Foreclosure 2

by Zack

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© Copyright 2002 - Zack - Used by permission

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by Zack

Part Two 

Notice: This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, organizations, or persons is entirely coincidental.

The next morning Sharon woke up early from a restless sleep. She struggled to get up from the cot, but all she succeeded in doing was dislodging the blanket, and then she was cold as well as stiff. The gag wasn't so big that her jaw was more than uncomfortable, but the corners of her mouth really hurt from the pressure of the tight strap, and she had drooled enough to soak the mattress under her head. 

She made so much noise through her gag that she woke up Ole, but all he could do was shout at her to shut up. It seemed like an eternity before Trude entered the cell block. Trude talked and joked with Ole for a long time before she stopped outside of Sharon's cell. 

Trude said, "I suppose you want to get up. Are you going to cooperate today?"

Sharon nodded frantically and pleaded through her gag. She gave a sigh of relief when Trude unlocked the door and came inside. When the gag was removed she said, "That was terrible! Let me get up." 

"I suppose I have to, but I'm not taking any chances." 

Trude cut the plastic strip holding Sharon's right wrist to the cot frame and helped her sit up. Trude was carrying Peerless belly chains. She locked a cuff on Sharon's free wrist, wrapped the chain around her waist, and fastened it with a padlock. Only then did she free Sharon's other wrist, and this too was locked in a cuff. Trude removed the leg irons, but replaced them with another set that had a six inch chain. 

Sharon shuffled over to the commode and emptied her bladder. Her lack of panties made it a lot easier than it could have been. 

Sharon pleaded, "I have to be at the courthouse before nine a.m. Please, let me go there. Keep me chained if you have to, but I must be at that auction. I'll make it worth your while." 

"So now you're adding attempted bribery to your crimes? This is the foreclosure of the Olsen farm, isn't it?" 

"Yes. How did you know?" 

"Sven Olsen is my father." Trude would have been at the auction herself, except that Sven had said he'd be there. 

Sharon was crushed by this revelation, and she sat on the cot and started to sob, mourning her wrecked career. Trude was disgusted that anyone could be so disappointed just because she missed a chance to kick a family out of their home. Astrid was right; bankers were scum. 

An hour or so later Otto brought Sharon a bowl of oatmeal, and she had to learn how to eat while chained. Three inch chains attached the cuffs to the waist chain, but the attachment points were on the opposite sides of her body. Sharon had a limited use of her hands individually, but she couldn't use them together. There was enough slack that she could get a spoon into her mouth, and she choked down the oatmeal. 

Sharon spent the rest of the morning supine on the cot, brooding and plotting revenge. She decided that the only way to keep from being blamed for the failure to foreclose would be to demonstrate the existence of a plot to defraud the bank. 

She thought back over what had happened the previous day and realized that the alcohol must have been slipped into her lunch at the cafe. There was something about the waitress that bothered her. She thought back and pictured the woman in her mind: tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. There had been a name embroidered on the woman's uniform. Ingrid? No, Astrid. Then Sharon made the connection; the waitress and her jailer looked alike! They must both be Sven Olsen's daughters, and no doubt the authors of the conspiracy. 

Sharon's rage kept her entertained until late afternoon, when she had a visitor. Otto brought a casually dressed, dark-haired woman a few years younger than Sharon back into the cell block and introduced her as Heidi Schultz. 

Sharon said, "I didn't expect to see you today." 

"I checked my answering machine and found the message from Richard. I'm spending the weekend in town with my folks, and it was easier to visit you in person than to try to get a message to you." 

"Can you help me?" 

"Otto showed me the list of charges. I don't specialize in criminal defense any more, but I do some, and I've done a lot in the past. If you want me to represent you I need a retainer." 

"I've got some money in my purse, it you can get them to let me have it. But I must know something first; you're not related to the Olsens, are you?" 

Heidi laughed. "Which Olsens? About a third of this county's population is named Olsen. Almost all of the rest are named Petersen or Schultz. Why is it important?" 

"Because I'm the victim of a plot." Sharon related her conspiracy theory. 

Heidi was skeptical, but she didn't say anything. Sharon was obviously upset, and Otto had warned Heidi about Sharon's violent behavior of the previous day. Arguing might set her off again. 

"I'll go over the charges and then talk to the District Attorney. We may be able to get most of this settled without a trial. I'll get back to you tomorrow or Monday." 

"Can't you get me out of jail now?" 

"Sorry, you'll have to appear before the judge, and that won't happen until Monday." 

"At least make them take these chains off!" 

