Desert Chronicles

by Zephyr

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In case anyone wonders – “the fingertip test” – when a woman wears a dress or skirt to see if it’s too short, when she is standing and her hands are by her sides is the dress hem above or below her fingertips?

1: Force Me

Nel sighed loudly. This really was all her boyfriend's fault! Now here she was, playing sex slave to him and his best friend for most of the weekend!

It was a long story, she thought. It actually started about two months ago. Greg was her boyfriend, kinky as hell, and she appreciated that in a boyfriend. Don was Greg's best buddy and someone Nel really valued as a friend, her best male friend after Greg. They ate lunch together every day at the school where they were all seniors and the three of them were pretty much inseparable.

She and Greg played lots of games in their sex life. She was an actress at heart (and in her 2:00 PM Drama class) and she enjoyed working with that in their sex play and he knew it. One of the many games they sometimes played was pretend-hypnosis. Greg would say "Luna Cordero" and she would pretend to go into a trance-like state where he could order her around a bit more than normal. Nel enjoyed it because it was pure improv and she loved the challenge. Nel had a pretty substantial competitive streak and really hated to fall out of character and lose. She knew Greg took advantage of that. But the game took a much different turn one day at school during lunch when the conversation went in a very unusual direction.

It was just the three of them that day. Cindy normally joined them but she was off on a band practice. They sat in a small grassy block on one side of the library where they always did. Their group had it to themselves, it wasn't that big. Other students and staff were constantly passing on the walkway behind them paying no notice to what was just another group eating their lunches.

The conversation turned to hypnosis, post-hypnotic suggestions and control; there was a horror movie out which used that as a plot device. Don thought it was garbage but Greg cautioned him not to be so sure. He gave Nel a wink and a smile that she knew was a challenge, "bet you can't pull this off!". Nel, who got an uncomfortable feeling about where this could go decided she'd show them both. Greg told Don he could prove it. Don called him on it.

Greg looked over at Nel and told her: "Luna Cordero". Nel played back by stopping still and repeating the phrase in a monotone. Don's face ratcheted up several levels of disbelief and then of interest.

Greg explained that he had read a book on hypnosis about a year ago and had managed to place a post-hypnotic suggestion on Nel. When those words were said to her she would become almost completely suggestible. All you had to do was tell her what to do and she'd do it.

There were limits and it wasn't perfect. Nel tended to "pop out" of the hypnotic state if the request was too extreme. If she was brought out of it normally you could tell her that something else happened during the time she was under hypnosis and she'd believe it but if she popped out she remembered everything and was usually pretty pissed. A lot of it depended on how Nel would feel about the request if she wasn't hypnotized: The less she would have liked the idea the more likely she was to pop out. For instance she couldn't be told to walk naked down Main Street or stab Don with her fork. Questions, unless they really got her upset were normally fine, and it had surprised Greg how far she would follow commands. It made him wonder why she turned down some of his suggestions while she wasn't hypnotized. The more willing she was to do whatever was asked the safer it was. If she liked the thought when she was commanded she would go "mmmm" like she had just been given chocolate.

Nel resumed eating her lunch. Games were fine but it was lunchtime and she was hungry. She pretended to be oblivious to the conversation, but her heart was beating faster. The "mmmm" bit was her idea and actually part of the game. Greg, adapting to her actions, continued that he had got her to act normally in crowd situations. Best of all he had managed to set it up so she couldn't be popped out no matter what when she wasn't in public and they were doing sex things, specifically when she was naked. So you put her under, get her alone and naked, and you could do anything you wanted with her. But as a rule how much you could get away with seemed to depend on how much she trusted the person giving the commands. Greg didn't think she would respond to anyone but him and Don and Cindy. Then he invited Don to give it a try.

Don thought about it for a second. "Nel". He asked her. Nel stopped and looked at him blankly. "Tell me about something really kinky Greg and you have done." She was a little dismayed at the question but pretty much expected something like it. Okay, time to see Greg squirm for a while!

She smiled, took another bite of her sandwich to "appear normal". Then she answered.

"One time about three months ago I lost a bet with Greg and had to wear a punishment bra all day at school." It actually was a true story. It was rewarding to see the cringe pass Greg's face. Back atcha! she thought.

Don was ready to fall over. "What's that?"

"Greg took one of my bras and about forty thumb tacks and glued them to the inside of the bra, with the points inward." Her breasts were 36Ds, a little big but not too big for her frame. "He dulled the points of all of them so they didn't actually stab me, but they poked me really bad all day. Sitting at a desk you knew they were there but it was ok. Walking between classes was really uncomfortable. PE that day was hell, but I couldn't let on to anyone I was wearing it." She saw Greg blushing and smiled inwardly because he knew every single word was true. "I had gotten used to it until we ran laps, bounce bounce bounce bounce. Coach Grand decided after that it was time for pushups. I tried so hard not to go all the way down, but she saw me and made an example of me and I had to lay flat on top of the bra a bunch of times and that didn't feel good at all."

Don was speechless but Greg's reaction convinced him she was telling the truth. But after about thirty seconds of thinking Greg got a big smile on his face. "Nel. Go into the bathroom, take your bra off, put it in your bag and come back."

Nel panicked just for a second but she was determined not to let Greg win. She had a few bad thoughts about where this was going but decided she could control it. She was in blue jeans, her flip-flops and a button-down sleeveless brown shirt. But with a mental shrug she picked up her backpack and walked into the bathroom.

She came back a few minutes later as requested. The guys knew she had complied by the way her breasts bobbled much more than normal under her blouse as she walked. She was, hell or high water, putting it back on before next class but she had to admit it, teasing Greg and Don like this was fun. Hopefully she could pull it off but Greg owed her a nice dinner for this. If they asked too much she could always use the escape Greg had given her and "pop out", but that would be to lose and she hated to lose. And so far she didn't have to. She sat down as she was before, thankfully facing Greg and Don and the windowless library wall with her back to the walkway and the people passing.

"Nel." Don began as she picked up and took another bite of her sandwich. "Unbutton your shirt completely from top to bottom and spread it open a little bit."

At first she rebelled but the smirk on Greg's face quenched that. The look turned to barely-disguised astonishment as she casually reached to her front and undid all the buttons, letting the blouse open top to bottom. It was tight enough and she had a big enough chest for it to give the two males quite a show of skin and inside side boob. The sides of the shirt wound up about two inches apart which was not a problem. Nobody on the walkway could see the front of her shirt, just the two guys and that was fine with Nel. She had always had a tease somewhere there inside her. But if anyone else saw her like this she'd just die. But she'd have to kill Greg first, she concluded, for doing this to her. She bit her tongue and nonchalantly went back to eating her sandwich. From the looks of it Greg was about to go crazy and Don was just transfixed. Good.

She really did like Don. If she hadn't wound up with Greg she was pretty sure she would have fallen for him. He was a really nice guy, a sweetheart, and there was a lot to recommend him. But he had a fixation on Cindy, and they all, probably including Don, knew nothing would ever come of it. Cindy had religious standards that Don didn't meet. Nel had tried over time to find him someone but nothing ever worked. He wasn't gay, that was way too clear, maybe just a bit too much of a dreamer. But Nel liked that in a person and knew in her heart that she had wondered, contemplated really, more than once what things would have been like had she chosen him.

After about five minutes, bless his soul, Greg in Nel's opinion saved his sex life. He looked at his watch and told Don that lunch was almost over and they’d better bring her out properly while they still had time. Greg told her to rebutton her shirt, all except the top three buttons, which she'd leave unbuttoned for the rest of the day (thanks!). She would come out of the trance state knowing her bra was in her bag and not being worried about it or how it got there and remembering they had a nice lunch and talked about things really not worth remembering. The bell rang as she pretended to come out from under the hypnosis. She play-acted having a bad moment when she realized she wasn't wearing her bra but quickly packed up her lunch and headed off to the bathroom.


Nothing ever was said or done about the joke they played on Don. Nel was unhappy about that and didn't want to continue leading him on but Greg felt it was dead and just wanted to leave it behind. Telling Don the truth would just shame him and damage their relationship with him and there was no need for that. So he had asked Nel to just leave it alone. It stayed that way until about three weeks later, when she was over at Don's house dropping some stuff off. He lived alone with his father and at that time of day his dad wouldn't be home for several more hours. She was lightly dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and her beloved flip-flops, showing a bunch of alabaster skin on her toned legs. Her long jet-black hair was immaculate and straight down her back but that was how she normally looked (well, the shorts and the top were a little tighter than normal but not too much). She was surprised when in the middle of the conversation Don blurted out "Luna Cordero".

Why Don, she thought, instantly knowing where this was going. It wasn’t like he was going to ask her to do dishes. What about Cindy? She managed to drop into character anyway and asked herself if she was willing to have sex with Don. She knew in an instant: Yes she was. She had wondered lots of times what he was like in bed and this seemed like a perfectly good time to find out.

To be honest she and Greg hadn't done anything in a while and she could justify feeling deprived at the moment in that area. It would be cheating on Greg but if Greg objected she could throw it back at him that this was why they should have told Don the truth about the game weeks ago when instead Greg had said to just leave it alone and asked her not to tell him either. She couldn't dismiss the possibility that this had been set up by Greg and Don as another challenge for her and Greg wanted this to happen. Greg knew how she felt about Don. Every once in a while Greg would mention a threesome, always with Don, but she had always shot it down. She was a one man woman.

