The Gamma Alpha Gamma Sorority Haze

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f, sorority; hazing; strip; exhib; spank; tease; whip; torment; bond; rope; toys; insert; denial; climax; nipple; clamps; cons/reluct; X

"Hey newbie wait up."

I turned and was looking into the breathless face of a gorgeous blond, with shoulder length blond hair andstunning blue eyes. She wore a white summer dress and kitten heels andI couldn't help but notice the thick gold chain necklace she wore.

"I wouldn't exactly call myself a newbie. And you are?" I tore my eyes off her chain and stared at her,eye to eye.

"So the Freshman is getting fresh!" She giggled.

"I am 19 and aSophomore Honey. Look, I am busy. Is there something you want?" I said coolly.

"Sure is Emily. I have been asking around about you, checking you out."

She had my attention now.

"Really? So youknow my nameand who I am. Who are you andwhy are you doing that?" I said aggressively. "I hate people prying into my personal life." I guess she saw the anger in my face.

"I am Jenna. Look, don't be alarmed. It is Rush week on campus. Our sorority are looking for new members. Rather than send out all these expensive fliers and advertise, the girls invite our pledges to the house and we have a glass of wine and ask questions about you to see if you would fit with us, and then let you ask questions about us. I'll act like your sponsorfor your membership."

"If you really checked up on me then you know I am not a legacy of anysorority, and to be fair, I am not interested."

"Sorry if this comes across as being rude, but it’s more likely that it is yourfinances, rather than you not being interested. Ah! Now that's either hit a nerve and is true, or your blood pressure has gone right off the charts." Another giggle.

This littlebitch was really winding me up the wrong way. She may be one of the most gorgeous and hot women I had seen in my life, but I wasn't going to stand for this crap from her. Even if she was right about me! I took a step towards her raising my hand to slap her.

"Okay. I apologise. You work two jobs, you study hard and we want you to join our sorority.If it's money, then none of us come frommoney. We are smart though. We have our ways to make cash and we donate what we have excess to charitable works around town."

I lowered my hand. Now she had my full attention.

"Look we work hard and we play hard too. We are a new sorority. We are only a local chapter rather than a national sorority.It'smore like a girls sleep over than a bunch of stuck up upper class bitches! I approached you remember, so there isn't a registration to pay. That's saved you 50 to 75 bucks already."

She grabbedmy hand and with a felt tip pen scribbled an address on my palm.

"Just come and check us out. 7 pm tonight. Ask questions. Check us out! Trust me when I say we aren't like the other sororities.We aren't going to accept any old person and believe me when I sayyou will have fun with us. If not, just come along for aglass of wine. Tomorrow is the weekend after all, so it isn’t like it's a school night."

She smiled and turned and trotted off. "See you tonight Emily." She called without even looking to hear my reply.

I looked at my hand. The address was in a good part of the campus. It wouldn't hurt to check the place out.

Over the day I did ask questions.

I couldn't find any bad information on the sorority. The girls all seemed pleasant. Several charities around town benefited from their work, although I could find nothing about how they earned this cash or how they paid for the house on the campus. I did find out tuition was always paid on time and the house was well maintained and there was no reported trouble. The girls did work hard. They carried out the odd prank now and again, usually made on the more salubrious sororities, but I had expected that. The girls all came from a variety of different back grounds. Most camefrom lower to middle class back ground aspiring to get to the top by hard work.

The only thing that set this sorority apart was that thegirls always wore expensive clothes and jewellery or had nice cars. It was the only thing that did not ring true.I would need to enquire about that. So with that in mind, and the curiosity of wanting to be a pledge but maybe never being able to afford because I didn't have a big collage fund, I decided to go along.

After classes I went back to my room and I did a bit of studying beforehand. I was staying with my father’s cousin John and his wife Elizabeth. They let me use a spare bedroom until Idecided what I was going to do. They never charged me rent and board as I was helping look after their young sons. I was still debating whetherI couldrent a room off campus or if I could get into adorm.

It was about 6:30 when I looked up and checked the time. I threw on a pair of Nikes.Looking in the mirrorI debated on whether it was appropriate to turn up in the white T shirt and cut-off jeans I had worn all day. To hell with it! I didn't have time to change or I would be late, and it wasa warm pleasant evening.

I ran a brush through my mousy hairthinking it would be easier to take care of if I had it cut into a bob againrather than having it long. I had been lazy and let it grow down pastmy shoulders since I had transferred to the newCollage.

I bounced down the stairs and waved goodbye toElizabeththrough the kitchen door telling her I didn't know how long I would be and not to wait up for me. She knew where I was going and that there was a possibility of me joining a sorority, sowas happyfor me.

Walking through the neighbourhood was pleasant. There was a gentle refreshing breeze and the birds were chirping in the trees of the well maintained gardens. I crossed the road and walked passed the campus reception, cutting through the collage buildings and through to the road the sorority houses were.Big houses adornedwith big Greek letters. There werevoices and music coming from all as I walked passed them. I knew there was alot of partying in Rush week. I wasn't sure myliver could cope if things gotas bad as people said it would be. I am not a very big drinker and feel drunk after two beers. I mainly use my fake id to get into clubs just to dance, but that was at my old university.

Iwasn't paying attention, as I walked passed a small unassuming house. It was quiet too, set away from the road in a little cul de sac by itself. I liked the house immediately. Dark red bricks. The roof had long gables around the building that protected an upper wrap-around balcony, whilethe ground floorhad a wrap-aroundveranda and porch with white wooden benches and window boxes of summer flowers, looking out onto a manicured lawn. The house was also not overlooked.

I had to check the white post box making sure I was at the right place. In italics on a small plaque read Gamma Alpha Gamma. There wasn't a gaudy Greek letter in sight.

I walked up the path to the house and up the steps to theveranda before knocking on the door. Almost at once Jenna opened the door with a big smiling face.

"Welcome to Gamma Alpha Gamma, newbie." She turned and called up the stairs, "Girls, Emily is here. Get yourselves down here!"

She turned to me and beckoned me though the door intoa beautiful hallway with marble tiled floor and wood panelled wallswith two stairways sweeping up from both sides meeting atupper hallway with corridors and doorways off it.There were two marble fireplaces facing each other across the floor that had unlit candles in the grates.

I walked into the hall. I noticed Jenna had changed and was wearinga pair of denim jeans and a Kiss t-shirt. She padded across the hall in pink fluffy slippers. I wasn't feeling so self-conscious at my own attire, which put me more at ease.

"Wow this is some place you have here Jenna."

"This is only the hall. It gets better. Come in to the loungeroom and meet us all. We aren't all that big a sorority. There are currently eleven of us girls here which is great as we aren't all packed in like sardines."

They walked across the hall to the door on the left which opened out onto a big room with heavy red draped held by gold braded sashes. The evening sun glowed through the large double aspect windows.

The room was decorated in aLouis the Fourteenth style. A gold ormolu desk clock chimed the hour. It was sitting on a claw legged walnut commode. The chest of drawers hadornate brass handlesand key escutcheons and was beautifully inlaid with fine veneer and mother of pearl.

Jenna seated herself on one of a pair of Rococo gilt sofas with a cream cloth with pale green leaf patterns over the fabric, and with her arm she ushered meto sit in an armchair slightly offside to the sofa. Iwhistled to myself. The room looked amazing. The furniture and the drapes were great but looking down Isaw she was walking on a very plush carpet. The room was exquisitely decorated with fine oil paintings and water colours. Over the fire place was a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware.Jenna caught me looking over her shoulder to the painting as I gawped at the painting.

