Free Boy Toy

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; beach; voy; F/m; caught; tease; breasts; sunscreen; drug; kidnap; hypno; mind-control; condition; bond; rope; enslave; sex; cons/reluct; X

“Hey there, Boy. Why are you staring at me, drooling?”

Speaking face to face with a six-foot blonde bikini clad supermodel with D-Cup breasts was not how I saw this trip going.

“The jackal clamps down on its prey’s neck. From there it is only a matter of applying pressure to end its life …”

I forced the pillow over my head, but it did no good. How could you block out the sound of a full room home theater sound system at full blast? To make matters worse the den in which it was held was separated from my guest room by nothing more than a thin floor. I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock.


“God don’t tempt me Old Man.”

“What?” My sister asked sleepily from the next bed.


This, this was how I thought my trip would go. That’s how it went every year when our parents shipped us out here. Now don’t get me wrong I love my grandparents, I really do. It’s just that they’re … a lot.

“Anyone else cold?” Grandma shouted, adjusting her sweater, “It feels a little cold, I’m turning the heat up a little more!”

I’m upstairs on the guestroom bed wearing nothing but my boxers, drowning in my own sweat. I just want to scream but I can’t. It’s too hot. I mean come on we’re in Florida – in July! Throwing on as little clothing as I could I went downstairs to find something to eat. Metamucil and Bran Cereal. Yummy.

ZAPPP! The power flickered off and on.

“I got a big one!”

Sighing, I turned and looked out the sliding door into the backyard. Sure enough, there was grandpa checking his oversized bug zapper. That sucker had to be tapped into the main line.

“Probably a bird,” I muttered.

“What was that, Sweetie?”

“Nothing Grandma.”

Yeah, that was the way I wanted to spend my last summer before college. This would not stand. Damnit, I deserved a little beach time, didn’t I? Finally, I got my chance. My little sister had talked them into taking her to the county pool. I was too ‘sick’ to go so I stayed in bed. As soon as they were gone I was up, in my trunks and out the door.

I hopped the bus and made a beeline for the nearest beach. I clutched my towel tightly as I watched it grow ever closer. All I could think of were the women. Tiny bikinis, tight thongs squeezing plump juicy asses, long luscious legs. God, I was getting so hard.

As you can tell I didn’t have much experience with the opposite sex back home in Minnesota. I’m a small guy, maybe 5’4” at most. I also happen to be built like a scarecrow, not an ounce of muscle on my body. The girls at school couldn’t see me as anything more than a cute little brother. Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect some beach babe to bang me the moment I arrived but they might at least see me as more than a kid.

Once there I found a good spot, unrolled my towel and soaked it all in. It was maybe thirty minutes before she arrived. The blonde bombshell set up shop a few feet ahead of me and began sunbathing. I began watching every curve of her beautifully toned skin as it glistened in the sunlight. I don’t know how many hours passed but my unblinking stare finally got noticed. With one of her slender elegant fingers she called me over.

Damn, busted. Gulping, I walk over.


“Hey there, Boy. Why are you staring at me, drooling?”

“I wasn’t drooling.”

“I think you’ve raised the ocean an extra foot today.”

“That obvious, huh?”

“Don’t worry, it’s cute.”

My face never blushed so long or so hard.

“What brings you here, Little One?”

Little one? God, she’s picking on my size already.

“Just enjoying a little R&R before college,” I answer trying to sound non-cholent.

“Well I’m here for just such a thing as well but I have a slight problem it seems.”

“What’s that?”

She turned so her back was to me.

“I need to apply more sunscreen to my back here but can’t reach. Can you do it?”

“You … you want … me to do it?”


I gulped at the thought.


I sprayed the lotion onto her back and began to rub it in. God, her skin felt amazing. The sunscreen had a strange, intoxicating, overpowering scent.

“Tell me a little about yourself, Boy.”

“My name’s Teddy.”

“Adorable! You’re a cute little teddy bear. That’s what I’ll call you: Teddy Bear.”

“Please don’t.”

