A Gift for Katy

by Cbpar5

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I wanted to do something special for Katy as this was the 2nd time in our relationship I be celebrating her birthday (this one her 34th) with her as we’ve been together over two years now. A little back story on me I’ve been into bondage since I was 15 or 16. Also embraced spandex and pantyhose as part of the bondage sessions. I’ve had little success with lovers over the years being into it enthuastically. Or they would be outright refusing it as part of a relationship. Katy was different she was open to it and seemed to enjoy playing but really never embracing it (or so I mistakenly thought). We always practiced with safe words and consent of the other partner. So, I came up with an elaborate plan weeks before. It was for her to return home from work on her birthday to find me bound as her gift. Here’s the plan I had laid out and how it went somewhere I never thought it would.

The plan was to be bound in a straightjacket, feet anchored to the floor, and pulley system attaching me to the celling. I would be completely at Katy’s mercy for what she wanted. This plan would require some assistance to achieve. So, I enlisted her friend Beth for this. I was comfortable approaching Beth with this as Katy has filled her in on our play. Also, Beth has shared many aspects of her sexual endeavors with us over glasses of wine over the last few years. So, I have lined up the assistance I need now to get the plan ready for the big day. I start in the basement by drilling anchors into the concrete three feet apart. These will accept 3/8 eye bolts for anchoring my feet. I then rig a block and tackle system with pulleys and rope attached to the overhead beams. This is in an area of the basement Katy would not normally go so it unlikely she will see anything before the day. Everything else I need is either already here or in shipment here. So now it’s just waiting for the day.

The day has arrived, and it is time to ready her surprise. Katy usually arrives home from work 4:30 I confirmed with her around lunch that she was coming right home after work. It’s now close to 3pm and time to get ready. I lay out all necessary items leg cuffs, inflatable gag, sensory deprivation hood, straitjacket (this one I just got delivered the other day its high-quality black leather lined, and padded custom made for my measurements. It’s far better quality than old one is). One thing I learned over the years of bondage games. Buy quality gear it’s superior in comfort and strength.

Time to get dressed, I start with a black rubber cock and ball sheath (nothing worse than getting too excited and being stuck for a while in cum filled pantyhose and leotard). Next was two pairs of pantyhose. I start with Repos 70 nude for the compression and they hide leg hair well. Next is a pair of bright red Plantino Clean Cut 40’s pantyhose, and a shiny black tank leotard (this is her favorite outfit to see me in during our games). I also decide to add some 4” strap on high heel shoes. Now just waiting on Beth for her assistance in the set up. As well she agreed to be my emergency release and stop back early evening to check on me should something happen to Katy.

Beth arrived early at about 3pm. She was dressed like she just left the yoga studio. Tight black yoga pants and a teal top showing off her breast. The whole outfit flattered her tone body. I was a little apprehensive about Beth seeing me dressed in pantyhose and a leotard as she never has. There was a look of puzzlement when she saw me and that quickly turned to flirtatious on her face. That made me feel a bit relieved. We chatted lightly and went over the plan again. I was trying to stall a bit as we were ahead of time. Beth wanted to get started, so I called for a bathroom break then we’d start. Being able to stall no longer we went to the bedroom where I had laid out the stuff. Beth said you start, and I’ll assist as needed.

I started with the heavy leather ankle cuffs (the locking kind with multiple D rings). Next came the inflatable butterfly gag. I gave it 4 pumps and removed the inflator. Now time for the hood (its thick padded leather with straps and laces), and Beth says you should use ear plugs if you have them. I have a box of foam ear plugs for work, so I grab two and insert them. I then line up the nose holes and gag inflator stub with the mouth hole of the hood and pull it over my head. I lace the back and fasten the straps. I am now in complete darkness and almost hear no sounds due to the hood and ear plugs.

I feel Beth push up on my arm, so I hold them out straight in front of me. I feel the straitjacket sliding up my arms. Beth then goes to work on the six back straps, and then as she’s reaching for the two crotch straps she stops. She comes up to my ear to say I see your really enjoying this, referencing the bulge in my leotard. She returns to the crotch straps and then crosses my arms and fasten the straps. Beth then says I want to see you struggle to get out for a few mins, and you need to really try. So, I try for a minute or two, she puts a hand on my shoulder to stop me. This is when things start to turn off script for me slightly.

She then goes back over every strap on the jacket and makes them tight as possible. I try to voice my objections and she swats me on the ass and says no complaining you like this stuff. She then goes to the hood and pulls the laces and straps way tighter than I left them. I try to object again, and now I can feel her attaching the inflator and pumping the gag 3 more times before removing the inflator. My arms feel like there fused to my torso and my head is being squeezed in a leather vice. It feels like my jaw is going to dislocate as she says do you want to complain any more. I shake my head no, and she says let’s go down stairs.

