A Girl from Dora

by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2009 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F+/f+; M+/f; bond; machine; electro; mc; impreg; sex; mast; scifi; cons/reluct; X

The Honorable Richard Mallory was a fortunate man. Few had the privilege to share one of the most closely guarded secrets in known space, and what a secret. A holographically enhanced image of a beautiful but restless nude girl filled the opposite wall of his executive suite. Even in her sleep, her thoughts were obviously focused on some vividly imagined erotic experience, and as Karen’s legs splayed unconsciously apart, he feasted his eyes on the generous ridge of her clitoris hood, possessed by a bright blue, sparkling band. Jolan technology at its best, he thought. Deceptively decorative, and yet utterly insidious. The matching studs in her nipples would be similarly unobtrusive under ordinary circumstances. Nothing would be allowed to betray her secret purpose on this special day, not even Selma’s unknowing complicity. With any luck, Karen’s last few hours on Dora would go without a hitch.

He caught a slight sound behind him and turned. If this was Selma’s idea of competition, Karen’s nudity was instantly relegated to second place. Even the best holographic enhancement could not compete with a living, breathing girl who looked and dressed like Selma, and whose figure stretched the amazingly sheer, filmy black Dekryl creation to its limit.

‘What do you think of it, darling?’

Thinking was perhaps an optimistic description of what was going through his mind. As Selma pivoted precariously on her highly polished, needle heeled boots, a trick of the light caught the shadowy division of her sex, temptingly adorned by its sparse tuft of wispy black hairs. Her artless question deserved a suitably ambiguous response.

‘My dear, you are displaying it to perfection!’

She smiled contentedly as she melted into his arms. His heart beat faster as he absorbed her heady, seductive scent. Her nut-hard nipple-tips left him breathless when she brushed them against his chest, but it was her face that made her irresistible: full lips picked out in bright glossy red, shaded eyes framed by carefully painted brows, and glistening jet black hair.

He turned her to face the screen, holding her tightly with his hands beneath her breasts. He felt her heart racing as she absorbed the restless sensuality of the sleeping nude, and she gasped when she noticed the scintillating blue band between Karen’s legs. His fingers moved softly over the clinging fabric of her blouse, seeking her nipples. Their obvious matronly development was the only tangible evidence of Selma’s first and only contribution to Dora’s meticulously planned population growth target.

By contrast, Karen represented an embarrassing failure of Dora’s fertility service to achieve the desired result. The subsequent investigation had found nothing wrong with her fertility, or the quality of the sperm they had used, but inexplicably she had failed to conceive after the usual insemination procedure, just after her seventeenth birthday.

Selma’s scent was heady as he bent to her ear. ‘What do you think of that, my love?’

‘Mmmmm! Please don’t stop, Richard. I love it when you do that. What is happening to Karen? I don’t understand.’

It was extraordinary how sensuously Karen was responding to her dream, her long, lithe limbs splayed carelessly apart to reveal an occasional glimpse of scintillating blue, deep in the moist crevice of her sex, while her belly lifted and cocked repeatedly as if responding to the energetic attentions of some unseen lover. The darkened tips of her swollen nipples betrayed the extremity of her arousal. Selma wondered what it was that conjured such magic from the sleeping girl, but it was hard to concentrate with her lover’s fingers busy at her own tingling nipples.

Richard whispered conspiratorially. ‘You will see, my dear. It won’t be long now.’

What could he mean? Selma was fascinated. Whatever was happening to Karen was obviously working, even if her own experience of mechanical stimulation had felt rather too impersonal for her liking. It was a very different matter having a relationship with someone like Richard. He was anything but impersonal as a lover. His mere presence could easily reduce her to a quivering jelly. It was a lot like melting together. Often she remembered very little about it afterwards, even if her mind sang with contentment.

