Geeks and Greeks on Gor

by Zack

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© Copyright 2006 - Zack - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMF/ff, bdsm, Gor, cons/nc, X

A sequel to "Treed"


Vella of Gor knelt in the corner where her master had placed her. She had been kneeling for a long time, and now she had a cramp in her leg. What was keeping him? She risked a glance over her shoulder, then stood and massaged her thigh.

A moment later Vitalis entered the room. He shouted, "Breaking position, slave girl? This calls for a whipping!"

Vella squeaked with fear and hurriedly knelt. "I'm sorry, Master. Please, don't whip me!"

Vitalis paused for a long moment, staring at the nude body of his slave as she knelt with her back straight and her head bowed. "All right, I'll let it go this time. Your back is too pretty to mar with bloody stripes."

"Thank you, Master. Gor sucks."

The 'Gor sucks' was their safeword, and it magically transformed Vitalis and Vella of Gor into Steve and Jenny of Arizona.

"What's the problem, Jenny?"

Jenny hesitated, at a loss for words. "I don't know if I can explain, exactly." She stood and faced her lover.

Steve waited, using the time to admire her nudity. Jenny was slim, with small, firm breasts, but her narrow waist and swelling hips gave her a perfectly proportioned body. She ran her fingers through her short black hair, a sure sign she was upset. After several false starts she spoke. "What happened just now?"

"You broke position, I threatened to whip you, you begged for mercy, and I granted it."

"Yeah, you did. You always do. That's the problem. It's not what I'd expect from a Gorean master. It jars me out of the scene."

"You're saying you really want to be flogged? No way! This is a game. It wouldn't be fun for either of us if you were really hurt."

"Well, yeah, I don't want to be damaged, but I would like you to be stricter. And if it means some pain, well, that's what a Gorean slave girl would expect."

Steve took Jenny in his arms and kissed her. "I love Jenny as much as I love Vella. I don't want to hurt her."

Jenny hugged Steve's neck and returned the kiss, then sighed. "It's just hard for me to believe anybody could love me. Maybe that's why I'm so into fantasy, and so picky about it. Could we try some real discipline? We can stop if either one of us is too uncomfortable."

Steve was quiet for several minutes as he thought about Jenny's psychological problems. He didn't really know what to do, so he decided to go along with what she wanted. He said with a straight face, "OK, I suppose we can do that. I saw a knout down at the sex shop. It wasn't real, though; it didn't have the sharp wire twisted around the ends of the lashes. But I can add it."

Jenny laughed. "We don't need to be that realistic, your belt should be adequate. But we're also getting into a rut. We need some new scenarios."

"Funny you should mention that. That phone call was from my friend Brad. He's really into Gor, and he wanted to know if we would be interested in a long weekend scene with him and his girlfriend."

"Brad? Have I met him?"

"Not when you were with me, but you've probably seen him around. He goes to your university. He's into student politics, he was a member of the student council and ran for a couple of other offices. Brad Admunsen?"

Jenny gasped, "'Adonis' Admunsen? The Greek god, and god of the Greeks? Every bitch on campus goes into heat when she sees him. He never noticed me, of course, but I certainly watched him every chance I got. How do you know him?"

"I met him when we were in high school. It was in freshman English. He was reading a paperback book in class, hiding it behind his text. He dropped it, and when I picked it up I saw it was 'Tarnsman of Gor'. He was embarrassed, until I showed him my copy. With a common interest like that we became good friends all through high school. We still are. Of course, I don't see him much now except when I'm home for the summer."

"Wow, I had no idea he visited Gor. What does he want to do?"

"I don't know for sure, but he'll have some elaborate plan. His family has a cabin and a lot of land near Pine. I used to go there a lot, back when we were in high school. It's a good place to play, lots of privacy. So, are you interested?"

"Yes, if you think it'll be fun. I've never done a scene with anybody but you, so it'll be interesting to have another couple there. Of course, you're the only man I want." She kissed him again.

Steve smiled. "I'm glad to hear that. Go put some clothes on. I told Brad we'd come over to his place so you can be fitted."

"Fitted? For what?"

"Brad's a real hardware freak. He has a big machine shop, and he makes collars, chains, all of the stuff Gorean masters need. He even made a branding iron, with the 'k' on it. But that's optional, of course."

Jenny laughed. "I'm glad of that. I know I'm kinky, but I'm not that kinky." Jenny slipped out of Steve's arms and went into her bedroom. She quickly dressed in a loose white tee shirt, black bikini panties, and baggy denim shorts. Pulling on a pair of canvas shoes, she returned to Steve in a few minutes. "OK, let's go."

"That was quick."

"Yeah, good thing we'd already showered."

They left Jenny's apartment and got into Steve's F-150 pickup truck. Jenny asked, "What name does Brad use on Gor?"

"Tarl, of course. He's not too happy that I use 'Vitalis'. He said it was 'un-serious'."

"I don't understand. What's wrong with Vitalis?"

Steve laughed, "Check it out on Google."

Brad's house was on the south side of Flagstaff, in a development of large, expensive homes. Steve pulled into the driveway and parked in front of the four-car garage.

Jenny whistled. "Very impressive. Did Brad live here when you knew him in high school?"

"No, his parents moved here a couple of years ago. Brad lives in the frat house, but he stays here during part of the summer. His shop is here. Actually, it's his father's shop."

Steve and Jenny trekked to the front door and Steve knocked. A moment later Brad opened the door. "Steve! Good to see you again. How's everything down in Phoenix?"

"Hot. I'm glad to be up here now." Steve took Jenny's hand and pulled her forward. "Brad, this is Jenny. Jenny, Brad."

Jenny was stunned. Brad was incredibly handsome, with long, carefully cut golden hair and a smooth, tanned face. He was about an inch taller than six-foot Steve and had broad shoulders that tapered to a slim waist. All of this was artfully displayed by a tight, light green polo shirt and pressed white shorts. Jenny thought the best word to describe Brad was 'sleek'.