If this were strictly Don's idea she would be "under hypnosis" and she wouldn't be expected to remember and he surely wouldn't tell. Besides, she was Greg's girlfriend, not his slave (at least not at the moment), and Greg had this coming. She stopped long enough to realize the real situation was that she wanted to find out about Don and she was going to do it and everything else was just justification. She felt a twinge of guilt about cheating on Greg but it was only this once and dammit he had left her open to this sort of situation! For all she knew he had approved of and helped set this up. It'd be just like him. But she really had for a long time wondered what Don was like in bed. Yeah, time to find out and have some fun with it.

Boy, she thought as she felt a familiar warmth and tingle between her legs and her heart race a little. She stopped and waited patiently for Don to go further with whatever it was he had planned. She smiled to herself. This was going to be fun.

Don walked around her for a moment while she stood still where she had stopped in the doorway to his bedroom. They had plenty of time. She was in a bra and a comfortably tight t-shirt, blue jean short shorts and the flip flops she always wore. Don was barefoot and in denim long shorts and a t-shirt that he removed as he concluded she was back under hypnosis again and he began to speak.

"Nel. You are in love with me and would do anything for me. It has been three weeks since you've seen me or had sex and you very much want to have sex with me." Ok, Nel thought, I can get into that! "After we finish here you will go home and take a shower, and associate any feelings of sex with something you and Greg did and recall we had a nice conversation but nothing else besides that happened." He sat down on his bed.

She liked it. OK, improv. First she let out a long, feminine "mmmmmm" and enjoyed the look of surprise on his face. She mapped out a few waypoints and then went into action. The first thing she did was reach down and pull off her top, taking her bra with it and dropped them both on the floor as she moved over to Don. "I want you so baaad!" She whined as she straddled an unresisting Don on his bed. From the look on his face it appeared he had really thought this part of things all the way through. All the better. She pushed him down and then laid on top of him, pinning him underneath her, pressing her bare breasts into his naked chest, pretending to squirm uncomfortably so she could rub her chest against his.

She could see Don was speechless which meant it was working. Nel dropped her head to his and began to french-kiss him desperately, needily. Don responded to that just fine kissing her back. He was a good kisser. After a minute or two he started rubbing her with his hands in interesting places, feeling her out. She arched her chest up to make that easier. It did feel good. But after about five minutes it was time to move further. She stopped and started pawing at his shorts. She had already felt the hard erection there and wanted her hands on it, and more. She reached in and grabbed at it for a second, then unsnapped and unzipped his pants. She forced them down and off his feet, then she rolled over so he had access to the front of her shorts. "Take them off me, I want you in me so bad! Do me now! Please!"

Don reached down and unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. She helped him shrug them off as she fumbled with his hard member. Once her shorts and panties were off and she was as naked as he she pushed him back down, leaned over and took him in her mouth. She had no idea if this had ever been done to him before but she did her very best for about ten seconds. Assured he was lubricated she knew she herself had no problems in that area. She hoped he could manage things; she would hate for this to be over in fifteen seconds. If she had her way it would be more like two hours.

"Don't make me come too soon, lover!" She urged him. "Take your time. Do me over and over and over again. I can handle it, I promise. I've waited so long for you!"

"I will take my time, until you beg." He informed her. Nel was glad and relieved to hear it. She straddled him and slowly, stroking incrementally ever lower, millimeter by millimeter, took him deeper and deeper into her until she was bouncing off his pelvis. The looks on his face as she did this, Nel thought, she would treasure forever. She did that about a dozen times then she grabbed him and switched positions to where she really wanted to be, flat on her back with his cock poised between her legs.

She closed her eyes, put a beatific smile on her face, and in a loud stage whisper told him "Take me any way you want me. Do me slow. Anything you want is yours." And with no further ado he plunged into her. It did, Nel thought, feel real good.

Twenty minutes later, with him stopping twice to deny her an earlier orgasm, she came like thunder. He lay on top of her, smiling at her while she shook. Eventually the shaking faded away. Then when she nodded, he entered her again and went straight for his. Five minutes later he gave a tremendous groan and she felt him flexing and spurting inside of her. She grabbed his tush, held him tightly and whispered in his ear that she loved him as he spent himself inside her. After a little longer to catch their breath, he came up off of her. She thanked him, tenderly and carefully licked his member clean, then put on her clothes and headed for the door. She thanked him some more as she left. She told him she needed to go home and take a shower before work, but hopefully it wouldn't be as long as this time until they could do it again. At least she sure hoped not. He was everything she had hoped for. He smiled as he kissed her goodbye and she left.


She had initially planned to never tell Greg but deceiving him bothered her and what if Greg was part of this and knew it had happened? He'd be expecting her to come clean about it. Either way, she had to tell. So about a week later, crying and almost terrified about his reaction she told him everything.

It went horribly. No, he told her, he had nothing to do with it, and yes, he was very pissed at her and Don that they did that. She promised she'd do anything, anything to make it up to him. Just ask, she assured him. He said he'd think about it and let her know. Giving him that much opening worried her but she'd do whatever was asked to keep him and make it up to him. She knew now she had screwed up bad.

About three days later Don cornered her one day between classes and told her that Greg had confessed to him that their "Luna Cordero" thing was not real. How could she do this to him?

Nel had expected the confrontation sooner or later but was surprised at his position. She suppressed the obvious “well, who the hell are you to talk” retort and told him matter of fact: "Yeah, I knew what I was doing every second of the time. Greg had made me promise not to tell you so for all I knew he knew about it and was ok with it happening. But why does it matter? If I hadn't fallen for Greg I'm pretty sure I would have fallen for you. For quite a while it was a really hard choice but if this is your reaction... I always wondered what I passed up on. You gave me a chance to find out and I took it. You know, you're good in bed and I would have been quite happy with you. But I am with Greg and working things out with him so that was a one-time thing and won't ever *ever* happen again" (especially if this is your attitude, she thought). "But you're good and I had a great time. I regret doing that to Greg but I don't regret climbing into bed with you one little bit. Not at all." And then she just walked away.

Don caught up with her after the next class and apologized for being a thoughtless idiot. He regretted a lot causing problems between her and Greg but he too didn’t regret what they did; it was fun and she was incredible. Greg was lucky beyond belief. She smiled and went up on her toes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. She told him that while she was with Greg she was with Greg, but if she ever wasn’t he should just ask. You never knew, they both might like the answer. She decided to let his earlier behavior go.


Greg a few days later told her what he wanted her to do. She was really worried by then; he had been standoffish and she wondered if she was about to lose him. She was more willing than ever to do whatever he wanted. Which was good because of what he asked.

She and Greg had a private joke, an example of a "red line" when they wanted to describe something she would never do. It was for her to "walk across the commons", a hundred-yard square grassy area in the center of school, in the middle of lunch time, naked and with her hands cuffed behind her back. Something that they both knew would never, ever, ever happen. She wondered what she would do if he wanted something like that? What he did ask was a bit more private but not much better.

He wanted her to do a threesome with Don. They had talked about the possibility of bringing a third person into their sex life and the games they played but she had been resistant. She was, with one exception now, a one-man woman. To make it worse he wanted her to be the sex slave of both of them for all of next weekend, Friday at 6 pm to Sunday at 5 PM. She didn't like it but was desperate so she immediately agreed. She'd have agreed to anything he asked. He hadn't talked to Don about this but didn't expect a problem. But it would be this once and only this once and it'd be over.

It wasn't like the thought of having more sex than she could handle was a problem. Yeah she might be sore but a girl could get over that and have fun getting there. The threesome part, due to the circumstances, was acceptable now, just this once. The slave part worried her but Greg knew and almost always respected her limits (pushed them a lot, sure, but respected the hard ones). It would be bringing Don further into their private life than she was happy about. She asked Greg how much Don might find out about over that weekend. Greg confirmed that Saturday afternoon he planned to take them both out to their special place in the hills (they called it "the canyon") and show him what went on there. Nel gulped. Yup, Greg was going to show Don everything. Don already knew that she and Greg were into bondage and she got handcuffed and tied up for sex pretty regularly but at times, like out there in the hills, she allowed Greg to do darker, more painful and horribly private things to her that she'd be happy if no one else ever knew about if Greg was taking them out to the canyon Don would see all of it. That scared her. She wondered if it would scare Don off. But for Greg and to get over this she'd do it. Besides, she knew she would have two rather studly males working her over. That sort of problem really wasn't a problem. She worked Saturday from opening at 9 AM to 3 and Sunday 12 to 8. That left a lot of time to be a slave girl to two horny males.


Friday came and 6 PM arrived. Greg had told her that he and Don wanted her to go with them to the Bronze Rail, a pool hall that she and Greg sometimes went to. They'd go there to play pinball (which she was good at) and shoot pool (which she was not so good at and Greg was much better) but they were just there to have fun. It surprised her, she had expected that by 6:05 she would be stark naked flat on her back somewhere, very likely tied down, with one of them going to town between her legs and the other impatiently waiting for his turn.

She figured, correctly as it turned out, that they would wind up playing strip pool. Not that it made a whole bunch of difference, as their slave they could order her into less clothing than she was happy with at any time but at least they were giving her a little say in things. Greg had seen her naked so many times it was beyond caring and she had slept with Don once so he had seen all of her already. She was fine with Don seeing her naked again, and more, this weekend, but just this weekend. There would be others in the pool hall and she wasn't happy about that. If it were just the three of them she'd strip all of her clothes off herself and smile while she did it. But that was the problem. OK, maybe she could work it a little.