"I'll see what I can do, but the escape attempt and the assault are plausible reasons for maximum security. I'll ask Otto, but if he won't do it we'll have to take it up with the judge on Monday. Of course, if all goes well you'll be out of here then" 

* * * 

Sharon spent Sunday alone in her cell. Otto had refused to remove the chains, and she had been locked in them continuously. By Monday morning she was fuming. She was so angry and upset that she couldn't eat her meager breakfast (more oatmeal). 

Her rage built by the hour. At about ten a.m. Heidi appeared, and she was the immediate target of Sharon's wrath. 

"Where the hell have you been? I've been chained up like an animal for two days now, and you haven't done a damn thing!" 

"Wait, let's talk in private. Otto, can we use the storeroom?" 

"OK, but she has to stay chained." He unlocked the cell. Sharon shuffled into the storeroom and Heidi followed and closed the door. Sharon sat on the messy bed and Heidi leaned against the wall. 

Heidi said, "I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, but the District Attorney was unavailable yesterday, and there wasn't anything I could do until this morning. Didn't you get my message?" 

"No, I didn't. That dirty old man didn't tell me squat. All he did was stop by now and then and stare at me like I was a zoo specimen. Did you manage to get these charges dropped?" 

"Some of them. The DA agreed to drop the felony escape and assault charges, but he wouldn't budge on the DUI and the other driving offenses. He did agree to combine the disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace charges. You're scheduled to appear before the judge in less than an hour. If you plead guilty you'll be hit with a hefty fine, but you probably won't be sentenced to any more jail time." 

"But I'm not guilty, damn it! I told you what happened. That waitress, Astrid, must have slipped me the booze so I'd miss the auction." 

Sharon was so mad now that Heidi was glad she was chained. Heidi quickly said, "I believe you. I checked, and Sven and Astrid Olsen were the only ones at the auction. He bid ten dollars and won back his farm. But that doesn't prove that she got you drunk. My advice is to cut your losses with a guilty plea. Then you can go back to Milwaukee and forget all this." 

"Not a chance! If I go back without the foreclosure my job won't be worth shit. I've got to show there was a conspiracy to defraud the bank." 

"You can still bring a civil suit even if you plead guilty. That would be a better forum than a DUI trial." 

"If I admit guilt I weaken my case. Can I get a fair trial in this town?" 

Heidi was sure that Sharon was making a mistake, but she was willing to go along if Sharon insisted. 

"If you really want to do this, I'd recommend that you waive a jury trial. Judge Petersen is very fair and impartial. He will be much more likely than a jury to accept your conspiracy theory. But I've got to warn you: he insists on politeness and decorum. If you lose your temper and mouth off he will certainly cite you for contempt of court." 

"I don't get angry if I'm treated fairly. If you advise it I'll waive a jury trial. I wouldn't trust these yokels anyway. What's the schedule going to be?" Sharon missed the glare that Heidi gave her when her friends and fellow townsfolk were derided as 'yokels'. 

"If you plead not guilty, the trial will be scheduled for sometime in the next few days." 

"Can you get me out on bail?" 

"Maybe, but it would cost you a lot since you don't have any ties to the community, and I wouldn't recommend it anyway. If you're convicted you are more likely to be sentenced to time served if you've been in jail all along." 

"How much time do I have to pay any fine?" 

Heidi smiled. "You can take as long as you like, but you won't get out of jail until it's paid." 

"Does that mean that somebody without any money would stay in jail forever?" 

"No, they'd be credited for $25 in fines for every additional day in jail." 

"$25 a day? When was that set? 1960?" 

"Actually, it was 1977. But money won't be a problem for you, will it?" 

"Of course not. I can buy and sell anybody in this village." 

Heidi shook her head. If Sharon always displayed this much arrogance she was glad that she wasn't going to have to face a jury. 

Heidi said, "It's almost time to go to court. Please reconsider; a guilty plea will get you out of this mess without any more trouble." 

"Not a chance." 

Otto interrupted to say that it was time to leave for the court, and they all left the jail and walked across the alley, Sharon shuffling fast to keep up. Once in the courtroom there was only a short delay before the judge arrived. 

Heidi moved for the dismissal of the assault and escape charges and the District Attorney didn't object. Sharon pleaded not guilty to all the driving offenses and her trial was set for the next Wednesday. She followed Heidi's advice and didn't ask for bail. In spite of Heidi's best efforts the judge agreed that high security was appropriate. 

* * * 

Over the next two days Sharon bitterly regretted not asking for bail, because Trude kept her in the belly chains and the short leg irons for the entire time, day and night. The only concession was that she wasn't gagged or attached to the cot at night. 

