Glory Hole

by PVCnLeather

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It was only my third night in this sleepy little town and I had already run bored with little new to do. I had only been to our Kansas office twice in the last five years for cursory check-ins but now this branch was falling apart and they sent me in for an extended stay to clean up the mess.

The only place to stay within in a reasonable distance to the office was a second rate motel just outside of town. I had stayed here on my previous trips and it was certainly nothing extraordinary to write home about. Just a place to lay my head down each night with the sound of traffic buzzing on a busy street.

It had been another day of pulling people into my temporary office for fact finding interviews and people assesment. The work was emotionally draining and I needed some deeper intellectual stimulation not related to my work. Most of the people in the office disliked me on account I was there to course correct their actions so I needed another outlet.

Back in the room I flipped on the television and surfed the channels looking for anything of substance. Nothing captured my attention so I flipped it back off. There was a tavern a couple of blocks down I had seen, "Lucy's" I think, so I decided to venture out in search of real people to engage with.

It was a Wednesday night so as expected I was not overwhelmed when I opened the red door with "Lucy's" in angled script painted in black on its face. Two men were playing pool and drinking beers under a single hanging bulb in the back of the room, a couple was sharing a plate of cheese deprived nachos in the front corner, an empty table with half a glass of white wine, an open book flipped upside down and a single pulled out chair was in the middle of the room and lastly a bearded biker with his head resting on his forearm and four empty shot glasses perfectly lined up in front of him was seated at the far end of the bar. A still full shot clutched in his right fist as he strummed his fingers on its side as if he were fighting the demons telling him just one more wouldn't hurt. No one looked up as I entered.

I pulled out the bar stool furthest from the biker drowning his sorrows and sat down. Not a likely candidate for intelligent conversation I thought.

The bartender, a female with short dark hair medium build wearing a Lucy's logo T-shirt, just like the front door, tied in a knot at her waist above the waistband of her jeans approached and said "Welcome to Lucy's, stranger. What will you have?" Just as I opened my mouth to answer the man at the opposite end of the bar threw his head back and launched his waiting shot down his throat as he yelled "Arrrrgh". He slammed his shot glass down on the bar in perfect succession with the other four and returned his head to his forearm and his now empty waiting fist to its former position as if the glass were still there.

"Maybe you should take care of him first. Looks like he needs another and I don't want to get in his way. "

The bartender scoffed and told me that "Butch" would be fine as long as she had another shot in his waiting fist by the half hour mark as she pointed to the clock behind her head. Six was usually his limit on exact fifteen minute intervals. "OCD" she whispered with the back of her hand up to her cheek as if to sheild her whisper from his ears.

"Bourbon on the rocks then. And I'll try to pace myself so you don't wind up with bookends at your bar keeping your remaining stools empty the rest of the night."

"Go wild sweetie! Don't hold back on my account" she said as she added two bar straws to my drink and handed it to me.

I took the drink and thanked her. I had noticed movement in the bar in my peripheral vision and rotated my stool around to again survey the place without much hope of finding anyone to talk to based on my initial surveyance. I brought my forward face to the television hanging in the corner switched to ESPN as to not be so obvious.

A woman had returned from presumably the bathroom to the waiting wine glass and book at the empty table. Early forties, died red short bobbed hair with a highlighted streak, thin build and a nice smile. This I saw when she looked in my direction and saw that I was looking in hers as she sat.

After I smiled back I casually brought my eyes back to todays sports highlights and duefully nursed my bourbon.

The woman picked up her book and continued reading as she drank the rest of her wine between pages occasionally glancing towards the bar.

What type of a woman goes to a bar to read I asked myself. "One that is looking to meet someone" I rhetorically answered. So I decided she was my best shot at any sort of intelligent conversation in this place. No one else had come in.

I finished my drink and swiveled back to face the bar. The bartender had been directly behind me so I said "Maybe I will go wild. Another bourbon and a glass of Chardonnay please." I got a surprised look from her but no response outside of a smirk and a nod.

She served the drinks and I stood to approach the lone woman with drinks in hand.

"Hi, mind if I join you with a hospitality offering?"

"Oh! ...please" she said.

I sat, introduced myself and struck up conversation. A few minutes in and "Arrrrrrgh" from the bar and the sound of the shot glass slamming into the worn mahogany of the bar. I looked at my watch. Half past on the nose I noticed.

The conversation was great and we were both laughing a lot. There was definitely chemistry happening between us. I had lost track of time but the man at the bar had not moved an inch and three others were now seated where I had been at the farther end, the nacho couple were now throwing darts and three new men were playing pool in the back and another three were seated at a table nearby.

The bartender came over and stood next to Amy.

