The Game

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2019 - Tonya - Used by permission

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Giga sat at their booth with her back to the door of a little Italian place near downtown. It was one of their favorite places to go and it seemed like the right place to have a nice civil discussion about things that were going on between them. Mistakes were made. By everyone. And it would take some work but they were going to get through it. They always did.

Tonya was arguing with the mirror on her visor as she touched up her makeup for the umpteenth time. She was stalling. And fuming more and more as she was stalling. Eventually she got out of the car and headed for the door. The click of her heels signaling a countdown to an altercation that had been building for some time. As she got to the door she saw Giga in their spot, the little two-person booth in the corner. She checked her reflection in the door and made her way inside.

“Table for one?” the helpful hostess inquired.

“I’m meeting someone. I think she’s already here.” Tonya responded, almost sure of herself.

“Right this way” the hostess grabbed a menu, necessary amenities, and led the way to the booth. Tonya followed, as she usually does and scooted into the corner tossing her clutch in the seat beside her. The took a moment and just looked at each other. It hadn’t been long, but it always felt like it when Tonya was away.

“Are you going to keep that whole loaf of bread to yourself?” Tonya broke the semi-awkward silence first, maintaining eye contact

“Bitch, I might be!” Giga’s tone was defiant and her face a frozen mask as she stared back at Tonya, but the moment didn’t last. Giga broke first and soon a giggle snort was out. And then a noise that you have to be present to appreciate as she tried to catch her breath. The corner of the restaurant was almost staring at them now, but as usual they were equal parts used to it and just did not give a fuck.

“So why were we pissy again? I honestly can’t remember.” Giga asked after finally composing herself. More or less, “And stop scratching or that is never gonna heal.”

“Fine. Of course, you never remember. You, cunt. And you can never remember why I’m mad at you. And for some reason, I can’t say mad at you. This time might have been mostly me. Maybe.” Tonya was trying not to scratch and fidgeting in her seat as Giga was eyeballing her

 “Is it because you lost your tiny mind at the last play party we went to? I gave you simple instructions and you fucked them up” Giga was fishing, but she knew what was eating at Tonya

“You told me to go get tied and you’d be right there. I got started and waited. Then finished and waited. Then out and tied again. The second time was too much. And the party was over and I was still waiting.  And hurting. And you...” Tonya began fidgeting again, “didn’t give me a choice and just left me tied and just put me in the van and brought me home. Which, honestly, was, probably my favorite part. Even though by the time we got home I was pretty sore. Because I overdo it sometimes.” The tonality in her voice was all over the place, from accusational to apologetic.

“Do you remember what that night’s lesson was about?” Giga leaned in and gently asked Tonya

“Ummm … I do not. I’m sorry. I know I should, but I cannot remember.” Tonya eyes were focused on the bread. She was fidgeting again straightening out the wrinkly folds in her blue dress

“The lesson was about patience. And how if you can be patient, and can wait for the right moment something wonderful will happen and it will be totally worth it. I was bragging on you the whole night. About how amazing you were and how you were going to get something wonderful if you just waited for the right moment.” She reached across the table and grabbed Tonya hands and held them tightly. “I promise it is coming and it will be right out of one of your stories you fantastic little wheirdo.” And they both giggled and continued to do so until

“I’m sorry I went a little crazy and accused you of putting a tracking device in me,” and Giga broke eye contact, stopped giggling, and her face went a little bit ghosty. “Wait. Did you actually put something in my arm? Giga?!?”

“Well, you see puddin. You run off a lot. And with the way you adventure it is kind of handy to be able to keep an eye on you, or at least know where you are.” Her tone was much softer and if Tonya didn’t know any better, it was apologetic

“OH. MY. GOD.” Tonya slid to the end of the booth and glared at Giga “You did. You fucking did. Of all the things YOU HAVE PUT INSIDE ME! A FUCKING TRACKING DEVICE!?!?!?!?!?” the sound of every piece of silverware, formally in someone’s hand, now hitting a ceramic plate echoed through their little corner of the building. Just as Giga’s phone went off “Yeah, get that. And that too” a text from Tonya appeared.

Tonya: Fuck Off fuh fuh

“Honey wait. Look.” Giga switched sides of the booth and crowded Tonya into a corner, honestly a button for them both. She was nearly whispering now, “We’ve had a breakthrough in the miniaturization process of the GPS for our toys and now collars. We pitched it to an investor at the only way she said she would be on board 100% is if we had a subdermal version too.” Tonya’s fidgeting continued and her eyes were darting around the room when they weren’t trying to manage eye contact with Giga. Who was making way too much sense. Dammit. “So we made one. And I wasn’t allowed to use myself as a test subject, and technically … technically you can’t say no Technically. So, I didn’t give you a chance to say no. Yes. That is a tracking device in your arm. And it’s because I love you and I want you to be safe.”