Jenny was struck by the contrast between Brad and Steve. Steve's hair was dark brown and cut short. His shoulders were wider than Brad's, but his body didn't taper; it was broad all the way to his hips and lumpy with muscle. He was wearing worn jeans and a black tee shirt with 'Han Solo shot first' printed on it.

Brad gave Jenny a glance that made her painfully aware of her dowdy clothes and plain face. Somehow she managed to croak out, "H-h-hello."

Brad stepped back and opened the door wide. "Come on in. Pleased to meet you, Jenny. Steve tells me you've been going to Gor for a long time."

Jenny clutched Steve's hand with both of hers. Reassured by the contact, she answered, "Yes, that's right. Mostly alone though. Until I met Steve."

Brad closed the door. "That's nice. It's hard to find people who like to visit."

He turned to Steve. "I hope you'll come to our cabin with me this weekend. I've got a new girlfriend, Amanda, and she's finally agreed to try a visit to Gor. It'll be nice to have some experienced players along. Amanda's really hot, but she's kind of conventional. She hasn't had much experience with bondage, and it would reassure her if another woman was along. As a plus, it'll let us have more varied action than you get when there's just the two of you."

"Are you sure Amanda is OK with this? Some women are shy when other people are around if they're not used to being tied up. For instance, is she OK with being nude around me and Jenny, or Jenny being nude around her?"

"She'll go for it. You must not go to many parties. Most of the college babes I know don't care what they show."

"Yeah, I'm your basic geek. We'll go to Pine with you, but you have to understand one thing up front. I'm not sharing Jenny with you, and I'm not interested in sex with any woman but Jenny."

Brad shrugged, indicating without words that he thought Steve was foolish, but Jenny smiled gratefully at Steve, her insecurities momentarily forgotten.

Brad said, "I'm having a party here Friday, day after tomorrow. Why don't you come, Steve? You can meet Amanda then. Bring Jenny, too."

"Sure, we can do that."

"Fine. Let's go to the shop and get Jenny outfitted." Brad lead the way through the house and into the attached garage. Half of it had been converted into a metalworking shop, with machine tools and a forge. A large rack against the back wall held lengths of steel and other metals.

Brad opened a drawer under a workbench and took out a laptop computer and a cloth tape measure. He gave the tape to Steve. "I made a spreadsheet to record a slave girl's sizes. You measure Jenny and I'll enter it. Start with her neck."

Steve measured the circumference of Jenny's neck and Brad typed in the number he called out. This was followed by a lengthy and detailed list of measurements: wrists, ankles, waist, bust, crotch, knees, and more. Brad even told Jenny to open her mouth so Steve could measure the spacing between her upper and lower teeth and the distance through her mouth and around the back of her neck.

Finally the process was finished. Brad looked at the numbers. "Nothing out of the ordinary. I'll check the inventory." He typed a command and looked at the result. "I have everything in stock except a chastity belt, but you probably don't need that anyway."

Brad stepped over to a tall steel cabinet and unlocked it with a key he took from his pocket. Inside were closely-spaced shelves, laden with metal objects.

He looked disapprovingly at Jenny's bare neck. "You don't keep her collared?"

"I do if we're into a long scene, but all we have is a bolt-on collar. It's too much trouble if we're just doing a quickie."

"I can fix that. Come here, slave girl."

Jenny wasn't too happy with this, (she didn't live on Gor all of the time, and Brad wasn't her master), but she decided to go along with it, mainly so she wouldn't embarrass Steve. She walked over to Brad and bowed her head.

"Chin up!", he commanded. Jenny obeyed and Brad fitted a steel collar around her neck and closed it with a loud click. It was over an inch wide and half an inch thick, and Jenny made a small grunt of surprise as the weight settled onto her shoulder muscles.

Steve asked, "Why is it brown? Is that rust?"

"No, it's the type of finish I use, similar to bluing."

"Why'd you pick that color?"

"It just seemed to be the best match for something a Gorean blacksmith might make. Those irons would rust." Brad moved to the cabinet and took out a narrower and thinner stainless-steel collar, decorated with engraved tracery. "Here's something for everyday wear." He gave the collar to Steve.

Brad removed a bracelet from the cabinet and closed it on Jenny's right wrist. It was two inches wide and three-eights of an inch thick. Jenny examined it. The bracelet was heavy and it wasn't circular; instead, it was oval-shaped so it closely fit her wrist. She tried to rotate it, but she couldn't do it. Jenny was impressed by the workmanship. The hinges were machined into the steel, and the joint where the pieces locked together was tight.

Brad consulted the screen of his laptop, then collected another bracelet and a pair of anklets and locked them on Jenny.

Steve inspected the steel bands. Each was provided with a ring in the form of a half-circle. "Very nice, but how do you connect them together? I don't like to use a lot of padlocks; that's just crude."

Brad smirked, "I agree, and I'm much more ingenious than that." He took a long length of chain from a bin under the workbench and moved over to Jenny. "Watch this."

He inserted a small key into a keyhole on the left anklet and the ring popped open like the hasp on a padlock. He slipped the end of the chain over the open ring and pushed it closed. Working quickly, Brad measured out a foot or so of chain and locked it to the right anklet. He positioned Jenny's hands together at her waist and connected the bracelet rings with a single link of chain. Next he opened the collar ring and locked the chain to it, leaving a little slack.

About five feet of chain was left and Brad handed the end to Steve. "Presto! Here's your slave in sirik"

"Wow, very impressive! You've put a lot of work into making all this stuff."

"Yeah, but I enjoy it." Brad's cellphone rang. He answered it, said a few words, then hung up. "Sorry, but I've got to go. We'll have to talk later. Take the hardware with you." He gave Steve two of the small keys.

Steve gave the chain a tug and followed Brad into the house; Jenny shuffled along behind.

At the front door Brad asked, "See you here Friday? About nine?"

Steve replied, "Yeah, we'll be here. Thanks for the hardware. You do good work."

