Friday the 13th - The Untold Chapters

by RubbermanBD

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© Copyright 2020 - RubbermanBD - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; horror; majick; mind-control; bond; sex; oral; death; cons; nc; XXX

In the late 80s, a TV series hit US screens that told stories about cursed objects – little did viewers know that the actual stories were more than just horror fiction. In fact, all of the stories filmed were based on real events, albeit altered to be slightly less horrific than the actual events, and of course changing names of people involved. The writers – or rather writer – had uncovered some journals as well as other – non-cursed – items from the Curious Goods team detailing their hunt of the cursed objects originally sold at the shop. Considering the TV audience of the time, and rules and regulations for TV broadcasts (remember, it wasn’t the time of Netflix and Amazon Prime yet), the series already pushed the borders of acceptable content. But stories about certain objects and their secrets could not be publicized, even under the guise of made-up stories.

Now, over thirty years later, we were able to obtain copies of the original journals, diaries and files of Micki and Ryan, and can finally bring forth some of the yet untold items and their stories.

The Devil’s Dick

Anton hated being at bars or clubs. It went against his ways so much. He hated drinking. He hated staying up into the early hours. But it was the best way to come across women. He didn’t care what they looked like. Actually, if they were less attractive, the easier it would be for him to pick them up. And the less his conscience nagged on him afterward. For a while, he had used working girls, but after nearly getting his head bashed in by some trans broad when his ‘deed’ hadn’t worked, he decided the risk when picking up lonely women in bars would probably be a lot lower.


For what seemed like the hundredth time, he checked his jacket’s inside pocket. It was still there. Since he had gotten it, had learned what it could do and how to use it, his life had changed so much. From being a lonely nerd, too shy to find a girlfriend, and even if he had, not able to really have fun with her, he had become sort of a lady-killer (literally and figuratively speaking). He could have any women he desired, but again, he only desired one. His childhood neighbor, Lucy. She was cute when they moved in. She was 5, 2 years younger than him, with her pigtails, colorful dresses. They played together often, either in her parents’ back yard or his. She even stayed friends with him halfway through his teen years.

It wasn’t until a year or so into her puberty, which happened rather late, when she really blossomed (and she really did bloom a lot <wink>). While relatively popular before, about half the boys (and many girls) were swarming around her, trying to get her to join their respective cliques. Over time, her friend circles changed, her spare time being sucked up in her groups’ activities. She had joined the cheerleaders, second only to the school queen bitch, and of course, over time ended up with the backup quarterback. By then, Anton had barely seen her more than a few minutes per week, not counting classes they had together.

But this had changed a short while ago. After finding out about the item’s powers, and researching Lucy’s whereabouts, it only took him one short ‘chance encounter’ to get her to leave her then-boyfriend. For Anton, the time since then flew like a breeze. Even with her living almost 100 miles away, and only being able to usually see her on weekends, he was getting close to getting her to get a flat together. While he hated to leave the town, it would be the practical choice. She had a much better job than him, earning probably two to three times his salary. So moving to her city and possibly finding another job himself would be the logical solution.

From the way their rekindled “friendship” progressed with the help of the item, it would only take a couple more weekends and she’d finally be his.


It was near three in the morning, when one of the few remaining women in the joint finally decided she’d had enough to drink and head home. Anton suspected, from both her ring fingers being without any rings, and her general appearance, she was probably single, and most likely lonely. Overweight, note quite obese, boring but mostly neat clothing. Her being at a bar, alone, until that time of the night, he was pretty sure she had nobody waiting for her. He paid his tab and inconspicuously managed to leave the bar right before she did, ducking right around to corner to wait and see which way she’d take.

He was even lucky. Leaving the place, she turned towards the direction in which he was waiting in the dark. He pulled out the item. He’d gotten pretty good at using it. Sometimes, the women were willing from the beginning, appreciating having found someone who’s interested in them despite their looks. Other times, he needed to use some force initially, but not for long. Once the item had worked its ‘magic’, the rest was easy.

Tonight, he didn’t feel like convincing anybody to join him. He’d go the easy, somewhat forceful way. He pulled out the item, wielding it in his right hand almost like a knife ready to be thrust into an opponent. She’d be surprised, maybe try to scream. It would make overpowering her easy.

And just like that, it was all over. She had passed him on the street, when he came out of the shadows. Using his left arm to grab her around the neck and pull her to him, while forcing the rubber dildo into her mouth that she had just opened wide to let out a scream. A scream which was silenced within fractions of a second by the big fake dick sliding into her mouth then down her throat. It didn’t take longer than three seconds until all power of resistance left her.

She started sucking on it, harder and harder, her body starting to shiver not from the cold of the early morning hours, or thin clothes, but the sexual excitement she felt passing through her body, short-circuiting from her brain to her pussy, making it feel like the rubber member she was sucking on was fucking her below. The harder she sucked, the harder she got fucked. Her other senses completely lost and forgotten, she also lost control over her body. Her arousal reached heights she hadn’t felt in years, if ever.

Anton pulled her into the dark of the alley, while she sucked as if her life depended on it. Stronger, and stronger still. Her release was looming, she couldn’t quite get there. Suck more, stronger. It was there, just out of reach.

She couldn’t judge the passage of time if she wanted. She was just mouth, vagina and clit, the want and need of release paramount, controlling what capacity of thought and will was still present. Just a bit more, just a little bit more. Her body was shaking, no, rather vibrating, so hard and fast was she shaking. Anton had seen these enough times. He’d jokingly thought of “The Flash” comics before, almost expecting the women to lose substance by their atoms vibrating too fast to still interact with regular matter. Of course that never happened, it’s comic make-believe after all. But he knew it wouldn’t be much longer... just a few seconds ...

