A Girls Night In

by Erotic Binder

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© Copyright 2014 - Erotic Binder - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; strip; naked; latex; catsuits; corset; bond; gag; straps; breast; collar; force; enslave; cage; encase; captive; cons/nc; X

Hope you enjoy reading, this story is my first so I have written up the first chapter to see if it is worth continuing judged on any feedback I get. The story is my own, written straight from my head. Please let me know what you think - thanks.

Haley was sitting at her desk just staring at the clock, 20 minutes to go, 10 minutes to go, 5 minutes to go... When her phone went off in her pocket, it was her best friend Janet, telling her that she was really excited about their plans tonight. They were going to go to their favourite bar (the one where they got free drinks if they had the correct amount of cleavage on display), then they were going to go to Janet’s house and have a girls night in, order a pizza, drink some wine, watch some films until they fall asleep on the sofa.

She looked down at her bag with her favourite comfy pyjamas and a bottle of her favourite wine in it, she had decided that she didn’t want to go home and then to the pub as it was in the opposite direction from her office as her house, so that morning she got up a bit earlier than usual and had a bath, she didn’t want to be smelly in front of her friend, who she had also fancied ever since they met 4 years ago at a music festival, but the feelings she had for Janet confused her because she had only ever felt them for men before.

Which is one of two reasons why she had never asked Janet out, the other was due to having never been able the tell if Janet was into women as well, she had never seen her with another man or woman, one time when she turned up at Janet’s house unexpected she thought she could hear movement upstairs but Janet had said it was probably just a neighbour’s cat that was friendly because she fed it every now and then.

Haley looked up at the clock and finally it was 6 o’clock, she grabbed her bag, threw a couple of pieces of paperwork into it that she had to complete on Sunday for work on Monday, put her phone into her pocket and almost ran to her car, as if being seen by anyone would mean that she would have to work all night.

She got to the bar a little bit early because her excitement weighed her foot down a little bit so she went inside and ordered herself a glass of water. About 10 minutes later Janet walked in, and she obviously had been home before because she was all dressed up, possibly a little too much for just a quiet few drinks before going back to hers, but part of Haley hoped that she was trying to impress her.

Janet had her hair in a ponytail and she was wearing a red blouse, which was hinting at her black bra underneath, and a black business like skirt that came down to about her mid thighs, and black tights that made her smooth sexy legs look amazing. On her feet she was wearing bright red heals and to top off the whole outfit she had dark red lipstick on, that made her lips look so plump I could kiss them all night. She snapped me out of my daydream and suddenly she was standing right next to me, I hope that I wasn’t making a kissy face for real.

An hour later and 2 cocktails each we started walking back to her house, it was just down the road and the car park was well lit so I knew my car would be safe. We got to hers about 5 minutes later, we went in and cracked open my bottle of wine, Janet put some romantic comedy film on, I can’t remember the name of it because it didn’t really interest me that much.

After the film had finished, so had the bottle of wine at this point, it was about 9:30 and was starting to get dark so we decided it was about time to order that pizza, I went out into the kitchen to get my phone and next to where I had left my handbag was a piece of paper, the image on it took me by surprise, it was a woman wearing only her underwear, a pair of handcuffs and a bright red ball gag in her mouth.

I must have been staring at the picture for quite a while because Janet came out to see what I was doing, she saw what I was looking at and told me that it was an advert that had come through her door in an envelope that was advertising a club that as going to be opening soon quite nearby, and she joked that maybe one day we should go there to see what it was like. The next thing she said to me really caught me off guard, she asked me if I liked that sort of thing, and I am not sure if it was the wine or the fact that I was starting to feel quite horny from the picture on the advert and the fact that Janet was still looking very sexy in her outfit but I quietly mumbled the words, “yes, well kind of yes”.

That was when Janet came really close to me, close enough that I could feel the shape of her thighs and get a small hint of her breasts on mine, it took everything in my power not to kiss her right there. She took my phone from my hand, put it back down, then took my hand and gently pulled me back into the living room. We sat down and she asked me if I ever did anything kinky with my boyfriend, I wasn’t sure what to answer that with so I just told her that I didn’t have a boyfriend, and then stopped myself as I was about to tell her why, she took my hands and said, “Go on, tell me.” So I looked down and finally told her about my feelings for her and how long I'd had them.

There was a moment of silence and the Janet got up and told me that she was going to go and get changed, I got up to go and change into my pyjamas but she told me to stay where I was until she came back, then she rushed off upstairs. About 10 minutes later she came back down and the image I saw when she did almost made me pass out with amazement. She was wearing a latex catsuit, that was pressed tight to her body as if it was a second skin, it had a V neck cut out of it that went to below her belly button, showing just a small bit of her breasts and her cleavage, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra anymore. She had big bright red boots laced up her legs to just below her knees and a red, light fabric corset around her waist. She looked a picture of beauty and I couldn’t stop myself from just staring.

She walked over to me and held out her hand, she said, “Now it’s your turn to get changed.”

