Gag Slave

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2016 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; bond; chains; fetters; hobble; handcuffs; collar; gag; bdsm; discipline; torment; corset; anal; rope; chairtie; gag; blindfold; cons/nc; XX

“Damn it, Molly!” exclaimed Matt angrily as the icy cold 32 ounce drink tumbled onto his lap, and quickly soaked him to the skin.  His cock and balls were already shriveling from their cold shock as Matt stood to confront the cause of this unexpected interruption……..

He had been quietly watching the ball game on TV, with his submissive girl friend Molly kneeling compliantly at his feet. She had been kneeling for a very long time!  “Darn,” she thought to herself, “why does it have to be a doubleheader?” Her ankles were chained closely together, and her wrists were handcuffed behind her.  Worse yet, her cuffed wrists were pulled up to the small of her back and linked to the stern, stiff posture collar around her neck.  After several hours of this strained, hammerlock position her arms and shoulders ached, and her wrists bore deep red welts from the cold steel digging into her flesh. The posture collar was thick leather covering a steel core, and was snug around her neck, and securely locked.  It had a shelf projecting out under her chin, which forced her head up, giving her the stiff, erect carriage for which the device is named. 

Molly’s mouth was filled with a 3-inch ballgag, which stretched her lips and distended her lower jaw.  With her jaw, the ball, and the posture collar all competing for limited space, the poor girl’s face was looking almost straight up.  Even kneeling with her head upon her knees the combined effect of the hammerlock, the large ball and the collar made it impossible for Molly to relax.  She was almost never permitted to watch the TV, but today she was not blindfolded.  Matt loved to watch her big blue eyes….she was gagged so often that her eyes had become her predominant method of expressing herself.   Feeling thirsty, he had commanded her to bring him refreshment. “Go get me something to drink,” he directed.  “Mmmmm?” she stirred from her position, groaning at the pleasure of welcome movement.  With her head held back, she had to turn to the side, and look out of the corner of her eye to make eye contact with her Master.  “Mmmmph….errrrrkkkfff!” she said.  Matt laughed softly, and reached down to unfasten the snaplink holding her cuffed hands so high on her back. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmm…” she moaned happily as she gingerly lowered her arms as the tired muscles screamed.

Awkwardly, with closely chained feet and numb arms, she clambered to her feet and stretched happily. She was, of course, naked.  Her long blond hair was braided into two cute pigtails, which terminated in little blue bows.  She was deeply tanned all over, and large, brown nipples that were constantly stiff and erect crowned her firm breasts.  Matt often wondered whether her hard nubbins were due more from the air conditioning in the house, or her unbridled and total enthusiasm for her life as his slave girl.  Each pink nipple was pierced, and adorned by a small gold ring.  At the junction of her shapely thighs he was shaved clean, and her pink inner lips peeked wetly from between her tanned outer lips.  Her eyes were bright blue and very large, and her stretched lips were a full, lucious red.  A droplet of drool slipped out of the corner of her mouth as she took a deep breath, and shuffled off toward the kitchen. Matt watched her firm, shapely ass twitch provocatively as she walked away, and considered himself a lucky man!  Such luck did not come without some ongoing effort on his part, however.  Molly was extraordinarily submissive, but was also smart, curious and adventurous.  It took a lot of effort and creativity on Matt’s part to keep her happy and satisfied.  At times he was concerned that he was taking things too far, but she would just laugh through her gag in an impudent challenge to his mastery.

Molly spent most of her life with her hands restrained in some manner, so this particular errand was routine for her.  She opened the refrigerator behind her, and reached in to take out the large bottle of diet soda.  Still operating behind her back she cradled the bottle against her hip, and unscrewed the cap.  She placed the bottle on the countertop.  Standing on her tiptoes, she was barely able to reach up behind her to open the cabinet door and take out a certain large, plastic insulated tumbler that Matt liked.  It was large enough that a girl couldn’t grasp it in one hand.  She was able to pinch the edge of the empty tumbler between her thumb and forefinger, and place it on the counter. 

Kneeling, she reached into the cabinet, and took out a small silver tray.  She took the tumbler behind her back with both hands, and guided it into the ice dispenser on the front of the fridge.  After the glass was almost filled with ice she put it onto the tray, then grasped the bottle of soda, and carefully filled the tumbler almost to the rim.  Working behind her back, she stooped slightly and gingerly picked up the tray, keeping it level so that it didn’t spill.  Molly was glad that she was not wearing high heels.  With her ankles chained, it was difficult enough to walk and not spill the drink while barefoot!  Slowly she carefully came out of the kitchen and into the media room.  Matt was sitting in a large leather chair with his feet on a matching ottoman.  Molly moved over to Matt, and began to kneel so she could offer him the drink when disaster struck!  Her chained ankles caused her to lose balance just enough to jiggle the tray, and the whole tumbler fell directly onto Matt’s lap.