"It's a draft of the original painting by Leutze. He painted several. The original was destroyed in World War Two. The White House has one and there's a couple more around. It's the pride of our little sorority. You may have guessed that we aren't like the others along the road. We don't go in for the partying and having bimbo cheerleaders fucking Jocks and puking all over ourhouse. We want somewhere to live that's beautiful and inspires us."

"Look Jenna I don't want to waste your time, but there is no way I can afford to join a sorority like this, as much as I would love to live here."

"Well that's good to know. So if it weren't for money you would consider joining. Girls this is Emily."

Four girls had walked into the room and sat down in the chairs and sofas about the room.

Jenna pointed the girls out. "This is Sarah." She waved at a long legged brunette, bare foot and dressed in jeans and t-shirt similar to Jenna, who she had satnext to.

"Mai Lee." Another wave. She was a short black bob haired Asian girl in a black silk dress with lotus flowers. She had kicked off her shoes and sat in one of the armchairs with her legs tucked under her.

"Laura.” Laura was a red head, and about my height too.She was dressed inlinen pyjamas andslippers.

"Isabella." Jenna wavedatthe lastgirl to enter the room. She was carrying a big tray of glasses with a couple of bottles of wine. She was a tall black girl with stunning green eyes and legs up to her arm pits. She was truly beautiful.She wore high heeled stilettos, a short black leather mini skirt and a white T Shirt with "No Bull" emblazoned over it.

"Bella." She said to me as she put the tray down on the side table between the sofa and my table. "Welcome to Gamma Alpha Gamma. Jenna has been gushing about you all week. Good to put a name to a face at last." She smiled. "I’ll be back in a moment. There wasn't enough room on the tray to bring the chips and dips."

Bella kicked the door open again with another tray and she positioned the chips and dips onthe side tables closest the girls. She was about to sit down when Jenna piped up smirking"What no booze. Poor serviceBella."

Bella glared. "And what did your last slave die of? Running around after you, Hon?"

"It was Math boredom, explaining to me how to do Calculus. Why do I need to know how much water flows through a bath plug as opposed to water flowing into the tub? If it gets too much I turn the freakingtap off!"

We all laughed. I thought there was going to be a blow up between the two but they must be really closefriends to be so cheeky to each other.

"Here let me help you Bella." I said as I rose out of the chair.

"No. Honey you’re our guest." She uncorked a bottle of red wine and poured a glass and handed it to me.

Bella handed out the glasses to the others and plonked herself on the sofa opposite to Jenna and Sarah,

"Thank you for inviting me over to your house tonight. Let’s just say I am curious why I am here."

"Well Jenna thinks you are ideal for our Sorority. Jenna is our Psychologymajor. If she says you aren't a nutter then that's good enough for me." Sarah said. "Obviously if you are a nutter that makes it more fun for us." she giggled

"Well let’s just say our Emily here was going to bitch slap me into next week when I approached her this afternoon." Jenna replied.

"Well you maybe a Psychology student, but your bedside manner really needs work." Mai Leepiped in.

"Nothing is wrong with my bedside manner; or my in-bed manner either."

"Jenna is the sorority slut. We apologise in advance for her behaviour Emily." Laura laughed. "So you are new in town?"

I sipped some wine. We were exchanging pleasantries and small talk and I explained I wasnew; transferring universities as I didn't enjoy my last university and had changed courses. I mentioned I was staying with my father’s cousin, babysitting for them evenings and some weekends for room and board. I also had a job waitressing at a local bar some evenings and weekends, and I was a check out girl at the local supermarket when they needed some extra people on the shift. Normally that was Saturdays.When I baby sat the kids I fed them and put them to bed and the worked on my studies until theirparents came home. I was always juggling things to get it all done.

I found out Mai Lee was into Information Technology. Sarah was doing a business course butwas also doing a photography course too. Laura was the creative one and was doing something in design and architecture. Bella was the mathematician studying pure and applied mathematics.

"I am doing a major in Marketing and Economics."

We chatted some more and drank a lot more, eating the chips and dips. That was when Jenna got up to order takeaway pizzas.

It was that moment even with all the chatting with this bunch of great and interesting girls, I realised it was something I couldn’t aspire to. This sorority would cost me thousands of dollars every semester which I just couldn’t afford. I was working most of my free time as it was, and for shit money. I stood up and followed Jenna to the door.

“I am a bit tipsy. I had better be going.” They protested asking me to stay longer. “Look you are all a bunch of great girls. Fun! Good to hang with. But I have to go. I hope you find a great girl to join you.”

“Why are you running away from us Emily? If you are having a good time with us, then why leave?”

“Because even if I did want to stay, there is no way I can. I won’t delude myself that I can be a part of this.” I waved my hand around the room. “Thanks for inviting me. Tonight was really fun but I have to leave.”

“Emily is running away. She is ashamed she can’t afford this.” Jenna waved her had about the room mocking me. I turned around glaring at her.

“Mai Lee is right. Your bedside manner is fucking rubbish! I am not ashamed because my mother and father saved and gave me what they could afford. They gave it with love. I’ll never be ashamed of that.” I bunched my fists, angry now. “I am embarrassed that I can’t afford something I want. There. You have it.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I really did want to be accepted here. I am a realist though. I can’t afford to dwell on something that is so impossible. I walked to the door with tears starting to run down my face.

Sarah was at my side in a flash.

”Jenna can be a cocky little bitch sometimes.” She turned and looked at her. “She always thinks she is right. She isn’t usually a FUCKING COW though. “She raised her voice glaring at her. “Text your folks and say you are staying here tonight.”

“Look there is no point, so please get out of my way.”

“Stay the night. Please. There won’t be any more sorority shit. No more questions. And Jenna won’t come out with any more psychological babble. Or I’ll help you give her a slap. Girls! I say we offer Emily a bid now. Anyone object?” She looked around.

“I always wanted her in.” Jenna.

“I say yes.” Belle interjected.

Laura nodded.”Me too!”

“I concur.” Mai Lee agreed.

“Right, you are in. I’ll draft a letter to you. The other girls will defer to our judgement. You can meet them on your initiation.”

“Are you delusional? I can’t afford to join you. Just let me walk out of here. Please. With what dignity I have left.” I was crying now.

“Okay. Please stop crying Emily. If we gave you a job that would allow you to stay, and would allow you so stop working at the bar and the mall would you accept it? It will more than cover your tuition fees with enough left over for a good time and some charitable donations.”

I nodded. “What sort of job will allow me to earn thousands of dollars and still give me time to go to lectures and study?” It dawned on me then. “Oh no. No! I am not going too fuck some guy to get the money. You are all fucking prostitutes aren’t you?” I went straight for the door.

“Emily. Gamma Alpha Gamma has its own web business WWW.SORORTYGIRLSHAZED.COM. If you want to be a part of that you can be. We are looking to get into new markets. Something which will allow the sorority to make money. You do marketing and economics. That will help us. Jenna where is your laptop? Show Emily what it is we do.”

I sat staring at the website.

All clips had the same style. Masked new girls were humiliated by masked sorority sisters. All pledges were naked and made to perform rituals and acts that would humiliate them while the sisters insulted or groped or smacked or belittled them. Emily could see clips where all five girls acted out as sisters or as the recruits.

“This is how you make your money to stay here isn’t it? You all do this.”