“There’s no avoiding it now. It suits you. The first moment I saw you I wanted to scoop you up and hug you tight against my big old chest.”

My blush only deepened. My boner kept going strong as well.

“Who knows I still might.”

Lord, this woman was trying to kill me.

“What about you?” I asked, eager to change the subject.

“Well my name’s Brooklyn. My family owns a chain of luxury hotels around here.”

“Really? That’s amazing.”

“That’s what I thought at first. Turns out it’s just lonely. Everyone’s busy and with such money to my name knowing any real friends is hard.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“What I need is a boy toy.”

“A what?” I laughed.

“A boy toy. A cute boy to take care of, to help me, to keep me company. I want a boy who I can truly know will love me. I want a boy who will be mine and mine alone.”

“You keep saying boy. Don’t you want a man?”

“No, a man is set in his ways, impossible to train. A boy, 18 or 19, is the perfect age to be transformed into the ideal lover. He’s young enough to have many good years with.”

Wow, all this talk was making me lightheaded.

“The trick will be finding the right boy. I’ll need one who will do as he’s told. A little lower please.”

I moved my hands down a bit.

“Submissive boys are much easier to train. I would want to keep him all to myself, but he would have a family to get in the way. An orphan would fix that but that usually comes with an emotional scarring that would not be enjoyable to work with. No, I need one whose family is no where near, out of state maybe.”

“That would be hard,” I told her, “most boys travel with their parents. Not all of them stay with their grandparents like me.”

“Even then I would have to find a way to lure him away from any traveling companions they may have.”

Woo, this lightheadedness isn’t letting up. I had trouble keeping my mouth shut, the words kept running out.

“Yeah, you can’t count on all of them sneaking off like I did.”

“No, no I can’t. even if I could that would leave me with another problem.”

“What’s that?”

“I can convince a boy to play but he won’t want to be kept. I’d have to make sure he’d know right from the start he would be a prisoner not a boyfriend or a lover. I would have to steal him, but how?”

“I don’t know, it would be hard, we tend to be very big.”

She chuckled.

“Well not you. You I could just scoop up and carry away.”

“Yeah, you could,” I said sadly.

“That suits me better. A smaller boy would be even easier to control and more fun to play with.”

I blush at this thought.

“Even a small boy puts up a fight. It would be hard to go unnoticed. No, I have to find a way to deal with him.”

She turned to face me.

“Can you do my chest?”


“My boobs need a little touch up, please.”

She said it so damn sexy. Taking a deep breath, I sprayed some more sunblock on her boobs. Hands shaking, I began to rub them. God, they jiggled so wonderfully! My world began to spin around me.

Something’s wrong.

“The best way to deal with him would be to sedate him. A mild sedative hidden in something mundane like sunscreen would do the trick I think.”

Her breasts were getting bigger. What, now they were the same size. No, they were bigger.

“WA…what’s going on?”

She smiled at me.

“Like it?”

“I … like it … but I … don’t understand …”

“Sometimes you don’t have to understand,” she whispered, “you just have to enjoy.”

I was too busy now. I collapsed face first into her breasts.

“You will not even think about your family again today …”

“You feel an immense need to please me …”

“You want to do whatever I want to do …”

I hear you say these words. I think I do. I can’t tell in my sleep but I’m sure I hear them.

I don’t know how long I was out. I don’t remember falling asleep. All I know was I became aware of something firm yet soft under my head. All I remember was taking up to a clear blue sky. I then noticed the powerful arm holding me tight. It all fell into place at once. I was laying on Brooklyn’s body. That meant the thing under my head was her … breasts. My burning blush and raging boner both shot straight back to life.

“Hello there,” she teased.

“Ohmygod, what happened?”

“I think you got a little overwhelmed touching my big old boobs.”

I moaned in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’ve got to hold my cute little Teddy Bear nice and close.”

“I feel better now, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than lay here with me.”

“I do want to go shopping.”

“See? I’ll be on my way. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Her grip tightened, preventing me from standing up.

“Come with me.”