“You. Are. A crazy person. And I have to pee. Please let me out.” Tonya was scooching into Giga trying to get her to move out of the way. “please. Really. I need to be. Or be sick, or anything not at this fucking table right now.”

“Give me your clutch.” Giga held out her hand as she backed out of the booth. “Give it to me. I don’t want you leaving. I’m not done with you yet.” she reached her hand out slightly further and Tonya complied. Giga’s phone went off again. “That too, I don’t need you sending me hateful things from the potty.”

“Fine. Here.” Tonya firmly placed her iPhone on top of her clutch and Giga clicked it open and closed vanishing the phone inside. Tonya stomped off to the restroom as Giga picked up her phone to check the messages again. A text from an unknown number, “Give it to us and no one has to get hurt” Giga cautiously looked around and a very uneasy feeling washed over her

Tonya walked into the bathroom on the verge of tears. She leaned against the counter and stared in the mirror. Her nose inches away from her reflection, “You’ve gone too far this time Giga” she angrily whispered. A voice from behind her quietly asked.

“Did you say you that your name was Giga? I mean you were talking to yourself in the mirror and you called yourself Giga. Are you Giga?” she was a motherly looking type, a mother of linebackers anyway.

“Bitch I might be” Tonya responded, half playful, half cautiously guarded. The last thing she remembered was a metallic clicky noise and a very pretty blue flash.

Giga was sitting by herself at the table and her appetite was gone. Something wasn’t right. Even if she was pouting and doing her makeup Tonya should have been back by now. Giga shot her a quick text.

Giga: Are you okay?

Tonya’s clutch dinged that ridiculous Mario coin noise and Giga giggled because half the times it went off she punched Tonya in the ass. Okay, probably more like 60-40. But a few seconds later the light bulb came on. No makeup touchups because she didn’t let Tonya have her clutch. Giga slid down the seat and jumped out the end of the booth. She quickly made it to the restroom and Tonya was nowhere to be found. Without a second of hesitation she shoved open the door to the men’s room and no one was in there either. She poked her head in the kitchen and the staff was startled by her.

“Aaa lady you cayn’t be in ere” one of shouted in accented English

“Fuck off … I, I mean, I’m looking for someone” She was peeking into corners and looking for possible exits “brunette, blue dress, cute shoes, about 5’7” her hand was in the air a little above her head. “Have you seen her, it’s very important.” One of the kitchen guys spoke up

“Oh yeah. She came through here. Drunk as FUCK. Couldn’t even stand up on her own. Some bullshit about a bad breakup and making a scene out front earlier. Nice lady helped her out the back door. Big broad. Nice lookin though.”

“How long ago? Which way is the back door?” Giga was frantic

“Ten minutes maybe. Back door leads out into the alley. We take our trash out that way. Nobody uses it but us but she said this was a special case.”

Giga was already out the door when as they were still talking. She made it out the door just in time to see a plain white panel van pull around the corner. She took off running after it. With traffic if it hit the light red she would be able to just catch it. She reached the end of the block and turned the corner, immediately thinking that she should be in more sensible shoes for chasing cars. Or creepy panels vans. Whatever. A lane over making a left at the light she could see the van. She broke into a dead run again, impressive in heels to say the least, and got to the van just as it took off. She got her fingers on the handle of the back door and it flew open, breaking more than one nail in the process. She could see in the van. Two women, one kneeling over a woman in a blue dress, locking something shiny on her wrists, cuffs perhaps. The other was giving direction to the driver and shouting something about a warehouse and parking. Giga stopped in the intersection. She grabbed her fingers and sucked air in around her teeth. They had her. They had Tonya. And she was going to get her back.

Tonya shut her eyes harder to try and make her world stop spinning. It seemed to work, or the effects of, whatever the fuck that was, (magic wand?? prolly not) were wearing off.  She tried to pick herself up off the floor but her hands would not move. Not even a little bit. There was cold steel around them, but in between her wrists too. These were nice. Sturdy, but not too heavy.

“Shit. She’s waking up. Should I hit her again?” one of the woman asked

“No. Just gag and bag her. We’ll deal with her when we get to the warehouse,” the other replied. Gina, the mother of linebackers helped a semi-conscious Tonya roll onto her side. She walked a black ballgag into Tonya’s mouth and pulled the ends behind her head and buckled it tight. The click of a tiny padlock followed shortly after. Then a padded blindfold was pulled down over her eyes. One of the nicer ones with the nose hole portion that cuts off all light from every angle. Then a basic cloth hood with a drawstring was pulled over her head. “You done already? Shit, that was quick. I guess try the other pair of rigid cuffs on her ankles since they were too big for her wrists. Just remember which key so we don’t spend all day searching for it” with a few moments of searching and adjusting Tonya’s ankles were bound just as her wrists in rigid cuffs.