Karen had always been different from the other girls, outrageous in her appetite for sexual experience, and this kind of treatment was hardly going to reduce her appetite! If this went on night after night, her body would become accustomed to it. It was easy to develop a girl’s appetite for sex, but you had better be around to satisfy it, once you had! Karen must at least have an idea of what was happening to her in her sleep. She could hardly mistake the feeling of sexual excitement, the slippery wetness of her vulva in the mornings, or the hunger for satisfaction that followed inevitably. It was worse than ordinary hunger, much worse. Karen was in big trouble, if her guess was right.

Dora was definitely not the ideal place for a girl with an extraordinary appetite for sex. It had probably the smallest population of any colonised planet in known space, although it was also one of the fastest growing. Curiously, the population growth rate had resulted from the development of electronically controlled contraception. Once a girl believed in it, she was totally vulnerable when it was imperceptively switched to passive mode. Being totally relaxed, she was even more likely to conceive than in her natural state. The availability of sex was not the problem. Jealousy was. In any small community, girls like Karen disrupted the precarious balance of society. Partnerships had to be respected, or the whole system fell apart.

Of course every girl knew what the implant did. Unfortunately there was no way to tell if the thing was switched on or off, but they never switched them off until the girls were at least seventeen. After that a little more caution was called for, not that anyone paid much attention to caution. After all, they were all going to meet the quota, caution or no caution, sooner rather than later. What had always puzzled Selma was how girls usually managed to conceive so precisely on schedule. The success rate was far too high for it to be a coincidence. That was why she was so interested to receive an invitation to a birth planning seminar at a fertility unit in Radix City, shortly after her seventeenth birthday. Karen was also invited. The idea had really excited her curiosity.

The fertility unit took up a whole floor of Radix City’s main medical centre. At the reception desk, the girls were issued with special gowns and directed to a spotlessly clean locker room, where they were told to shower and change into them. There were plenty of sizes, but the gowns were all very short and flimsy. The girls were enjoying a boisterous chase around the locker room, when their escort arrived.

‘Hello, girls!’ She waited until the breathless girls were quiet. ‘I am Janice, and I will be your guide today. It is nice to see such a fine, healthy group of girls. I am sure you will all enjoy your visit here today. We provide a very friendly and efficient service, and there will be plenty of attendants to help you. As you might have heard, our failure rate is less than one in a thousand, but that is no accident. We test every sperm sample for both potency and defective genes, and every sample we actually use is of the highest quality. Our delivery system is unique, but it makes quite sure that those little sperms get to where they can do their stuff, every single time.’

The girls all laughed at this. She made it all sound like a game.

‘Well, girls, let me show you round our facilities. ’

The girls chattered noisily as they followed Janice through a heavy looking stainless steel door, into a large circular chamber, where it seemed that every surface was mirrored, including the ceiling. In the middle of the chamber, odd looking couches were arranged in a circle, with their higher ends towards the centre. There were also vertical cables and tubular steel fittings everywhere. The whole atmosphere was unexpectedly pleasant and relaxing. Female attendants in long white coats waited, smiling as Janice led the girls into the middle of the circle.

‘My dears, let me introduce you to Leone, Diane, Thelma, Barbie, Toni and Sara who will be assisting me today.’

The smiling girls bowed.

‘I expect this all looks a little strange, but you will soon see how everything works. The couches are perfectly comfortable. They even have a built in stereo music system. After I show you what to do you can all try them yourselves. Who wants to be the first lucky girl today?’

Karen dug Selma in the ribs, and a girl behind nudged her forward. Janice beamed at her.

‘I see we have a volunteer! What’s your name?’

‘Selma, Ma’am.’

‘Well Selma, let’s get rid of that gown. Here, let me help you! We can leave it on this hook until later.’ She paused, impressed by Selma’s naked figure.

‘My, you are a lucky girl.’

The other girls exchanged glances. Selma would have done rather well in the Garden of Eden!

‘Now just sit on the couch, and slide back until your head feels comfortable. You can take your time, if it feels a little awkward. That’s right. Now if you move your knees a little closer, you will find a recess on each side. Try to work your toes under the bar you feel down there.