“That’s correct Emily.” Laura said. She had been quiet most of the evening. “If you want to join us, and we make a lot of money doing this, you will be hazed just like this. We have all gone through it. It takes a certain disposition to do it though. I won’t lie to you about that. Hazing is illegal as it is deemed to be a form of bullying. We have all signed model consent forms prior, and we all participate as the sub or the dom. We upload a set of pictures and a video stream at least once a week. Sometimes we film a month’s content over a weekend and then upload it to hit the site in a pre-programmed upload. If you want to know more about it ask Mai Lee. She runs all that side but we all know roughly what is what and how to do things. It’s just in case our school timetables clash when we need to do something for the website.”

Mai Lee interrupted. “Sure. I keep all the model releases. If you don’t like something to be seen then we will delete it so it never is. We are ethical. All pictures and film are owned by the Website listed as owned by Gamma Alpha Gamma. That way we keep the turnover of new sisters as the owners of the site.”

“The five of us are the directors of the web so are responsible for the everyday running, filing accounts taxes etcetera.” I turned to look at Laura as she talked. “There is a massive trend now for students to pay their fees through sex industry work. Before Sarah was a sister, she was a stripper. Jenna was working for one of those adult phone lines. There are plenty of good looking guys around here with bodies to die for that could earn cash fucking lonely women. We don’t judge them and we certainly will not be judged by anyone.”

“That’s right Emily. We are not prostitutes. Bella and I have a thing together. I like sex and am into a certain amount of verbal humiliation and spanking. We like doing it and any sex we do is in a loving manner. I say things to people to get a reaction and tell Bella. She tells me I am naughty and really does punish me. I know I’ll get my comeuppance from her for upsetting you.” Jenna was finally letting me into her inner psyche.

“Emily.” I turned back to Sarah. “We told you who we are and what we do. We are honest. We work hard at school. All of us had nothing like you. Now we have a business. This way we live a good lifestyle and have cash to live and enjoy ourselves and our tuition is covered. If you join us you become part of that business. Sorting the taxes for all of us is a full time job in its own right.” She smiled. “If you don’t want to do any more modelling after your hazing initiation, something more suitable behind the scenes can be found for you to do. There is one thing! We all share everything. You will have nothing financially to worry about as long as you spend a small amount of your time every month taking things in turn to work on the website. That’s it.”

I sat stunned at what they told me. I looked down at some of the pictures on the site.

“Jesus. I need to leave.” It was too much information for me to take in.

“Okay Emily.” I turned to look Sarah in the eye. “You were always free to come and go. We thought that because you are a good student and, well let’s face it, you have a few morals; that was why we considered you. You have heard us out. You obviously need some time to digest this. I am sorry if we have offended you. That really wasn’t our intention. I’ll get you a cab as it’s late.”

I was about to tell her to go to hell when she added, “I insist. I want you to get safely home. It’s late and we have all been drinking.” Sarah called the cab and I sat stunned in silence. The atmosphere in the room had turned cold. Laura was looking uncomfortably down at the floor. I couldn’t look anyone in the eye. I saw Bella and Jenna exchange a glance but couldn’t read what it meant.

The car tooted its horn and I got up. “Look I am sorry. . . ” I stuttered. There wasn’t much I could say, so I left it hanging.

Sarah walked me out to the door. She handed me twenty bucks.

“It’s for the cab. You were our guest. You gave up your evening to come see us. The least we can do is to get you a cab home.” She hugged me which I didn’t respond to. ”No hard feelings? We’re friends right? I’ll see you around campus?”

I nodded and got into the cab. It was so much to take in.

I rolled down the window of the cab whilst telling the driver where to take me. As the car pulled away I could hear Bella shouting at Jenna. ”That was going so well, and then it turned into a fucking disaster. Jenna you really don’t know what the fuck you are doing.”

I woke the next day feeling pretty miserable. I walked to the mall and sat for a five hour shift on the check out. Then I went home and did some study. I didn’t need to baby sit on the Saturday night so I called the bar to see if they wanted me for waitressing for the evening.

The bar was busy when I got there. There are three sorts of drinker. The loner, who sits drinking just to forget. These order from a waitress or from the bar and then leave you alone. I was thinking I would like to forget last night.

Then there are the social drinkers. These are the best. They order and are polite and respectful. They aren’t overly good for tips as they are engrossed in their own lives. Finally there are, what I call the Jocks. Groups of young adult males who think they can ask you out and thrust a phone number at you, or cop a feel as you bring the drinks over. With both hands full with a tray of beers or food you really have no choice or way to escape their clutches. Normally, I could handle them. I guess I wasn’t in my normal state of mind. Some little shit shoved his hand up my denim skirt and I went nuts. I threw the tray of beer at him so he was soaked. Some went over his buddies and left a hell of a mess of broken glass and beer over the floor.

“How dare you shove your hands down my pants? You think I am some prostitute or something. Your tips entitle you to fuck me, right? You fucking jerk.” As I was going off on one, the customers moved back and some decided to leave. I had been working with Dan the bar owner for about a month and he rushed over.

“What the hell is going on?” He yelled in my face. “These are my customers.”

“Well how about telling your customers to keep their fucking hands out of my knickers when I am trying to serve them their order Dan!”

“Go and calm down Emily. Move away.” He turned to the group.” Get out of my bar and don’t come back.” As I walked off, he threw them out of the bar. I knew that in a week the jerks would be back and their hands would be up my ass again.

I sat in the toilet fuming. I gave it fifteen minutes to calm down but I was enraged.

The bar had emptied a little after the outburst. I caught Dan looking at me and shaking his head.

I walked over and let rip at him.

“They tried to molest me Dan, and you are pissed at me. How is that right? Huh?”

“It happens to waitresses. Just get over it and take the tips they give you. You get paid because I sell them beer and they drink it.”

“What? How dare you say that to me! They treat us like shit and you let them.”

“That’s enough Emily. Handle it or leave.”

“Dan you are a fucking chauvinistic pig. You think I am a piece of meat to lure them in here. I can’t believe you are taking their side.”

“Right that’s enough.” He rang the till. He grabbed a handful of cash and counted it. He slammed it down on the counter. “I won’t charge you for the broken glasses. Just don’t come back. You’re fired.”

I grabbed the cash and threw my apron in his face.

Sitting back in my room I was really angry. I lost my job. That would hurt me financially. I hugged my knees up to my chest and shivered. If I had sucked up my pride I would still have a job but would be acting like some floosy selling her wares for tips. I had been doing it for a month already. This brought things into perspective. If I worked for someone else I would have no say in what I do. I would always have to do something I didn’t want to do, or disagreed with. I would have no control.

Shit! I HAD no control. That stunned me. I was in such a daze. I threw on a jumper and my shoes and walked out on the road. I was walking around campus blindly. I caught the time in the campus clock tower. It was about ten at night. My random ambling had taken me across the campus to the sorority houses. It was cold and I squeezed my hands in the pockets my denim skirt. I felt the cash.

It flashed across my mind to return the money to Gamma Alpha Gamma. I don’t know why. Call it my pride at being in debt. I guess deep down I wanted to see the house again. I wasn’t even conscious of knocking at the door.

“Emily. What are you doing here? Is everything okay?” It was Jenna. She was in a pair of cotton pyjamas with Scottie dogs woven into the fabric. On her feet were the pink fluffy slippers.

“What? Oh yes. Is Sarah about please Jenna. I have something for her.”