Just before nine a.m. on Wednesday morning Trude appeared at Sharon's cell and said, "Time for your trial. Since you're not going to face a jury you don't have to wear your own clothes." 

"The trial is just going to be a formality, huh? A kangaroo court for the city slicker, with the verdict arranged in advance?" 

"Believe what you like, but Judge Petersen is an honest and just man, and you'll get a fair trial. But he won't stand for any misbehavior in the courtroom. You talk to him like you talk to me and you'll regret it." 

Trude replaced the belly chains and the short leg irons with standard leg irons and handcuffs. A connector chain between the handcuffs and the leg irons kept Sharon from lifting her hands above her waist. It did let her keep the chain between her ankles from dragging on the ground while she walked. 

Once in the courtroom Sharon was seated next to Heidi at a small table in front of the bench. Trude sat in a chair behind her. The courtroom wasn't crowded. Except for a few old men the only spectators were Lena and Astrid, who sat together in the front row. Sven wasn't there; he had a day job in Bismarck, and he couldn't afford to skip work. 

Heidi said, "It's not too late to plead guilty. I talked to the DA, and if you plead he won't object if you're sentenced to a fine and time served." 

"I told you I'm not pleading guilty, damn it! I was framed. Are you going to call that waitress as a witness?" Sharon's rage was starting it's ascent. 

"I don't have to; the prosecution is calling her." 

Judge Petersen entered the courtroom and everyone stood until he was seated behind the bench. The clerk called the case and the trial started. 

Once the formalities were over the District Attorney called his first witness, Deputy Sheriff Erik Petersen. Erik gave a factual, unemotional account of Sharon's arrest and the altercation at the doctor's office. He didn't say anything about the attempted escape from the jail. 

Sharon had to admit to herself that there were no actual lies, although the deputy didn't mention the way he had roughed her up and insulted her. She was still angry, but she kept her emotions under control. 

Heidi got up to cross-examine. She asked, "Did you just happen to notice Ms. Green's car?" 

"No, I got a call from the dispatcher that the driver of the car had been reported to be drunk." 

"The excuse for stopping her was allegedly reckless driving. Isn't it true that she merely crossed the centerline, and there was no hazard to anyone?" 

"She was going too fast and not staying in her lane. That's reckless driving. She was lucky there wasn't another car on the road. If there had been there would have been a collision." 

Heidi realized that she wasn't going to get anything helpful from Erik and dismissed him. 

The next witness was Bertha, the nurse. The District Attorney introduced the blood sample into evidence, and Bertha identified it and testified as to where and when it was drawn. Her testimony also described the altercation at the doctor's office, and she dwelt at length on how offended she had been by Sharon's bad language and violent behavior. 

Heidi didn't cross-examine; she knew that Bertha wasn't going to modify her story. Sharon didn't agree with this, and Heidi's refusal to do as she was told increased Sharon's anger. 

The District Attorney called his next witness, Astrid Olsen. After she had taken the oath he asked, "Did you observe the defendant at the cafe?" 

"Yes, sir. I was her waitress." 

"Did you see her drinking alcohol?" 

"Yes. She had a pint of vodka and poured some in her coffee." 

"What happened after the meal?" 

"I met the defendant at the door as she was leaving. I could tell that she was drunk, so I asked her not to drive. I offered to take her to where she was staying, but she refused. When she got in her car and drove away I called the sheriff." 

Sharon lost her temper. She stood and shouted, "You lying bitch! That's not what happened and you know it! You put the vodka in my food yourself!" She started towards Astrid, but the chains slowed her down and Trude grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides. 

Sharon continued to fight and scream obscenities, now directed not just at Astrid but at the entire populations of New Trondheim and of the state of North Dakota. The flow continued until Erik jammed a handkerchief into her mouth. Then he re-cuffed Sharon's hands behind her back, and when she continued to struggle he forced her to the floor and hogtied her with the leg irons. 

All this time the judge had been pounding his gavel and calling for order. When Sharon's verbal output had been reduced to muffled and unintelligible noises he said, "I'm declaring a recess. Ms. Schultz, you had better get your client calmed down, or she's going to be in jail indefinitely. Tell the clerk when you are ready to proceed with this trial in an orderly manner." He left the courtroom. 

Heidi knelt next to Sharon and tried to calm her. Eventually Sharon stopped struggling, and Erik released her from the hogtie and put her back in her chair. 

Heidi said, "That little outburst will probably cost you thirty days in jail. If you have any sense at all you'll keep your mouth shut. Do you think you can do that?" 

Sharon nodded, and Heidi pulled the handkerchief out of her mouth. After giving Sharon a few more minutes to calm down she signaled to the clerk that they were ready to proceed. 