The woman couldn’t take it any longer... her body felt like it was a bomb, the fuse already ran out, with the first bit of the explosives inside starting to ignite. Please, she thought, I can’t take it any longer, I need to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And with that, her last thought, she did cum. The hellish desire, the arousal, the excitement had finally reached its and her breaking point, like a tsunami wave crashing onto the beach, it broke over her mind and body. An orgasm, stronger than any human could normally feel, much less bear, literally burned through her body, beginning at her clit, through her vagina and the rest of her body. The orgasm’s energy followed her nerve pathways, obliterating them on its way, all the way through to her brain, in a deadly cascade. When it had run its course through her now shriveled, blackened brain mass, the energy finally ended up in her throat, entering the dildo. There it would be preserved and wait to be released again, in the service of its wielder. Eerily a slight glow in her pupils died down as a testament to the working of hell’s curse in the dildo.

Anton would definitely call upon the charged-up dildo soon. After all, it was already Thursday. Just one more day until he’d meet up with Lucy again. He pulled the dildo out of the corpse’s mouth, knowing what would happen next. Somehow, within the next few moments, some residual energy (so he imagined) would take care of most of the evidence, leaving little more than a pile of ash of both the body and most of the woman’s clothing. Which happened as expected, just like he’d seen so many times, too many times before. But the price was worth it – those unknown women’s lives were nothing compared to the future he was looking forward to. A future of being together with his childhood crush.

Lazily browsing through the manifest, Ryan looked for some more customers in the general area who might have purchased one of Lewis Vendredi’s cursed objects. With some, Micki, Jack and him had been lucky. Some of the buyers hadn’t learned the items’ secrets and hadn’t used them, allowing them to be bought back cheaply, sometimes stolen without any consequences. Others – well, too many again had been used the way they were intended. Killing innocent people, and the person having been tempted into using them, condemning their souls to hell.

Ryan wasn’t sure whether the victims of the objects were really also damned for eternity, or “just” dead. But he assumed the worst. Which was why the three of them were trying their best to get as many of Lewis’ items back as quickly as possible, storing them in the vault hopefully for the foreseeable future. He had no idea what they’d do with them once the safe filled up, or when they managed to get the last of the items. Or either what would happen with them were they killed in the line of duty. But that was the worry for another day.

Suddenly he noticed something on the top of the next page. Anton Mallard. Something rang in the back of his mind. He knew an Anton in grade school. He couldn’t quite remember whether his last name was Mallard, but it still sounded familiar. Checking out the rest of the information on the item he had to chuckle. Really, a dildo? Why would Anton buy a fake dick? Was it for himself? If it was the Anton he knew back then, he was definitely secretly in love, with that neighbor girl. Maybe he got it to spice up a relationship. Though buying a dildo at an antique store was pretty weird... nonetheless, they should take the chance and investigate. Considering he had picked up the item some nine months ago, Ryan feared the worst. But then, some customers hadn’t discovered the cursed items’ powers after years, so not all hope was lost.

When Micki and Jack returned from one of their hunts later that day, luckily with another yet unused item, he quickly informed them of his findings and they decided they’d try to get a hold of Anton the next day.

The sun already had reached quite high in the sky when Anton finally woke. Lucy was still asleep beside him, the two of them having had a lot of fun after he’d arrived at her place on Friday night. While Lucy had prepared a meal for them, once more like several times before it had gotten cold, ignored by the two people in their passion for each other. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom for their first round, after which they had relocated there and continued until the early morning hours. Something he’d never could have hoped for just a few years earlier. Thinking about the last night, and how things were progressing with Lucy, and the perfect woman beside him in bed, he couldn’t help but smile. Why did it have to take this long to finally have a – mostly – normal relationship. Why did his life start out so shitty?

Ever since he had found out about the dildo’s powers, his sex life had changed substantially. Due to some childhood infection, he’d been completely impotent, which he hadn’t understood or even known about until late in his puberty. While his penis was rather normally developed, he never experienced it going stiff. Never had he any luck masturbating, never once experiencing an orgasm. The closest he was able to get to some sort of sexual feeling was teasing his prostate somewhere in his early twenties, though he suspected it wasn’t anywhere near what ‘real men’ could feel. The dildo he picked up initially as a way of possibly getting more arousal out of his deprived body.

As he found out later, it came ‘preloaded’ with some energy, which he noticed the first time he used it. The intensity beat everything he’d ever felt before, and it even made his dick stiffen slightly. When he experimentally shoved the hollow end of the rubber member over his own, it instantly merged with his penis, becoming real, becoming stiff, and giving him the first real orgasm of his life, and even shooting a pretty large load, which really surprised him.

Afterward, while the combined penis-dildo had softened somewhat, the now 12-inch dick still didn’t show any sign of turning back into the average penis and dildo. Somehow he hoped his luck had turned and he’d finally have a really large – but more importantly – working dick. When he went out shopping, now with a pretty prominent bulge in his pants he wasn’t even able to hide if he wanted to, he noticed women seemed to take note of him. Now, he wasn’t an Adonis, though not ugly as such, just the average Joe. But normally, he was usually being overlooked or ignored by females. Not that day, though. Women smiled at him, some even blushed as he passed them on the street or in the store, others whispered to their friends after they went by him. He was pretty sure it couldn’t have been only because of the bulge, as even when he was holding a bag after shopping, covering up the front of his pants, he still got several careful flirts and smiles out of very pretty – if not outright hot – girls and women on his way home.

That evening he decided to ignore or rather suppress his shyness and head to a bar. Within being there ten minutes he had already been hit on by four women, two of which shoved a note with their phone numbers into his pants pockets, one of which even slightly grazing his massive dick. Judging from her naughty smile, it hadn’t been an accidental move, either.