“Come in. The kitchen is quiet this time of day. I’ll get you a coffee. You seem preoccupied. Are you sure things are okay?” She put the kettle on. “Sorry it’s instant. Milk, cream or Sugar?”

“Yes things are okay. No, black is fine. Thank you Jenna.” I put my phone down on the breakfast bar.

“Sarah is probably in her room. Let me go fetch her for you.” Jenna left me in the kitchen sipping a mug of coffee.

It was about ten minutes before Sarah came into the kitchen. “Howdy stranger. So look what the cat dragged in.” Sarah paused, looking at me. “Jeez. You look terrible. Are you okay?” She was dressed in a pair of briefs and a baggy t-shirt.

“No. I am really not okay. That’s not why I am here though. I came to give you this. Oh and to say thank you for getting the cab for me. I am sorry what I said about you guys last night. It was very rude of me.” I pushed the twenty over.

Sarah looked at it. Then she looked up into my face. I am sure she was thinking of telling me to keep it but she held back from saying it. “Thank you for returning this Emily. I am glad you got home safely last night. So how was your day today? Did you do anything nice?”

“I worked this morning. I did a bit of studying. Worked at . . . at the bar earlier. . . .” My voice started to crack and I started to sob. “They fired me . . . Sarah, I felt so powerless.”

“Why? What are you talking about?” Sarah asked. She stood up and put her shoulder around me. I blurted out the whole story to her.

“JENNA. Get you useless fat arse in here. Now, please!”

The kitchen door burst open. “What’s happened?” She saw me crying hanging on to Sarah as if my life depended on it. Big racking sobs.

“Emily was felt up at her bar and the cock of an owner fired her. Can you believe that?”

“We should call the police. This is serious. Look what it’s done to her.”

“They fired her from the bar after. Police aren’t going to do anything if the guy was drunk! Why has she come here to us?”

“That’s easy. You all had a go at me last night but I know things.”

“Shut up and tell me then, you Dumbass.”

“Emily is new in town. Probably hasn’t made a lot of friends here yet. She is private, and sorts things out herself. She is here because she relates to you more than the rest of us. Possibly, it’s because you were kind to her. Or perhaps it is because she is attracted to you. It’s something like that.”

“Thanks for the diagnosis Dr Fraud. Don’t tell anyone. This is between us until Emily decides what she wants to do. Come on Emily. Let’s go to my room and we can have a chat in private. Or we can just sit for a while. Jenna, will text your folks and tell them you’re staying here tonight. She has a cell phone like yours.”

Sarah guided me up the staircase to the upper landing. There were more old paintings on the walls with wall lights illuminating the corridors. In her corridor, there were several doors, all old oak. Sarah led me to the end right room and ushered me in.

She waved her hand at the bed and I slumped onto it, Sarah sat next to me on bed. Through my tears I looked about her room. There was a chair and small, neat desk, with some open school books and a laptop. The room was fairly Spartan except two teddy bears propped up on the pillows at the bed head near the window.

“Well you seemed to have had a pretty crap evening Emi. You know, when I was stripping after high school just before I came out here, the clubs were pretty seedy. Guys used to pull my g string hoping to see the wares. If they got fresh, the bouncers on the floor and at the door took the guy out back and gave him a right going over. They knew exactly where to hit a guy so as not to leave a mark. The real threat of cutting their balls off stopped all that nonsense. You’re never going to get that in a normal bar.” She put her arm around my shoulder and hugged me with her arm, gently rocking me.

It was a while before I stopped crying. I felt really embarrassed for breaking down in front of her.

She just shushed me, continuing to hold me.

That was when I blurted out. “It was humiliating. I was in control when I threw the tray of beer at him. The bar man didn’t even take my side.” I sniffed. “He should have!” Sarah opened up the small side table drawer beside her bed and handed me a box of tissues. I blew my nose and dried my eyes. “I have never felt so helpless, Sarah. I had no say or control. That’s scared me.”

“Of course it did. Here we try to control our own lives. Make our own luck. We try the best we can here to get through school and get the best jobs we can. We know what we have to do to get to that position. We aren’t ashamed.”

“But that’s not the same.”

“Emily. It isn’t the same. It’s better. We have all the control to make our destiny. We have safe words and we have someone watching over everything to make sure none of us is unreasonable or goes too far. I’ve been doing this for over a year now. I like it. It’s my job. I like what I do. I like the money. How it will allow me to achieve my goal which is to get a business degree without incurring any outstanding debts. Learning a few new things along the way is a bonus.”

She walked over to a small closet by the desk and pulled out a nighty and tossed it to me.

“It’s late you are staying with me tonight. No buts.”

I looked at the single bed. I was still teary. “Well we both aren’t fitting on here. Am I sleeping in the bath then?” I tried to laugh at my own soppy joke.

Sarah grinned and bent over and told me to raise my feet. She pulled out a bed from under her bed. She wiggled it until they were butted up together and clipped the bed together.

“Will that do?” The bed when clipped was a double and almost filled the entire floor. She threw a pillow from the top of the cupboard at me. “If I have a guy over it’s really uncomfortable in a single.”

“Sorry to be a trouble to you.” I sniffed and blew my nose again.

“You are my sorority sister. Well you maybe soon. We look out for each other.”

Sarah asked me to stand up. The duvet on the single bed was a full duvet doubled over to fit the single. She unfurled it and laid it out over the bed. She turned the main light off and sidled around the bed. She turned on the lamp on the bedside table and sidled into bed.

“Directly across the hall is the bathroom. Just in case you need it in the night. You are going to get over this Emi. It has been a horrid day for you. It was wrong what happened to you, but there are plenty worse things that happen in the world. You and I are going out tomorrow morning and I’ll show you. It’s part of our charity thing. Come on get in. I won’t bite.”

I shoved up the bed and got in. It was the first time I had shared a bedroom my sister. It felt strange. I started taking my clothes, all but my panties, under the duvet slipping my clothes out under the bed before wresting my way into the nightie. Sarah turned over watching me.

“That is so cute Emi. You’re blushing.” She laughed. “I promise not to take advantage of you. Now do you want to talk some more?” I shook my head and huddled up under the duvet while Sarah said goodnight and turned off the light.

I woke up startled in the morning. My arm was draped over Sarah. I had also used her shoulder as my pillow. She was awake watching me.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Do you want to borrow my arm for a bit longer?” She laughed as I sat bolt upright and apologising profusely. Sarah got up and pulled out a towel from her cupboard and threw it on the bed. I’ll leave my stuff in there for you to use. I’ll have a look for a spare toothbrush for you too.”

The shower woke me up I dressed and went down to the kitchen. Sarah slid me a mug of coffee. “Drink up and we are out of here. We can get some brunch later.”

Sarah drove across town and we entered a hall. “This is something I get involved with most Sunday mornings. It gives the parents of the kids a break. Special needs kids. Now watch out. Some of them are teens and really strong. Some get excited and don’t realise what they are doing.”

Sarah and I sat and read stories and played board games for the next three hours. We had some music playing on the radio and Michael Jackson came on. One of the boys jumped up and danced his little heart out and we all clapped and cheered. He and I chatted for an hour on Michael and the Jackson 5 through to his later work. He could hardly do much else but his memory was astounding relating to music. He was only twelve.

When the parents came to collect the kids, Sarah drove me back cross town. “Well Steven seemed quite taken with you. I do this because my brother was in a wheelchair. He is dead now. Fourteen wasn’t any sort of age.”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say to Sarah. “I am sorry Sarah. That must have been tough on you and your parents.”