While she adjusted her position, the contoured couch had moulded itself under her back. It tilted her hips upwards, and her bottom was higher than her head. It felt very unfamiliar, but rather exciting.

‘Well done, Selma. Are you feeling comfortable?’

‘Mmmm. I can’t move my legs much, though.’

‘I know. Don’t worry. That’s just as it should be. Now you can reach down under the couch with your hands. You will feel where they ought to go. When you are ready, the music will come on automatically.’

Tentatively Selma reached down under the couch. There were two shaped hollows like open cylinders and she pressed her arms into them. There was a sharp click. Suddenly her arms were imprisoned, while something tightened around her ankles, but all the other girls probably noticed was the wonderful stereo music that emerged from the speakers behind her neck.

Before Selma had a chance to speak, Janice turned to the other girls.

‘You see, my dears, it is really quite easy. Now you can try it for yourselves.’

Laughing, the girls ran to find themselves couches, while Selma fought tentatively against her bonds. As she contemplated her helplessness she surprised herself with the thought that it was really rather exciting. Karen was trying the couch right next to her and before she had a chance to warn her friend, she heard a series of loud clicks.

‘Isn’t it exciting, Selma!’

‘I don’t know, Karen. I have a funny feeling about this.’

Karen laughed. ‘Don’t be silly, Selma. This is fun!’

‘Hello girls! I am Barbie, and I am your personal attendant today. Let’s make sure you are comfortable!’

Barbie’s fingers were busy under Selma’s couch, and then she moved to Karen’s. She seemed pleased. At the bottom of Selma’s couch a thick steel cable ran up from the floor, to a point immediately over her head. Karen’s was exactly the same. Barbie tested the cable, and then pressed a button at the bottom of each girl’s couch. Selma felt a tug as the steel cable tightened, pulling her imprisoned ankles upwards. Now they were clamped to the ends of a long straight bar that telescoped outwards, its centre connected to the cable. The dark groove of her sex, between her widely separated legs, made a fantastically erotic picture in the mirror that covered the ceiling. In fact she could see a complete circle of kicking, wriggling legs around her. The more the girls wriggled, the more they revealed their prettily exposed crevices. It was extraordinary how pretty Karen’s slit looked. Selma smiled. It was a pity that there were no men to enjoy such an erotic visual feast. The way they had been tricked was actually rather entertaining.

She couldn’t help thinking that she was in a rather vulnerable position, if somebody mistook the girls for a group of real customers. Trying to fertilise a randomly chosen group of girls like this would not help their success record, she reflected. They would have to know when the girls were fertile, and get them to the centre on the ideal day.

Suddenly she had an awful thought. It was just fourteen days since her last period, so this was uncomfortably close to the perfect day, and Karen had her period at exactly the same time. She did not believe in coincidences. Every girl’s cycle was officially recorded every month, so it was easy to group the girls accordingly. This was obviously a clever setup. She and Karen had stepped right into it. This was the secret of all those perfectly timed pregnancies. There was nothing more suspicious than a coincidence. She trembled as Barbie ran her fingers softly between her thighs.

Selma discovered that it was incredibly exciting to be helpless while a girl teased and caressed her. The first light stroking of Barbie’s fingers on her lips almost brought an immediate orgasm. She gasped as Barbie persisted with frustratingly slow caresses, which were more deeply arousing than anything she had previously experienced. Her head swam as the girl’s knowing, persistent fingers conjured heat from her inner flesh. Sweetness expanded from her delicately exposed, tingling clitoris until she was ready to explode with pleasure. Barbie’s infuriatingly controlled caresses would not allow her to peak. Her pussy was literally dripping with her juices.

She watched as Barbie moved her attention to Karen, who was soon gasping with pleasure. She watched the circle of wriggling, gasping girls in the overhead mirror. She hoped she was wrong about what was going to happen next.