It wasn't going to be that bad no matter what. She knew she'd be turned on horribly by being forced to exhibit herself to strangers. She tried very hard to keep that hidden from Greg, that knowledge would surely be used against her. While she didn't like the thought of showing or potentially showing private parts of her body to strangers she had to admit, just to herself, she loved the thought of being forced to do it.

When they got to her apartment around 5:59, Nel had on one of two outfits she was willing to wear out for the evening and she wanted to know which one they liked better. She was wearing tight blue jeans, her two-inch black ankle boots, and a very loose crop top. She had a bra under it, of course, but when she leaned over the top was sure to fall open enough so that the bra underneath could be easily seen. The jeans were very tight and slung low, leaving a huge amount of skin between them and the lower edge of the top, which was only about an inch below the bottom of her breasts. She modeled that for a few minutes, danced around, made sure to bend over at the right angles, and then ducked back into her room to change. She came out in the same boots, but with a tight nylon miniskirt, not a micro but not much longer. and a tight nylon top. She'd have to worry about the view up her skirt in that one. The top was tight enough and black so that although you could see everything through it the top was still somewhat modest. She did make it clear that the skirt was too short, if she wore that one no way the panties would come off in public. She told them to decide which one she was to wear "Masters" she said with a grin, and to leave the winning outfit on her bed and then ran off to take a quick shower. As she stepped in and turned on the water she wondered if either one of the two was going to join her there. She was open to that, it was past 6 PM, but neither did.

When she came out, she found the jeans and the crop top on the bed and of course no bra or panties. She was surprised, she had expected them to pick the other outfit, but donned it, telling them that she was ok with no panties since she was wearing jeans but needed a bra at least at first. She didn't add that she fully expected that only a little of the night would pass with it on her body.

The Brass Rail had eight pool tables and some video and pinball games up against one wall. It wasn't the best-looking place; it had been around for longer than any of them had been alive but was clean and well-lit and perfectly adequate for what it was. The counter where you rented tables had a large cooler off to the side where one could get beer, soft drinks, or a few small snacks. They arrived through the back door and Nel looked around and with a little bit of dismay found she was the only female there. Dressed like she was she knew she'd be *everyone's* center of attention the entire time they were there. Greg rented one of the tables in the back corner until 11, but made it clear they didn't necessarily have to stay that long. Nel was grateful for this, she knew full well the bra wouldn't last all night and was ok with that, but viewing of her eventually bare chest was just for Greg and Don and if she could help it not anyone else. In the corner she had at least a better chance of protecting her modesty. The security cameras were up high and at a bad angle for that table, none of them covered that corner from that corner which was probably why Greg chose it. Most of the room had floor to ceiling mirrors but that corner had a wall rack for pool sticks on one side and a service door on the other, so if she was facing the corner and reasonably close no one else had an angle to see her in the mirrors. If she had to flash one of them she could put them in the corner and nobody else, including the security cameras, would see it.

Don and Greg racked up while Nel wandered off to get drinks. Both guys had requested sodas, but Nel figured she needed some liquid courage to get through the next few hours, or at least some liquid I-don't-give-a-shit, and chose a Coors. She took the three drinks back to the pool table. With all the mirrors on the walls it was easy enough to discreetly observe the other males in the room who pretty much all had noticed her and were looking at her and drooling a bit with different levels of openness. Yeah, as expected. She chose a stick of her own, ran her hand up and down the shaft experimentally a few times while her eyes were locked with Greg and smiled. She probably was going to lose most of the games (Don was about as good as Greg) and the beers she was planning to drink wouldn't help, but she wasn't here to win (well, she was but it wasn't going to happen much). She was a slave girl tonight and she was here to do her best to tease Greg and Don out of their minds.

Yup, so they could take her home afterward, drunk and obliged to do anything they desired and make her atone for her sins here at the pool hall. The thought made her squirm a little in her jeans and she smiled again.

They decided to play Cleanup. Each player took turns and you could sink anything but the 8, and if you sunk the 8 early or scratched when you were shooting for it you lost. The person with the most balls sunk in the game won. Greg and Don went straight for the jugular and proposed that if Nel lost, came in third, she lost the bra. She smiled and said no, it was way too early for that but if she lost she'd give them both a quick kiss and yes, she understood the penalty for losing would get stiffer each time she lost. She was firm and she knew they didn't want to piss her off this early so Greg broke and the game began.

She lost of course. Greg got 6, Don 5, she got 4. During the game Nel was aware that she was an object of interest to the males at the three tables around her, but she expected that. She made sure she leaned over a couple of times from the right places so the other men could see she had a bra on under the top, and maybe they wouldn't bother looking later when she didn't. Don and Greg got that view every chance she got with her looking over at them and smirking knowingly just before each time. When Greg sank the 8-ball she walked up to Greg and Don, aware that she had a lot of other eyes on her, and gave each of them a very public kiss on the cheek. As she did she whispered to each "later". The second game was set up, and this time if Nel lost she would give the winner a kiss, a full-on french kiss. She smiled at that. The thought made her tingle in the right places.

Don won that one and she lost, 7-5-3. She was working on her beers pretty steadily as they played, neither of the other two complained a bit. By the time the game ended she was wet and a little past starting to feel the beers. The I-don't-give-a-shit was kicking in just fine. She was very interested in having a good kiss with Don and seeing what it could do to Greg. She put the stick down and walked over to him and she melted into his arms. It was a long, hungry, passionate kiss, his hands started to wander upwards but she stopped that. When she was done she glanced at Greg as she walked back to where she had left her pool stick. He looked a little jealous, she thought. You're the one who wanted a threesome. Hope you're enjoying what you asked for!

The guys made it clear: The next game she lost would cost her the bra. She smiled, it had been about an hour, the pool hall was starting to thin out, and she was drunk enough that she was warming up to the thought. Besides, kissing Don was fun. She pretended to reluctantly agree. She told them that once the bra came off she would have to lose two games before she did anything else. Got to get my money's worth out of it, she thought to herself. The guys reluctantly agreed.

She actually came in second in that game. The guys were pretty disappointed and she was equally pleased. The game after that went nowhere near as well, it ended 8-5-2 in favor of Greg. She had drunk enough beer to be ready for what she was now required to do and to be honest she was willing. If she was not she wouldn't have proposed this outfit. As expected all through the last game the thought of being forced to take off the bra was doing wonderful things to her. As Don sank the 8 she tossed her hair back a little defiantly, grabbed the oversized purse she had brought for just this reason and headed for the bathroom. It was 8:30, she was properly drunk, and it was time to ratchet up the show. She just had to limit the show to Greg and Don.

The next few games were interesting for Nel. When she could, she leaned far over, once or twice almost climbing on the table to make shots, and she passed up better shots to be able to lean over and let her shirt drop open where Greg and/or Don could see. It was clear they were enjoying the show. They'd damn well better, Nel thought as she finished off her current beer. I don't put on this sort of show for just anyone. The few times she genuinely needed to lean over the table facing toward the other tables she bunched up the top under one arm to keep it from drooping and showing anything. It wasn't working quite the way she thought, a lot of the time taking the shot let the shirt fall open from where she was trying to hold it closed, giving the other men in the pool hall a view that was not for them. Her nipples poked pretty clearly though the shirt when she was standing and it seemed that most of the men at the other tables were aware of it. It made going back to the counter for the next beer a little scary but she was up to the challenge and she did it once again. Greg and Don stopped to enjoy the show until she returned.

She lost the next game and tied for second with Greg for the next (Don had an incredible streak and sank 11), then she only scored two again the game after that. The guys announced she had to flash the winner for a five-count. She was drunk enough that she was fine with that. She'd arrange for it to be against the wall where no one else could see. Greg won, so she pointed him to the corner, then told Don he needed to be over behind her at the table setting up for the next game, she'd break. She sashayed up until she was about five feet away from Greg, facing him. She looked around, made sure no one else could see her, then grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up almost to her neck. The blood was roaring through her head, she was dimly aware of the bar getting considerably quieter but it was past nine, she was drunk, she had to do what they asked, and she didn't give a shit. 5... 4...3... 2... 1... and the top dropped back down. She grabbed her pool stick and moved over to the table, the rack was on the wall side and the cue ball facing the rest of the pool hall but she was coming off the nervousness of just having publicly flashed Greg. She leaned over and after a few seconds broke the balls wide on the table. None of them went in but she was satisfied with her break.

As she sat down she realized when she broke she had just given the guys at the table behind her a great view of her breasts hanging down under the shirt and both of them had gotten a good look. Well, dammit, she thought, then she decided she really didn't care anymore. Holding her shirt under her arm was a pain in the ass anyways and screwed with her shots. Greg and Don wanted her to run around half naked and clearly didn't care if the others in the bar saw her boobs. She'd flashed the others in the bar plenty despite her best efforts. If she was the only one who was caring she decided it was time for her to join everyone else. Greg nodded to Don with a grin when he saw her take a shot that she would have previously passed up because her back would be to the other tables, and that she made no effort to hold her shirt closed. The people at the other tables, all male, were enjoying the show and didn't make any moves that might have made Nel acknowledge their observations but they also had been watching her put down about a half-dozen beers and figured correctly that as long as they were not asses about it no one at the corner table was going to interfere with the show.