“It was. This is my penance. I didn’t have any attention as a kid. It was when he died I cried for him. He wasn’t really a part of my life. He couldn’t talk. His brain was damaged in child birth. He was trapped in a body he couldn’t use.” We drove in silence the rest of the way. Sarah turned into the mall carpark near the campus and parked.

“Pancakes.” She said. “I treat myself to pancakes after every time I see the kids. We make charity donations to them. A few hours a week and some cash to take the kids to a camp for a week in the summer gives the parents a break. There’s a restaurant we go to and it charges a set menu meal deal which they do for cost. We sell tickets for the night and raffle donated prizes. I try to help out at the camp over the summer break. So you have now seen Gamma Alpha Gamma in action.”

I ate my pancakes with berries and a splash of syrup. Sarah was tucking in to hers with crispy bacon and Maple Syrup. “Why do this? Children are powerless and innocent and need nurturing. The rest of us can change our own lives. They have to accept their lot. Most of our charity work is for children. Kids sick at hospitals. Children’s hospices. That’s the one that makes me cry. Sorry I have been waffling on.”

We sat eating in silence for a bit when Sarah asked me.” Are you a virgin?”

I coughed in shock spraying coffee on the table.

“No.” I coughed. “What sort of question is that? We are in a restaurant for god sakes.”

“Sorry. I was wondering why you reacted the way you did Friday night. Prudish?”

“No, I am not. I just don’t talk about sex. It’s private.”

“Watch porn then?”

“Fucking hell!” I hissed at her. “Do we have to do this here? I have watched some. Yes. Do I like sex? Yes. Am I mildly curious? Yes? Have I been with a woman? No? Is there anything else you want to ask me?”

“So it’s not what we do that’s scaring you off?”

“No. Yes. Look, I don’t know.” I stammered. My mind was in a turmoil. The questions were making me uncomfortable. In the booth down the aisle from us were a family with kids the same age as my young cousins.

“Well that’s honest at least. I am sorry if I embarrassed you?” Sarah waved at the waitress for a refill of coffee.

We sat in uncomfortable silence for a while. Sarah looked at me and I looked down in embarrassment.

It was becoming unbearable. “Okay. So if I join you lot, how does it work?”

From the look in her face, I think Sarah was relieved to be talking to me again.

“If you accept to be initiated you sign a release form. We will film it as you are aware. Once this goes up on the web it can never be taken off. There will always be someone that will download and keep a copy of the clips. They may share them with friends or just add them back to one of these free video sites. If that isn’t acceptable, then don’t do it. We aren’t for you. We try to hide our identities with aliases and those Venetian ball masks we wear. On the evening, we will treat you like shit though. Lots of name calling, saying your body is inadequate. Some form of physical activity to show your naked body. There will some sort of sexual rite to perform. On completion, we accept you and then we party. Your initiation will be with the girls you have met already. We all work on the website in some form. If you don’t want to help with the kids or the hospice, you don’t have to, but we all meet up and make decisions where the charity money goes to. That is it. It’s now your decision to make.”

Sarah drove me home. On her parting, she told me to forget all about the night before, and to come and see her when I had made a decision. I had a think about it. I had nothing else to lose. Three days later I called in on Sarah and accepted. She was happy and told me I was to become a member on the Saturday, after being hazed on the Friday night. I would be staying over on that evening.

Sarah sent me the letter of notification for the pledge and a model release form of consent. With the letter there were also instructions. I was to turn up beach ready in a white cocktail dress and heels. Thursday I went shopping for the dress at the mall and decided on spaghetti strapped white ankle length dress with a small side split, and a pair of white court shoes with a three inch heel. I also had my hair trimmed and styled and then had my nails done and a pedicure. Last, I bought a sexy set of lingerie. White bra and panties, stockings and garter belt.

I had spent over a months worth of hard earned cash just for one night. I shook my head thinking I was mad as I shaved my legs and pussy in the bath. I was debating shaving it all off but decided to leave a little triangle of neatly trimmed hair above my clit. It made me feel less like a girl.

I tottered across campus in my new dress and heels, and knocked on the door. The door was thrown open by Jenna in a slinky red thigh length silk dress that clung to all of her curves. There was no way she could be wearing underwear under it. She ushered me in. She seemed to be the house designated meet and greeter.

“Prompt. Bang on seven. I like that Honey. Come in and get some wine. We have already started as if you couldn’t guess. Here. You will need to wear this. Don’t worry we all know what masks you newbies are wearing. There are five of you. I hope you like yours.” Jenna handed me a silver eye mask that turned up at the corners with a fleur-de-lys stemming up from the bride of the nose. The mask was covered elegantly in jet and ivory inlaid scroll motifs. I tied it on over my face with the thin ribbons.

“It’s beautiful. I like yours too.”

To match her red dress Jenna was wearing a dark red mask with subtle gold scrolls around the edges of her mask and about the eyes. Her fleur-de-lys rose up over her brow into a plume of dark feathers that draped about her head.

“Come and meet everyone. I don’t expect you to remember everyone at first. Later on, just call us all Sister.”

The hall was decorated for a party. There were plenty of bottles of wine on the hall tables with cocktail nibbles. Jenna ushered me over to a group of girls and introduced me then left me to make small talk as she to get the door again. I was handed a large plastic cup with wine in it which I nursed gently. I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen.

I felt an arm around my shoulder and turned to see Sarah. She was wearing a full length black, one shoulder dress. It was split up to the knee and I could see black strappy heels beneath. Her hair was piled up on her head and held with silver clasps. I gasped. She looked stunning. Her Venetian mask was very simple and she held it in front of her face as the mask was on a stick. On a strap around the other wrist dangled a camcorder.

“You scrub up well Emily. You look beautiful. So are you ready for tonight?” I said I wasn’t but I just wanted to get it over. “We will begin in an hour or so. One tip for you, nothing is personal. Remember that. The safe word is Banana. None of the girls hazing you will be drinking. Neither will the camera operator. That’s yours truly. I promise to make you look beautiful.” She smiled at me.

The time seemed to fly. I put my cup of wine on the table not wanting it. I had to go to the loo just to settle my nerves down. Just as I entered the hall again I saw Bella climb up the stair a few steps and rang a little silver bell. “Sisters. We are here this evening to initiate our new sorority pledges. Pledges will now strip to their underwear.”

I looked around and Sarah was walking about shooting Bella, and the girls stripping, with her camcorder. She made her way to me and I stripped trying to be seductive for her. I stood hands down by my side smoothing a stocking leg which Sarah had picked up on. “Ladies, now please take off your bra and panties.” Bella called out another command. I did as she instructed and stood in the middle of the room conscious of the girls looking at me. It took all my willpower not to cover myself up with my arms.

I was about to take my stockings and garter belt off when I noticed Sarah shake her head. So I stood there in my heels and stockings.

“Oh my god! You all look like dressed up girls. Not women. Why the hell did we accept them? Jeez.

Hey you in the stockings. Get over here.”

“Yes Sister.” I called over to her.

I tried to walk elegantly over to the bottom of the stairs as Sarah filmed my way through the crowd.

Names were being called out. I was a fat cow. I had the legs of an elephant and I should be ashamed of joining the sorority. A hand came out of the crowd and squeezed one of my breasts. I turned and it was Laura. She took hold of my nipple and pulled it as I grimaced.

I shuddered, but I knew she wasn’t aware that I was felt up at the bar last week. I gritted my teeth and continued to walk to the stairs.