Molly stared in wide-eyed horror at what she had done.  “Mmmmmmmpf!” she whimpered, shaking her head. As Matt stood, the ice cubes in his lap tumbled to the floor  “Go get a towel and clean up this mess,” he ordered.  He reached behind her head and unbuckled the huge ballgag, but left the ball in her mouth with the straps dangling on each side. “After everything is clean, come to the bedroom.”  With that he stormed out of the room to shower the sticky mess from his crotch, and put on dry clothes. 

Molly quickly kneeled, picked up the tumbler, and began putting the ice cubes on the silver tray.  The big ball was still in her month…it was far too large and tightly wedged behind her teeth for her to expel it with her tongue, and her hands were still cuffed behind her.  She shuffled to the kitchen as quickly as her chained feet would allow, and returned with a couple of large dishtowels, which she used to blot up the spill.  She made a second trip with a wet towel to mop up any unwanted stickiness from the leather chair and carpet, then dried everything with another towel. 

After everything was put away she was finally able to deal with the gag.  Matt had unbuckled it, so he obviously wanted her to be able to speak.  She looked around the kitchen, and finally an idea came to her.  There was a series of coat hooks on the wall behind the back door.  Perhaps she could snag the buckle on one of the hooks, then back away to pry the ball from between her lips…..  It took a lot of effort, and after a couple of minutes of failure her breath was whistling in wet, noisy gaps through her nose.  Finally!!  She was just able to snag the buckle, then took up the slack in the strap, and twisted her head.  The ball compressed as it was pulled between her teeth, then plopped wetly out of her mouth.  A long silver thread of drool hung between the ball and her mouth, until she licked her lips. Molly took a deep breath….”Now to face the music…” 

Fifteen minutes later Matt had cleaned up…and cooled off.  He was watching the game on the TV in the bedroom when a meek tapping sound came from the doorway.  “Master???” she asked in a timid, little girl voice.  “May I come in?”  “Yes,” said Matt, switching off the TV.  “Kneel in front of me.”  Gracefully Molly knelt, and bowed her head to the floor.  She maintained the submissive posture for long minutes as Matt sat silent…thinking.

“Look at me, Molly,” he commanded softly.  The beautiful blond looked up, her big blue eyes shining brightly. 

“What do you have to say for yourself?” he asked.  “I… I’m sorry that I was careless Master….I deserve to be punished…….for being so clumsy.”   Again she bowed her head.  “Look at me, girl!”  Molly looked up. “Be truthful,” he asked softly, “Did you do this on purpose…. so that I’d punish you?”  “Oh no, Master,” she exclaimed, shaking her head.  “I would never do that…. it ruins it…….it makes us…..fake…..phony…”  She stopped, and waited for him to speak. She looked like she wanted to cry.  “But then, you expect to be punished?”  “Yes!” she said, a faint smile crossing her face, “I’d never try to manipulate you….but… a good master you cannot let your slave get away with such a transgression!!

“You think you have me out foxed, don’t you?” he asked with a sigh.  Molly started to protest, but Matt put up a warning finger, and the girl remained silent.  “We both know that for you, punishments aren’t really punishments at all….. You know that I won’t whip you severely, because I don’t want to mark your pretty skin, and a good whipping is the only punishment that you are afraid of.  Anything else I do to you, you love.”

Molly kept silent, because she couldn’t deny it……the tightest bondage…..severe hoods……mouth filling gags……clips and clamps…..all of these things delighted her.  It didn’t seem to matter how stringent was her treatment, or for how long a time! 

 What to do with her???

“I was thinking about a stringent hogtie, and putting you in a dark closet for the rest of the day.”  Matt let the suggestion hang in the air as Molly continued to kneel in submission.  “Master, may I speak?” she finally asked.  “Of course.”  “Well,” she sighed, “that is a pretty boring suggestion, and not much of a punishment for a bad girl like me.”  “OK, OK,” he sputtered, “It was just a thought.”  Suddenly a big smile creased his handsome face.  “I’m thinking of a taut, inverted, spread eagled suspension….”  He watched her closely for a reaction.  “..for about 6 hours……”  No reaction.  “…with a  ten pound weight hanging from your ponytail…”  No reaction.  “..and a chain between your nipple rings with a six ounce weight attached…”  No reaction.  “…and our biggest ballgag and a blindfold..”  Molly looked up.  “Yes, please,” she smiled.

