Game On

by CK

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© Copyright 2021 - CK - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; rope; competition; gag; crotchrope; hogtie; cons; reluct; XX

Phil and Mike came up to the girls who were happily discussing something on Bev's deck and enjoying the sun. Bev wore a floral sundress with her large breasts filling the halter style top that tied in a big bow behind her neck. Sue was also wearing a sundress, but hers was strapless with an elasticized bodice. Her small tits needed no support and got none from the thin stretchy fabric of her dress. Phil said, "Mike and I were just talking about how the two of you like to be tied up, and..."

Sue butted in, "Wait a second! I know Mike likes tying me up, and I'll bet Phil is the same, but where do you get the idea Bev and I like to be tied up?"

"Come on! I know you like it. All that attention, and the relief when you're untied."

Beverly joined in, "I kinda like it, Sue. I find it fun and challenging because it can push my limits which I think is good, and the sex after is great. Even sex while tied up is fantastic."

Sue said, "You're not helping my argument, Bev."

Bev shot back, "We were talking maybe a week ago and you said you enjoy your bondage sessions with Mike."

Putting his hands on Sue's shoulders, Phil said, "You know you like it."

Sue finally gave in, "OK, OK. I love being tied up. In fact the tighter the better. Is that what you want to hear?"

Now Mike joined in. "Well that fits well with what we were coming to talk about. Phil and I challenged each other to a bondage competition and we need you ladies to be our bondage models."

"What's in it for us?" asked Bev. Sue looked shocked or at least annoyed that Bev didn't shut down this silly idea on the first breath.

Phil said, "We thought a good wager would be for the winning team to pick the restaurant and the losers pay."

Sue was not impressed. "So tying up your wife is now a team sport, and of course I 'love' to be tied up."

"Oh, come on Sue. It'll be fun. We can pick the restaurant together. It's one of the guys who will be paying, so we both come out winners," said Bev as she tried to encourage Sue. 

Phil went into the house, saying, "I'll get my ropes and meet you in the living room. It's a bad idea to be tying up women on your back deck. I hope I have enough rope for both of you."

With Phil in the house, Mike tried to explain the 'game'. "For each stage of tying you ladies up we'll judge who did the better job. A point for each stage. The 'team' with the most points wins."

"Sounds pretty simple," said Bev. "Who's the judge?"

"We all can be. You ladies might well be better judges than us."

Phil met the other three in the living room and dropped a huge pile of cotton rope in the middle of the room. "I sure hope that's enough rope."

Sue looked at the pile and said, "There's enough rope to tie up a small army!"

Bev was excited. "Who's going first?"

Mike said, "We'll go first since Sue loves to be tied up." Sue smiled and turned her back to Mike with her hands behind her back ready to be tied, but Mike said, "This is a competition, dear. We need your best. Hands up between your shoulder blades."

Sue said, "OK. Let's get this first point!" You could tell she was getting into the game. She easily twisted her arms into a reverse prayer allowing Mike to tie and cinch her wrists between her shoulder blades. Sue was pretty flexible and she had done this position before with Mike, a reverse prayer always looks impressive. Mike picked up a second piece of cord, a short length of heavy string and wrapped it around her thumbs.

Sue asked, "What are you doing, dear?"

Mike answered, "It's just a little extra to make sure we take this early lead." He finished by cinching the string between her thumbs.

Now it was Phil's turn. Bev locked her hands together behind her back and turned to face away from Phil. Phil instead asked her to turn and face him and put her hands together in front and tying her wrists together he said, "This competition calls for extraordinary ties. Remember this one?"

"I think I do," said Bev, smiling.

Phil cinched the tie and finished by tying it off between her wrists, out of reach of her fingers. Then he picked up a short string and tied Beverly's thumbs together like Mike had done to Sue. Then he took a second string and tied her second fingers together too, at the base of the fingers. Bev watched intently while Mike secured her fingers with a snug cinch. 

"Ooo, that's tight. Those fingers will probably go blue. Hey, look! I can show you 'the finger'." And she curled all the other fingers down while the tied fingers stayed up. Indeed she was giving everyone 'the finger'.

Mike said, "Well, that tie is never going to beat a reverse prayer. Looks like we earned the first point."

Sue was pleased with herself and Mike and did a little happy dance with her arms tied tight behind her.