Tonya was coming to and thinking to herself. And as usual she was over thinking. She was okay being helpless. Hell, she preferred it to most anything else. But this felt over the top. Almost too much. Just. Like. One. Of. Her. Stories. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG This was Giga’s surprise. Kidnapped for reals. Tased and bound by “strangers” and whisked away in a creepy creeper van. She giggled to herself and started to fight against her bonds. She was going to play her part. The damselly damsel in need of rescue. And she was going to be convincing too. All the times she’d played out this little fantasy all by herself and now it was happening. Giga was a genius!

“How could I have been so fucking stupid?” Giga was shouting out loud, to herself. “I put the device in Tonya, now they have it. No demands. No other messages from the anon number. She said something about a warehouse, and parking. Is there a warehouse nearby with a parking garage? Maybe.” She pulled her phone out of her purse “MOTHERFUCKER!” cursing out loud as she hurriedly banged her fingers on the clasp. Her search came back with surprising results “The Warehouse. Is an art museum about 15 minutes north of downtown Dallas. And open by appointment only. A great place to vanish a van. And probably change vehicles. Shit. They had a head start too. Fuck. I need to hurry” she ran back through the restaurant and was met at the front door by the hostess.

“Miss? Miss! I thought you left. The manager took care of your ticket. It was just drinks, but you left this behind.” And the hostess handed her Tonya’s clutch “I kept it up here to make sure it was safe. I think there was a game left on though. I mean, it kept making game noises anyway” Giga rolled her eyes.

“Yeah. Yeah, a game. Thank you” she smiled a half-hearted smile, flew out the front door this time, and took off running again. She got the car and tore out of the parking lot. Her gym bag was in the front seat and she attempted to change while she was driving. She’d done it before, but not at this pace with this much going on. At a stoplight halfway there, she pulled her shorts on under her skirt, kicked off her heels, and slipped on her Pumas. She made some kid’s day sitting in the backseat of his mom’s carpool as she doffed her sweater and pulled her dry fit long sleeve t-shirt at the next light.

The van rocked as they quickly pulled into the empty parking lot at The Warehouse. Gina could have sworn she heard a muffled “wheeee” coming from under the hood, but she dismissed it. “Get those cuffs off her ankles unless you wanna carry this bitch to the Tahoe.” Gina started searching for the right key and Tonya waved her hands around and tried to shout something to her captors. Gina just leaned on her and kept her from trying to roll away. “Goddammit. I know it’s one of these keys.” The angry shouty lady that was apparently in charge was getting frustrated.

“Fuck the keys. Get her up and help her to the Tahoe. I think someone is following us.” Gina helped Tonya up and climbed out of the van. She reached back in and grabbed Tonya’s ankles and pulled her to the edge so she was sitting with her heels on the ground. This time it wasn’t Gina’s imagination as she heard a muffled “TaaaDaaa” as Tonya stood up and began hopping straight ahead, bound and blind, with no assistance. Each woman stopped and stared in amazement, not knowing what to think about their alleged “victim” racing them to the Tahoe.  

She was only a block away and she saw the van. It was in the corner of the parking lot and the back door was open and it was empty, and there was Tonya, hopping towards a white SUV. It looked like she was making a break for it, but there was still a bag on her head. Just as she seemed to have a firm grasp of what she was doing, Tonya slammed into the side of the Tahoe mid hop. The odd sounding crash refocused the girls and they got back on task. Gina was helping Tonya up and was able to make out “I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.” On repeat coming from under the hood. She helped Tonya up and into the back of the SUV. She was laying on her side and her wrist and ankle bonds were ziptied to the cargo hooks in the back. A large black ziptie was placed around her legs just above her knees, and another around her neck, not tightly, but it wasn’t coming off. Wrists and ankles attached to the hooks nearest the back seat, and her knees and the one around her neck to the ones by the bumper. Gina walked around back and closed the back door. Giga had made it into the parking lot next door and was hiding behind the van and sneaking towards the Tahoe. The other crazy kidnapper peoples got it the Tahoe and were looking for the keys as Giga reached the back of the Tahoe. She opened the back very slowly and reached in and put her hand on Tonya’s head. She whispered “Honey? Tonya? Are you okay?” a giggle came from under the hood.