But obviously having free choice, he bided his time, which led to a solid 9 or even 9½ leaving the bar with him an hour later, her arm around his waist and head on his shoulder. She had a perfect model figure, very decent breasts (he guessed a good C-cup, maybe even D, though he didn’t really have the experience for a reliable estimate), long brunette hair, and a disarming smile.

After fucking the whole night (‘having sex’ didn’t really cover the intensity it was for either one of them), she left early that morning with neither having slept more than an hour, as she had to get into work. She said goodbye with a very deep, very long and very intense kiss, and scribbled her phone number on a piece of paper, together with her name and an “I” and “you” with a heart in between the words. Though the night’s encounter had left him very exhausted, he still couldn’t believe his luck. And still his dick was as long and thick as before, the artificial extension going strong. He even managed to get another load out of his balls by a quick masturbation session, which he really didn’t expect to be able to.

By noon, he’d picked up the phone and called the number on the note, but could only get her answering machine. He tried a couple more times until he finally reached her around five that afternoon. It simultaneously felt like both an eternity and mere moments until she arrived at his place. The way she acted seemed like she was madly in love with him, and not only with his sexual prowess. Of course, they ended up back in bed again, but before and between their rounds of sex, she talked about herself, her life, her history, and she appeared to really enjoy talking to him.

After she once again left for work the next morning, he headed to the shower, beating another one out, as he felt like he needed some more release (which he could hardly believe, given the amount of sex he’d had the last two nights). But this time, after he came, he suddenly felt an emptiness spreading in his crotch, followed by losing the feeling in the front part of “his” cock. He looked down in shock, noticing the rubber phallus had changed its color to black, then separated from his actual penis and dropped to the floor. Taking a closer look, it looked just as it had when he had purchased it, apart from having changed color from a beige skin-tone to the now black rubber.

He tried putting it back onto his own dick, with no success. Even using it for prostate stimulation did nothing much, nor was he able to get his penis stiff anymore. It just had stopped working its magic on him.

While being out for a quick grocery shopping, no more did any women smile, turn, or even just look at him at all. It was as if he had lost all his attractiveness. Or rather, returned to his original self from two days ago. But what would that mean for his newfound friendship with Chris, the woman he’d been thoroughly fucking for two nights in a row? Did the dildo just need some recharge time?

That evening, his doorbell rang slightly before six PM. Looking through the spy hole, the woman he expected was standing outside, a wide smile on her face, appearing pretty giddy and excited already. When he opened the door, her smile noticeably got less wide, her shoulders sagging slightly. She still seemed happy, but her overall appearance showed something wasn’t right. He let her in, helped her into her chair for the dinner he’d prepared. They started talking about the day and general stuff, but Anton couldn’t help but feel that the excitement she’d shown before wasn’t there anymore. She seemed bored, not at all excited, especially not in a sexual way. When they finished dessert, she let out a big yawn, mentioned the hard day she’d had at work that day, and with the last two nights not getting much sleep, excused herself and told him she’d like a rain-check for the night.

Anton was devastated. He suspected, he was pretty much sure it was all the result of the dildo. What could he do? Just wait until it worked again? Would it ever? Could he do something to salvage this moment?

He asked her to just have a seat on the couch for a moment, he’d have to show here something. Dashing to his bedroom, in the hopes of her not running out before he could return, he grabbed the black rubber toy and returned while she was already putting on her cardigan. He had the dildo hidden behind his back. He tried to get her to talk if something – and what – was wrong, why she suddenly had changed in her attitude so much.

After quite some pleading from him, she carefully explained to him that she didn’t know what had come over her the two days prior. She was actually engaged, her wedding date with her partner Lindsay was coming up in another four months. She had never seen herself as straight or even bi, and couldn’t explain why she was suddenly so attracted to him, though she swore she’d never had experienced such an intense sexual arousal and release before in her life. She even doubted her decision to marry her girlfriend by the second night of sex with Anton, feeling very much in love with him. But that evening, while being extremely aroused and excited to see him again, suddenly she felt as if that intense attraction had more or less vanished. Like waking up from a dream, she not exactly regretted what had happened the two nights before, but didn’t really understand what had happened for her to act like that.

Anton’s heart had sunk further and further during her explanation. If the rubber dick was what caused her to fall for him, maybe seeing it directly could help? He brought his hand with the dildo in from his back. “I have to show you something, tell me the first thing that comes to your mind,” he said, finally holding up the rubber toy.

“Yuck, what the fuck?” she said, face twisted in disgust. “Heck, I love using them with my girlfriend, but what the hell do you think showing something like that after what I just told you? Or are you just showing me what you’re gonna use to fuck yourself after I more or less kindly told you to in a way?”

Anton couldn’t believe his ears. She had been such a nice person, even after the magical attraction had worn off, why had she changed into a bitch all of a sudden?

“Get away from me, I’m leaving. And don’t even dare to call my number ever, otherwise, you’ll end up with a restraining order, or in jail! I’ll call the police on you if I ever see you anywhere near me!” she exclaimed.

Anton’s blood was boiling. She had really turned into a fucking bitch within seconds. She continued cussing him out, grabbing her purse from the back of her chair. When she turned again to face him and started again with more attacks and threats, he had enough. He took the dildo and rammed it into her big mouth.

Micki and Ryan hadn’t had any luck getting hold of Anton that weekend. While they had been able to find out his new address, he wasn’t home; one of his neighbors, a nice middle-aged lady, told them since the last couple of months he was usually out of town on weekends, and told them to either try again that coming Monday evening, or check on him at his workplace. Asked whether and when there had been any changes in his behavior, the neighbor just shrugged and said he seemed to have been getting more open since maybe 8 or 9 months, and had been out for the weekends often for maybe 6 months or so. Ryan and Micki looked at each other, for both the implication was clear. Too many of the people they had visited in search of Lewis’ items had suddenly had changes in their lives. Usually, they weren’t coincidences.

