Games People Play

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; leather; piercings; leash; public; corsets; cuffs; bdsm; crop; hoods; chast; hobble; gags; susp; toys; oral; denial; sex; climax; cons; XX

Julie and Mark had been together for almost five years, they had met at a fetish convention and even though they, at the time, couldn’t see each other’s faces had hit it off and spent the rest of the weekend together and hadn’t been apart since. Julie was a good sub and enjoyed Mark as her dom. Mark loved Julie and her svelte and toned body and long blonde hair but especially loved her almost uncontrollable need to be bound. Julie had always wanted to be a servant, to be forced to do others bidding and through most of her life had been taken advantage of by people who discovered this trait and used her for their own purposes. She always wore fetish attire, most of the time when it really wasn’t appropriate, her tight corsets and skirts with tall heels had gotten her in trouble at work on several occasions and when she wore her neck, wrist and ankle shackle’s her boss didn’t know what to think.

Mark had not been looking for a sub but couldn’t resist when Julie had asked him to lead her around the convention by the leash attached to the pussy rings Julie was wearing. Mark was amazed at her tiny waist from an incredibly tight corset that forced her to gasp for each breath making her chest heave seductively, the same style that she still wore almost twenty four seven today, a tall posture collar that held her head firmly erect and forced her head slightly back and thigh high ballet boots that made her legs look incredibly long, Julie had learned how to walk in the boots early on and still wears them every chance she gets, the leash she had handed him ran into her leather thong and was attached at her pussy lips by two large piercings that had now been joined by four more and was used to keep her pussy locked up, usually with something hidden inside it to keep her attention.

The shoulder length leather gloves where locked on by small wrist cuffs with one having a chain dangling from it, her ankles where locked together by the matching cuffs with a much longer chain connecting them but it still forced her to take smaller steps when she walked, the mask she was wearing blocked most of her vision and kept her from being recognized by anyone. Mark on the other hand was wearing a leather suit jacket and pants with a lone ranger type mask that allowed him to see everything as he stood a stared at this beauty, following her entranced by the swaying her adornments forced to make as she walked. After an hour he finally spoke to her as she looked at a new corset and soon they were laughing and talking both feeling very comfortable with one another.

After she accepted his invitation to dinner she handed him her leash and as she walked carefully behind him she locked the chain from her cuff to her other wrist behind her back. Mark noticed this at their next stop and asked where the key was and she said smiling, “In my room, but I’m not sure if I can get the door open or not by myself” he continued to tug at her leash for a few hours until she saw a new panel gag with a large cock shaped phallus attached to it and stopped in her tracks causing him to pull hard on her rings before turning around to see why she stopped. As she stood staring at it he asked her why she stopped and she told him this was what she had been looking for and pleaded with him to help her try it on.

Mark opened the bag and soon was feeding the large cock down her throat and began strapping it tight around her head. Mark was again amazed that she could easily take the large cock into her throat as he adjusted the chin strap, pulling it tight making sure she could not open her mouth at all. He watched her nostrils flare and could just see her eyes roll back as she enjoyed him strapping it on. Mark paid for the gag and bought another that was able to pumped up and made much larger and longer while Julie suckled on her new toy. “So much for dinner” Mark said bringing her back to reality “You won’t be eating much with that on and since I can’t release you I guess you’ll just have to stay like that”

Julie couldn’t express it but she would have been glad to stay like she was forever but the panel kept him from seeing her smile and with her head now leaning back further and being held even more firmly she couldn’t nod in agreement either. They roamed around the large conference hall Mark leading her with gentle but firm tugs on her dripping pussy before stopping at a booth that sold latex of all kinds. Mark asked her if she liked latex and she stomped once for yes and after he looked around for an hour he and the sales person had a tube dress made of thick transparent blue latex pulled up her body. The dress stretched tightly on her body and pulled her legs together only allowing her to take tiny steps as she moved around the booth. Mark noticed the chain dangling on the ground and bought two locks and doubled it up and locked it to the cuffs again making it short enough to not interfere with her walking.

Asking if she liked it she now couldn’t even stomp her foot and he said hum if you like it and grunt if you don’t. Julie hummed loudly and Mark just smiled and purchased it and two others, he liked buying her things and since he didn’t have anyone else to buy for he didn’t even care that he might not see her again, but he had hope. Even before they left the booth her dress was starting to fog near her pussy as she became more and more turned on and soon Mark was guiding her with the leash now attached to her collar through the crowds and in and out of other booths. Julie was now having a difficult time keeping up in the new dress as Mark walked a little faster to make it more difficult for her paying close attention to how well she was able to keep up and not exceeding her ability to walk.

Two hours later Julie was panting hard and slowing down, she was sweating badly and the hidden steel balls trapped in her pussy and her restraints plus being bound in public was pushing her near an orgasm, Mark had been noticing her walking slower and stopped at a booth and tied her leash to a support pole and said I’ll see you later and walked off and was quickly out of Julie’s restricted line of vision. Julie stood for almost an hour before getting nervous, she had already been pulling on the leash and trying to turn to untie it but it was tied too high and too tight for her to be able to release herself bound as she was. When the booth operator started using her as a demo for his whips she started getting spanked and whipped by everyone who came by and after another hour her ass was red hot from all the beatings she had taken.

Even though Julie was utterly aroused by all the attention and stimulation the spanking was giving her she was still nervous that she was also totally helpless and unable to make anyone understand that. As the next customer began hitting her rubber covered ass with a large paddle Julie could feel her climax nearing, each swat vibrated the balls inside her and as she grew nearer to climax the person hit her harder driven on by her moans that Julie was unaware she was making. Finally her orgasm hit her and she moaned even louder as her legs began shaking and she closed her eyes to enjoy the rapture. Several minutes later she opened her eyes and as she looked around she could see a crowd of people standing and watching her as they all began clapping and cheering for her, they had all watched her performance and appreciated her orgasm all most as much as she did.