"You're welcome. We'll have a great time at the cabin. See you." Brad closed the door.

Jenny had slipped into her Vella persona as the chain was applied, and she hadn't returned to Earth even when she was outside on the porch. Steve noticed her spaced-out condition and fondled her breasts. Jenny moaned when he squeezed her rigid nipples. She gasped when he slipped a hand inside her panties and stroked her moist slit.

Steve looked around. Impromptu sex was fine with him, but where? He had taken the camper shell off his truck, but that was still the best available place. He led Jenny to the back of the truck, dropped the tailgate, and sat her on it.

Just then one of the garage doors opened and Brad's silver Porsche convertible emerged. He leered at Steve and Jenny, then roared down the driveway.

Jenny returned to Earth with a jolt. "Stop, Steve! We can't fuck right here on Brad's driveway!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's go back to your place." He lifted Jenny onto her feet and closed the tailgate, then grabbed the chain close to Jenny's neck and pulled her towards the truck cab. He opened the door and motioned for her to get in.

"Hey! Wait a minute! I don't want to drive through town chained up like this."

"Who asked you, slave girl? I'm the master here!"

Jenny struggled against the chains and confirmed how helpless she was. "Please, Steve! I really don't want to."

Steve laughed and kissed her. "OK, I'll unhook you." He put a small key into the collar keyhole and twisted it clockwise. The collar opened and Steve took it off Jenny's neck. He carefully examined the collar. "How did Brad release the ring? I don't see any other keyhole." He twisted the key counter-clockwise and the ring popped open. "That is clever! I wonder if Brad designed this himself?"

"You can ask him next time you see him. Unchain me now, please."

Steve removed the bracelets and anklets and tossed everything into the truck. Jenny started to climb into the cab but Steve stopped her with a hand on her arm. "Just a moment. Hold your chin up." Steve carefully placed the stainless-steel collar around Jenny's neck and locked it in place. "Take a look."

Jenny looked at her reflection in the side mirror. "Wow, this is pretty. It looks like jewelry."

"Yeah. There's a ring, but it's hinged at the top so it lies flat when it's not being used."

Jenny was quiet as they drove back to her apartment. She fingered her collar and thought about what had happened. This was the first time she had been bound outside of Gor; the first time Steve had dominated Jenny. She shuddered. Apprehension? Lust? Some of both, but mostly lust. "Can't you drive faster, Steve?"

* * *

On Friday evening Jenny dithered for some time over what to wear to Brad's party. Clothes had never been important to her. She never had a social life until she met Steve, and he preferred her naked, except for ropes or chains. Finally she decided to wear her 'interview outfit', a knee-length black skirt and a long-sleeved white blouse. She added a silver bracelet to complement the stainless-steel collar she'd worn since Steve locked it on her two days ago.

Steve entered her apartment. "Hi Jenny! Ready to go?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I probably look like a dork, though."

Steve kissed her. "You look fine to me."

"That's because you're a dork too."

"Geek, Jenny. We're geeks, not dorks. There's a big difference."

"Maybe, but I wonder if any of Brad's frat brothers can tell the difference, or if they care."

"We know, and that's what matters. Let's go."

Jenny nodded reluctantly. She followed Steve to his truck and they headed for Brad's party. Jenny was silent during the trip, brooding about the major humiliations she expected to face before the evening was over.

It was just after nine when Steve and Jenny reached Brad's house. Steve had expected to be the first one there, but expensive cars were parked in the driveway and on both sides of the street. He finally found a parking place half a block away.

As they were walking to the house Steve remarked, "I'm surprised so many people are here already. Brad did say nine, didn't he? Not eight, or seven?"

Jenny replied, "Look at all the sorority decals on the cars. The girls must have got here early so they could have a chance at Brad before their boyfriends showed up. They probably made up some reason to come here alone and said 'meet you at Brad's at ten'."

They walked to the front door and went inside. There were a lot of people milling about; most were women, but there were men in the room too, keeping close to their girlfriends. The house was so big it didn't seem crowded. Brad was standing against the far wall of the living room and, as Jenny had predicted, he was surrounded by women. A very pretty blonde was clinging to his left arm, a smug look of triumph on her face. Jenny guessed this was Amanda, the lucky winner of Brad's affection, at least for today.

All of the women Jenny could see were wearing jeans and black halter tops. Their clothing was as uniform as an army platoon's. Jenny felt horribly out of place in her skirt and blouse. She tried to go back out the door, but Steve grabbed her arm and pulled her inside.

"I don't like this, Steve. I want to go home, I don't belong here. I'm not the sorority type."

"It'll be OK. A lot of these people went to our high school. We can catch up with our old friends."

"Your old friends, maybe. Not mine." Jenny doubted if she would even recognize the people from high school who were Brad's friends. They'd been the jocks, the cheerleaders, the members of the student council. Steve fit in with this elite because he'd played football and had been a varsity wrestler. Her lone extracurricular activity had been the Science Club. Steve graduated from high school a year before Jenny. She would never have known him except that his sister Toni had been her best friend since elementary school.

"You'll be OK, Jenny. Just pretend you're an anthropologist studying some primitive tribe, or a zoologist observing one of the lower primates." Steve steered Jenny into the kitchen. There were several kegs of beer there, and he filled a plastic cup and gave it to her. "Drink this, it'll calm you down."

Jenny took a gulp and coughed. "Please, just let me go sit in the truck."

Steve grabbed the ring on Jenny's collar. "You've got to get over this shyness, so you will stay at the party until I'm ready to go. Circulate. Talk to people. Understand?"

"Yes, Master." Jenny tried to be sarcastic, but she didn't quite succeed.

Steve let go of the ring and kissed her. "I'm just trying to help you."

Two burly men stumbled into the kitchen and one slapped Steve on the back. "Steve! I haven't seen you since high school. Where you been?"

"Dave! Good to see you! I go to ASU, so I'm only here in the summer."