Phil said, "Wait a minute. We're not finished. OK, Bev. Hands behind your head." Then Phil looped a rope around her arms, above her elbows, and pulled it tight bringing her elbows crushing together. Bev grunted as her arms came together behind her head. "Can you tilt your head forward, please. It makes it easier tying the rope back here." Bev leaned her head further forward, Phil swept her long hair in front and finished wrapping the rope around her upper arms. Like any good tie he finished by cinching it and tying it off with a knot on the top of her arms. "Now we are done."

"And, wow, is this ever tight!" said Bev. "It feels like my shoulders are being pulled out of their sockets."

Mike said, "That's pretty impressive, but Sue's arms are completely immobilized in her tie."

Phil argued back, "What do you mean? Bev's elbows are crushed together."

Mike answered with, "I haven't even tried to tie her elbows yet. Turn around, Sue and let me tie your elbows."

Sue hesitated to turn her back to Mike. "You've never tied my elbows in this position before."

"Let's give it a try, honey and see how it goes." Sue nodded and Mike made a lark's head, looped around her elbows and began to pull it tight with one hand while the other arm squeezed her elbows together.

Sue grunted. "I know how you feel Bev. My shoulders feel like they are being twisted out of their sockets too. Mike, I can't take the tension."

"It's a competition. Just a little more" said Mike as he laid a little more pressure on her twisted arms. This time she screamed and Mike stopped pulling tighter and just wrapped the rope around her arms several times. He managed to squeeze in a cinch but it was more to ensure the rope stayed in place than to tighten it any more.

Phil had a look at Mike's tie and judged that Sue's elbows were not touching and so Bev's tie was better. Mike said, "It is impossible to bring the elbows right together in a reverse prayer! Sue's arms are totally immobilized while Bev's arms are loose past the elbow."

Sue added, "My arms are aching. Can we stop the arguing and get this over with!"

Bev tried to be the mediator in the dispute saying, "How about we get a point for elbows together and Sue and Mike get a point for immobilization of her arms."

Phil said, "we'll take the point for the elbows, but I want to try tying down Bev's arms more."

Bev asked, "How are you going to do that?"

Sue just wanted her elbows released. "If we lost at elbow tying, can you untie my elbows now? My shoulders are killing me!"

Mike was about to untie Sue's elbows when Phil said, "This is a competition! You can't take back a tie once it is done."

"Why not?" asked Mike.

Phil answered, " Well then I could untie Bev's elbows and where would that put us?"

Mike had to concede that Phil had a good point. "Sorry Sue, we have to leave all the ropes on, but we will still get a point for your arm tie."

Phil butted in again, "Not so fast Mike. I should still get a chance to 'immobilize' Bev's arms."

"What are you going to do now?" asked Bev with a little nervousness in her voice.

Phil said, "I was thinking of tying your wrists to a crotch rope. Wouldn't that tie down your arms?"

"I'm not sure I'm in for a crotch rope, and you're going to tie it to my wrists?" asked Bev, at least a little surprised.

Phil said, "It's a competition. We all have to do our part." As he starts to loop a rope around Bev's waist, he realizes something. "Bev dear, I have to take your dress off to do the crotch rope."

Bev, trying to speak softly, says to Phil, "I'm not wearing a bra."

With a bit of a smirk, Phil said, "We all have to make sacrifices." And he reached behind her neck to pull apart the bow on her dress. Bev's hands were below her neck so there was little she could do to stop him. With the bow undone it was easy for Phil to pull the ends out in front and the dress almost fell off her into a pile around her feet. Bev was more than a little embarrassed to be standing in front of her friends in only a pair of pink panties. "Now let's get to this crotch rope." Phil took a doubled rope and looped it around her waist, pulling it tight and wrapping it around again in the opposite direction. Passing the two ends of the rope through the lark's head, Phil passed them between her legs. Before pulling them up to her tied wrists, he passed them behind her waist ropes, and then up to her wrists. He pulled the rope tight enough that it pulled her arms further down her back. Phil tied it off beside her hands but with her thumbs and second fingers both tied together, there was no hope that she would be able to untie the knot no matter how close it was to her hands.

Bev tried to pull up with her arms, but the crotch rope barely moved which denied her of any real satisfaction from her situation. 

Phil asked, "So, are her hands immobilized now?"

"It is still not as severe as Sue's," said Mike very matter of factly, "we definitely win the point."

Phil conceded, "Alright then, but we get a point for the crotch rope."

