Gift Surprise

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; pussyhook; wrap; gag; nipple; oral; mast; cons; X

This story was originally an entry into the S(A)X Leather 2008 Bondage Stories Contest

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

Permission is granted for private use. The author wishes any agencies that wish to publish this work, to please contact him at [email protected]. Or visit his weblog at . Any comments are gladly accepted and encouraged.

Outside Holly’s apartment, the snow was drifting down in white, lacy curtains, filling the balconies and sidewalks with a foot thick frosting of white. She could barely see the red and green of the Christmas lights outside glowing beneath the snow. Christmas Eve was just a few days away and she didn’t see how she could make the drive home to Kansas City in this weather. Holly’s little Civic barely made it to the parking lot last night. She was going to spend the holiday by herself this year, it seemed.

Holly stepped away from the window and nestled on the couch with her bowl of hot oatmeal and orange juice. It was a few hours before she had to be at work and she needed to steel herself for the icy drive to the shipping store where she was a clerk. Her parents would be disappointed but understanding, being veterans of many mid-western winters. But work would be busy with people over-nighting presents to get them under the tree before Christmas Day. She wouldn’t have to think about not being home for awhile.

After finishing her bowl, Holly reluctantly got up and made her way into the shower, pulling her terry cloth robe closer around her.

In truth, it was probably better for her not to be going home. Her mother would ask her endless questions about her love-life and she would have to pretend and tell her everything was fine. But it wasn’t. Trying to find a guy that was into the same things that she was into was hopeless at best. Chatting and flirting online with a bunch of wanna-be Doms was one thing; finding a caring, dyed-in-the-wool Master was quite another. She had needs that neither one of her parents would understand and would probably be horrified at.

Holly let the water steam up the bathroom before stepping into the small shower. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t an attractive woman. Her five and a half foot frame was nicely curved with more-than-a-handful breasts and a nicely rounded ass. Being on her feet all day kept a lot of her Little Debbie extravagances in check but she also tried to jog when she could. Holly was a natural redhead and, being Irish of descent, had a tough time tanning her pale complexion. She kept her hair in loose curls and pulled it up in back in a pony tail most of the time. No, she had had offers but no man could give her what she really wanted: sexual servitude.

The hot water rushed over her and she tried to pry her mind off of more lascivious subjects. Focus on what she needed to get through another day in the wonderful world of a packaging store. After the shower she dried her hair then dressed warmly in a sweater and slacks. The coat, cap, boots and gloves came next with a scarf wrapped around her neck and face to finish the classic Eskimo look. Opening the door, she trudged into the great white north.

Fortunately, her complex had plowed most of the sidewalks and parking lot. A few minutes after brushing off her car, she carefully made her way to her job.

The shipping store was a small family operated franchise and her boss had gotten there early to shovel the walk and get things ready for the day ahead. He was standing outside with his shovel in hand and a pipe clamped tight in his mouth.

“Morning, Holly,” he said, smiling around his pipe, “Glad to see you could make it. It was going to be lonely around here without you.”

“Where’s Jeff?” Holly asked about her co-worker.

“Sick. Or that is what he says. But I don’t think that it’s going to be that busy. UPS and the Post Office already dropped off and said that they don’t know if they are going to pick up. Our FEDEX truck is stuck out there somewhere. They called. And, to top it off, this storm is supposed to last all day. Only the truly desperate are out today, or fools like you and me.”

‘Great’, Holly thought to herself.

“So here is the plan. I’ll help you sort and I need to get the deposit done. We’ll make it a half-day and close due to the weather. I head to the bank and home and you close when you want to.”

‘Great’, she thought again.

“Oh,” her boss said, “There is a damaged package the Post Office brought here. One of our box-holders. Tools or something. Make sure he fills out the paperwork for it if he comes in.”

Inside the store her boss, Marv, had the heat up on high and she could smell the fresh coffee brewing in back. Holly unbundled herself, donned her apron and poured herself a mug; settling in for the morning’s chores.

Between a few customers and sorting of mail for the boxes, the morning went by quickly. Next, she focused on the packages and putting the notifications in the boxes as well. Last was the damaged box her boss had told her about.