Julie stood gasping for air and turning beet red from embarrassment from not being able to control her own body in front of all these strangers when she noticed Mark standing next to her with the large paddle in his hand. Mark said, “I guess I’ll take this too, she seems to like it best” Julie was relieved and leaned on his shoulder as he started laughing and several people in the crowd told him how lucky he was to have someone so compatible for a partner. Mark looked at Julie and said, “I know” and asked if she was alright and she hummed still leaning on his chest as he paid for the paddle and untied her leash. He led her to the elevator and asked where her key card was, Julie turned and pulled the card from the back of her thong and pushed into his hand. Once they got to her room Mark sat down and watched her wriggle around the room trying to figure out a way to reach the keys, not being able to step over some of the bags in the way until she finally retrieved them but instead of unlocking her wrists she took them to Mark and knelt in front of him humming.

Julie spent the next two days wearing her corset and boots with Mark leading her around the convention and a having her try on many different items and him buying most of them. The hobble dress corset was her favorite and loved how long it took to get her into it and how it felt as each pull of the laces took more of her freedom away and the way it made her feel when her body was held tightly in its embrace but later wished it had been one of the last booths they had gone to because Mark laced it exceedingly tight and then made her wear it for the next eight hours while they shopped. The dress crushed her chest and abdomen and held her knees tightly together then followed her calves down to her ankles forcing her to take one or two inch steps for the rest of the day.

Mark had attached her leash to her pussy again and fed it through the front laces of the dress pulling the rings outside the laces before lacing them closed trapping her rings outside the dress and keeping constant pressure on her tortured lips. Julie whined a few times asking Mark to walk slower and to please turn on the vibrator she had slid into her pussy before they had left her room, Mark ignored her and as they walked the butt plug seemed to grow and become more uncomfortable from the tension of the tight dress across her ass. Julie whined again not wanting to tell him about the plug afraid he might find it too much but shortly after she whined Mark stopped and she was being fed another large gag attached to a half hood neck corset that Mark laced tightly around her thin neck.

Since her hands had been locked behind her back into the figure eight style cuffs that Mark had just purchased and tied tightly to her waist with the corset laces she could do nothing but whine as Mark pulled the collar tight and soon had her gasping for air through her nostrils again. The large gag filled her mouth but when Mark stuck a hose into it and began pumping the ball she felt it growing inside her mouth, Mark continued to pump until she was muffled completely and her cheeks were bulging over the mask adding two more for good measure he unplugged the hose and said, “ There now maybe you will learn to be quiet” she tried to plead with her eyes, but Mark ignored her as he noticed her dress needing to be adjusted, she squealed slightly as he yanked the laces, squeezing her ass even tighter and making the plug feel like it was huge.

They wandered around the hall for another four hours before Mark said he was hungry and headed for the door, about half way to it he said “You're taking too long”, and turned and hooked her leash to a bondage rack display and told the booth operator she could be used as an assistant until he returned, Julie heard this and struggled but the operator soon had her uncuffed and was strapping her face forwards to a rack, as she watched Mark walk out the door her vibrator turned on at medium speed. Julie was panting hard as her arms were stretched up and she was forced into the air until her toes landed on something and the two men strapped her wrists tightly into leather cuffs attached to the rack, the cuffs were pulled and she was stretched until she barely had any weight on her pointed toes.

She felt several straps being tightened over her upper arms and across her back just below her arms pits before the salesman started talking about accessories and shoved a leather pillow between her thighs and the rack and began sliding it up until it was between her hips and the rack where he latched it in place, Julie was struggling hard because the salesman hadn’t noticed he had trapped the leash still connected to her pussy between her and the pillow and now it was pulling hard on her rings. Julie felt another strap pulled tight across her lower back then another right below her leather covered ass this caused her to arch her ass outwards making a very enticing target but also forcing her already crushed body to conform to the new shape and pull even harder on her rings. Two more straps were pulled tight across her thighs and around her ankles as the booth sales person talked and Julie could also feel her pussy dampen as her freedom had been taken away completely.

Julie was glad she had worn her leather gloves again as she was stretched further and could feel the leather cuffs digging into her wrists as the operator flipped a switch and soon she was turning slowly upside down. After a few revolutions Julie’s head was swimming as her climax neared again but when the spinning stopped she was left upside down, and people started fondling her leather encased body and some even spanked or whipped her as she hung with her head at the floor unable to move of see who or what was coming next. The rack was demoed for another hour and she had been left in every position imaginable during that time and her body was starting to ache from being stretched and arched so hard but when she felt the corset being tightened again she began to thrash in her bonds as the salesman squeezed the air from her body leaving her helpless and gasping before whipping her some more.

Mark had been watching the whole time, just like the previous day and turned her vibrator on high and watched her struggle harder as her whines turned to moans as her orgasm grew nearer. He had the operator ask if she wanted to stop and she grunted her no signal as Mark and the others who had gathered around smiled and watched her being whipped, she was pulling hard on her pussy rings and this finally sent her over the edge as her orgasm engulfed her and she tried to scream as her body convulsed. When she blacked out and hung limply from her wrists Mark turned the vibrator down and loosened the dress a little before unstrapping her body and waiting for her to stand again. Once she was on her pointed toes her unlocked her cuffs and helped her down from the rack and asked if she enjoyed the ride. Julie hummed loudly that she did but was still weak from her ordeal so Mark helped her to her room and as he laid her on her bed he cuffed her hands in front and left her keys on the table with a note to call him if she needed any help to get ready to go home.