From the shade his artificially extended cock had changed into by Sunday morning, Anton knew he didn’t have long until it needed a recharge – the closer it got to being ‘empty’, the darker it became. He couldn’t risk it running “out of juice” while he was still together with Lucy, so despite being very horny and longing for some additional sex with her, he restrained himself, just going for some cuddle time. With some luck he’d get the recharge some time that night on his way home, as a bonus ensuring that the missing women would be somewhat distributed in the state and not all in his home town. Otherwise, he’d just have to go on a hunt one of the following nights. He just couldn’t bear not being together with her for two days per week, couldn’t bear not having sex with her.

Being together with Lucy even without the sex was fun none the less. She appeared to be completely in love with him, more so with every time they met. He wasn’t sure what would happen once he’d meet her without wearing the “charged” dildo, but at least for now he didn’t want to risk anything. Maybe he’d just go to her some weekend without the dick on yet and see how she acted. It wouldn’t be much of a problem to put it on quickly.

After a nice Sunday, he finally left for his home that evening, and almost shot a load when she massaged his pretty swollen cock through his pants during their good-bye kisses. It took all his willpower not to do so, and not to head somewhere inside or hidden for a quick fuck.

But as excited as it had made him, he just had to do something on his way home. About halfway home, he stopped at a rest station, where he used one of the restrooms. As expected, as soon as he was done, the dildo returned to its original, black rubber state. At least this way he’d be able to take the first chance he’d get to recharge it, he supposed.

As luck had it, the chance presented itself to him immediately. He had parked his car on the darker side of the parking lot, and was just getting into his car when another car pulled up and parked just a couple yards down. A woman, probably in her forties he guessed, got out and rummaged around in the trunk of her car, obviously looking for something. Quickly checking around, he ensured that no other car was in sight, bushes and trees also shielded the area from views. He quickly got out, greeted her and kindly asked whether she had some sort of trouble. She declined, carefully checking him out to judge whether he might be some kind of threat, then closed the trunk and started getting back into her car.

With all the practice he had gotten over the last couple of months, she was no match for him. Her eyes quickly rolled back in her head, her body succumbing to the feelings it caused. Her hands kept roaming her body, while she mindlessly sucked on the invader in her mouth, her hips bucking and turning. Her nipples hardened to an impossible degree, continuously being pinched by her roaming hands, which were alternating with rubbing her crotch and teasing her tits. The end result was foreseeable and soon...

Anton didn’t even wait until he got back home or even to his car – no sooner had the dildo been recharged, he dropped his pants and plunged his dick into the rubber toy, enjoying the feeling of his yet again enlarged cock. Considering another car might show up anytime, and him standing beside the now-vacated car of a soon-to-be-missed woman, he decided he’d better get out of there. Half a minute later he was back on the highway, heading home...


Two days later, Ryan and Micki were at Anton’s house again in the late afternoon, opting not to go to his workplace due to the rather sensitive matter – even if he had not discovered the dildo’s powers, he’d most likely NOT have it at work. After a short wait, the door opened and Anton greeted them.

After introducing himself and Micki to Anton, and mentioning they possibly went to the same school way back when, Anton did confirm going to that school, though he couldn’t really recall them being schoolmates (which, in all fairness wasn’t too unbelievable, as they hadn’t actually been friends as such, just taking a few of the same classes). Anyway, he inquired about their reason for stopping by. Carefully Ryan and Micki explained that they had inherited the store, and had come across some items that might pose some health risks due to some (made up) hazardous material exposure, which was why they were trying to get back the items for proper handling and disposing.

Anton, partly through his newfound self-esteem bestowed upon him by the dildo, hardly missed a beat, explaining how he’d picked it up as a joke gift for a bachelor party, at which it had been played with and later discarded. While Ryan was pretty skeptical, suspecting Anton of lying to them, Micki was ready to accept that explanation. She really felt like he was sincere, and actually felt more than just a bit attracted to him. Ryan decided confronting Anton head-on with his suspicion wouldn’t help for the moment, so he just gave in and thanked him for the information, and left with Micki. Discussing the matter with her on the way back to the store, Micki was more than a bit reluctant as to Ryan’s suggestion, but finally agreed to check out his place the next day while he was out working.

The next day, Micki and Ryan headed out to Anton’s place early, hiding out in the old Merc a bit down the road. Shortly before 8:30 the house door finally opened, and Anton appeared in the open doorway. After a quick look in both directions, he closed the door, locked it and headed up the street towards the closest bus stop. Shortly after he arrived there, a bus came up the street, stopped, and Anton boarded it. Micki and Ryan knew they’d have several hours to check out his place – if they could get in unseen.

Ryan led the way, while Micki followed and kept an eye out for neighbors or any passersby. Shielding his messing with the door lock and deadbolt, she tried to look inconspicuous should anybody see them, but luckily it didn’t come to that, as Ryan managed to pick open the locks and let them enter into the house, and then also into his apartment.

Anton didn’t seem to have a well-paying job, as his place was rather cramped. The hallway led to a small living area with an open kitchen area on one side, table for two next to it, couch, and small TV towards the other side of the room. From the hallway, another door was to the built-in closet with several jackets, shoes and a couple of boxes; the next went to a pantry with a bunch of canned and dry foods like rice and noodles, as well as a small freezer. The bathroom, which was the next door down, was also rather small, with just a bathtub, toilette, sink, and washer/dryer and barely enough room to move. The final room was his bedroom, which turned out almost as large as the living area if you counted the floor space taken up by the closets.

Ryan and Micki split up for their search, but almost an hour later they came up empty-handed. Not a dick in sight, so to say. Which meant Anton was either telling the truth, or he had it stored somewhere else. Reluctantly they carefully left his apartment, trying not to be seen in the stairwell. Heading back to the store they deliberated about how to go on with their search.