"We haven't even had a chance to do a crotch rope." protested Mike. 

Sue said, "Wow, you boys are competitive! Why don't you just let Phil take a point for Bev's crotch rope?"

"We can't just concede in a competition," said Mike, "we have to at least try to better them."

"So you want to give me a crotch rope too" said Sue with some trepidation. "Exactly how are we going to 'better them'?"

Mike answered, "Well I thought we could go with your amazing disappearing knot deal."

"Please, not the disappearing knot."

Phil chimed in, "Well, now you have tweaked our curiosity. What's with the 'disappearing knot'?"

Sue tried to explain it in simple terms, trying not to make it very interesting. "Mike ties a knot in the crotch rope and then makes it 'disappear' in my vagina. It's no big deal."

Phil disagreed with her assessment. "Well, I think it is a big deal. It might even beat out Bev's crotch rope. I want to see this."

"Our audience is cheering for it," said Mike.

"I vote no," said Sue, "But in my current position with my arms rather incapacitated, I can hardly stop you." Considering what was about to happen Sue was taking it quite well. "Let's go, team Sue and Mike!"

Mike said, "That's the spirit, dear. I'm sorry, I'll have to take your panties off, but I'll leave your dress on. I just have to lift it out of the way while I tie the crotch rope."

"Why don't you lift it over my face so nobody will see my face red with embarrassment," suggested Sue.

Mike assured her that would not be necessary. "We can just hook you dress over you tied hands." And he lifted her dress and hooked it over her fingers that were pointing straight up, exposing her panties which he pulled down to her ankles. All Sue had to do was step out of them. Mike took another piece of rope and wrapped it twice tightly around her waist. He put a figure-of-eight knot in the rope a few inches down the rope from her waist and then added a simple overhand knot on top of it to make it bigger.

Sue caught a glimpse of this large knot and exclaimed, "Whoa! That knot is way bigger than the one you used the last time!"

Mike calmly said, "This is a competition, dear. We all have to step up our game."

"But that knot is huge!"

Mike said, "We can do this together, honey. Now spread your legs for me, please." Sue obediently spread her legs and Mike slowly pushed the knot into her cunt. It took some wiggling and some persuasion but the knot finally sunk into her vagina and disappeared behind the folds of skin. When Mike was finished you could see a rope entering Sue's crotch and exiting out of the crack of her ass. Mike tied it off tightly onto the waist rope and stepped aside to give Phil and Bev a look.

Sue moaned and said, "I feel like I have a plug in my cunt, my ass feels like it is going to split and to top it off I feel like some kind of exhibition with everybody staring at me."

Mike said, "oh, sorry, honey. Everyone, the 'exhibition' is closed." Then he unhooked Sue's dress from her tied fingers and let it hang naturally. "So, which crotch rope gets the point?"

They started a short discussion about Bev reminding everyone that she could move her crotch rope with her tied arms, even if it was only a little bit. Phil had to admit that he was impressed at how well the knot 'disappeared' into Sue's cunt. Mike said, "I think we are going to take this point, dear! You're doing great!"

"Gee, thanks. Now can you remove my elbow tie? My shoulders can't take the strain," pleaded Sue. 

Phil answered, "We'll give you the point for the crotch rope, but all the ropes have to stay on until the end of the competition. That's the rule."

"Well somebody should have passed those rules by us poor victims of these rules," protested Sue, but she knew all the ropes were going to stay. 

Phil said to Bev, "Don't worry, Bev. We'll pick up a point with the breast tie for sure."

Bev answered, "Let's do it!" And she pushed out her bare tits as if they were asking to be tied. "If you're going to tie my nipples too, do them first. They hurt more if you wait to tie them."

Phil found a two foot length of string and pulled on Bev's right nipple so he could wrap the string around two or three times and then tied it off. Her nipple bulged out on the other side of the string. Bev just cooed a little. Sue was beginning to think that Bev liked to have her breasts tied. At least it was obvious that the two had tied her breasts before. Sue had never had her tits tied before. They were much smaller than Bev's melons and she didn't think she and Mike should even try to compete. Her little boobies were still in her dress and she was happy to just leave them there.

Phil used another string to tie up Bev's left nipple and then tugged on both strings saying, "I can take you anywhere now."

"Yes dear, but let's stay inside ok?" Wearing only panties that were held on with a tight crotch rope, she added "This is really a 'stay-at-home' kind of outfit, don't you think?"