"That hellhole? Come on, most of the old team is here. They'll want to meet you." They grabbed Steve's arms and pulled him into the living room.

Jenny was slightly shaken (and a little bit aroused) by Steve's behavior, and she wasn't sorry to see him go. She dumped her beer into the sink and pushed a chair into an out-of-the-way corner of the kitchen. She watched the comings and goings of the party people for a while, and then got to thinking about a recent article she had read, concerning the effects of nanoparticles on polymer reactions. There was a potential application to her Environmental Chemistry research, and she became lost in thought.

About two hours later a loud crash returned Jenny to the world. She looked up to find Amanda standing in front of her and a broken whiskey bottle on the floor.

Amanda exclaimed, "Shit! Now I got booze on my shoes." She looked at Jenny. "Don't just sit there! Get this mess cleaned up."


"You are the maid, aren't you? You speak English? Clean...the...floor."

Amanda swayed, and Jenny realized she was very drunk. Jenny shrugged; she might as well be the public-spirited person who cleaned up the mess. She opened a broom closet and found, a broom. She got out the broom and a dustpan and started sweeping. Jenny swept up the glass and got a sponge out from under the sink. She wet it and started cleaning up the spilled whiskey, getting down on her hands and knees. Amanda leaned against the counter and put her hands over her face.

"Hello, Amanda. Brad dump you already?" The speaker was a dark-haired woman, about 5'7" and very voluptuous. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her halter top fought with her breasts to keep them from escaping. The breasts were winning.

Amanda straightened up. "You're the one he dumped, Robyn. Brad told me he didn't like pushy women, and your name was mentioned. I'm more his type."

"He'll change his mind once he really gets to know you, bitch."

"Oh, yeah? I'm the one he's taking to his cabin tomorrow, not you. He has a big weekend planned."

Robyn snickered. "Going to Pine, huh? Did he say what you'd be doing? Does the name 'Gor' mean anything to you?"

"Brad mentioned it. It's some imaginary, romantic world we'll pretend to visit. I like romance. Not like you, who drops her pants and flops on her butt every time a man waves five bucks in her direction."

Robyn screeched and slapped Amanda's face. Amanda stepped back, tripped over her feet, and fell down, shrieking. Robyn was also drunk, and she staggered and fell on Amanda. The women wrestled on the floor, both screaming loudly. Amanda was two inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter than Robyn, but she made up for it in fury. They rolled around, first one on top and then the other.

Neither woman had paid any attention to Jenny, who was apparently invisible to them. She stood up and carefully moved to a neutral corner so she could watch the action from a safe distance.

Brad entered the kitchen, intent on separating the combatants. "Robyn! Amanda! Knock it off!" He took a step, slipped on the wet floor, and crashed down between the battling women. Robyn changed her target and started beating on his head. Amanda tried to climb over him to get to Robyn.

Brad got his legs around Amanda's waist and held her in a scissors grip. She responded by pounding on his back with her fists and trying to kick Robyn. Brad grabbed Robyn, turned her over on her stomach, and pulled her arms behind her back. He yelled at Jenny, "There's some zip ties in that end drawer. Get them!"

Jenny opened the drawer and took out a half-dozen large ties. Brad forced Robyn's palms together. "Fasten her hands!"

Jenny looped the tie around Robyn's wrists and pulled it tight. "Now get her ankles!"

Jenny moved to Robyn's feet, but she was kicking so hard Jenny couldn't get a tie around them. Finally, she sat on Robyn's legs, put a tie around each ankle separately, and connected the loops with another tie.

With Robyn secured Brad turned his attention to Amanda. She was starting to slow down now, so it was easy for him to hold her hands behind her back while Jenny fastened them together with a tie. Amanda didn't resist when a tie was tightened around her ankles.

Brad stood up. "I'm gonna leave you two like that until you've cooled down." Robyn struggled to free herself. By now her halter had surrendered unconditionally, and her breasts were triumphant. Her nipples were standing at attention, Jenny noticed.

Jenny decided the fun was over and left the kitchen. Steve was in the living room. "Hi, Jenny. Have a good time tonight?"

"It got kind of interesting near the end."

"I knew you'd like socializing if you gave it a chance. Let's go home."

* * *

Just after noon on Saturday Steve and Jenny left Flagstaff and drove to Brad's cabin, heading south on Interstate 17 and then east on state route 260. Jenny asked, "Why would somebody who lives in Flag bother with a cabin near Pine?"

"Brad's parents bought it a long time ago, when they lived in Phoenix. I think Brad was just a baby then." Steve turned onto a gravel forest service road and a few miles later turned onto a private dirt road.

There was a cabin about every eighth of a mile along this road. Some cabins had cars parked next to them, but most seemed to be unoccupied. "Brad's father bought all this land and subdivided it; he made a fortune. When I first came up here none of these cabins had been built. There was a lot of room for us to roam in."

The road ended in a clearing next to a cabin. "This is it." Steve parked the truck and they got out. It was a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky and the temperature in the mid-seventies.

Jenny had expected something luxurious, but the cabin was just a small wooden A-frame with a corrugated steel roof, painted dark green. The clearing was surrounded by a thick forest of pine trees, most of them damaged or killed by bark beetles.

Steve observed, "With all the dead trees everywhere the whole county is going to burn to the ground someday."

"Yeah, that's the natural cycle. The beetles kill the trees, the trees burn, all the beetles are killed, and the forest is renewed. It would have happened years ago if man hadn't interfered."

"I don't see Brad's car, but he said he might be late. He gave me a key to the cabin." Steve unlocked the cabin door and went inside. An alarm box was by the door and he quickly punched in the code to shut it off. "Stuffy in here." He unlocked the window next to the door and opened it.

The ground floor of the cabin was one big room with kitchen appliances along one end. An enclosed bathroom was in one corner, next to the kitchen. The room was furnished with a battered couch and a bunch of mismatched upholstered chairs. A scratched wooden table and four straight chairs were near the kitchen end. In the center of the room a steep stairway, almost a ladder, led to a loft. Steve said, "There are two bedrooms in the loft; small, but private."

