you have for me to use? Rope, tape, nylons, torn clothing or what? Give me some material and I will show you what I have learned in the Marines about tying knots.”

Sabrina staggered over to an outside shed and secured some white nylon cord, handing it over to Dan. “Yeh, this will do for now, simple knots to begin with, OK Dan?” Sabrina sat back in the lounge chair and placed her arms along each chair arm support. Dan took two lengths of rope and began to tie her arms to each chair arm, one tie was placed on each arm at the end of the hand and the wrist joint, the other tie was placed around the elbow so that both arms were secured to the plastic arms of the chair. He took more rope and tied her legs together looping rope around her ankles with another loop of rope around her knees.

“Well, how am I doing so far?” Dan asked Sabrina.

“You seem to know what you’re doing, Dan,” she replied.

“Oh, I think she needs a big gag in her mouth,” shouted Bobbie. And with that, Bobbie grabbed two clean cloth napkins from the table and stuffed them into Sabrina’s mouth. A roll of duct tape on a nearby shelf secured the stuffing to keep Sabrina quiet.

“Sometimes she just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, so this should help for at least the rest of the evening,” Bobbie said as Sabrina gave a perturbed look.

“In all honesty,” Dan commented, “I have enjoyed bondage myself in past years. I was stationed in Japan where bondage is very popular. I was also involved in a relationship in Germany with a girl that was a bondage enthusiast. We would take turns placing each other in bondage and adding some sexual enticements.”

Sabrina’s eyes lit up and smiled under her gag listening to Dan’s discussion of his bondage experiences. Bobbie was pleasantly surprised with Dan’s comments. “So, you wouldn’t mind helping us in our bondage exploits and maybe sexploits?” she inquired.

“No, not at all,” replied Dan. “I’m actually a pretty loose guy when it comes to sexual fantasies.”

“These are our fantasies, Dan, not yours.” Dan took Bobbie's terse remark personally.

“Oh no, I completely understand and will be very discreet. I don’t expect anything in return and will only do what you ask. Just a little beer and male ego talking, I will be at your service.”

Meanwhile, Sabrina sat bound and gagged listening intently. As she was thinking she wouldn’t mind a little ménage à trois, Dan asked her if she was ready to be released. Sabrina shook her head and mumbled an “Uh Ha” under her gag. Dan began to untie her as Bobbie slowly peeled away the duct tape and removed her packing. Sabrina stretched her jaws a bit as she spoke, “Well, Dan, I can personally attest you’re the right man for the job.”


The following Saturday afternoon Dan received a call from Sabrina wondering if Dan could come down a “play” for a while. Dan was definitely intrigued by the call and said he would be down in about 20 minutes. When he arrived, he met Sabrina on the carport. “Hi Dan, I am glad you could make it down. Bobbie is in the basement waiting for you.” As Dan walked down the basement stairs, he could hear moaning and groaning. He entered the basement to a beautiful sight. Bobbie was bound and gagged and tied tight to a cellar support pole. Her cheeks plumped and secured with several strips of white medical tape. Her massive breasts were trying to explode from the flimsy powder blue bra that barely covered her nipples. Her crotch hairs reached out from her tight fitting panties.

Her hands were tied over her head and attached to a ceiling beam with rope. Tight ropes were pulled over and under her breasts adding to the pressure of her tits against her bra. A rope was secured around her midriff with another rope attached draping downward and between her legs pushing against her vulva skin and attached to the rope on her back side. Her legs were tied together at her knees with the rope extending around the pole. Her ankles were also tied together with a double cinch. Bobbie was immobile, but her motions were very sensual. She would press her leg muscles together so she was pushing against the crotch rope and moaning with pleasure with each move. She had just enough movement with her shoulders to cause a gentle wave of skin on each breast.

Sabrina turned to Dan, “Now I want you to tie me to the pole directly behind her, but I want my arms to be tied in front of her belly and loose enough I can move my hands up and down.” Dan enjoyed watching as Sabrina removed her top to reveal a skimpy red bra barely holding two magnificent breasts. As she took off her jeans, tiny panties barely covered her crotch. Dan almost pinched himself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Sabrina stepped around the back of the pole and leaned back, stretching her arms so her hands were just about at Bobbie’s belly button.