The Post Office had put it in a plastic bag with a pre-printed apology. It looked as if someone had thrown it off the truck and run over it. Holly could see a piece of chrome sticking out of the crack as she checked it over. It was from Australia, she noticed, from a store called S(A)X.

The name sounded familiar to her, but she could quite place it. She looked over the customs form and everything seemed to be in order. All she had to do is to break the bad news to the customer, Mr. Glenn Hansen, and go over the contents for any damage so he could file a claim. She decided to start to forms so at least that wouldn’t take so long.

“I’m headed to the bank. Close when you want. I don’t want you getting stuck here, okay,” Marv, her boss said.

“Okay. . .I just have to finish a few things then I’ll hang the sign up.”

As she was filling the places on the form she could, she realized where she had seen S(A)X. It was on Gromet’s website a few years ago. It was one of her favorite bondage fiction websites. It was a bondage gear manufacturer.

Holly could feel herself flush.

She went to the back and looked at the damaged package again. The polished steel piece sticking out had a ring at the end but no other clues to identify it with. Gently, she opened up the plastic bag enclosing the package and peeked further into the box, but she really couldn’t identify it.

Curious and frustrated, Holly sat down at the computer and found the S(A)X website easily enough. She knew she really shouldn’t be doing this at work, but she figured she could tell her boss that she needed to see what the damaged merchandise was. It took a little bit of detective work but she finally found it.

A Pussy Hook.

Holly felt a warm tingle spreading through her as she looked at the cold steel picture on the site. She could just imagine just how one would use it.

The chime at the front door brought Holly out of her erotic revelries and she quickly closed out the site. She stepped to the front counter to see if the customer needed any help. It was only someone checking their mailbox.

As Holly stood there, her mind kept going back to the image of the polished steel hook and what it would feel like inside of her. She also wondered who Mr. Glenn Hansen would be testing it on.

A few quick key strokes and Mr. Hansen’s box info came up. There was no one else allowed into the box and he only had had the box for a couple months. His billing address was in an older part of town not far from the store.

“You have a box for me?” a man’s voice asked.

Holly looked up to see a blonde bearded man with smiling blue eyes and a fedora with a sprig of holly stuck in the hat band.

“Your name sir,” Holly asked.

“Hansen, Glenn Hansen,” he smiled.

Glenn was a handsome man and Holly guessed he was in his mid thirties. Average in height and weight, but she really couldn’t tell with his coat on. His gloves were off and there wasn’t any ring.

“Yes, we have a package for you but I am afraid it didn’t survive the post office very well. It arrived here damaged.”

The man looked crest-fallen, “How bad?”

“The box is crushed on one side, but I can’t tell what damage there is inside,” Holly explained, “I started the paperwork for you but we need to check the contents.”

“Sure,” he said, “Let’s take a look.”

Holly went back and got the damaged package. A tingle still warmed her inside as she wondered what other treasures would be hidden within.

“Here it is,” she said, setting the package on the counter.

Glenn took one look at the label and blushed a bit, “Can I take this home and look at it?”

Holly smiled, “I am afraid not. You have to open it here for insurance purposes, sir. I’m sorry.”

The man looked flustered, “It doesn’t look that bad. . .”

“Actually, sir, I would love to see what is inside,” Holly interrupted.

There, she had done it.

Glenn looked puzzled as he stood there, “Pardon me?”

Holly smiled, “You can bring it around in back and check it privately. But I do need to see what is damaged and what isn’t.”

Glenn gathered the box up and took it back into the packing area. On the table he set the box down.

“Don’t worry,” Holly said, “I won’t tell a soul but we do need to do this.”

Slowly, Glenn opened up the box and began to set out its contents. The first thing out was the pussy hook. He looked it over and set it on the table.

“So who is the special lady?” Holly asked.

Glenn turned and looked at her, “Pardon?”

“You must really have a special lady for you to buy that for her.”

Glenn blushed again, “You know what this is?”

“Yes, I’ve visited the S(A)X website before but have never had a chance to purchase anything for myself,” Holly smiled, stepping closer to Glenn.

“Actually, this isn’t for anyone in particular,” Glenn said, looking into her green eyes, “Just a few more things for my playroom. Since moving out here, though, I haven’t found anyone to play with.”

“I think you have now,” Holly smiled, “my name is Holly.”

