Friends Reunited

by Paultt

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Storycodes: M/f; collar; handcuffs; public; barn; cuffs; susp; spreader; strip; naked; hood; gag; shackles; cage; arousal; mast; denial; cons; X

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Part 2

Caroline Grey sits and looks out over the river Ouse. The warmth of her apartment comforts her as she glances up at the clock for the tenth time that hour. Looking down by her feet she sees the small bag she had packed for the weekend that is about to begin in fifteen minutes. That is if she decides to go through with it.

After Darren had dropped her back at her door last Saturday night she had done quite a lot of thinking. Her mind wandering back to her early teenage years and the time spent with Darren. Last night she was really sure she wanted what Darren had to offer and now? Well, she wasn’t sure any more. 'But he had gone through all the trouble of making things just for me, so the least I can do is try them,' she scolds herself.

Plus it might be fun!

Looking up she sees the time and wanders down to the door wondering if he would be on time as he had promised her he would be when he had confirmed her pick up time last night.

She had been away in London all week and they had chatted over the phone quite a bit and if she was truthful she was looking forward to his company.

Her life was a little bereft of good male fun at the moment. And if he was as good as his word she might have a great time.

But then again she knew the cost of what it may bring. She had lost him once before. 'Do I really feel like this or is this a stupid crush?' Old memories might be playing a last gasp of what might have been.

She was being ridiculous; he hadn't sought her out, they had just met by chance. 'But then again why look a gift horse in the mouth,' she thought a little cynically.

She looked at herself in the mirror admiring her scarf. She moves to the door and looks at herself full length. Her dress and shoes suit her and her long dark hair is shining. 'Okay so I have made an effort.' She smiles at herself and closes the door.

Darren was waiting for her and she grins at his wolf whistle. “Have I still got it then?”

He kisses her hand and smiles, “You always did. I fancied you like mad but didn’t want to spoil what we were doing as I at least got the chance to rescue you and touch you!

Now I know I should have taken charge and led us down a different path. But I was too young to realise that.”

He opened the door and she got in his car. She buckles up and drops her bag at her feet. Feeling quite brave she unties her scarf and lets him see the collar he had given her before she climbed out of the 4x4 last weekend.

“Wear this and I will know you’re game!” he had winked.

She knew he hadn't thought she would wear it. “Well not in public!”

“Ah you have thought it through then?”

Her smile answers his question. “Yes just be gentle with me, I haven’t done this for a while. But as I seemed to like it last weekend I’d like to try to rekindle lot of things again.”

“Okay well mum and dad are away for the weekend so apart from the milk tanker driver we should be undisturbed.”

A little frisson of excitement runs down her spine as he passes her a pair of the new type of handcuffs the police use now. “It's up to you; do you want to wear them now or later? It’s up to you." He pats her hand and asks is she has thought about any situations she would like to be placed in?

“Just leave me helpless and we will take it from there. It’s your choice I used to make all the decisions, it’s now up to you to come up with the scenario.” And with that she locked the handcuffs round each wrist. “This is fun!” is all she says as she looks out of the window. She notices him grinning in the reflection of the glass.

She is little perturbed as he leaves her in the BMW while he does his shopping in Stanford Bridge, leaving her in full view of anyone walking past the 4x4. Also she had to admit, if she was honest, she is turned on. His quiet smile as he got back in told her it was all part of the treatment.

They chatted as if it was completely normal for a woman wearing a set of handcuffs and a collar to be in a car travelling up Garrowby Hill. Caroline finds herself looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

She snuggles into the leather upholstery and listens to Darren as he chats via his blue tooth to a client who had ordered lots of harnesses for a film.

Her mind fills with long-lost memories of their school days and she admits to herself that she had missed Darren and the fun they used to have. It had coloured her life and she realises that most of the men she had gone out with had no idea how much she wished she could have had the fun that she was about to have.

She watches detached and in a world of her own as they pull up outside the barn and he jumps out opening the big door and then rejoins her and drives the 4x4 into the dark opening.

He opens the car door and helps her out. Her nostrils are twitching at the sweet smell of molasses and hay that fill the large open area. Gently reaching across her he takes a key from his pocket and unlocks her wrists and taking her hands pulls them behind her back and relocks them.