“OK Dan, I want you to tie my hands together at the wrist but leave my fingers open and don’t tie the elbows together. I need to be able to move up and down Bobbie.” Dan walked around the pole directly facing Bobbie and began to tie Sabrina’s wrists together, allowing for plenty of maneuverability. He could not help but look directly at Bobbie’s beautiful mounds forcing against the bra material yearning to be free. Bobbie added to the enjoyment by shifting her body around allowing her breasts to jiggle with each move. She glanced down at his handiwork with a pleasing moan through the gag.

Turning his attention back to Sabrina, he tied her legs together at both her ankles and her knees, double securing the rope by taking the rope around the pole and tying around Bobbie’s legs as well “You’re getting the idea, Dan. This is a joint enjoyment with Bobbie and I sharing our experience. Now, pull my bra down a bit so the top of the bra cup is pushing out my nipples.” Dan was a bit cautious as he didn’t want to act like a sex fiend. He slowly took each bra strap and eased the cups down until the top of the bra allowed each nipple to peak above the bra ridge. “Oh Dan, I love that feeling of the bra pressing the nipples, just slight pain that provides a sensuous pleasure. I need to be gagged now, over in the top drawer of the desk is a variety of gags, packing and tape.

Dan decided to gag Sabrina just like Bobbie, but added an additional feature. He stuffed Sabrina’s mouth with several white tube socks and sealed them in place with ample amounts of medical tape. He extended additional tape around the pole, across Bobbie’s mouth and back around Sabrina’s gag. He did this several times, forcing the two women to practically touch their heads together. “OK ladies, that's enough for now.” Both women nodded in agreement.

As Dan stood back and admired the two luscious women bound together, Sabrina began to move her hands up Bobbie’s stomach until her hands reached the middle of Bobbie’s bra, opening the clip to fling it open releasing Bobbie’s massive tit’s with a forceful explosion of skin. Sabrina’s hands were able to massage each boob and caress each nipple creating a moaning expression of sexual pleasure from beneath Bobbie’s gag. Sabrina continued to knead Bobbie’s tits, adding to Bobbie’s enjoyment.

Sabrina’s hands were then able to head south, slowly fingering between Bobbie’s legs into a forest of pubic hair to reach an already moistened canal. Dan was enjoying the bondage session as much as the girls as he watched Sabrina maneuver the fingers of her bound hands between the pink folds of skin of Bobbie’s vagina. Though tied tight against the pole, Bobbie maneuvered herself into a rocking motion to take full advantage of the sensual insertion. Sabrina’s fingers pulsated in and out between the labia, teasing the clitoris. Though tightly tied, Bobbie’s near convulsive shaking led to an ecstatic orgasm.

With Bobbie totally wiped, Sabrina got Dan’s attention, trying to indicate she wanted him to fully remove her bra. As Dan lowered the cups, two large spheres of joy stared him directly in his face. He was at a loss as to what he should do. But Sabrina answered his dilemma by jutting her boobs toward him and mumbling beneath her gag to touch her breast. Dan was a bit hesitant, but Sabrina kept trying to move her restricted head as much as possible to nod her approval of him fondling her breasts.

Dan cupped his hands under each breast and slowly lifted the massive boobs. He gently squeezed each mound creating sounds of pleasure behind her gag. Her nipples were next as Dan rolled each nip in his fingers causing pencil eraser sized nipples to lengthen with each rotation. As tight as she was tied made it difficult for her to move her chest forward, indicating she really wanted Dan to suck her nipples. Dan realized her passion was rising and lowered his face towards her breasts. She began to rock forward, forcing her breasts towards him. She screamed beneath her gag as he pulled her right nipple and simultaneously puckered his lips around her left nipple, sucking the bullet to a hard candy of pleasure. He continued to alternate these actions between both breasts until Sabrina relaxed against her bindings nearly drained.

Dan reached around Sabrina to release the duo gag between her and Bobbie. He then took off the separate gag and removed the packing from her mouth. He started to untie her when she stopped him. “No, don’t untie me first, untie Bobbie. She will probably want to discipline me more since I allowed you to play with my tits to pleasure me. Please, place the gag back in my mouth. ” Dan wasn’t sure what to think. He knew these two were lesbian and was a bit surprised when Sabrina kept encouraging him to play with her. He hoped his folly would not create difficulties in her relationship with Bobbie.