“See there?” he exclaimed.  “That’s exactly my point….the harder the bondage, the more you love it!”  “Oh no, Master!”  she answered, “That really is a terrible punishment…really it is!”  She smiled mischievously.  “You should be proud of yourself for having thought of it!”  “OK….that’s enough!” he said, “I have been saving something I read about, but now is as good a time as any!”  Matt stood up and unlocked Molly’s handcuffs.  “Be back here in 30 minutes…..cleaned thoroughly inside and out…and wearing your new corset…the 17” one…laced as tightly as you can make it….GO!  Molly quickly scampered out of the room.

29 minutes and 58 seconds later Matt heard a soft tap on the door.  “Master?” she announced, “I’m ready as you ordered.”  “Good, come in at let me look at you.”  Molly entered, and stood erect, with her hands by her side as Matt walked completely around her.

He noted that the corset was tightened until the gap in the back was about 2 inches, meaning that she had laced her normal 24” waist down to 19” by herself…pretty good.  “Hands behind your head,” he ordered.  Quickly she complied.  Her breasts lifted and becoming more prominent as she took a deep breath.  She knew what was coming?  “Exhale.” he ordered, tugging at the bow tied in the two laces and grasping each lace firming in his two hands.  Using the full power of his wide shoulders and well-developed arms he gradually closed the gap until it was fully closed and the two sides of the corset touched from top to bottom.  “The last two inches are the hardest, aren’t they Honey” Matt laughed with some satisfaction.  “Yes Master”  she gasped.  “Now, bend over the back of the chair.”  Molly sighed with glum resignation.  She knew what was coming.  No other reason why Matt would tell her to clean herself inside and out! 

Her thoughts were confirmed when she felt a cold, slippery pressure at the pink portal of her backside.  Gently he slipped a finger inside her, then two, then three….probing, slipping in and out….gently stretching the resilient muscles around her puckered orifice.  She felt his fingers slip out of her, and her rosebud close momentarily.  “Relax,” he ordered.  Molly felt something hard probing her anus, but this was different…large and blunt, and she grunted softly as her muscles were quickly stretched wider than before.  “Oooooooo,” she whimpered at the sudden tearing pain.  The object was well greased, and Matt was not brutal with his slavegirl.  Slowly but surely with firm but gentle pressure he worked the huge invader inside her. 

Molly whimpered as the widest part of the plug passed her sphincter, then gasped with relief as she felt herself close around the somewhat smaller diameter neck.  The pain lessened, but her abdomen felt full of hard rubber pressing outward against the constriction of the corset.  “Stand up, hands behind your head.”  Quickly Molly complied.  Matt took a length of rough brown sisal rope, and doubled it over end to end.  He quickly looped the double strand around Molly’s tightly corseted waist, with the closed end at the front, then took the open end through the closed end and pulled it tight around her waist.  Molly felt the corset dig into her waist,  happy to have the protection of the corset. 

Without it she was sure that the tight cords would have disappeared within the soft flesh around her waist.  “Spread your legs a little.”  The loop around Molly’s waist centered at her belly button.  Matt took the free end downward across her abdomen and between the beautiful girl’s legs.  He reached down with his other hand to spread her inner pussy lips, allowing the twin cords to bite into the pink wetness of her femininity.  He jerked on the end, and the rough cord bit into her tender pink clitoris.  “Ouch!  Oooohh!” she whimpered.  Matt told her to be quiet as he pulled the cord backward between the firm cheeks of her marvelous ass, then upward to the loop around her waist.  When he pulled the cords between her legs tight, the huge plug up her ass was pushed more deeply inside her. 

Again Matt tugged upward, until Molly was forced onto her toes by the thin cords biting deeply into her soft wet flesh.  Matt tied the end of the cords to the loop around her waist.  “Walk to the media room.” he commanded.  Molly quickly complied, but it was not easy.  Despite herself, her clitoris had become stiff and aroused by the rough pressure of the cord, and now the act of walking pinched the tender bud between the tight cords.  The butt plug was so large that she had to spread her legs slightly to walk, and the tight loop around her waist added to the constriction of the corset.  “Sit.”  Although there were several soft, comfortable leather chairs in the room, Molly had no illusions about where it was that she was supposed to sit.  A heavy hard oak chair was destined to be her perch for the foreseeable future! 