It was 9:45, and Greg accidentally sank the 8-ball early in the game, so he was out. He announced he needed to grab something out of the truck. Nel and Don finished the game but Nel was drunk enough that the game was a foregone conclusion just as the last several had been. Greg returned as Don sank the last ball and Nel sidled up to Don for his long french kiss. The kisses were getting longer and she no longer stopped either of their roaming hands from anywhere but up the front of her shirt. This time she was facing the wall so she didn't even stop that. Don, as both he and Greg did, was trying each time and was surprised that she didn't stop him but didn't hesitate to squeeze and caress her breasts and nipples kept quite erect by the rubbing of the crop top. Yeah, Nel thought, it feels good but you can't do anything with it until later when we get home. Nel was looking forward to that, getting eyes constantly all over her and hands between games was making her quite horny. She hoped it wasn't too obvious. She was putting on a show for the whole room she'd regret in the morning, but right now she didn't care.

Once the balls were racked Greg and Don gathered her to the corner and told her that there was a cost to her losing this game, and then revealed what he had retrieved from the truck. It was the nylon skirt from the other outfit. A little voice inside her said this was outrageous, this was too far, she should just start screaming and tell them to take her home. The alcohol shut it up and she just glared at both of them. She complained quietly that she had no panties on and they both knew it to which the two guys said nothing. After a few seconds of lack of response she said "Yes masters" sarcastically and announced she'd just have to win every game until 11 then. She broke, not well, nothing went in, and the game commenced.

The game ended, Don 7, Greg 6, Nel 2. She glared at them both, tossed the skirt into her bag, and headed for the women's bathroom grumbling.

She had to admit as she walked back and saw herself in the mirrors, she did look good in it. There was no way on earth she'd have ever worn this combination in public without being as thoroughly drunk as she was and under compulsion to boot as their "slave girl". She had nice legs, long and thin in the heels, and she already, still didn't give a shit. Just get things over with. She could do it.

She tried to take her shots from the wall side of the table but the mirrors made that problematic, and she was quite sure that at least Greg and Don, and probably everyone else, was getting the eyeful they wanted of her ass and trimmed pussy from between her legs when she had to lean over the table. She fought it for a while then gave up and just let whatever showed show. Just as long as the skirt didn't pop up over her hips and expose her when she took her shots; she kept pulling it down after each one to prevent that.

The next game the penalty for losing was to flash the winner but of course not her breasts. And of course she lost. Greg and Don had a real strong rivalry going for whatever reward Nel would bestow to the winner but Nel was way out of the running. Don won. Nel put him back in the corner, took a deep breath, and sat down on the corner of the table facing him. Looking at his eyes the full time, she slid backward, the two sides of the pool table forcing her legs farther and farther apart and her skirt rode further and further up until it finally popped up to her waist. She held position until he got a good look, then quickly and gratefully hopped down and pulled things back into place.

Last game, Greg announced to her relief. Then he told her the penalty for losing this game. If she lost, as they were about to go out the back door, Nel had to pull off her top, hand it to the winner, then wave and make eye contact with each person in the bar for just a second before she left. Ordinarily this would have been a no-way go-to-hell but after everything else and with all the alcohol Nel just nodded. They didn't even have to go through the game, she hadn't won a game all night and had lost most of them. If they had just told her to do it she was obligated and would have done it. Whatever. She had shown everything she had to everyone who was interested in the room by now, and it didn't matter.

The game ended as expected, Greg 8, Don 6, her 1. They cleaned up their table, gathered everything, and headed for the door. As they reached it, with her back still to the room, Nel took a deep breath and whipped off the top, passing it to Greg. She held for a four-count, now topless and her bare back exposed to the room. Then she turned around, and as the room fell silent except for the TV at the desk and the jukebox she blew a kiss to each of the guys in the room then waved goodbye and exited the building. Yeah, she thought, don’t-give-a-shit completely. It wasn't until she thought about it the next morning and realized to her grief that all of that was recorded on the security cams. They of course covered the doors especially well. She wondered how much a copy of her goodbye would sell for. And she hoped none of the people there recognized her from where she worked.

When she got outside she asked for the top back, but Greg refused. She couldn't fight him for it so she piled into the truck still topless for the ride home. As soon as she climbed in the skirt shot up to her waist. It was dark and she was in the truck so she just left it there. At least they didn't handcuff her or anything.

They got back to her place. She demanded her top back but Greg again refused. It was late, she couldn't see anyone, so she just pulled her skirt back down and moved as fast as she could for the door, holding her naked breasts to keep them from bouncing everywhere, drunkenly to her door and in it with them. The instant the door closed Greg grabbed her hands and Don pulled off the skirt. She didn't resist. She needed to get this over with because she needed to go to the bathroom real bad.

When she got done with that Greg and Don had moved the coffee table and set up some blankets on the floor in the living room in front of the couch. Her bed could handle two but three was a bit too much. she could also see ropes with loops on the end tied to each foot of the couch and to items on the far side of the room to spread-eagle her with her legs wide apart She sighed. *This* was what she had expected at 6:05..They laid her down on the blankets in the middle and she just relaxed as they attached the ropes to her wrists and ankles and then tightened them, stretching her tight.

Greg mounted her. It felt good. She had been waiting for this for hours. She had wondered what it would be like to have both of them using her and now she was finally going to find out. As Greg finished he pulled out and squirted all over her stomach and pussy hair. There was a bit more than normal which she appreciated. She expected Don to take his turn but surprisingly they let her go and told her to go clean up. It had been a long day and they knew she had to be at work at 8:45 the next morning. She was confused but did as she was told. She figured Don would be all over her just like Greg had been. Hmm.

When she got back they tied her up again. The two guys seemed to be settling in on either side of her. After a few minutes: "You two going to untie me?" she asked. They both nodded no. Don wanted to put duct tape over her mouth as well but Greg shot that down fast. "No way. She's been drinking. Throwing up into a gag, if it doesn't kill you, gives you pneumonia. No way in hell." Don had no problem with that. They both settled on either side of her tied body, Don holding a breast, Greg with a finger stuck inside her. Nothing she could do about any of it but it was easy enough to stop fighting. She fell asleep.

She woke up. It was still dark outside and in the room. Actually only ten minutes had passed, but she didn't know that. She saw Greg sleeping beside her. They were on a blanket on the floor in her living room, why weren't they in her bed? She tried to move her arm and realized with a mental sigh through what she knew was too much alcohol she was tied up and stretched out. She tugged at wrists and ankles and confirmed it. Stretched out tight. Not going anywhere. And then she became aware that someone was climbing on top of her, male and naked, preparing to enter her, and it wasn't Greg because she knew where Greg was. It took a bad second to realize it was Don and her condition for the weekend to come back to her. Ok, she was a slave, naked, and spread wide and couldn't do anything about it anyway. She was still horny as hell and hoped Don would fix that. Don, instead of plunging into her, bent down and ate her for a while. It felt real good and she was moving toward her glorious destination. Greg appeared to still be sleeping but Nel was pretty sure he was faking it and watching them without moving. Whatever.

Don did mount her, and it felt wonderful after his other efforts. He rode in and out of her solidly and firmly until clutching at air with tied hands Nel came in a thundering orgasm. Everything else ganged up on her and after she finished she fell straight asleep. She didn't even notice Don finishing himself and cuming in her or that he and Greg slipped the ropes off of her right after that. She was out until morning.


The name of the boutique where Nel worked in the mall was Belle's. It was a normal-sized tenant in the mall with some clothes for teen and twenties men but mostly flashy flirty, party dress-like clothes for young women. All the girls who worked there were young and pretty and they joked among themselves that being an airhead was a preferred job skill. Nel was far from it but she could act the part just fine. The girls who worked there were expected to wear things available from the shop while on the job which meant not much: Usually shorts or a miniskirt and if not some sort of crop or tube or halter top, it was normally thin and flashy. Everyone wore normal clothes in and then changed at the start and end of work. They used lots of double-sided tape that was provided there to make sure things stayed in place. As long as the clothes were kept in good condition they were dry-cleaned and sold on the discount rack at the end of each season but if you ruined an outfit you got to pay the store's price for it. It was a job, it paid for the apartment and car, and her co-workers were all good people. If someone wanted to see one of the girls in one of the outfits they were expected to model it for them. But only two outfits to keep someone from abusing the policy. Unless the guy was really creepy it wasn't a problem.

It was about 9:30 in the morning, business was slow like it always was early on a Saturday but it would pick up. Greg had specified an outfit for her to wear at work today, he knew most of her outfits since he was in there so often bringing her something or taking her out to lunch. It was a flouncy short miniskirt, almost a micro-mini skirt, with a thin somewhat elastic panel that came up from the waist at front to form a halter top. The outfit had a black base color and large colorful flowers on it, but it was thin stretchy fabric. It was thin and tight enough to clearly but not blatantly show her nipples. There was an elastic strap that went around her back at a level just under her breasts to hold it tight there but the two ends of the straps were held together by nothing more than a pretty solid s-shaped piece of plastic. It wasn't much but it was about par for the store. Two-inch brown platform heels completed her look. It was ok but she had to be somewhat careful how she moved to not give the customers a flash of white cotton panty.