Barbie unclipped a nozzle from its bracket. A thick black hose ran up from the nozzle to an overhead pipe. The nozzle tapered from a narrow neck to a wider, bulbous tip. There was a flange, apparently to stop it going in too far. Where it was going to be inserted was very obvious indeed! Behind the flange, there was a short handle, with a bright red button set into it. Karen’s eyes were big with fascination.

‘Isn’t it exciting, Selma! I am sure you can guess what this is for. The laboratory selects the sperm for each one of you, and they send it in a sealed capsule, through this pneumatic system to the nozzle. Then I just press this button, and it squirts the stuff into you.’ She continued conversationally. ‘It is so much better than the old system with semen injected directly into the womb. It is more as nature intended. Are you ready, my dear?’

Obviously her question was rhetorical.

‘No, please, Barbie!’ She gasped with feeling. ‘Don’t do it, please!’

All round the room other girls were protesting, some vociferously. Others trembled as they waited for their turn.

‘Now Selma, you are really a very silly darling. This will only take a moment.’

The rounded tip brought a sudden fierce tingling as Barbie ran it gently through Selma’s slit towards her vulva. She wriggled fiercely as Barbie touched it lightly to her tingling lips. She gasped as her lips flowered, clenching her muscles in an instinctive effort to resist. Barbie smiled, giving the nozzle a little push. The slippery bulbous tip opened her easily, and popped inside. Instinctively she tried to clench her muscles, but now that only seemed to squeeze the tapered nozzle even deeper. She could not believe that this was really happening to her, not until she opened her eyes and stared into the mirror above her. The thick black hose joined the overhead pipe to the nozzle protruding from her pussy. The short handle was sticking out, with its bright red button. The rest of it was so deep inside her that the flange pressed hard against her pussy lips, but the pleasant feel of it gave her no consolation. Forgetting the fortunate timing of this uninvited intervention, she protested loudly again.

‘No, please don’t! Please don’t do it! Don’t you dare!’

Selma wriggled with all her strength, watching desperately, excited by the image in the mirror above her of the thick black hose snaking from her well stuffed pussy. The other smiling attendants were busy inserting their nozzles into wet, slippery pussies all round the chamber. It was awful to see how much Karen was enjoying herself. Selma couldn’t help feeling incredibly excited, realising that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She glanced at Karen’s widely parted thighs. Her friend’s pussy was glistening with slippery juices. She gasped as Barbie gripped the nozzle in her long, manicured fingers, and pushed the button firmly. Immediately she felt sticky fluid spurting deep inside her. Her heart thudded. There was absolutely no way out of this now. A sudden tingling became a mad rush of pleasure, and she shuddered as the climax took her.

‘You see, it was really quite easy, wasn’t it! Nothing to make a fuss about at all! Now just relax while I attend to your friend. Just think how nice it will be to have your babies together. The music usually helps. Imagine those super sperms, fighting their way inside you!’

As Barbie moved towards Karen she watched her friend’s futile efforts to evade the peculiarly shaped nozzle. Now she understood Karen’s fascination. Barbie popped the nozzle into Karen’s gaping pussy. She wriggled even more when the girl pressed the button with a deliberate movement. Selma could almost feel the semen spurting into her friend’s vagina, and watched her explode in a gasping, writhing orgasm. Pleasure coarsed through her as she watched. It was extraordinary what imagination could do for a girl. She closed her eyes, soothed by the relaxing sound of the music. It was an extraordinary experience. She could almost feel the sperms swimming into her womb. A tear ran down her cheek. It was not fair at all. Barbie’s fingers caressed her softly, relentlessly. A more gentle explosion convulsed her again. Seeing the question in her eyes, Barbie nodded.

‘Yes, my dear, having lots of orgasms will help you to conceive, and it helps to pass the time while the little sperms to do their stuff. I’m afraid you will have to stay like that for at least a couple of hours more.’

She gave Selma a wicked grin.

‘We don’t want any complaints about the service!’ She touched Selma’s clitoris with a finger, making her wriggle violently. ‘And the more you wriggle, the more you will help the sperm on its way!’

