A Friend in Need

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2007 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; bdsm; toys; cons/nc; X

I had known Pete since school days. We had been best  friends most of that time with only the occasional argument. I had seen less of him since he got married but the friendship was too old to allow even such a radical change in life style to destroy it. I had met his wife, of course, both while they were courting, at the wedding and several times since. I have to say I am quite envious of him. Anne is a real beauty , demure, almost shy in company, but obviously devoted to him. I am not married, through choice I might add. I have concentrated on my career and only indulged in holiday flings or casual sex. I’m happy enough with my lot. I may have fantasised about  getting Anne between the sheets, so to speak but I would not dream of doing such a thing in reality. Good friends are hard to come by.

The phone call came as a big surprise. It was Saturday evening and I was just settling down to watch a film. Pete sounded  a little agitated.

“I need you to do me a favour.” He said.

“Anything,” I answered quickly, “As long as it’s legal.” I joked.

“I need you to go over to our house and make sure Anne is all right.”

“Why shouldn’t she be?” I asked, intruiged.

“I just popped out for a video and I have been in a traffic accident, nothing serious, but I'm stuck at the Hospital. She’ll be quite worried by now.” He seemed genuinely concerned.

“Can’t you just ring her?” It seemed obvious to me.

“She can’t get to the phone right now.” He said with what seemed like a tinge of embarrassment.

“I don’t understand,” I said truthfully.

“I can’t spell it out for you, I’m in a public waiting room.” He said agitatedly, “She needs some help and I am not in a position to provide it.”

I considered the statement. I knew that he used to play around with bondage but naturally I could not be sure if this was the problem.

“So she’s a little tied up at the moment?” I ventured.

“Exactly” he confirmed, “I was only intending to pop out for five minutes but that was over an hour ago.”

“So what do you want me to do? Break down the door?  After all she won’t be able to let me in either.”

“No, you will have to get the key from the glass house,” he instructed, “under the third Geranium.”

“One more thing,” I said trying to sound as serious as possible. “How much help do I give her?” I was already getting aroused, just in anticipation of what I would find. It would take all of my self control, and then some, not to take advantage of the situation. There was a long pause.

“It looks like I could be here for some time yet. It depends on her. I won’t hold anything against you.”

I took all this at face value, why shouldn’t I? It was a little bizarre, but not implausible. I drove carefully to make sure that I did not join Pete in A&E. The house looked innocent enough. There was no car on the drive, naturally, a light on down stairs and several upstairs. I decided to park on the road, in case Pete got back before I had finished. I found the key, as instructed and opened the door.

“Pete, where have you been?” The voice sounded desperate.  It came from behind the door to my left. I paused. Do I call out? Do I just enter and scare the life out of her? Neither sounded promising.

“It’s Paul, Pete has been delayed,” I called out and opened the door quickly.

“Paul?” She gasped, “where’s Pete?

“Some one shunted the car and he’s at the hospital. He says he’s all right though,” I added quickly.

I considered the scene before me. Anne was completely immobile, knelt precariously on a foot stool, supported by the ropes that bound her. She was bent double, her head virtually touching the stool, her ass high in the air. At first I thought she was clothed but closer examination showed it to be an intricate web of ropes encasing her upper body.  Her hands were held tightly to her back.

“He said I was to check you were all right,.” I explained, “and to offer any help you may require.” I added carefully. “Can I help you?” I said in a voice that would have done Grace Brothers proud.

“You could get some of these bloody ropes off me,” She snapped.

“Is that what you really want?” I ventured. “I have been given complete freedom to service you as you wish,” I continued in my best shopkeeper’s voice. I decided   that a closer inspection was in order and circled around behind her. Despite desperately craning her neck she could now no longer see me. I on the other hand had a splendid view. Her ankles were crossed and tied allowing her knees to spread out and give her a modicum of stability, it also gave me access to her most personal region. which was very moist.

“I might suggest that madam has a more urgent need,” I continued. I ventured a finger inside and she gasped and wiggled responsively.  I rewarded this with a smart smack to her quivering backside.

“Naughty,” I chided, “You were not very honest with me.”

