Forgotten Lessons

by ElectroPainLover

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© Copyright 2016 - ElectroPainLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; D/s; caught; cuffs; straps; machine; cbt; denial; cuckold; naked; spank; pierce; nipple; torture; mast; sex; drug; gag; cons/nc; XX

Warning!  Some portions of this story contains elements of extreme pain, body modification, and blood which readers may find difficult and/or too graphic to read. If descriptive text of this nature bothers you, I recommend you find a lighter story to read. EPL

“Paul…are you there? Pick-up if you are there Paul. I called to tell you about my flight, or, better yet, lack of one. The plane had an engine explode during take-off. Yes! Actually explode! Don’t worry. It happened almost as soon as the pilot throttled up and we never left the ground. There were no injuries and we simply returned to the gate. They called it a catastrophic failure of engine two. There will not be another flight available until tomorrow so I have to stay in London again tonight. If you get this message in the next half hour or so, give me a call; otherwise, I will call you in a couple of hours. I love you slave! Bye.”

“Son-of-a-bitch! Why her flight?! I’m sure in a pinch now.” Paul said while pulling hard against the beige tanned, thick leather, hospital style restraints fastened around his wrists and ankles; all securely attached to the solid frame of the restraint bed in his restraint room by size 5 Master padlocks and 5/16” chain rated at 800 pounds of holding force.

“Mistress Lisa is not going to be happy with me binding myself without an emergency release.” Paul said worryingly. However, had someone been there to hear him, his words would have been incomprehensible around the ball in his mouth and the leather mouth cover holding it in.

Mistress Lisa also happened to be Lisa Pence, wife to one Paul Pence whom currently has himself inescapably restrained to a bed which happens to be attached to the floor. The bed, one would consider to be, an unmovable object with regard to human strength.

Paul is her dedicated and life-long slave though he has a propensity for not always following her commands; especially when she is not around to make him listen. Most of his obstinacy is rooted not to be defiant of his Mistress, but to please her. She enjoys having to punish him and he enjoys being punished by her. When it comes to Mistress’, Mistress Lisa is stern in a soft way. She has told Paul that love gets in the way of strict punishment. And they do love each other.

He wanted to be bound and ready for his Mistress when she came home from her long flight today. Now, she would not be home until tomorrow at best. When a 300+ passenger plane is grounded for whatever the reason, it can be a slow process to rebook the passengers when other flights may only have ten or fifteen seats to accommodate them. Paul is acutely aware of this and knows that his Mistress getting on a flight tomorrow is a bit on the optimistic side.

The words produced by the small tinny speaker of the answering machine and the ramification of those words did not; could not; hold Paul’s attention for too long however. The Milk-Maid made sure of that. It worked upon his cock long and hard only to cease when sensors within its artificial vagina sensed an orgasm was nearing its climax, then, it backed off until it sensed it was time to work up again. It worked for a man’s member like a good strong vibrator worked on a woman’s clit. The Milk-Maid could coax almost any man to an almost immediate orgasm and continue to force orgasms back-to-back, or, it could be used to cuckold a man for as long as it has been set to. Paul is using this current setting to frustrate himself until his Mistress-wife came home and decided to do with his orgasm-denied blue-balls as she wished.

“A couple of hours of this thing working my cock into a frenzy would be tolerable, but double digit hours—fuck no. I can’t do it.” Paul cried to himself.

Unfortunately for him, the Milk-Maid is designed to both maintain the cock inside of it and maintain an erection; both by the use of vacuum. Actual stimulation comes through the use of light electrical pulses and mechanical massagers working the shaft and the glans. Straps around the base of the penis and scrotum insures the machine cannot be pulled out off or away from. Its name is fitting. It is very much like a young maiden milking the male sex organ for all the milk it can produce and suffer dry orgasms once the milk runs out. That, of course, being if it is on such a setting. Otherwise, the maiden is a cock-tease which never gets tired.

The Milk-Maid has another function which can actually make it more true to its name if used on a female. Powerful nipple suck-cups work incessantly at the nipples, trying to pull milk even from a non-lactating woman’s breasts or a male’s nonfunctional mammary glands. Eventually making its targeted nipples very tender and sore and extremely engorged.

Paul struggled against his restraints trenchantly, knowing all the while that Mistress Lisa purchased these restraints for the same reason police and psychiatric wards use them…long-term inescapable restraint.

Paul has been made quite aware on numerous occasions how mental desire eventually turns to physical pain when cuckolded for an extended period of time and his balls were beginning to ache badly. The sensual sucking on his nipples becoming aching pulls upon them. He continued to fluctuate between struggling and resigning to his fate. The Milk-Maid preventing him from maintaining the latter and resorting to the former.