"Certainly, dear. Let's add more to the 'outfit', shall we." Phil grabbed hold of Bev's left breast, looped a lark's head around its base and pulled the loop tight.

Bev said, "Ooo, that's tighter than normal."

Phil answered, "Remember, this is a competition. We need to outperform today." Bev nodded in understanding and Phil continued to loop the rope tightly around her tit at least a half a dozen times, each loop close beside the previous one making her tit look more like a balloon. Phil managed to pass one end through the lark's head and then tied the two ends off.

Sue said, "That must hurt!"

Bev replied, "Sure it hurts but my breasts have been tied up so often that I've kinda gotten used to it." Phil flicked his finger across her swollen nipple. "Ow! Now that hurts!"

"Just making sure you hadn't lost all sensation," said Phil with a grin. "Let's see if we can get a reaction while I'm tying the second tittie."

"Not a chance," said Bev defiantly.

Feeling up to the challenge, Phil took her right breast and twisted it while he secured the first loop around it and pulled it really tight. Because of the way her elbows were tied behind her head, Bev's head was tilted forward so she was staring right down on her tortured breast. Phil revelled in watching her face as he pulled every loop as tight as he could, but there wasn't even a whimper out of Bev. He finally tied it off behind a very swollen breast. Bev just smiled back at Phil. Phil flicked his finger across Bev's right nipple like he had over her left nipple. Bev took a deep breath from the pain, gently exhaled and said, "That really wasn't necessary!"

Phil replied, "You're right. Sorry. OK, Mike. Your turn."

Mike asked, "What am I supposed to do with Sue?" He looked at Phil a little bewildered over the idea that Sue's tiny breasts could actually be tied.

Sue did not appreciate Mike's comments and objected, saying, "Are you trying to say I have no breasts? They're small but not hopeless!"

Phil tried to calm down Sue who appeared to be getting really annoyed. "Mike, you can use thinner cords on Sue's boobs. Don't give up without trying."

"Thanks for being more supportive than Mike, Phil," said Sue. turning back to Mike, she said "Like he said, use thinner cords, but can you untie my elbows first? I think my fingers are going numb."

"Sorry, dear. We've told you already, no ropes come off until the end of the competition. You do realize that I'll have to take off your dress to tie up your breasts and then you'll be naked, but I'm OK with that."

Sue paused for a couple of seconds before saying, "Huh, you're right! How did we get to this point where I can barely feel my hands because they are tied so tight AND I'm actually encouraging you to strip me naked and tie up my boobs? Phil, it's all your fault. You suggested the small ropes."

As he pulled Sue's sundress down around her ankles, Mike said, "Don't try blaming anyone else. I'm just a little surprised that you never mentioned this to me before." Mike smirked as he picked up a length of thin sash cord from among the many ropes on the floor. He looked at Phil for his approval of the choice of rope and Phil nodded and came closer to offer help and advice to his friend who had never put a rope around a breast before. He held the end on Sue's right shoulder and explained how Mike should stretch her breast out a bit and tightly wrap the cord around the base of the breast. With two wraps around Phil advised that he continue wrapping closer to Sue's chest. After another wrap, Mike took the end of the rope that Phil was holding, wrapped it around once in the opposite direction and then tied it off with a tight reef knot. 

Sue squealed as Mike tied off the rope. "Does it have to be so tight?"

Mike said, "It's a competition dear, but now you have something else to complain about besides your elbows. Can I cut this cord? That way I can do the same thing with the other breast." Phil handed him a pair of scissors indicating it was OK. By now Sue's 'tiny' breast had swollen to the size of a tennis ball with a hard, erect nipple on top. Phil assisted again by holding the end of the rope on Sue's left shoulder. Mike did the same wrapping around Sue's left breast except from Sue's facial expression it seemed this one was even tighter. Mike tied it off and cut off the remaining rope. 

Bev said, "Wow, Sue. Pretty big balls for someone who has tiny boobs."

Mike flicked Sue's right nipple with his finger and Sue screamed. Phil nudged him and said, with a bit of a smirk, "Ah, they don't really like it when you do that." He turned to Bev and she quickly twisted away to avoid a finger flicking herself. "Don't worry, I wasn't going to." And he picked up the ends of the two strings tied to her nipples and pulled her closer using them. Bev was no more pleased with his tug than she was with a finger flick. Phil made a simple overhand knot with the two strings and pulled it tight, her two nipples stretched out to almost touch each other and finished the overhand knot with a bow like you would with a shoelace. Bev's swollen nipples sticking out of her bulbous boobs were now stretched and almost touching each other in the middle of her chest.