She guides me into the basement, and we head over to finish the set up. Beth attaches both ankle cuff outer D rings to the eye bolts in the floor. She then takes the adjustable chain I made for between the legs and attaches to each inner ring. Now she tightens the turn buckle to take the slack out of the chain. It is so tight that my feet might as well been in the concrete. I have no movement right, left, front, or back. She now attaches the straightjacket shoulder rings to the block and pulley set up. She then seals my fate by tugging the rope until I’m stretched straight upward and ties off the rope. I am quite surprised by how strict this bondage is, and how little movement I have. I regret allowing someone to bind we this way without being able to guide them. The time for regrets is long gone and I’m totally helpless to change my current situation. Beth then leans in and says don’t go anywhere I’ll be back in a few. Don’t go anywhere, yea right. Now as I stand here completely helpless to free my self bound up by the woman in the tight yoga outfit my excitement returns and the bulge comes back.

Beth now returns and sees my excitement, and says wow you are really into this stuff, well me too, and more than you know. That is great for me because I have altered your plan a bit, let me explain and you better listen closely. I feel a pit forming in my stomach. She explains the note you left on Katy’s iPad has been modified. First the part that said you were hers for the night has been replaced with for the weekend. Next the part that said “there is no safe word because I trust you and we know our limits” has been replaced with “I want us to explore well beyond our normal limits”. Lastly your little bit about “a rain check for another night if she wanted a normal dinner and birthday night out” is gone. Nice try but you’re not weaseling out of this with some wine, dinner, and sex. I also have added several web links for informational BDSM sites as well as proper ways to break in and train a slave.

I am shaking my head no furiously and feel like throwing up. Beth is not done yet either, she says I’ve left Katy a box of goodies for you. It includes flogger, cane, whips, tens unit, and various butt plugs for your tight ass. I also have convinced Stacey and Dave to insist she joins them for a birthday drink when they leave work. So, she’s going to be a little later than you planed Beth snickers. This will give you more time to wrap your head around your current situation. Beth then says I’ll be back around 9pm to see if Katy has made it home to her gift. If she hasn’t made it home, I will not let this gift go to waste and I will start your training. PS mister I never shared my dominant side with either of you, but I get off on BDSM. So, when you asked for assistance with this my panties got wet with excitement, in fact there soaked now too. Shame your gagged or I might shove them in your mouth. I’ll check on you later tonight.

As I stand here alone, I hear no sounds, see no light, and can barely move more than my waist. What the hell have I gotten myself into? How did this go so wrong? Beth never let on in any of our conversations that she was into BDSM. Turns out she is the perfect black widow spider. My only hope at this point is the woman I know, and love does not have this dark side in her. At some point I must have dozed off, because I’m awoken by a stinging pain in the back of my legs. Then a second one, shit that hurts. Who is here my heart is pounding out of my chest. Someone is speaking but due to the hood and ear plugs I can’t make out even who it is. Another series of two whips to the thighs.

Then I can finally hear Katy’s voice as she was closer to my head. I feel relieved please release me love is running through my mind. Are you ignoring me she says? I shake my head no. Are your ears plugged? Yes, I shake. Well you really went all out for this I see right down to the instructional information and box of toys. I never knew you had desired this level of play but some of the info sounds really intriguing to me. I appreciate you wearing my favorite outfit, but according to the information I can’t allow you to alter my actions in any way. Let’s start simple shall we and get your training under way? I am going to use this flogger for 20 times you’re already familiar with how it feels so pay attention. After each stroke I will ask do you want another. Since you can’t speak you must nod yes on the 20th stroke you’ll nod no this will end our 1st session. If you loose count or shake no before 20 we’ll start over and go to 25.

I was able to maintain a successful count to 20 and true to her word she stopped. The back of my thighs are on fire. Turns out two pairs of pantyhose offer little protection from flogging. It is all quiet at the moment I don’t know if I’m alone here or she’s watching me. I’m taken by the irony that this was to be a gift for me as well as Katy. For the longest time I’ve fantasized about being bound and helpless by a gorgeous dominating woman. It appears that I’ve achieved just that, and all I want is to just be freed right now. I’m going to say it seems like that is not happening any time soon. I’m mad at myself for allowing my desires to cloud rational thought and putting myself in the situation.

Katy returns and I need to get you ready for the next session. I feel her working the crotch of the leotard aside. She is struggling due to the tight crotch straps, but gets it done. She then cuts a hole through both pairs of pantyhose for access to the cock and ball sheath, which she removes. She places something over my cock that has now gone erect at her magical hands. She also fastens something to my ball sack. A moment later I start to feel a downward tugging on my balls that’s increasing but finally stops. There’s something hanging and swinging from my balls. She now kisses my cock and returns up top to share my next session with me.