Selma had not thought of that. Struggling had seemed the most natural thing to do. Even if she had wanted to keep as still as possible, Barbie’s efforts would still have made it impossible. If she had been fertile there would have been no way to avoid conceiving. All a girl could do was relax and enjoy the very expert stimulation. It was also rather interesting to watch the other girls wriggling their way through orgasm after orgasm. She had never seen anything so erotically exciting.

At last, when she was shaking after hours of exhausting orgasms, Barbie had pressed the buttons that lowered her ankles, and then finally released her. She had rushed to console Karen, but surprisingly she seemed totally unconcerned by what had happened to her. In fact she was in a very good humour, as if she had really enjoyed herself. When they returned to the showers, most of the other girls were rather subdued, except a girl called Lisa who couldn’t conceal her excitement at the thought of being pregnant.

The biggest surprise for Selma had come when they discovered that Karen had not conceived. A battery of tests had failed to explain this extraordinary lack of success, but of course, they had soon realised how Selma had managed it. That was when Richard had taken an interest, offering her protection as long as they remained together.

She could enjoy a temporary, but very pleasant arrangement with Richard until he tired of her, or it became impossible to delay her participation in the birthing programme any longer. Secretly she hoped it would be possible to have his baby. She had no illusions about The Honorable Richard Mallon. He would replace her with scarcely a thought. Power had its compensations, in a place like Beruba. Still, there was no point in dwelling on the inevitable. It was only sensible to enjoy her luck, while it lasted. He liked her to use expensive clothes and cosmetics, and the apartment was luxurious. Richard loved surprises, but nothing had prepared her for the sight of Karen, wearing that peculiarly intimate stimulation device.

The Honorable Richard Mallon was amused by Selma’s reaction. She could not possibly know what she was watching, but as she had known Karen all her life, it was tempting to see how she reacted to her friend’s final moments in Beruba. Karen would make a very pretty slave. She was much too restless to be content with the restrictive environment of a struggling colony like Dora, but Jolan II’s Pleasure Quarter was a different matter. She would never miss the illusory freedom of a young woman on Dora. In practice she would have all the freedom she wanted on Jolan II, but of course, by then her idea of freedom would probably involve the enjoyment of some very different forms of sexual diversion. The gentle but insistent conditioning Karen was receiving in her sleep would accustom her to a life of intense sexual stimulation, day and night. After a while she would hardly be able to sleep without it. But that was not the reason for his vigil. Very soon Karen was going to have a surprise.

Even when she was not in the middle of an erotic dream, Karen was distractingly beautiful, her skin a perfect shade of pale coffee. Her figure offered everything to tempt a man, from the wispy, jet black tuft that drew the eye instantly to the delights between her legs, to tantalisingly erect nipples, conspicuously dark, that perfected and adorned the full, firm shape of her breasts. While she tossed in the throes of a graphically erotic dream she was even more irresistible, her raised knees parted to reveal a glimpse of scintillating blue, high in the glistening crevice between her slightly parted lips, where no ordinary girl would think of wearing an adornment. But she was no ordinary girl. The bright band of her identity tag marked her as one who had been selected for this years Jolan Quota. On Jolan II she would enjoy a life of luxury and pleasure, as long as she co-operated. The device the Jolan Agency had fitted between her legs would make sure of that. The pretty band over the ridge of her clitoris hood discouraged any tampering with the sophisticated device buried deeper in her flesh. Even if she had not worked out why her nights had become an exhausting succession of vivid erotic dreams, she would soon find out that the device was not as innocent as it seemed. Pleasure was not the only kind of stimulation it permitted.

Karen’s eyes opened wide with shocked surprise as the fierce electric stimulation gripped her clitoris. Her fingers went went instinctively to the band between her legs, but she knew it was impossible to fight it. She wriggled as her body was convulsed by the fierce sensations. Steadily they slowed, and softened to an occasional throb. Trembling, she sat on the edge of her bed. The meaning of this was unmistakable. It was the signal for her departure, but what a signal! She had never imagined anything like this!