She shudders and waits as he taps her legs apart bending her over the bonnet of his 4x4, his fingers checking her body as if he was a policeman inspecting a criminal.

Caroline shudders and feels her insides go gooey. His next move surprises her even more as he pulls her upright and walks her over to the middle of the barn and stands her in the middle of a lit area. He bends down and straps a belt round her ankles pinning them tight together. Another belt round her knees and as she looks down at him she realises she is back where she belongs.

His next move was to unlock the cuffs and replace them with leather ones. Caroline watches as he joins them together and attaches them to a rope loop.

A whirring sound follows and she watches with some detachment as a hook drops down in front of her face. Holding a box in front her nose he looks at her as he presses the green button and smiles as she watches her hands being drawn up above her head. Then the way they spread wide as she was lifted first to her tiptoe then into the air.

“My god!” she mouths at him as she disappeared into dark recesses of the barn. 'Must be 20 feet up,' feeling a thrill of fear and excitement, she thinks as the lifting stops and the crane jerks her off above all the curious cattle who look up in mid chew. Although she feels a slight ache in her shoulders she realises that her wrists are not that strained.

Spinning her body in direction of travel she watches as the crane heads towards what looks like a solid wall. 'Surely he does mean me to slam into it?' She opens her mouth to shout out when she suddenly stops. “This is even better than before.”

The cattle are now back eating the silage and Darren is no longer there. 'Where is he?' She twists her body so she can survey the shed. 'Nope, no sign of him,' her shoulders just starting to ache now.

A rumbling sound comes from behind her as the crane jerks and she shoots back towards the wall. With a yelp she realises she is now passing though the wall.

Some hard plastic flaps batter her body from behind and then the crane stops suddenly, leaving her swinging in the blackness.

Hands unfasten the straps round her legs as her mind flashes with a fantasy of being hauled up the yard arm of a pirate ship.

Her high heels are stripped off her body, still in darkness she feels leather cuffs being attached to her ankles and then they are separated and held shoulder width apart by something solid. 'Oh god, a spreader bar,' she then thinks as another whirring starts and her body is drawn up by her ankles; soon her ankles are at the same height of her wrists. Her body is bent between the two points face down. As her ankles continue to go up she realises he is lowering her wrists until she is totally inverted.

Wiggling her body as she enjoys the experience she realises that her dress is sliding down her body exposing her legs and now her panties, soon it will be sliding off her arms to the floor.

“You crafty git,” she murmurs. His warm hand touches her back and pushes her gently. Her outstretched fingertips brush her crumpled dress as she swings, “I am not that far up, funny how you get a false feeling.”

He unfastens her wrists to let the straps of her dress and bra clear the blockage. She hadn't even felt him unfasten her bra. She wonders if he could tell just how turned on she was as her nipples had stiffened.

She feels something cold against her thigh and hears a snip followed by another one at the other side. 'He knows now,' she thought as his fingers took hold of the crotch piece and used it to wipe the excess juice from her lower lips.

'I didn’t expect to be this naked this quick,' part of her mind says. 'But you was going to get naked at some point today,' the other half says. And she feels herself blush.

She smells her arousal on his fingers as he takes her wrists and reattaches them to the lifting hook and with a jerk her hands shoot up in front of her again. 'Oh well here we go again! I like all this handling,' she realises. As soon as her body is vertical again he lowers her just enough so she can stand on her tiptoes.

A light clicks on and she sees that she is in a small workshop.

“How am I doing?” he asks, looking at her naked body in what she sees is a semi-lustful, apprising way.

“Great! Keep on doing what you’re doing. What’s next?”

He grins at her. “That’s my old Caroline." He picks up what looks like a leather bag. “Want to try this? It’s a bit extreme but I think you can handle it.”

He smiles at her and walked over fiddling with something on the bag. “Is it the bag or what's in it I need to fear?” she smiles at him.

“It’s a hood, a new model that I’d like to try out on you. You are my tester for a lot of new items this weekend. You have the choice of gag ," he pauses. "Well, actually thinking about it, I will use this.” He put the hood down and reaches into a holdall and pulls out a bag. Walking to her he pulls it over her head.

