Frustration Is A Two Way Street

by lizsubintampa

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; true; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; leather; nipple; clamps; oral; bedtie; strappado; electro; tease; cons; X

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I heard Helen coming down the hallway so I (quickly) stopped touching my nipples and by the time she came into the living room I was standing, blushing, fidgeting and trying to get my skirt down but of course she saw me adjusting myself and, laughing, she said, “Don’t stop on my account, if you want to “f__k” yourself go right ahead, I’ll just stand here and watch," of course I was frozen in place, unable to even reply, so after giving me a peck on the cheek (I really wanted her to do more) she said, “Come with me.”

While meekly following her I saw she was wearing a very nice tan pants suit with low pumps with maybe 1” heels but despite the fact that she was wearing those shoes I still felt, even in my 3” heels, tiny.

In the garage she unlocked the car but before I could get in she asked if I had the locks for my heels. I told her they were in the bedroom and she said, “Go and put them on.”

So off I trotted and when I was back in the garage I walked over to the passenger door but before I could open it she told me to stand in front of the car. Confused, I did that and that’s when I saw the cuffs on the hood of the car.

I’d seen that type in videos but had never worn them. They were suspension cuffs and as I watched her (lock) them on my wrists I was not only confused about what was happening I was also getting hornier and, with my nipples once again trying to poke holes through my bra/blouse I also felt myself getting wetter, but I am not a fan of being tied up while driving and reminded her that that is one of my limits.

“Don’t worry my little bunny isn’t going to be tied up in the car.”

Uh? What was happening now?

Taking a chain and a lock from the bench in front of the car she pulled my hands behind my back and locked the cuffs together then, after giving me a quick peck on the cheek, put the other end through a hook that was hanging from the ceiling and pulled my wrists up so that I was now in a “strappado” position and once (she) was satisfied that I was bent over (enough) I heard her lock that end of the chain. There was now no way for me to stand up straight or get loose.

As I continued to struggle she patted my ass and, reaching under my skirt, put her fingers on my pussy and began to push my panties between my lips and all I could do was wriggle against them and, even though I had already gone through more (orgasms) than I thought possible just a such a short time ago, I was more than ready, willing and very able for more.

Then, as suddenly as she had started diddling me, she stopped, put her fingers up to my mouth so I could “taste myself," and said, “You are such a horny little rabbit and you’re making too much noise.”

Next thing I know a ball gag, that looked larger than any I’ve been gagged with before, was being pressed against my lips and, like a good little rabbit (as though I had a choice), I opened my mouth and discovered, after she forced it past my teeth, that it was in fact bigger than any I had ever been gagged with. My jaws felt like they were forced open to their limit and, unlike other ball gags I’ve worn, this one (like that cock gag earlier) depressed my tongue (a lot) and, once again, I could not say a word that could easily be understood, and, even though I was also uncontrollably drooling, I did try.

With her hand back on my ass she asked if I was alright and I nodded and “mmpphhdd” that I was. I didn’t try to snap my fingers several times or hum “A Shave And A Haircut Two Bits” (two of my “safeties”) so, as she tied a rope around my waist she said, again, “You’re such a good little horny rabbit.”

My response: “grrr.”

As soon as she tied that rope she pulled it between my legs and then up behind me and tied it to what I later found out was another hook hanging from the ceiling. Now although this rope made me feel more secure, that is, I wasn’t going to fall and pull my arms out of their sockets, it was too tight “between my lips” to do me much good (and I did try to rub myself on it). It also kept me from turning too much so I had to sort of stand facing in one direction.

Leaning down in front of me, Helen put her fingers on my blouse, told me she decided that we were not going out for dinner, gave me another little kiss, this time on my forehead, and ripped my blouse open. It was one of my favorite blouses and she just ripped it open!

Furious, I cursed her, stomped my feet, and even tried to kick her but she avoided my attempts, reached for my bra and tore it open too. It (was) a very pretty lace bra, very delicate, and, apparently, no match for an amazon hell bent on tearing it open…

“Stop complaining, you have much more to be worried about.”

Of course I didn’t stop grunting or trying to kick her. I was angry, I was upset, and even though I also continued to try to call her names she grabbed my nipples, twisted them, and told me to stand still or I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

Now as angry as I was I fully believed that she would do that to me so when she took her fingers off my nipples I managed to stop wriggling and my only complaints were painful grunts.

Leaving me like that for a minute or two I heard her fussing with some things on the bench and when she came back she had nipple clamps and weights in her hands.