The judge returned to the bench, glared at Sharon, and said to the District Attorney, "Proceed." 

"I have no more questions for this witness, Your Honor." 

Heidi started her cross-examination of Astrid. "Did you put alcohol in the food you served to the defendant?" 


"Wasn't it your plan to cause the defendant to miss the foreclosure auction scheduled for the next day?" 

"No, at the time I didn't have any idea who she was." 

Sharon yelled, "You liar! I told you I was from the bank." Before she could say any more Trude used a hand to gag her. The judge pretended to ignore the interruption. 

Heidi asked, "Isn't it true that you and Sven Olsen were the only ones at the auction, and because of this he was able to cancel his debt with a bid of only ten dollars?" 

"Yes, but we didn't know that in advance. Both of us were surprised that no one from the bank was there." 

Astrid sat in the witness chair with a smug expression, and Heidi knew it was hopeless to try to get her to change her story. 

"No further questions, Your Honor." 

"The witness is excused." The judge looked to Heidi. "Do you have any witnesses? Does the defendant wish to testify? Or has she already said what she had to say?" 

Heidi ignored the sarcasm and called Sharon to the stand and she took the oath. 

Heidi asked, "Were you drinking at the cafe or at any other time on the day you were arrested?" 

"Absolutely not!" 

"Did you buy the bottle of vodka found in your pocket?" 

"No, I did not!" 

"Did you tell Astrid Olsen that you were in town to represent the bank at the auction?" 

"Yes I did!" 

"If you weren't drinking, why do you think the blood test showed alcohol in your system?" 

"It was put in my food by that waitress. I thought at the time that the chili tasted funny." 

Heidi didn't have any more questions, and the District Attorney didn't bother to cross-examine. In his closing statement he just summarized the facts and the testimony. Heidi presented Sharon's conspiracy theory, but her heart wasn't in it. 

The judge didn't leave the bench. He spent some time writing, and then he pronounced his verdict. 

"I find the defendant guilty of all of the charges. For reckless driving the sentence is a fine of $200. For carrying an open container of alcohol in a vehicle a fine of $300 and 10 days in jail. For disturbing the peace a fine of $500 and 60 days in jail. For driving under the influence the sentence is a fine of $1500 and a year in jail. Finally, there is an additional sentence of 90 days for contempt of court. All of the jail sentences are to be served consecutively." 

Sharon would be in jail for almost a year and a half. She was stunned. Heidi stood to protest, but the judge signaled for her to sit. 

The judge addressed Sharon. "Now that I have your attention, I'm going to conditionally suspend all but thirty days of the jail sentence. During this time you will behave with exquisite politeness. Any foul language, any violent behavior, even any casual disrespect, will add to your incarceration, at a rate of one day per incident. The sheriff and whomever he designates will keep a tally of the time you will be in jail and add to it as appropriate." 

"While you are in jail you will perform whatever tasks the sheriff assigns to you, and he is authorized to use any security measures he deems necessary, as long as they don't cause physical injury. Do you have anything to say?" Sharon shook her head. This was all a bad dream. 

"I'm glad to see that you're capable of learning. Court is adjourned." 

As Trude led her back to the jail Sharon kept saying to herself, 'This isn't possible. The judge can't do this. He must be joking'. 

Trude started to plan the various ways she could make this bitch from the bank crawl. Back at the jail she said to Otto, "We've got a semi-permanent guest. The judge gave her almost a year and a half in jail if she doesn't behave." 

Sharon started to recover from her shock. She demanded, "Take these handcuffs off of me. You hicks aren't going to get away with this. By the time I finish suing I'll own you and this whole fucking county." 

Trude pushed Sharon into the empty cell block and closed the door. "You are a dumb bitch. The sheriff will appoint me as the scorekeeper, and if you piss me off you'll do the maximum time." 

Sharon was really mad now. She shouted, "Fuck you and the bitch that whelped you!" 

Trude went pale, and then red. She didn't tolerate insults directed at her mother. She locked Sharon in a cell and went back to the anteroom, where she collected a ball gag and a padlock. Then she went back to Sharon, and after a struggle stuffed the ball gag into Sharon's mouth and buckled it as tight as she could pull the straps. 

Next she unlocked one ankle cuff, removed the connector chain, and relocked the cuff. The cell bars had a cross-brace even with the top of the door, and Trude tossed the connector chain over this and pulled up on Sharon's handcuffed wrists until she was bent over and standing on her toes with her arms almost vertical. Trude locked the chain in this position and left the cell block. 