The throbbing continued as she dressed quickly in the bright red jumpsuit she had been told to wear. She stuffed a few prized possessions into a lightweight bag, and left the apartment. Simon grinned as he watched the girl hurrying awkwardly towards the shuttle terminal, obviously in a state of discomfort. He adjusted the hand control concealed in his pocket to give her only an occasional spike. It would not do for her to attract attention.

The Honorable Richard Mallon smiled as a message flashed briefly on his desk. The girl was safely on board the shuttle, and it was ready to leave. He pressed a button under his desk, and crossed to the window as giant shutters retracted to reveal the spectacular desert landscape. Dunes, brushed red in the light of Dora’s setting sun, rolled majestically towards the distant, sparkling gem of Radix City’s giant dome. Sixty metres below a giant tube emerged from the vertical wall of the weather station, its specially hardened glass blasted white by the fierceness of the frequent sandstorms that plagued Dora’s equatorial region. The tube snaked its way towards Radix City, threading, and occasionally topping the dunes.

He smiled with satisfaction as a dark segmented shadow emerged from the shuttle terminal below, and gathered speed. On board, Karen would have little idea of the interest her departure was attracting. She would certainly not realise that she had an escort. Simon was a professional Jolan Agent, who knew better than to catch a girl’s eye. He would follow his instructions meticulously, disrupting any attempt at conversation by using his pocket control. He might have no need of it, but if a garrulous fellow passenger tempted her into conversation, she would suddenly find herself distracted by an unexpected, painful jolt. Richard was impressed with the effectiveness of the tiny electronic device a tagged girl wore between her legs. Usually a single pulse was enough to control its wearer. Karen would have no idea where the signal was coming from. She would probably assume that she was being watched on some kind of surveillance camera. Every time one of his girls was sent to join the Quota he was reminded how useful it would be to have that kind of control over difficult youngsters like Karen. Unfortunately, the Jolan Agency was very touchy about letting anyone else have access to that kind of technology.

By now Karen would have learned some of the extraordinary capabilities of the peculiar identity tag she had been obliged to accept as a condition of her contract with the Jolan Agency, supposedly to ensure that nobody took her place when the time came to leave for the Pleasure Planet. It would have seemed quite innocuous at the time, discretely inserted through the fleshy ridge of her clitoris hood. Girls seldom raised any difficulties, once they realised that it was a perfectly routine procedure. The hollow plug fitted into the piercing had flared ends that held it tightly in place, and a soft but seemingly indestructible loop fitted snugly over the ridge itself, discretely hidden between the outer lips of her sex.

They would have warned her to expect an unmistakable signal when it was time for her to return to the Jolan Agency. If her nights had been filled with extraordinarily vivid erotic dreams since her visit to the Jolan Agency several weeks before, she had probably attributed this to her very natural excitement at the prospect of a new life of pleasure on Jolan II. But this morning, a fierce electric pulse would have woken her in a gasping state of shock. No girl could resist that sensation, like a magnetic force gripping her clitoris. Her fingers would have pried desperately at the snugly fitted instrument that tormented her until it finally stopped. She would know immediately what was in store for her if she dallied on the way to the shuttle terminal. The only answer was instant obedience. In her frantic efforts to get there quickly she would have neither the time nor the inclination to communicate with anyone else. She would have no idea that she was being escorted by a very ordinary looking Jolan Agent. It was very gratifying to receive the signal that meant she was on board the shuttle and ready to leave.

The Honorable Richard Mallon congratulated himself on being rid of a particularly troublesome girl. A small community did not need the disruptive influence of a girl who wanted to bed as many men as she could, and didn’t even manage to get herself pregnant in the process. Bearing children would have taken her out of circulation for months of blissful adherence to the normal routine, but even the fertility police had failed to discover any reason for her apparent infertility. Most of her contemporaries had long since settled into the routine of family life. The more troublesome girls were immobilised in a breeding stall at a suitable time of the month, while a generous dose of the right kind of juice was squirted deep into their wombs. It seldom failed.