“I always buy too much. I’ll need help carrying it all. You can help me, can’t you? You can be my boytoy.”

I gulped. Does she really want to spend all day with me? Will that make her happy? It does sound fun.

“Sure, let’s do it.”

She hugged me tight against her.


We packed up our stuff and Brooklyn took me to a little kiosk nearby. She bought me a tacky tourist t-shirt to wear while we shopped. She changed into short shorts and a crop top. From there we made our way to … Victoria’s Secret! God, this was embarrassing. Frilly underwear and skimpy clothing hung all around me. The women working there gave me weird looks. They probably thought Brooklyn brought her young son in with her not her … boytoy.

“These will do.”

Grabbing my hand she set up shop in one of the changing rooms.

“Shouldn’t I wait outside?” I asked.

“Why? You’ve already slept on my breasts. How will looking at them be any less dirty to you?”

She had me there. I watched as she took off her clothes exposing her beautiful body in all it’s perfection. She then tried on one of the sets she had grabbed. The first was a lacey light blue set with a floral pattern woven in. The top was a bustier with crisscrossing laces exposing enough of her cleavage to keep me nice and hard.

“How does it look?”


She smiled sweetly at me.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have asked you. Going by the look on your face you’d find anything sexy on me.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

She performed a sexy twirl, showing off her whole body for me. After modeling the pink satin bodysuit and the nearly transparent silk floral patterned kimono I almost came in my pants.

“I’ll take them.”

Once she paid she handed me the bags to carry for her. Yeah, that little pink bag wasn’t embarrassing at all. I didn’t have long to think about this however. We had many more stores left to visit. She bought clothes, jewelry, art, perfumes, lotions you name it. Soon enough I was overloaded with packages. I would have thought she would be done. I would have been wrong.

“Ooh, here.”

“A toy store?”

Confused I followed her in. She made a beeline for the plush animals. It took me a second to realize why. She was looking at the teddy bears.

“Cute,” she commented, “not nearly as cute as mine but cute.”

As she said this she pinched my ass. I yelped and jumped.

“I’m getting hungry. Let’s drop these off and grab some dinner.”

Dinner? Was it really that late? Did I care? No, I don’t think I did. I followed her to one of the high-rise hotels. Brooklyn called over an employee.

“Take these up to my room.”

“Yes, Mam.”

Once I was relieved of my burden she took my hand and led me back out the door.

“Where are we going? We’re a little under dressed.”

“Not for la Cabasa Grande.”

That turned out to be a sit down Mexican restaurant themed to be an ignorant American’s attempt to make an authentic Mexican restaurant. The food was pretty good all in all. The low lighting and table in the back made me feel less self-conscious about my trunks and tacky shirt. That feeling didn’t last long. Brooklyn kicked off her shoes and stuck her feet in my lap just under the table.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Relax. I’m just resting my feet. We’ve done a lot of walking today.”

I thought my face might burn right off. Then her toes found my manhood. I gulped. They began to squeeze and play. My erection was painful now.

“Please … stop …”


“I’m gonna cum.”


Her feet returned to the floor. The air returned to my lungs.

After dinner we walked back to her hotel.

“Could I ask you to do me one last favor?”

“Sure, Brooklyn.”

She scooped me up into her arms.

“What are you doing?”

“I need you to come up to my place for the favor.”

“What’s that got to do with holding me?”

“I’ve been wanting to do it all day.”

As if that won the argument she carried me inside, past the check in and right into the elevator. Before I knew it we were in her penthouse. She sat me on her bed. I watched as she rummaged through one of the bags.

“I’m going to a party at a friend’s house tonight and want to wear one of the perfumes we bought. I want you to help me pick the right one.”

She took three glass bottles and dabbed a little of each’s contents onto her wrists and upper arm. I took a deep breath as she put her first wrist under her my nose. It was nice, I guess, I don’t know a lot about perfume. The same went for her other wrist. Then came her upper arm. It smelled like her sun screen. I was feeling dizzy for some reason.

“That one seems to have gotten a response. Let’s see if it can be handled in a larger dose.”

