by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2009 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/f; FM; bond; naked; rope; bfold; sendep; cheat; wager; tease; revenge; oral; sex; cons; X

He never really knew what to expect whenever he walked into that condo. Two young women shared the condo, and he had connections to them both.

As he walked up to the door, he reflected on the two women inside, Geri and Mariah. Geri was his current girlfriend. She was 19, tall, thin, shoulder-length flaming red hair, and could screw like a horse. She was a little small in the chest area, but she was great to be around, and she loved him desperately, almost too desperately. He seemed to attract girls like that to him, and he knew he generally tended to use them until one or the other wandered away from the relationship. Right now, the sex was incredible, and she was real good for his ego, and other things.

Mariah was an ex-girlfriend. They had dated for about a year, and they too had many memorable nights together. She was medium height, long brown hair down to her waist, extremely curvy, and quite well stacked on the top. Even now he'd have a daydream every so often about her body, especially her breasts, and what they used to do together.

But it was over now between Mariah and him. The sex while they had it was mind-blowing, but eventually it got dull, as it always seemed to given enough time. He had noticed Angie, and when Mariah had caught Angie in bed with him, that was the end of the relationship with Mariah. Which was ok, it was getting old. He hated to lose her, though, she had a body that could start his motor running even when she was standing still. But that was the past.

As he knocked on the door, he reflected on his suprised that Geri and he had lasted as long as they had, with Mariah no doubt being there to talk to Geri about their shared past. He knew from Geri that Mariah was talking to her, trying to talk her out of him. It was an explosive situation, at best.

Geri had blown up at him last night in the middle of dinner, mad because he had spent a little too long ogling a passing female in minimal clothing. They both agreed that what he had done was ill-advised, but she could have blown it off and continued the night. Instead, she had made a scene and threw her tea on him and stormed out. She had called him this morning, contrite and very apologetic, and had asked him to come over to see her. She had told him she was going to make it up to him for last night, and she had a special present waiting for him at her condo.

Mariah opened the door, and motioned him in. Her long brown hair was curled down her body, and he couldn't help but take a deep breath as he saw the wrap flower-print dress that she was wearing, no shoes, no hose. It tied just below her breasts to emphasize her curves. It had always been one of his favorite outfits on her, and despite himself, he felt an instant hard-on forming in his pants. The dress was floor-length, but slit all the way up to her waist at the side. The dress was thin enough that he could see that she was not wearing a bra underneath it, and as she closed the door the dress parted far enough to establish that she wasn't wearing panties, either, and her legs were still something that would trouble any straight male.

God, what is she trying to do, he thought. Probably still mad, probably trying to give him a case of blue balls. Well, it was working, but no doubt Geri would be happy to fix that. And where was Geri, anyways? Mariah smiled sweetly, guiding him in and shutting the door behind him. She smiled as she watched him looking her over, knowing that they both knew that she was nude except for the dress. She smiled again at him, a mischevious, inviting smile, but then spun, turning to walked toward the living room. The spin opened, purposely, the dress to show a glimpse of a very well-formed bottom. He enjoyed the well-curved figure Mariah possessed as she presented a nice view of her silhouette from the rear.

The condo was a single-floor unit, with the living room in the middle and two bedrooms on either side. The kitchen area was right off the front door. Mariah led him toward the living room, and he started to follow.

"You know, Geri is really sorry for the way she acted last night." Mariah started. "She spent most of the night crying, and then most of the morning brainstorming some way to make it up to you. She came up with the craziest idea, and had me promise to help her with it and then just leave you two alone."

They stopped in the living room where he could see into Geri's room. What he saw made him stop short, and made his already-hard cock start to become painful in his jeans.

His girlfriend was tied spread eagle and nude, face up on her bed. Scarves ran from her ankles to the sides of the bed and were knotted on the bedframe. Handcuffs held her wrists straight out to the top corners of the bed, leaving her naked and willing body completely open to him. She was blindfolded with another scarf, and a set of studio headphones covered her ears. He stopped and looked in with suprise and growing passion.

"She wanted to be helpless and blindfolded on the bed, and she wants you to be free to do whatever you want to do to her, impose whatever penalty on her body you feel she has coming to pay for the way she acted last night, even if that means being rough with her. She only asks that nothing permanent happen to her, and that when you let her go everything from last night is behind you two."

"Can she hear anything?" He asked, noting the headphones.

"Not a word." Mariah answered. "Hey, Geri!" , she called out, but Geri never moved. He could see that she was tapping a toe, more or less, to the music she was hearing, but she never even broke rhythm.

Mariah walked over to her bound roommate, reached over, and tapped her on her inner thigh. Geri immediately asked, "Is he here yet?" She sounded so worried, almost pleading. Mariah tapped twice on her leg again, signaling her. "Well, does it look like it'll be any time soon?" Maria tapped three times, to which Geri replied with an "Oh. Maybe soon." With a sigh she settled down into tapping her foot and waiting again.