I knew she didn’t mean into my pyjamas, but the combination of excitement and wine made me follow her. We went up into her room and she had already picked out an outfit for me which was all laid out on the bed. She looked at me and said to get undressed, so I took off my blouse and the slide my black tights down my legs, and I went to undo my skirt but hesitated, she came over to me and rubbed up against me again, she felt amazing through the smooth warm rubber, then she reached around and undid my skirt, she took a step back and let it fall to the floor, so I was standing there in my bra and lacy black knickers, she walked around me and looked me up and down. She came back around to the front and smiled at me, then she said for this outfit I need to remove my underwear too, so I slipped off my bra and then slid my knickers down my legs. So I was now standing in front of the woman I had lusted after for 4 years and I was completely naked.

The first thing she picked out for me to wear was a black catsuit; she gave me some talcum powder and said to cover myself in it to make it easier to get the catsuit on. She sat me down on the bed and placed one of my feet into the suit, then stretched the leg up, almost brushing the back of her hand across my neatly shaven pussy, she did the same with the other leg and then told me to stand up. I was a bit embarrassed when I did because I had left a bum shaped talcum powder cloud on her bed, she looked at it and laughed, then got back to pulling the catsuit over my stomach.

She gestured for me to put my arms into the sleeves one at a time, I put my hand into a fist and it slid into the sleeve, she then stood behind me and did the same with my other sleeve and as soon as both of my hands where at the ends of the sleeves I tried to push them through but nothing happened, I looked at my hands and saw that the ends of the sleeves were tougher rubber and just ended in small pouches, I then felt the suit tighten as Janet did the zip in the back all the way up, I went to pull the zip down but realised that I couldn’t do anything with my hands like this, this made Janet laugh and as she finished doing the zip I heard a small click, like a padlock closing.

Janet came back around in front of me, and this was when I realised that there where holes in the chest of the suit so my breasts where completely exposed, then she came over to me with what looked like two black rubber bands about an inch thick, she put one down and then stretched my breast out with and went to put the other over my breast, I thought there was no way that it was going to fit over it, but as I did she stretched it out and let it go over the base of my breast, it tightened very quickly around the base of my breast, it turned me on a lot and quickly made my boob engorge and go purple, she did the same with the other one and I tried to remove them but it was impossible without my hands.

Next she got out a pair of boots like hers, also red but these went all the way up to my groin, she laced them as tight as she could and I noticed that it had rings on the inside of the knees and the ankles, to which she clipped a hook into and all of a sudden I couldn’t separate my legs, I went to take the boots off and Janet grabbed my hands, laughed a little bit and then covered the laces with a zip that she locked shut.

I realised that now I couldn’t use my hands or walk anywhere, so I started to panic, but I thought to myself at least I can scream if I need to, I was jerked out of that thought by a stinging on my arse, I screamed and suddenly had the taste of rubber in my mouth, Janet quickly strapped the gag around my head as tight as she could and locked it on, there was a tube one the other side and she grabbed it and started pumping, the thing in my mouth started growing fast, it surrounded my teeth and went into my cheeks, she kept pumping until I couldn’t make a sound and it started to get very uncomfortable.

I panicked and tried to make a run for the door, when my legs wouldn’t move I nearly fell over but Janet caught me and lowered me to the floor, she grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me, she put a pair of cuffs around my wrists then she jumped up and folded my legs, then sat on top of them, I tried with all my might but couldn’t lift my legs or get away from her.

She grabbed a strap and pulled it tight around my elbows, then locked it with another padlock, she took the handcuffs off my wrists and I tried to grab me but with my elbows tied I couldn’t do much so she easily locked another strap around my wrists. She put my hair into a tight ponytail and pulled my head back, I felt cold steel being put around my neck; It was like a metal dog collar that Janet locked in the back. She got up and pulled a longer strap tight around my thighs and ankles keeping my legs bent and me completely immobile.

She turned me around on the floor so that I was facing the bed; I watched her open a large draw underneath her bed, (as if it was a divan bed). She looked at me and then told me that it was a modified drawer that was completely sound proof and then she lifted me up onto my knees and left me leaning against the bed, she pulled up a black lid from the top of the draw which was made of the soundproof material and laid it on the bed, then I saw the inside was made into a cage, she lifted up the heavy iron door and looked at me.

“This is going to be your new bed, remember that time you showed up unexpected, there was never a cat, my last slave had managed to get her wrists loose and was banging the edge of the cage, that is why I have now modified it to be soundproof and I now use much stronger straps”.

She put me into the cage on my knees and I struggled as much as I could to get free but could barely move, she lowered me onto my back and I gave her a pleading look to let me go, she laughed and said, “I have been waiting to capture you for 4 years, nothing is going to persuade me to let you go now!”

I tried to scream but made hardly any sound at all as she lowered the cage door over me, she got a big heavy padlock and locked the door shut.

“Enjoy your first night under my ownership, I have a lot of work to do, mainly that paperwork you have in your handbag to send it in to your boss along with your letter of resignation, saying you’ve had enough of that boring job and are leaving the country for good, then I will drive your car to the airport, and write a letter to your landlord saying you have left and that he can sell all of your possessions as a sorry for being so awkward and leaving, so thanks for the clothes I can wear when taking your car so I look like you from a distance, I will see you later.”

Then she put the lid back onto the drawer, plunging me into darkness, I felt the drawer being pushed back under her bed then heard nothing, there could be someone sitting on her bed who still wouldn’t be able to hear my screams, however quiet they were.

We never did order that pizza.

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