A Good Day

by Abenial

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© Copyright 2009 - Abenial - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; rope; clamps; tease; hum; mast; cons; X

There are rules you must break. There are rules you have to respect. Ultimately, the rules you have to respect are those you have accepted or enacted.

I had found online a partner to play tie-up-games. It was a male, his name was Jerry. And yes, he was gay.

You can be gay-friendly, you will always be a little be suspicious about the true intentions of a guy who offers to tie you up. In this case, several factors had convinced me to trust Jerry.

First of all, from the beginning he had claimed he preferred to be tied up than to do the tying : if he wanted so much to be tied up, he would take care to not offend me in any way while I was bound.

Secondly, we had planned that my room would be our playground. Even with the doors locked, even with a gag, I was confident I would be able to make enough noise to catch the attention of the other student neighbours if I had to fear any danger.

Finally, I had met Jerry a couple of time before, just to be sure he wasn’t half-insane, and obviously, he wasn’t (a good test can be the lighter-test : if the guy speaks to the flame with a smooth and sweet voice, it’s a good clue that you should avoid to live in the same city than him; not to mention to accept to be tied up by him).

Actually, Jerry was a good crack. Funny, clever, friendly. And quite handsome.

Somewhere, I was also maybe confident because he had such an innocent face. He was a little bit younger than I and also less big.

Maybe was I a little bit overconfident, yes.

As both of us would have liked to be tied up, we decided to organize a quick game to know who would be allowed to choose. It was a wrestling contest. The first able to pin the shoulders of the other on the bed.

I won. 1-0 ; 2-0 ; 2-1 ; and 3-1.

On the very last moment, I wondered if I would not preferred to be cold foot and to offer him to be tied up, but I overcame my paranoia and asked Jerry to do his job.

"All right", he said : "‘strip’".

"Whoa ? That’s not what we have planned."

It’s a part of the game. The tier must be free to choose what he will do. He has to be able to use his imagination, and his creation skills. If you want to plan everything, do self bondage (with great care, self-b can kill).

But as I wasn’t open to everything, I had settled a fine list of things I didn’t wanted to experiment. Otherwise, Jerry was free. But I had read this black list three times and I was sure I had written ‘not naked’.

"That’s true", answered Jerry. "But I don’t want you naked. I just want you in your underwear."

"That’s naked."

"Nope. That’s not. ‘Naked’ means nude, means underwear off."

"‘Not naked’ means ‘with normal clothes’."

"No, it doesn’t. And what are ‘normal clothes’, for Christ’s sake? Do you want to be bound with boots and a jacket, on your jumper, on your shirt, on your t-shirt ? ‘Not naked’ means that you are allowed to keep your underwear on. Next time, be more cautious when you write out such a list."

I couldn’t answer a lot, could I ? These were my rules.

I stripped. T-shirt off first, and then my pants. During this time, Jerry leant against my desk, checked out my slim body without any self-restraint. He sang inwardly some notes of a dumb music.

"ARE you singing a porn movie theme while I am stripping ??, I burst out."

"It’s not a porn movie theme."

"Well, to my ears, it seems to be a gay porn movie theme !!"

 "Oh, do you watch gay porn movie too?" answered Jerry with a cheeky grin.

 "Fuck off", I answered, laughing. "Well, now. Do your job before I change my mind".

 "With pleasure", Jerry answered. And he caught the rope.

First of all, he bound my wrists in my back, in a very effective manner. With two foot of rope, he had made me helpless. You do not always need a lot of rope to do a good tying.

"Now the gag", said he, like if he was on a hurry.

He quickly put a clean sock in my mouth a wrapped the duct tape many times around my head.

"Try to speak?"

The classical “Mmmpf” came out of my nose. I couldn’t do better.

"Well. Not only effective, also good-looking… At least, now, you won’t be able to object to my interpretation of your rules", said Jerry with a satisfied grin.

I instinctively pulled on my bonds to test them, no way I could go.

Jerry took the list and read :

 "“no penetration, no hand job, no cam, no shaving, …” pfff. Where is the fun in all that ??"

"Fortunately, we have got some space to improve a little bit the situation. Don’t move."

Jerry put a long piece of rope on my shoulders, and tied many knots in front of me. I was lying back on the bed, while he was seated on me, his knees around my chest, in a very dominant position.

 I have to say it made me a little bit uncomfortable.

 "For a perfect rope harness, you must have a crotch rope", said Jerry. "The best part."