"That's good. I'm not ready for group sex, even if Brad and his friends are." Jenny opened her gym bag and took out her costume, a burlap poncho. It was really nothing more than a strip of cloth with a hole for her neck. "This OK with you?"

"Yeah, you're semi-covered, but accessible. I think that's really sexy."

Steve was wearing maroon shorts and a gold tee shirt with the ASU logo on it. Jenny asked, "What about your costume? I've never seen you wear anything but regular clothes during our trips to Gor."

"Brad and I both stopped wearing costumes a long time ago. We decided it was too much like the SCA. Put your outfit on. I'll get the hardware from the truck."

Jenny stripped naked and put on the poncho, which covered her to mid-thigh. She wrapped jute 'binding fiber' around her waist to hold the poncho in place. The poncho was only ten inches wide, but it overlapped Jenny's slim waist by over an inch on each side. She stuffed her discarded clothes and shoes into her bag and got out some leather sandals. Bare feet were sexy, but not if she had to run around on pine needles.

Steve came in carrying a duffel bag. He opened it and dumped brown steel objects onto the floor. He removed Jenny's stainless steel collar and replaced it with her heavy brown steel collar. He locked the custom-fitted steel bands on her wrists and ankles. "Before I add the chains let's get the rest of the stuff in from the truck."

"Yes, Master." Jenny followed him outside and they carried a carton of groceries and a cooler into the cabin.

"Get over here, Vella. You've run around loose long enough." Steve selected two pieces of chain from the pile of metal. "I think a foot and a half between your ankles and six inches between your wrists will be about right." He unlocked the bracelet and anklet rings, attached the chains, and locked them again.

Jenny tested the limits of her movement. Not too restrictive, but she was definitely confined, and there was no way she could free herself. She pulled against the chains binding her wrists and almost let herself slip into Gor and submerge her personality into Vella's, but she resisted. She had remembered something that might be important. "Steve, what did Brad tell you about the scenario we'll be using this weekend?"

"Amanda will be a newly-captured Earth girl. You'll be a more experienced slave who helps break her in. He didn't go into a lot of detail, but that's not unusual." Steve ran his hand up Jenny's thigh and over her bare hip. "I like this outfit." He stroked her bottom.

Jenny moved away, reluctantly. "I heard something at the party last night that worries me. There was this girl, Robyn. You know her? Dark hair, big tits?"

"Yeah, she's an old girlfriend of Brad's. Of course, that's not a very exclusive group. They were together for quite a while, until he dumped her for Amanda. What about her?"

"She and Amanda got into a fight, and Robyn asked Amanda if she knew about Gor. I heard her reply, and I don't think Amanda really understands what happens on Gor. Are you sure what Brad is planning is consensual?"

"Brad told me he explained everything to her. He did say he left out some of the details, so her reactions would be more spontaneous. Don't worry, Amanda knows what's going to happen."

"OK, if you say so." She moved her body against Steve's. "Now, where did we leave off, Master?"

Steve kissed her, but before they could go any further they heard a car stop out front. "That must be Brad."


* * *

Steve and Jenny were already on the road when Amanda woke up in Brad's bed. She was naked, her head hurt, and she was kind of hazy about the events of the previous evening. She looked at the faint red marks on her wrists and remembered the fight with Robyn and Brad tying her up.

Amanda got up and went to the bathroom. Brad opened one eye and looked at the clock. "Holy shit! I told Steve we'd be there by now." He climbed out of bed and quickly dressed, in blue shorts and a yellow tee shirt with his university's logo.

Amanda came out of the bathroom and hugged him around the neck. "Morning, lover. Does your head hurt as much as mine does?"

"Probably not. I didn't pass out on the kitchen floor." He kissed her. "We've got to get moving, so unclutch." Brad broke her grip, ignoring Amanda's pout. "Here, put this on. You don't need any underwear." He tossed her a worn cotton sun dress.

"You want me to wear this rag?"

"Yeah. You won't mind if it gets messed up."

Amanda put on the dress and a pair of running shoes. They made a quick stop in the kitchen for some food to go and then got into Brad's Porsche. Once they were out of town and on I-17 Amanda said, "I still don't know much about this Gor place. Tell me about it."

"Gor is a planet that has the same orbit as Earth, but on the other side of the sun. Because it can't be seen from here few people know it exists. It has space ships, but technology is generally suppressed so life there is like it was in early times on Earth. Steve and I usually set our scene in the part of Gor that resembles the Roman Empire."

"If technology is suppressed what do they need space ships for?"

Brad laughed. "About the only thing they're used for is transporting kidnapped women from Earth to Gor. These women are always very beautiful. That's why you'll be perfect for the part."

Amanda accepted the compliment as her due. "So I'm going to be kidnapped? What happens after that?"

"You'll find out as we go along. Trust me. You'll enjoy it, once you accept your true role on Gor."

"That's very mysterious. Tell me more."

"Nope, it's best if you don't know all the details in advance." Amanda nagged Brad intermittently for the rest of the trip, but he wouldn't say anything else, much to her annoyance.

Brad drove into the clearing and parked next to Steve's truck. "OK, Amanda, it's show time. Once we get out of the car we're on Gor. Brad and Steve no longer exist. No one will answer to those names. Understand?"

"Not really, but I'll do the best I can."

"Good. Your part is easy; just do what comes naturally."

They got out of the car. Brad went over to Amanda and commanded, "Cross your wrists behind your back."


"Remember, on Gor you're a captive. Do as I say."

Amanda reluctantly turned and put her hands behind her back. Brad tied them there with some thin jute rope he took out of his pocket. Amanda winced when he tightly cinched the vertical and horizontal loops around her wrists. He grabbed her upper arm with his left hand and hustled her over to the cabin door.

Brad opened the door and shoved Amanda inside; she just managed to stay on her feet. She was shocked when she saw Jenny in chains.