“Paul…are you there yet? Ok. I have to assume now that you are unable to answer the phone and probably due to your own doing. You know I do not like when you go beyond your two-hour self-bondage limit. I spaced this phone call to ensure you would be free if you abided by my limits. I have given up a seat on tomorrows flight and will be on a flight on Wednesday. I have had a very busy day and am going to get some rest. If I do not hear from you tonight, I will call my sister in the morning to come see you. You just know how much Mistress Laura loves you. And, you know how she plays and what she likes to play with. Things I happen to know you don’t like her to play with on you. You have broken this rule too many times now and I feel I have no choice but to let Laura use you the way she has begged me to allow her to. I really hope to hear from you before Laura hears from me. I love you slave Paul. I don’t want Sis to have to teach you a lesson. Bye for now my slave.”

“Oh fuck…she wouldn’t!” Paul muttered through the blockages in and over his mouth.

Paul has felt the wrath of Mistress Laura with strict limitations placed upon her by his own Mistress. Mistress Lisa has told him on several occasions that she had become sadistic to the level she was, but, Mistress Laura was born sadistic. Even in Kindergarten she would kick boys as hard as she could in the balls and watch them writhe on the ground. When asked why she did it, she would respond “it’s fun and I like how they squirm”.

The Milk-Maid did not allow Paul to focus upon the words his Mistress relayed through the answering machine for very long however. The diabolical machine kept returning his sexually-frustrated weakened mind to trying to force the device to allow him the mind-shattering orgasm he needed so badly. Due to the devices torturous design, he remained maddeningly close but unable to teeter over the crag of ecstasy which seemed so damned close but remained so far.

The next several hours made Paul feel as if he was about to be rendered completely insane from the lust of his need to cum. He had only intended for the machine to prime him for his Mistress’ return during the flight between Heathrow and La Guardia and a limo ride to Danbury; a duration he estimated to be about six hours, maybe six-and-a-half, not the thirteen it has worked on him so far.

“Ok slave! Mistress Laura will be over to see you in the morning! I will warn you, the only restrictions I will place upon her is that you will be alive and not require medical attention due to her hand. Beyond that, she will have free reign over you! If you are hearing this, as I am sure you can, have fun with my sister—I am absolutely sure she will have fun with you! I can only hope you won’t fear the good-twin when I get back. Good Night slave.”

The words Paul heard his Mistress speak struck absolute terror within what little cognoscente mind the Milk-Maid allowed to remain. This call did not slip Paul’s mind quite so easily as the previous two however. His fear of his wife’s twin sister having such unrestrictive use of him. His mind finally allowed him to retain the words he heard despite the multiple hours his throbbing member and engorged nipples having been trapped within the pulsing, stimulating, sucking, confines of the machine.

Paul’s next five hours were hell-on-Earth between the frustratingly insistent workings of the masterful machine and the fear of what was to come once it was made to cease its attempts to turn his mind to a babbling lunatic, and, the thought of whom it would be to cause its cessation.

If it wasn’t for the fear that he knew the door would eventually open, Paul would have missed it. Only his terror of the person he would see open it kept his mind able to focus enough to notice it swing silently upon its hinges.

Framed within the doors rectangular opening was his wife’s real-world doppelgänger. Strawberry-blonde hair styled exactly the same and worn with the same French braid, emerald-green eyes set below naturally darker eyebrows giving a mystique all their own. The perfect complexion of this face neither requiring the use of nor wearing makeup; exactly as his own Mistress and wife keeps her own. The small stature exuding no hint at of the dominate nature of the twin’s demeanor.

“Oh, look, you’ve been using one of my favorite machines.” The evil twin said as she entered the room. “And you’ve endured, what, let’s see…” she looked up as she run the calculations through her head “…I’m guessing about nineteen hours if my rationalizations are correct.” Which they were.

Paul only looked at her as she spoke, unable to speak as if his windpipe were being held closed by a powerful hand around his throat.

“For your sake I hope it has been milking you all night and not cuckolding you. Otherwise, you are in for a very, very long twenty-four hours or so to come and not cum. Though, I have not fully made up my mind on the duration part yet.” Mistress Laura said in a voice that was both sadistic and sensual at the same time.

Only another fearsome stare from Paul.

“Yep…you’re screwed. I really bet you are wishing I was the one wearing white at your wedding and not that God-awful periwinkle bridesmaid dress. Well, sorry, I was the bridesmaid.” Mistress Laura said matter-of-factly as she turned off the bane of Paul’s yesterday and last night.