Now I don’t know what these clamps are properly called, I have never seen any like them. The ends that go on the nipples look like those on clover clamps but attached to each of them is a (black) cylinder, maybe an inch or more long, with a ring at the end of it. But it’s what is done with the cylinder that makes it so frightfully effective. The cylinder twists and tightens the clamp and, until she was satisfied that it was tight enough, which was “painfully” obvious by my dancing, yelling and, yes, crying, she didn’t stop.

Patting the top of my furiously shaking head she said, “You make me so happy” and, while I was still screaming from the pain she walked behind me and managed, despite the rope now welded between my pussy lips, to pull my skirt up towards my waist.

Then, after caressing me on my ass, which didn’t do anything to help lessen the pain from my nipples, she worked her fingers down between my legs and said, “I don’t know why you are crying so much, you are so wet, see” … and saying that she put her fingers by my nose and rubbed them “into” my nostrils … gross!

I tried to beg her to take the clamps off but she didn’t seem to care and as I watched with what I’m sure was huge frightened bug eyes she put weights on the clamps and I have to say that for the first time in a very long time the pain was so excruciating that I started/tried to hum and, very faster than I could have hoped for she took the weights off, watched me for a second or two (?) and asked if I wanted the clamps off too.

I tried to look up at her but I couldn’t and yet, for some reason I can’t explain I (vigorously) shook my head no. The pain was working its magic. I was getting closer and closer to climaxing. My legs were trembling, my tits were shaking, I was stomping my feet and I was crying. But I didn’t want her to stop!

And, once again, she patted my head, leaned down and kind of whispered in my ear, “I’m going to have such a good time,” then before I could even brace myself for the inevitable, her hands moved to my nipples and took the clamps off…she watched me dance and scream…I thought I was going to die from the pain…

Suddenly my only thoughts were about my nipples. The pain, or should I say, agony, of the blood rapidly coming back to them was too much to endure and when she slapped them I frantically hummed and hummed and, thanks to all the gods and goddesses that were protecting me she cut the ropes, unlocked the chain, and held me in her arms.

She hugged and held me like that until I was finally able to stand without her support and once she was satisfied that I was okay she started taking the gag out of my mouth (not as easy as when she shoved it in) and then took hold of my arm and helped me to (her) bedroom.

My legs were almost unable to support me and I was so grateful to be able to hold onto to her yet, by the time we got to her bedroom (less than 2 minutes at the most), my nipples (and pussy) needed to be touched and I know I’ve said this several times already, I know I have evolved into a pain slut but at that moment I was astounded by what the pain was doing to me.

In her room Helen had me sit in a chair (one of those queen anne type things) and with my skirt still up near my waist she ran the chain from one of the cuffs under the seat and locked it to my other wrist cuff. (Once again) she leaned forward to kiss me but this time her tongue went deep into my mouth and I responded like a, dare I say this, “like a horny rabbit in heat.”

When she stopped kissing me she “lightly” touched my nipples and told me she would be back in a few minutes. So I sat there, nipples still hard and very sensitive, and with my pussy very likely making the seat wet…but I was smiling…

I don’t know how long I sat like until I fell asleep but after she woke me she unlocked the chains and gave me a glass of water and toast with marmalade … was this a condemned woman’s last meal?

“When you’re finished go and freshen up and leave your clothes the way they are. You look so lovely like that.”

All of a sudden it dawned on me what she did to my blouse and bra and just before I was going to say something I thought better of it and kept my mouth shut. I looked at my torn blouse and bra, knew they could not be repaired, cursed her (silently), and wondered if I should sneak through her drawers and rip up something of hers. Of course I wouldn’t do such a thing but one can dream.

Sitting on the chair again I waited for Helen to come back and when she did she was wearing a very pretty nightgown (when/where did she change?) and was carrying some leather cuffs and a couple of (what I knew) were spreader bars. Now what?

With no “fanfare” she said, “On the bed, on your tummy.”

So, dutifully, I managed to get out of the chair and wobble over and, after positioning me with my ankles just hanging over the foot of the bed she locked leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists and then, surprisingly, locked the bars from my wrists to my ankles, right wrist to right ankle, left wrist to left ankle. My legs were not raised and it was a surprisingly comfortable position and, of course, I should have known better than to think it was going to be that easy.

Sitting next to my head she made a show of putting latex gloves on and told me to just relax, “This won’t take a moment.”

Next thing I know she is at the foot of bed and, after ripping my panties off (doesn’t she know how to just take them off or at the very least use a pair of scissors?), and, of course, I grunted when she put her fingers in my ass and began moving them, and me, to a point that, hey, this is good (I thought), until she stopped and said something like, “Just stay calm, this isn’t going to hurt.”