“Ith ih ahfuhm” (this is awesome) “Eye luh ih! Phanf yu fho muhf” (I love it! Thank you so much) Tonya was so giddy she was almost in tears. Giga’s eyes widened, and that wave of uneasiness washed over her again. Tonya thinks this is a big game. Her big surprise.

“Oh hun. I didn’t do this. It’s not me. This is real. Do you hear me? This is re-” She was nearly in tears too. Just as she started looking for a way to get the cuffs or zipties off a hand pushed down on the back of the Tahoe.

“We were being followed. I knew it!” Gina shouted. She closed the lid and was barely able to graze Giga with the taser as she ducked out of the way. It wasn’t much of a jolt, but enough to cause her to slump into a pile behind the Tahoe. “She’s down, what do you want me to do with her?” the answer came from the driver’s seat

“We have Giga, we don’t need that bitch. Zip her up and let’s get the fuck out of here.” And Gina did just that. She rolled Giga onto her stomach and put a quick ziptie on her wrists and then crossed her ankles and another quick zip. Gina ran back around and hopped in the Tahoe and they took off out of the parking lot leaving Giga dazed and helpless behind them.

Giga never was completely out and become more and more baffled by what she had heard as she came back to her senses.  She started thinking out loud again as she was trying to find a quick way out of her bonds “We have Giga. We don’t need that bitch. We have Giga? We don’t need that bitch? Who did they think I wa- oh fuck. They think Tonya is me. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. No. Nononono. This is not good. I have to find her. I guess it’s time to see if that little fucker is going to do what it’s supposed to do.” She had pulled off her shoe and was trying to get the laces around the ziptie on her wrists. Hopefully the internet had this one right. She managed to get the shoelace around the ziptie and tied it to the other shoelaces and began working them in opposite directions. In the video the girls sawed through the ziptie kicking her legs back and forth, but her ankles were crossed and very tightly ziptied together. The high-low method eventually worked and she then used it on her ankles. She was free, sooner than she thought she would be but it still took too long.

The Tahoe went west on I30 to Ft Worth and then south down 35W to Crowley. About an hour’s drive from where they started. They went down a long driveway and finally came to a stop. The lady behind the wheel spoke up “Okay, I’ll get the comms up and going and you two take our guest to her new home.” They all got out and the leader lady walked in the front door of the foreman’s office/trailer. They were at a construction site, of sorts, it was a farm that was being remodeled. It was just over halfway complete but was halted due to foreclosure. Gina found the right key and unlocked the tiny padlock on Tonya’s ankle cuffs and began cutting the zipties keeping her in the back like a very important piece of unwanted baggage.

Tonya was helped to her feet and was a little wobbly after riding sideways for over an hour. She got her baring and was latched onto from each side by the arm by her two assistants. The walked around the foreman’s abode where the leader disappeared and around to the back of the house. The outside of the dwelling was complete, but the walls inside were just a skeleton of what it was going to be. Tonya was helped to the floor and her shoes removed. The hood was taken off and the blindfold removed as well. She was kind of surprised by this as she figured she would be kept in the dark until the game was completely over. She was happy about this turn of events because she still needed to pee, and could use a drink. Maybe she could talk them into breaking character for just a minute, or four.

“Eye ahr ooh uh-ah-ih eye uhh?” (Why aren’t you unlocking my cuffs) Tonya was turning her body to show the girls her wrists.

“What the fuck do you want?” Gina was staring at Tonya trying to figure out what was going through her tiny mind “I can’t understand a word you’re saying.” She turned to Melanie “Any ideas?”

“Well, there’s nobody for miles. We could take off the gag instead of playing guessing games. Boss is gonna wanna talk to her soon anyway. No sense pissing her off not being able to find the right key.” Her condescending tone conveyed her frustration

“You know what, fuck you Melanie.” Now they were using names, what the fuck

“You gonna use my real name Gina, fuck you Gina Michaels. Unlock her gag you idiot.” More names. This was getting more off script all by the minute.

“Oh-ay. Ohh-ay. Eeh-uhs” (okay. Ookay. Geezus) Tonya just wanted to ask to go pee and maybe stretch her arms and get a drink. That was all. Just those, ummm several things. Gina unlocked the gag and unbuckled it from behind Tonya’s head.

“Now what the fuck were you trying to say?” Gina was still pissed at Mel and Tonya was now a prime target. She knelt down in the floor next to Tonya and waited for an answer.

“Oh. I was just asking why you weren’t unlocking my cuffs. I mean, we’re at your” she turned around and tried to throw up bunny rabbit ears “hideout. And I don’t really see any sense why my ankles are free and my wrists aren’t. I have no idea where we are, other than an hour or so in or around the DFW area. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not a flight risk at all.” Tonya leaned in and started whispering “and if I’m being completely honest I still have to pee, and I could use a stretch and a drink. I mean I get it if you can’t break character but maybe I could, I dunno, grudgingly talk you into being nicer for just a few minutes and let me go pee, that would be soooo amazing. Pretty please. With sugar on top?” The whisper got quieter “And then after that you could get all meanie again and honestly, I’m down for just about whatever. After the nicey nice of course. Okay hun?”