Holly had never been this forward with anyone before. She didn’t know a thing about him, yet she already felt comfortable with him; something about his eyes.

“Seriously?” Glenn asked.

“Very,” she said, “let’s see what other toys you have in there.”

Glenn reached into the box again and began to pull out the other items. One was a black leather collar, much wider than the one’s Holly had seen before, with rings on the front and sides. A pair of shiny clover style nipple clamps and some personal lubricant were the next things he pulled out of the box. The last thing he pulled out were several lengths of chain with clips on either end.

“I don’t see any damage,” Glenn said, carefully looking over the collar, ”they packed it very well.”

“Perhaps we should try them out, just to make sure,” Holly purred.


“No time like the present,” she said, “Let me close down the store and then we can see if we can make sure everything is in working order.”

“Okay,” Glenn replied meekly.

In all his years of being into bondage, not once had Glenn been approached like this. Most of the time, he had to talk girls into trying it and most thought he was nuts. Now here he was with a gorgeous redhead that he barely met doing things that he had only hoped to do someday.

It didn’t take long for Holly to close down the register and hang the sign up telling everyone that due to the weather, they closed early. With the cash safely in the safe and the drawer balanced, Holly made her way in back.

Glenn had cleared all the trash off of the packing table and had all of his purchases neatly arrayed. While Holly was closing, he also to the opportunity to see what was around the store and realized that there was a cornucopia of stuff he could use to render her helpless in absence of having any of his other bondage gear here.

“So are you going to take off your coat and stay awhile?” Holly smiled as she came over to the table.

“Oh, yes,” Glenn said and pulled off his long coat and hat, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Holly laughed, “I’m certainly not. So, how would you like me?”

Glenn once again looked over the redheaded clerk, standing with her hands clasped behind her. Holly was certainly attractive and her tight sweater and pants really didn’t leave much to his imagination.

“Whatever is the most comfortable to you,” Glenn replied.

“Okay then,” she said.

Slowly, Holly began to perform a striptease, first pulling her sweater off and then, almost gracefully, unhooking her bra.

As Holly slowly shimmied out of her pants, she could hear a little voice screaming at her ‘what in the hell do you think you’re doing with a complete stranger!’ But sometimes you had to take life with both cuffed hands or your regrets would haunt you to your grave and Holly did not want to regret this moment with this man. Hooking her thumbs into her thong, she quickly pulled them off and stood there again, hands clasped behind her back and her best bedroom eyes adorning her face.

Glenn didn’t take his eyes off of her as she peeled each layer of clothes off of her breathtaking body. She was almost as pale as the snow outside, with a slight spray of freckles over her collarbone and large pale nipples crowning her nicely sized breasts. The red of her long curly ponytail was the same as her neatly trimmed patch between her legs. With a smile on her lips, she was everything he had ever hoped for in a willing partner.

“So, if you are done staring, Glenn, how would you like me?” Holly said reaching over and holding up the hook, “I think we should make sure this one isn’t damaged first, don’t you think?”

“Yes, yes,” Glenn barely said as he took it from her, “Lean over the table, please.”

The redhead did as she was told, wiggling her ass at him as she did. She watched him as he generously lubed the ‘hook’ in and stepped in back of her.

“Let me know if this hurts,” he said.

Slowly he eased the cold metal hook into her, causing her to shiver a bit. It continued to fill her until the bottom of the curve of the hook rested between the cheeks of her ass. Holly had thought it would be a little cold but not as much as it was. Hopefully her heat would warm it up soon.

“Okay?” he asked.

Holly nodded, “very.”

One of things that Glenn had noticed was a large spool of twine. He cut some off and gathered her ponytail in his hands. He quickly tied several knot and a loop. Satisfied that it wasn’t going to slip, he clipped on one of the chains to the knot. The other end he fastened to the hook, holding it tightly into place.

“Now, Holly, let me know if I go too far, okay?”

Holly nodded, relishing the feel of the hook moving with every motion of her head.

“Okay, Holly, you can stand up now.”

Obediently, she did, her ponytail pulling her head back a bit and the hook deeper inside of her. She closed her eyes as she felt him fasten the collar around her neck. It width held Holly’s head in place further. It was a little uncomfortable but not overly so.