There was a new wrinkle, however…something on the seat of the chair. It was some sort of pad, silver in color, with a ragged, rough texture and a metallic shimmer.  Molly gave Matt a quizzical look.  “I told you to sit down, not ask questions.” He responded, and quickly she sat.  “Besides,” he said with wink, “it will shortly become obvious!”  Matt picked up another piece of the brown sisal rope.  “Arms over the back of the chair, palms together.  Molly wrinkled her nose, but complied.  First Matt tied her hands together, palm-to-palm, with 6 wraps of double looped cord, and 3 cinches between her wrists.  Molly noted that the only knot was between her wrists, on the opposite side of the cinch from her hands—unreachable. 

She knew what would come next……elbows.  Another length of the same miserable, cutting, itchy sisal…..six loops around her elbows, pulled tight until they touched, and cinched.  Then a cord goes went from the elbows under the armpit over the top of the shoulder behind the neck, down the front of the opposite shoulder, under that arm, and back to the elbows.  After looping around the cinches at the elbow and a tug to insure tightness, he threaded up and through the loop behind her neck, and back to the elbows, where he gave a final tug and tied it tightly.  A subtle, but significant increase in tension was the result.  Molly could feel the rough cord begin to burrow its way into the flesh above her elbows, and her shoulders twinged from the strain of the harsh, elbows touching position. 

Next Matt took another length of cord, looped it around the back of the chair and Molly’s waist, and pulled it as tight as possible before securing the knot.  Next he tied several loops around her left ankle, and pulled her foot back on the side of the chair as far as possible before tying it off.  After doing the same with the other foot, Molly was left with her knees spread one either side of the chair seat, and the quadriceps of her well developed thighs tautly stretched and trembling. 

Next Matt took a long length of cord, making 4 tight wraps around Molly’s torso and the back of the chair just under her breasts, and another 4 wraps above her breasts.  Finally, a short length of cord was tied to Molly’s bound wrists, pulled under the chair, and tied tightly to the wooden cross member.  This pulled her arms down, and kept them taut and immobile, putting further strain on her shoulders.

“Comfy, Love?” he asked.  “Not too bad yet, Master,” she answered, “but I suppose that it will get worse over time.”  She looked up and smiled.  She could do nothing with her body but wiggle slightly, and nothing with her hands and arms but harmlessly flutter her fingers.  The ropes around her torso and waist kept her ass firmly planted on the chair seat.  In just the time it had taken Matt to bind her, Molly was beginning to discover the secret of the silver pad on the chair seat.  “Master?”  “Yes?”  “My butt is beginning to burn and itch something awful!”  Matt smiled, “Yes, that was a good idea, wasn’t it?  He walked behind her and gently rubbed her shoulder and the back of her neck.  “The pad is from an industrial floor scrubbing machine.  It is a combination of fiber, plastic and steel wool.  He picked up a spare pad that was lying on the table, and examined it.  “All the little fibers and sharp edged should do a really good job of irritating your skin and making thousands of little red, raw spots, without doing any real damage.  I have taken the liberty of brushing on a nice coat of hot liniment, which should add to the overall effect.”  I will be interested to see your reaction…after a while.”  Molly sniffed, and turned her nose into the air.  She was not going to let him get the better of her… least not easily!

“Now we are ready!”  “Ready for what Master?”  Matt laughed, “Why your punishment, of course.”  Molly wiggled ineffectually in her bonds.  “Isn’t this my punishment?” she asked quizzically.  “Oh no,” he chuckled, “this is merely to keep you where I want you.  He tossed a large wad of multicolored cloths of different sizes and materials onto her captive lap.  “This is your punishment.  Another quizzical look, but she kept her silence.

“I found something interesting in the Internet the other day,” began Matt, picking a computer printed page off the coffee table.  “A PRIMER ON CLOTH GAGGAGE….He waved it in front of her face. This guy’s got some really neat ideas on the proper handling of women.”  “Oh really,” answered Molly dismissively.  “Suit yourself, MASTER,” she said, emphasizing the word “Master” sarcastically.  “…but after all the huge ball gags, plug gags, penis gags, ring gags, inflatable gags and bit gags that you have used on me, I don’t think a cloth gag amounts to much of a challenge.”  Matt picked up the pile of cloth from Molly’s naked lap, sorted, and selected several, and began folding.  A couple of times he consulted the printed sheet.  “Mmmmm….uh huh……nice…..…..perfect…” he mumbled to himself, nodding.