Of course I’ve had the “pleasure” of butt plugs used on me but this one immediately felt different. It was not very wide and slipped in rather easily. Wow, that’s not bad I thought. But as it went in it seemed to expand so once it was in all the way there was no way I was going to be able to “force” it out. The first thing that came to my mind was a speculum. That’s sort of what it felt like but since I never had that done anally I didn’t think it could be that, but that’s the closest thing I thought about.

Once it was in, Helen took her gloves off, told me to relax, and then tied some rope from my ankles and wrists to the foot and head of the bed (somewhere). I was stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Okay, there are a couple of movies I want to watch so be a good little horny rabbit and do as you’re told.”

She gets on the bed and after scooching down to my face puts a pillow under her ass and by picking up my head I have a very clear and up close and personal view of her pussy.

When she finally finished adjusting herself my lips were touching “hers” and there was now absolutely no doubt about what I had to do (as if I didn’t figure it out before she got in bed).

The movies started (of all things, The Duke Of Burgundy followed by one of the Star War movies, more than just a little eclectic).

Anyway, the movie starts and while I was kissing her pussy I was also trying to grind myself on the bed and was beginning to clench my ass on the plug when all of a sudden what felt like a bolt of lightning hit the inside of my ass and made me spring up from the bed and scream like I was just torn to pieces.

“Pay attention to your job, little horny rabbit, your full attention is required.”

DAMN! What the hell was that???

Then, just as calmly she says, “If you haven’t guessed yet the plug in your ass is an e-stim device and every time you stop or aren’t doing your job as well as I know you can, I’m going to inspire you to do better. And this is one of its lower settings. Now do your job little horny rabbit.”

Now, I have read about “e-stim” toys but had never actually seen or used one and, I have to tell you, I wasn’t about to try to not do my best. That thing hurt like hell…

So I instantly “get back to work” and I’m moving my lips to kiss her, moving my tongue up and down and trying my damnedest not to displease her. So I keep moving my head up and down and I am even slurping while I am tasting her and sucking her and, how do I know I am slurping?

“You really are a noisy rabbit, you make me so happy.”

And as I feel her thighs close, gripping my head, keeping me prisoner, she zaps me again and I scream and bounce and my face, still seemingly plastered against her pussy, is vibrating and all I can hear is my voice echoing into her pussy (how’s that for poetry!?!)

I am sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, but I really am at a total loss of how to describe what I was going through and she wasn’t even done with me. No, true to her word, whenever I stopped too long (a few seconds to catch my breath and bring some life back to my numb lips and tongue?) she would zap me and if I had done a “good job” before stopping it was only a fairly low zap, but if I hadn’t done a good job than the intensity was such that I thought my ass was being roasted from the inside out.

How long did she keep me “awake” like that, well, somewhere during each of the movies I did fall asleep, I was literally exhausted, but as the old expression goes, there is no rest for the weary and sooner than later I was awakened with yet another zap or two and by the time Star Wars ended I was well beyond the end of the known galaxy and when she got of bed and finally took that evil plug out of my ass I was conscious enough to say thank you and, to be totally honest, fell asleep, still cuffed to the bars, between her legs.

In the morning, when I woke up I was still bound and she was watching some cooking show on TV, so to say good morning, I picked up my “face” and kissed her lips and clit.

“Such a good little horny rabbit,” she said.

Once again I know this all sounds way too much to be believable but it is what happened. No embellishments other than some of my comments about how I felt etc.

Finally, after I was set free and could stretch and loosen up a little from being in that position so long, I went to the guestroom and after almost two hours to shower and dress (sadly, I put my torn panties, bra and blouse in a garbage bag that was in the bathroom) I went to the kitchen, said good morning and gratefully began sipping the coffee that was waiting for me on the table.

Helen made me eggs, ham and toast and while we ate she asked me how I felt and I told her, very simply, wonderful…

Smiling, she told me she really enjoyed herself and was wondering if I would like to get together again. Of course I did.

Reminding me that she was going to be away on business for a couple of weeks she asked if I would like to come in mid-August, perhaps for two or three days.

Again, I told her I would love to.

About an hour after breakfast she walked me to my car and as she leaned down I turned my head and kissed her. She really is a very good kisser.

“I have to warn you, I plan on stringing you up and whipping your ass and breasts. Still want to come”?

And before I backed out of the driveway I said, with a great big grin on my face, “Yes, I would love that.”


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