Bella had walked down the stairs now. She wore a shimmering silver mid-thigh dress and strappy silver heels. She wore a white mask with delicate golden scrolls. “Hey bitch what the hell are you dressed in Huh?” She yelled.

“Just stockings, Sister. I wanted to look nice but feel sexy too.” I replied meekly.

“So do you think it is right we accept sluts into the Sorority?”

“No Sister. It isn’t”

“Take them off right now.” I slipped out of my court heels and removed the garter belt and the stockings.

“That’s better, pledge. You join this sorority naked. You have shed all your other burdens to join our sister hood. Liberating isn’t it?” She cooed.

I nodded.

Right! I want you all to stand in a straight line and start to step on the spot raising your knees up to hip height in your heels. You” The Slut! Put your heels back on and get into line quick.” I slipped them on and got back into step with the other girls.

While Sarah was filming us the girls started to chat and drink standing around us. Names were called to us.

I blotted all that out concentrating on raising my knees up high in as elegant way as possible. I was thankful I wasn’t wearing higher heels. Two of the girls had come in six inch heels with a platform. The height of the heel was already getting to them.

Suddenly I felt a whack on my ass. I squealed and Laura stepped in front of me. She was dressed in a tight black jumper and beige Jodhpurs and the shiniest black riding boots I had ever seen. I could see the reflections of the girl’s shoes in them. On her head she wore a riding top hat with spotted black lace veil.

“So, Ladies. I say that loosely. There is no elegance and poise here. You are all flopping about like a bunch of old whores. You need to be trained to walk. Knees up. Higher.” The crop flashed and there were more squeals up and down the line.

After about ten minutes with Laura walking around us cracking the crop on our asses or breasts, she called us to stop. You lot are all rubbish. Cloe, where is my coach whip?”

A girl in a long purple dress with a Violet feathered mask handed over a four foot long, thin fiberglass whip with a wicked braided tail about four inches long.

“You sluts move over to the fire place. Hands on the mantel and legs spread wide.”

I assumed the position. I turned my head a little to see Laura standing several feet from us. I heard the whip, swishing through the air. A girl yelled so I grit my teeth. The swishing got nearer and then I felt the little tail of the whip. When it hit my ass it felt like it was skinning me. I grunted and jumped a little as it bit into my ass over and over. Then Laura started back down the line. The whip smacked my upper thighs. I held on to the Mantelpiece grunting as the whip slashed up and down my thighs and calves.

I turned my head to my side and one of the girls was crying softly.

“Okay bitches. Turn around, with your fingers clasped together, hands behind your head. You do not drop your hands or I will tie you to the pillars over there and whip the skin off your backs.”

The coach whip swished again. The crop was whipping thighs and stomachs and breasts moving up and down the line. I tottered back from the line a step as one of the swishes caught me in my lower abs missing my pussy by an inch. Laura stopped and twisting a nipple moved me back into line before she flicked the whip again across both my nipples in one swish. I staggered managing to stand up straight just in time. My belly and breasts were covered in thin red stripes. I was amazed my body wasn’t bleeding.

“There that’s better.” Laura walked up to the girl who was quietly sobbing and rubbed her hand slowly over her body. “Stop the tears little one. I won’t whip you anymore tonight” Laura kissed her cheek and then her lips as she continued to rub the girl’s body. Laura’s lips continue down to the girl’s nipples while her hand was working the girl’s pussy. Soon the girl had stopped the tears and was shuddering in orgasm.

Bella walked in front of us. “Shoes off and start your star jumps. I want to see your tits wobble. Some of you really should think about buying some, you flat chested whores. You will never get a Jock without a good pair of tits.” Bella stepped in front of me. She rubbed the palm of her hand over my breasts smiling.

“The Slut here wouldn’t settle for a nerd would you. Only big fat cocked jocks. Isn’t that right Honey?”

“Yes Sister. That’s right Sister.” I answered as I started the star jumps.

We were left to jump for about twenty minutes while everyone chatted and poured themselves more wine.

The abuse was coming thick and fast to. One of the Sorority girls walked up to a small mousy haired pledge. I reckoned her body to be in proportion to her size.

“Jump you little Bitch while I try and pull some tits out of you.” I recognised Mai Lee’s voice behind her mask. The girl was squealing at every jump. Mai Lee was viciously pulling on the girls tits making her scream. I was secretly preying she wouldn’t walk down the line to me and try to rip my nipples off. Then she was standing in front of me.

“Having fun yet Slut?”

“Not much Sister. Thank you for asking.” I panted an answer to her. Sarah was with her, the camcorder recording everything.

“I am not surprised Bitch. Look at the way your tits are bouncing about. I can’t believe you haven’t knocked yourself out, with a set of jugs like yours.”

I blushed but kept jumping. As Sarah walked passed, she gave me a wink. Then she followed Mai Lee

down the line. I was thankful Mai Lee had moved on. I do a bit of running to keep fit and I wasn’t lagging like some of the girls.

There was a tinkle of the bell again and everyone looked to the staircase.

Bella was standing there. “Fellow Sisters I hope you are enjoying this evenings little soiree. Now is the time we should inspect the pledges. We need to make sure they are healthy and fit for all the extracurricular activities we carry out. Especially you, Sister.” She pointed at a masked girl in the crowd. “And that hung like a donkey jock of yours.” The girls laughed. “Bring out the inspection table.”

Several girls dragged a small short sturdy table into the middle of the hall. One by one we were ordered to stand on the woodentable. It was about two feet high.

We were all helped up one at a time to be paraded. We were ordered by Bella to stand quietly with our heads bowed and eyes looking down at the floor. The sorority girls circled us making appreciative noises to some; others were told their tits were too small and they would never be able to keep a guy. The enhancement rib came out again. I could hear the pledges squealing ashands slapped at tits and asses while others had their tits squeezed and their nipples pulled and twisted as the sorority girls made rude and suggestive comments.

Then it was my turn to get on the table. Standing right in front of me was Jenna. She had Laura’s riding crop in her hand. She ordered me to bend and touch my toes and not speak on pain of being cropped again. That was when I felt hands smack me hard on each butt cheek. It kept up as blows rained down on my tush in rapid succession. I grit my teeth and grunted as I was smacked harder. That was when I felt a hand between my legs and rubbing the flat palm over my pussy.

“This bitch likes this. She is getting wet. Hit her again.”

I have to admit I was getting turned on by the hand doing its magic on my pussy. I still didn’t know what the hell people see in being spanked as it really started to sting my ass.

I grunted as more blows rained down on my cheeks and then fingers were slipped inside me I gasped and the fingers drilled in and out of me. I panted harder andI was about to come when the fingers withdrew and everyone laughed at my disappointment. I raised my eyes and Sarah had the camera in my face recording it. I was thankful for the mask hiding my blushes.

“Not yet Pledge. You haven't earned the right to come. I like this one. She comes across as an aloof little Bitch but she is a right slapperwhen she gets going.” I couldn’t be sure but I thought it was Mai Lee’s voice.

I was pawed and squeezed everywhere. Some little bitch even rolled her fingers through my little knot of pubic hair and pulled some out. That brought the tears to my eyes. I was pretty pissed off as Sarah was on the scene to record it. I was thankful to be ordered off the table and to stand with the others while another girl was helped up to be inspected.

I wasn’t sure what else was going to happen but I was getting sick and tired of people touching me. It was repetitive and it was making me angry. Sarah voice popped in my head that it wasn’t personal. I had to carry on the act.