Gina turned and looked at Melanie and she was just as baffled as Gina was. Gina shot a half smirk at Mel and turned to face Tonya. She reached up and slapped Tonya. No harder than a child would, but she knew she had been slapped. Tonya looked at them both a couple of times and leaned in again. “Okay. You can hit me harder than that. I mean, not a lot harder, bu-“ Gina’s hand flew again, and this time Tonya tasted blood. “Okay, that was a bit much. Maybe if I was ready for it, but not when I’m not expecting it like that.” The smirk on Gina’s face was back, and Mel had joined in.

“I’m sorry. Hun.” Gina was helping Tonya to her feet and she turned around and held out her wrists. Melanie silently mouthed not in the face this time, the boss will notice. Melanie walked to the other side of Tonya and stood there, anxiously waiting. Mel began to turn Tonya back around just as Gina started her swing. Her hips twisted and she drove a fist into Tonya’s stomach. Tonya collapsed, gasping for air. “Is that better? Hun?” she turned to Mel “I thought you were going to catch her.”

“I thought you were going to catch her and let her down easy. I was just here to get a good view and out of the way if she blew chunks. She went up on her toes as she turned back around. I think you hit her low.” Tonya was still on the ground, with her face and shoulder joining her knees and toes keeping her from collapsing further. Her air, finally starting to recover. Finally. She was as confused as she was hurt. Could it be? Giga was telling her the truth and this was really real life? It couldn’t be. Who in the world would want her? For anything?

“What. The fuck. Is going on?” Tonya gasped. The two looked down at her and just looked back at each other. They walked a few steps away and quietly talked amongst themselves. After a few moments they returned, each one with that smirk again.

“What do you think is going on here? Because I think you think that this is a game. And it is very much, NOT a fucking game. Has that started to sink in, or do we need to go another round or two? Wait a second. You were complementing me on the cuffs in the van, and the gag and blindfold. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Her tone was judgmental and condescending.

“I think …” Tonya picked her head up off the floor “I thought, this was a game that Mistress set up for me like one of my stories. Because we’ve always talked about doing something like this. Both of us really. A take down scene and kidnapping. Being whisked away in a soccer mom van with blacked out windows someplace to be, whatevered, for however long we had to play the game.” Her frustration was apparent in her tone.

“Mistress. Your Mistress, is she now? So, you’re one of those fucked up slave girl weirdos. Wait, you like this shit, don’t you? Being tied up and carried away? Being helpless. You have a plan do to that shit? Do each other? What do you think Mel, I bet we can make her hate it. I bet we can.” Mel and Gina were nodding at each other and Gina’s tone went from judgmental to mocking. Tonya was getting scared.    

 Giga made it back to her car and dug her tablet out of her gym bag. The jolt from the taser fucked her phone up. It was tucked into the waistband of her shorts and wouldn’t even turn back on. More than likely it was fried. Luckily the tracking software was on her tablet too. Shit. No wifi here though. In a pinch she would usually just use her phone but it hadn’t returned from the dead yet. It might never return. Wifi, then she can figure out where to head next. Tonya was out there somewhere waiting for a rescue. Hopefully she had figured out the stakes and that those idiots thought she was Giga and sooner or later she would find out what they were after. Maybe it will be before they figure out they got the wrong girl.

“So what were you able to find?” Gina asked Mel who had just returned from a brief search of the grounds and surrounding area. Mel dropped a large duffle bag (the goodie bag from the van), a roll of carpet film, and a towel rod with half a dozen partially used rolls of tape on it. Regular duct, shiny duct, electrical tape, and strapping tape. As Mel dropped her loot she noticed that Tonya was back on the ground and the gag was locked back in and her ankle cuffs were back, and ziptied to her wrists creating a snug hogtie.

“Didn’t want her going anywhere did you?” Mel was looking over the goods and trying to figure out what to do our intrepid damsel.

“Oh no. She’s still figuring out this isn’t a game. Let’s help her with that.” Gina went after the shears to cut the ziptie on Tonya’s wrists. Gina helped Tonya stand up as Mel opened the big bag and started pulling things out of it. There were piles and piles of rope, straps, several other gags, bandanas and panties for stuffing and several rolls of tape. “We’re gonna be here all day just trying to decide what to use first. Alphabetical order okay with you? Hun?” she turned to Tonya, and Tonya was staring at the floor. “Silence equals compliance. So, I guess so. Let’s see. Rope, straps, tape, wrap, I guess it’s rope first.” Tonya was unresponsive.