“Open,” he commanded. “Wider..”  Matt took a blue cotton dinner napkin that was folded into a small square.  Folding it again into a triangular cone, he directed the pointy end of the cloth into Molly’s mouth—not just behind her teeth, but high on the roof of her mouth, and deep, so that the point probed at the back of her throat.  “AAAKKK!” Molly exclaimed, gagging slightly, her eyes instantly watering.  Matt pulled the cloth back slightly, and looked her directly in the eye.  “You, my Dear, are going to wear this gag….so get ready…and deal with it.”  He gave her a moment to collect herself before replacing the cloth deep in her mouth.  Molly’s eyes opened wide, and she took a deep slow breath.  Then another….  Her body did not like this invasion, and quickly generated a surge of thick mucus, which coated the cloth and partially lubricated the coarse cloth against the tender flesh of her throat.  Her gag reflex quieted.  Matt took a large dishtowel, folded it into a big triangle, and then rolled it.  He shoved the center of the cloth into her mouth, took the ends behind her head where he pulled them tight, and tied a  knot.  Molly’s mouth was jacked open, and the cloth drew her lips back into a strained grimace.  She choked slightly as the wadding was pushed more firmly against the back of her throat, and worked her jaw trying to ease the tension.  The cloth bit painfully into the corners of her mouth.  A droplet of drool formed on her stretched lower lip, and dribbled down her chin.  Matt looked at her for a moment, then took another large dishtowel.  This time, after folding it into a triangle, he made a 5-inch wide band of cloth.  This was placed over the gag cleaving her mouth, and, like the gag under it, was tightly tied behind her head. 

Matt looked closely at Molly.  As she had said, she was very, very experienced with gags, and this experience had taught her to relax and adapt to the intrusive cloth in her mouth.  Her blue eyes were now calm, and Matt thought he detected a challenging gleam…..”Is this the best you can do?” her eyes seemed to be saying.  Matt smiled, and sat down to watch TV.  Molly was about 6 feet away, slightly off to the side, but within his line of site.  She sat facing him.  He loved to watch her face when she was bound and gagged, and, of course, she had no need herself to see the screen.  “One hour.” he said quietly. Molly sighed softly, and wiggled in her bonds.  The chair squeaked, and her beautiful breasts jiggled slightly.  The nipples were a dead giveaway…deep red, and as hard as little pebbles.  Matt smiled to himself.  She was enjoying herself……what a girl! 

Matt passed a very enjoyable hour.  Molly also had fun…in her own way!  She loved to fight her bonds, even when she knew escape was impossible.  Her pigtails flew as she tossed her head and chewed on her gag like a filly fighting her bit.  She wiggled, and strained, and tensed her muscles against the cords holding her, and all she accomplished was the rope digging further into her flesh, chafing her wrists, and leaving red welts in her soft breasts.  After an hour she was covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and Matt noted a slippery wetness oozing around the cords with bisected her pussy and pinched her tender red clit.

Matt stood, bending down until his face was close to Molly’s   He could hear the rush of air in and out of her nose as she took long, slow deep breaths.  There was a damp spot in the dishcloth, which formed the outer layer across her face.  He reached behind her head, and unknotted the gag.  The cloth between her lips was sopping wet almost back to her ears, and her cheeks and chin glistened with the drool that had seeped from her mouth.  She had bitten down on the gag between her teeth, and worked her jaw to lessen the strain, but the corners of her mouth were still drawn back from the tension.  Matt untied the gag, and pulled it from between her lips.  Molly groaned softly and tried to close her mouth. In so doing the wadding in her mouth slipped backward.  She coughed and retched slightly, took a deep breath, then sat passively.  There were deep angry red marks at the corners of her mouth and on her cheeks from the tightly tied gag.  Matt smiled to himself when he saw Molly’s throat muscles move as her tongue tried to keep the packing from sliding deeper into her throat.  “Here,” he said, “let me help you with that.”  Molly opened her mouth as wide as she could as he gingerly stuck his thumb and forefinger between her lips.  “Hhrrraakkkk!” Molly gagged when he grasped the soggy wad, and gently pulled it free. Molly groaned with relief as Matt inspected the soggy wad of cloth.  It was, of course, completely saturated with Molly’s saliva.  Where the cloth was pushed against the back of her throat it was coated in thick, slippery esophageal mucus.  “Interesting….” Matt thought to himself, dropping the cloth on the coffee table with a wet plop.

“Thank you for my punishment, Master.” Molly smiled.  “You’re welcome, Baby.” He answered with a chuckle, “but that was not your punishment…..that was just a little….um…..warm-up.”  Molly’s brow furrowed, and a frown crossed her pretty features.  “Warm-up?” Matt picked up a glass, and held it to her lips.  “Take a drink,” he ordered,  “We don’t want to get dehydrated, do we?”  She took a couple of small sips, swishing the liquid around her mouth before swallowing.  Her mouth tasted of laundry detergent and starch, and she appreciated his thoughtfulness.  “Thanks, Master.” Matt began sorting through the pile of cloth on the table.  “Rest time is over.” He said.  “Open wide.”