Angie was the other worker in the store today. She was a little taller, blonde, a bit older, a bit bustier. She was someone who Nel considered a friend, they spent a lot of time talking when things were slow and the work was done. Angie had a boyfriend Steve who came in every once in a while too and with whom she seemed to have a pretty good if up-and-down relationship.

Around 9:45 Don walked in. Angie recognized him as a friend of Nel's, gave him a cheery hello and pointed to the back where Nel, who hadn't seen him come in, was working on a rack of clothes. Angie was at the register with the sole customer in the store.

Don walked up to her. "Slave!" He began in a quiet voice that Nel was very glad only she could hear.

"Not here! I'm at work!"

"Slave!" Don repeated, a little stronger.

Nel was unhappy but she had promised. She thought about it for a second and moved a little over to where she knew the in-store cameras couldn't see her below her shoulders and braced herself to get groped or worse. "Yes, Master?"

Fortunately Don didn't reach for her chest. "Show me if you are wearing panties."

Oh no! She ruffled up her skirt and held it briefly up to show the white cotton bikini panties underneath. "Of course I am. This skirt is microscopic."

"Give them to me, and do not replace them for the rest of the day."

She froze for a second. She considered telling him where to go. Don glared at her impassively, unmoved. Then she remembered her promise and what was happening after work. She quickly looked around to confirm no one else could see them then pretended to drop something, and while she was ducked down apparently to pick it up deftly removed the panties and palmed them to him.

"Very good, slave." Don told her as he stuffed the garment in his pocket. "Greg and I will be in from time to time to check and ensure you are still as you are now." And he turned around and left. Nel sighed unhappily and went back to work.

Greg came in around 10:30. Angie waved to him; she had seen him lots of times delivering something to Nel and if asked for everyone. Nel saw him, walked up to him, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then waved him back into the recesses of the store where she had been working.

"Am I your slave or am I Nel right now?" she asked quietly.

"Slave, right now, Nel." he answered with a smile. She sighed.

He picked up a men's t-shirt, looked at it for a second, then looking at Nel, dropped it. She turned a little red as he gestured her to pick it up. Very carefully she squatted down and picked up the shirt and replaced it on the rack, expertly not exposing anything.

"Cameras. If you want to do that, do it over here." And she moved to another corner of the store where the cameras did not cover, him following behind. She stopped and grabbed something, dropped it herself in front of her and on the far side from Greg, who had stopped right behind her. She bent over from the waist to pick it up. The skirt as expected rode far up on her, giving Greg the desired confirmation. She stifled a little squeak as a finger suddenly like lightning poked into her reasonably moist vagina but she held position for a five count while he wiggled his finger. She then stood up which pulled his finger out. She replaced the item on the rack then turned around to face him with a somewhat flustered look on her face. "Satisfied?"

"Not entirely, but it will do for now. Don and I will be here to get you for your lunch at 12:30. Don't plan on eating." And with a quick peck on her own cheek he was gone. Walking around in this short a skirt with nothing underneath it and knowing it looked like she was going to get thoroughly used at lunch time left her soaking wet between her legs (but thankfully not leaking) and made it hard to concentrate. Damn you, Greg, she thought more than once, this just isn't fair.

12:30 arrived and Don appeared at the door. Angie waved good-bye as Nel clocked out for her half-hour lunch and left with Don. They headed toward the food courts. Arriving at a table at the same time as Greg, a tray loaded with food for all three of them in his hands.

"I thought I wasn't getting fed," she commented but was inwardly happy. She was hungry and Greg had a steaming plate of chicken stir fry on the tray she was sure had her name on it.

"We weren't but we had a different idea." Greg explained. "Sit down and eat quickly, slave, for we have better plans for you. And when you sit, cross one ankle underneath your other leg."

This too was not pleasing. Yeah, she'd sit like that a lot, but it was fine when you were in jeans or shorts. She was in a miniskirt and they knew damn well she had no panties on underneath it. But still she sighed and pulled out her chair.

She sat and crossed and curled her left leg under her right as ordered. She did, however, moved her right leg right up against her left knee. This kept the skirt closed. She looked down, there was a lot of light on her thighs even sitting at the table. If she had to spread her legs it would likely be easy to see more of her than she was happy with. There were a lot of people in the food court and she stood out very well just being in the dress. But the tables were translucent enough for Greg and Don to spot it almost immediately. They told her to move her leg outward and keep it so that her right leg touched the top of her left foot. Unhappy, she moved her leg, spreading wide. The skirt rode up a bit more in the process. It wasn't going to pop around her waist but she could feel air on her pussy hairs. No one she could see had noticed and she decided she wasn't going to look again to see. But if they wanted to find a way to get her to eat quickly they had succeeded wildly.

Five minutes later they were all done. They went for a corner where a hallway to the restrooms was but Nel correctly did not expect that was their destination. A bit beyond the bathrooms there was a medium-sized mechanical room through one of the doors that, it was well enough known to the people who worked at the mall, you could slip inside for a quickie. She and Greg had done it more than once. Sure enough, inside the room she was led to the back of the room where they were not in direct sight of the door. The machinery made enough noise to cover conversation, and the light was low but adequate.

Greg stopped her somewhere they had been before, in front of a padded pipe that ran at her waist level between two machines. There were supports holding it up about every four feet. There was another pipe that ran parallel about four feet beyond it and right here there was a slightly smaller pipe that connected the two. Greg would have her lean over the near pipe and grab the further one, stretching her over. Variations included handcuffing her to the far pipe, tying her feet wide to the supports, or even tying a belt around her waist and the connecting pipe to bend her 90 degrees. It left her vulnerable to all sorts of play in all three places, which is why Greg did it. Normally she was nervous when they came here, anyone else could walk in just like they did and find her here, perhaps handcuffed to a pipe, perhaps naked. It added to the thrill. They had never been caught but some day it could turn out different.

Greg told her to lean over it and put her hands on the far pipe, bending her over and stretching her out. She hoped Greg would be happy with her just leaning over in the right position, but her fears were realized when she heard the sound of cuffs coming out of Greg's pocket and him ratcheting them open. She started to stand up but he called her a slave again and ordered her back into position. With a glare she bent back over and put her hands in place, and a second later the cuffs were placed and ratcheted down over them.

"Tell me what you are going to do to me!" She insisted.

"What?" Greg asked.

"Please tell me what you are going to do to me now, Masters." She tried again, managing to sound contrite.

"Better," Greg answered as Don flipped her skirt up in back. She heard his zipper opening and knew what part of their plans were. "We are both going to use you and then send you back to work."

"You can't!" She gasped. "You took away my panties! I will leak cum and may get fired! You can't both do me!" Well, Don had already started. Nel, trapped as she was, hoped Greg would see reason because if he didn't there wasn't much she could do to stop him. She felt Don pulling slowly at the straps to the neck bow on her halter top as he fucked her. Bent over could do nothing about it as a few seconds later the bow was undone and the top fell down. It was held to her breasts by the double-sided tape. Don noticed when he reached down to grab her breasts. He pulled it off and the top was properly freed. He ordered her not to replace the tape today either and said that they would check that as well. He squeezed her breasts a couple of times as he worked her then undid the plastic s-clip in the middle of her back and the front of the top fell down to the waist. Now the only fabric she was wearing was in a two-inch ring just above her hips.

If they carried out their threat she didn't know what she'd do. There were two of them so she'd have lots of cum in her pussy and there was no way she'd be able to wear panties. The dress she was wearing was way too short and it would look real weird to Angie if she changed clothes into a longer dress mid-day. The dress she wore didn't pass the fingertip test; very little at Belle's did. And it'd be just like them to stay in the store and prevent her from doing anything about the cum that gravity and her body would be trying to run down her thighs.

If she could get alone back in the shop, there was one thing she could do but it'd be risky and no fun at all. She could see herself, back at the wash rack in the back of the store and she'd strip naked. It was about four foot square and they used it for rinsing things out, mostly mops, but she could put the hose up inside her and turn on the water five or six times. She had a towel to dry her legs off afterward. It wasn't much, but it was all she had. If only one of them did her she'd probably be fine doing nothing, but if they both did her and then stayed with her in the store...

"Very well," Greg said and then proceeded to her head and presented a very hard member at her lips. "If I come before Don does I will not put myself in you and come there too." Knowing it was probably the best deal she was going to get Nel got busy.

While she worked desperately the two guys had a good time. It seemed like Don, pounding away firmly from behind her, was in no hurry at all. The two guys discussed uncuffing her long enough to pull the dress all the way off of her and doing her naked. Nel was not happy to hear that. They would have a little bit of warning if someone else came in but probably not enough time for her to get dressed if she were handcuffed and bent over the pipe like she was currently. Then they discussed, if they got done early, just leaving Nel here handcuffed and pretty much naked and going out to get a soda at the food court. They both agreed it sounded like a fun idea but Greg said they'd have to gag her first just in case.