Phil said, "OK. I'm done with the boob tying."

Bev replied, "I can't think of anything else you could do to my tortured tits!"

Sue said, "You had better not be thinking of trying to do that with my nipples."

Mike tried to explain to her again, "Look, Sue. It's a competition. We gotta try to beat them. Let me start with tying this string around your nipples."

Sue was so tightly trussed up with ropes that she knew that there was little she could do to stop him, so she just closed her eyes and braced herself for this additional pain. Mike took a short length of string and looped it around her left nipple using an overhand knot. Her nipple was erect from the breast tie which made it pretty easy for Mike. He finished the knot into a reef knot and pulled it tight.

Sue screamed yet again. "God, that is too tight! Please take it off."

Phil and Mike replied almost in unison, "Can't take back a tie."

Mike added, "I'll try going easier on your other nipple." That was small consolation for her throbbing left nipple. Mike focused on her other nipple and was more cautious this time. He gently placed the overhand knot around her right nipple and as he finished it into a reef knot, he very slowly tightened it.

As her nipple began to be pinched, Sue cried out, "OK, OK, that's enough! It still hurts but not as much as the other."

Then Mike took the two strings hanging from her nipples, made another overhand knot between them and began to slowly pull them together. They started out a good six inches apart and it looked like they would never be able to meet. Mike gently pulled while Sue loudly moaned. As the nipples stretched further, Sue's moans got louder, and then all of a sudden the string around her right nipple slipped off and Sue's moan hit scream level for a moment. Mike said, "Damn! You wouldn't let me tie it tight enough to hold. I'll have to try again."

Phil quickly interjected, "Wait a sec. You can't remove a tie and there are no do-overs either."

Sue gave out a sigh, "sorry, Mike. I'm siding with Phil on this one."

"So, Bev and I win this point," insisted Phil. Even though Mike felt Sue was tortured more with her breast ties, he found it hard to disagree with Phil. "That means we are tied for points. I guess the hogtie will decide the winner."

Both ladies tried to dissuade them from anymore tying and pleaded with them to end the competition in a tie, but the boys were determined to have a victor. The girls even tried to argue the current points asking if anyone was really keeping track. All of the complaining from the girls led Mike to dig out his ball gag. He said, "I think we should stop this chatter," and moved to tuck the ball gag into Bev's mouth before she even realized he had it. Bev really didn't like the ball gag but over the last few months she had gotten used to its size.

Mike asked, "Do you have another one of those?"

Phil answered, "Sorry, pal. Why would I ever need two gags? She only has one mouth. You can use Sue's panties and the tape over there."

Sue was quick to give her opinion to this suggestion. "I've been wearing those all day! You can't put those in my mouth!"

Mike picked them up and sniffed them. "They're not too bad." But Sue was not at all happy about this. Mike rolled up the panties and asked Sue to open wide.

Through her gritted teeth she managed to say, "No way!"

Mike yanked on the string still tied to her left nipple and she screamed with her mouth wide open. Mike shoved the panties into her mouth which immediately muffled her scream. He secured the panties in her mouth by wrapping the wide tape around her head three of four times. You could tell through Sue's eyes that she did not approve, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

Mike and Phil both took a short length of rope and began to tie their wives' ankles. They were both still standing and had difficulty keeping their balance while their legs were being tied. The boys stepped back and watched as Sue and Bev struggled to keep their balance. With their arms tied so tightly behind them, they both feared falling over. Phil asked, "Would you ladies like to be lowered to the floor?"

Sue was quick to nod yes. Bev nodded too although with her elbows tied behind her head it was difficult to tell exactly what she was doing. Phil and Mike gently lowered their ladies down, first onto their knees and then down onto their stomachs. Their bulging breasts hurt anew as they were pressed into the floor. Bev grunted through her ball gag as her tightly bound breasts hit the floor. Mike said, "We better get to the hog tie. I don't think they can last much longer tied up like this."

Phil quickly tied a rope around Bev's ankle tie and looped it over her wrist tie that was positioned just behind her neck, then passed it around the ankle again and began to pull up the slack. Mike said, "What am I supposed to do? I can't use Sue's wrists like you have, not when they are tied in a reverse prayer."

