Games People Play

by TC

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; outdoors; oral; sex; cons; X

First off, this story is a work of pure fiction.

I had to do it! Just had to! I've always been a man of my word and that has often got me into trouble. But like I said, I'm a man of my word and when I say I'll do it, I do it! And my girlfriend knows it too! There are certain things one should keep to themselves, although its tough in a relationship when honesty means a lot. With that being said, here's my story......

First off, my name is Tom and I live in, of all the horrible places, New Jersey. 23 years! So yes, you can call me crazy! lol I'm 6-2, 180 pounds and in really good shape and deeply in love with my girlfriend, Tina.

Her and I are very competitive people. Whether it's sports, a board game, trivia or anything else, we both want to win at all cost. And come hell or high water, whatever it takes to win, short of cheating, is all that matters! Friday, after getting home from work, we decided to have a "game-a-palooza". 11 different games, loser picking the next one, until someone won the majority. After 9 games, I was losing 5-4 and opted for "Monopoly". As usual, I totally decimated her to the point that she was almost in tears. 5-5! All tied up! Her choice!

And of all the games to pick from, she chose "Seek and Find" where one person hides something and the other has a certain amount of time to find it. She said that since it's her choice of games, she chose to hide the object and I had to find it. And I said that was fine by me! Then she asked if I wanted to make the game "more interesting". She said that if I played the game by her "special" rules, and won, she would be my slave for a month and do whatever I wanted, whereever I wanted to do it, and whenever I chose to do it. If I lost, then I was her slave for a month! Her conditions were for me to find the object, outside, while naked. Being outside naked has never been a problem for me, so I excepted the challenge with her "extra rules". We decided that since it was late, the game would be the next day, Saturday.

Saturday, was a beautiful, day! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the only thoughts I had were of her being my slave for a whole month! After breakfast, she asked me if I was ready for my challenge. I said that I didn't think it would be a good idea to running around naked in the yard with all of our neighbors being around. So she offered me an option of forfeiting the game or letting her pick a different place without as many people. I wasn't about to lose on a technicality, so she got to pick another place. She told me to go get ready and we'll drive to the new location. I was ready and ran for the car. I was somewhat shocked of the new place. She chose an old campground. Many acres of places to hide things, especially, with the large wooded area for hiking. This was going to be tough. And the object of my quest..... a single key! Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack!! I argued that finding a little key in the vast wooded area was impossible and that she was setting me up to lose. I found out later, I was right!

Being that we do play fair, she offered me another option, forfeit (not a chance!) or agree to more "special" rules. The deal would be, that she would put the key in a bright orange drawstring bag about 18" deep by 10" wide in exchange for me doing the challenge while in bondage. As I said, we both love bondage, so I accepted the terms on the condition that my eyesight would not be hindered in any way and that my legs would not be hobbled or fettered making it easier for me to move around the woods. My conditions were met while approval and a twinkle in her eyes. Then I had a gut feeling that she set me up for this and I fell for it hook, line and sinker!

We agreed on a 6 hour time limit for the challenge and we started to prepare me for it. I stripped off all my clothing and stood there, basking in the warm sun, enjoying mother nature, while Tina put the key into the bag. She then asked me to lay down in the back of the truck. Confused, I asked why. She said that she wanted to make sure that I didn't watch where she hid the bag with the key. So I laid down in the truck bed and she handcuffed my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the truck bed and blindfolded me. This was getting very exciting for me and she could tell. Hell, anyone could tell my excitement level. My erection was standing at full attention.

And as the old joke goes, she said "don't go anywhere, I'll be right back!" With that she left to hid the bag. I took this opportunity to get my game plan straighten out. We've camped and hiked here before, so I knew the layout pretty well. I was going to search the wooded areas in sections, starting with the more dense areas first, because they would be more time consuming and work my way to the more open areas.

About twenty minutes later, Tina came back and started to set me free, then paused. She said that while she had me in such a vulnerable position, she may as well take advantage of me now, in case I found the bag and she became my slave for an entire month. Without releasing me or removing the blindfold, she went to work. First, she lowered the tailgate. Climbing on top of me, she began! Quick kisses and nibbles around my left ear lead to her tracing a path under my chin and up towards my right ear. Deep, passionate kisses on my mouth, with a little tongue action, drove me crazy. This was her prelude to my favorite foreplay. Then she kisses and nibbled down from my lips, under my chin, all over my throat, to my chest. This always excited me! No matter how excited I was, this always made me more excited because I knew what was to come (lol! hopefully me!).

Sliding down my body, her soft hands on my shoulder, she licked, sucked, nibbled, twisted and pulled at my little nipples. More sliding, caused her 40DD breasts to straddle my engorged cock. Her hands and fingers began to work on my nipples while she continued her assault on my belly and ribs with her mouth. I so loved this! I challenge anyone, man or woman, to take this teasing from their significant other, and not love it. Fresh air, sunshine, teasing and ........ then her mouth on my cock. Gently at first, with little licks and kisses on the head. Slowly taking it deeper into her mouth, slowly using a little more suction. She had me twitching in no time.

Removing her mouth from my cock, she then proceeded to suck on my balls, first one, then the other, sometimes both. (I can't speak for everyone, but to me, this is me at my most vulnerable. One little slip, pull, nibble or other action can be painful but I try to relax knowing that I trust her with my life!)

After tormenting me for a few minutes, her mouth goes back to my cock and she sucks like her life depends on it, pulling out all her little tricks and techniques, trying to make me come! And that quick, she stopped! Aaaaaw! I was so close!! But she knew that and that's why she stopped. Next, she was straddling me, her hand slowly caressing my cock while she lowered herself onto my stiff cock. Wonderful! The feeling of her pussy, engulfing my cock, is breathtaking! We both gasped as she slid her pussy all the way down. Her smooth motion back up was just as breathtaking. My mind was picturing her, naked, slowly riding my cock up and down while my body was feeling her do it to me too! Life just doesn't get and better than this.

A short time later, maybe 10 minutes, I hear her breathing quicken, I feel her body quiver, and her tempo quicken. Then, Bang!, I come and she explodes into what sounds like a mind shattering orgasm! She slumps down, laying on me, kissing me gently while slowly my now used cock, slides from her pussy, ending with a little "plop!"

Oh the joys and memories her and I have shared. And this is another one to add to the scrapbook.

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