Steve said, "Hail, Tarl!"

"Hail, Vi..., Vi.... Shit, I can't say it!"

Steve laughed, "Call me Vic, my nickname. Is this your new slave?"

"Yes. She's a barbarian, just arrived on Gor and completely untrained." Brad went over to the pile of metal and connected two anklets with a foot of chain. He tossed them onto the floor in front of Jenny. "Here, slave girl. Lock these onto your sister in bondage."

Jenny had intended all along to do something that would give Steve a reason to punish her, both to see if he would go though with it and to find out what it felt like. This was a good opportunity. "No! I may be a slave, but I won't help you reduce a free woman to my degraded state!"

Steve roared, "Insolent wretch! This calls for a whipping!" He got some rope out of the duffel bag and pulled Jenny over to the underside of the stairs. He removed the chain from her bracelets and tied a rope to the ring on her left wrist. He reached up and tied the rope to one side of a stair tread. He repeated the process with her right wrist and the other side of the tread. Then he tightened the ropes until Jenny was standing on her toes, with her arms stretched out above her.

Jenny begged, "I'm sorry, Master. Please, please don't whip me."

"I've had enough of your disobedience. I'm going to flog you without mercy." Steve removed his leather belt.

"Hold, Vic. Let's use this example of Gorean discipline to show my new slave what she can expect if she disobeys."

Brad got a collar, two bracelets, and a long chain from the pile. He locked the collar on (the by now speechless) Amanda and cut the rope off her wrists. He locked on the bracelets and connected them behind her back with the link at the end of the chain. He ran the chain up her spine and locked it to the ring on her collar.

Brad led Amanda over to Jenny, locked the leg irons on her ankles, and fastened the end of her chain to the ring on Jenny's collar. "There! Now she can get a close look at what happens to a slave who displeases her master."

Amanda was in a state of shock. She had gone from Arizona to Gor in a few minutes, and she was now being treated as an object, instead of being shown the deference she had come to believe was hers by right.

Steve removed the jute wrapped around Jenny's waist and put the back of the poncho over her right shoulder. She was now bare from her neck to her ankles. He stood to Jenny's left and swung back the belt in his right hand. Amanda shuffled back as far from Steve as the chain would allow. There was about four feet of chain between her neck and Jenny's.

Jenny was having serious second thoughts about the whipping. She really meant it when she cried, "No! Please, no, Master! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Don't whip me, please! I'll obey!"

"This will help you obey." Steve swung the belt and it landed across the middle of her back. Jenny gasped. A wide pink line marked her skin.

Jenny thought, 'Ouch! That stings!' The lash was physically unpleasant but emotionally satisfying. She really felt like she belonged to Steve now, and she was proud of him for resisting her begging.

Steve struck again, this time across Jenny's bottom. She pealed out a full-throated scream. Steve continued the beating until there were ten pink lines across Jenny's back, bottom, and thighs. "Learn a lesson, slave girl?"

Jenny was panting. Her nipples were erect and she could feel moisture between her thighs. "Oh yes, Master! Please, let me serve you."

That sounded like a good idea to Steve, but before he could say anything Brad interrupted. "Damn! I just remembered that load of firewood I ordered. The place closes pretty soon. We'll have to go right now."

"Yeah, I forgot about it too. We can get it, but what do we do with the girls?"

"They can stay here just as they are. It'll give them both a chance to think about the consequences of disobedience. We won't be gone long."

Steve and Brad went outside and got into Steve's truck. Brad said, "Wait, I forgot to set the alarm." He went back into the cabin.

Inside the cabin Brad collected a thin cane from a cupboard and a dishtowel from the kitchen. He tied a knot in the center of the towel, forced it into Jenny's mouth, and tied the ends of the towel together behind her head. "You also insulted me, slave girl. And I'm not as lenient as your master."

Brad struck Jenny's bottom with the cane. This was no sting; the pain was excruciating, and Jenny let out a genuine scream, blocked by her gag. She shook her head wildly and begged for mercy.

Brad ignored her muffled pleas. He hit her again, and Jenny screamed and writhed, pulling herself up and kicking so her ankle chain thrashed on the floor.

Quickly, Brad struck again. Jenny screamed and pulled at the ropes. When she finally slumped, moaning and crying, he examined the three red and swollen welts disfiguring her bottom and realized he had gone too far. He removed the gag and pulled her poncho back into place to hide the marks. He pitched the cane into the corner near the door and left the cabin, setting the alarm on the way out.

It was some time before Jenny was able to stop crying. Amanda exclaimed, "You people are crazy!"

"Brad is, anyway. I enjoyed it when Steve beat me."

"You enjoyed it? I don't understand you at all."

"It's a kink I was born with, like being gay. You either have it or you don't. If you don't have it, why are you here?"

Amanda pulled against the chain linking her wrists. "I'm asking myself that same question. I let Brad tie me to the bed a few times, but I never expected anything like this."

"Didn't Brad tell you what happens to an Earth girl who's taken to Gor? Didn't you know that on Gor almost all the women are sex slaves?"

"No, he never said anything about that."

"Brad's an asshole. When they get back we'll call a halt to all this."

Amanda moved around to the front of the stairs and climbed as high as she could, but she couldn't get close to the ropes holding Jenny's arms over her head. "Sorry, but I can't untie you."

"That's OK. Brad and Steve will be back soon. I can stand it until then. Don't worry, it's almost over now."

There was a banging as the screen was removed from the open window. Two women climbed in and walked over to the stairs. One was Robyn, and the other was a tall, muscular woman with close-cut brown hair. Jenny recognized her; she was Jane Jackson, All-State shot-putter. They were both wearing gray fake-fur dresses and fake-fur boots. Robyn had gold ornaments around her neck and upper arms and Jane had a necklace and armbands made of plastic bear teeth and claws.

Amanda asked, "What the fuck are they supposed to be?"

Jenny answered, "Panther girls."