Gina turned her around leaned her face first against a skeleton wall and started wrapping rope around her wrists just above the cuffs. Gina’s rope was tight. It wasn’t the tightest she had ever been tied but it was very close. Mel was working on Tonya’s ankles and when the both thought there was enough rope to the take the place of the cuffs, Gina finally unlocked them. Gina turned Tonya back around and slid the blindfold down over her eyes. She picked up the hood, but spied the wrap on the way to use the hood. “Hey, I can just make a hood with this” and started wrapping Tonya’s gag and then around her blindfold filling in all the Tonya left in between. Satisfied neither was going to slip off she pulled the hood down over it all and pulled the drawstring tight. Mel was working on Tonya’s legs making them equally helpless. A band around her legs above and below her knees and another at the tops of her thighs. Gina was wrapping rope around Tonya’s arms, above and below her breasts and just above her wrist ropes pinning her wrists to the small of her back. They kept adding more until they were running out of places to add it.

Giga was searching for the closest place with wifi and from the seat next to her she heard a beep. It was faint, but it was her phone coming back to life. “Finally!” she shouted and pulled over onto the shoulder to get a signal. After a quick reboot and everything crossed for luck, it restarted and she fired it up. Tonya was in … Crowley? What the fuck was she doing in Crowley? Its pure luck that I was headed that way. From here I’m only about 45 minutes out. 30-35 if I really hurry.

“Hey Gina. Should we use one at a time or just use it all on her? I mean we could just layer it on. Straps next, then the carpet film and then tape to keep it all on? She’s not going anywhere. I mean look at her. Holy shit. That’s nearly 400 feet of rope. You could hand her the shears now and she’s so fucked we could tie ourselves up, knock ourselves out, wake up, get free, and this bitch would still be here.” The two chuckled at the thought. Had a moment of reflection over it and let out a collective “nah”

“What, in pluperfect hell, do you two cunts think you are doing?” the boss made an appearance

“Uhhh ... sorry boss. But she thought it was a game. We were trying to show her it wasn’t a game, and this was real.” Gina said, somewhat sheepishly

“And you were, showing her it’s not a game by playing tie up games with her. That makes perfect sense.” She looked the two of them up and down, disgusted “You’re both fired. Get the fuck out.” Vicki was done with their shit. This should have been easy and over and done with, but these two are making this incredibly fucking difficult. “Are you going to leave?” her tone was more firm

“Do we have to leave? I mean, I need the money and you need the help. You can’t carry her by yourself, I mean, she’s not heavy, but wrapped up like that she’s not going to help, much, if any.” Gina was trying to explain why she should stay.

“If you’re not going to leave make yourself useful and get that shit off her head so I can talk to her” So Thing 1 and Thing 2 get to stay. Okay. Gina got to work removing the bag and Mel was still looking for places to add more rope. “What the fuck did you do to her head? Is she still in there?”

“Ummm. I think so.” Gina was mostly sure Tonya was still in there. Mostly.

“You think so. You think so? You THINK so? Okay. Well, if you find her, let me know. I’ll be in the office.” Vicki threw her hands in the air and walked away. She was mumbling on the way out the door. “Where the fuck do we find these fucking idiots. Fucking hell”

“Great job Gina. You pissed off the boss. I’m gonna tell you that you hit her too.” Now it was Mel’s turn to be shitty

“Fuck you Melanie. Help me find the end of this wrap. I thought it was here, but the end isn’t here. Should I cut it off, do we have more?”

“Cut that shit. We have plenty” Mel held up a bag with about ten more rolls in it.

It was just after dark and Giga was flying down the highway. Thinking out loud again “I’ve been to Crowley, a few times, but this stretch I’m just not familiar with. Fuck it, I’ll figure it out when I get there.” She got within a quarter of a mile and changed the map to satellite view. The image wasn’t very recent, but it was enough to tell that it was a farm, but it looked like it was under construction. Giga parked the car and started to make her way to Tonya’s signal beacon. She could see lights on in the house and some on in the office trailer thingy. As Giga got closer she started changing her angle of approach so she could see in the windows. Paying close attention to shadows and light distortion from someone that might be inside. But there wasn’t any. Then she heard a voice that was almost familiar bitching incessantly about fucking idiots and where she finds them. She dropped where she was in the tall-ish grass next to the fence. Once crazy mumbly lady was back inside she had an idea hit her and she snuck back to her car and got into her gym bag again, this time raiding her lunch and snack. After a quick detour she snuck around to the back of the house and heard two more voices arguing. She was just about to sneak in and swipe the taser when  

“Careful idiot. You’re gonna to cut the gag. Boss likes that one. It locks, and it’s big and it hurts. Makes people want to talk so it doesn’t have to go back in.” Mel was being helpful. Tonya wasn’t.