Back at the store, Jack had a lead on another of Lewis’ sales, and immediately got back on the road with Ryan, leaving Micki to tend to the store. Expecting a slow afternoon, she decided to browse through some recent papers searching for some unexplained deaths in Anton’s area of the city, not quite sure what exactly to expect from a cursed dildo. From what they had seen over the last months, it could really be anything.

She had barely gone through Monday’s local news when the old doorbell announced a customer entering. Looking up, she quickly recognized the handsome guy coming up the steps – it was Anton! When she had met him the day before, she already noticed that he was quite attractive. But now, being alone with him, he sure made her blush slightly. She really did like his looks and felt slightly warm all over.

“Hi, Micki was it? I was just in the area and thought I’d drop by... Sorry again for not being of any more help in your search, have you been able to find out anything else?”

“Hi, uhm, Anton?! Yeah, no, nothing new yet... regrettably, without any more detailed information on who in your, well, party, might have taken it, it will be hard to locate. Hopefully, nobody gets hurt by it...” she answered, feeling more flushed the closer he moved, and the longer he was near her. Part of her mind tried to warn her something was wrong, but the stronger part of her mind drowned that feeling out, in part literally, her lower region becoming more than a bit moist. She squirmed somewhat, wondering why he was having such an effect on her.

“Well, if I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know. Maybe I can contact one or two of the guys who were at the party and see if they know anything...” he replied, adding thoughtfully: “until then... I was wondering, it’s a bit late already for it already, but would you like to head out for some lunch? I bet you have quite some stories to tell about all these weird things you are selling here?”

Micki couldn’t believe her luck. Here was Anton, some really hot guy, and he seemed to be interested in her. Sure, given her looks, it was nothing new that guys were into her. But since breaking off her engagement a couple months back, she had not met someone who did to her what just Anton’s presence alone already did. He also seemed very nice, so having a quick bite to eat wasn’t really that bad of an idea. Also, she might jog his memory as to the events at the party. And who knows what else might come out of that, she thought blushing even more. “Sure, let’s get out of here,” she answered, maybe somewhat too enthusiastically.

Anton smiled. Of course it hadn’t been a coincidence that he came to the area or the store. When he left the house that morning, he noticed the old black Mercedes Benz down the street, remembering seeing it the day before. He headed out the other direction, entered the bus and once he was out of sight, left it again at the next stop and went back to his place, where he watched in hiding until Ryan and Micki left an hour or two later. He carefully followed them in his car, soon remembering the area and knowing they’d be heading to the store he had bought the dildo at. As luck would have it, he saw Ryan leave with an older guy, so he decided to check out the store, hoping to find Micki alone. Relying on his fully-charged dildo-dick charm, he was very sure he could resolve the whole situation, one way or another.

He offered his arm to her and led her down the steps and out of the shop; after she locked the door they continued over to his car. Without even thinking twice about the possible dangers he might pose, Micki gladly followed his lead and got in the car.

They decided on going for some Mexican food, but he had to pick up something at home first; he promised it wouldn’t take long, though. Micki just smiled, still enjoying his company so much, her mind more than occupied by what her body was feeling and doing. Pulling up near his home, he told Micki to just follow him in, which she did without hesitating. I’d follow him anywhere, she added in her mind.

Entering his apartment, he led her to the couch and told her to take a seat for a moment while he fetched what he needed, and she did. Somewhere deep in her mind she was both somewhat worried – but also hoping – he’d get the dildo so she might have a chance of getting it back, but the majority of her brain was clouded by the increasing arousal she felt. With every minute of being close to Anton she felt hotter, more excited.

Anton knew this. He knew from his prior experience with other women, and Lucy, that after building excitement by proximity, short spans of him being out of sight caused something of a withdrawal effect, leading to the woman longing for him even more. Just a short while and Micki would be falling for him completely, open for anything he’d suggest or command. The thought of taking her caused his already half-erect cock to harden even more, hoping for some quick release soon. He didn’t think he’d be fucking her often enough to discharge it completely – and then use her for a recharge – but either way he would have to make sure it was recharged before heading back to Lucy the coming weekend. For now, he’d just kill two birds with one dick, sort of. Have some mind-blowing sex with a hot woman, and possibly find out how much she actually knew about the dildo he was using...

He finally returned to Micki, got two glasses out of the kitchen closet and offered her one. She accepted with a wide smile, happy to finally see him return. He filled the glasses from a bottle of wine he had gotten out of the fridge, then sat down beside her. Instantly she scooted a bit closer, until her leg touched his. The moment it did, Micki felt like an electric bolt shot through her leg, splitting its charge up between her brain and her pussy. She had never felt anything as intense like this before, not even with her fiance.

Smiling at Anton, she first ran her free hand along her leg, carefully and inconspicuously pressing at her crotch through the thin material of her dress; then moved back down towards her knee. Feeling brave, her hand then switched over to Anton’s knee, and with earning a widening, encouraging smile from him, she again moved upwards. She hesitated briefly just before the bulge in his pants, but as his smile didn’t falter, she bravely moved on. Reaching the more than prominent bump, and feeling the heat emanating from it, she felt another shock, originating from his fat member, through her hand, along her arm and hitting her brain with full force, causing a small orgasm and making her pussy gush a load of wetness into the string pantie she wore, easily overwhelming its capacity and running down the insides of her thighs. She pressed her legs together in an attempt to increase the feeling and possibly keep at least some of the wetness inside, while at the same time, a long guttural moan left her slightly open mouth. Her eyelids fluttered closed while Anton’s smile changed into a grin. He knew he had her, knew he would take her completely, her longing for him nearly unquenchable...

When Ryan and Jack returned to the abandoned store, they couldn’t figure out why Micki had left or where she’d gone. Usually, she would leave a note, but this time, there was nothing. As it was already near closing time, they reluctantly decided to just wait it out a bit and see if she’d be coming back for the night. Hopefully she would, but if not, they really didn’t have much to go on...