* * *

Robyn and Jane were in place before noon. They were sitting in the front seat of Robyn's red Lincoln Navigator SUV, parked at the end of the driveway of a cabin about half a mile from Brad's place. The cabin was about fifty feet away and up a moderate slope. The SUV faced the road so they could watch it, and they were slumped down so that it would be hard to see them.

Jane was bored. Robyn had told her this was all some sort of a practical joke, and had paid her $400 to take part. That was the only reason she was sitting here, dressed in a stupid cave girl costume. She asked, "This your cabin?"

"No, it belongs to a friend of my father. He's letting me use it." Almost true; Robyn knew the owner was out of town and where he'd hidden the cabin's door key. Jane yawned, and did some more isometric exercises.

A while later Steve and Jenny drove past. Robyn and Jane ducked down as he looked their way, but he didn't slow the truck or give any other sign he'd seen them. After an interval Brad and Amanda drove by in his silver Porsche. Jane asked, "That was Brad, wasn't it? Do we go now?"

"Not yet. Brad and Steve should leave soon. Then we go get that slut." Robyn's plan had two objectives; take revenge on Amanda and ruin Amanda's relationship with Brad. That was why she was wearing a panther girl costume. She would make Amanda think this was all Brad's idea.

"What makes you think they'll leave?"

"Last night at the party I heard Brad tell Steve to bring his truck so they could get some firewood. I called places around Pine that sell it, so I know they'll have to leave soon."

The wait continued. Finally Steve's truck went past, headed for the highway. Robyn started the SUV and drove onto the road, turning towards Brad's cabin.

Robyn had everything all planned out. She was going to torture Amanda all weekend. Jane was just there to provide muscle as needed, and she wouldn't take part in the festivities once Amanda was securely restrained. If Amanda complained to the police she would have a hard time proving she hadn't consented, and Robyn would claim that Brad was the ringleader and she was just following his directions. Brad's father was rich and influential and everything would be swept under the rug. A perfect scheme.

Robyn parked next to Brad's car and the women got out. Robyn tried the door, but it was locked. "Shit! How do we get this open?"

"Why not use the window?" Jane pulled off the screen and pushed the window completely open.

They climbed into the cabin. Robyn heard Amanda's question and Jenny's answer and walked over to them. She asked Jenny, "Haven't I seen you someplace?"

"Literally, yes. Figuratively, no."

"Whatever. You seem to know something about Gor. Explain panther girls to this blonde slut. Better use small words."

"Panther girls roam the forests of Gor. They're fierce warriors, and they despise women who have chosen slavery instead of death. They're much crueler to them than men are."

"Close enough." Robyn had read all of the Gor books. Her favorite part was in 'Hunters of Gor', where Verna the panther girl captured Tarl and tied him up. She really wanted to do that to Brad, but he didn't swing that way and had rejected her when she suggested it.

Robyn lied, "Ok, Amanda, in the next act of Brad's play you're captured by panther girls and Tarl has to rescue you." She grabbed Amanda's arm and started to pull her towards the door before she noticed the chain connecting her neck and Jenny's neck. "Shit! Where are the keys?" Robyn didn't want to take Jenny along with Amanda; she didn't want a witness, especially one who probably knew what Brad had actually planned.

Jenny answered, "The men have them. You think they'd leave them where their slave girls could find them?"

"Then you have to come with us." Robyn climbed the stairs and untied the ropes from the tread. Jenny sighed with relief as she rested her feet flat on the floor.

"Hold her hands behind her back, Jane." Robyn tied Jenny's bracelet rings together. She wrapped the excess rope attached to the rings around Jenny's waist and tied it tightly with the knot in front.

Robyn grabbed the center of the neck chain and towed Jenny and Amanda towards the cabin door. Amanda struggled to keep up, frantically shuffling her closely-chained feet. Robyn noticed Brad's cane in the corner and picked it up. She hit the back of Amanda's thighs. Amanda yelped. "Faster, slave girl!"

Once outside the cabin Robyn opened the back door of the SUV and Jane lifted the chained women into it. Robyn said, "Better put the screen back in place." She shut the SUV door and waited while Jane replaced the screen and locked the cabin door.

Robyn drove back to the cabin she had 'borrowed'. She parked, opened the back door of the SUV, and grabbed her captives' neck chain. She yanked hard and Jenny and Amanda scrambled to get out before they were dragged out. Robyn walked fast on the path up to the cabin from the parking area and Amanda couldn't keep up. She tripped over her ankle chain and fell face down in the dirt. Robyn smiled as she hit her with the cane, getting in five solid blows before Amanda was able to stagger to her feet.

Amanda begged, "Please, let me go. I don't want to play this game."

"Who asked you, bitch? And slave girls don't speak without permission." She slashed Amanda's hip. Amanda started to cry.

Robyn led the slave girls inside the cabin. It was larger than Brad's cabin, but it didn't have very much furniture. Robyn pointed to the center of the room. "Stand there! And shut off that crying." She circled the two chained women, then suddenly grabbed the neck of Amanda's dress and pulled. The worn fabric shredded, and Amanda was naked.

Robyn shouted, "Kneel, slaves!" Jenny and Amanda instantly dropped to their knees. "One of the duties of a slave girl is to pleasure her mistress." She stood in front of Amanda. "I'll use this one first, Jane. You can start with the other one."

Jane declared, "I don't do any lesbian shit."

"You don't? I thought all you female jocks were dy..." Robyn saw the look of fury building on Jane's face and didn't finish the sentence. "Well, if it's not your thing..." She removed her panties, lifted her dress above her waist, and pressed her crotch against Amanda's face. "Get your tongue working, bitch."

"No! I won't!" Amanda bent forward so her face was against the floor.

"Ah, a show of spirit! It's so much fun to break a spirited slave." Robyn tied the end of a long rope to the chain between Amanda's wrists and tossed the other end over an exposed beam. "Help me pull her up, Jane."

"No way. This isn't a joke anymore, and I'm not getting involved." Jane went outside, intending to sit in the SUV.