Then Greg pulled the dress up over her head and on to her wrists. He stopped long enough to uncuff her wrists and started to pull the dress past them. She whispered, begged him not to do it, but he stared at her and quietly called her a slave. She reminded herself that she loved and trusted Greg and while she looked him straight in the eyes she let go of the dress and lifted her hands into the air. He pulled it from her hands and motioned for her to bend over back into position. With a feeling of resigned dread she did. The handcuffs ratcheted down around her far wrist and Greg looped it around the pipe but didn't close it. He did the same with the other wrist. All he had to do was squeeze and the cuff would engage and she'd be stuck. If someone came in the door she probably would be found just like she was with no time to uncuff her to say nothing of covering her complete nudity. Greg waited for more than ten seconds, Nel wondered what he was waiting for, expecting the cuff to ratchet down and her to be required to return to his blow job. But instead Greg lifted her hands clear, pushed the dress back down to its former position around her waist, then forced her hands back down and re-cuffed her. He then motioned her to go back to what she had been doing.

A few minutes later she felt Don climaxing inside of her but Greg didn't move. A few minutes beyond that she felt Greg starting to come and relaxed and swallowed it all. Don had already zipped back up; Greg freed her and did the same as Nel put her dress back in place. She bounced a little much without the two-sided tape but she tied the top a little tighter and hopefully things would hold. Her hair was a mess; she did what she could with it but without a brush and a mirror it was hard to get it right. Greg and Don dropped her back off at the front of the store and were gone. She walked inside. Angie got a look at her, hair mussed, dress askew, wobbling a little in her heels, and with a very prominent red flush around her neck. Probably smelling of sex too, Nel thought despairingly. Angie knew in general terms what sort of relationship Nel had with Greg but Nel was a willing participant and Angie wasn't judgmental. Nel and Angie talked; Angie knew that every once in a while Nel and Greg spent their lunch in the mechanical room but was surprised when it looked like this time that Don was involved too. The only comment Angie made was that she needed to have a lunch like what Nel just had every once in a while herself and with a smile told Nel to go to the dressing room and take the time to put herself back together right. Nel didn't argue. If Angie noticed the lack of two-sided tape on Nel afterward she didn't say anything. There weren't any problems because Gina, the store manager, wasn't expected in and the male customers seemed to appreciate it.

Five PM rolled around and Nel changed back into her top and bra and jeans and flip-flops. No panties of course, the only pair she had with her had been taken earlier. She met Greg and Don who were waiting outside for her. Greg apologized, he really did need to go visit the bathroom, and asked the other two to wait for him as he dashed back inside the mall.

Once Greg was out of earshot, Don asked her if she was serious about all of what they were about to do. He said that while they waited Greg had explained to him that Nel and he did some really rough play out there. Don said Greg mentioned that Nel had been told to expect to give blow jobs and that she would be roughly taken by them both out there. That seemed ok, but Greg was also talking about using bullwhips and tasers on her. Bullwhips? Greg had sworn that she actually liked it, could that be so? Greg had assured him that she had a safeword and could stop things any time she wanted but was she really willing to let that happen to her? It had to hurt terribly.

Nel had to figure out how to answer. "In a word, yes, it's true." Don's eyes got really big. Yes it leaves marks, she told him, and made it hard to wear clothing over it sometimes, but Greg was always careful to only leave marks in areas where she could hide it under her clothes at work and school, never on her arms, hardly ever on her legs below mini-skirt length. The few times they had done it he had always tried not to mark up her back too much. And yes, she had been at school and eaten lunch with Don present, more than once, stripes under those clothes and Don had never known. Don confirmed he hadn't.

As far as a safeword, she managed not to laugh or comment on it. She and Greg had no such thing out there by agreement. Greg probably felt he needed to say that to help Don remain willing to participate so she decided to just go along instead of telling Don the truth. No, there were no safewords out there. Whatever happened there was fully real and Greg did anything he wanted with her. She could beg and plead but he was under no obligation to even permit her to continue that if he didn't want to. It made the experiences stronger for her -- she really was stuck and did not have an easy out. When she was in a bad situation she was in it until she got loose, which never happened, or Greg did everything he wanted and finished. But there was no point in telling Don that. How could she explain it? She and Greg had discovered that was what turned her on, incredibly turned her on: Not the pain but knowing she was going to be punished and she was completely unable to avoid it. It was a really strange kink but it was hers.

Don asked why she let him do that to her, but he responded that it was actually her idea, which was true. She saw he was wavering so she confirmed the lie that she had a safe word, that if she ever used it they would stop and if she were gagged or unable to speak all she had to do was grunt or snap her fingers three times in a row. Don was uncomfortable but as long as he thought Nel was actively permitting it he didn't have a problem with it. Nel told him she could indulge her actress side, Greg said, play any part she wanted, begging for mercy, defiant, or whatever, knowing that Greg wouldn't actually stop without the safeword.

But bullwhips? He asked. She looked around, nobody was nearby to overhear her. Where was Greg though? She didn't think she’d have enough time to tell him the whole story but started anyway.

They had seen a movie and she had found one part of the drama... interesting. Near the end of the movie the heroine was captured by the bad guys and they had her tied up and were planning to torture her to find out where the hero was going to show up next. They strung her up from the girders above her in the warehouse where she was being held and began a five-minute sequence of threatening to use a bullwhip on her if she didn't give up the information. After she valiantly refused to betray her lover they tore her dress off her, leaving her naked except for her panties (shot conveniently from behind the actress at that point) and after threatening her a bit more and cracking the whip the bad guys finally got tired of waiting. The scene faded with the sound of the whip cracking and the actress screaming apparently in pain.

The bad guys showed up to foil the hero, incidentally, but the hero beat them anyway, which was the end of the movie. Nel found herself coming back over and over to the scene. Not getting bullwhipped, that would hurt and the marks it would leave could cause problems at Belle's but actually she found the thought of being tortured for information and resisting heroically (or was it heroineically?) interesting in its own way. It was worth its own thoughts someday. But what turned her on terribly was the thought of being tied up and about to be tortured, hurt horribly, and helpless to resist. She didn't know why that made her bells ring, but it sure enough did.

As an aside Nel noted that being forced to work at Belle's in a short skirt and no panties and knowing in an hour or so at lunch two guys were going to screw her thoroughly and then she'd be sent back to work pantiless and freshly fucked, that to a degree triggered her turn-on too. She thanked them both for making it hard for her to concentrate all morning.

So she asked Greg to help her try it out. He at first was against it. He generally would be willing to do anything she wanted but this would really hurt her and he wasn't into that. But she insisted.

He had made some changes to allow this out at the canyon. He had put two pieces of rebar high up on the canyon wall at about fifteen feet off the ground in a narrow spot in the canyon. A cable could be stretched the twenty or twenty-five feet between the two and tightened with come-alongs from the ground level. There were ropes attached and hanging from the cable so her wrists could be tied above her or spread wide. Two more pieces of rebar in the ground underneath the others provided anchor points for ropes on her ankles if wanted. He brought her out there and showed it to her. He could use the suspension cuffs to lock her hands to the high wire and normal rope from her feet. Feeling giddy, she asked him to try it. He quickly and with her absolute cooperation put the suspension cuffs on her wrists and attached them to the spreading loops on the high wire. He put ropes around her ankles and tied them with a very short run to the rebar on the ground, so she couldn't stand with her feet less than about three feet apart. He ratcheted up the tension slowly on the high wire and Nel felt herself gradually lifted off the ground, wrists spread wide, helpless, suspended. Her wrists went immediately to about a forty-five-degree angle, and when the rope pulled her higher and higher first she could only stand on her toes, then her toes left the ground entirely. As Greg cranked her up even higher the rope on her ankles was short enough that her legs were rapidly stretched out to the same angle, causing her sundress to ride up on her. Her flip-flops fell to the ground beneath her as Greg continued to tighten. She had only gone up about a foot when she was fully stretched and now all Greg's efforts did was stretch her tighter. Stretch her he did, until she felt like she was about to get ripped apart and told him to stop. He came over to her: her breasts were about at his face level, and the hem of her dress was flapping gently in the small breeze. He reached out and pulled her breasts out of the sundress. Stretched tightly like she was there was nothing she could do about it and he attacked them hungrily, maybe a little harsher than Nel would have liked if she could have chosen. When he finished with that, he reached up under her dress and without preamble stuck a finger into her very wet snatch.

Nel gave a groan, tried to wiggle a little to increase the movement, but really couldn't do anything. He fingered her for a few minutes and she enjoyed it but then abruptly stopped to her dismay. He went back to the ratchets and lowered her down until her hands were about at her shoulder level but still too far apart for her to let herself loose. She was disappointed, had hoped for more, when Greg stopped loosening the cable and walked back over to her. She held her breath as he took her sundress and pulled it over her head and behind her, exposing her naked body underneath it, tanned and sweaty from the desert heat. She smiled at him seductively, hoping that things were going to go her way. Greg pushed her so she fell backwards a bit, caught by the ropes holding her wrists. He then stepped between her spread legs, dropped his shorts to reveal a raging hard cock, and picking up her bottom to raise her to the right height, began to ravish her. She loved it.

By that Wednesday she had found a bullwhip and despite his misgivings made him promise to try her fantasy out that weekend. So they wound up out there, Nel shivering with anticipation. To make it fit her fantasy, they had decided to play a capture game. They had defined an area about a mile square with the canyon near the center. Nel would have five minutes head start, then Greg would hunt her down. If he caught her within an hour he was to drag her back to the canyon, string her up tightly like last week, and after a suitable time of gloating he was to strike her with the bullwhip ten times. He needed to keep it between the bottom of her butt and her neck, she could wear the right clothes at work to cover that area if needed. At Greg's insistence he whispered a safeword in her ear so she could stop him if things got as bad as he thought they'd be, but she hummed to herself when he did so and as intended she didn't actually hear it. No, she wanted the full treatment. So, clad in a sundress and her flip-flops, Greg announced her lead time had started and she ran to get away.