Julie had indeed called him and only grunted in the phone and a few minutes later Mark was there helping her out of her bonds. They ordered room service one last time as she cleaned up and packed all her new gear. While they ate Julie asked where he lived and figured out they were hundreds of miles apart when she asked if he would mind her coming to visit he said, “Hell no, anytime, but remember this is how I like my women to stay, it doesn’t get any easier.” Julie almost came again and within two months had quit her dead end job and moved in with Mark. Her job was nothing to her and his paid very well and he was moving up the ladder and couldn’t just quit so she moved into his large house and for the next few months became his full time bondage servant.

During the years together Julie had gotten a part time job working three days a week and spent her off hours and days wearing full fetish attire and never went without a corset and extreme heels when she was allowed out. When Mark worked late Julie would often dress herself in ballet heels and either her leather hobble dress or her new favorite latex hobble dress and take a cab to a location a few miles away and after exiting the cab she would lock her posture collar and gag on or the half hood neck corset then lock her hands behind her back and make the long slow trip back to the house. A lite jacket or heavy coat covering most of her clothes but she didn’t care, no one was out in this suburb after nine anyway. Mark did not know about these little trips until he came home one morning after having to go to a neighboring town where he had spent the night and found her sitting on the back porch still cuffed and gagged and wearing her latex dress under a heavy leather coat.

Julie had forgotten to unlock the front door and was unable to get in the house and had gone to the back yard to hide from the neighbors who would be leaving in the morning. As Mark sat and listened to her story still cuffed and wrapped up in the hot leather coat he was unsure of what to do, after giving her some water and removing her coat he could see the sweat trapped inside the latex and locked her largest gag over a leather full face hood that he laced very tight before going to bed leaving her still encased in the latex and her hands cuffed behind her back. Mark thought hard about what she was doing and decided that she needed more discipline in her life and that he could arrange that.

Mark awoke and found Julie kneeling on the floor next to their bed and removed her gag and let her suck his cock until he blew his load and quickly replaced the gag and roped her hands to her ankles leaving her stewing in her latex while he showered and ate. Once he was done eating he removed the rope and helped her to stand and had her follow him into the “dungeon” they had set up and strapped her tight to the rack before sitting down and explaining what he was going to do. Julie stood and listened to his plan and started getting wet from the ideas he had and knew she was going to like most of what he was saying he was going to do to her.

Julie spent another day strapped to the rack in her hot latex, not hearing or feeling Mark during the next twenty four hours until he came in and released her from the rack and gave her the remaining keys and said clean up and get shaved then come back here and wait for me. Mark returned to the room carrying her punishment corset, Julie hated this corset because it could compress her body to the point of making her faint with any exertions, it also held her thighs so tightly together that she could barely walk in it and bending was impossible, she knew once it was laced tight she would be completely incapable of removing it due to the large locking straps that covered it. Mark also had her heelless toe boots, and even though she had mastered her normal ballet boots these were much more difficult to walk in and again once she was laced into them and the straps were locked even if she could reach them with the corset on she could not remove them.

The last item she could make out was a neck corset hood, this hood encircled her entire head and neck and had an extremely large gag that even made her choke when she first put it on and covered her face, it allowed no head movement at all and even had metal rods that would hold her neck and head rigid. It had removable eye patches but only two small holes to breathe through, she knew that with the corset on she would be kept on the edge of blacking out constantly. He tossed her the boots and watched her slip her feet into them then he laced them tightly and locked the straps, Julie stood and he cuffed her hands to the rack and pulled the hood down over her head, after lacing the hood and neck corset for ten minutes he stopped and slid a vibrator into each of her holes and pulled a leather chastity belt up her legs and tightened the belt around her waist trapping the vibrators deep inside her.

Julie had been moaning since she felt him insert the vibrators and moaned even louder when she felt the corset wrapped around her body, Mark closed the busk and began lacing it tightly, Julie knew he was going to try and close the corset this time and braced for the tension as he grunted and pulled the laces until she was gasping for air and whining from the compression. Mark took a break and went to get his gloves before continuing Julie’s encasement and got something to drink before returning and finished lacing the hood. Julie had though she was finished with the lacing and whined as she felt the hood compress her head even further and driving the gag deeper into her throat and forcing her mouth open wider.

Julie was suckling the gag trying to keep from choking and didn’t notice that he had drawn the neck corset tighter until she was actually having trouble swallowing and tried to whine but was no longer able to make noise because of the gag imbedded deep in her throat. Julie was fighting her cuffs and trying to bend and twist until Mark grabbed the laces of the corset and started pulling harder, each tug took a little more fight out of Julie until she was standing arrow straight, breathless and concentrating on her shallow breaths. Mark worked the laces down to her knees before starting at the top again. When he finally stopped he had closed the corset completely and pulled the straps tight and locked each one, he was tired from pulling so hard for the last two hours and needed another break. Julie was absolutely rigid and each breath took more and more effort as her breasts heaved over the top of the corset, he freed one wrist and locked the empty cuff back to the rack and worked a long leather glove up her arm and laced it tightly and recuffed it and repeated the process on her other arm.

Julie was now almost completely covered in tight leather with only her shoulders, chest and knees uncovered, her pussy and anus were stuffed with large vibrators that were locked in under a leather chastity belt, her head and neck was being crushed by a rigid leather hood holding a huge gag that was forced down her throat. Her arms were encased by thick leather gloves that were also laced extremely tight and made bending her arms difficult and were currently chained to the rack she was facing.