She sprayed a nice bit onto her breasts. Before I knew what was happening she grabbed me and helped my head rest against them again.

“How about this?”

My world was now spinning. The lightheadedness was back. Part of my mind registered her slipping her shirt over my head. The next thing I knew my head was in between her breasts. Soft yet firm, cuddly yet heavy they pressed against my already throbbing melon.

“Is this better,” came her muffled call.

I couldn’t respond. I was falling into darkness once more.

“… you want to do whatever I tell you …”

“… you love being with me …”

“… you have no thoughts about home …”

“… you call me Mommy …”

Her words swam in my head as I slept. I knew I heard them but my waking mind would lose them, I think.

I had strange dreams. Brooklyn and I went clubbing. We hung out at the beach. We went to the amusement park. We cuddled in bed. We soaked in the tub together. Each dream made me happier and happier.

Head pounding with what I could only assume a hangover felt like I finally woke up. It took in several details in rapid succession. I was in Brooklyn’s bed, tucked in to boot. I was wearing briefs that weren’t mine. The sun was going down. The sun was going down! Dear God how long had I been here? My grandparents were probably worried to death! I had to find my phone and tell them I was OK. Like a mad man I searched the penthouse bedroom.

“Where is it?”

I found it under the bed.

“Oh, thank God.”

I turned the screen on. The sight froze my blood in my veins. The date, the date could not possibly be right! If it was that would mean I had been here for three days!

“Oh good you’re up.”

Brooklyn came into the room wearing only a towel.

“Brooklyn how long have I been here?”

“I’d say three days.”

“Oh God, I’ve got to call home.”

She snatched my phone from my hands.

“I thought I tossed this.”

“Give that back.:


“No, what do you mean no?”

“I knew taking away the perfume was going to be a problem. Well this is better than you being addicted to it I guess.”

“Brooklyn what are you talking about?”

“Rule three.”

“Sorry, Mommy. Why did I call you that?”

“Because I told you to.”


“The day I kidnapped you.”

“You … what?”

“My perfume kept you happy and submissive. You’ve been my toy for the last three blissful days. It even allowed me to place a few subliminal commands or rules into that cute little head of yours.”

“That’s it, I’m out of here!”

I stormed for the door. I had no idea how to get back, but I would.

“Rule five.”

I snapped awake. Awake? When had I fallen asleep again? I was back in Brooklyn’s bed. How had she managed that? I tried to sit up but found I couldn’t. Looking down I saw I was now totally naked. I also happened to be bound in a crisscross of white cotton ropes that held my arms to my sides and kept my legs together.

“What the hell?”

“In a better mood this time?”

I turned to look as Brooklyn sauntered back into the room. This time the playful bikini and white cotton towel were gone. No, this time she wore a black leather corset showing off her plentiful curves, fishnets and boors. Fingerless leather gloves graced her hands.

“What the fuck is going on?” I demanded.

She climbed onto the bed, straddling me, face hard.

“Is that anyway to talk to your Mommy.”

“Sorry. Gah, what have you done to me?”

“Here let me show you.”

She bent down to give me a full view of her breasts.

“Are they big?”


She shook her chest causing them to jiggle and shake.

“Do they bounce?”


“How do they bounce, Teddy Bear?”

“So smoothly.”

“Do they go up and down … up and down … up and down …”

“up and down … up and down … up and down …”

“The motion is so soothing, isn’t it?”


“Makes you a little sleepy don’t it?”


“Can’t quite fall asleep though.”


“My words slip in easier now, becoming your reality.”

“Your words my reality.”

“You are madly in love with me. You are my happy little boy toy eager to make me happy too. I am your love, your Mommy, your mistress …”

I don’t know how long ago that was. I don’t really care either. I love the way my life has turned out. I live in a penthouse. I make love everyday to a goddess made flesh. Sure I never see my family anymore. Sure I’m technically her prisoner, her slave, whatever you want to call it. None of that bothers me. I’m just happy to be here, Mommy’s little boy toy.

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