Much to his and Laura’s amazement, Paul was thrust into the most powerful orgasm he had ever had as soon as the Milk-Maid stopped its stroking, sucking, and tingling attacks upon his rock-hard cock. His whole body tensed and shook and his throat let loose of one long guttural moan until the orgasm waned into sporadic spasms of muscular convulsions.

“Well fuck! That sucks!” Laura said ruefully. “Never seen that reaction when the machine was turned OFF. Like they say, something new every day.”

Laura unstrapped the machine from around his cock and balls and pulled it free of his still hard and very cum covered penis and extremely distended nipples; the tips of which stood no less than an inch-and-a-half above his chest.

“Never had these…” she flicked both of his very swollen and very sensitive nipples hard with her middle fingers “…quite so large and hard on a man before either. But, I never subjected any of my slaves to nineteen hours with it.” Laura said as Paul screamed from the flick of her long acrylic nail.

“I really can’t believe my sister has finally seen what I have been telling her…you need some proper training. But, I quote, ‘He’s yours Sis. I want him alive and well, but he’s yours otherwise.’ unquote. So now I break you of your willful stubbornness and insolence. I believe you will decide to not cross your Mistress’ orders again, once I am done with you. If not for any other reason than her allowing me to fully use you again.” Mistress Laura said in a menacing voice she appeared completely unable to have.

“We will begin by my use of something, which has made me lose five slaves to so far, that will cause you the most exquisite of pain. I acquire it through a very private source. It is the product of a highly clandestine Secret Service, of yore, which used it for interrogation purposes. These interrogations were of course sexual in nature making it perfect for someone like myself. Unfortunately, they found the pain to be of such a level that it usually rendered the subject unconscious. So they came up with my other acquisition, something to prevent the brain from shutting down due to pain and prevent unconsciousness. Isn’t that just marvelously devious? I think so.” Mistress Laura’s tone becoming jovial at the end of her monologue.

“The extremely heightened sensitivity to pain lasts for about fifty hours without the antidote, but don’t fear, I have that as well. We will have to see how long it is before I use it.” She said as she retrieved the bag she had set in the doorway.

Opening the bag, Laura pulled out three syringes with different colored caps.

“The purple—pain; the orange—consciousness; the white—antidote. I will lock the white away for safe keeping shortly. As for the purple…” Laura uncapped the syringe, immediately sticking the needle into Paul’s right thigh muscle, pressed the plunger, then pulling the needle free of Paul’s skin. “…the orange.” She repeated the injection.

Laura stepped away from Paul, recapping the needles and dropping them back into her bag.

“The pain sensitizer will begin to take affect quite quickly. The first two hours makes pain feel about twenty-times worse than your normal pain threshold. One of my slaves told me a simple touch of his skin by my finger felt like a white-hot knife was placed against it. Also, you will have an erection the whole time the medication works within your system…as I see yours has now returned. Feel free to do with it as you wish once I remove your restraints. I believe you only will once, though, the need to work it will grow increasingly stronger over time. It really isn’t too much different than your experience with the Milk-Maid. Maddeningly needed but completely unattainable. Only in this case, your cock will be much too pain-filled to touch.” Laura touched the tip of Paul’s cock as she said this and it felt to him as if it were being stung by a hundred bees.

The evil Mistress pulled out her own keys and used the universal key to unlock the cuffs.

“I will let you remove them the rest of the way slave. You have sweat profusely over the last five-sixths of a day. I will make you an electrolyte replacement drink to rehydrate you. You will also use the bathroom. This is not an option, but a demand.” Mistress Laura finished sternly.

“Due to the drug I have given you, however, drinking something with the viscosity of water will seem like hot molasses, pissing will feel as if you are passing a kidney stone, and crapping will be about the equivalent to giving birth. You will drink the whole half gallon of drink I make you. I have to keep you alive per my sister’s orders. Have fun in the bathroom slave.” Laura informed Paul then left for the kitchen to make Paul’s rehydrating drink, grabbing her bag and closing and locking the door to Paul’s restraint room.

Removing the restraints from his wrists and ankles was a very painful action. The usually comfortable mattress now felt as if Paul’s body were laying on thousands of very sharp needles. The restraints felt the same where they touched his skin. Paul found out that anything that touched the more sensitive nerve endings, sex organs primarily, was not simply sharp needles but the returning of the stings of bees or the burning of very hot metal.

Paul did feel the need to crap and his bladder felt as if it wanted to burst. Both of these sensations became much more apparent to Paul as his blood worked the chemical throughout his body, open the flood gates of his nociceptors.

