Fourth Time

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; slave; naked; cleaning; tease; nipple; mast; denial; bond; chairtie; feeding; bedtie; sex; climax; cons; X

Lisa sighed as she rinsed yet another dish. When would she ever learn? she asked herself. With three failures to her credit, you’d think she’d have given up. But no, here she was for number four.

Some time back, Lisa had taken a long look at herself. Her desire to please others, the warm feeling she got when she knew she’d made someone happy. These things, and others, had convinced her, after some judicious web surfing, that she was submissive. With that in mind, she’d set out to find herself a Master. After all, what good is a sub without a Master to serve?

Long online talks with other subs had taught her the keywords of BDSM. Safe, Sane, Consensual. These became her mantra, the standard by which she judged any potential relationship. She’d also followed the safe method of meeting. Long online talks, followed by emails, then phone conversations, before finally meeting in person, in a public place at first. She’d done everything right.

So what kept going wrong? Her first three “Masters” had seemed as if they wanted nothing more than a naked maid they could have sex with. Other than the occasional command, and the even more occasional sex, she found herself ignored completely. Each relationship ended when she realized her “Master” cared nothing for her, only for the services she could provide.

This one, number four, was named Paul. As soon as she walked through the door, she could tell he was just like the others, maybe worse. His house looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months. Dust was everywhere, books and DVD’s thrown around, dirty dishes on every horizontal surface. Lisa had almost walked out immediately, but Paul was so cute, she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Soon enough, she’d found herself naked, gathering and washing the assorted dirty dishes, asking herself how she could be so foolish. When the last dish was put away, she called out to Paul, letting him know she was done.

A moment later, Paul entered the kitchen. Draping an arm across her shoulders, he led her around the room, glancing first into the cabinet that held the plates and bowls.

“Very nice,” he said softly, his hand dropping so that his thumb gently rubbed her left nipple. Lisa tingled slightly, but it didn’t last long, as Paul stopped his ministrations and led her to the cabinet holding cups and glasses. Here again, he expressed his approval, his thumb rubbing her nipple as he spoke. The pan cabinet and silverware drawer were also inspected, and Lisa’s nipple was quite hard by the time they were finished.

“You did quite well on the dishes,” Paul commented, the nipple rub turning into a soft pinch. Lisa’s knees went weak at that, and she barely heard when he instructed her to thoroughly clean the kitchen.

Disappointed, Lisa watched him leave the room, then turned to her new task. When she called him back in, the kitchen was spotless. Another inspection ensued, her right nipple receiving the attention this time as he complimented each facet of her work. This time, as he complimented her overall job, he stood behind her, reaching around to pinch both nipples, pretending not to notice when she nearly collapsed against him from the sensation. Instead, he simply supported her until she got her feet solidly beneath her, then instructed her to start work on the laundry.

By the time she started her fourth task, Lisa had reached the point where she didn’t care what the chore was. Her focus was on what happened after. The fourth task was to straighten out his library and DVD collection. Lisa quickly stuffed the books into their shelves, the DVD’s onto theirs, then called out, eager for the aftermath.

This time, however, things went a bit different. When Paul looked at her work, his arm dropped from her shoulders and he stepped away.

“This will never do,” he said softly. Lisa looked at him, confused. Had she missed something?

“What did I do wrong?” she asked.

“My books are to be grouped by author, in alphabetical order,” Paul replied. “As to my DVD’s they should be standing, not piled up. And arranged alphabetically. Now do it again.” With that, he turned away.

More than a little disappointed, Lisa turned to redo her task. When she called to him again, both shelves had been meticulously arranged.

This time, when Paul stood beside her, his hand rested on her ass. As he gazed along the rows of books, she felt his finger slip between her thighs, softly stroking her mound as he smiled his approval. Moving to the DVD shelf, he continued his soft stroking, As his gaze moved to the last of the discs, his finger slipped inside her, gently stroking her clit. Lisa shuddered as the sensation. She was seriously wondering if she were strong enough to rape him, when he stepped back and gave her another task.

By the end of the day, Paul’s house was spotless from top to bottom, and Lisa was a nervous wreck. Hornier than she’d ever been, she moved in a daze. Once she’d finished, Paul sent her to take a shower, with stern orders not to pleasure herself. That was the longest shower she’d ever taken. Every time she relaxed under the hot spray, she soon caught her hands wandering toward her breasts, or slowly moving between her legs. Eventually, cleaner and even hornier, she nearly staggered to the kitchen.

Dinner, she discovered, was ready. Silently, she let Paul guide her to a chair, settling herself gingerly on the cold wood. Her eyes, half closed with lust, flew open when he drew her hands behind the chair. A ratcheting sound, and the feel of steel on her wrists, let her know she wouldn’t be using her hands for this meal. More puzzled than anything, she watched as Paul took lengths of rope and secured each ankle to a front chair leg. Satisfied with her bonds, Paul then sat next to her.

“You did well today,” he said, scooping a fork full of food from the plate in front of her. “I think you deserve a reward.” Lisa opened her mouth to tell him exactly what kind of reward she wanted, only to be silenced as he placed the food in her mouth. Suddenly realizing how hungry she was, she thanked him with her eyes as she chewed.

By the time she swallowed, Paul had taken a mouthful himself, and had another ready for her. Bite by bite, one for her, one for him, he fed them both.
In all her life, Lisa could remember nothing as sensual as that meal. Naked, bound, extremely aroused, being gently fed by the man who had placed her here, she simply closed her eyes and surrendered, almost wishing the meal would never end.

Finally, though, the food was gone. Lisa nearly complained when Paul moved to free her, only his finger over her lips silencing her words. Drawing her gently to her feet, he led her upstairs to his bedroom.

Lying on the bed she’d so carefully made earlier, Lisa watched as Paul removed his clothing. Lying next to her, he began softly stroking one nipple.
Lisa’s mind as whirling with feelings she couldn’t explain. Desire, lust, arousal, and something else. Maybe it had something to do with the words Paul whispered in her ear before he moved above her.

“A good sub,” he whispered, “takes pleasure in serving. And a good Master rewards good service.”

As he thrust into her, and she felt the first orgasm begin to swell, Lisa swore to herself that she would serve him any way he asked. As the orgasm swept her away, she knew her journey had only begun.