The world goes black as he draws it tight by a draw cord under her collar.

A little disappointed by the fact he hadn't gone with the hood and the gag, she sighs and shifts her weight a little.

A whirring sound and she was standing back flat on her naked soles. She notices the gritty feeling and an air current that drifts in from her left. “It’s amazing how much your body senses when you cannot see,” she murmurs. A gentle tugging at her ankles then, she hears the button being pressed. She doesn’t go far but she realises that he has attached each ankle to the floor. So with the spreader bar between them and the tension of the arms she was solidly hanging in mid-air.

She gasps as a cold liquid is poured over her shoulders and across the top of her chest. Her skin puckers as it makes its way downwards. More is poured and its southerly descent speeds up until it runs between her buttocks and over her mons at the front. She hears it starting to drip onto what sounds like a tray.

'It’s like being basted, as if I am going to be cooked by cannibals.' Her mind goes off to the old-fashioned films she likes. 'The one where a girl was always tied up and looking for rescue...'

This cooking oil smells of cinnamon and spices.

Then she feels his warm hands. Starting at her shoulders he massages the oil into them. The strength of his fingers kneading and plying her straining muscles begins to turn her on even more. Then she notices as he moves down her back that the oil had started to gently warm up. A little like muscle rub. She is quivering by the time he finishes her back. His fingers follow her buttocks but don’t linger, smoothing the oil down her thighs and down to her feet massaging all the way.

He then starts on her front; she giggles as the oil is worked into her ribs and she sighs with disappointment when he passes her breasts. Although he lifts them to get oil right up to the base of them doesn’t play with them. 'So that’s your game,' she thinks as he works the oil into her stomach and thigh tops.

When his hands touch her breasts it shoots feelings down through her tummy straight to her clitoris. “Oh god you're gooood...” she groans as he manipulates the soft flesh. His thumbs roll and press against the rock hardness of her nipples. She realises she is panting and almost about to come.

Then he disappears.

Hanging there she tries to reach for him, thrusting her chest out the best she can manage within the constraints of her bondage. As she calms down she listens for any sound of him. Nope! not a breath, the sound of cows munching and farting but not a sign of him.

She drifts off into a fantasy, the pirate one where Johnny Depp has her strapped to the bow of the Black pearl. The crew start to bay for her to be given to them as an offering. Johnny waves them to be quiet. “Aghh me hearties. She be mine and mine only!” His eyes gleamed as he grinned at her and said out loud, “But tomorrow she be yours to do with what you want!”

The crew cheered. She moans with frustration and sexual tension.

The hands are back. His hands! Working again on her breasts and playing with her nipples, teasing them, elongating them; then she feels a dull squeezing on her left one.

A crushing sensation that hurt but seemed to add to her horniness this was soon followed by the right nipple being treated the same. Clamps, he is using clamps. She had seen them on web sites and nearly bought them for herself when she went through a self-bondage phase, which hadn't lasted long as there was no one to rescue her.

She feels them being attached to something and then her breasts are stretched away from her body. It hurt a little but when they go taut it stops her body from swaying. He has taken the last bit of movement from her. “Move and your nipples get it!” Johnny Depp says in her mind.

So when the fingers start on her clitoris and labia, Caroline realises the predicament she is in. She loves to move about and grind and roll her hips as her orgasms happen but now as his very clever fingers find her G spot and massage it in time to her clit and labia she has to try to stay still. “Not fair,” she groans.

“Oh... nobody said I had to be fair!” Darren whispers in her ear and he removes his fingers.

“Come back, finish me off. Please!”

Her mind raced. 'I need to come but here I am naked, hanging from a crane in a barn in the middle of nowhere and begging a man I haven’t seen for years to let me come.' Her mind reminded her 'Naked and extremely horny and the shame is adding to the whole sensation.'

The heat in the oil is making every nerve hypersensitive. She feels his fingers wet with her juices start again. Again and again he brings her to the edge, always leaving her wanting more. His clever hands run all over her, tweaking her nipples, rimming her bottom hole which makes her stiffen; and he takes advantage of the whole gamut of her movements to get her to her peak.