Laura heard from the kitchen the second usage of Paul’s vocal cords since she had arrived. This time it was the screams Paul released as he utilized the bathroom’s facilities. She had no doubt that she would know when he was done as his yells and screams would continue until his duties were complete.

Laura returned with the pitcher of ice-cold red punch to find Paul standing and, once again, completely covered in sweat.

“You have a half-hour to drink all of this and be restrained to the bed again. Each minute I have to wait past the free thirty will result in another hour before I give you the antidote. Any questions?” Laura informed then asked.

“No Mistress.” Paul answered weakly.

“Good, slave.” She replied and closed the door, the locks throw resonating through the steel door as she turned it.

Paul began to drink greedily until he found his esophagus reacted as painfully to the liquid as Mistress Laura said it would. Paul had no idea how he could finish the half gallon in a half-an-hour as he had been ordered. Besides, should he be able to, he could not fathom how he would be able to spread-eagle himself back to what seemed now to be a bed of very sharp spikes.

As he drank the sweet red liquid as fast as he could, Paul felt an unrelenting and ever-growing need to bring himself to orgasm. It had not quite built to the level he had experienced at the urging of the Milk-Maid but it was quickly rising towards that level. His gut ached deep inside and his balls burned. He felt as if it had been years since his last sexual release or as if he were virgin-ick again and he were being touched by some beautiful young girl. He wrapped his hand around his cock and the pain immediately dropped him to his knees and he released his much shorter third leg as quickly as if he had lain his hand on a hot stove. The pain, however, only intensified his need rather than make it wane. Paul regained his feet and drank some more.

Laura laughed as she heard Paul’s scream. She knew what had caused it…it always does. Especially during the initial two hours. She figured she would hear the same scream several more times before his half-hour is up. The need to jerk himself off will grow exponentially more powerful over the next hour-and-forty-five minutes. So much so, he will be unable to refrain from grabbing himself, but, unable to do so much as a single stroke from the pain touching himself will produce. Laura laughed harder as she heard the second scream emanate from the locked room.

Paul began to cry hysterically from the need to release the sexual lust building to extreme proportions and the frustration of being unable to do anything about it without enduring pain to the level he had never felt before. He knew for a fact that if Mistress Laura gave him the antidote now he would never defy Mistress Lisa again. He also knew that if he were being interrogated he would be singing like a bird…as did the many men and women the rogue nation, which designed the drug, had as well.

Paul took another hard to swallow gulp of the punch, trying to force himself to empty the container before his time was up.

Paul had managed almost a full stroke before his knees let loose this time. He fell to his side and grabbed himself again. He held on to his ever-painful prick trying to cause enough pain to short-circuit his brain. The second drug did its job. He could not blackout. The carpet burned his skin where it touched him and he had to get himself off of the burning floor.

Laura maintained an ear-to-ear smile as she heard her brother-in-law bawl loudly and scream even louder. She relished in the fact that he was in pure agony. She knew his need for sexual release was reaching the point of being animalistic. She also knew, from one past experience for which she had learned her lesson well, that if she entered the room without him restrained back to the bed that he just might try to rape her. It would fail, as it had before, as a pussy is no less painful upon his cock than his hand, but again, an animal cannot rationalize things out in such a way.

Paul did it. He finished the half gallon and still had five minutes to spare. He still had a couple of minutes to make himself cum before he had to bind himself to the bed.

Paul replaced the cuffs around his wrists and ankles and closed the locks, pushing the little slides in until they clicked and required a key to reopen them. His couple of minutes to cum had only resulted in immensely painful stinging to his cock. He felt it better to prevent himself from any further contact by use of the restraints.

The fire in his groin, the spikes on which he lay, and the rings burning around his wrists and ankles made Paul writhe in pain and nearly senseless with lust, though, his mind was amazingly clear.

“Times up. You better be restrained slave.” Laura yelled through the door.

“I am Mistress.” Laura heard in faint reply. She unlocked and opened the door.

“Please Mistress! Help me Mistress!” Paul cried as he looked at Laura.

“You don’t want my help slave. I haven’t had a cock in my cunt for two months now. Watching you writhe with your cock like a rock has me wetter than a swimming pool.” Laura responded rubbing herself through her pants.

“Antidote please Mistress!” Paul cried in reply.

“Oh come on slave. It hasn’t even been an hour. I’ve had one of my slaves make it thirty-six. Granted, he left as soon as I gave him the antidote and never came back, but he made it that long.” Laura said sounding exasperated at his request and sad at the memory of losing one of her best slaves.

“It hurts so bad. I hurt so bad Mistress. I will never ignore my Mistress’ wishes again Mistress. I swear to it!” He pleaded.