Trude said to Otto, "I'm teaching that bitch a lesson in manners. Go back there in ten minutes and let her down. Put the belly chains back on her. I've got to go back to the courthouse and tell the sheriff what happened at the trial." 

"OK, Trude. Ten minutes it is." Otto leaned back in his chair, and two minutes later he was asleep. 

Sharon screamed through the ball gag, but the muted sounds that penetrated the cell block door weren't loud enough to disturb Otto's slumbers. As time passed she grew more desperate. Her wrists were on fire where the cuffs were cutting into them, but her hands were numb. She stood on tiptoe as long as she could, but eventually had to lower her heels, adding to the pressure on her wracked shoulders. She was crying, and the tears and the drool formed a puddle on the floor below her face. 

Sharon's nose was becoming stuffed and she couldn't get any air past the gag. She fought for breath; she knew that if she fainted her shoulders would be dislocated. Terror joined the excruciating pain as she realized how easily she could die in this jail. 

Trude returned to the jail about two hours later. Erik was just getting out of his patrol car and they entered the jail together. 

Trude said, "I talked to the sheriff, and he designated me as that bitch's keeper. I'll be the one who determines how long she has to stay in jail." She displayed a calendar covering the next two years. The first thirty days had been marked in red. "I'm going to post this where she can see it, and every time she mouths off I'll mark off another day." 

"'That bitch'? You mean Inmate Green, don't you? I don't think the judge intended his sentence to be a way for you to get private revenge. Hey, Otto! Wake up." 

"Huh? Oh, hello, Erik, Trude. Uh, oh. I never looked at the prisoner, Trude." 

Trude gasped and ran into the cell block, followed by Erik. When he saw Sharon he ordered, "You take out the gag and I'll get her down." 

Trude opened the cell, and Erik unlocked the handcuffs and supported Sharon as she collapsed. Trude pried out the ball gag, and they helped Sharon to the cot and put her on her back. Erik rubbed one of her purple hands while Trude rubbed the other. There were deep red grooves around her wrists, but there wasn't any blood. They watched her until she started to moan and stir, and then Erik and Trude went back to the anteroom. 

Otto said, "I'm sorry Trude, I must'a fallen asleep. Is she OK?" 

Erik replied, "It wasn't your fault, Otto. It's lunch time; why don't you go over to the cafe and eat and get the prisoner's lunch? Then let her rest as she is until supper. Put the belly chains back on after that." 

When Otto had gone Erik said, "She might be dead now, what with that gag, and I'd be arresting you for murder. This was incredibly stupid of you, Trude." 

"I didn't mean to leave her like that for more than a few minutes!" 

"You shouldn't have left her like that at all. That was torture, and if the sheriff knew what happened you'd be fired in a minute." 

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to go on so long, but I hate drunk drivers, and when she insulted my mother I just lost it." 

"I understand your feelings, but a law officer has to learn to control herself. I'm going to have to give you a severe reprimand." 

Trude gasped and begged, "No, please no. Not a severe reprimand." She started to cry. 

Erik kissed her. "You have to learn. I'll pick you up after work and we'll go to my house." 

Back in her cell, Sharon gradually realized that she was on her cot and she could breathe. She was in a lot of pain, but she was able to move enough to convince herself that she hadn't been permanently crippled. She was very frightened. She didn't know that Trude had intended to release her after ten minutes; all she knew was that she had been tortured for hours. To have time added to her jail sentence if she misbehaved was an abstract punishment; the strappado had been intense and very real. She started to appreciate the seriousness of her situation. 

Trude had no doubt about the seriousness of her situation. She spent the rest of the day in an increasing state of dread. She didn't know what Erik had planned, but she knew she wasn't going to enjoy it. A severe reprimand wasn't the same festival of endorphins and sex that she experienced with an ordinary reprimand; it was a real punishment. She wouldn't have been able to submit to it except that she knew she deserved to be punished, and because she needed to have Erik dominate her. 

Erik drove Trude to his house. She was shaking with fright when he took her into his bedroom and ordered her to strip. When she was naked he used many turns of nylon rope to tie her hands behind her back, palm-to-palm. There was a hook in the ceiling, and he looped the rope over it and pulled until Trude was bent over with her arms almost vertical. 

He said, "I thought this would be an appropriate punishment. I won't leave you like this as long as you left Sharon, but I'm going to add something else." He got a cane out of the closet and held it where Trude could see it. 

She begged, "No, please, not the cane! It hurts so much." 

"That's why it's a punishment. Do you want to be gagged?" 

"Yes, please." 

Erik cleave-gagged Trude with a bandanna. "I'm going to give you thirty strokes." 