This was an unusual turn of events, but little did he know how unusual things were heading to at a high speed. He had taken off his shoes and was unbuttoning his shirt, and then the next thing he knew, Mariah had taken him by the hand and pulled him away from Geri. She pushed him back up against a wall, and began to nuzzle his chest, rubbing her hands across his forearms and shoulders, making quiet noises.

"I shouldn't, I know," she began, "but I didn't remember until I saw you just how hot you look." She rubbed harder, and things began heating up under his collar, which she then proceeded to start to kiss. "I want you. I haven't had anyone make love to me in over three weeks, and you look so very good to me." She took his hands and placed them on the ties that held her dress together. If he pulled the loop out, her dress would fall open in his hands. "She doesn't know you're here. She doesn't need to know. You could fuck me here and now, then take care of her afterwards. I want you, I need you now."

She began slowly sliding down, grasping his jeans and opening them, and he knew she was heading for his cock. As she slid down the belt in his hands drew tight and as she continued down to a kneeling position the bow of her dress untied, and it opened to show her nude, beautifully tanned, flawless body underneath it. She opened his jeans and pulled out his member, and he had a warm and sudden flashback as a luscious pair of silky lips engulfed it. She went up and down on him a couple of times, and he knew he was well on the road to a problem. She knew how to do this indeed when they were dating, and she hadn't forgotten a thing. It felt so good, he was unwilling to do a thing to stop her. For a moment, he looked up and saw Geri laying on her bed, nude, willing, his girlfriend, waiting on the bed for him to anything he wanted to with, but Mariah grabbed him and forced his attention back down to her and her ministrations.

"She can't see or hear a thing." Mariah promised. "I set it up myself when I tied her to the bed. She is there until you release her, I made sure of that." She sighed between slurps, then shrugged her shoulders. The dress slid off her body and to the ground. That, too, was a breathtaking sight. "Now what do I have to do to get you into me, hmm?" She kept up on his member and waited for an answer.

She was very, very good at that, and it was taking a toll on him. His cock was feeling very good and he could tell he was going to want to bury it somewhere in a very short time the way she was going. He looked over at Geri, oblivious to what was going on. She was still tapping a toe. If she had even a clue of what was going on now, she'd be gone in a heartbeat, and would probably try to kill him on the way out. She was sweet, sexy, and fun to be with, but she surely had that redhead's temperament.

Mariah groaned a little, and one of her hands found it's way between her own legs as she kneeled on the ground. "God, I need you so bad!" she began to whimper. "Take me now, spread me, shove into me, be rough on my tits, use me like you used to. I want it so bad!"

He broke. Geri would never know, he reasoned, and he'd take good care of Geri after he was done here. But Mariah wanted a hard cock and she was going to get it right now.

He pushed Mariah down on the carpeting, she went down easily, spread her legs invitingly as she continued to work herself between her legs. She was panting and humping slightly with her hips as he knelt down between her legs and plunged in.

She gave a cry of passion, wrapping her legs around his hips and her arms around his chest, holding on tight to him as he rammed home the message she wanted to hear. It didn't take either of them long, about three minutes, she starting shaking hard with her orgasm and that triggered his, and after it was over they both stopped to let the glow wear down. He had forgotten just how much a head rush sex was with this woman. He started to think about how to ask her if he could get her back, but when she recovered she regained her composure. Grabbing her dress, she rolled away from him. "Thanks," she told him as she caressed his face. He was still on the floor, she was sitting up and in the process of standing. She stood up, and tottered her way out of the room, holding the dress and weaving heavily. He didn't understand why she reacted quite that way, but in the end it didn't matter.

Mariah settled down in her bedroom, and listened as she could hear the sounds of Geri beginning to get what she wanted. He was such slime! If Geri only knew, and she would find out later.

She flashed back to a conversation she and Geri had had earlier in the day. Geri had come up with the tied-to-the-bed plan, and Mariah was trying, as always, to tell Geri what a scuzzball he was, and how he wasn't worth it. She wouldn't believe her, saying that he had changed now, and he didn't treat her the way she had treated Mariah.

Mariah had insisted that he was once a scuzz, always a scuzz. They had finally settled down and bet a week's dishes, that Mariah decided she didn't have the heart to collect on any more, that Mariah could prove to Geri just how unfaithful he was. Mariah had bet and now had won that she could get him to take her to an orgasm in Geri's room, even while Geri was naked, waiting, willing, and available on the bed right beside them.

What he didn't know was that there was a camcorder going in the corner of the room that had recorded every move and every sound he made, and she was going to show that tape to Geri later on tonight. It wasn't that she didn't want the sex; that orgasm was sorely needed and well deserved, she felt, and necessary to prove the point. And she *had* enjoyed it, thoroughly. He was the scum of the earth, but he knew how to ring a girl's bells.

Well, Geri would be unable to argue the point any longer. She could hear the two of them in the other bedroom, and could tell by the rhythmic thump that Geri was getting the hard time she wanted. Geri had asked that she not know how the bet came out until after he had left; Mariah could tell that Geri was pretty sure how it would turn out, too, and wanted the day to last. She turned over to take a nap; might as well let them have a good time together; it was most likely their last.

-- The end --