“But there in itself is the problem slave. You refer to yourself as ‘I’. You are not an ‘I’, you are a slave. Worthless except when your owner wants you to be worth something. You believe you have a ‘self’ but you do not. You may be married to your Mistress but you are still just a piece of shit soiling the bottom of our shoes. That, slave, is what I am here to teach you.” Laura reprimanded Paul.

“I counted a slave use three ‘I’s’ in that sentence. Let’s start there. Slave Paul gets three hours added to the number of hours I had already thought I would allow you to suffer. I will not tell you that number but, rest assured, I have integrity and the number I had sticks and only gets added to, but, never changed.” Laura informed Paul.

“i... Slave understands Mistress.”

“Good catch slave. I won’t add that one. Damn, I must be getting weak and soft.”

“Mistress is not, by how slave feels right now Mistress.”

“Good, slave. You can lie here and think about all the times you have been insulant to your Mistress. During the first two hours, which you are now down to one, you are really of no use to me. That is, unless I want to torment you through excruciating pain. The pain will cut down to about half of what it is now, but, your libido will continue to remain at its current level. I told you the concoction is quite dastardly and designed for sexual torture. Don’t think I haven’t felt its wrath. My supplier would not sell it to me without first having it used on me. I know what you are experiencing through my own experience slave. I thought, up to then, he had exaggerated its effectiveness. I thought nothing could be so painful and so libido-powerful as he had described. But, my clit tried to become a cock and I needed to fuck anything that seemed to have something worthwhile to have inside me. I needed to finger my clit like I had never needed to before. My pussy gushed its juices. But just like you, if I touched myself or tried to insert anything I experienced pain beyond anything I had ever imagined.” She explained to her sister’s slave.

Paul listened to his sister-in-law and was surprised by how much she had just revealed of herself. Listening to her had, only slightly, lessened his discomfort. He thought maybe she was becoming a little softer than her typical hardcore self.

“I am going to leave you for an hour or so and return when you are in a little less pain and it is easier to play with you. Think of what I said slave. Reflect.”

Before leaving however, Laura wrapped her hand around Paul’s post and gave it three hard strokes, then, left and locked the room.

Paul was in complete and utter agony simply by Laura wrapping her hand around his cock. The strokes, however, made his entire body break out in a cold sweat, his mind lose track of his surroundings, and his body convulse uncontrollably. If it hadn’t been for anti-fainting drug pumping through his brain, Paul would have lost consciousness.

Paul spent the next hour in uncontrollable and insatiable lust and agonizing pain anywhere anything touched his body. Paul knew that even if he were not inescapably restrained to a bed bolted to the floor, and, even if he were not locked behind a steel door set in a steel frame, he could not get to the antidote. He was quite sure Mistress Laura had put it in what his wife called her slave safe. It was where she put the keys to his restraints when he was bound with mobility throughout the house. With anything he had at his disposal, even if not bound, the safe was as impenetrable as Fort Knox.

Ever-so-slowly, Paul began to notice the sharp spikes upon which is brain told him he lay upon, begin to dull; the burn around his wrists and ankles settled to simply a heightened awareness of their presence. The floodgates of his nociceptors began to go from full-open to half-open. The comfort of his bed almost returned.

His need for sexual gratification was still at full force if not a little worse since the pain was no longer so prevalent. He could see his dick standing at full attention but it might as well have been a mile away due to his restraints. He wanted so much to test his hand on his cock now that the pain level had dropped to what seemed to be a manageable amount.

Paul heard Laura unlock and open the door to his room.

“Feeling better slave?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress. Slave is in much less pain Mistress. May slave cum Mistress? Paul replied and asked, being ever mindful of not referring to himself as a person.

Laura slowly removed her clothes in a seductive striptease dance. She revealed, of course, the same amazingly fit, perfectly proportioned body as his wife’s. Every time she had worked on him before she had remained clothed as one of Lisa’s limitations of the use of her slave-husband. Up to now it would’ve been almost impossible to distinguish between which twin was which. Without clothes it was quite easy.

Lisa maintained a thin swath of pubic hair only slightly redder than the hair on her head. Laura was completely shaven. Laura also sported nipple, clit, and labia rings that Lisa did not. In a beautifully artful cursive font on her pubis, Paul read:

Don't You Wish!

The ‘s’ in wish perfectly aligned with and only millimeters above the perfect cleave of her mons.

“Like what you see slave?” Laura asked seductively.

“Yes Mistress.” Paul replied, unsure if his answer was the correct one for her.

“I told your Mistress she should get some jewelry too. She keeps telling me ‘maybe someday’.” She replied. “I chose gold because I think it looks better on a pale skin color. Don’t you?” Again in a surprisingly seductive voice.