She says that both the cock sheath and ball stretcher and connected to a timer controlled electrical unit. The web site’s say this training is needed for new slaves. This should keep you focused on who is in control. I will be going out for a proper birthday dinner with Stacey and Dave. I told them you are tied up (as she laughs loudly) working a double shift. Since you can’t see what I’m wearing let me share with you. I have on a tight white top, black leather skirt, Wolford neon 40’s and oh yea and my wedge sandals the ones that cause your cock to explode through your pants. Oh, my what I wouldn’t give to see her, then take her to the bedroom right now. She knows what that outfit does to me. I faintly hear I should be back before 11 good bye and enjoy the next few hours. Holy shit she said 11pm that means I’ll have been 8 hours bound like this. I’ve never spent this length of time bound up and am becoming nervous.

As I stand here helpless to change my fate the tens unit comes to life and starts shocking my cock and balls. After a while it shuts down and I’m beginning to have a peaceful feeling come over me. I’m unaware of the passage of time, minutes could be hours there’s just no concept of time with all your senses removed. All the sudden the quiet is broken by a sharp pain in my balls. Someone dropped the weights attached to the ball stretcher. Again, my heart is racing, and fear rules the moment. Then I hear Beth’s voice saying, “I see she found her toy and started to play with it”. I experience something unexpected at hearing Beth’s voice. My right brain is saying fear this black widow. My left brain feels comforted by her presence and is glad she’s here. Beth now says I will provide some care for you that my young apprentice is unaware of. So, listen carefully, I will be removing your hood and gag to give you water and nutrition drink. Then we will attend to any bathroom needs you have. Your current situation is bearable, but if you speak or ask to be released, I will make it unbearable on you. Do you understand? I nod yes and she takes off the hood and removes the gag.

When my eyes adjust to the room light, I can’t believe what I see. Beth is dressed just like me. She’s wearing a black leotard, red pantyhose and 4 or 5” black pumps. My god she looks stunning! My fear of her causes me to remain silent and I say nothing, but my cock bulges at her appearance. I’m sure this was done just to tease me. She gives me water and some other nutrition drink. She then removes the cock sheath and presents a hospital type urinal and says go. I do and that is done. She says I’m replacing the hood and gag now. You are Katy’s Gift not mine. She actually removed the ear plugs and said better you hear your mistress. I’m feeling a weird connection to Beth for the compassion she is showing. Quickly she takes that away by saying I will be applying locks to all your jacket buckles. Katy won’t be able to release you without the keys that I have on this neckless I’m wearing. She doesn’t suspect me as your partner, as when I called her this afternoon to wish her a happy birthday on the way over here, I might have said I was in Dallas on business and returning tomorrow. My plan is to stop by tomorrow morning around 11 on the way back from the airport (she laughs loudly) and fill her in and give the keys to the locks.

I should be completely outraged by this, eleven the next day! That time is so far beyond what I’ve done in less restrictive bondage. My left brain is finding some comfort in this and I don’t understand why. I assume she leaves all is quiet again for who knows how long. That is broken by Katy’s voice that is clearer without the ear plugs. What the hell happened here she says? What are these locks? I leave for a nice dinner and you think that changing the rules are ok. You are not permitted to do anything but obey me. I am growing concerned because I can tell by her voice Katy’s been drinking at dinner, and more than a couple. I now hear time for a new session before bed, we’ll be doing the flogger to a 40 count. A miscount will be 50! I’m so fucked right now. I took the 40 count because I had zero choice. The pain was indescribable, and it feels like my legs are bleeding. If that is the case, I can’t image removing pantyhose that have scabbed into wounds. Everything has stopped and due to my improved hearing, I can tell She has gone upstairs. I feel alone in the basement again I drift off to sleep.

I wake to the sound of a lawn mower off in the distance. I can guestimate it is after 9am, but I hear no sounds from in the house. Katy returns a bit later and says I’m going to disconnect you and bring you to bed. She unhooks the ankle cuffs and the pulley system holding me up. She guides me upstairs, takes off my high heels. Then says as for the jacket and hood I’m not sure what you want me to do, or what your plan is but rest for now. It feels amazing to lay in a bed after so many hours standing, I fall right asleep.

I am awoken by Katy who now can remove the locks. She takes off the hood and gag, Beth true to her word showed up at 11:00 because the bedroom clock reads 11:25. Katy then apologizes for her treatment of me. Beth had explained how the note was altered. Katy starts to take off the straitjacket. I ask her to stop and say please hold me in bed like this for a while. I also tell her not to feel sorry, last night was incredible and I’d gladly do it again for her if she wanted to. We both drift off to sleep and I can only dream about our next session.

Please let me know your thoughts on the story and stay tuned for our next adventure.

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