“Well what do you expect,” she moaned, “ I’ve been stuck like this for over an hour.”

“So what do you want?” I asked more sternly.

There was a prolonged pause.

“I want sex,” she confessed, “I need to cum!”

“That’s more like it,” I commended her, “but you will have to pay for your earlier deception.”

She struggled ineffectively against the ropes that had held her for so long. I watched dispassionately while considering my next move. She was a little too high up for me to enter her comfortably and besides I wished to examine her front which was inaccessible with her bent over as she was. A change of position was in order.

“One thing,” she spoke with more confidence than I would have expected, “I wish to be blindfolded and you are not to speak to me.”

I considered this for a moment. It would complicate things, but not impossibly. With her blindfolded she would have less chance to escape even if I freed her legs completely, but I would have to guide her into any new position.

“Agreed,” I said, “but if I cannot speak, you may not also.”

“You will find an appropriate device on the settee,” she answered, “along with a blindfold.”

I suppose that I should have smelt a rat at this point, but I was so taken with the idea of having my wicked way with a beautiful bound woman that I just accepted the convenience as part of their normal activities. On the settee was a leather gag, a sleep mask for a blindfold and several more coils of rope to bind her as I wished. She opened her mouth for the gag and kept perfectly still while I tied it off and secured the blindfold as well.

I now made a closer inspection of the ropes that held her. There was a type of noose around her neck running under the stool and secured to her ankles keeping her head down. The pressure was on the back of her neck so there was no chance of suffocation, I released the end of it but she stayed exactly where she was as without her sight she was not sure what I was doing. I gently lifted the noose over her head so that she could feel it’s release. She now sat up on her haunches  revealing her chest for the first time. The lattice work of ropes hugged her curves making little diamond  shapes  all over her. She had small firm breasts and surprisingly large nipples which were standing  proudly encouraged by the pressure of ropes around them. I could not resist the temptation to rub my thumbs over them.  She let out a moan despite the gag. I closed my mouth over the left hand tit and sucked, causing her to writhe so that I had to hold her to stop her falling off the stool. 

When I had finished I reached down between her legs to find it even more moist that before. I ventured a finger inside and she seemed to jump despite still being held onto the stool. I withdrew and stood back to watch her swaying precariously. She was truly a wonder to behold, her long black hair, tied into a pony tail brushing back and forth across her back as she moved her head from side to side trying to work out where I was. I circled back round behind her and put one arm either side to enable me to jiggle her breasts while keeping her upright. She shook her head in protest but no sound was made.

From behind I could see that her wrists were tied separately from the  intricate rope work over her torso. The lattice must have been put in place before her  hands were secured.  I wondered how long it took to tie such a harness and what tensions must grow during these preparations. Her wrists were crossed with several turns around each of them with more rope encircling her upper arms, she was not going to escape from such expert bondage.  I encouraged her to raise her bottom off her ankles and gave her a few moments to steady herself.  I now set about releasing her from the stool, untying her ankles and the remaining ropes that ran down from her. I uncrossed her ankles so that she knew she was free and helped her sit astride the stool. I then let her rest, stretching her legs and  straightening her back to remove the kinks that must have set in while she was held bent for so long. I busied myself tidying up the ropes that I had removed and coiling them like the ones I had seen on the settee. Once finished I returned to my captive. She looked quite regal, her legs parted either side of the stool and her back straight. She would not know what was to come and must be feeling more than a little apprehensive  I decided,  I would let her wait.

To be honest I did not know what to do next. I am not experienced with bondage and despite having spent many hours on the Internet looking at other people’s examples I had never actually tied any one or had any live experiences. This was my first time and I was quite frankly out of my depth. I could lay her back on the stool and fuck her brains out which would satisfy me but not her, or I could experiment with her. This was an opportunity not to be treated lightly and may never happen again. I wanted to prolong things, have fun, and maybe give her something new to talk about when Pete eventually returned. I suppose it was almost arrogance that I could do something new, but this was what I was thinking. I noticed she was not wearing a crupper so decided that this was a place to start.