Paul simply nodded his agreement.

Laura slowly mounted the bed then straddled her legs over Paul’s chest, lighting fires in his nipples as her inner thighs and buttocks brushed across them. She slid further forward until her pussy almost smothered him.

“Lick it slave! Slow and proper! I don’t know how easy your Mistress is to please, but I take some work and it must be proper. I want to be screaming YES within twenty-minutes slave. If not…expect punishment.” Mistress Laura demanded of her sister’s slave.

Paul worked feverishly upon his temporary training Mistress’ labia and clit, unsure exactly how to navigate the rings. He lightly pulled the ring in her clit with his lips getting a moan to escape her lips. He tongued her button more, harder and faster, then pulled again on the ring. A longer and more guttural moan came from her this time. Working upon the womanhood shoved close to his face only made his need to work upon himself grow from extremely painfully needed to an excruciatingly painful need.

Mistress Laura reached around her back with both hands and took his manhood in her hands; balls in her left, cock in her right. She squeezed his balls and stroked his cock.

Paul was brought to immediate awareness that lessened pain does not mean absence of pain. He howled as if using Laura’s pussy as a megaphone. The bees were back upon the organs she was fondling and stroking with renewed vigor. He tried to ignore the pain and allow himself to an orgasm. The pain was too intense to feel the normally sensual embrace of a woman’s hand working upon him. He screamed louder as she worked him longer.

“You’re neglecting my pussy slave!” She yelled as he forgot about his original task.

Paul tried to work upon her as she continued to work upon him. He fought to get the woman sitting on his face back to the point of her moaning again, but the pain in his prick and scrotum was too much to manage much more than a lick here and a tug there.

“Times up. You failed slave. Time to try something else.” Laura said using his cock as leverage to pull her pussy from his face. Her butt stopped on his nipples and the bees attacked them. More screams, now becoming raspy with over used and stressed vocal cords.

Laura returned to sliding down Paul’s body, leaving a trail of her juice down the center of his torso.

“I will just have use your tool to work myself up.” She said nastily.

With that, she slid Paul’s rock hard shaft into herself, lowering her body to fully envelope his full length. Paul screamed in pure agony as she slid him in her. The pain turned from bees to fire as she slowly rode him. Laura slowly gained speed and thrusting power sending Paul into a hysterical crying and screaming fit. If he would have been able, Paul would be rendered unconscious by now but his brain would not shut down. He was forced to endure the pain the over-active receptors and nociceptors were transmitting and allowing to be transmitted to his brain.

Paul thought he was feeling all the pain he could until the point that Laura grabbed onto and pinched his nipples. He felt the need to vomit from the added pain but the drug prevented this reaction to pain as well. He tried to enter his zone-away-from-home without success. The anti-fainting drug kept him in the here-and-now while the pain-inducing drug caused him to feel uncompromising and unrelenting levels of pain. Each thrust, which Laura was now doing very hard and quite fast, felt to Paul as if his cock was on an anvil and being worked on by a sledgehammer as if it were being forged by a blacksmith.

Laura came and soaked Paul’s pubis and ass down to the sheet. She climbed off of him and stood on weary legs.

Paul was amazed at how quickly the pain stopped when contact was remove and how fast mental recovery was. His body felt as if she had never ridden him.

“Ok slave, do you believe now that you can cum?” Laura said with laughter in her voice.

“Of course not.” She said before he replied. “That’s what the shit is for. Total cuckold without abstinence. Immense pain without physical injury. As a Mistress, I get the best of both worlds with my slave. You make me laugh…please may I cum Mistress. The scientists that made this stuff make the German scientists and torturers seem like rookies.” Laura said belittlingly.

“On to the next phase.” Mistress Laura said matter-of-factly.

“Might you wonder what an actual painful event might do when a pleasurable touch causes intolerable levels of pain?” Mistress Laura asked, lining her piercings kit up on the desk two feet from the restraint bed. Paul watched in horror as she did so.

“I don’t think Mistress Lisa would appr…EEEOOOOWWWW” Paul began to say when a twist of his nipple cut him off and into a scream.

“Shut the fuck up you worthless worm. I know what Mistress Lisa will approve of and not approve of. May I remind you of…as long as he is alive and doesn’t require medical attention…the fucking limits she gave. You went too far with her this time. I spoke to her on the phone…you sure in the fuck didn’t. You were too busy in your own little world.”

“OOOOWWWEEE FFUUUUCCCKKK!” Paul replied to the slap Laura gave is fully-at-attention prick.

