The Garden Party

by Archie

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© Copyright 2001 - Archie - Used by permission

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When Geoff took me home after our summerhouse adventure he was still full of suppressed excitement. My intuition told me we weren't finished yet and so when he casually produced a rich cream envelope and asked me what I was doing the following day I knew I was about to find out. The envelope trembled in my hands, through exhaustion after the day's events or through anticipation, I didn't know. It contained an equally rich invitation, heavily embossed in black and gold. The realisation finally sunk in.

"It's an invitation to the party at that house!" I cried gleefully. "Wow! Yippee!" My excitement tailed off as I caught sight of Geoff's impassive features. "We are going, aren't we?" I queried, I mean… I quickly scanned the invitation for some small print or a catch before I looked quizzically up at Geoff.
"I am certainly going" he said slowly, with the slightest emphasis on the I, "and although nothing is said about a guest I will certainly be expected to take someone. But this is not just an ordinary party" he continued quickly, raising a hand as I opened my mouth. "It's a bit, well, er, kinky I suppose. If I go I will be expected to take a…"

He paused and peered around the ceiling, "a, subordinate, a servant, a slave I suppose you'd have to say. It would mean going public as a bit kinky" he concluded. "Do you still want to come?"
"You bet", I shot back without thinking, "I'd love to party at a house like that, it's fantastic".
"Are you sure?" he persisted.
"Why? You're not going to tie me up for all the guests to screw the living daylights out of me, are you? Will I have to be naked or something like that?"
Geoff smiled. "No, I have an evening dress in mind for you to wear, and this will be one occasion where no one, not even me, gets to have wild tempestuous sex with you." With a small flourish he produced a large box.
"For you". He kissed me on the cheek while I gasped at the posh name on the box and then with a hail of 'thank yous' and 'wows', tore off the lid.

Tons of tissue paper later there was a floor-length evening dress the likes of which I had never seen before. It was made of the finest, thinnest, most delicate black leather I had ever seen. There were thin spaghetti shoulder straps, also of leather, whilst the neckline was square and quite high. From the centre of the neckline a transparent diamond shaped panel dived down to the sides of the waist and then returned to meet dangerously far below the navel. The panel was made of some ultra fine silky smooth gauze, whilst the diamond shape was repeated in the outline of the virtually backless design. People would, I concluded, be able to see the top of my bum cleft. The edging that trimmed the diamond shapes was repeated in a horizontal line around the dress, just where it would stop hugging my thighs and flare out. I held the dress up to me and tried to hide my doubts.

"It's very small,” I observed as I gazed wistfully at the tiny waist, "and perhaps a tiny bit long?" But Geoff was already anticipating my doubts. With a bigger smile he produced a smaller box.
"Try this", he remarked laconically.
This turned out to be a black silk corset, which ran from below my breasts to over my hips. I had a corset or two in my lingerie collection and I knew that a comfortable evening was out of the question. Still it was a stunning dress.
"With black seamed self supporting stockings and red ankle strap sandals, those with the four inch heels" Geoff suggested confidently, holding up his hand to indicate he would brook no argument. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven" he added, and then with an enigmatic smile he was gone.

The following evening Geoff turned up early, not for a quickie, but as so often in the past to ensure dress standards were met. He laced me unmercifully tightly into my new corset and forbade the bra and panties that I had selected with such care. I was glad I had remembered to pull on my stockings before being imprisoned in the corset; bending was not an option that night and I resigned myself to perching on the edge of seats. If only I had known what was to transpire.

At the house Geoff parked away from other vehicles and led me around to the rear of his van, where he opened the doors and made me sit on a towel spread over the rear platform. He reached past me, and with some clatter produced two metal poles. When I caught sight of the padded leather cuffs I laughed a sigh away; something had been on the cards, and this was it. As he worked Geoff explained precisely what fate had in store for me that evening.

There were two almost identical tubes, each almost a metre in length (including end protuberances, of which more in a moment) and two centimetres in diameter. One end of the tubes was stopped with a rubber ferrule, such as used in the end of walking sticks. About 22 or 23 centimetres (nine inches) from this end was a padded leather cuff. The other ends of the tubes were slightly different. One sported a realistic looking, vibrating (Geoff gleefully assured me) dildo, the other a smaller, smooth vibrator. Both were at slightly differing angles to their tubes.