Robyn shouted after her, "Then you can give me back the money!"

It was a struggle, but Robyn managed to pull Amanda's arms up. Amanda was forced to stand up and then bend over to relieve the pain on her wracked shoulders. Robyn pulled until Amanda's arms were straight up, and then tied off the rope. "I'll start with ten strokes across your ass, and then I'll ask you if you've changed your mind." She picked up the cane.

* * *

When Steve's truck reached the highway Brad tried his cellphone again and this time he got a signal. He redialed the firewood merchant and listened for a moment. "Shit! All I get is an answering machine. They're closed for the day. Let's go back to the cabin."

"OK." Steve made a U-turn and they headed back. He drove to the cabin and parked.

Brad was the first one inside. He was astounded to find the room empty. "Jenny must be the world's greatest escape artist. They're gone!"

"I don't think they left on their own. Jenny couldn't have untied herself, and she wouldn't have run off. Someone else was here, and we better start looking for them."

"Wait a minute, I've got something better than just running around." Brad went out to his car and returned with a laptop computer. "The new alarm system includes hidden cameras. They take pictures that are available over the Internet. We can see them on my computer."

Brad started a slide show. They watched as a red SUV parked by the cabin and two women got out. "That's Robyn!" Brad exclaimed. "What's she doing here, and why is she dressed as a panther girl? And who's that other woman, the tall one? Wait, I remember; that's Jane Jackson. Why is she here?"

They continued to watch the sequence of pictures. When Steve saw Robyn hit Amanda with the cane he said, "She seems pissed. We better find them before Robyn hurts someone." He was very worried about Jenny.

"Yeah, but they could be a long ways off by now."

"Maybe not. Robyn must have been watching this place or the road to it. How else would she know we were gone? She may have a hideout close by." Steve thought a moment. "I remember seeing an SUV like that parked at a cabin about a half mile from here. Let's check it out." They got in Steve's truck and drove back down the road.

Jane was feeling guilty about leaving Jenny and Amanda in Robyn's obviously demented clutches. She decided to go back to the the cabin and got out of the SUV. Just then Steve and Brad pulled into the driveway and got out of the truck. She said, "You looking for Robyn? She's inside. Better hurry, she's going to hurt that blonde." They ran up the path and she followed them.

Robyn looked up as Steve and Brad stormed into the cabin. There were two fresh welts on Amanda's butt, and Robyn managed to add one more before Steve and Brad reached her. Steve wrestled the cane away from Robyn and held her while Brad unchained Amanda's wrists and removed her collar. She collapsed and lay on the floor, weeping.

Brad removed the rope and used the bracelets to chain Robyn's hands behind her back. He added the collar and also took the leg irons off of Amanda and put them on Robyn.

When Robyn was secured Steve removed the chain from Jenny's collar. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, more or less. I'm glad you found me, Master. I wouldn't want to be the slave of a panther girl." She wished he would untie her hands, but she knew Gorean slave girls could never ask for that. She bumped a welt on her bottom with her heel and winced at the sudden pain.

Steve noticed. "Stand up." He pulled up the poncho so he could examined Jenny's bottom. When he saw the three swollen welts he was furious. "Did Robyn do this to you?"

Amanda said spitefully, "No, it was your pal Brad."

Brad said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to damage her. But she insulted me, too."

Steve scowled, "I think this weekend is over, Brad."

Amanda exclaimed, "I'll say! I can't get away from you perverts fast enough." She noticed Robyn's suitcase near the door and rummaged through it. She found shorts and a tee shirt and put them on.

Robyn demanded, "Get these chains off me. I want to go home too."

Steve replied, "Go home? You're going to jail."

"Jail? What for?"

"Kidnapping, assault, and burglary are the first three felonies I can think of off hand."

"But we were just playing! We're all adults here! Everyone consented, it was just a game."

"I don't think so. Did you ask Amanda if you could whip her? You're going to jail."

Brad said, "Wait a minute, Steve. Let's think this through. If Robyn is prosecuted we're all going to be embarrassed by the publicity. And what about Jane? She could go to jail too, and she had no evil intent."

Amanda was outraged. "You intend to just let her walk away from all this? What about my sore butt?"

"I didn't say that, Amanda. Robyn was a panther girl; now she's a captured panther girl. Training her to be an obedient slave will take a lot of work, but we've got all summer. You didn't like being a slave girl, but you might enjoy living on Gor if you're on the other end of the whip."

Robyn was very frightened. She knew that she was facing a possible prison term unless Amanda agreed to go along with Brad's proposal. She tried reverse psychology. "No way! I'm not letting that bitch enslave me! I'm a true panther girl; I'd rather die."

Amanda picked up the cane and weighed it in her hand, then snapped a blow across Robyn's breasts. Robyn screamed.

"That is fun! OK, Brad. Robyn can stay out of jail if she's willing to be our slave for the rest of the summer."

Robyn fell to her knees. "Yes, Mistress. I'll be your slave. Please don't whip me any more."

Brad kissed Amanda. "I really misjudged you. You'll be a great mistress."

Steve said, "If that's all settled, let's split. Jane, you can drive Robyn's SUV home. I'm going to get our stuff from the cabin and then we're out of here."

Jenny and Steve went outside and down the path to his truck. Steve opened Jenny's door. "In you go."

Jenny said, "Gor sucks."

"It sure did on this trip." He put his hands on her waist and lifted her onto the seat.

"Wait a minute! That's my safeword! It means we're no longer on Gor."

"That's right. You're Jenny and I'm Steve. This is Arizona."

"Then unchain me."

"Nope." He swung her legs inside the truck and fastened her seat belt.

"Nope? Why not?"

"Because Jenny is Steve's slave, and Jenny hasn't used her safeword."

"But I don't have a safeword!"

"Then I guess you'll stay like that until I decide to release you."

"If that's the way it's going to be we've got to get to the cabin quick, Master. And I certainly won't be able to last until we get home."

The End

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