Molly did as ordered, watching as Matt directed another folded napkin into her mouth.  This cloth was folded into a triangular cone, much as the previous wadding, except that it was larger, and was folded to be thinner, with a longer point.  “Uh oh.” She thought to herself as the pointed end pushed into her throat….much deeper than its predecessor!  “ERRRRKKKK!” she retched.  “Gaaakkkk!”  Molly seldom broke discipline, but now she did.  She twisted her head to the side, spat out the cloth, and closed her mouth.  Matt didn’t get mad.  He knew…they both knew….that this was a battle that he would always win.  “Molly, open.”  She looked at him with big, blue, moist eyes.  He didn’t know if her eyes had become teary from the gag, or if she was crying.  He didn’t much care.  Their eyes met for a long moment….then she blinked, lowered her eyes, and with a soft whimper, opened her mouth.  Matt picked up the cloth.  It had become slightly damp from its brief time in Molly’s mouth, and perhaps had picked up a little dirt, carpet fuzz or cat hair from the floor, but Matt wasn’t concerned.  Again the pointy end of the triangular wadding probed beyond her teeth, into her throat.  Molly’s eyes opened wide, her body tensed, and she made a soft sound of discomfort.  She closed her eyes, but kept her mouth open wide, accepting…..adapting…..

Matt took a very large, soft absorbent dishtowel, rolled it into a long cylinder, and tied a large overhand knot in the center.  The knot was slightly larger in diameter than the 3-inch ballgag Molly had worn earlier in the day.  “Perfect.” Matt thought.  He reached a couple of fingers into Molly’s open mouth, and spread the triangle shaped wadding to each side until there was a cavity in its center.  With the other had he began to work the large knot into her mouth.  It was too large to just push it in.  He placed it on her lower teeth, then simultaneously pushed downward and inward, rolling the knot over her teeth, and into her mouth.  Molly whimpered as he pushed and twisted the huge knot of soft cloth, tucking loose ends between her lips, until the entire thing was behind her teeth.  The distention of her jaw seemed impossible, and her lips were stretched tight around the circumference of the huge plug.  Her mouth was only so big…and as the knot pushed past her teeth and spread itself from the roof of her mouth to her tongue, from cheek to cheek, the pointed wadding applied earlier had to go someplace.  The only avenue for expansion was, of course, backwards, and further down her throat!  Molly choked and panicked momentarily.  A muffled cry escaped around the huge wad.  Bad idea!!  More choking! Molly soon learned that vibrating vocal cords triggered choking….movement triggered choking…..even swallowing, if not done carefully…triggered choking!  Matt took the ends of the cloth behind Molly’s head and knotted it securely.  As he pulled it tight the gag was drawn deeper into her mouth…..

Molly sat looking at Matt through teary eyes as he prepared another dishtowel.  The rush of adrenaline from the choking panic had made the captive girl break out in a sweat, which covered her face and naked body.  Sweat ran down the valley between her full breasts.  Her blue eyes were misty and a drop of drool had escaped the corner of her mouth and was dribbling over her bottom lip. Worse yet, her nose had started to run! Molly inhaled wetly through her nose, then snorted as hard as she could to clear her nasal passage.  Matt smiled, and held up a spare napkin to her nose like a concerned Mother.  “Blow.” he suggested.  Her eye’s shot him daggers, but she recognized the merit of complying.  The gag in her mouth was airtight, so keeping her nose clear was of great concern to her! 

Matt folded the dishtowel into a triangle like a large scarf.  He put it over her head, with the point in the back and brought the two free ends under her chin.  He tied an overhand look, then took a firm grasp on the two ends and began to pull!  As it tightened the scarf tried to pull Molly’s jaw closed, but her mouth was packed to the bursting point with the huge knot, which could not be dislodged, and would barely compress.  The tension was enormous…the knot stretching her lips, and holding her mouth wide open, the binding over her head and under her chin trying to force her mouth closed! 