Karen had been so co-operative with ordinary sexual activities that nothing like that had seemed necessary. He sighed. Perhaps one day he would discover how she had managed it. He doubted seriously if there was anything wrong with her fertility, but the closest observation had failed to detect the use of any kind of contraceptive. At least she was no longer his problem. It was an excellent system. Dora got rid of its troublemakers, and Jolan II received a regular quota of young pretty girls who were invariably eager to experience new and exciting pleasures. As Karen had already discovered, it was not quite such a perfect world as she had imagined. There was a price to pay for everything, and she was learning with shock that painful sanctions were going to become an important element of her new life. It was much too late for a change of heart. On Jolan II they knew exactly how to handle new arrivals. They had a training system that coped perfectly with the most difficult girls from all over known space.

Karen could hardly contain her excitement as the shuttle accelerated smoothly away from the landing dock. landing dock watched through the curved view port at the back of the ground shuttle, as Beruba’s landing dock receded quickly into the distance. The dull red glow of Dora’s rising sun penetrated the long smooth bore of the glass tube that snaked over the desert’s surface, even though its exterior was blasted opaque by the interminable sand storms that plagued the planet. The diffuse red light turned quickly yellow and then gradually brightened, until she had to turn away from the brilliant glare. The journey to Radix City usually took a standard hour, so she had plenty of time to study her fellow passengers.

The seats along each side of the shuttle were basic but comfortable, like most things on Dora III. The passengers were the usual mix of students and office workers who commuted daily to Radix City, apart from a group of grinning young men who were silently undressing her with their eyes. She blushed. Dan and Stefan were former schoolmates. She remembered how she had taunted them, that fateful day when the inevitable had finally happened:

‘Ha, hee! You can’t catch me!

You know where it is, but you won’t ever see!

Your dick is small, your dick is soft, it’s fuck all use to me!

You’ll never catch and fuck a girl who is as quick as me!’

She had only realised afterwards that the rhyme was as good as an admission of her own virginity. It had seemed like fun to be chased by the boys, letting them get close enough to make them mad, knowing what would happen if they really caught her, and at the last moment, diving for safety into a large group of older girls. The trouble was, she really wanted to lose her virginity, and it was exciting to imagine that it might happen if she really got caught by the boys one day. If it didn’t happen soon, she would probably be deflowered in one of the sex education classes. They always needed girls for the boys to practice on.

That particular day she had gone a little too close to a large group of boys. While two of them chased her, the others had blocked her way back towards the other girls. In the building she had found herself in an unfamiliar corridor, with the boys in close pursuit. In her panic she had darted through an open door, to find herself in a strangely equipped room. She had frozen as the boys followed her, fascinated by the equipment she saw. There were wierd boxes, frames, benches and peculiar arrangements of brightly polished metal tubing, all fitted with odd looking straps and ropes that had no obvious purpose that she could think of. She wondered what it was all doing there. The walls and ceiling, and even the door were thickly padded.

She felt shivery as the lock clicked behind her. Karen turned to see Dan pocketing the key. Her heart had never beat so fast. She knew she was cornered. Her knees turned to jelly, and somehow the liquidity found its way to the secret places between her legs. She just stood there, panting, as they approached. Stefan gripped her wrists. She was in a dreamy state of disbelief when Dan reached under her skirt and tugged down her panties. They strapped her to a convenient bench. It seemed curiously well equipped for what they had in mind. It had a thick strap to go over her waist, others underneath for her wrists, and more to secure her ankles high and wide apart. By the time they had finished she could barely move, and they had pulled her clothing up to expose her breasts.