To accomplish my task I needed her to be standing. This silence business was getting to be a nuisance, still it just meant things would take a little longer. I lifted her right leg over the stool so that she was sitting more conventionally with both legs on the same side, I then grabbed each shoulder and encouraged her to stand. She understood immediately and stood placidly, legs together. This was not right so I reached down and pushed my hand between her legs tugging to one side. She now stood in a classic ‘at ease’ position, hands behind her back and legs comfortably apart. I fetched a coil of rope and allowed it to unravel, found the middle and pushed it through one of the diamond openings near her belly forming a loop through which I could drop the remainder of my piece and tighten to hold in place. I could see puzzlement on her face but she was not struggling, yet. I gauged roughly the position of her vagina from the loop I had made and tied the two ends to make a bulky knot.

Letting the rope drop to the ground I went behind her and reached through her legs. At this point she realised what I was doing and seemed to want to say something, but the gag and the rules would not permit her to do so. I pulled the rope through and made her wince as the knot found it’s mark, I then secured the other end to her wrist tie. I noticed her cock her head questioningly. Her wrists had little or no slack between them and her back which would not suit my purpose, so I found the right rope and loosened it. She could now move her hands up and down about three to six inches. I now adjusted the tension of the crupper so that by raising her hands she could move the knot inside her. I allowed her a couple of tugs before cruelly knocking her legs from under her and bowling her onto the floor. I took most of her weight so that she would not hurt herself, but the surprise produced an audible complaint, despite the gag. I quickly rolled her onto her front and grabbed some rope. Her ankles were tied together, and I added two more ties at her knees and thighs for good measure. I then stood back to watch the show.

She lay motionless for a while, trying to decide whether I had finished. Flexing her arms she moved the crupper and tried to get some stimulation from it. I was pretty confident that she could not succeed in reaching orgasm and started to undress while enjoying watching her struggles.  Her whole body was making a serpentine motion as she vainly tried to reach satisfaction. I was going to need some relief myself soon and had decided that her mouth would supply the  receptacle. Her motions were increasing speed, so  I decided to intervene. I quickly fashioned another rope and pulled her arms towards her shoulders tying them almost into a hammer lock which also pulled the crupper as tight as it would go. She fought against this new restraint but it was a futile gesture. She rolled left and right in frustration. I fashioned another rope and pulled her ankles to her hands making a hog-tie. I pushed her onto one side and started playing with her flesh, pinching and caressing her bottom and tits. She shook her head wildly but could not escape my attentions. I wondered whether she was regretting allowing me to get involved.

I left her alone for a little while to cool off. She could hardly move now and was obviously under great emotional as well as physical strain. She was twitching and trying to roll, straining at her bonds. I was getting quite worked up myself and it took all my self control not to rush over and try and stuff her into oblivion. Fortunately for her, she was so tightly bound it would take too long to gain access. Even so, I would still have to change things to enable my intended release to take place.

After a while she stopped struggling. I approached and my first touch made her jump. I loosened the hog tie but did not remove it completely. Her ankles were still attached to her wrists but she could almost straighten her legs now. I also loosened the crupper so that she would still feel it’s presence but it would not feel like she was being split in two. I now forced her into a kneeling position. She could sit back on her haunches or kneel up to a vertical position without the hog tie interfering or the crupper being too painful. I stood in front of her so that she could smell me. And reached behind her head to undo the gag.  She obviously guessed what was expected of her because she licked her lips and opened her mouth for me. I cannot say I was gentle, neither did I pump for very long before spurting into her. To my amazement she not only swallowed, but did not dribble even a drop. She even gently sucked  as I came. I withdrew and she sat back onto her ankles to await my next move. I had promised her sexual relief, so it was up to me to fulfil that promise.

I removed the hog tie altogether and lifted her onto her feet. She was very unsteady, but managed to stay upright while I untied her legs and ankles. I guided her to one of the armchairs and sat her down. I lifted her ankles onto the seat and encouraged her to sit right back. I now set about securing her in place.