Molly sat, alarmed at these developments, as Matt took another large dishtowel, and folded it into a 6-inch wide band.  He put it over the knot stretching Molly’s lips, covering her lower face from just under her nose down to her chin.  He tied it behind her head and pulled it tight.  Molly’s lower jaw, which had been stretched downward by the knot gag, and compressed upward by the scarf tied under her chin, was now drawn severely back!  The capture of her mouth was now complete.  Molly was controlled by stringent tension in all directions! Her mouth was totally sealed and immobile, and the soggy, slippery wad of cloth threatened to choke her at any moment!  The formidable gag so occupied her thoughts that she scarcely noticed that her elbows were crushed together by biting cords, or that her fluttering fingers were becoming numb from her stringent bondage.   Not even considering that she was stretched around a large plug wedged up her backside, or that rough biting cords were biting into her pink, moist slit, or that her ass cheeks were red and irritated by the rough, scratchy, itchy pad on which she sat!

Matt looked at his captive.  Her hair, ears and lower face were covered in soft, swaddling cloth, but pulled murderously tight.  Her blue eyes were like two urgent beacons….silently broadcasting her plight to the world.  Her face was tired, and showed the tension and strain of her predicament.  Her brow furrowed, and she tried to plead silently with him. “I’m sorry!” her eyes begged.  “This is awful….oh, please….let me loose!” 

 “Would you like me to take it out?” he asked softly.  Her eyes widened in surprise, and quickly registered relief and joy!  She nodded, and a soft, pitiful whimper escaped through the muffling layers, followed by a retching cough.  The harsh gag was ever vigilant, and no sound would go unpunished!  Matt bent, and began to untie the knot under Molly’s chin.  Her eyes brightened with happiness.  “You’ve probably been punished already…” he said, “but not nearly enough.”  He pulled it tighter before knotting it again!  A small tear formed in the corner of her left eye, and ran down he cheek until it was absorbed by the gag. 

Matt folded yet another towel, which he placed over her eyes, and knotted behind her head.  “I think you need to spend a little time with yourself.” He said, as she was plunged into a muffled, claustrophobic darkness.  “By the way,” he said.  “Andre Agassi has a match coming on TV in a little while… I think it’s a five setter.”  Molly shook her head in disbelief!  “He can’t mean to leave me like this while he watched the whole match!” she thought wildly, “That could be hours!”  Molly, the girl who loved prolonged, strict bondage more than anything, suddenly wished she was anyplace but here… doing anything but this!  She strained and twisted in her bonds, trying to work her jaw to reduce the strain of the stifling gag…and she screamed!

The effect was immediate!  The scream was absorbed by the muffling cloth in, and over, her mouth.  Her diaphragm heaved and her throat convulsed as she choked on the slippery wadding at the back of her throat.  She retched, coughed three times, and then retched again.  Desperately she drew in a deep breath, fighting to control the gag reflex.  Exhaling in a snort through her nose, she breathed another wet, noisy breath.  She coughed twice.  “Aaaakkkk….” Another snort……then….the next breath a bit more controlled.  Molly bowed her head, trying to get the slippery plug to slide forward in her throat, even slightly.  Urgently she pushed at the hateful wad with her tongue.  She could feel it move slightly, and the tickling urge to vomit subsided slightly.  She took a deep breath, and sat silently, her blind eyes looking at Matt.  He didn’t say a word, or even acknowledge her difficulty in any way.  Molly recognized, disheartened, that he was going to sit there and watch TV, and she was going to have to deal with they punishment gag as best she could….and for as long as he wished.  She was on her own…just her, the slippery, choking wadding, and the tension of the tight, stifling cloth that swaddled her face.

She sat in quiet and still in her bondage. Time measured only with the passage of games in the stupid tennis match.  She had wished desperately for straight sets…but no. Split sets, then 2-1, 2-2 and finally the fifth set.  She sat, hurting and miserable.  Her jaw ached from the long hours of tensioned immobility.  The cord was biting into her elbows, and she couldn’t feel her hands at all.  She endured each agonizingly slow point.  Worse luck! A tiebreaker!  Finally, mercifully, the match ended!  The TV clicked off, and she could hear Matt stand.  “Remember Baby,” he lectured softly, “I can always find something worse to do to you….if you make me.”   Molly made a soft whimper, and nodded slightly.  To her surprise, he began untying the ropes, rather than remove the gag.  He started by undoing the loops around her torso. Next, her elbows.  As he peeled the cords from the deep, angry red grooves that gouged the flesh, Molly fought the urge to moan with relief.  She didn’t want another choking fit now!  ‘You can finish this,” he said while untying her hands, “then shower, and come to bed.”  She heard his footsteps leave the room.