"Hi Amy. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun over here? I'm on a break and was curious if I could get in on Mr. Bourbon's hilarity for a bit? Does Mr. Bourbon have a name?"

"Oh, hi Lucy." said Amy as she looked up at her. "Sure, have a seat. Mr. Bourbon's name is Christopher. Chris is in from Atlanta on a business trip and is staying at "The Shady Lady" for a month. He is going stir crazy and needs some intellectual release before he goes mad. He is very funny."

 "Lucy, nice to officially meet you" I said as I stood and extended my hand for a shake. "I had no idea you were the name sake on the building?"

"The one and only." Lucy answered in return.

"Well, if you two will excuse me for a minute while you talk about me I need to find the men's room. And when I get back I want to hear the story behind The Shady Lady."

"Wait" exclaimed Lucy. She reached deep into the front pocket of her denim and pulled out a single key on a ring. "Use the employee bathroom. Here's the key. It's a bit nicer than the men's room and without the urine stained walls. Second door on your right down the back hall over there. You'll find the amenities may help you relax more" as she winked at Amy.

"Thanks" I replied as I took the key and headed off.

The first door on the right was the women's restroom and the second was marked 'EMPLOYEE'S ONLY" I tried the knob. It was locked. I inserted the key in the lock and turned the knob. The light came on with motion as I entered the bathroom.

Nothing super fancy or anything "relaxing" I thought but it was clean and had no stalls. Just an open single bathroom. I closed the door behind me a turned the lock.

The left wall had an attention getting abstract painting hanging on it in blacks and greys. The back wall started on the left with a small vanity and an ornate mirror centered above the single sink. To the right about two feet away of the vanity was a single toilet. There was another four feet between the toilet and the right adjoining wall that was completely empty and unassuming except for the grey paint that balanced out the print on the opposite wall. It was also divided into three sections with four inch trim running vertically floor to ceiling. All other walls were painted white. To the right of the doorway was a floating shelf that ran from the door to the right side wall. It had three lit candles burning down that filled the room with a sweet but spicy aroma and three similar abstract framed prints hanging above the shelf. Below the shelf hung two grey towels.

I moved to the sink and washed my hands as I looked in the mirror and smiled. My evening was going well. I was glad I had gotten out of the motel room.

I needed to both pee and poop so I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. I was thinking about Amy and going over in my head her flirtatious signals she had been giving me. I was planning my next move. I was hoping she would invite me to her place before the night was done. No "Shady Lady" tonight I had hoped.

I was wiping my ass when I noticed the holes in the wall to my left that I had not noticed before. My attention was drawn that direction only because a light had come on on the other side of the wall and shone through three holes. 

Of the three holes one was about two and a half feet off the ground in the center of the wall and about three inches in diameter. The two other holes flanked this hole at about chest height and a little more than shoulder width apart. Through these two holes I could see a stainless bathroom support bar like you see inside most bathroom stalls. It lined up directly behind the holes and prevented seeing much of anything else. The wall itself appeared to be only about two inches thick. Two layers of half inch plywood with one by fours in between underneath the vertical trim I guessed.

The lower hole reminded me of a "glory hole" and I snickered. "Relaxing amenities" I whispered as I stood and pulled my pants back up.

Just then I heard someone on the other side of the wall. "Chris, come here. To the wall. I want to suck your cock"

Shit, really? A glory hole? You're kidding me!

"Umm what? Is that Amy?" I replied

"Yes. Please? I really like you and I need your cock in my mouth and I can't wait till later."

Holy shit! "Like this? I don't know Amy. This is crazy wierd."

"C'mon Chris. Please? I'm really good. I really can't wait."

"Umm Alright, but it feels kind of nasty this way."

"That's what makes it so exciting!"

"OK then I guess."

With that I moved towards the wall and pulled my pants back down. I had to kick my left shoe off and pull my left leg out of my pants so I could spread my legs far enough to line my cock up with the hole. I kicked my right shoe off as well to balance it out and removed my socks so I wouldn't slip.

Not believing what I was about to do I fed my flaccid cock through the hole and Amy immediately grabbed it and pulled it through all the way. "Very nice!" I heard her exclaim. She curled her index finger through the hole under my shaft and around my ball sack which she pulled through the hole with a bit of effort.

Amy did not waste time. She quickly began massaging my now hardening cock and within seconds I was rock hard.

"Brace yourself" I heard her say and she wrapped her lips around my now engorged cock. She expertly began pumping and sucking and I did in fact need to brace myself. I fed both my left and right hands through the two upper holes and grabbed the support bar as I now realized was the intent.