Greg did find and catch her after about fifteen minutes. She tried to run away, but Greg ran her down, handcuffed her hands behind her back, tied a crotch rope around her waist to lead her, and brought her back to the canyon and her fate. She was shivering and about ready to come already. He put cuffs on her ankles and used a small but strong chain to lock them down so she couldn't run. She shivered. She was already trapped, very hot at the thought of what was coming and what the crotch rope had done to her. He stripped off her sundress and attached the suspension cuffs and in very short order Nel found herself naked and stretched suspended about two feet off the ground. Greg took his time, walking around her, threatening her, and every time he touched her it was electric. Yup, she'd be giving herself orgasms for years remembering today. It came time to start with the whip, and she squealed as she heard it whistle around her naked and stretched body and crack every so often, but he hadn't actually hit her with it yet.

Then he stopped. He let her down and admitted he really, no matter how hard he tried, could not bring himself to hurt her. It ruined everything for Nel. Once she was down and sitting on a big rock, she gave him a piece of her mind. She wasn't actually thrilled about being whipped, didn't know how well that was going to work out, but if he wasn't going to follow through, then the whole thing was a waste. She had felt it all just fine, was turned on terribly ever since she woke up this morning knowing what they were going to do and incredibly so once she started running away. She was actually playing with her clit as she ran, it was that good. But it was all a lie, just a lead up to something that was not happening. It wasn't real. She got mad and she could see he was getting steamed too. Finally he'd had enough. He stopped her and told her that if she really wanted to be bullwhipped and hurt that bad, he'd do it to her, but she was crazy. Did she really want this? She confirmed she did.

He told her there was no backing out if she didn't stop now. She said she wasn't interested in stopping. So he grabbed her and not too gently strung her back up again. She hid it but she was shaking bad and nearly came just standing there waiting as he cranked her up off the ground. He whistled the bullwhip around her as he explained.

First off, he told her, there was no backing out for her now. She wanted it, she was going to get it. He'd strike her one or two times to show her what she was in for, then let her go and hunt her down again. If he caught her he would drag her back here and give her the remaining eight stripes then throw her on the ground and fuck the hell out of her, hard and for himself only until he came in her and not caring how it felt for her after the whip did its work. Nothing was said about the safeword, but it didn't matter since Nel didn't know it anyway. But at what he announced and with the whip cracking around her she was so very back in the right mood again.

He took a position off to her side, began flexing the whip horizontally behind her. She was so turned on, the wind caressing her felt like it could make her come. And then the first stripe fell horizontally across her bottom.

It felt like liquid fire. It started as a thin thread and spread to a line of pain. She wanted to cry out, to scream, but no sound emerged. Nope, way too much. Greg waited to see if she would give the safeword that she in fact did not know. Ok, Greg was right, this was too much. She admitted this, told him to stop, that he was right, but he just shrugged.

"For all I know this is just an act and you'll be furious with me if I stop, so I'm not going to. You can always use the safeword." Not what she wanted to hear. Strangely enough, it did give Greg a feeling of immense power to know that this girl was naked and helpless before him and he was going to strike her again with the whip and hurt her and they both knew it. He wasn't too sure but he was beginning to see what people saw in this sort of thing.

She was still pleading, telling him she hadn't heard the safeword so she couldn't give it to him but she would if she did, he was right and she was wrong. This hurt way too much, no more, she begged. He answered her that after the chewing-out she had given him the only thing that was going to stop him was the safeword and if she had actively screwed up her hearing it then she had no one to blame but herself. If she did that she must have been willing to take whatever happened and without the safeword here it comes. He told her to use the safeword or shut up or he'd put a ball gag in. She went silent with dread wondering what sort of beast she had created.

The whip whistled through the air for what seemed like an hour, and then it laid a stripe right across her breasts. She managed to scream this time. Same thin line of red fire, same spreading pain. She just hung there, sobbing while he let her down.

She curled up in a ball on the ground but he coldly reminded her that she had five minutes to get away if she wanted to avoid the rest of the stripes. She asked for her sundress back and to her surprise she was roughly refused. She didn't move until he reminded her that if she was still here in four and a half minutes he would string her up and start with the rest of the whipping. It was very hard to work through the pain, get her flip flops on and stumble away, the sun and the breeze both reminding her with pain of the marks now on her and the more to come if she were caught again. She didn't know how, but she'd do anything to avoid even one more lash of the whip. Much less eight. She moved off as fast as she could.

She thought about running all the way away, but she was naked with suspension cuffs locked on her wrists and despite how much it hurt she was addicted to the lead-up period, which they were back in and it was washing out all the pain. But they had to find some sort of compromise; the payoff part hurt like hell.

It was not to be, twenty minutes later Greg found her where she had hidden, stripes throbbing even in the shade, linked her cuffs together behind her back and began to herd her back toward the canyon. She at first refused to move, but he landed a sharp spank on her bottom on the whip mark there that ended her debate. She started pleading, only to find that Greg had a ball gag in his pocket and used it on her.

As they moved off, Greg was concerned. He expected she'd use the safeword long before now. But if she was going to bitch him out for refusing to hurt her, well, if she really did want it that bad he could grant that wish. To be honest, the feeling of power and control was addicting, but it came at a cost to someone else, someone he loved, and it was wrong. Hopefully Nel would be more reasonable in the future. The first two strikes had been full strength and had really hurt her. He figured that at worst she'd let him string her back up and wave the whip around her but safeword before he started in on her. But he remembered the bitching out he had gotten earlier and hardened. And if she didn't safeword then he could do his part.

They arrived back at the canyon. Nel was only struggling a little at how roughly she was being herded but he could see she had the flush on her upper chest, erect nipples and engorged labia. Maybe she did like this. What was the name for that sort of person, a painslut?

Nel was stumbling as she walked, almost paralyzed with fear. He's going to hurt me again, no matter what I say, she thought, and I can't even beg now. I can't say anything! She had tried begging; it had only gotten her driven out of the canyon and hunted again. Boy, when I shoot off my mouth, she thought, don't I leave a crater? Her rear hurt a little still when the straps from the cuffs on her bound wrists hit the stripe. The one on her chest hurt when the sun hit it or her hair brushed it, both which were happening pretty much constantly, and as her breasts bounced when she walked. She couldn't beg, couldn't run. Hopefully he'd still be reluctant to hurt her and would give her an out again before he carried out the rest of the whipping. This time she'd agree in a heartbeat.

Underneath the wire Greg disconnected her cuffs and stretched her near wrist toward the rope hanging above. She fought, but Greg was stronger and she found her wrists stretched wide above her. He cranked up the rope until her toes were just scraping the ground. Then with an evil smile at her that chilled her, he cranked it up further until her toes were about a foot above the ground. He let her hang there for a moment or two then lowered her a bit. She wanted this to be the hoped-for mercy but it was not.

He came up to her as she hung there naked and helpless, toes barely scraping the ground. The ball gag was still firmly in place, she couldn't even beg for mercy. She was, however, beginning to feel very, very turned on, more than before. He looked up at her face, saw the hardness there. This could easily be real. He could be about to hurt her badly, she was stark naked, helpless, and already had a taste of what might be to come. She couldn't offer him her body; he could already take whatever he wanted of that. Perhaps it was true, all she had to look forward to in the next half hour was pain. She hoped not, but she couldn't entirely this time be sure.

He wrapped the ropes around her ankles, spreading her feet apart again. Then he faced her, grabbed her breast roughly and shook. She struggled and cried out into the gag but really couldn't move or stop it. Then he ran a finger through her pubic hair, catching a grunt from her as he pushed it full up into her and wiggled. She realized with dread that he saw she was enormously wet.

Then with a sigh he pulled his finger out, wiped it on her side. He shook his head as he walked back to the come-along and Nel felt herself lifted back off the ground further and then stretched tight. And then, with an evil grin, stretched a bit further. She would have called out in surrender if she could have used her voice. Her joints along her arms and legs felt the strain.

He picked up the whip and walked around her with it. "I hope you like this, you say you do, so here we are." He rubbed her taut body with the whip, then hung it around her neck in front of her. Where it touched the stripe on her chest it hurt. She wanted to beg him not to hurt her. She wanted to go home and sleep. The tension on her arms and legs was starting to hurt. And she became aware, she really, really wanted to have an orgasm. Greg had promised after the whipping to have sex with her. At least it was something to look forward to.

She was a little higher than Greg, she looked down at his stony face. Instead of pulling the whip off her he went back to his truck, came back with one of their larger dildos. She couldn't do a thing about it anyways and there was no need at all for lubrication. He slid it up inside her…

Greg returned which cut the story short, maybe she’d tell Don the rest some other time if he asked. They all piled into the seat of Greg's truck, hit a fast-food place on the way out of town then proceeded up the freeway out of town and toward the canyon.

They had finished eating by the time they exited the freeway. Nel expected them to drive straight to the canyon, but Greg stopped where he sometimes did, just after a turn in the dirt road that hid the vehicle from the freeway.

Nel got an uncomfortable flutter in her stomach as Greg and Don both stepped out of the truck and handed her their t-shirts, along with a grocery bag. The grocery bag had a little rattle to it; she knew what that meant.