Anton didn’t yet want to push Micki too quickly, though he was expecting the dildo to do its job of entrancing her flawlessly. So he asked a bit about the job and the shop, and of course what the deal with the items was. This time, Micki was too much enthralled to stick to the original story, and more or less told him the truth about everything. Anton listened mostly quietly and astonished, learning about the items and that they sort of were magic indeed, albeit in a bad way. But then, for him, everything had worked out pretty well until now. And maybe she just exaggerated a bit. Sure, a lot of women had already died, but he didn’t see himself as the actual killer – after all, the dildo did it... and once he’d married Lucy, he could probably cut down on how often and how long he’d have sex with her, which would also extend the use of the dildo as his super-powered cock extension.

At some point, he just didn’t feel like talking anymore. Without a word, he suddenly stood up, took Micki’s hand, and led her out of the living area and towards the bedroom. There, he stood in front of her, embraced her tightly and started kissing her – first her shoulders, her neck, following down the front towards her breasts. When he got far enough down that her dress hindered his advances, he almost lovingly pulled down the elastic shoulders of the dress, slowly exposing the top of her breasts, safely presented in a balconette lace bra, just barely covering her nipples. Micki didn’t object, didn’t want to object. His kisses continued downward, while Micki was lost in an ever-thickening fog of lust. No coherent thoughts remained in her head, just the growing, ever-intensifying lust emanating from her sensitive breasts, and the glowing heat in her vagina. She didn’t even notice her right hand intensely rubbing her clit through the dress.

In between the kisses, Anton continued pushing down the dress, which already was down to her waist. One more push and the sexy woman in front of him was standing there in just the tiny pantie and the bra, the latter he took care of next by reaching behind her and opening the clasps. Two more quick moves with his hands, and the straps keeping it up were off her shoulders, the delicate piece of lingerie falling down on the floor.

Being less hampered by the now removed dress, Micki’s hand intensified its mission even more, making her breathe harder, and ever more frequent short moan leaving her mouth, while Anton continued his ministrations, now concentrating on her rock-hard nipples. Every flick, every light bite, every twist sent Micki closer towards the edge.

Finally, Anton didn’t want to wait any longer. He pushed Micki onto his bed, quickly dropped his pants and took off the rest of his clothes, his dagger of a dick wielding proudly through the air. Just seeing this immense penis almost made her cum then and there, and imagining it impaling her had her gasp, and long for it. Sure he’d bottom out with it, possibly he’d hurt her a bit, but she didn’t care. She loved Anton, and she had to feel him in her. Now. And forever.

Anton moved in on Micki, and didn’t even bother pulling down the string pantie – he just pushed it to the side, smirking at the amount of wetness that had already drained out of her, her inner thighs glistening, with moisture having already run down to her knees. This would be one hell of a fuck! Without further ado, and any hesitation, he rammed his solid cock into her.

Micki took all of his length. And it blew her mind, an orgasm many times stronger than anything she had ever felt, or could have ever imagined, wrecking her body and brain. She didn’t see stars, her vision just exploded as if looking at a supernova; her body experiencing a sensory overload that figuratively blew every fuse in her body at once.

When Anton shot the devil’s dildo sperm into her, every single one of the millions simultaneously assaulted her cavity, extending the orgasm on and on, leaving her a spasming, shaking and otherwise seemingly comatose woman. Anton still kept pumping into her, his own desires not yet sated, even though he knew Micki was in no way capable of reacting – or possibly even feeling – anything he did. He didn’t care that she was currently not much more than a warm, soft mannequin, helplessly delivered to his every fuck.

After some time, and probably four or five of his own orgasms, Anton shortly stopped his ‘love session’, as he was getting a bit out of breath. Micki still shook slightly, her eyes still closed, her chest and wonderful breasts rising and falling rather quickly. Slowly she started stirring, though she didn’t manage to actually move much. Finally, one hand slowly crept towards her sex, and when she finally reached it, started caressing and teasing her clit, every now and then plunging fingers into her folds. Then, the other hand came to life, reaching up for one of her breasts, and when it succeeded in finding it, it started twirling and pinching her still erect nipple. Her speed increased, her head starting to go from left to right and back, her mouth expelling deep moans, moans of a woman in passionate throws. In between, she started to utter words. Simple, short words, sentences of not more than two or three words.

“Take me. Fuck me. I need more. Need to fuck. Need your cock.”

Anton grinned malevolently. Sure, she could have his cock. It was still well charged, she’d get every single inch of it. Multiple times.

Almost rudely, contrasting the gentle and loving ministrations he had given her earlier, he grabbed her hips and pushed her over on her stomach. All Micki could do was gasp, and then gasp even louder with a short, rather intense shot of pain, as he entered her rear. She had never had anybody in there before, and hadn’t planned she ever would, but now wasn’t the time for any objections – she could barely comprehend anything complex at the moment, but also the pain was quickly replaced by an intense arousal every time he pushed into her rectum. The pain his thick dick was causing to her anus intensified the erotic feeling, and in barely any time she was again nearing another ground-shaking orgasm, which then extended and repeated multiple times with hardly any recovery time, making it appear as if she was having a continuous orgasm for over 30 minutes.

When Anton finally was sated enough to stop pounding into her, Micki was completely unconscious, drool running out of her mouth, just like the dick’s cum flowing out of her holes. Checking the clock, Anton noticed that they’d been at it for well over two hours, their orgasms too plentiful to be counted. Looking down at Micki, he pulled her further up the bed towards the pillows and turned her on her back, then lay down beside her, gazing at the fucked beauty, and lazily stroking her bare breasts and nipples. If he didn’t already have found the love of his life in Lucy, Micki would have surely been the next best thing, more than just a substitute.