Trude begged and pleaded through the gag, but Erik ignored her. He wrapped more rope around her hips and tied it to another hook in the ceiling. He explained, "I don't want you to dislocate your arms if you faint." 

Trude was whimpering with fright. Erik swung the cane and a red welt sprang up across her bottom. She screamed through the gag. He swung again and produced another line and another scream. 

Erik told himself he didn't enjoy this, but he somehow managed to continue until the cane had embedded itself in Trude's bottom and thighs thirty times. Near the end she fainted; her knees buckled and the rope around her hips supported her until Erik could untie her hands. 

Once he had removed all of the ropes and taken out the gag he placed Trude on his bed, face down. The welts were red and swollen, but the skin wasn't broken. When Erik was sure Trude was conscious and breathing normally he spread a light blanket over her and went to the kitchen. He made a meal for himself, but he knew that Trude wouldn't be able to eat. He watched television for the rest of the evening, checking on Trude every hour or so. When it was time for bed he gave her a sleeping pill. He spent the night on the couch in the living room. 

The next morning Trude's backside was swollen and bruised from her waist to her knees. She was moaning with pain when Erik entered the bedroom. 

He said, "We should have waited until Friday so you'd have the whole weekend to recover. Do you want to call in sick?" 

"No, I want to go to work. I want to start punishing that bitch." 

"If you talk like that people might get the impression that it's something personal. Why don't you say that you want to 'supervise Sharon's incarceration'. This whole arrangement is irregular enough as it is; we don't want to make it look like personal malice was a major element." 

Trude forced herself to get out of bed and into the bathroom. She looked at the vivid colors that were starting to appear and said to herself, 'I must be crazy to submit to things like this. Why do I do it?' Erik moved behind her and gently stroked her welted bottom. She moaned with pleasure, and answered her own question. 

* * * 

The first thing Trude did when she got to the jail was to post the calendar on the door that led to the storeroom, where Sharon could easily see it from her cell. 

"Get over here and look at this. Right now you're due to be released on December 28. The sheriff appointed me and Otto to be your keepers, and if you give me any trouble at all I'll add days to your sentence so fast that you might not be out by this time next year." 

Sharon shuffled over to the bars, the leg iron chain jingling on the concrete floor. She had recovered from the fright she felt when she had been chained to the bars yesterday and nearly died. Otto had apologized for not releasing her, and now that she knew the life threatening torture hadn't been deliberate her bravado returned. These hicks didn't dare to mess with her. 

"You bozos aren't going to get away with this. Once I get a real lawyer I'll be out of here immediately, and I'm coming after you personally, bitch." 

Sharon uncapped a red marker. "Insulting the court, insulting me, using bad language; that's four more days. No, I think five." She marked off five more days. 

"You can't do that!" 

"Yes I can." Trude marked off another day. "Just like that. In fact, I'll make it an even week." She marked it off. "Now your release date is January 4th. You're adding about a week for every minute we talk." 

Sharon was appalled. It was so unfair to give all this power to a low-level jailer! She started to protest, but Trude interrupted her. 

"In case you weren't paying attention in court, I'll remind you of what the judge said: You will behave with exquisite politeness. Any foul language or violent behavior will add to your time in jail. I am the one who decides how much time, so you had better try to please me. To start with, you will call me Ms. Olsen, or ma'am. You will stand when I approach, and you will show respect to everyone. Understand?" 

"Yes." Sharon decided that her best tactic would be to play along for now. 

"That's 'yes, ma'am'." Trude marked off another day. "You will show the same respect to every other person you meet." 

Trude walked to another cell and unlocked the door. "How do you feel, Ole?" 

"OK, I guess. The hangover is mostly gone." 

"That's good. You're going to be a trusty, Ole. You'll supervise the work detail. Come over here and meet your worker." Ole walked over to Sharon's cell. "This is Sharon. Did you hear what I told her?" 


"Sharon, say hello to Mr. Petersen." 

Sharon choked back what she wanted to say and said, "Hello, Mr. Petersen." 

"Very good, Sharon! I knew you could do it. Into the anteroom, and we'll get you ready." 

Sharon was wearing a gray tee shirt and gray sweatpants. Trude removed the belly chains and had Sharon put on the denim skirt and a gray sweatshirt. It also had 'Jail Inmate' stenciled on the back. Woolen mittens were next, and then handcuffs, with a connecting chain slipped in place. The short leg irons were replaced by a standard set, with the elongated link at the end of the connecting chain fitted over a cuff before it was locked on Sharon's ankle. Trude found a worn pair of ankle-high shoes, and when they proved to be too big she improved the fit by giving Sharon another pair of white socks to pull over the ones she had on. 