Then the silver bell chimed again and everyone turned to the stairs. Bella climbed a few steps to stand over the crowd.

“Turn the camera off please.” Sarah nodded she had done so. “Well I have to say this is turning out to be a lovely evening. I do love fresh meat being initiated. Now we have whipped them, spanked them and berated them all evening. I am feeling generous tonight. It must be all the wine flowing that is having that mellowing feeling. Pledges you can have a little break for a bit. Use the toilet, grab a drink and have a little rest before the final event of the evening.”

“Thank fuck for that.” I exclaimed to no one in particular.

I wanted to check on my ass and my legs from that coach whipping. I felt every one of those lashes still. I didn’t care that I was naked. I weaved my way through the girls over to the mirror on the wall. I stood with my back to the mirror cocking my head over my shoulder to see the marks on my back and ass. I felt myself to see if I was bleeding, and was amazed I wasn’t. I could see faint red lines from the whip but that was it. I guess Laura knew what she was doing with it.

“Admiring my handy work Emily?”

I turned to see Laura and Sarah standing there with three cups. She offered me one and I gulped a mouthful. “I thought you had knocked the skin off me. It doesn’t look that bad.” I said.

“It will fade in a couple of hours. Sorry about the last few. I was playing up to the camera and almost caught you in the kitty cat because I wasn’t concentrating. I have some Aloe Vera for you when you get finished. I have your clothes hanging up too. You are doing good kiddo. It’s nearly over. Hang in there.” She walked off to chat with two of the other naked pledges.

“She is doing the rounds with that cream. Bella has been overseeing this evening.”

“But she said she was drinking. You said you five would be sober.” I said worrying the whole evening would fall apart and the girls would all end up smacking the shit out of me.

“Emily you really should trust me. Here.” She thrust her cup into my hand. “Drink it. It’s cola.”

I gulped the whole cup down. I was thirsty and didn’t want the wine.

“I am sorry. It’s just. . .”

“It’s alright.” Everything is going as we planned. Some of the girls may have got a little heavy handed with the last one. Sorry about that. Bet you wished you shaved it all off?” she laughed. I grinned and nodded. “Now I am not to say anything about the last event tonight but you should take this. Use a lot of it too. Front and back. Have you had anal sex before?” She handed me a small tube of paste. I read the tube. KY Gel lubricant. I frowned as I shook my head.

“Emily, there are no guys here to fuck your brains out. Just go with things. When it comes to the bottom, relax. Take it slow and keep applying a little pressure. It feels funny. Don’t panic, you won’t hurt yourself.”

“If I don’t want to I am out right?” Sarah didn’t have to say anything. I saw the look on her face.

“We will have to have a chat about it. Emily, you won’t say the safe word. Now go and use that.”

In the toilet I took my mask off and straightened my hair. I stood in front of the mirror. I was shocked at how self-conscious I had been last week taking my clothes off in bed with Sarah. A week later I was naked in a room of twenty or so women, and didn’t bat an eyelid at it. I sat down on the toilet and had a pee. After I wiped myself dry I rubbed a little of the gel on the tube then I inserted the tube into my fanny and squeezed the tube. I could feel the cool gel as it entered me I kept squeezing little by little as I pulled the tube out. I inserted two fingers to spread the gel and then wiped the excess gel off onto some toilet paper.

I had no other choice but to trust Sarah. I sat for five minutes summoning up the courage to do it. I rolled the tube up squishing the gel closer to the tube mouth. I stood and squatted. I held the tube at the opening of my asshole. I added a little pressure. The tube dug into me so I jiggled the tube to help it along. A little more pressure and it had started to slip into me. I slid the tube is as far as the rolled tube would go and squeezed the gel inside me. Wow did that feel funny. I wiped my bottom with more toilet paper thinking the lube was leaking out of my ass but it wasn’t. It felt weird as I stood. I wrapped the tube in toilet paper and threw the tube into the bin. I washed my hands and put the mask back on and walked out into the hall.

I grabbed another cup of wine and realised my hand was shaking. I wanted to be initiated and accepted. If I backed out I had blown a month’s money on a stupid dress and shoes. I could scream at my stupidity. I really couldn’t afford to fail. It made me feel so cheap. I started to feel melancholy.

Bella rang the bell. I gulped the whole cup down to try to calm my nerves. Then I walked to the stairs.

“Pledges, after this final event, the evening is over and you will be accepted into the sorority of Gamma Alpha Gamma. Then we can really start the party. Jenna. Front and centre and strip off. Jenna has agreed to stand in as there is an odd number this time around. Sarah, please start recording.”

Sarah nodded to say the camera was rolling.

“Okay Bitches hands behind your back. Ladies secure the pledges. We don’t want the little whores to run off.”

I felt my arms pulled behind my back. My wrists were placed palm to palm and rope was lashed around my wrists. Then I felt a rope under my elbows pulling them together. The girl behind me wasn’t gentle. As she tightened the rope she used her arm to press my arms into her own body to lever my elbows closer together. Then the rope coiled again around my elbows tighter and tighter.

“Hey that hurts.” I complained.

“Shut it bitch. I’ll untie you if your arms fall off. Don’t make me gag you with my panties.” It was the girl in the purple dress and feathered mask.

Well that shut me up. I gritted my teeth and really did hope my arms wouldn’t fall off. As my arms were pinned back I couldn’t help be aware of my breasts sticking out in front of me. Embarrassingly, my nipples were hard too.

“Sisters bring out the special benches.” Bella ordered.

Six benches were brought out and set out in the hall parallel to each other, and the sisters made space around them.

“OH My God.” I stammered under my breath.

Each of the benches had eight realistic looking cock shaped silicon dildos of different colours. All increasing in size and girth. That was when I notice the last toy. It was a fat pink butt plug about two inches across. My jaw dropped open.

“Yes ladies. You now have to fuck your way into the sorority like good little sluts. But first you should make your way down the line and suck the toys like the two bit whores you are.”

We were all pushed to our knees. Bella was enjoying thrusting Jenna’s face over the first dildo as she put her lips over it and took it into her mouth. Then a hand was at my neck and gently pushed my face over the first toy. I opened my mouth and took it into me. It was clear silicon and four inches long and five inches in girth. Like all of the dildos, it had balls and a rubber suction cup holding it down on the bench. The dildo felt pretty real as it warmed in my mouth. I could trace the realistic veins in the shaft and the glands with my tongue.

It’s just a show. Remember you are putting on a show for paying customers. The customers will pay your fees. I kept reminding myself as I bobbed up and down on the silicon shaft.

“Yes ladies. You need to make these as wet as you can. Now fuck it.” She ordered.

It was hard to stand with my arms and elbows tied. As I staggered up I nearly stumbled. The hands that tied me steadied me and gently held me as I cast my leg astride the bench. I squatted over the dildo and slid down onto it. I bobbed up and down on it using my hands to steady myself thrusting my hips out leaning back to give everyone a good view. I was also becoming aroused.

Bella’s voice cut through my pleasure like a knife through butter. “That’s enough for now you little sluts. Change and start to suck the next one.”

The next dildo was a yellow latex shaft, six inches but with the same sized girth. Taking it to in to the back of my throat, it brought more drool from my mouth. I let it run down the shaft. I bobbed up and down slurping and sucking the thing. Then Bella ordered us to fuck it. The arms helped me stand and steadied me as I slipped down on the shaft. This toy filled me a little more and bobbing up and down on this dildo was great. I was so close to coming when Bella told us to suck the next dildo. It was as if she knew how to time it to piss me off.