“Your problem is you seem to forget you are a slave. Your Mistress is partially at fault for that too. I warned her that marriage would change you. You were a fairly good slave before that. Not great, but good. But now, you think you are a being, you think you can make decisions for yourself, you think you don’t have to follow your Mistress’ rules, you think you can act on your own desires, you think! That is your problem, you think! Slave’s don’t fucking think, they follow! So now you have thought yourself right into your current situation. A proper fucking education on being a slave!” Laura said in outright anger.

“Peter Cottontail!” Paul blurted loudly.

“Oh fuck me! Your safety?! Yeah, right!” Laura said sarcastically.

“Peter Cottontail!” Paul said again with more assertion.

“That’s between you and Mistress Lisa. We have not set up a safe-word. You were too fucked up by the Milk-Maid to remember to ask for one before we started. I may have actually allowed one had you of asked. But we are beyond the point of ‘Allyee-Allyee-Auction-Free-Free-Free’ crap now. Besides, true slaves do not have safe-words. That craps for temporary play slaves.” Laura said losing her angry voice and replacing it with her sarcastic voice.

“Besides, you will match your favorite sister-in-law; except, with your darker complexion I believe silver will look much better.” Laura said laughingly.

When Laura finished setting out what she needed, she went to a dresser and opened the drawer which held the leather hospital quality restraints and straps. She pulled out individual pieces until she had everything she needed and went back to Paul. She slid a thick leather waist-belt under the small of his back, wrapped it around his waist and buckled it quite snug; making sure the D-rings were on either side of him. She threaded one of the thinner straps through the D-ring and to one of fastening points on the frame of the bed. She repeated it for the other side and tightened the straps bilaterally to make sure he remained centered in the bed. She looped straps behind each knee and fastened them to the bed frame, pulling his knees up and out, removing almost every inch of wiggle room. Paul screamed as each new restraint strap lit fires where they pulled against his skin. Laura repeated this at his elbows, pulling them down and out. For the most part, Paul could only move his head around now.

Laura opened another drawer and pulled out a full harness bit gag and two short straps from the previous drawer. She really didn’t care if Paul was silenced, she loved to hear her slaves scream, but she wanted to secure his head for the procedure.

She placed the bit to his mouth. Paul resisted until he seen her fingers form pinchers and move towards his nipple. He shot his mouth open and Laura relented in her assault. She pushed the bit between his teeth and buckled the straps tightly about his head. Paul’s face and mouth burned where the straps dug in and the bit pulled at the corners of his mouth. Laura used the two rings, where the harness’ straps met, and secured his head to the steel headboard. Paul’s body was rendered immobile with the exception of being able to bend his wrists, fingers, ankles, and toes. Securing those was not important to Laura’s task.

Sizing up Paul’s nipples, Laura decided she could use a number eight piercing needle and still have enough skin surrounding the piercing to hold sufficiently. She secured the hoop tipped forceps on his right nipple, placing the opening at its base. Paul screamed against the bit in his mouth as robot bees with red hot stingers fell upon his nipple. She soaked his nipple in rubbing alcohol which felt to Paul as if it were acid.

Paul fought against the restraints holding him to the bed fiercely as he seen her bring the large needle to his chest.

“Relax slave!” Laura demanded. “This is due to your own doing. I could’ve made it easier on you, but, I believe you need this to further instill your place and position as a slave.” She commented.

Laura wasted no time pushing the sharp needle through his skin. When she withdrew the needle, blood began to trickle from the large hole which could be seen through. Paul’s yells of agony almost made Laura think she should put ear plugs in to prevent hearing damage. Laura threaded the one-and-one-quarter inch in diameter split hoop through the hole she had just made through his nipple. She released the forceps and worked each side of the clamps out through the split in the hoop. This time, the pain in Paul’s nipple didn’t abate much when it left Laura’s attention. The pain which would be normal during such a procedure remained amplified by his highly sensitized nerves.

Laura repeated the procedure on his closer left nipple and Paul wished to whatever God would listen to either kill him or allow him to become unconscious. He, or they, didn’t listen.

Laura allowed the red lines running down Paul’s chest to coagulate instead of wiping them off.

“If you think those were bad slave, wait ‘till I move down there.” Laura said, looking over her shoulder to his upward jutting penis.

Laura placed the forceps to pinch the sensitive skin on the bottom of Paul’s circumcised member, aligned with the ring of his glans, after making sure it was fully disinfected. What little thrashing Paul was able to work was not enough to resonate down to his genital area and did not effect upon Laura’s work. Paul’s pain had him in a frenzy and his voice had long ago begun to crack. Laura pushed the needle through. The squeeze of the forceps forced most of the blood from the fold of skin the needle pierced, but, there was still enough to seep out of the hole once the needle was retracted.