Dan immediately stopped and did as Sabrina asked and stuffed her mouth full of socks and re-taped her lips shut. Dan walked around the pole and removed the gag from Bobbie’s mouth. “I hope I haven’t gone too far today,” Dan stated to Bobbie. I probably should have just sat on the side and let you two do your thing, I was only here to help and sorry if I have created any issues.”

“Oh no, Dan,” Bobbie replied. “You see, Sabrina is my submissive and usually pleases only me. We agreed she could let you and her have some personal enjoyment as long as I was able to have her to myself when after you leave.” As Bobbie was talking, Dan untied Sabrina’s hands that were resting in Bobbie’s crotch and re-tied Sabrina’s hands to the pole above her head.

It was rather difficult for Dan to untie Bobbie without glaring down her massive dunes of flesh. Bobbie did not have the pleasant personality of Sabrina. She was much more businesslike and Dan did not want to upset her. He was sure she understood he was a healthy male still full of testosterone. Her voluptuous figure certainly did have an effect. He was trying to hide the already risen tent of his jeans when he stretched around up to untie her arms from the pole. He bumped against her, his manhood pushing into Bobbie’s flesh. “Well, Dan, it looks like we got your attention. It seems between your little play time with Sabrina and you glaring at my tits has achieved a massive woody.”

Dan was so embarrassed. Yes indeed, his penis was as big and as hard as ever, and nothing Dan could do about it. He bent down to untie the white cotton ropes around her legs. As he raised up, Bobbie suddenly reached her hand down into Dan’s pants and grabbed his erection. “On second thought Dan, maybe you should give Sabrina her pleasure punishment,” Bobbie gripped her hand around Dan’s cock and led him around the pole to stand in front of Sabrina. Bobbie loosened her hand from Dan’s penis only to begin to loosen his zipper and lower his pants. As a puzzled Dan stood silent, Bobbie pushed down his briefs and lowered her head to take his cock into her mouth slowly moistening the rod. Dan was trying hard not to yell, moaning quietly as Bobbie progressed.

Bobbie got up and looked towards Sabrina. “Dan has been gracious to help us enjoy each other, but we really didn’t consider how we can show our appreciation. So instead of my giving you punishment, I am going to let Dan take full advantage of your bondage to relieve his anxiety.” Bobbie reached over and pulled Sabrina’s panties down to her knees. “OK Dan, she’s all yours.”

Dan looked up to Sabrina, “are you OK with this?” Sabrina's eyes quickly lit up as she shook her head yes. Dan moved forward, somewhat forcing his manhood into her nest as the tightness of the ropes forced her hips together. The very wet pussy pressed tight against his bulb as he slid gently through the passion passage.

Her limited movement only served to heighten Dan’s sexual desire. Her juicy flaps of skin pushed tight against his hardness as he fully entered her. Sabrina could hardly hold herself together, so much sexual energy limited by the tight bonds. She could feel herself pulsating and quivering. Her blood began to boil as Dan continued his rhythmic pumping. Sweat poured from her chin and off her nipples. She felt like a thermometer in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, the heat rising and ready to blow out of the top. Dan was at the height of sexual pleasures increasing the rapid pace of his entries. He gave a forceful plunge into her as they both reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Sabrina gave a shrill scream through her gag as the hot fluid slammed into her void.

As they both were thoroughly drained, Dan eased his still hard erection slowly from between Sabrina’s legs. Sabrina fell limp in her bindings, giving a muffled moan of satisfaction. “Well Sabrina, I guess I will never be able to match that.” Bobbie said in almost a scolding tone. “Thank you, Dan. We appreciate your stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the special treat I allowed you to have.” abruptly addressing Dan in her teacher-like directness. That ‘she allowed him’ seemed to indicate she was not happy Sabrina enjoyed so much sexual pleasure from a man, though Bobbie was pretty sure Sabrina was bi-sexual and occasionally would sneak sexual adventures from the male of the species.

Dan started to release Sabrina when Bobbie stopped him, noting she would take care of releasing Sabrina from her bondage when SHE felt it was time to release her. Dan could sense Sabrina would be in for a much longer day, and maybe night, of bondage.


Dan was a bit surprised when Bobbie called and asked if Dan could come down and “play” the following Saturday. He thought he had “shot his wad,” both literally and figuratively, last time to help with the girls’ playtime.