My ideas was for her to be sat with her feet on the edge of the seat, held apart so that I could have access to her vagina. To do this I tied each ankle to it’s own thigh then took a rope from each knee under the chair. Her legs were held wide and beckoning, I took a length across her chest and round the back of the chair just to stop her bending forward. She was very placid during all this, but I could sense that she knew her time had come and let out a feint encouraging groan. I took a tit in each hand and rubbed across her nipples to show that we had begun.  With my hands still in place I could bury my head in her warm and surprisingly still wet pussy. 

This was not an exercise in self restraint. I probed her with my tongue and sucked, while still rubbing her nipples. There was no way she could resist such a three pronged attack. I felt tension rise in her up to a climax, and drank the juices that came, but did not stop. I had deliberately not replaced the gag so that she could tell me when to stop and was going to wait until she did so. Her appetite was immense. She must have gone over almost a dozen times before screaming out a halt, the first words either of us had said in over an hour. I pulled back to let her rest and was aware of being watched.

I turned to see Pete standing  clapping slowly, “bravo,” he said appreciatively, “bravo indeed.”

I was embarrassed to say the least.

“How long have you been watching?” I asked sheepishly.

“Longer than you think,” he informed me and drew my attention to several cameras strategically placed around the ceiling. I did not know whether to be angry, embarrassed or secretly chuffed. “I watched your whole performance and recorded it as well. For a novice you handled her very well. Don’t you agree dear?”

He turned to Anne, who, though still bound and unable to move, had regained her composure and was smiling broadly.

“He certainly did. I hope you were watching carefully, you might have learned a few things.”

I hoped she was not just flattering me. I felt more than a little uncomfortable standing stark naked in front of him. I did not really know what to say. This had been a set up, from the start.

“Why didn’t you just ask me?” I said accusingly, “Why all this deception?”

“Well we now have some very interesting video footage of you,” Pete said with what seemed like a touch of menace in his voice, “so you can not refuse if we decide to turn the tables. Anne is a very good submissive but she fancies a go at dominating, and I am not into that sort of thing.”

“What makes you think I am?” I said nervously.

“We will find out won’t we?” He was absentmindedly collecting up my scattered clothes, which I noticed too late.

“Hold on a minute,” I said wildly looking round. Anne was still as secure as ever, but without my clothes I was not in a position to run out of the house.

“Would you like to see the video?” He asked mischievously, “You are very good.”

My clothes were dumped in a chest with a padlock conveniently on it. I was trapped and  I knew it.

“Come on,” I said trying to  sound casual, “ the jokes over, I will be going now.” This was getting unreal. My mouth was getting dry, and I was starting to perspire.

Pete had started to release Anne from the chair. Her legs were already free and she had leaned forward for him to reach her hands.  I watched with macabre fascination.  I decide to make a bolt for the door, perhaps I could find some clothes upstairs, but Pete was too quick

“Not a chance,” he said with a very firm tone, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. There are two of us, and only one of you.”

I hesitated, unsure, long enough for Anne to come up from behind and throw a loop over my chest and pull. I fell over and was set upon. Before I knew it I was bound as helpless as Anne had been, wrists behind my back and ankles tight together.

“Not as elegant as your bondage,” Pete said wistfully, “but there’s plenty of time, you can now have your revenge dear. Have fun. I need to go and change the film upstairs.

I looked up at Anne. She still had on the bondage harness hugging her upper torso, but her limbs were of course free and her  eyes were set hard. She was licking her lips with anticipation and the smile was unnerving to say the least. She showed me the gag, still wet from her usage.

“Let’s see how you like it.” She said.

“You near enough requested it,” I said weakly, “I am not into this sort of thing.”

“Ah but you are,” she purred, “open wide.”

I did not oblige. I was no in a position to fight her off effectively but I saw no reason to give in gracefully either. It was a futile gesture. Within a short time I was securely gagged. It was very effective. I was unable to make any sort of intelligible noise and my growls seemed only to encourage her. Then everything went black. Without sight I was completely disorientated. My heart started pounding and I gasped for air through the gag.

“Calm down,” she instructed, “We haven’t even started yet.”

