Garden Tub Bondage

by "z"

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© Copyright 2010 - "z" - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; hogtie; bath; oil; tease; bdsm; wax; toys; oral; cons; X

My partner and I are always looking for a new exciting way for me to be tied up, and some predictiment bondage in the tub seemed ideal. After all I have spent many hours in our garden tub with a vibe in-between my legs and wishing i was tied up so why not actually do it. I talked to my partner about this and she smiled and after voicing a few minor concerns agreed to tie me in a hogtie in our garden tub then go watch TV for a few hours.

So, she took vegetable oil from the kitchen and covered the entire inside of the tub with it. Then she hogtied me with chain, rope and locks inside the tub and poured more oil on me, then left the keys on the floor of the bathroom for me to retrieve. Needless to say, It's almost impossible to get out of a tub hogtied when it's dry, let alone covered with slick oil. I squirmed around in that cold tub trying to escape..... No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get loose.

Finally I resigned to my fate and lay there waiting for my lover to return. After what had to have been hours I finally see the light to our bedroom come on and I let out a whimper as being gagged as I was there was no way I was making and loud sounds. She finally comes into the bathroom and just looks down at me wearing her nightgown and smiles. "Enjoying yourself my pet" she asks me and I shake my head yes. She laughs and says good, as she takes her fingers and glides her nails softly across my cheek. "I've decided to let you try and escape for a few more hours while I sleep., Keys are on the floor enjoy yourself my pet" She gets up and shuts the light off and closes the door as I grown into my gag, unable to help myself.

I must have fell asleep as the next thing I remember I am waking up and seeing lights outside the bathroom window and thinking to myself OMG it is morning. I try and scream but the gag is way too effective and the noises come out as small whimpers. I keep squirming around in the tub still unable to escape and now my hands and feet are numb and the worse thing is I have to PEE. I moan and thrash around in the tub trying to gain My Mistress' attention but only exhaust myself even more then I already am. Finally, unable to hold it any longer I start to pee, I feel it running down my bound body and down the drain and I finally give up and start crying. Humiliated and helpless in this oily slick tub, no way to know how long I will be left here or what Mistress may do to me when she does return. The keys to my freedom just a few short feet away yet might as well be in a different state. I squirm to get comfortable and fall once again into a semi-sleep

"You ok my pet?, Z are you ok" I hear my Mistress' voice say. I meow the best I can through the gag and she bends down and unlocks it, holding my head in her arms. "My poor, poor dear, here are you thirsty" she asks me and holds up a water bottle and gives me a drink. "had enough yet my pet or would you like to go a little longer for your Mistress" she smiles at me and I nod yes and then beg quietly "please Mistress, z wishes to please her Mistress". Mistress smiles and tells me I've been a good girl and that I deserve a reward. She places our remote control egg deep into my pussy and turns it on a low setting. Then she plugs the drain to the tub and turns on the cold water. I yell in surprise and Mistress laughs at me. "there you go my pet, lets see if the cold water motivates you to try and squirm out of the tub any faster" Mistress chuckles as she watches me squirm until I can't hardly move. The cold water cascading around my body, the egg still buzzing along inside my very wet pussy, high enough to keep me turned on yet low enough so I cannot yet cum.

Mistress gets up and walks out of the room, only to return in a few minutes with a crop which she uses to "motivate" me her way, by thrashing my ass, feet and legs with it. I scream as I wiggle around in the tub trying to escape. The water, the egg, the oil, and the humiliation. I soon realize that There will be no escape for me, at least until My Mistress wishes it. Until then all I can do is beg and cry which I liberally do. The more I beg and cry however the more My Mistress thrashes me and plays with the remote that controls the egg inside of me. She is controlling me like I am her puppet, which in a way I am really.

The tub keeps filling with water and soon I am spending more time trying to keep my head above it as I am squirming around. I am starting to get terrified at this point as we have never gone this far before and while I think Mistress wouldn't ever harm me she is very good at mind fucking people and making them guess just WHAT she is planning to do.

The whipping stops and in its place I feet heat and pain on my feet and ass. I look up with pleading eyes to see Mistress sitting at the edge of the tub, a smirk on her face and a candle in each hand. She is dripping the wax all over my bound body and I am unable to do anything about it. The water is past my nose at this point and unless I strain to hold my head above the water I will be unable to breathe. I start to panic and as soon as Mistress sees this she pulls the plug in the drain and the water starts to go down. At the same time she turns the egg up on full and orders me to cum. Unable to control my body at this point I cum hard, my body shaking and convulsing as far as my bonds will allow. When I am done cumming Mistress turns the egg back to low and slips herself into the tub with her pussy near my lips. She orders me to lick which I do happily. I blow into her pussy and then use my tongue and lick back and forth and up and down ever so slowly.

I hear her breathing start to go ragged as I continue teasing her..... bound as I am I am a glutton for punishment and anyway, I know my Mistress loves this sort of thing. Its one reason we live a 24/7 lifestyle and yet both fit into the vanilla world as well. We can both switch back and forth and neither of us are afraid to expand our boundaries. I use my tongue to roll around her clit and suck on it, I can already taste some of her juices so am encouraged to lick and suck faster. My tongue lapping and sucking with everything I have. Time is totally forgotten and suddenly I hear My Mistress and taste her at the same time as she cums and convulses, while I continue my tongue lashing and swallowing every drop. The bonds on my body are totally forgotten as I eat My Mistress and please her.

When Mistress has been totally satisfied she tells me what a good girl I have been and tosses the keys into what's left of the water and walks out of the room, telling me as she leaves to clean myself up that we will be doing some outside play later that day. It takes me awhile to squirm around just so I can reach the keys them even longer to finally unlock myself as my fingers have gone numb. When I finally am free I get up and stretch my limbs and then proceed to fill the tub with hot water for a nice long relaxing bath. Soon Mistress and I will be heading outdoors to explore even more boundaries and I can't wait.

I so love my Mistress and she loves me, we make a perfect match and love is behind all of our D/s activities. I hear My Mistress call as I start drying off from my bath, seems she is ready to go, she tells me as she heads out of our room that what I am to wear today is on the bed..... But dear readers what that is and what we did is another story.

Hope you enjoyed reading one of my adventures. If you liked it please let me know and I will write some more for here.


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