Her eyes flashed rebellion. It was useless to struggle. They could do what they liked with her, and it was easy to imagine what they liked. She was totally at their mercy. She watched as they removed their clothes. She was fascinated by Dan’s erect cock. It was enormous. She tried to wriggle as he approached between her legs, but she could barely move. When his fingers began to explore her temptingly exposed slit she felt tingly. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry. She closed her eyes. The smooth, warm tip of his iron hard cock pressed gently into the soft hollow of her virginal entrance. Her violent squirming only nestled it even more firmly.

She would never forget the feeling of panic as he pushed a little harder.

‘Don’t, no! Please! I don’t want you to do it! Please stop!’

She had gasped at the sudden pain when the pressure of his cock tore something, and then she had screamed as his shaft pushed smoothly, deliciously, deep into her virginal pussy. He had barely had time to thrust again before she felt him go rigid, and something warm and liquid had spurted deep inside her. Stefan was almost as quick, the first time, but after that they took it in turns. She was soon gasping with pleasure as their cocks rubbed deliciously at her clitoris. She didn’t want them to stop, but finally she felt deliciously faint. She screamed and screamed, convulsing violently, overwhelmed by pleasure so intense that she could think of nothing else. Afterwards the boys had been rather proud of their efforts. She had just felt incredibly weak. She had still been trembling hours afterwards. Afterwards she had discovered that the peculiarly equipped room was used for advanced sex education for the older boys.

If it was bad finding herself blushingly confronted by Dan and Stefan, it was even worse to see Pieter with them. She had teased Pieter mercilessly, when he had tried energetically to impregnate her, three months before. All his efforts had achieved was some nice orgasms for her, and total exhaustion for him. As there was nothing wrong with his fertility, the doctors had been puzzled. They had questioned Karen, but she had protested her innocence. To use any form of contraception was a serious social crime, usually punished by assigning the girl to a breeding farm, where she would be artificially impregnated to ensure that she kept up her quota of birthings at the proper times.

Karen knew that the persistent failure of the boys to impregnate her would eventually convince the doctors to inseminate her artificially, but the true reason for her apparent lack of fertility was a secret she kept to herself. Nobody knew of the tiny tapered cervical plug she had secretly made one day from a special soft surgical rubber, and being transparent, it was virtually undetectable. She used a tiny threaded key to insert it, and remove it when she had to, but most of the time she wore it. She had no intention of spending the next ten years ruining her body with one pregnancy after another, if she could possibly help it. Apart from anything else, she liked sex far too much to tolerate long intervals without it. She had watched her friends leave for their mandatory period on a breeding farm, one after another, all with swollen bellies. She knew how lucky she was to be invited to Jolan II. There she would have a very different life, of unlimited pleasure and unequalled luxury.

‘Well, well, well! Who have we here?’ Stefan began.

Karen fidgeted. Her tight red jumpsuit was a little too provocative, and it was difficult to believe that they couldn’t see right through it, or read in her eyes exactly what was concealed between her legs.

‘Nobody to interest you, Stefan. I am a big girl now.’

‘I can see that, Karen. How about catching up with us a little, when we get to Radix City?’

Karen trembled at the thought of what they would discover, if she gave them the chance.

‘Sorry, boys, I have to make an appointment, and I’m afraid it will take all day.’

‘What about tomorrow?’ This came from Dan.

She just smiled and shook her head. It was better not to say too much. That blasted ring was starting to tingle again. They must be getting within range of Radix City. Whatever those boys had in mind, they were going to be disappointed. In a few hours time she would be safely on board an intersteller cruiser, on her way to a life of pleasure and total luxury on Jolan II, otherwise known as the Pleasure Planet. It was six million light years from Dora III to the Jolan system, but that didn’t matter very much, unless you were paying the bill. Interstellar journeys usually took several weeks, but much time was taken up with long acceleration and deceleration stages, and additional Shrinkpace stages were used for longer trips. In the end, longer trips were proportionally quicker. She knew how incredibly lucky she was to have an offer of a free passage, and a well paid contract at the end of it.

End of Chapter 1