“Shut up, I know what I’m doing.” She missed the gag, but cut the strap on the blindfold instead. “Ummm, shit. Here, hide this in the desk in the corner.”

“Did you find her yet? Was she in there?” Giga ducked behind a billowy tarp as the door flew open. Vicki was back. “There she is. Hello Giga. You have something that belongs to me.” Tonya, gag still locked on, looked at her, baffled, yet again and tilted her head to the side. Tonya thought to herself, did she just call me … nah.

“Ooh uh fah aa ooo?” (Who the fuck are you?) Not sure if she was back to thinking it was a game or she thought she was a raging badass. But her tone was one of badassery.

“Shut up and tell me where the beta for the device is so we can get this over with. Or I can have these idiots tase you until you piss yourself then toss you in the pond. It’s up to you. I don’t care which. Will you take that fucking thing out so I can at least talk to her? Fucking please?” she was being nice

“Sorry boss.” Gina got the key and was able to get the gag off in record time, at least according to her record thus far. Tonya worked her jaw up and down and a little from side to side and it popped quite a few times

“For fuck’s sake. Where did you get that gag? I love/hate it. It’s mean, but it fits soo nice. And it locks. Always a plus. Oh yeah. Hi. I have no idea who the fuck you are or what the fuck you want. So, I’ll be going now. Toodles” and she starts hopping for the door. Gina quickly snatches her up and sits/leans her against the desk. “well fuck. Worth a shot I guess. So, plan B, let’s deal. Name your price. What’s in it for me?” Tonya was keeping her back to everyone as much as she could. Gina tied her wrists tight, but the cinch was shit and the knot walked itself down and Tonya was trying to work on it as she stalled

Giga could hear most of what was being said, but didn’t want to get too close. She had a plan, but she would have to remain undetected. She changed her position out of the light coming out through the window and could just see inside. She could see her girl, in an absurd amount of rope leaning against a desk talking her damn head off. Where’s that really effective stuffy gag when you need it?

With every word she babbled she was getting closer and closer to her freedom. “no really. I’m thinking $1.5-2Mil to start the bidding. In that neighborhood anyway. Maybe more, but I’m at a disadvantage right now, so we’ll start in the-“

“Oh my fucking god! Tase this bitch again. Please. For the love of all that is fucking holy. Please. Light her up. Until she pisses herself.” Vicki was stomping around the room “fine, fuck you. You’re both fired again. Give me the fucking taser on your way out.” She started walking towards Gina. “Did you hear me you fucking cunt. Give. Me. The TASER!” her hand out shaking with each word

Gina shrugged her shoulders and pulled out the taser and took the safety off. As she got to Vicki’s outstretched hand she reached past it and lit Vicki up. Followed Vicki to the ground and continued lighting her up. Until she pissed herself. “Sorry Melly. She was really getting on my nerves.” Vicki was laying the floor twitching and Tonya was back in what the actual fuck is going on land. Minus the twitching she thought Vicki was prolly dead.

“It’s okay Gina she was getting on my nerves too. Is she gonna be okay? Or do you give a fuck anymore?” Mel and Gina were mostly kind of meh with the whole Vicki might be dead thing

“I don’t really care. You heard what Giga said. $1.5 Million dollars on the low end. She’s coming with us.  We’re gonna be rich. Gag and bag her again. But I don’t want to carry her. There’s a two-wheeler in the office, we’ll strap and wrap her to that.” Gina was trying to shove a pair of panties in Tonya’s mouth and Tonya was still staring at Vicki on the floor. Eventually the packing just went in and then the tape was wrapped around and around Tonya’s head. No blindfold this time. Mel got back with the two-wheeler and they helped Tonya over to it and one held her while they passed the carpet film from the front to the back wrapping her tighter and tighter to the two-wheeler. When they were satisfied they weren’t going to lose her to the muck between the house and the Tahoe they tipped her back and started out the door. Giga ducked out of site and phoned the proper authorities. They would be waiting somewhere just down the road.