Dan knocked on the door and was greeted by Bobbie. “I think we got a bit carried away the last time, Dan.” Dan sheepishly nodded in agreement. Bobbie explained the plan this week would be all-girl. They wanted to be tied together face to face, standing up so they could move their breasts against each other. Sabrina walked into the room, barely acknowledging Dan was there, obviously being very reserved after last week’s encounter. She simply said “hi” to Dan, nothing more.

The girls started to totally undress and asked Dan to pick up the rope from the table and tie each one separately then together. Dan first tied Bobbie’s hands behind her back, then took the rope and tied around each ankle and just above the knees. He tied Sabrina the same way. Bobbie directed him to push them together and tie them so they could have some movement of their chests, enough so they could lean back some, but the legs secured tight. He gagged each of them with a cleave gag that allowed just enough room for their tongues to peak above the lips. Bobbie asked him to stay while they played so he could release them when they were done and possibly help with some added incentives, whatever that meant.

Dan sat spellbound on the couch watching as these two big chested women nudged their tits together, then moving back and forth allowing their tits to smack together as the boobs swayed. In another interesting movement, the girls would flick nipples back and forth, causing each nip to harden and expand into cherry red bullets. Bobbie lowered herself to the angle of Sabrina’s breasts, sticking her tongue out between her teeth and her gag to lick Sabrina’s hard left nipple. She gripped the nipple between her teeth and gag and pulled it taunt causing Sabrina to squeal through her gag. Bobbie placed her head between both of Sabrina’s breasts, nearly smothering herself in a rolling sea of skin.

As Bobbie raised, Sabrina leaned forward and tried to kiss her through her gag, just able to stick her tongue past the gag to touch Bobbie’s tongue. To Bobbie’s surprise, and delight, Sabrina was able to force the gag from her mouth and place her entire mouth over the nipple of Bobbie’s right breast, sucking hard on the nipple. She puckered her lips around the nipple enough to be able to pull the nipple causing it to elongate. Sabrina shook the nipple like a dog with a small bone in her mouth, causing Bobbie to appear somewhat painful.

This feature film of flesh kept Dan very entertained until Sabrina asked him to bring over the vibrator that was on the table. She told Dan to push it between them so that the vibrator would be hard against the outside flaps of their moistened pussies would feel the vibrator at work. Dan looked at Bobbie who was nodding with agreement to make sure this was what they both wanted. Dan reached between the two women that were securely tied below the waist and slowly pushed the vibrator until Sabrina told him exactly where to stop.

“Gag me again, Dan. Get some stuffing this time for both Bobbie and I.”

Dan went over to the “game” table and grabbed four panties, two panties to stuff in each mouth. Sabrina’s chipmunk cheeks were full as Dan tied the cloth gag back in place. As he removed Bobbie’s cleave gag, he double checked with her that she was OK with how he was providing his service. “Oh no, Dan. You are doing great, we really appreciate you providing us with the opportunity that we could never have without your help.”

With that, Dan filled Bobbie’s mouth with two pairs of clean panties. As he turned to walk away, Bobbie started to utter beneath her gag, pointing her head downward. Dan reached between the mountains of skin and pointed to the on/off switch of the vibrator. “MMMHHMMMHMMMHHMMH” both women were signaling him to turn the female friend on, full power.

Dan was fascinated watching the two nymphs begin to shake and erratically move. They swayed back and forth with their tits quivering like Jello bowls. Their gags were no match for the primal noises they made as they reached orgasm. Both women reached a crescendo simultaneously as their heads lean back as far as they could pushing the layers of love nest together in a massive explosion of sexual desire. Dan was as horny as he could get watching these two perform their sexual magic. Both women could hardly stand up, motioning for Dan to come over and release them from their prison of passion.

Dan removed both their gags. “Are you two alright?” he asked.

“Oh God, yes,” Bobbie was first to reply, “We could have never had such a fantastic sexually erotic experience without you Dan. I know this isn’t fair to you, especially after we titillated you last week, but we want to continue our afternoon delight alone.” Dan was disappointed he would not get relief from his sexual frustrations, but he had to admit, it was fun to watch.


It was two weeks before he saw the girls outside in bathing suits washing their cars. “Hi Dan” Sabrina was just a nice and perky as ever, as were her boobs shimmering under the bathing suit. Bobbie peered around the corner smoking a cigarette.

“You around this weekend, Dan?” inquired Bobbie.

“Sure, not doing a thing.”