Trude said, "Let's do some cleanup around the courthouse before the snow arrives. Ole, get the leaf rake and the plastic bags from the storeroom." 

Trude led Sharon out of the jail and over towards the courthouse. The courthouse was surrounded by about a half-acre of brown grass, with many large trees randomly scattered about. All of the leaves had fallen, and they formed a thick layer that covered the ground. 

Trude said, "Get your worker to rake up all the leaves, Ole. You may have to help her get them into the bags. Take this paper, and keep a tally of the number of times she violates the rules or doesn't work fast enough. Otto will come get you at lunchtime." 

Ole replied, "OK, Trude. But I could get more work out of her if you let me use the whip." 

Sharon stared at him, and he winked and laughed. Trude went into the courthouse and Ole gave the rake to Sharon. She thought of refusing to take it, but then decided that she didn't have any better options at the moment. It took her a bit of fumbling before she was able to use the rake with the handcuffs on, but soon the work fell into a pattern. Sharon occupied her mind with thoughts of revenge. 

Sharon did most of the work; Ole sat with his back against a tree until she had raked up a pile of leaves, and then he would hold a sack open so she could rake the leaves into it. The work wasn't hard, but Sharon was in plain view to anyone passing by, and she was deeply humiliated by being displayed in chains. 

Most people only glanced at her, but some teen-age boys stared at her and discussed her among themselves. They made comments about her body, deliberately speaking loudly enough for her to hear. She grew more and more angry, but before she could explode Ole stepped in and told the boys to move along. They had to get back to school anyway so they left, careful to demonstrate that it was their own idea. 

Sharon said, "Thank you, Mr. Petersen." She realized that losing her temper would have only humiliated her further, so she was grateful for Ole's intervention. 

"Call me Ole. We're both in the same boat, so to speak. You done much jail time?" 

"No I haven't! This is the first time I've been in this state, so I've never been railroaded into jail before." 

"OK, OK, if you say you're innocent I'll believe you." Ole was familiar with denial, and if Sharon didn't want to admit she had a drinking problem he wasn't going to pressure her. 

There were a lot of leaves, and by the time Otto appeared Sharon and Ole had filled over two dozen plastic bags. Otto took them back to the jail and locked Sharon in her cell. 

When Otto brought in her lunch Sharon said, "I need to call my lawyer. Get me my cell phone." 

Otto didn't say anything. He slid the lunch tray under the cell door and returned to the anteroom. He returned a few minutes later with the marker pen, and colored in four more days on the calendar. 

Sharon was shocked. She demanded, "What was that for?" 

"You didn't stand up, you didn't call me 'sir', you didn't say 'please', and I didn't like your tone." He colored in two more days. "You aren't standin' now, and you missed the 'sir' again." 

Sharon leaped to her feet. "You're joking! You mean I'm expected to stay in jail for six more days just for that?" 

"Now it's a week." Otto marked in another day. 

Sharon couldn't really believe what was happening, but she decided to continue to play along for now. She'd get her revenge later. "Please, sir, may I use my cell phone to call my lawyer, sir?" 

"OK." Otto got the cell phone and gave it to Sharon. 

Sharon asked, "Please, sir, may I sit on my cot, sir, so I can get the damn phone to my ear?" 

"Yep, but it's another day for swearing." 

Sharon seethed, but she managed to connect with Heidi's office. When Heidi picked up Sharon demanded, "How soon can you get me out of here? They've already added another two weeks to my sentence." 

"I'm sorry, but I can't get you out. I checked the precedents and consulted with my partners, and there aren't any grounds for an appeal. In fact, a case similar to yours came up recently, and the sentence was upheld. The judge has complete discretion in determining how much time you spend in jail, as long as he doesn't exceed the statutory limits." 

"Do you mean I could spend a year and a half in this hellhole?" 

"I'm afraid so." Heidi added to herself, 'And with your attitude it's likely that you will, bitch'. 

"Shit! Well, can you make them take these chains off?" 

"I don't think so. The jail there is old and insecure, and you did assault a jailer and try to escape, so there are grounds for keeping you chained. The judge there already ruled on that, remember?" We can appeal, but you'd be out before it could be decided." 

"Damn! Well, if I'm going to be here for a while I need somebody to handle things for me in Milwaukee. Call Richard and tell him to check on my apartment and pay my bills until I get back. Also, my rental car is still here. Take care of it for me." 

"OK." Heidi hung up and marked down the time in her billing log. She had never discussed an hourly rate with Sharon, and now she decided to charge double her usual rate, just for the aggravation. 