Phil said, "You could use her elbow rope as an anchor."

Mike figured that was his best option so he looped a rope between Sue's ankles and her elbows and started tightening up her hogtie. Both ladies' knees were folded back and there was a bit of an arch in both their backs. Phil pulled in Bev's hogtie and her arms and feet came about six inches closer to each other while Bev grunted through her ball gag. "Your turn" said Phil to Mike.

Mike understood what Phil meant and he pulled Sue's hogtie tighter. She gave out a muffled scream through her gag. Now it was Phil's turn to tighten up on Bev's hogtie. While applying downward pressure on her legs he managed to pull out another six to eight inches out of his rope. Considering that the rope was looped around three times this meant Bev's hogtie was tightened by about two inches. There was a big arch in Bev's back and her arms were off of the back of her head for the first time since her elbows were tied behind her head.

Mike shook his head because he didn't think he could take up much more rope from Sue's hogtie, but he was going to try. By pulling on one rope and pulling away from himself on the other loop he pulled out maybe four inches and then began to tie it off. He knew there was no more bend left in Sue. 

Phil leaned over and said to Bev, "If I can make this a little tighter we can win."

Bev mumbled through her gag what sounded like "Go for it," though it could just as likely have been "Go to hell." Phil assumed the former and braced himself on her legs and pulled up hard on the rope coming from her wrists. Her back arched even more and Phil pulled the new slack through her ankles and looped the loose ends around the ropes connecting her ankles and wrists. When Phil was finished Bev's hands were barely a foot away from her feet. Her tits were well off the floor as she rocked on her belly in the tightest hogtie of her life. Sue's hogtie was very intense too but did not look as impressive because of the way her arms were tied.

Phil, full of confidence said, "For sure I get the point and the win. We did it, Bev!" as he slapped Bev's butt.

Mike turned around and said, "Shouldn't I get a point for the gag? A gag with panties should beat out a simple ball gag."

"So we're tied again!" exclaimed Phil. He winked at Mike. You could hear groans from both trapped ladies. "What do we do now?"

Mike said, "Let's leave it up to the girls to decide the winner. We'll leave them here for 15 to 20 minutes and whoever gets out first wins."

"Great idea! That way it'll be their win. Up until now we've been winning the points, the girls have just been our models for our ties, and excellent models all the way. Giving them time to escape gives them a chance to actively participate."

The two girls tried to say something through their gags but there was nothing coherent.

Phil asked, "Did you say you might need more time to get loose? OK we'll give you 30 minutes. Come on, Mike. Let's have a beer on the patio."

The girls tried to call out to the guys and wiggled as much as they could, trying to get their attention, but they just walked out of the room. Bev tried so hard to move that she rolled over onto her side. Trussed up the way she was, there was no way she was going to roll back onto her stomach. It looked like she would be on her side for the next half hour. So Susan and Beverly were left in back-breaking hogties, tightly wrapped tits that turned Bev's into melons and Sue's tiny breasts into oversized tennis balls. Bev's nipples were being stretched to the point where they were almost touching and both had tight crotch ropes with Sue's having a large knot that was buried in her cunt. Their gags meant their communication was reduced to muffled grunts. 

Sue saw her situation as hopeless and just hoped the guys would return soon, but Bev continued to struggle with her hogtie pulling with her legs and arms forcing her back into an even more severe arch. Lying on her side, Bev could see Sue trapped in her own ropes and tried to tell her to try pulling on her hogtie. Sue tried pulling on her own hogtie, but with her arms in a reverse prayer, she was unable to pull with her arms at all. She gave several jerks with her legs, cracking her back a few times, to show Bev that her situation was pretty hopeless, but then one jerk seemed to cause something to slip. Her hogtie seemed to be a little looser. Maybe there was hope. She gave several more jerks with her legs and her elbow tie slid off her elbows releasing her from her hogtie and ridding her of her dreaded elbow tie that she had pleaded to have removed several times. She was still tightly bound but much of the tension in her body was relieved.