I struggled to reply but was of course unable to do so. She left me alone for a while. Like I said I have no real experience of bondage. I had not even considered the possibility of me being at the receiving end so it was with some surprise that I realised I was sporting a raging hard on.  I had curled myself up into a ball, I  suppose to protect myself. I fought my bonds but soon realised it was hopeless. There were several turns of rope around my upper body holding my arms immobile. I could not work out where the knots to my hands were but could guess that they would be well out of reach. I doubted that the intention was to give me pleasure, which meant I was to be tortured in some way, and I was not even allowed to complain

The blindfold was removed and I found myself looking at a very different Anne. I suppose that it was supposed to be either intimidating or erotic. She was dressed in black, Crotchless panties, black stockings, leather suspenders and a leather bondage bra. It was just as well I was gagged, or  I would have burst out laughing. As it was my reactions would have been less obvious. She pushed my knees out of the way and snapped something over my receding penis securing it under my balls. I assumed it was some sort of cock ring but there was more to it than that. I felt some weight down there, and my cock was covered by something. There was intense pressure, I was amazed that I did not spurt instantly but it was not that long since I had fucked her. I squirmed ineffectually before looking down. It was surreal. My penis was in a large tube, a penis enlarger I supposed. I t looked ridiculous and felt very uncomfortable. I wondered what was next? Nipple Clamps!

It was pointless to try and turn away, or wriggle but I did nevertheless. I was surprised how little they actually hurt. She added some kind of weight to each one. For a moment or two I  considered how I must look with a glass like tube for a prick and weighted clips on my chest, then it started to take effect. It was no longer amusing. Suddenly all I wanted to do was to get these things off of me. My chest felt like it was on fire and prick felt like it would burst. I screamed a few obscenities into the gag knowing that no one would be able to translate them. I rolled about and tried to dislodge one of the nipple clamps. I vaguely wondered if I could smash the penis tube. I felt something sting my now exposed backside.

“Naughty, naughty!” She chided, her hand clutching a rather wicked looking flogger. I rolled back to protect my rear. She just lifted my legs pushing me onto my back and admonished me further. It was not particularly painful in itself but I was now hot all over with pain shooting at me from different directions. What had started out as a dream come true had turned into the worst of nightmares. I vaguely wondered how it would end. I was then forced to my knees.  I  wavered unsteadily.

I looked at my tormentor. She no longer looked funny. I did not fear her but this had gone beyond a joke. I despised her.

“You will now pleasure me,” she told me.

She stood over me, her crotch under my nose, reached behind and undid the gag.

“Go to hell!” I spat.

She whipped me. I didn’t care.

“Get these damn things off of me.” I growled.

“After you’ve pleasured me,” she stated.

“No.” I said. “The nipple clamps come off.”

It was a stalemate. There was a glimpse of uncertainty in her face. She relented. I almost wished that I was still wearing the gag because it hurt like hell.

“Now the penis thing.”

She was even more reluctant but I stood my ground so to speak. As she released it I felt an unbelievable orgasm. I rolled over instinctively and curled back up. My fingers clenched and my whole body shuddered. I recovered my senses to see her with an amazed look on her face.  I was exhausted. I was not sure how else I felt. I looked at her bewildered face and something softened in me. She had got out of her depth. The experiment had gone wrong.

“If you untie my legs I will give you that pleasure in a more comfortable position,” I suggested.

I had already demonstrated my prowess at licking out her pussy and I found it no less difficult with my hands still bound tightly behind my back. I gave her several good ones while she lay back in the chair. It took a while to get her started. It appeared that she responded better to being in bondage than administering it.

There were some embarrassing moments all round when I was eventually freed and given my clothes back.

“I would like both tapes please.” I said quietly. Pete disappeared and returned clutching two videos. For a moment I wondered if they were the right ones. I left quickly. It was the end of a good friendship. It was also a shame. I  might have enjoyed another scene or two with Anne in bondage.

They were the right tapes. I blanked the second one. The other one is now stored out of harms way, and comes out when I am feeling lonely or depressed. On the other hand I have developed a strong practical interest in self bondage, including the use of a penis enlarger....