Geoff carefully rolled up my dress and with lubricant added to my excitement, and me perched at the edge of the tailgate, inserted the dildo at the end of one tube into its natural home and then the vibrator on the other tube into my anus. The dildo sank about three inches into me (6cm) and the vibrator about two inches (5cm) as the ankle straps at the lower ends were fastened securely and, I noticed, locked in place. The dildo tube penetrating my pussy was fastened to my right ankle, whilst the one in my bum was secured to my left ankle. The fact they protruded past the bottom of my feet puzzled me though. 
Geoff rolled the dress down and looked into my eyes.

"Ready?" He quizzed with a smile. I nodded.
"As ready as I'll ever be but why are the tubes so long?" I queried.
"You'll see" Geoff smiled. "As I pull you to your feet, just stand on tip-toe, OK?" Geoff held out his hands and I lurched upright.
"Ahh! Wow! I felt that," I gasped as I teetered vertically.

"Now listen" Geoff continued sternly. "Whilst you're on tip-toe you are only taking two or three inches of those things inside you. If you relax and stand on your heels then…" Geoff pulled up my skirt and cocked his head to one side," then you will be getting nearer five, six or more inches". I must have looked horrified because he understood and quickly added,
"Not quite so much in the rear." He smiled and continued. "Then as you walk you will have to lift your feet, and that means of course that you will suffer some penetration with every step you take. And you will have to lift your feet carefully as the tubes already have you on tip toe." He grinned broadly as the situation began to dawn on me, helped by having stood on my toes for only a minute and already tiring of the pose. "You will find stairs and steps almost impossible" he added cheerfully as fastened a slim black choker around my neck, and then, somewhat to surprise, locked a short leather leash to the front.

"Have to show who's boss" he added, but he held out his arm and we began to walk, very slowly, towards the house.
During the journey in the van I had been a little worried about wearing a dress that, for all practical purposes, bared my breasts. The tube torture had taken my mind off that a little, but now that that the tubes were hidden beneath the dress I again began to worry about what was not hidden. That, along with the choker that was clearly a collar with a lead and the continual screwing I was getting, not to mention the tiptoe torture, clearly spelt out who was in charge here. I just hoped I could keep smiling, as I was already very much aware of the muscles in my calves and thighs. As we approached the front doors I realised my apprehensions about dress were groundless. My transparent diamond was quite conservative compared to the outfits some people were wearing, or had perhaps been dressed in.

The party was great. There was live music, good food, excellent wine and a throng of friendly people. Everyone talked to everyone else, regardless of their 'status' and I began to enjoy myself once I realised no one knew what was going on under my skirt. Every now and then a couple would appear on the slightly raised floor at one end of the room and give some small demonstration of submission or subservience; a mild caning, the application of nipple clips or a gag, the performance of oral sex or whatever. Most of the room paused to watch these little displays and then when the ripple of appreciative applause died away the master or mistress would lead their charge back into the party melee. 

A good-looking older man in evening dress, the father of our host I finally realised, cornered me at one point. He thrust another glass of champagne into my hand, smirked meaningfully at my collar and lead before grasping the latter and towing me out to the patio.
"Got to keep walking, you know", he said conversationally. "My damn leg seizes up otherwise." He clearly had no idea the mechanical screwing he was inadvertently giving me. The trembler switches in my inserts responded to too much movement by powering up, and combined with the thrusting were pushing me towards yet another orgasm. He dropped the leash and fell in alongside me as we walked towards the steps that I had chased Geoff down yesterday, giving the catering staff a good look at my panties as I had done so. Now I was propelled towards them with a large male hand caressing my left buttock and it was too much. I gasped as the flush of sexual excitement flooded through me, managing to turn and face the sea view as I fought to catch my breath.

"Excuse me, please. I'm sorry I have to find the ladies… No. It's all right, there's nothing wrong, honestly. I'm sorry, excuse me." I babbled out my feeble excuses and tiptoed as inconspicuously as I could towards the crowd, desperately seeking Geoff. Instead he found me, and taking my hand led me towards the platform, ignoring my protestations and pleadings as he lifted me up the shallow step. "Ladies and gentlemen" he began, and as with other couples beforehand, people paused expectantly. I wished I could shrivel up and vanish but Geoff waved his hands expansively towards me. I was surprised to note my nipples seemed to like the attention and stood out, the better to be seen. My face was burning. 

