Garden Party

by Av

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© Copyright 2007 - Av - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; net; wrap; gag; outdoors; reluct; X

Contest Entry for the 'Script your own Video' Contest

Jill was a little disappointed. When her friend Ellen had invited her over for some sunning in the backyard, she had thrown on her bikini and covered it up with a wrap and hurried right over. Imagine her surprise when Ellen greeted her in similar attire, but announced that she needed help in the garden before they could relax in the sun.

And so Jill was stuck watering flowers with a hose while Ellen weeded a nearby vegetable bed. As Ellen squatted next to Jill to pull at some troublesome nettles, Jill -- ever the prankster -- got a mischievous idea. She turned the hose on her friend and let her have it with a spray of water.

"That's what you get for baiting and switching," said Jill as she soaked her shocked friend.

"You little brat!" exclaimed Ellen as she stood up and started jostling with Jill, prying the hose from her hands. In the ensuing struggle, Jill managed to grab hold of Ellen's cotton beach wrap, leaving her clad in only a colorful two piece bathing suit. As Jill started to run away to evade her friend's wrath, Ellen grabbed at Jill's cotton coverall which came off the fleeing girl. Now both women were wearing only their colorful bikinis as Ellen gave chase to Jill across the garden.

Ellen caught up to Jill beside a tree-lined wall and the two bikini-clad girls began a friendly wrestling match. Deciding it was time to take a break from gardening, Ellen decided to teach her "friend" a lesson.

Hanging from the wall was a large net that Ellen had originally planned to use as a flexible trellis on which hanging vines could grow. For now, however, Ellen had other uses for the large swath of mesh. Pulling the net from the wall, she threw it over her friend, covering her in net from head to toe.

"Let me out of this thing," Jill exclaimed as she struggled in the net, getting her fingers and toes tangled in the mesh.

"Fat chance," said Ellen as she pulled at the net, trying to entangle her friend more tightly in its clinging coils.

The struggle continued for several minutes as Jill tried to shake herself free of the netting and Ellen tried to make the binding tighter. As the two women fought, Ellen slowly backed up and caught her foot on a root, tripping over backwards into a flower bed. This gave Jill the chance she needed to pull the net off herself and throw it over her now downed friend.

"Let's see how you like it!" cried Jill as she pulled at the net, trying to gather up the loose ends below Ellen's feet in order to secure her in a tight net bag. Ellen laughed at her friend's rage, knowing full well that she was the stronger of the two. The laughter just made Jill more and more angry, as the freed girl started kicking her friend's rear.

"Ow!" cried Ellen. "You're really going to get it now."

Ellen waited for just the right moment to give a kick of her own to her friend's feet which left Jill off balance. Toppling over, she landed square on top of her netted friend as the two continued their fight. Ellen waited until Jill's was positioned exactly on top of her, and with one surge of muscle, she rolled over, landing on top of her friend, with the net now settling completely over the surprised Jill. Jill was stunned at the reversal. In one fell swoop, Ellen had turned from netted victim to victimizer and was busy ensuring her enmeshed friend stayed that way.

As Jill began collecting her wits, Ellen succeeded in doing what Jill had previously tried to do: gathering up all of the loose ends of the net under Jill's feet. Once gathered, Ellen grabbed a stray piece of rope that was used to hold a sapling to a nearby stake and tied the ends of the net together, effectively sealing Jill in a body-length mesh sack. Jill rolled on the ground trying to free herself, to no avail.

"I surrender," Jill exclaimed as she collapsed in her useless struggles.

"Too late for that, brat," Ellen replied as she gathered more lengths of rope from different parts of the garden.

Jill cursed at her friend as she was forcibly stood up and a length of rope was used to tie the top of the net to a nearby tree branch. Dangling and enshrouded in net, Jill tried to punch at her friend who easily evaded blows that were stopped just a few inches from Jill's body from the enshrouding web in which she was sealed.

Without leverage to struggle in any useful way, Jill was helpless as Ellen grabbed at her netted wrists and, pulling them behind Jill's back, tied them together, sealing them in a snarl of net and rope. Ellen then took a longer strand of rope and fashioned it around Jill's body, binding her netted arms to her side. Carefully and methodically, Ellen walked around and around Jill, wrapping her netted body in one tight coil of rope after another.

Once Ellen had succeeded in wrapping her friend's top half in line, she grabbed another long length of cord and proceeded to give Jill's legs and feet the same treatment. By the time she was done, Jill was absolutely trapped. While the rope around her body would have been enough to keep her from moving, the rope over the net was like being bound by a hundred balls of twine.

"That's a good start," said Ellen as she looked at her victim struggling in her bondage. With the binding close to complete, Ellen loosened the loop that held the net to the tree, and Jill flopped to the ground struggling uselessly in her net and rope prison. Once it became clear that her friend was helpless, Ellen went into the house to grab a few more "supplies."

Jill squirmed and struggled on the garden floor, uselessly trying to break free of the yards of net and rope that imprisoned her. After several futile minutes, Ellen returned with a shoulder bag and began removing items.

The first thing out of Ellen's bag was a white ballgag which Ellen forced into the captive Jill's mouth. With her hands and body immobile, Jill was helpless to prevent being silenced as the ball gag was pulled tightly around her head and cinched off. With her head enshrouded in net, the gag forced more mesh into her mouth, effectively adding layers of wadding to an already successful silencing.

Jill had known her friend's proclivity for binding (which was one of the major reasons she liked to visit Ellen). Still, she was surprised how uncompromising her dominant friend was being in this particular situation. Often their visits ended in a simple chair tie, but today Ellen seemed intent on turning her victim into an immobile mummy.

Jill could only wince in gagged silence as Ellen pulled her prisoner's bound and netted hands and feet towards each other and attached them together with a leather strap from her bag, turning her inescapable bondage into an uncomfortable hog tie. Some thinner cord was used to tie Jill's feet together width wise, and finally some string was used to bind together the poor hogtied girl's enmeshed big toes.

Ellen surveyed her work like a sculptress reviewing one of her works. "That should keep you out of trouble," she said to her poor helpless friend who could only stare helplessly at her victimizer and struggle uselessly in her bonds.

Ellen then pulled a digital camera out of her bag and began snapping photos of her trapped buddy. "I know the perfect Internet site for these,"' she taunted as Jill tried to hide her face from her demented friend's lens. (Jill hoped that Ellen was only kidding about releasing these compromising photos to the public.)

The last item Ellen pulled out of her bag was a blanket which she spread out on the ground and laid on in order to catch some rays.

"You wanted to get some sun," Ellen said to her bound friend. "Now's your chance."

Jill could only wimper at her predicament, now that it was clear that Ellen had no intention of freeing her anytime soon. Bikini clad, wrapped tightly in a fishnet, bound hand and foot, hogtied and ballgaged, and now left to bake in the sun. She would have a hard time explaining the checkerboard suntan she was about to get when she finally got to work (assuming Ellen ever decided to let her go.