Forever Her Slave

by z

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© Copyright 2010 - z - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; straitjacket; foot worship; cage; denial; toys; hum; oral; cons/reluct; X


I can't help but squirm as my lover buckles me into the straight jacket and chains my feet to it so I am in a sort of hogtie position on the floor at my lovers feet. My lover then attaches a leash to my collar and locks me to the couch while they watch TV. I squirm but find that I am helpless and try to settle in for what could be a long wait. Several times I glance up and see my lover staring at me and smiling that evil smile of theirs as they tell me to worship their feet. I squirm over the best as I can and start licking and kissing and sucking on their feet. I suck the toes one by one and lick in between them and even lick the bottom of the feet. My lover humiliates me verbally while I lick, telling me how nice it is that I am finally helpless as I should be and that I may remain like this for a long time. After about a half hour of licking I am allowed to stop and told to remain quiet while they watch a show on TV. I feel a blindfold covering my eyes and soon I cannot see. I listen to the TV and hear my lover shift positions and even get up now and then and walk into the other room.

After what must have been hours I feel my lover shaking me awake, I can't believe that I have actually fallen asleep like this!!!! My lover places some paper in between my teeth and removes the blindfold and leash and I am told to squirm two rooms over to the garbage and drop the paper in then squirm back. As I start squirming I find it very difficult to gain traction tied as I am and my lover laughs.... eventually I make it into the kitchen and drop the paper in the garbage. My lover calls out to me asking if I fall asleep again that they have use of my body. I start the long slow process and squirm back into the living room and soon find myself panting at their feet and them with a smile on their face. I am helped to my knees and bury my face into their crotch, I start licking and sucking and as I hear my lover moan I lick and suck faster and faster until finally they cum in my mouth, which I eagerly drink down and try for more, finding myself pushed to my side again.......

My lover orders me to squirm into the bedroom that I am to be locked up, so I start the long process of crawling down the hall on my belly, and after a good 20 minutes find myself at the foot of the bed, unable to get on it. My lover walks in behind me and asks if I am a good girl, which I respond yes.... I am told to sit still and soon the cuffs and jacket are off me and I am allowed to stretch and go pee.... I am told to make the most of it as I may be left for a very long time. I take care of my bodily needs and crawl on my hands and knees back into the bedroom..... My lover chains me spread eagle to the bed tight enough that I can't squirm, yet loose enough that I am comfortable..... I soon find a hood being drawn across my head and I am laced up tightly, all light is gone and my lover tells me to beg for the penis gag which I do....... the penis gag is buckled into my mouth then I feel a small intruder in my pussy, my lover has inserted my egg and tied it into place so I can't get it out.... they turn it on a low setting and I hear 'enjoy slave' and the bedroom door shut..... soon I hear silence except for the muted sounds of the TV down the hall..... even that stops after awhile and I distinctly hear the front door slam shut and the car horn go off.....

My lover has left and I am tied helpless to the bed waiting for my freedom, my pussy wet but not enough to get me off. I squirm the best as I can, concentrating and grinding against the egg the best that I can...... I'm soon worn out and have long ago lost track of time......will my lover return soon? I wonder as I squirm more and more, the egg the only sound I hear and feel as the vibrations flow around me..... I am lost in my bondage and can think of nothing else, testing the chains now and then I realize I am stuck until I am released by another......

Hours and hours go by, days maybe, I don't know, I am driven crazy by the egg my hips bucking and begging for release.... my pussy so wet my desire mounting as I lay helpless and frustrated....... My hips bucking as far as the bonds will allow against the air.... The frustration grows and grows like a cancer cell. I buck and squirm the best I can, mewing in my gag. My pussy aching for release. Time seems to tick by ever so slowly.... tick........ tick....... tick, the second hand seems to freeze for an hour in between every movement. The egg buzzes away teasing and torturing me, I can't stop mewing into my gag, drool leaking and running out the sides. Time has no meaning for me and I will remain here until freed. My lover has left me alone, helplessly alone as never before. I can only hope the batteries die in the egg soon.

I try again to see if I can escape these bonds.... what a joke, my strength has left me long ago and I am but a helpless prisoner, a slave if you will of my own dark desires. My lover has never gone as far as leaving the house before so I don't know what to expect. I pray for a safe return and soon as I am cramped and my muscles ache as does my pussy. I would beg for about anything in order to be able to cum by now and my mind races with what if scenarios. The egg finally stops buzzing in my pussy as the batteries must have died. Now there is only silence and my mind starts playing tricks on me as I am lost in my own little World of submission.

Finally sleep falls over me, how I do not know tied as I am, but it does.... I dream crazy erotic dreams of dominance and submission. I have submitted and I am a slave girl. I know when I am finally released I will kneel at my lovers feet and beg for that permanent collar we looked at online. I am finally broken.

With a jerk against my bondage I awaken, startled awake for some strange reason. Was that a noise I heard? I strain to listen, trying to turn my head, wondering if what I heard was real or just a dream. Again I hear a loud noise I can't identify. Someone MUST be in the house..... someone but WHO?

I hear footsteps and the doorknob turning. I feel hands on my body as I tense up. Fingers seem to run all over my breasts and down my stomach, lightly brushing over my pussy and I strain to buck my hips. My lover laughs and I recognize her voice and immediately relax. I try to beg but the gag prevents me..... I feel the egg being removed and a warm, wet tongue take its place. I mew softly as my Mistress licks and sucks at my throbbing wet pussy. I squirt when I cum and it doesn't take very long at all. "My my girl, you ARE horny aren't you" my Mistress giggles as she continues to lick me. "You forgot to beg permission so for punishment you will get the chastity belt and be confined to the cage for the next few days. I'm sure you won't mind"

I shake my head 'no please Gawd no' but she laughs and starts to unlock me and rub feeling back into my limbs. Again I am ordered to use the restroom which I do and when I come back she places the chastity belt on me locking it tightly shut. I am lead to the cellar and into what used to be the old coal room which has been transformed into our dungeon. I see the cell door open and the chain that's permanently locked to the wall waiting for me. I am scared but after being locked for so long I don't resist. I am ordered to kneel in the cell and I hear the lock click shut. Before I can even turn around I hear the cell door slam shut with a permanent sounding CLANG and lock.

Mistress grabs an old army blanket and thrusts it through the bars. "Be good my darling, I'll be back tomorrow sometime after I run my errands". She smiles that all knowing smile of hers, blows me a kiss and walks out of the room. The dungeon door closing with a thud and I hear a key turning in the lock then silence. I am locked and my final resistance to my lovers power is gone. My dream can now come true and I can be what I really am... her slave. I curl up with the old army blanket and before too long I am fast asleep, comfortable knowing that while my limits will be tested always that I am safe with my Mistress and well taken care of and loved.

Forever her slave.


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