Laura chose a hoop size which would fit snuggly behind the ring of his glans and allow his cock to work within his Mistress’ pussy without coming loose of its seat in the ring. At least the ring had not come loose from the position during intercourse with the slaves she had attached rings to in the past. The ring had actually enhanced the feeling as their cocks worked within her. She believed Lisa will agree once she does Paul next time.

Next, Laura gave Paul a ‘Prince Albert’ piercing through the top center of the head of Paul’s cock. She could not use the forceps for this and Paul’s prick and pubis area was quickly covered in his blood. Laura inserted a 5” long tube type sound, complete with a threaded hole one inch from the end, into his urethra. She inserted a short stud, topped with a smooth, shiny ball, through the hole she had made and screwed it onto the tube. She used a small pair of pliers to ensure it was too tight to unscrew using fingers.

“That will be fairly uncomfortable once your prick shrinks, but, I will be leaving your Mistress the two shorter ones for it.” Laura said though Paul hardly heard her through his agonizing pain, and the still present dark shadow of incalculable lust behind it.

Laura finished Paul’s piercings by adding two more rings; one at the base of his scrotum and one just below the point where his scrotum and cock become one.

Once she had finished placing the rings, she used pliers to close the split in the rings. Using a small butane torch, she heated the ends and the small piece of solder fitted in one end of each ring sealed the ends together. The rings could only be removed now by being cut off.

When she had finished putting her kit away and cleaning Paul of his blood, which the head of his cock continued to seep, Laura treated each piercing with an anti-bacterial ointment.

“You or your Mistress will have to use this for a few days, and, unfortunately, Lisa will not be able to fully use you during that time to allow you time to heal. But there is nothing wrong with your tongue, in fact, it’s quite talented.” Laura said as she walked to the door and exited the room; leaving a pain riddled Paul to suffer tightly strapped to the bed.

Laura returned, a white tipped syringe in her hand.

“I will have to leave you restrained for two hours after I inject this into you slave. It works completely opposite of the pain intensifier and you could filet your skin and not feel it during the first two hours. I will use the time to make dinner.” Laura explained as she uncapped the needle and gave Paul the most painful shot he had ever had. He had never been bothered by needles and injections in the past, but, thanks to his over sensitized nerves, it felt as if she had punctured his skin with a rail-road spike.

However, much to Paul’s relief, the antidote worked just as quickly as the previous chemical. Within several seconds, he felt absolutely nothing with regard to his skin. He could still feel things internally, but his skin was as numb as if every inch of his body had been treated with Novocain. His libido was slower to subside and, now, without pain to help take his mind off of intense desires, he once again found himself overcome by an insatiable need for an orgasm. So much so that he almost wanted the pain to return, though, the agony of it was still fresh on his mind.

Laura left Paul to suffer his renewed need to be delivered through ecstasy and a release of pent-up sexual frustration. Laura knew he would be wracked by this need for the same twenty-minutes or so it took the other drug to build-up to his current level of relentless and painful desire.

Laura used the next two-hours to take a long hot shower, fingering herself to another explosive orgasm as she thought about what she had finally been allowed to do to her sister’s slave. Laura was able to drag her climax out by remembering Paul’s screams of agony and his orgasm-denied frustrations. She fingered herself harder as she thought about his inevitable attempts to release his spunk over the next several days, only to be thwarted by pain from the addition of his new jewelry. She dried and dressed once she had finished herself and her shower.

Laura made them a spaghetti dinner while Paul regained his feeling and would no longer in danger of injuring himself and not knowing it. She looked forward to dinner. Laura knew her panties would be soaked once again as she watched Paul eat. She knew it would be quite delectable.

Laura reentered the room where Paul was tightly bound. She could tell his new piercings had him in discomfort. His flaccid cock was still being held straight and upward from the sound deep inside it.

Laura removed her work to immobilize her latest victim. Once Paul was once again only bound by his wrists and ankles, she unlocked the left cuff from the bed and relocked it to his left nipple ring. Paul screamed at the movement of the ring. She repeated the same on his right. Another scream from Paul. Paul’s wrists were now locked to his own chest. She locked his ankles to a stiff, though not unyielding, leather hobble.

Laura watched in full amusement as Paul caused himself much pain while trying to spin the thin noodles onto his fork and place them in his mouth while the movement made his cuffs pull on his sore nipples. Paul tried to say he was finished before finishing half of his plate, but Laura told him he was to finish it.

He said “Yes Mistress.” She smiled…

The End—EPL


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