Garage Affairs

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; cons; X

It is my fault. I should not have trusted Sheila, my neighbour, but she seemed so worldly wise! I suspected my husband John was having an affair and I confided in her. I wanted him back at any cost!

The problem was he was into bondage and I was not! So I turned to Sheila for help! “John likes bondage eh?” I showed her the device he had put in the garage. It was a steel pole bolted to 2 tripods. It would not move. One of the legs of each of the tripods had an eyebolt screwed into it.  Sheila said she thought that is where the ropes from your hands must be tied to!  I bent over the bar and I could just touch both the eyebolts at once!


“Hmmm! I am right. The victim would be bent over the pole and tied to the tripods. I suppose, yes there they are, two more eyebolts to tie you feet to so you are spread with you legs wide open for a very easy access to your body! There would be nothing you could do about it either!”


On the wall in front there were mirrors that covered the whole wall so the victim could relish in her captivity! One the side wall was all sorts of restraints and gags. I told Sheila I thought it was disgusting. She never answered.


I took her into the kitchen and made us a coffee and she told me what she would do. “Has any fetishes?” “Well he loves short dresses and skirts, you know like school girls wear. Little pleated kilt type things with nave blue knickers on underneath! He says he loves them because he could slip his hand into the wrap over part and play with me, but I will not wear such a thing!”


“Be honest, if that were me, I would do it just the once. Put the short skirt on, a tight blouse with no bra, white ankle socks and sensible shoes and tie myself or let him tie you to the device!” I thought about it. “I don’t have the clothes!” “Well, we could have some fun and go out and get some for you!”


By the time the afternoon had finished I was standing in the garage looking at the device. I didn’t know if I was ready for it yet or wanted to throw up! But I decided to give it a try if it would win John back from his floozy whoever she is!


The next morning, I told Sheila I would do it. She offered to tie me to the device. I said I could do it myself but she told me that the bondage would never be realistic enough to work! I needed a safety partner who is in on it and if I would like it she would be that safety partner!


I thought about it and agreed. It was now mid day. I went and stripped off my clothes. I put the knickers on first and the little pleated kilt type skirt. I left my bra off and put the blouse on. It was tight, and held me in. I put the little ankle socks on and some flat shoes.


I said to Sheila to try it for a half hour and she must leave me and come back to release me. Sheila agreed to do that for me. I leaned over the pole and she tied my hands to the tripods. My feet were tied as well. I was unable to go anywhere. Sheila walked off and left me! I struggled to get free, but it was no use. I looked into the mirror and saw myself struggling intensely.


A half hour went by and Sheila came back to release me. I said John would be home at 6 tonight, so if Sheila would not mind tying me up at 5, I would be ready for him. Sheila said she thought it would be best if I left the knickers off! “Do you think so?” “Well he would walk in and see this inviting site that he could not refuse and the owner could not refuse to let him use her either. What do you think would happen?” I agreed to give it a go.


At 5 I stood in the garage in the blouse, skirt, socks and shoes. No bra or knickers! Sheila came in and told me to lean over the bar. As I went to, she stopped me and fastened a ball gag in my mouth. I must have given her a funny look as she said “It is so you cannot beg him to stop!”


With the gag in my mouth, I leaned over the bar. Sheila got some nylon rope and tied one hand to one tripod and then the other hand to the other tripod. She tied my feet to the tripods as well. I was fastened in a hoop style over the pole. I could not escape. But Sheila was not finished yet. She got some rope, tied it around the pole and took it over my back and under the pole and back in front. She repeated this 6 times until she knew I could not move before she tied it off!


I looked in the mirror and saw myself. But then I felt hands undoing the blouse buttons. My breasts were being cupped. I was shocked, but this was nice. Special attention was being paid to my nipples. The hands stroked the underside of my breasts and took my breath away! I strained and looked up. It was Sheila.  I was getting hot and flustered. My crotch was getting moist.


That is when I saw Sheila coming at me. She had a strap on dildo strapped around her waist. She fingered my pussy and made me wet before she plunged the dildo deep inside me. I squirmed and she said, “I have always fancied you. It is me who is having the affair with John, but it is you I have always fancied! I had the affair to be as close to you as I could!”


A few strokes and I exploded into a terific orgasm. Sheila kept pumping away. I tried to beg her to stop, but she took no notice of me. I had a second orgasm; this was the first time I had done this! Sheila stopped and pulled out of me and said, “John will not be home until about midnight, we are going for a meal and a drink. I will leave you to your own devices. Have fun!”


She walked out and left me, the bitch. My back is beginning to ache now. Wait until I get free. I should not have trusted Sheila!



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