Otto took the cell phone, and marked off four more days on the calendar. 

Sharon yelped, "What's that for? Sir." 

"Swearin', and you weren't polite to Heidi. Hurry and finish your lunch. There are a lot more leaves to rake." 

Sharon spent the daylight hours for the rest of the week raking leaves. When she wasn't outside she was alone in her cell, with absolutely nothing to do. On Saturday evening she was allowed to shower, and this was the only time she was free of all chains. Escape was not possible. While she was unchained and out of her cell Trude was always close by, and she carried a truncheon. 

Sunday Sharon didn't have to work outside, so she was alone in her cell all day. She tried to occupy her time by composing an enemies list, but gave it up when she realized that it included everyone she had met in New Trondheim, except for the old lady who ran the boarding house and possibly Lena Olsen. 

On Monday Sharon and Ole were still raking leaves. After lunch it was Trude who retrieved Sharon from her cell. They got into the cab of Trude's pickup truck and drove to the high school. 

Sharon asked, "What are we doing here? Ms. Olsen." 

"The school is having an assembly to promote driving safety. We don't want any of these kids to kill themselves over the holidays, especially by driving drunk." 

"But why am I here?" 

"You're going to be an object lesson." 

Trude parked next to the gym and helped Sharon out of the truck. She took the rubber bit gag out of her pocket and held it up to Sharon's face. "Open up." Trude buckled the gag strap, and then recuffed Sharon's hands behind her back. She knew Sharon wasn't going to like what happened next. 

Trude opened a door in the gym and pulled Sharon inside. All of the high school's students were seated in the bleachers on one side of the basketball court. There was a movie screen set up facing them, and the Principal and Deputy Petersen were seated next to it. Next to them there was a recessed ring set in the floor (normally used with a volleyball net) and Trude padlocked Sharon's leg irons to it. 

The crowd noise dropped off as the assembled students noticed Sharon, and then it built to a crescendo. Sharon cringed as the full magnitude of her exposure registered. She looked around for a place to hide, and then sat on the floor and hid her face against her upraised knees. Her rage overwhelmed her humiliation and she screamed through her gag, but the sound was just one more mote in the chaos inside the gym. 

The Principal started talking, and eventually the noise dropped. He said, "Welcome to the safe driving assembly. This year the school, the sheriff, and the court are working together to prevent the tragedies that happen when teens and alcohol mix on the highway. First we will show you a film that illustrates what can happen if you drive drunk. Then Deputy Sheriff Petersen will discuss the enforcement program and what you can expect if you violate the law. Roll the film." 

The projector started and a scratched and grainy image appeared on the screen. The audience groaned and shouted even before the title appeared. Everyone had seen the ancient black-and-white film at least twice; it was so old the Principal remembered it from his own days as a high school student. Some of the students had seen it so often that they knew the dialogue, and they recited it along with the actors on the screen. 

Eventually the film was over, and the Principal introduced Erik. Erik motioned to Trude, and she pulled Sharon to her feet. 

Erik said, "In the past the court has been lenient with people convicted of driving under the influence, but that time is over. This is Sharon. She was recently convicted of DUI and because of this she may be in jail for another year and a half. Some of you may have seen her working on the chain gang. If you drink and drive you may be working with her." 

A boy shouted, "I wouldn't mind being chained to her!" The crowd roared with laughter. Even Sharon was amused. 

The comment illustrated the attitude of the students. They were young and invulnerable. Nothing could happen to them. The Principal knew he was just going through the motions, but he had to do what the school board told him to do. Trude took Sharon back to the jail after the assembly, and she didn't have to do any more work that day. It was some consolation for the public humiliation. 

Every morning Sharon was marched out in chains and put to work. Once she had raked up the leaves she did other odd jobs around the town. She had noted before how the downtown area showed none of the decay that was found in other towns; now she became part of the maintenance crew. She swept the sidewalks and picked up trash from the gutters. When another business failed and the store was boarded up she painted the plywood covering the door and windows. 

Once Sharon became used to wearing chains in public she didn't mind the work; it gave her something to do and helped her to keep her thoughts occupied. It was the long hours in her cell that dragged interminably. She had nothing to do except plan ways to salvage her career at the bank and to revenge herself on the residents of New Trondheim. Her mental state was so unsettled that she had trouble sleeping, and this was aggravated by the discomfort caused by the chains that always confined her. 

The weather got colder, but still no snow had fallen. Otto issued Sharon an old navy peacoat; the label said it was manufactured in 1956. A large white letter 'P' was painted on the back. She continued to work outside during the day, and she grew to like being out in the crisp air. 

End of Part Two 

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