Jerry measured many times the exact length of rope needed to encase my cock, to make knots above and below it. Every time, he scuffed it through my underwear, in a way it was impossible to say if it was intentional or not. My sex grew ; all this was getting me aroused.

"Ohh, shit!" said Jerry laughing. "Now that you are hard, I have to undo all the knots!"

So, he began once again his measures, with the same movements around my cock, while I start blushing and sweating in front of this gay friend, who obviously knew how to drive me crazy.

Finally, he made it, and asked me to stand up. He placed my dick between the ropes, and pulled them under my legs. My sex was firmly kept in place, and I felt my prod sliding against the ropes that he finally pulled between in my back.

His little fingers made other knots on the ropes. One, two, three, four. Four knots a the bottom of the rope. I couldn’t believe what this son of a bitch was doing. He tightened the knots and pulled the rope… right between my cheeks. I felt the knots dance between my buttocks.

It was unbearable, and my cock kept pulsing.

 I ‘mmmpfffed’ through my gag, squirming, while Jerry quickly finished the harness. Finally, with martial art, he put the ropes under my chest, around my arms and found his first knot.

He pulled harshly on the ropes. One time. Two times… And –hungh", three times. And locked me in.

Jerry pushed me on the bed. He looked at me with delight.

"Wow, I have to say you are quite a sight. This rope perfectly underlines your pecs."

It was the less this little bitch could say. I was trapped in a harness in which I couldn’t move at all ! My arms were many times encircled by the rope and stuck to my body, there were these fucking knots dancing between my cheeks, playing with my nerves, and my penis was strongly encased between the ropes and the cloth of my boxer.

 Jerry had made a terrific job. Now, the one who didn’t want any sexual contact wanted sexual relief more than anything.

I struggled a while, mmmmphing a lot.

Jerry, enjoyed the show, then said :  "Well : enough now". And with that words, bound my ankles, separatively to each thigh.

Then he turned me on my back and once again, sat on my chest.

"You know what ? I read your paper yesterday night, and I noticed… that you haven’t mentioned on your black list… nipple clamps !"

(That was true, but I had voluntarily forget that item).

He kept me with his legs (stronger than what I thought, I noticed), and showed me the nasty clamps he had in his pocket, swinging them before my eyes.

He pinched my nipples some times, 'to prepare them'. I moaned several times into my gag. Jerry said : "Well, maybe are you enjoying a little bit too much this treatment." And he put the clamps on.

 "WOOWmmph !"

I jumped to the ceiling. Always the same painful grip.

 Jerry looked at me suffering a while, eyes closed, then sighed.

"As unfortunately, I am not allowed to do anything else here, I’ll have a walk".

I can say Jer’ seemed really disappointed. And frustrated.

I was quite ashamed to disappoint such a good friend, loyal till the end. But what could I do ? I was gagged, and… oh yes ! … and I AM NOT GAY, I yelled for myself in my head, surprised by my own feelings.

"But just before leaving, for more fun…", he said.

 Jerry turned me on my stomach, and on the clamps. I felt a warm pain in my chest.

I could mmmph as much as I wanted.

Jerry was gone.

* * *

Half an hour later, my erection was gone, but ashamed, I felt it coming back as soon as Jeremy entered the room. He seemed very happy.

"Guess what?" he asked. "I have found more space between the lines of your black list". (He pushed me against the wall, with his foot, while I wondered what this devil guy had found this time).

"You have written ‘no hand job’. But you have said nothing about foot job, my dear."

Then, sat on a chair, Jerry start teasing me with his foot. White foot in white socks.

Soon, I felt waves of pleasures in my dick. His movements were sometimes harsh, sometimes smooth. He could see without any problem through my boxer that I was positively reacting, but he stopped after a while and said :

 "I will remove your gag. And I want an answer. Shall I untie you, or shall I finish my job ? "

Damn ! What an asshole ! I wanted more but I didn’t wanted more from him… But after all…, a foot is a foot, and Jerry is not the worst of the guys. I mean. There is a difference between being fucked by a gay guy, and being fucked by an handsome gay guy who can potentially become one of your best friends.

"So, what’s your answer ?"

 … I hesitated and then said : "Please, re-gagged me".

 Jerry smiled, and he did so.

After that he finished me quite well. I exploded soon in my underwear with a lot of pleasure.

I needed a couple of days before meeting Jerry again. He told me he had had fun with me, but I don’t know if I’ll accept another session with him.

And if I do, I don’t know what I’ll put on my black list.