Mark rested again before releasing Julie’s hands from the rack and letting her stagger around the room groping her hood and corset before stopping to rest leaning against a wall. He left her resting and got another drink and came back in and sat and watched her struggle to move listening to her panting through the nose holes and trying to find a way out as her hands felt each lock holding the straps closed. Julie was desperately trying to fight her bonds but there was no way to get any relief from her current encasement and was getting worried on how long Mark would keep her this way knowing she had the next five days off. Mark rose and began speaking “You wanted public bondage, you wanted to be helpless and alone, ok you got it, I am going to take you away from home and let you find your way back, if you make it back to the house in the given time you will be freed of your bonds if not then you will wait until the next night and try again, each night I will make it more difficult and you will continue to attempt to complete your task until it’s done, understand?”

Julie wasn’t sure if she liked the challenge or not but had no choice as she was pulled to the car and Mark laid her head first into the trunk sliding her past the folded down rear seats before closing the trunk lid and driving her about three miles away. Standing her rigid body back up on her pointed toes he removed her blinders and wrapped a coat around her and set a hat on her head, leaving her face fully uncovered and patted her on her ass and said, “Get going, you have three hours to get home” as Julie watched him drive off she looked around and finally figured out which way to go to get home. Her feet were aching badly and her calves were cramping but she forced herself to walk as quick as possible having to stop less than a block later to rest and catch her breath. Julie was glad her arms were still free and used them to steady herself as she staggered towards home.

As Julie continued to walk her body slowly adjusted to the compression on it and she was able to control her breathing better and soon she was only stopping to rest every few blocks. Julie kept an eye out for people and cars and tried to hide her face when she did see a car but that only happened twice and when she could finally see her street she thought she had made it and was smiling under her hood as she approached her driveway. Suddenly Mark pulled up next to her and stuffed her quickly into the trunk and drove into their garage, she could see as he pulled her out of the trunk he was not happy as he led her back into the dungeon and pushed her against the rack. Mark yelled “You're late!” as he put the blinders back on and strapped her to the rack.

Before he went to bed he pulled a bolo jacket style single sleeve arm binder over her head and laced the top tightly across her chest and below her tits before forcing her arms together behind her back, Julie struggled but could not fight long and could feel the added compression on her chest and knew what he was putting on her. Mark pulled the laces tight and soon had Julie’s arms crushed together from her elbows to her wrists inside the leather arm binder before taking the extra lacing from the corset and using them to tie her bound arms to the corset. Mark wrapped the laces around her arm sleeve then tucked them under the laces of the corset and pulled them tight across the arm binder effectively locking her arms tightly to her back. He continued this process all the way down to her hands making them completely immovable as well.

Julie now only had the skin between the long corset and the toe boots showing, the arm sleeve and attached jacket now covered all remaining skin and made it even more difficult for her to bend her upper body and neck.

Once Mark was finished he tightened the straps holding her rigid body to the rack and said good night and went to bed. Julie stood motionless all night and through the next day until Mark came home from work and fed her some liquid nutrition mixture as she stood struggling with her emotions, her body wanted out as she twisted and pulled at the thick leather over her arms and body, but her submissive side was enjoying every pain filled minute of it, she knew she had to make it home tonight because if anything else was added she would not be able to walk at all much less the three miles. Mark asked if she was ready to try again Julie, determined to beat him at this game grunted once for yes. Before sliding Julie into the trunk again Mark pulled a life like latex hood over her head and lined up the nose and small eye holes. He wrapped the coat around her again and put her in the trunk.

Julie felt like he had driven further this time but was soon being lifted to her pointed toes and watched through her tiny eye openings Mark drive off again. Julie could barely see through the holes and took her a few minutes to figure out where she was and knew he had dropped her somewhere new. Starting to walk towards the direction she hoped was correct pushing herself to walk in her en-point shoes causing new pain with each step as she wobbled precariously on her toes not having her arms or hands to help steady her. She didn’t have to stop as many times and really thought she had made good time again as she rounded the corner and saw their house. Julie picked up the pace and was moving her feet wildly as she approached the front porch and saw the steps leading up to the door and stopped trying to figure out how she would make it up the three steps.

Julie stepped close to the steps and bent her knees and hopped up the first step leaning against the railing, she whined into her gag and waited until the pain eased she hopped up the second step and let the pain fade before hopping one last time, there was no railing this time so she staggered her way to the wall before catching herself. As she stood in front of the door Mark opened it with a big smile and pulled her inside. Julie felt wonderful as Mark hugged her and said he was so proud of her and led her into the dungeon and strapped her facing him to the rack and left the room. Julie’s glow faded, she had thought he would release her and make love to her for completing the task but instead he tied her down again and left her alone. Mark returned a short time later and blindfolded his newly trained slave and fed her some more water mix before forcing her to kneel in the tight dress and worked the long phallus out of the center of her gag and told her to pleasure him.

Julie had been sucking on her gag for days and even though her mouth was still held wide open she sucked his cock and within a few minutes had him coming down her throat as she swallowed every drop and continued to suck until he pulled her off his dick. Mark replaced the gag and reached down and turned on her vibrators and left her kneeling to struggle in her bonds as her climax neared. For the next three hours Mark stopped her from climaxing each time he felt she was getting close. Julie’s frustration grew as she grunted and whined with disappointment after each failed orgasm until she thought she would explode if she didn’t cum soon.

Mark teased her for another half hour before leaving the vibrators on while she sucked his cock again and while she was sucking him she exploded but continued to suck until he exploded as well and soon she blacked out. She awoke the next day lying in bed, her hands and arms were free and when she opened her eyes she could see as well, Julie quickly felt her head and found it was free of the hoods and ran them down her body but found she was still in the corset. Looking down she could see her feet had now been encased in another pair of toe boots but these she knew had heels on them and already felt more comfortable. Julie turned over and slid her legs off the bed as she pushed herself up to her toes and went to find Mark.