Fucking the dildo was taking my mind off my aching elbows. I looked about me and saw the frustration on some of the others too. Sarah was moving about and filming all the dildo action and our frustration of not being able to come.

I wasn’t sure how I was feeling. I hadn’t been tied up before tonight, but I was starting to like it. It felt strange to give up my freedom, and be ordered to do something with no means of objection, or power that a week before was abhorrent to me. Sarah must be right. I had accepted this and I could stop it at any time. Perhaps that was the difference.

There was a fatter six inch dildo next, and then an eight inch. Both were the same girth and flesh coloured.

It was the purple eight inch dildo with a six inch girth I was having problems getting into my mouth. All I could do was use my now aching jaws to bite on the latex to inch it into my mouth. The gag reflex was kicking in so I resorted to licking the shaft. I was so hot and horny wanting to come. It was fairly straight forward to slowly ease the dildo into me.

Wriggling my hips, I eased up and down on it and I finally made myself come leaving me panting. I closed my eyes enjoying it as I was propped on the bench. I was purring in pleasure when I felt my nipples being pinched and something clamp onto my nipples. I gasped as my nipples started to slowly ache. Startled I opened my eyes to see Bella attaching the nipple clamps.

“Okay sluts. You are here to be initiated, not to come and enjoy yourselves. I hope you like my nipple jewellery. Now fuck those dildos.”

Every wriggle and bounce I made on the dildo was sending jolts of pleasure through my pussy, but my nipples felt like they were falling off. The chain was swinging and slapping into my chest, dragging on my nipples.

Switching again to suck the ten inch was easier than the eight. The girth was smaller and I could fit it in my mouth and take some of the shaft deeper into my mouth. Leaning over the dildo I could rest the chain of the nipple lamps on the bench so the swinging lessened the pull on my poor nipples. I was thankful for Sarah handing me the lube. I was wet and slipped onto the shaft and managed to take about eight inches comfortably. Taking it all, the thing was banging on my cervix which was painful. Eight inches was enough for me.

Supporting my arms on the bench again leaning back my tummy was supporting the chain of my nipple clamps.

When we swapped for the fatter ten inch dildo I tried the same tricks. I could only swallow a few inched of the shaft. It was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the dildos and my legs were burning and killing me from the squats. Leaning back I rubbed the shaft up and down my pussy. Sarah had brought the camera in front of my bench so I played to the camera. “Oh it’s so big. I love big veiny cocks rubbing my slit”

I slowly eased the cock into me and slid down as far as was comfortable. Then I rose up so you could just see the latex glans of the tip of the cock in my pussy before burying it inside me again.

“Okay bitches. We have save the biggest and best till last. You know what to do.”

I came eye to eye with a monster. It was a black dildo bigger than a babies arm. It was twelve inches at least. And at least seven inches in girth, maybe a little bigger. Looking around no one could get any more that the tip of the cock in their mouths. We could only lick and rub our lips up and down the shaft to get it wet. I tried to cheat and get an orgasm by rubbing my slit up and down it when Bella came to me and gave the chain of my nipple clamps a yank. Christ did it hurt.

“Rubbing is not fucking Honey. Get your pussy on that now or I am going to shove it up your asshole.” Bella laid the law down to me so I sat on the thing and tried to let gravity take its course by slipping down an inch or two before trying so simulate sex on it. Boy was I stretched out. Every wriggle and move I made I thought I was going to tear the skin of my pussy. It was actually hurting. I was so thankful for Sarah handing me that lube.

After that, it was easy to just slowly sit on the butt plug until my sphincter opened and then pop and close over the flared base.

“Okay ladies. Now keep sitting on the plug, and turn and face the pledge next to you and congratulate them. Then make out with them.”

I tuned to the bench near me and recognised Jenna by her mask. It was funny to rotate on the plug up my ass. It wasn’t unpleasant. It was better than having that monster dildo up my kitty cat. We were only a foot away from each other. She lent in first to kiss me. “Well done. Same time next week?”

I laughed and thanked her. It was hard to make out with her while our arms were tied the way they were.

I was so horny from the dildos I wanted to hug her and be hugged back. We kissed gently. Jenna nuzzled my neck sending erotic shivers up my spine. Wriggling around on the plug just wasn’t doing it for me. I so wanted her to touch me down there. I thanked her for approaching me those weeks ago. I bent low and kissed down her neck and shoulder. She threw her head back and murmured. My tongue traced its way down the nape of Jenna’s neck. I didn’t care about the clamps on my nipples. I was so happy.

That was when Bella came around all the girls and removed the clamps from us. She asked us to hold our breath as she released them. “Fuck that hurts more than when you put them on.” She rubbed and played with our nipples and hugged us all congratulating us.

I leant across to Jenna. “You volunteered for the last task. Why the hell did you do that for?”

“I devised it silly. I wanted someone to treat me like that. She turned and looked longingly at Bella.”

I thought it would be best to leave them to have a moment to themselves, so I stood up easing myself off of the plug.

I was a little unsteady on my feet, when a hand caught my arm. I looked over my shoulder at her. I vaguely recognised her. “Bet you wished I had stuffed my panties in your mouth after all that. Your arms haven’t fallen off either. Sorry about calling you a bitch but guys that buy these clips get off on wanting us to degrade the pledges.”

“So I noticed. You are Cloe right. You brought that horrid whip out?” She nodded as she started to untie my elbows. She was explaining about the nerves near the surface of my elbows. I sighed as the rope around them fell loose. Then she massaged my upper and lower arms which made them feel so much better. “That feels so good. I may let you tie me up again if you do that to me every time.”

“You hadn’t been tied up before?” I shook my head. “Shit. I am sorry. I mistook you for the pledge Lisa. She had and I was to tie her up tight. You are pretty flexible though. It becomes easier if it’s done regularly. There are some tissues over there to clean up. The bathroom is left free for the pledges to use after their ordeal. Congratulations.”

I padded off to the bathroom in a bit of a daze. I had passed the ordeal. I sat on the loo reflecting on the evening. My nipples ached from the clamp. My pussy had more of a work out tonight than in the previous year. That fat six inch dildo really did it for me. I didn’t even notice that my arms were bound when I was riding that. With the right person I would try that again. I wiped myself down and then wiped my ass. I used a folded piece of tissue and soap to clean myself up properly before I thought I was ready to join the party again.

I was passed a plastic cup of wine and slowly ambled about the hall making small talk. The masks were coming off and more wine was drunk. I caught the grandfather clock chiming 11:30. Then I realised I was hungry. There were still a few canapés on the table so I made a grab for them.

“You know eating is cheating. There’s less room for alcohol. Am I allowed some wine now?” Sarah grinned. She had finally found me in the crowd. I just thrust my cup at her and stared at her.

“Thank you Emily.” She sipped from the cup. “It feels a bit of an anti-climax after all that doesn’t it?” I nodded. “Come with me.” I dropped everything and followed her.

We crossed the hall and continued up the stairs to her room. On a coat hanger hanging on the door of her closet was my dress. Neatly folded on the desk were my underwear and purse, and tucked under the desk were my shoes. She waved at them “You can get dressed Emi, or I can join you if you wish.”

“I wish. Thank you. Thank you so much.” I blurted out as I started to cry. It was starting to become a habit crying in front of Sarah. I walked to her and hugged her tight. I needed and wanted to be touched. I hadn’t quite realised all through tonight, I wanted Sarah to be touching me.

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