Bev was wiggling as best she could trying to get Sue to come and help her. Sue rolled over and sat up and from there she could move around on her bum. With her hands still between her shoulder blades, there was no way she could untie any other ropes on herself so her only option was to try to help Bev. She made her way around until she was behind Bev, and positioning herself just right, rolled onto her side so that her hands were close to the knot holding Bev's hogtie, but with her thumbs tied together it was very difficult to do anything. She could only use her index fingers and that made untying any knot nearly impossible, but since there was little else for her to do she continued to struggle with the knot. She had figured out that it was just a simple reef knot, so she just picked away at the first half of the knot. After about ten minutes of fiddling with it the first overhand knot began to loosen. Sue got one finger under the overhand knot and wiggled it until it finally came loose. The second overhand knot was much easier but there was still all the looping of the rope around the ropes of the hogtie that needed to come off. Bev was getting impatient and grunted something to Sue. Sue grunted something back that sounded like "I'm working on it."

Sue had to undo the loops one loop at a time with her thumbs tied together. She hooked an index finger onto one loop and then rolled onto her body to pull the rope away. Each time she rolled she would hit her swollen breasts on the floor adding to the pain of her breast tie. Sue quickly lost track of how many times she rolled from her side lying behind Bev to her belly and back again, crushing her breasts each time. All the while Bev continually flexed her back pulling on her hogtie trying to loosen it. Even with the loops all removed Bev still couldn't release her hogtie. The rope looped between her ankles and wrists were binding to each other and not letting go. Sue had to hook the first loop between her wrists and ankles using her index finger and rock away again to pull it clear. 

Finally Bev's pulling had an effect and her feet lay flat on the ground for the first time in about 30 minutes. Her chest hit the floor too flattening her melon shaped breasts on the floor and pulling more on the cord tying her nipples together. She rolled onto her side to relieve this pressure. With her thumbs and second fingers tied together, Bev's hands were completely incapacitated. The two lay on their sides facing each other wondering what else they could do to untie more ropes. At least the strictest part of their ties were gone and they lay there with quite the sense of relief.

At this point the guys came in from their drinking and were very impressed at how far they had gotten in releasing their ties. "Good job girls," said Mike, "but it looks like you're still in a dead heat with both of you out of your hogties." Both girls tried mumbling something through their gags, but nothing audible came out. The guys knelt down to remove the gags. Phil had Bev's out first and she said that Sue was the one who got both of them out of the hogties. As Sue's panties came out of her mouth she added that it would have been a lot easier if the guys hadn't tied their thumbs together. 

Mike asked, "So are you trying to tell us that if we cut your thumbs loose you could get out of the rest of the ties yourself?"

Still lying on her side with her arms still in a reverse prayer tie and her ankles bound, Sue answered, "Untie our thumbs and give us another 30 minutes and we'll both be out."

Bev did not want any more challenges. "Personally I'd just like to be untied please. My boobs are blue and my shoulders ache. Why not just let them untie us?"

"Come on Beverly. We can do this ourselves."

"You're pretty confident there Sue," said Mike. "Care to put a wager on your confidence?"

"Sure! Anything you want. It doesn't matter because we'll be out," said Sue in full confidence.

Bev said, "Just untie me, Phil, please."

Mike held him back and dropped his wager, "OK, any girl who still has a rope on her after 30 minutes gets put into a hogtie until midnight." It was about 21:30, so that meant being hogtied again for nearly two hours.

"Don't do this Sue," pleaded Bev. "We've been tied up long enough. Let's just end this." Bev's head had been tilted down for a long time with her elbows tied together behind her head.

Sue insisted, "Just untie our thumbs and we'll get out. We'll show them, Bev."

Mike found a pair of scissors and carefully cut the string tying Sue's thumbs together and then passed the scissors over to Phil who did the same to Bev's thumbs. Bev just laid there quite depressed with her situation. As Phil got up from Bev she quietly said to him, "You bastard." Sue just thought that Bev was frustrated with her situation. 

Mike said, "OK, ladies, your thumbs are cut free, so Phil and I are heading back to the deck for another half hour. if all your cords are not removed in the next 30 minutes then be prepared for another hogtie." And with a smile the two guys left the room.

Sue said, "OK, Bev. If we get back to back you should be able to untie my wrists. With my hands free the rest of the escape will be easy."

Bev and Sue squirmed into position then Bev said, "Well, we have a couple of problems. First, it looks like your knot is behind your wrists and second, my second fingers are still tied together."

Sue twisted around to see the thin cord still wrapped tight around Bev's fingers. "I forgot about your fucking fingers!"

"Well, now we're fucked."