“Can you stop down later tonight, maybe around 7?” Bobbie rolled her eyes as she blew smoke into the air. Dan wasn’t sure if she was being coy or just messing with him.

“Sure, Bobbie, 7 tonight, do I need to bring anything or be prepared for something different?”

Bobbie took a deep drag on the cigarette, “just bring yourself, we can handle the rest.”

Bobbie met Dan at the door with a bathrobe on, underneath totally naked. She explained to him the unique positions she wanted her and Sabrina placed. This would require some ingenuity on Dan’s part to make her desires work. Dan tied rope around Bobbie’s shoulder in a loop, then tied rope around her wrist and raised it until her wrist was even with the top of her shoulders. Dan then tied another rope around the wrist and attached it to the rope around her shoulders with her elbows pointing outward. HE duplicated this process on her other wrist until Bobbie was satisfied this configuration would work. Bobbie got down on her knees on a soft mat, leaning forward using her elbows to support her body.

In this position, Bobbie almost appeared as a four legged animal. Dan went over to Sabrina and duplicated the process tying her wrists to her shoulders and having her lower to the mat and lean forward.. With both girls on the soft mat, Dan had them back up to each other, pushing their rear ends facing each other until their legs were parallel. Dan took several pieces of rope and tied their legs together at the ankle and at the knee. The girls almost looked like two heifers, teats dangling down swaying in the breeze. He then proceeded to insert a ball gag into their mouths to help muffle the screams that would surely happen as he inserted a double-headed dildo into each soggy wet pussy.

This rather diabolical means of sex bondage was Bobbie’s idea. The next insertion was an additional treat suggested by Sabrina. Dan applied ample lubricant to two small glass pear shaped objects and inserted one into the sphincter of each woman. The added attraction created even more movement between the two bound hu-cows, pounding their rumps on each other as they hammered their joint dildo to the height of pleasure. Dan sat watching this lesbian extravaganza of sex, increasing his sexual frustration with each muffled moan he heard. Finally, the girls collapsed on the mat in sheer exhaustion. Dan tried to gently remove the butt plugs first, but the slightest movement would create an electric reaction that created another bolt of pleasure.

With the butt plugs slowly removed, the women separated to allow the double end dildo to drop between them. Dan could hardly stand helping free these bound statues of Eros, his manhood swollen to capacity. As he took off each girl’s gag, Bobbie looked directly at his pointed crotch. “We don’t need to send you home for a cold shower. Unzip your fly.”

Dan was surprised, but very appreciative of the offer as he sprung his manhood out, allowing Bobbie to take his giant pipeline into her mouth. First, she caressed the bulb head around her lips, slowly massaging the tip end. She moved forward, nearly swallowing his entire erection applying the meaning of the old movie “Deep Throat”.

With her arms still tied together and her legs tied to Sabrina, she began to rock back and forth, increasing the motions up and down Dan’s penis. Her moist lips sliding, sucking harder with each movement. She could sense flowing semen moving in her direction as tasted the small pre-cum that oozed from the tip end. Dan began to shake as he sensed the impending ejaculation. As Bobbie intensified her mouth motions, Dan pushed his penis well into her mouth with a firehose of cum shooting to the back of her throat. He soon realized the answer if she would spit or swallow as she licked every last bit of juice from his cock. “Ohhh, Bobbie, you really did me in! Thanks, but you didn’t have to do it. I told you all I would help and not expect anything in return.”

“I know Dan,” answered Bobbie, “but I could not let you go home so ready.”

Dan was very appreciative of Bobbie’s unexpected surprise, and thanked her again as he untied her legs from Sabrina. Bobbie stood up so Dan could release the ropes that tied her wrist and shoulders together. As Dan started to ungag Sabrina, Bobbie stopped him. “No Dan, she is still mine. I will decide when she is to be let free.” Dan looked as Sabrina moaned through her gag, knowing there was probably more to Bobbie’s request than just bondage. As Dan began to leave, Bobbie turned to him, “Hey Dan, you OK for next Saturday night? We promise you will not be disappointed.”


The following Saturday, when Dan knocked on the door, a naked Sabrina answered. Dan was nearly speechless as he surveyed the mountain range of skin in front of him. “Dan, you have been so good to us, tonight it’s all about you.”

“Wow, Sabrina, I really appreciate that, but where’s Bobbie?” Sabrina didn’t answer, but rather placed a very secure blindfold over Dan’s eyes, totally blocking his vision. Sabrina took him by the hand and led him through the house. As he was led into a room, he could hear moaning. Is it possible Bobbie is being held by Sabrina, he thought?