And he stops. “You bastard,” she moans and shakes her body. The ache in her shoulders is growing and he still hasn't let her come. She feels a shudder and she is lowered her to the floor, loosening the cords attached to her nipple clamps.

His hands take hold of hers and drop them behind her back coupling them together and she feels a belt go round her elbows. The strain on her shoulders is increasing and then he stops and loops the belt into the gap between them locking them tight.

“What's next? Because you're doing very well up to now.”

He kisses her cheek through the cloth of the hood and whispers, “So are you!”

The collar on her neck is loosened and the hood is drawn off her head. He moves to her front and kisses her on the lips. “That’s nice,” she purrs and moves up to him rubbing her breasts on his sweatshirt.

Pulling down on her wrist chains which make her head tilt back he kisses her hard.

Kissing him back she shudders as he moves his hands and cups her buttocks.

She grinds herself against him. He laughs and says, “Slow down! You're here for the weekend.”

Her body is hot from the rub he had applied and she is very aware of her nerve endings all pulsing, and spasms of lust flash up between her clitoris and nipples. Pulling on her elbows he creates space between them and as she steps towards him for a hug he turns and picks up the other hood.

“Open wide!”

When she does as he asked he takes care to be gentle, slowly rolling the form-fitting soft leather over her face. Positioning the nose holes in line with her nostrils he makes sure the two small pipes popped into them.

This maintains her airways and stops him worrying about suffocation. Inserting the gag into her open mouth he watches her adjust her jaws to accommodate the rubber cock-shaped gag. The base of it is recessed and allows her teeth to close and hold it in place where the gag is sewn to the mouthpiece of the hood.

She feels a little claustrophobic as she feels his kind hands smooth the hood underneath her chin. This feeling intensifies as her starts to lace it tight down the back of the hood.

A heavy thick metal collar locks the laces out of reach and tightens her jaw up against the gag.

Again she has to rely on her other senses. At the same time she realises that her mouth and tongue are working on the inert cock.

The belt round her elbows is loosened and removed and she shivers as a cold metal belt was locked into place round her waist, digging into her. Her wrists are soon enclosed in what she realises are manacles. Raising her arms she realises they are chained to her belt at the front only allowing a six-inch movement. He is clapping her in irons! 'God, he knows me so well!'

The weight of them all adds to her feelings of desire. Ankle cuffs are then clicked into place. She feels a click and then a tug at the front of the collar. A slight weight as if he has clipped something onto it, then a tug and she takes little steps with her feet feeling with her toes. He pulls harder and she stumbles a little as the short chain between her manacles brings her up short...

Her mind flips. She is between decks on the pirate ship and she had been prepared for Captain Bluebeard's pleasure. His cabin boy is taking her to him for ravishment.

“Come my dear," says the boy, "I take ye to the master. I advise you not fight him. Let him take whatever comfort he wants from your body; it may keep ye from walking the plank like that last one did. “ Caroline shudders and has a mini-orgasm.

The pulling stops and she feels a draft on her toes. A door opens and she is again tugged forward. The floor has changed from wood to chilly stone.

The sound of the chain dragging on the stone just made her mind flip. She could hear the wind rushing round the outside of the room they were in, both adding to her fantasy. They are on deck now and she has been drawn to her ravishment.

Hearing a clink and a key being turned in a lock she stood waiting for what came next.

“You will have to kneel,” the boy's voice says in her head, her mind substituting Darren’s voice with that of the cabin boy's.

Using grace she never before realised she had, she manages to bend down and ease to her knees.

“Shuffle forward but be careful as there is a lip you need to lift your knees over.”

She feels cold steel at her knees and edges each one over it. She feels a slightly padded feeling under knees and then her toes as she shuffles forward.

'God, what am I doing,' she thought, 'what is this?'

Slowly she shuffles round realising that she is in a cage as her head bumps into the bars that surround her. Kneeling up her head touches the top of the cage. 'Hmm... about four-foot square and three-foot high,' she thinks. As she moves her feet round she feels a pillow in the corner.

Edging round she lies down and places her head on it and sucking on the gag thinks about her day so far.

Soon she is asleep.

End of part 2

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