"Don't give up yet," said Sue. "Let me work on untying your elbows. That will give you a lot more freedom." Sue spun around so they were back to back and began to pick at the knot tying Bev's elbows together behind her head. Luckily the knot was on the outside of her arms. Even though her arms were twisted high behind her back, Sue could work more effectively on the knot now that she had full dexterity in her hands. Eventually the knot loosened and came apart. Then it was fairly simple to untie the cinch and from there the wraps around Bev's arms. The rope was almost completely off before Bev was able to slowly raise her arms which tugged on her crotch rope that was tied to her wrists. Bev said, "We both forgot about my crotch rope."

Sue looked again and saw the rope around Bev's wrist tie coming up from her crotch. So Sue went to work on yet another rope binding Bev while Sue suffered with all her ties still tightly tied. 

At last Bev's crotch came loose from her wrists and she could bring her hands over her head and in front of her. Her arms were very stiff and almost limp from the poor circulation while they were tightly tied. She slowly flexed her elbows to get the circulation back. Sue was anxious to get out of her own bondage and said, "Can you untie your wrists now so we can get moving on all the other ropes?"

Bev examined her tied wrists and found the all-important knot to be between her arms, past her wrists. It was way out of reach of her fingers and quite unreachable using her teeth. After a few attempts she said to Sue, "You're going to have to untie this one too." She held them up at a good height for Sue's experienced fingers and spread her arms as best she could to help Sue. 

Sue worked on yet another knot securing Bev with her arms still twisted up behind her back. At least this time Bev could help by directing Sue in her efforts. Once the knot was loose Bev could remove the rope using her teeth and soon only the cord around her fingers held her hands together. This thin cord continued to cause both of them grief. The knot was small and stuck between her fingers making it hard to even get teeth onto it. Sue was getting really frustrated because she was still in her reverse prayer tie and utterly unable to remove any of the ropes still tied tightly around her. She turned her back to Bev and asked her to try to untie her hands. Bev said, "This is going to be really hard. Your knot is hidden between your wrists and your back and with my fingers still tied together my hands are not very useful." She continued to fumble with the knot but she could hardly grasp anything between her thumb and index finger. frustrated with Bev's inability to untie her wrists, she suggested Bev should work on something else. 

"Can you untie my boobs at least?" Complained Sue. She turned around facing Bev and Bev took one loop that was around Sue's right breast and forced it over her swollen tit. It hurt a lot but it loosened all the other wraps and the whole breast tie fell off. Although it hurt Sue realized it was an efficient way to get it off and nodded for Bev to do the same to her left breast. After that Bev went back to work on trying to untie Sue's reverse prayer tie. 

The two of them were not watching the time at all and so were surprised when Mike and Phil appeared in the doorway. Bev said, "We just need a few more minutes. As soon as Sue's hands are free we'll have all the other ropes off in no time."

Mike said, "But your time is up. It was up five minutes ago. Both of us really wanted you gals to get yourselves free. That's why we gave you a little extra time."

Bev blurted out, "If you really wanted us to escape you would have untied my fingers too! See, they're still tied."

"Sue only asked for your thumbs to be cut free," Mike said with a snicker. "Hogtie time ladies! But we'll be nice and not add anything else besides the hogtie."

"Oh, Mike. You are so considerate."

Mike looped a rather long rope around Sue's elbows, hooking the rope in the joints of her elbows. He knotted the rope leaving a loop hanging, and passed the rope between her tied ankles and brought it up and through the hanging loop at her elbows and then began pulling up the slack until there was an arch in her back. This was not nearly as tight as her first hogtie but it would certainly hold her for the next two hours. The securing Knott was carefully tied between her tied ankles making it impossible for her or Bev to be able to untie it. 

Phil took his own rope, doubled it over and tied the middle around Bev's tied fingers leaving a loop that would be used in the hogtie. He pulled her arms once again over her head and down her back, passed the rope between her ankles and back up to the loop. Pulling out the slack, he likewise put Bev into a good back arch and tied off the rope between her ankles.

Both had three to four feet of rope left and wondered what they should do with it. Both seemed to simultaneously come up with the same idea. They looped it around the girls' crotch ropes and the hogtie rope, pulling tight so the two ropes met. Both girls gave out quiet moans.

With a slap on their asses Phil and Mike headed out to the deck to enjoy a couple of more beers. "See you tomorrow... Early tomorrow," they said with a smile.


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