Julie found Mark in the kitchen starting to fix lunch, she asked what was for lunch and he smiled and said, “More liquid if you don’t watch it” They both smiled and she walked over and kissed him then stood and watched him prepare the food. Mark sat down and began to eat leaving Julie’s lunch on the counter and while he sat and watched her heaving breasts almost popping out of her corset he said, “Well I guess I have been too gentle with you, being that you needed to do those excursions, so that all ends today. From now on you will wear that corset and some form of ballet shoe and a gag.”

Julie looked at him and smiled and asked, “When I’m not at work, right?”

“You will put in your two week notice tomorrow and be home from now on” Mark said flatly “That way you can here and dressed the way you want to be full time and have no need or ability to run off again” Mark continued.

Julie stood and thought about it while he ate then asked, “Is that all that’s going to change?”

“No, we will play bondage games of some sort and each day you complete your chores you will be allowed to play if not then you will be punished”

Julie smiled and agreed and finished what she could and began cleaning up the dishes, Mark had gotten up and left the room while she cleaned up then he returned with a large ball gag and two sets of hand cuffs. He slipped the gag into Julie’s mouth and buckled it snugly behind her head and locked the strap, next he locked one set of the cuffs around her wrists in front of her and bent down and locked her ankles together with the other pair and stood and walked off leaving her alone in the kitchen. Julie wrestled with the cuffs while she cleared the table and put the dishes into the dish washer and then cleaned the cabinets all the while feeling the wetness building in her still sealed pussy and thinking this will be fun.

Julie found Mark in the dungeon again digging out equipment and trying to figure something out, once she entered the room he jumped up and measured her waist at 18 inches and said, “We can do better, I’ll order some new corsets that will pull you down to 16 inches and then we can play.”

Julie gasped when she heard 18 but 16! She could hardly breathe as she was and he wants smaller? She grunted as he uncuffed one wrist and in one move twisted her arms around her back and recuffed them behind her. Mark whispered in her ear, “You no longer have a say in these matters” and let go of her and continued sorting out their gear.

During the next two weeks Julie was forced to wear a corset during work laced and locked on by her chastity belt with something in her ass and pussy at all times, her steepest shoes were worn to work and locked on to keep her from taking them off and her thighs were strapped tightly together so she wouldn’t “forget” how to walk in her night corset, every night she was put back into her punishment corset and laced tight, either her heeled toe boots or the ones with no heels were put on and with her wrists and ankles cuffed together forced to clean the house before she serviced Mark and was tied to the bed in some way to sleep.

Julie was getting used to the treatment but wanted more stimulation, Mark had not touched her sexually in the last two weeks nor had he allowed her to stimulate herself and she was becoming restless. Julie came home after her last day at work to find Mark had left work early and was there when she got home. Mark took her and removed the chastity belt and corset and told her to go shower and shave and clean herself out and then come back to the dungeon. Julie noticed a grin when he told her this and got excited that he might finally have sex with her so she did as she was told and soon was standing in front of him, her hairless naked body gleaming with the lotion she had rubbed all over herself waiting for him to take her.

As she stood there she noticed several new things in the dungeon, one being a computer and desk another was multiple hooks now where scattered around in the ceiling, walls and floor and last was the closet seemed to be full of clothes and equipment, she wandered in the large closet and marveled at the amount of stuff he had acquired without her knowing it.

She recognized some of the gear as things they had bought together or had owned for some time but now there was much more and it all was hung and organized perfectly, she noticed several new hoods on dummy heads and an entire chest of drawers that was never in there before, but before she could open any of the drawers Mark stopped her by saying, “No peeking, get back in here and kneel before me”

Without thinking she quickly obeyed and was kneeling in front of him with her eyes down. Mark smiled and said, “From now on you will never be naked unless I tell you to be, you will always be dressed and shod and always have something in your mouth, if it’s not a gag it better be me, you will dress as I ask and do what I ask and if you do not comply or complete anything I ask you to do you will be punished, understand?” Julie quickly nodded yes as she noticed her nipples getting hard.

Mark bade her to stand and wrapped a new corset around her waist, this corset went from below her ribcage to her hips, it was made from rubber coated leather and was heavily boned, once he had it snug he pulled a leather hood over her head and fed the large gag into her mouth and laced it tightly before locking the three straps closed. Julie had already started to whine from the tight hood when he jerked her arms high over her head and wrapped leather cuffs around each wrist and locked them on before pulling her almost off her toes leaving her to dangle and sway from the cuffs. He pulled her heelless toe boots on her feet and locked them on before adding a two foot spreader bar between her ankles.

Now Julie was barely touching the floor as Mark began pulling on the laces, he pulled the corset until she was gasping through the nose holes and stopped pulling. Julie could feel him wrapping something around each thigh and could hear the click of the locks as he closed them before he returned to lacing her corset. Julie was whining and grunting as Mark continued to close the corset back, making sure she was pulled down to 16 inches before tying off the laces and burning them together then closing the cover over the laces and locking it as well. Wrapping the steel belt of her new chastity belt around her waist and forcing it to meet in the front, Julie was having trouble catching her breath and didn’t notice Mark inserting two large vibrators into her holes until she felt the crotch plate snug up against her pussy and ass then it get very tight upon hearing Mark grunting before she heard the locks snick shut.