My knees were leaning into the wall and my feet back just a bit with my toes bent bracing myself. I held onto the support bar tight and threw my head back and moaned as Amy proceeded to give me the best blow job I had ever had.

I never felt the pink fur lined handcuff attached to the other side of the wall close around the base of my cock but when she pulled her mouth off my cock and closed the two around my wrists I did take notice.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "What the fuck?"

I instinctively pulled my pelvis back only to now learn my cock was cuffed too.

"Amy, what in the Hell are you doing?"

I could see the pink fur of the cuffs around my wrists through the holes. I could not pull my hands back to let go of the bar. It was perfectly positioned.

With the tickness of the wall and the cuff locked around the base of my cock my cock was pulled tight! The cuff and the wall acted like a cock ring and my rock hard cock bobbed for attention.

I pulled hard on the bar attached to the wall but there was no give. The wall was sturdy and well constructed for a false wall.

Just then I heard a key in the bathroom door and I freaked. I glanced over and saw Lucy strut in smiling big. She set some things on the shelf just inside the door on the right and closed and relocked the door behind her.

Quickly I looked away in embarrassment without seeing what she had had in her hands. Had we been caught?

I heard Lucy approach me without words and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back far. I pulled my body to the wall but Lucy held firm keeping me in position.

"Christopher!... Christopher, Christopher. What am I going to do with you?" She pulled harder as I tried to bring my head forward.

Now she was stretching and reaching down to the floor with her other hand. She pulled my head back further and I yelped. Quickly she crammed one of my wadded up socks into my mouth and let go of my hair but quickly cupped my mouth tight with her left hand.

"MMMMPH," is all I could get out shaking my head as much as I could.

Lucy's right hand was in front of my face and in it was a roll of duct tape. My eyes grew wide! Lucy grabbed the free end of the tape between her fingers of her hand cupping my mouth and rolled out a length of tape with her right.

She held the end of the tape to my mouth and quickly and expertly began wrapping the roll around my head. Four times she wrapped it around and then she wrapped it another four times over my head and under my chin! All the while I was screaming my muffled screams. She tore off the end of the tape and patted it down on my cheek.

"You see" said Lucy. "Amy is my girlfriend." she spoke as she wrapped.

"I didn't know'" I illegibly yelled in my muffled voice.

"...and I am the insanely jealous type."

"I'm sorry, let me go" I tried to say but had little hope of Lucy understanding or even caring.

"Consider this getting you out of the way while I finish the night and a lesson learned in picking up girls at a bar without asking if they are already taken."

"We close at 1am so you have three hours or so to think about it"

Amy was now cutting my shirt off of me! I was standing with my legs spread completely naked now. I was humiliated and completely vulnerable.

Amy dug deep into her front pocket for the second time tonight and pulled out a handcuff key. She moved over to the shelf on the wall and gave a pump of something clear into her hand. Walking back over to me she rolled the key around in the silken liquid between her fingers.

In her right hand Lucy held the lubed key up for me to see.

"This is the key to the cuffs that have you locked to this wall inside the Womens restroom. I wish you could see how cute the pink furry collar around your cock against the white wall over there looks. If we had more female patrons tonight it might get some more attention. But don't worry too much, when a line forms at the mens room they sometimes spill over."

With that Lucy's left hand found my anus and Lucy pressed her middle finger against my hole and found its opening. She slid her finger up and twisted it back and forth loosening up my opening.

"If you want out before we close, you will have to solicit help from someone else. Your choice here. Get out and run like hell or wait and see what else may be in store for you from a jealous sadistic bitch."

Lucy slid the key with her right hand up the inside of her middle finger into my anal passage and through into my ass. She pulled her fingers out and my sphincter closed up tight.

Amy returned to the shelf and wiped her hands dry on the towel. She grabbed a black permanent marker from a jar full of them in various colors she had earlier placed on the shelf and moved to my back side. In big letters she wrote "KEY" on my lower back with an arrow pointing down my butt crack. She moved to the wall and began to write.

As she wrote on the grey wall, I read: "Slave for hire! Have fun with him here or work for it and take him home for the night."

I was mortified and humiliated.

Lucy walked to the shelf one more time, grabbed the jar of markers and returned to dump them on the floor around my feet. She grabbed a red one and drew a smiley face on my ass cheek and red lips on the duct tape covering my mouth as if to start a trend.

Lucy dropped the pen onto the floor then reached into her back pocket and pulled out two pairs of hand cuffs and dropped them onto the floor as well. one pair bigger than the other with a longer chain. She scooped my clothes and shoes into her arms and unlocked and opened the door. She kicked the door stopper down with her foot and swung it wide open and walked out.

"Wild times Christopher!" she said as she left.


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