They loaded Tonya in the backseat this time, across the seats and used the seatbelts to secure her safely in.  Giga had followed them somewhat closely. They were making enough noise she didn’t have to be sneaky. They got in and closed the doors. Gina started the engine and started backing down the driveway “What are you going to do with your money?” Gina asked Mel

“I have no idea what to do with that kind of money? How much does an island cost? I think I want to buy an island and just go away. I don’t like it here much anymore.” Mel went deep “What about you?” Gina tilted her head and looked up

“Prolly stuff” Gina did not “Yeah, prolly stuff. Like shit I can’t afford working these gigs.” Gina was contently nodding her head. Mel was too. A half mile or so down the road the engine started to cut out, and the girls looked at one another, both completely baffled. The two bananas from Giga’s bag had found their way into the tailpipe. An age-old trick that was just what she needed to catch up to her girl. Flashy lights surrounded the Tahoe. Gina and Melanie went from baffled to knowing what was going on rather quickly.

Giga pulled up behind them just and made her way to the Tahoe. She opened the back door and found the bottom of a two-wheeler staring her in the face. “For fuck’s sake” and she ran around to the other side. She ripped the door open and was greeted by a mess of upside down teary-eyed face half covered in tape. “Can I get some help over here? Please, like FUCKING NOW?” she grabbed the handles on the dolly it wouldn’t budge. Fucking seatbelts. Giga hopped up into the seat and maneuvered around Tonya and got them unbuckled. Now with help, she grabbed the handles and slowly pulled everything out. Once on the ground she started unwrapping Tonya’s head taking more than a few strands of hair with it. The tape was nearly off, and she was able to pull the panties out of Tonya’s cake hole.

“Owowowowowwowow, my fucking hair.” The first words out of her mouth.

“I’ll buy you a new one” Giga was untying but not fast enough. “I need cutters. Hey EMT lady, cutty things, now. PLEASE. You’re going to make me shout some more aren’t you.” One of the EMTs wondered over and offered up her shears. Giga started cutting everything. Everything.

“Maybe save some of it? It’s pretty nice rope.” Tonya was whispering and grinning a little bit

“shut UP.” Giga looked around conspiratorially “After they started backing down the driveway I went back in the house and checked on Vicki to make sure she wasn’t dead and tossed the cuffs in the duffle with the rest of the rope. It’s in the trunk of my car. Hatchback. Whatever Shhhhh” she went back to trying to mostly not cut everything.

“Yay.” She shouted. Then Tonya tried to hide and failed because she was still completely tied and mostly wrapped to a green two wheeled furniture mover. Then whispered “yay.” Once her hands were free she started untying everything she could, probably to save it, and then tried to help Giga as best as she could. Once she was free though, she collapsed. More or less on Giga. “I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.” She was trying to convince herself as much as she was everyone else. It had been a long afternoon/evening and it had taken its toll.

“You are not okay. Breathe baby. I’ve got you” Tonya was in Giga’s lap and she was stroking her cheek and telling her she was going to be okay. And to breathe. Because in Tonya’s current state she might not remember to.  The paramedics came over with the gurney and helped Giga get Tonya on it. They barely noticed when the EMT started the IV.

“Can I ask them to make the straps tighter?” Tonya was almost okay. Almost.

“Hush NO. No baby. You may not. You keep that shit up and I’ll put the gag back in.” Tonya looked up at Giga. Her eyes got bigger and she bit half her bottom lip “No. Stop it. When we get home. Maybe. Geezus.” Giga shook her head “Maybe I should have let them keep you.” Giga’s face was the color of the side of rescue unit.

“They hit me, and tied me up REALLY tight.” Tonya had tears in her eyes “It hurt at first, then it hurt less. I just kind of settled in.” Tonya was starting to feel the effects of the meds they were giving her. “They called me fucked up and broken. They were trying to make me hate being me. I don’t think it worked.” Her words were getting thicker.

“Shhhh. Rest now. I’ll ride with you to the hospital to get checked out.” Giga was climbing the back of the rescue unit. “somebody is following in my car.” she looked around “I think.”

“So how long did it take you to plan all the planning? And stuff?” her words were nearly in slow motion now

“Baybee. I didn’t plan this. It was real. You were really in danger. And I’m sorry. But you’re safe now.” Giga was nearly nose to nose with Tonya

“But how LOONG did it take?” Tonya wouldn’t let it go

“I. Did. Not. Plan. This.” she was speaking as slowly as Tonya now

“So, I mean, how long before we can do it again?” maybe it was the meds, but probably more Tonya than the meds at this point

“We’re not doing this again. Do you hear me? Never again. I’m not going to be worried about you and have to chase you down, and be sneaky, and catch bad bitches and …” Tonya was biting her lip again and Giga was staring at the wall.








 Giga let out a long, overly dramatic sigh “maaaybeee”

“YA-“ Tonya stopped, looked around conspiratorially, looked back at Giga and whispered “yay”. Then passed out cold. Finally.

Tonya giggled in her sleep as Giga exhaled at the ceiling “goddammit”

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