Mark left her dangling for the rest of the night letting her body adjust to her new corset and belt. Mark knew the corset was designed for extended wear and really never had to come off. The belt was similar as far as designed to never have to be removed but he knew that sooner or later he would want to fuck her again but at least he knew now that it would always be up to him. Julie hung in silence drifting in and out of sleep as her body continued to pant for air and slowly adjust to its new size, she thought well at least it’s not a full body corset, little did she know Mark intended on doubling up her corsets and she might never take the small one off again. In the morning Julie was roused from her erotic dreams when she felt Mark tightening a new long corset onto her already corseted body, this corset went from above her breasts and flowed down over her hips, it had two wide straps that went over her shoulders and would completely cover her upper body and with the corset she already wore would keep her absolutely rigid.

Mark removed the spreader bar and boots and laced up her new pony boots, these were made of thick leather and went up to her thigh bands and forced her to stay on her toes, when he was done lacing them extremely tight he locked the four straps on each and resecured the spreader bar and lowered her to the floor. Julie staggered in her new shoes as she fought for air and tried to feel what she had been put into, Mark watched her grope at her body and fumble around the room. Julie settled down and was standing still blind and mute waiting for the next move when she felt Mark locking something around her neck, as she reached up and found the thick collar around her throat following the arms extending out from it until she found the ends and Mark snapped her wrists in the cuffs located at the ends of the stock had had placed around her neck.

Mark then grabbed the leash and attached it to her collar and led her out into the kitchen. Julie stood as Mark removed the center part of her gag and squeezed some of her mixture into her throat, Julie swallowed the mixture and as soon as she was full Mark shoved the gags center back in and led her over to the desk in the dungeon. He forced her to kneel in back of it before pushing her head under the desk and pulling her forward. When the spreader bar lined up with the back of the desk, he moved to the front and attached leather straps around the stock and pulled them until her head was touching the bottom of the desk then he raised her hooved feet off the floor and attached the bar to the desk. Julie was now stooped over unable to straighten out her body with her feet being held a few inches off the floor and her arms and head secured to the bottom of the desk as Mark pulled the desk chair forward and sat down, after removing the phallus from her gag he slid further under the desk slipping her o-ringed gaged mouth over his dick and raised the chair until his dick was settled deep in her throat.

Mark explained to the struggling Julie that the first game they would play would be computer solitaire, she would continue to suck his dick until he won a game, when he won she would be stimulated, each win would be longer until she was able to cum, if she stopped sucking his dick her stimulation would change and she would be shocked instead. A total of ten games would be played if she sucked his dick correctly then she would be made more comfortable if not she would remain as she is until the next game time, the next evening when he returned home. Julie hummed she understood and began sucking hard, Mark started the game before raising the desk chair higher again pinning Julie’s head between the desk and his cock making it even harder for her to breath as her nose holes were pressed firmly against his body.

For the next two days she tried to suck his cock while pinned in her uncomfortable position while he played solitaire, during the day he would strap her body tightly under the desk then force more mixture into her mouth before leaving for work, she had still been unable to climax and was desperate to earn the right to cum and hoped she would be allowed to try again tonight. This evening the cards were in her favor and she was brought to the edge half way through the ten games and knew if she got one more win she would climax, Mark had come during the last game so she had to work harder to get him aroused again before he finished the next game, just as he became hard and was filling her mouth again she felt the vibrations start and soon Mark could hear the leather constricting her creaking as she strained against them as her body tensed and tried to flex while the orgasm washed over her causing her to black out shortly after the waves of pleasure had passed.

Julie woke up in bed, the hood and spreader bar had been removed, she still worn the short corset and chastity belt and soon realized the her thigh straps had been locked together, she still wore her thigh high pony boots and her arms were now in leather gloves but were unfettered by anything else other than the thin steel cuffs encircling each wrist and above each elbow keeping the gloves on. Julie found a note from Mark saying, “Clean the house and yourself and be ready for a new game when I get home” Julie smiled as she ate her small breakfast wondering what game he had in mind for her tonight and thinking she finally had the relationship she craved since she was a teenager, one with her as an obedient subject and a caring but strict master to serve. She got up and practiced walking in her new shoes and with her thigh straps restricting each step she began to clean the house, her body had become accustomed to her new waist size and she actually missed her neck corset and gag and decided she would dress herself for him as soon as she completed her house cleaning duties.

By lunchtime she had completed her cleanup, her new implements were barely impeding her work, in fact the constant shifting of her inserts and deep compression of her waist had a roused her inner sub again so before she started vacuuming she decided she wanted to make It more challenging to complete her tasks.

New Toys

Julie had wanted to explore the new items in her closet since she first saw that he had expanded their collection but had not been allowed to enter since that first night and soon was opening drawers and marveling at all the new items he had purchased for her entertainment and incarceration. The first items she found were a drawer full of gags, all types and sizes and her empty mouth desperately wanted to try them all on as she inspected each one carefully. Julie found a strange looking harness type with the largest cock gag she had ever seen, Julie had always loved giving head but was unsure if even she could accept this monster. She turned the harness around a few times and figured out where everything should go and how to close the straps, almost involuntarily she slid the huge gag into her mouth and felt the cock touch the back of her throat, she could feel that another three inches were left to sticking out of her mouth and began swallowing as she pushed it further down her throat.

After gagging on the monster cock for a few minutes Julie was able to get the gag firmly seated against her lips and wrapped the main strap around her head and buckled it just to get the feel for it. As she continued to search the closet wearing the gag loosely the remaining unbuckled straps kept getting in the way so Julie looked in the mirror and buckled them, pulling each strap tight, the remaining straps had no buckles to close, just d-rings for tensioning themselves and required locks to be placed on the posts of each to close them, Julie had found a drawer full of different locks and soon was locking each strap closed with the small padlocks she had found. As she finished pulling the straps tight and working her hair out from under them she could see in the mirror that the main strap was now loose so she adjusted it, pulling it tight and forcing the huge cock even deeper down her throat, when it was tight enough she automatically slid a lock through the keeper and continued to tighten the final strap under her chin pulling it extremely tight and locking it as well.

