Fucking the Stallion

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mpov; anal; ponyplay; bond; auction; slave; sold; collar; leash; tricked; nc; X

As I'm led on a leash by Katya, a beautiful older Eastern European woman who has handled my modifications, trainings as a pony boy. I'm slightly scared but more aroused as I know a woman will purchase me as a pony boy stud since I have a huge cock. I'm dressed in a black latex pony suit with cutouts that exposes my nipples and crotch area. My nipples have been pierced and large bells hang from my nipples. I am booted with knee high boots with a 4 inch heel. My last two pieces are my bit gag and my pony tail which is a butt plug.

I follow the sexy Katya who is dressed in tight black leather pants, sexy 5-inch boots and a luxurious white silk pussy bow blouse. "Well ladies this is the item that you have waited for...meet Stallion. He is 25 years old, 6 foot even, 190 pounds of pure muscle and look at his very impressive cock. At first he resisted his situation but when he found out that a woman would own him, that changed his attitude." As Katya strokes my erect cock "Look how excited he is getting...ladies just imagine yourself riding this Stallion."

As Katya continues to hold my leash "Turn around, Stallion, so the ladies can see your pony tail." I turn around like a piece of meat on display as Katya plays with my butt plug causing some discomfort. "Our poor Stallion has a small butt plug in him, but of course ladies you can use larger ones. Now ladies the moment you have been waiting for...hands on inspection of the Stallion. I have chained the Stallions wrists to his collar, leaving him defenseless to your probing."

The inspection process is quite normal for a slave auction, I'm groped, pinched, my balls are fondled, my cock stroked, my bells played with, spanked and inspected like I was not a human. Most of the women have been somewhat attractive and had normal pony boy expectations until the last two buyers.

A plump 50 year old woman grabbed my balls and squeezed them painfully. I tried to back away but Katya held my leash tight "If you become my pony boy I will remove your vocal cords and cut off your balls...making you a true beast." I fear being owned by her and her sadistic plans for me, but another perverted woman inspects me.

A sexy 30 year old Latina grabs my cock and plays with it as she looks directly into my eyes "You like that, don't you...well when you are my pony boy you will not receive any pleasure from me, only pain. I hate men and their disgusting cocks, that's why I will put your cock in a chastity device. Are you getting scared pony boy, you have not met my strap-on! It's a good 8 inches but its covered in pokey studs that will make anal sex very painful for you."

As I squirm on the auction stage, fearing being owned by one of those women, a note is passed to Katya. "Hmmmm...sorry ladies there has been a mistake...Stallion here has already been sold to a Mr. Dimitri." My eyes bulge as I hear that I was sold to a man and become more aggressive as I see him approach the stage. He is Russian, bald, very stocky and he looks like a criminal. Katya is struggling to hold me in place as he sees him take out his cock.

"You are a handsome stud and I will enjoy fucking you!" He pulls out my tail, leaving my pony boy hole exposed. He now comes up behind me and I know what he attends to do to me. I pull hard on my leash, trying to get away before he penetrates me with his scary cock. Katya again holds my leash tighter "Calm down Stallion, Mr Dimitri your new owner just wants to fuck your ass. You need to get used to the idea of a man fucking you."

I shake my head no as I feel his hot iron of a cock enter me "Mmmmm...you have a tight hole, my cock loves it." As he fucks me my own cock betrays me and is rock hard. He is thrusting harder into me as I scream into my bit gag, the pain is unbearable. My cock suddenly shoots out cum but Dimitri is still fucking me against my will. Then he pulls out, forces me to my knees and shoots his load of disgusting cum all over my face.

I'm humiliated as I kneel with cum dripping from my face "That Stallion is a good fuck, now I want his cock head pierced so I can lead him around by his ringed cock." As he pets me "I'm going to love using you and causing you pain." With that said he grabs my leash, pulls hard and I follow my new cruel Master.


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