Molly’s shoulders cried with relief as she brought her numb hands to her lap.  Slowly the feeling came back, and she felt tingly “pins and needles” in her fingers as full blood flow returned.  It took several minutes for feeling to come back.  Once she had full use of her hands she quickly untied the blindfold, and the damp muffling cloth covering her mouth and lower face.  Reaching under her chin, she happily released the pressure on her jaw, and dropped the big dishtowel on the floor.  She rubbed the chafed, red marks dug by the pressure of the knot, then reached behind her head, freeing the ends of the knot gag  She pulled at both ends, trying to drag the huge knot from between her teeth.  The huge, soggy mass seemed reluctant to leave her mouth, but finally it pulled free.  Molly groaned with relief, and quickly reached into her mouth and grasped the slippery wad that had tormented her for so many hours.  It was stuck to her throat, and as she pulled it loose she again fought the urge to gag.  Oh, how good it felt to close her mouth!  She looked at the awful, slimy wadding with revulsion, then tossed it on the table.  It landed with a wet plop. 

Even with free hands, it took Molly another 10 minutes to escape her bondage chair.  The rope around her waist, which held her so firmly implanted on the itchy mat on which she sat, was knotted very tightly. The knots were behind her, and her arms and fingers quickly tired from working in the awkward position.  Once her waist was freed, she was able to bend down and work on releasing her feet.  These knots were also tight and difficult to reach.  Finally free of the chair, Molly stood gingerly.  She was a little unsteady on her feet, and the deeply imbedded crotch rope bit her slit painfully.  Again the knot was behind her back.  After several minutes of feverish effort she was able to untie the knot.  The scratchy rope pulled free from her moist pink slit, and the release of pressure eased the discomfort of the huge butt plug somewhat.  With the plug still in place, and the corset still tightly laced, Molly walked wearily toward the bathroom. 

She sat on the commode, relaxing her sphincter while tensed her abdominal muscles to expel the huge plug.  “Like constipation.” She thought with a wry smile.  It slipped out of her pink rosebud with a wet, sucking sound.  Molly relieved herself, then stood to remove the corset.  As tight as it was, her other discomforts rendered the constriction of her waist trivial.  She untied the double bow holding the lacing secure, then patiently released the laces.  Once the pressure was released from top to bottom, she was able to unfasten the busk, and the corset fell to the floor.  “How good a shower will feel!” she thought to herself. 

 As she walked toward the shower, she caught sight of herself in the bathroom window.  She stopped,  taken aback by her image.  It was a drawn, tired looking girl with cute blond pigtails.   Her eyes were bloodshot, and her face showed the strain of long hours of discomfort.  Her lips were swollen from stretching around the huge knot, and there were red creases in her cheeks where the gag had been so tightly tied.  She had welts wherever there had been a rope…..the upper curve of her breasts, her shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles.  There were creases in her waist and hips from the corset, and the slit between her legs was raw and sore.  “Stupid girl.” She muttered to herself as she turned on the shower.

Afterwards she dried herself vigorously with a big, fluffy towel until her skin was pink.  She looked at the clock…. almost midnight.  Molly tiptoed quietly into the bedroom.  Matt had his back turned to her, and his breathing was soft and regular…asleep.  Molly turned back the covers.  She picked up a pair of shiny silver handcuffs from the nightstand, and clicked then securely around her right wrist.  She slid into bed, pulled the covers up to her chin, and then put both hands behind her.  She sighed, and then cuffed her hands together.  She didn’t know why, but she always slept better when handcuffed!

Matt stirred, awakened, and rolled over towards her. “Tired, Honey?” he asked.  “Mmmmm…” she answered.  He reached a muscular arm toward her, and pulled her close.  They snuggled, her back to his chest, and he cupped her left breast in his hand. The stiff nipple pressed hard against his palm as Molly smiled, and wiggled against him contentedly.  “Was it bad?’ he asked softly.  “Oh Master, it was awful…you have no idea!”  “Well then, be a good little girl…” he was asleep before he could finish the sentence. 

Molly lay quiet in the darkness, enjoying his warmth.  Her jaw was stiff and sore, and there was a dull, throbbing ache from her backside, but other than that she fine. Mischievously she fondled his manhood gently with her cuffed hands to see what might happen. Nothing…he was dead to the world.  Molly sighed softly.   With her hands behind her, she couldn’t even play with herself….  “Oh well” she thought,  “maybe in the morning…” She was tired enough not to be too disappointed. 

As she fell asleep, she entered that twilight area where she might have been dreaming. But she seemed to remembered thinking… 

“…pack my cheeks a little fuller…a bigger knot gag…a more slippery wadding cloth would be harder to control……..soap would be yucky…….retighten after the first hour……head pulled back and tied, so the wadding wants to slide……….” 


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