"Some of you may have noticed that my er… companion this evening is walking a little slowly and unsteadily. Some of you may have speculated as to why that should be so."  Geoff stepped towards me and for a horrible moment I thought he was going to reach to the floor and pull the hem of my dress up so everyone could appreciate my predicament. Instead he stood behind me and put his hands on my hips, whereupon there was a sharp and seemingly loud tearing sound and all of a sudden my evening dress was a mini dress. The horizontal trim where the dress stopped hugging my thighs was a Velcro join, and now my predicament was pretty clear to all.

"You can well imagine, I am sure" Geoff added, "where these tubes terminate, as well as noticing that, unless she wants to be fully speared with every step, my slave tonight has to stand on tiptoe." With a flourish he then did pull my skirt up to reveal the pink plastic protrusions, turning me around and bending me gently forward to reveal the butt plug as well. There was a ripple of applause and a small silence, as leaving me with my back to the audience Geoff then proceeded to tie my wrists together. He crossed my hands and bent them up between my shoulder blades, with the long tail ends of the rope being carefully roped around my shoulders and behind my neck to make a secure tie. I instinctively shied away as the swine produced an enormous ball gag and spinning me around to face the front again jabbed me gently in the midriff and thrust the gag into my gasp of dismay.

"Please feel free to take a closer look at the arrangement later if you wish", Geoff cheerfully invited the crowd; as to my surprise and further embarrassment he locked the gag in place. "This young lady won't be able to object if you lift her dress up." He gave me an avuncular smile and with a firm slap on my bottom propelled me off the stage in a gentle totter. I spent the rest of the evening literally drooling at food I couldn't eat and glaring at men who grinned or smiled at me whilst they lifted my skirt to peer at my shaved and plugged orifices. Paradise for them no doubt, a dream come true, but my face was red with humiliation, and that wasn't just the colour of the ball gag, which was huge. I couldn't slap away prying fingers, nor could I make any scathing comments. "Nnnnggg ggff" just amused the sightseers rather than insulted them. On top of this my legs were getting really tired as I teetered around in a vain attempt to evade wandering hands.

Then a vaguely familiar face materialised in front of me and courteously introduced himself; this turned out to be our host, the resemblance to his father quite clear. He picked up my leash and led me back to the patio, his twinkling smile telling me how much he was enjoying this semi remote violation of my private parts. At last we came to a standstill and I leant gingerly on the balcony whilst my admirer admired my pins, my aluminium ones that is. He squatted in front of me and carefully fingered the ankle cuffs, before running his hands over the polished metal, higher and higher, until he reached my hem, which was just about level with his eyes. I stood there feeling very helpless. As I couldn't gasp, because of the gag, I merely drooled more, part of me wanting to clench my legs together or walk away, and part of me wanting him to push his hands further upward. Instead he ran his hands back down to the cuffs, whereupon he started caressing my ankles. 

Again the hands started to rise, this time teasing my stockinged legs, and this time they didn't stop when they reached my hem. The skirt was brushed up out of the way and with a mere squeak from me I was having my parted lips fondled and my clit teased. It was quite surreal to be surrounded by fairly normally dressed people whilst my skirt was hiked up by a man I'd never met before and he fingered me to yet another orgasm. At least he was polite and rather dishy. Rich as well, judging by the house. As he departed Geoff appeared. 

"Ready to come home?"
"Mmm. Mmmnn" I nodded emphatically and jerked my head down to indicate he should unfasten my tubular bondage. He put that infuriating grin on as he tried to look puzzled.
"Ah! I see", he said at last. "You want me to unlock you?"
I nodded firmly. You bet I did, my poor pussy and bum were dying for some respite from the constant shafting they had been getting. Geoff patted his pockets.
"Oh! I must have left the keys in the van" he explained in a note of mock vexation. "Come on" he added, "It's not far to walk".
So that's how I left the party, with a nod to my host, glaring at my tormentor whilst on a tiptoe hobble, Geoff fielding the appreciative goodnights from every male present.