Julie looked in the mirror again and could feel her pussy dampen as she looked at her head now covered in thick leather straps, her skin bulging around them and her mouth held wide open by a huge cock. Julie continued to explore the closet and found some new corsets and wanted to try one but could not unlock the one she currently wore as she looked in the mirror and noticed she could see only a few metal studs protruding slightly from her back and guessed that was how it was locked on and remembered the chastity belt that she also couldn’t remove so she moved on to the next rack. The gag was starting to cause her difficulties as she inspected the dresses on the rack, making her constantly struggle for air and continuously suckle it, the wide straps blocked some of her vision as they crossed over her nose and went up to meet the straps that went around and over her head but she was getting so turned on by it she decided to wait for a while before removing it.

Julie found an incredible rubber dress, this dress would cover her from head to toe in rubber leaving only her face uncovered but just barely. As she took it off the rack she could feel how heavy it was and felt the edge and could see that it was almost as thick as the wet suit she had worn before. She was unsure if it would even fit because it looked so small but knew she had to try it on. She turned the dress several times and found no opening and figured out it supposed slip it on over her head, the opening at her feet didn’t look big enough to even allow her feet to go through much less her entire body but she began struggling with the rubber and in a few minutes had the hem pulled down over her head and continued stretching it until it was down to her waist.

Julie was panting and wished she had removed the gag before trying on the dress because it was making it much more difficult to pull the tight rubber down over her head but decided it was too late as she began to get light headed from her exertions and having her head trapped inside the rubber cutting her air flow down so she kept pulling and wiggling until the neck of the suit was against the top of her head.

Julie found the sleeve holes and forced her leather covered hands into them pushing both arms deep into them, as she pulled the shoulders down the collar of the dress slowly started to slip over her head, Julie twisted her head and neck as she pushed her arms down the sleeves and as her hands entered the gloves the collar slipped into place and her sweat covered face could be seen through the small opening. All Her efforts now had her nearing an orgasm as she lined up the fingers of the gloves and forced her hands into them and quickly pulled the hem down over her waist and worked it past her leather covered calves and let it settle tightly around her ankles.

After getting the dress down Julie was gasping for air through her nostrils and had to rest and catch her breath but her nearing climax made her turn and look at herself in the mirror and the image she saw stunned her as she climaxed when she saw it. Julie was on the floor of the closet when the orgasm faded and carefully raised herself to her hooved feet and studied the creature in the mirror. It was completely black except the red and sweating face poking through a small opening, her neck looked very long and thin as the rubber pulled it in, she could see vague outlines of the gag straps around her head but other than those it was completely smooth. Her breasts had settled into the cups but were still compressed greatly and gave her the sensation that someone’s hands were squeezing them gently as she rubbed her numbed leather and rubber covered hands over them. The blackness followed her curves down her compressed chest to her tiny waist showing no lines from her corset as it flared out over her hips then tapered back in over her thighs and flowed down her legs holding them tightly together down to her ankles leaving just the bottoms of her hooves showing.

Julie loved it, she stood panting against the tightness for thirty minutes before tearing herself away from the mirror and continuing her search of the closet. Even in the small room it took a great deal of effort to move her feet and caused her to gasp for air just from crossing the room. Julie stood looking at the hoods on the dummies heads and hung on the wall as she caught her breath. She spotted an latex hood that would go perfect with the dress but found it to have an attached gag so she tried the pull the hood back off her head but could not stretch the opening far enough to pull it backwards, she struggled with the rubber until she was gasping again and decided one hood was enough for now and moved on in her search finding the collars next, Julie picked up several tall posture collars before deciding on one that not only was a neck corset but had a half hood with straps that went over her head that would keep her head completely immobile. Julie wrestled with the laces but fifteen minutes later had the hood laced tightly encasing her neck and head over her ears in the reinforced leather, the gag she wore forced her head back making her look up as Julie pulled the straps across her scalp and pulled them tight forcing her head to push down into the collar further immobilizing her head.

The hood had a cover that would go over the laces and buckles and had small locks in the studs that she did not understand so when she heard the clicks from the latches she tried to open the cover and found she had locked it and could no longer access the laces or the buckles holding her head firmly. Julie struggled to the mirror and inspected herself again, now the only part of her body that could be seen was her eyes and she was starting to build up to another climax as she tried to see how the cover latches worked but could not because she was unable to turn her head to see behind her. Julie struggled for a few minutes before deciding to go to the bathroom and use a hand mirror to figure out how to release herself and began walking with tiny restricted steps to the bathroom. Each step was a struggle, the dress held her ankles tight together so every inch she moved required her to stretch the thick rubber.

Julie continued to fight the rubber of the dress and found a rhythm to her walking and made it to the bathroom in ten minutes. Finding the mirror she stood with her back to the sink and tried to see how the latches worked, after studying the collar for ten more minutes she gave up and began to try and pull the collar open.

Julie was now panicking as she gasped for air and felt like she was going to choke on the huge cock locked in her throat, her entire body was sweating profusely as she continued to struggle with the locked on hood. Julie settled down and accepted she was stuck until Mark came home and knew she still had to vacuum to complete her chores and slowly made it to where it was kept and began to finish cleaning. It was near the time for Mark to arrive but Julie had not looked at the clock and was making slow progress with the vacuum. When Mark arrived and stood watching his now fully rubberized slave fight the dress and hood as she slowly cleaned the floor, he especially liked the struggle she had when she would bend to plug the vacuum in, her knees held tightly together, unable to bend her waist and with her feet held so high off the floor she was putting on quite the show for him as she knelt and wobbled as she leaned to one side and worked the plug in by feel.