“Stand straight, hands at your side.”

Holly did as she was told. So far, this was as good as any of the stories she had read; better because it was real. Slowly she was becoming helpless and it sent warm rushes through her at the thought.

The cling wrap came somewhat of a surprise, but a good one. Holly had fantasized about using it in some self bondage in the store and had even took several swaths home, but the only use she made of it was wrapping stuff safely in packages. Now he wound some around her midriff, sealing her arms to her sides. He wrapped her tightly from just below her boobs to just above her puss. She struggled a bit to try to get loose and found it deliciously impossible.

With the next piece, he enwrapped her legs entirely. More and more Holly felt like a mummy with each tight pass until her legs were welded together.

“Now, let’s see you get out of that,” Glenn smiled.

The captive redhead squirmed and writhed. There was no way she was going to get out of her bind. She had to be careful, though, to make she didn’t lose her balance and fall crashing to the floor. However, with each struggle, another wave of warmth rushed through her.

Glenn loved watching her struggle. His hard-on ached and he wanted to take her right there. But he also wanted her to enjoy this as well and he prayed that perhaps he may have found a bondage partner in her.

“Is it okay to gag you?” Glenn asked.

“Yes. . . please,” Holly moaned.

There was plenty of packing tape around and Glenn tore off several pieces and sealed her lips shut. Now she was truly helpless as she leaned a bit on the table.

Slowly he began to massage her breasts, pinching her nipples slowly until they were fully erect. Taking one, he pulled it a bit and put one of the clamps on it. Holly moaned into her gag at the near pain but Glenn repeated it on her other nipple and clipped a short chain to them both.

Holly squealed a bit when Glenn gave them a tug. Bolts of white-hot pleasure shot through her with each tug. The more he tugged, the harder the clamps pinched until she found herself hoping forward, following him around the table.

Gently, he leaned her back and eased his finger into her slit, sliding it slowly up and down and brushing against her button. Holly moaned loudly into her gag as he continued to play with her swollen clit as she felt a heated storm building inside of her, straining to get out.

“Do you want to cum?” Glenn asked.

Holy moaned, nodding her head as best she could.

“The first rule, Holly, is that you are not allowed to cum before your Master does.”

Holly moaned her disappointment as he stopped his caresses. Gently, he eased Holly back until she lay fully on the table. He then eased her over on to her stomach, with her breasts and head hanging over the edge. Glenn wound some more plastic wrapping around his captive and the table, pinning her to it so she wouldn’t fall off.

Glenn quickly unzipped his slacks and pulled out his stiffened cock. Though not porn-star sized, he was still fairly large. To Holly, size did matter and she was not disappointed.

Gently, Glenn pulled the taped off of Holly’s lips. Though painful, it was also brief. She licked her sore lips as Glenn stepped forward, presenting himself to her. Holly opened her mouth and sealed her lips around his salty cock.

Glenn moaned as her lips and tongue played over his shaft and head. Faster and faster she sucked his shaft, feeling the hook in her pussy yank inside her every time. An orgasm was swelling inside her but she had to make him cum first.

A few moments later, Glenn felt his cum broiling up his shaft. He held it as long as possible before pulling out and spraying himself all over her face.

“God,” was all he could utter as he stepped back and leaned against the table, catching his breath.

“Please let me cum, Master,” Holly pleaded, warm cum dripping off of her face.

Quickly Glenn cut the plastic holding Holly to the table and turned her unto her back. His fingers once again found her swollen clit and he began to rub it vigorously.

A flood of pure bliss burst through Holly as she writhed on the table. Again and again hot waves of passion crashed through her as one orgasm begat another until she pleaded for Glenn to stop from her being sore.

Slowly, she caught her breath as she felt Glenn sit on the table beside her. He wiped his cum from her face with a paper towel then slowly kissed her, their tongues dancing over one another until he pulled away.

“Holly, I want to take you home with me,” he finally said.

Holly smiled back at him, “And I would love to be taken home.”

Glenn helped her untangle herself from her bindings. He packed up his S(A)X purchases in the battered box as she cleaned up the mess around the table. Finally, Holly had met a man she could be herself with and it was the best Christmas gift she could ever have wished for.


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