But then, why stop there? Sure, Micki was hot, and he really loved Lucy, but he could actually have any woman he wanted. All it took was getting close to one, be around her for a short while, and he could claim her, fuck her, do anything with, and to her, and she’d still love and adore him. And nothing could happen to him, as every woman would be doing that out of their “free” will. He just didn’t know yet how long the effect of the dick would last once he wasn’t near them anymore. Would they totally fall in love and stay that way if he got tired of them and left, or would they slowly wake up from the love-potion that was his dick, or rather the dildo? He knew that once the dildo was discharged, any woman that had only had a short-time exposure quickly reverted, even loathe him. Lucy, who he’d met so many times, didn’t show any noticeable decline between weekend-visits – she seemed conditioned enough that she was still pretty much in passionate love with him when he returned. Maybe he really did need to do some more research...

As Micki hadn’t showed up that evening, nor in the morning, and hadn’t even called, Jack and Ryan were worried crazy. With nothing to go on, and Micki having only been involved in one current quest – the dildo – it seemed the only probable reason would have something to do with it. Which meant the sensible next step was to head back to Anton. He might not be involved, but they had no other choice. Speeding through town towards his place, they hoped they would not be too late.

Arriving at Anton’s place, they weren’t quite sure how to progress – while Ryan had suggested a direct approach, Jack would have preferred a more careful approach. But given the rather limited access to Anton’s apartment, and possibly – likely – time being of the essence, he reluctantly approved of Ryan’s idea.

The doorbell and knocking on the door woke Anton with a start. Glancing at the alarm clock, he noticed it was already 8:30... but then, he and Micki had been awake for quite some time, doing some repeat “performance” when she had finally come to again. Grudgingly he rolled out of the bed, grabbed his bathrobe and headed for the door, which was still being beat on from the outside. Looking through the spy, he saw Micki’s partner standing outside. With a heavy breath, he decided to just get it over with, and unlocked the door.

In an instant, Ryan pushed by Anton and was inside the apartment, closely followed by the old guy he’d seen when he watched Ryan and Micki return to the shop. Ryan grabbed his bathrobe’s collar, shoved him to the wall screamed at him “Where’s Micki?”

All blood left Ryan’s face when from the other side of the hallway a female voice, dreamily and sexily replied “Why, what about me?” Jack and Ryan looked over, seeing Micki leaning in the bedroom door frame. In contrast to Anton, she hadn’t had the presence of mind – or cared – to put on any clothes. Ryan’s face quickly returned to the red that had been there before from the anger, and he decently averted his gaze, though, hell, he sure was tempted to take in that sight for as long as it could last, burning it into his memory.

“What’s all that ruckus anyway? Why do you burst in here like that?” she continued, slowly moving in closer. Ryan’s hands dropped down, turning Anton loose. Grinning, he added “Does that answer your question? Anything else I can help you with? If not, I’d appreciate it if you would leave now...”

Ryan couldn’t accept that the woman he secretly admired would have been with Anton out of her free will, and switched his accusations. “What have you done to her? Is this the dildo’s doing?”

“Dildo? What the fuck, man, I just happened to be in the area and stopped by your shop, and your lady here and I just clicked... can’t help it, didn’t plan on it, but, man, get over it. She’s fine, as you can see. She’s here completely out of her free will, and may leave anytime. But I doubt she wants to, she’s been having too much of a really great time, and I’ll make sure she gets lots more where that came from. So, now, please do leave, I have some business to attend to.”

Anton’s grin got even wider, watching Ryan quickly glance over to Micki, then back to him. While still eyeing Anton, Ryan asked, “is that true, Micki?”

“Of course, Ryan, do I look like I’m being forced?”

“This is not you, Micki! Please, come with us, let’s just talk for a few minutes!” Ryan pleaded.

Micki slowly walked towards them, her naked beauty filling the room (as well as the scent of her arousal). Approaching Anton, she wrapped her arms around his neck from behind, pressing her whole body into his back. “I don’t think so, I’m fine here, and I’ll be a lot finer once you guys leave. I’ll be seeing you some time later, I think I’ll be taking a few days off for now.” She smiled at Anton, reaching for his hand and – returning to full sight again from behind him – started to pull him towards the bedroom.

“But Micki, he did something to you, he is using the dildo on you!”

“Heck he sure did something to me, and I hope he does some more once you leave. And he’s definitely not using a dildo on me, you can be sure of that!” she replied, grinning.

“See, friends, everything is fine, but you will really need to leave now. Otherwise, I will be forced to call 911 on you. Goodbye, have a nice day,” Anton said, opening his apartment door again.

Ryan and Jack took one last look down the hallway, the naked outline of Micki walking away from them, being illuminated by the brighter light coming from the bedroom. Ryan would readily deny it, but his dick definitely reacted to seeing her like that, and he wished it was him who could be with her. But for now, he and Jack would have to concede and leave – and make some new plan on how to get Micki out of his influence.

Still grinning, Anton closed the door behind the two guys, locked it and followed Micki to the bedroom. He already had removed the bathrobe by the time he entered the room, his engorged and augmented dick slightly ahead of him. Micki looked like she’d been literally poured out on the bed, smiling at the tasty cock so prominently presented to her, then looking up at Anton’s face. “It’s about time you get back here... you left something turned on, and it’s almost burning down your place if you don’t find a way to extinguish the fire” she uttered enticingly. Anton was happy to comply.

All Ryan and Jack could do was apparently leave. But that didn’t mean they were anywhere near accepting defeat. They both knew from previous objects how the curse was able to twist people’s minds, make them do things they wouldn’t normally do. The only question now was how to get her out of his grasp. They knew Anton was currently at an advantage, as to anybody outside, like the police, she was there out of her free will – if they showed up again, and he called anybody, they themselves were the ones that would appear to be the culprits.