Julie was having problems of her own, her sweating had gotten bad and she was feeling light headed but her body was staying aroused and threatened another orgasm with each step, she desperately wanted something to drink but had no way of getting anything past her gag and wished Mark would get home so he could help her out of this mess she had gotten herself into, little did she know Mark was home and had no intensions of releasing her from her rubber prison. Mark knew that between the thick rubber hood and the leather of the half hood covering her ears she would be almost deaf so he just stayed out of her sight as she moved slowly around the house and he was able to watch her without her knowing it. Mark watched her for two hours before Julie collapsed on the bed, he fixed himself some dinner waiting until after he ate before returning to the exhausted Julie and announcing his presence.

Julie was still asleep on the bed when Mark got an idea, he carefully slid her hands into her rubber ball mittens and laced one tightly leaving the other slightly loose and making the laces look like they were just tangled, he then unlatched the flap covering her half hood allowing access to the laces and left the room after gently rousing her. Julie awoke to find her hands now useless balls of rubber and couldn’t understand how they got that way, Mark’s home! She thought and struggled to stand and began wriggling her way around the house looking for him. Mark waited until she was near the answering machine before calling and leaving a message saying he would not be home until tomorrow, Julie desperately tried to pick up the phone but could not manage to get it off the hook before Mark hung up. Julie was now trapped and more confused than ever as she sat looking at the rubber balls she now had for hands and tried to remember how she had gotten this way.

Julie had noticed something flapping behind her neck so she wobbled her way to the bathroom mirror and could just see that the once locked flap was now loose and she could unlace the half hood and remove the rest of her bonds! Julie was so excited that she had forgotten that her hands were now the key to her release as she reached back and tried to rub the knot out of the lacing. She was even more frustrated now than before and looked at the gloves and remembered she had seen them when she was in the closet but couldn’t remember trying them on but figured she must have and when the laces became tangled she couldn’t get them off. She almost cried knowing she was close to release but still had no hope.

After standing a while in the bathroom she laid back down and after some more wrestling with the rubber mitts fell asleep again. Mark had been watching the entire three hours and was fascinated by her reaction and once she was asleep again he removed the rubber mitts and relocked the half hood and roused her again. It was early Friday morning so he acted like he was getting ready for work as he came into the bedroom letting her see him for the first time. She sat bolt straight up in the bed and stated to grunt through her gag before realizing she had her hands back. She stood and reached back for the laces and found that they were again covered and just stood trying to figure out what had happened.

Mark said “I’m running late so have a good day” and quickly left the house while Julie tried to follow and get him to understand her predicament but could only watch as he closed the door behind him. Julie sat down in the living room dejected and started weeping, she wanted out so bad and had done herself up for Mark and he didn’t even notice. As she sat she felt her vibrators that had been trapped under her chastity belt start moving, Julie squealed as they began to increase and she was pawing at her rubber covered body trying to get them to stop. Soon she was gasping for air as her orgasm neared and lay back on the couch and started to hump the air while she struggled to breathe. Just as quickly as they had come on they turned off and Julie was left with her libido in high gear and no way to satisfy herself.

She trashed around for a while before understanding she was not going to cum and slowly made her way back to the bedroom, as she was forced to take smaller and smaller steps from her exhaustion she was only halfway to the bedroom when the vibrations returned and made her drop to her knees as she felt like she was going to explode again. This time she was waving her arms trying to find something to hold onto when they stopped again and left her in tears from the frustration as she crawled to the bedroom dragging her hooved feet behind her. Making it to the bed she lay back and fought for sleep until it finally over took her and allowed Mark to sneak back in.

This time when he woke her he made her kneel in front of him and pulled her heavy rubber arm sleeve up her arms and laced it tight before she really knew what was happing. She finally realized what was going on as she felt him pull the straps tight over her shoulders and knew he had no plans on releasing her anytime soon. After Mark had her arms tightly bound behind her he strapped a blindfold on his struggling prize and began unlacing the half hood, only far enough so he could bend the part covering her mouth down, once he had it pulled down below her chin he could see the gag she was wearing and knew why she had been struggling so hard.

Julie felt the large cock in her mouth twist a little then felt it being pulled out of her throat, when it cleared her lips she tried to close her mouth but found it was still firmly held open but at least she could breathe better. Mark quickly stuffed his swollen cock into the opening and said, “You will suck my cock and if you do it good enough maybe I’ll let you cum”

Julie was stunned as she felt him wrap two straps around himself and her head trapping her face tightly to his crotch and making it impossible to stroke his cock. She was struggling as he leaned back and sat down on the bed forcing her to bend at the hips making it much harder to breathe again and said, “Let’s go I haven’t got all night” and slapped her ass with a riding crop. Julie obediently began sucking and rubbing his cock with her tongue as he continued to swat her ass with the crop and turned her vibrators on low listening to her grunt and hum as she struggled to concentrate on the dick that was shoved deep into her mouth.

After twenty minutes Julie could feel him stiffen and felt him shoot his cum down her throat as her vibrations increased and so did her whippings she quickly built to a huge orgasm and began grunting and twisting on Marks dick as she gasped for air around it. After Julie had settled down Mark unstrapped her head from his waist letting her sit back on her legs while he went and got her a large glass of water, Mark began pouring the water into his blind captives gaping hole, causing her to choke twice before she was able to learn to swallow with her mouth held open and completely drained the glass. She sat on her legs waiting for what he was going to do to her next when she felt the huge cock being shoved into her mouth again and latched in place. Julie whined and tried to beg Mark to let release her but soon she felt the hood being pulled back up and laced tighter than before and knew she was in for a long weekend of game play.

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