“OK Dan, just stand still and I will take care of the rest.”

Dan stood at military attention, unsure what was next until he felt Sabrina unbutton his shirt. She took her time with each button, then raised his undershirt and began to lick his nipples. She reached down to unzip his pants. “Dan, you’re getting excited already and you don’t even know what’s coming next,” Sabrina said in a playful voice.

She lowered his pants and poked his penis out from his briefs, gently slapping his cock adding to the already in progress erection. She dropped his briefs to the floor and caressed his dick causing the head bulb to swell even more. She directed Dan through the room guiding him by his penis to the edge of a king size bed. He was maneuvered into a sitting position on the side of the bed and pivoted into a position so he was lying flat with his head on the pillows. Without warning, something moist was stuffed into his mouth and secured in place with clear packing tape. Now unable to see or talk, Dan was becoming a bit nervous. As he laid still, Sabrina took his left hand and tied his wrist to the top of the bedpost. She flicked his erection as she changed sides and tied his right wrist tight to the bed post. She played with his balls as she stretched his right leg outward and tied it to the bed leg and did the same to his left leg.

Dan felt so vulnerable. He knew he was naked and tied, spread-eagle, on a king size bed. But, what awaited him? Had he gone too far and now he would suffer? Where was Bobbie during all of this preparation? He could hear another person making garbled sounds, perhaps Bobbie? He felt someone getting on the bed with him. Bobbie’s mouth was fully stuffed with several pairs of her own panties. Her hands secured behind her back with multiple strands of rope. Sabrina directed Bobbie to climb on to the bed and position herself to prepare to mount Dan’s massive erection. Bobbie aimed her nest and surrounded his missile with her juicy sex muscles. As she fully enveloped his tool, Sabrina tied her legs to his legs to assure her positioning. Sabrina also tied another piece of rope around the ropes securing Bobbie’s arms pulling her arms back so Bobbie couldn’t lean forward over Dan.

After Sabrina was satisfied with Bobbie’s position over, and in, Dan, she removed Dan’s blindfold so he could fully appreciate Bobbie’s massive tits swaying back and forth over him as the coordinated orchestra of pleasure began between them. Bobbie began to raise and lower herself sliding up and down Dan’s rod, increasing his size and hardness with each motion. Dan was mesmerized by the rhythmic bouncing of her tits. He could sense his hot load streaming up the flagpole towards Bobbie’s wet cavern. The bed bounced and the two bound and gagged bodies raced towards simultaneous orgasms. Dan’s hips lunged skyward with the first cannon blast. Bobbie suddenly arched her body. Only her bindings kept her from being ejected off Dan’s erection and on to the floor. The high pitched loud screams could be heard through their fully packed mouths signaled completion of ecstasy for both.

Sabrina untied Bobbie and helped her slide off Dan, no easy task as Bobbie could hardly move off Dan’s erection without a jolt of electricity causing a sexual spasm each time her body quivered. Bobbie was finally able to stand on the floor, her body still dripping sweat from the magnificent orgasm. She hugged Sabrina, giving her a deep French kiss. She pushed the naked Sabrina down onto the bed beside Dan and immediately began to lap her tongue into Sabrina’s bush. Bobbie grabbed each of Sabrina’s breasts, fondling and kneading them as she gyrated her tongue, pleasing Sabrina to a maximum orgasm of her own. Sabrina lunged backwards against a still bound and gagged Dan. With all three totally drained, Sabrina and Bobbie removed Dan’s gag and untied Dan from the bed.

A naked Dan raised himself up and moved off of the bed. He was completely exhausted by the escapade he just encountered. He stood up and watched his two lesbian neighbors cuddle up in each other’s arms purring with satisfaction. As Dan began to put his clothes back on he stood in front of them “I really don’t know what to say, ladies. I was totally surprised, but very appreciative.”

“No Dan, we are the ones that appreciate you and all you do for us. These last several weeks have been some of the most enjoyable and unique sexual experiences we have ever had. Having you assist us has been our pleasure. Now, if you will excuse us…”

And as Dan walked towards the door, Bobbie turned back towards Sabrina, preparing for an even more eventful evening. Dan headed home, wondering if he would be asked to be their able assistant again.


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