For the moment, she seemed – well – sort of safe, if being mind-controlled into loving someone she barely knew and obviously having lots of sex could be called safe. But again, some of the objects would harm the victims after a certain time, so above all they had to strike soon. Hopefully, soon wouldn’t be too late already.

Micki and Anton had been at it for another two hours after Ryan and Jack left, going through something like half of the Kama Sutra at that time. Anton was amazed at how kinky Micki seemed to be, even letting him tie her up, fuck her rear entrance, and multiple other positions he hadn’t even read about, much less done. He was taking mental notes making sure he’d try some of them with Lucy the coming weekend.

After riding him like a cowgirl, and both of them having nice orgasms, she lovingly turned around and pinned him down, suggesting they’d switch their tie-up game, offering a nice 69 to him. Anton was still slightly groggy from the last orgasm, so Micki just went ahead and tied his hands to the bedposts, then positioned her pussy right in front of his face, while taking his massive cock deep into her mouth. Bobbing, sucking, teasing it, interrupted only by the occasional moment she shivered from his reciprocal ministrations to her clit. More and more their excitement grew, until he shot his seemingly unending load deep into her throat, which combined with her clit-teasing to yet another mind-blowing orgasm, leaving her momentarily passed out.

Anton slowly awoke from the post-orgasmic stupor, grinning at the beautiful sight in front of him. He slowly continued to lick and suck her love button still very prominent and erect in between her folds. He knew she was probably still passed out as she didn’t seem to react, and he wondered whether the teasing would reach her subconscious.

After a few minutes, Micki started to moan silently, her hips slowly bucking every now and then. He knew she wasn’t all the way back yet, but heck, she seemed to have fun nonetheless. Maybe she’d get his dick stiff again the same way – Wait, he wondered, get me stiff? Please don’t, not now! It can’t be!

As Micki started to wake up, she had a dick, a pair of balls, and a black dildo in sight. Wondering what was going on, she looked back at Anton – who seemed somewhat distressed. Considering he was tied up, that was understandable. But why was he naked – and more importantly, why was she? Anton seemed like a nice guy, maybe even attractive, and she remembered somewhat of a crush she had had on him. But really, she just met him two days ago. She never slept with anybody that quickly. Even after her break-up, she had standards. And the more she looked at him, he didn’t come close. Plus they suspected him of using one of Lewis’ items – the dildo! The one still halfway on his now pretty shrunk dick! What the fuck had he done to her?

“Micki, my love, I hope you enjoyed yourself?” he said, but she was furious. She quickly rolled off of him, grabbing the black rubber piece in the same motion. It seemed to be still slightly stuck to him, but did come off with sort of a “plop” sound. Followed by a scream of agony from Anton.

She looked at his face, contorted in pain, then back to his dick – which hadn’t actually separated from the dildo, but rather separated from Anton. Micki suspected her grabbing the dildo probably broke the curse’s rules, which for other items they recovered had led to more or less serious backlash for the user of the cursed items – typically their death and damnation.

Feeling more and more repelled from Anton, as if waking from a bad dream (with lots of very good sex though), she quickly searched for her clothes. Trying to keep Anton from having the inhabitants of the house call the cops too quickly, she stuffed his shorts into his mouth, efficiently muffling his screams. In order to save some time, she just threw on her dress, stuffed her panties and bra into her pocketbook along with the dildo, grabbed her shoes and ran outside barefooted.

Ryan and Jack had parked the car out of sight and alternated in watching the entrance to the house, hoping for Anton to hopefully leave, while also discussing possible other ways of how to get Micki out. But instead of Anton, a young woman appeared in the doorway, and with a short look back, ran down the steps and up the street – right towards where Jack was standing hidden in a store entrance. Still looking back occasionally she didn’t even notice the arms that reached out as she ran down the street, almost letting out a scream when they grabbed her.

Jack could sense the relief in her when she saw his face. Which more or less mirrored his relief of seeing her well and safe. “How did you get away from him? We thought he had you completely under his spell.”

“Well, he must have, but somehow his control faltered – I can’t really remember all that happened, just that we were together a lot, and suddenly I started thinking – what am I doing here? And I remember seeing the dildo.”

“Do you have it?” Jack interrupted excitedly.

“Yup, that and then some... anyway the more I looked at the dildo, the more I seemed to free myself from his influence. I know at some point I felt I was very much in love, but all that stopped... even just looking at him made me mad at him. Which, considering what he did, was pretty warranted I guess. Anyway, let’s get out of here! I need a hot bath!”

When they approached the black Benz, Ryan jumped out of the driver seat and ran to Micki, embracing her tightly, glad to see her again.

“Please, let’s put this off, we need to get away from here.”

Ryan smiled at her while releasing her from his hug, noting her breasts showing off somewhat more prominently through her thin summer dress. All three jumped into the car and headed off to the store. On the way, Micki asked Ryan to stop at a payphone, which he did. She jumped out, and was back in less than a minute.

“What was that about, Micki?” Jack asked.

Micki grinned. “As I left Anton tied up and gagged at his place, I thought it would be the decent thing to do to call the cops on him. I told them he raped me, and that I cut off his dick when I had the chance, then fled.”

“You did WHAT?” Ryan exclaimed, looking at her in shock.

“Well, actually, the dildo did that,” she answered, pulling out the rubber toy which still had the severed body part inside. Rolling down the window, she shook the rubber toy a couple times until the lifeless penis finally came loose, dropping onto the street as they were heading back to the store.

On the other side of town, two policemen busted open the door to Anton’s apartment. They quickly found Anton, who was still naked, tied up and gagged in his bed. Where usually a penis belongs he only had a fresh wound, surrounded by a pentagram brand sign. All the police could do for him was call a coroner, as the devil had claimed Anton’s life and soul as payment for breaking the curse’s contract.


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