Greg sometimes would have her strip here, about two miles from the canyon, so that she would be completely naked when they were at the canyon, with her clothes nowhere anywhere close or available. The normal procedure was for her to French kiss Greg for as long as she wanted, then go across the dirt road, which put her in view of the freeway about a mile away, and then she’d strip off everything but her flip flops and put them, in the bag. The bag was placed, not even really hidden, a little off the road where likely (hopefully) it would not be disturbed. Sometimes Greg put handcuffs in the bag, like it seemed now, and she was expected to handcuff her hands behind her back once she was naked, leaving her with no ability at all to hide the front of her body. The freeway was far enough away that people might see something they thought to be a person but probably couldn’t make out she was naked, of course. She was wearing light-colored clothing that against the desert made her harder to see. She hoped so. If someone had a pair of binoculars and looked they’d get an eyeful.

It wasn't like anyone else ever came out here, they had never seen anyone else even driving out here. She put a smile on her face, accepted the bag, kissed Greg for about thirty seconds and Don for about a minute, then walked over to the far side of the road. Keeping her back to Greg and Don she removed everything but her flip-flops and put it all in the bag a little hidden on the side of the road. As expected there were handcuffs in the bag. She pulled them out and once the bag was safely on the side of the dirt road she cuffed both wrists behind her. Hopefully no one from the highway could see this but Greg and Don were only a hundred feet away and not missing a second. As she walked back she wished she could cover herself, then realized there was no point to that.

When she got back to the truck Greg took a short length of rope and tied it around the handcuff chain, then around the window post of the passenger door, leaving about a foot of rope between them. Uh oh, Nel thought, tethered to the car, so they are about to do something that I might want to get away from.

Greg began to speak. "Nel.. uh, Slave, this is your fair warning. For the next few hours you are totally at the mercy of two horny studs who plan to have all the fun they want with you, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you do not do as you are told immediately and completely you can expect to be punished." It was a silly speech and she already knew all that, but part of it scared her. Punishment options out here could get really difficult for her. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Masters." Why did they see a need to handcuff and tether her for that speech?

"Don and I are going to have a contest." Greg continued. "You will count backwards from ten while we both pinch a nipple" OK, the tethering made sense now "and afterward you will tell us which of us has the stronger grip. If you mess up the count or pull away from us you will start over until you can count all ten. Do you understand."

"Yes." Not happy at all. They both grabbed a nipple. She braced herself, this was not going to be good at all.

"Begin." Greg said flatly.

Both of them pinched their nipple as hard as they could. She thrashed a bit, cried out as the waves of pain washed over her, then remembered she needed to be counting. Although it hurt like hell, she managed to count backwards as ordered without an error, but it was difficult to count with waves of pain washing over you and much harder to stand still and let it happen. But they were right, they could do anything they wanted to her right now and with two of them and one of her there wasn't much she could do about it.

When they let her nipples go that brought a wave of pain all its own as the blood returned and she shrank back against the truck door for what miniscule safety the distance gave. She had no control any longer, they could do this to her again if they wanted to, but they seemed to not have any desire to. She thought about it for a second and identified Greg as the strongest grip but Don was almost the same. They thanked her then Greg brought out a toy she never had liked, nipple loops. It was a very small-diameter cord with slip-loops on each end and Greg ran them over her still quite erect and still hurting nipples as far down to the base of each as he could and tightened the loops. Each squeezed securely down and with her hands handcuffed behind her there was nothing she could do about it and everyone knew it. They un-tethered her from the car then Greg tested the cord, jerking her roughly by her nipples so with a cry of pain she stood right up before him. He grabbed the hair at the back of her head and harshly pulled downward, stretching her lips up to where he forcefully french-kissed her until he was satisfied and released her. She didn't mind the kiss, expected the rough treatment, but cringed a little at the look on Don's face as she emerged from it all. They ushered her back into the car, still naked and handcuffed and nipple-chained, between them. As the truck moved down the road toward the canyon Nel realized the point of that exercise. They wanted to prove to her that while they were out here they were not afraid to hurt her if she disobeyed or really if they just wanted to. She was completely convinced. They had promised to be rough and force her out here, and it looked like they were going to be very good to their word. Her nipples still throbbing, she knew she was going to be very attentive and quick to obey. And yes, she was turned on as hell.


They pulled into the canyon, a small cul-de-sac a little way off the main dirt road where Greg and Nel came often and the games they played were normally quite hard. The floor of the entire area was still touched by sunlight but the shadows were starting to slip down the ten-to-fifteen-foot walls. Greg shut the engine off and he and Don exited the vehicle. After a second Nel followed, unsure about how the next few hours of her life was going to go.

Greg grabbed his bag and some of the foam padding that would be needed. Greg gave Don the end of Nel's nipple tether and she followed him closely and intently to the large flat rock they often used.

It was about three foot high, large, and flat; it looked like it might at one point been part of a foundation or something, nothing with that big a flat area would occur naturally. It would be a wickedly hot surface right now with the desert sun shining on it all day, which was why Greg had the foam padding. The shadows had moved the direct sunlight off of it, from the shadows just a little while ago and it was still visibly giving off heat from baking in the sun all day.

Greg had Don drop his shorts and instructed Nel that she had two minutes to make him glad he was here.

Don felt the rock. It was a good thing they had the padding, it was probably not hot enough to blister but still too hot to touch for more than a few seconds, so he remained standing. With a little glare at Greg Nel knelt before Don and hands still cuffed behind her, took him into her mouth and began working him over. She tried to do the best job she could, she was at both of their mercy and wanted them as happy as possible with her. Don was enjoying it, getting into it and guiding her head with his hands and starting to hold her still and pump her mouth. It looked like he was getting close when Greg announced time was up and Don stepped away.

Greg sat briefly down on the side of the rock but popped up pretty fast due to the temperature. He put the padding underneath him. Removing his own shorts and underwear he then sitting on the padding used the tether to draw her roughly down to his cock where she faced the same challenge with him.

Except this was one that she had no intention of winning. She made sure it felt good and was not a bad enough job to get her punished but he wasn't going to come and they both knew it, despite, or maybe because of him jerking her around by her nipples.

He had her sit on the pad. The rock was still hellishly hot, she could feel it from the bare rock beside the pad and even soaking through the pad itself. While she did he took suspension cuffs out of his bag and as Don watched locked them on her ankles. He pointed out two eye-bolts driven into the rock at ankle level and told Don that they would often lock Nel's ankles to these and her wrists to two more on the other side, either face-up or face-down with padding as needed, then he could do things with her, which is what they were going to do now. The rock there was just wide enough that her head and neck would hang over the far side of the rock.

Greg had her stand and soon her ankles were secured widely with locks with her facing and touching the rock. It was not nearly as hot on the sides and the pad she had been sitting on, which hung a little over the side, insulated her from its heat higher up. He uncuffed her wrists then locked suspension cuffs in their place. A lock secured her wrists behind her back again and then while Don watched almost in disbelief Greg held a ball gag up to her mouth. She took a long defiant few seconds to open her mouth, and then it was in place and tight. She had expected to be secured like she usually was, wrists down the far side of the rock but that didn't seem to be what Greg had on his mind. The rock was still too hot to touch, and Nel was glad for the pad. Normally when she was ankle cuffed facing the rock it was early in the morning when the rock was still cool and she was bent over it and Greg either took her from behind or played with her butt, which she tolerated but had never really liked. Sometimes he tied her hair to a rope attached to a butt hook and forced her head up and then deep-throated her as she lay on the rock. If she were faced away from the rock and laying over it the rock stopped at about her shoulders and with her head back off the far side she was also a good target for some deep-throat fun. That was a bit embarrassing, she hoped Greg wasn’t planning on doing that to her in front of Don.

Don watched as Greg took a dog walker lead out of his bag, the sort that you could press a button and it played out but retracted in when the dog got closer. It had a relatively thick dog collar attached to it. He used a clip to attach it to the bottom of the rock on the far side of her and then took the free end of the dog lead and the collar. Nel looked at him but didn’t resist as he locked the collar around her neck, it didn’t make much sense when he could have just tied her face down across the rock on the pad. That seemed standard enough but she suddenly to her extreme unhappiness understood the ball gag when Greg adjusted the foam pad down about a foot, and as he began to pull on the lead she against her will and with a bit of struggle and fighting began to be pulled about thirty degrees down. With the pad moved if she were flat on the boulder her breasts would rest not on the pad but the very hot rock.

She fought but had no leverage and it was a losing battle. Every time she slipped the dog leash mechanism ate it up, making it that much harder to stay off the rock.

Don was just watching. She wondered why he didn't do anything, he knew how hot the rock was, but didn't know about the lie told about the safeword and didn't interfere because he thought Nel could stop this if she really wanted to.

Greg stood behind her and as she became bent over enough, she felt him push into her pussy and begin to slowly and firmly stroke in and out of her. She was plenty wet; this was perfect for her, a fight with a promise of future pain, but now? As she was slowly forced over, she wondered just how much damage it would do, if it would blister her breasts. Even with the direct sunlight off it now in the late afternoon it was plenty hot, it was going to burn with no doubt but she doubted she'd have any actual damage. At least she hoped not. She'd find out soon enough. Every second that she stayed off the rock it cooled a little more, but at this moment it was likely only the difference in burning her skin in five seconds or six. Greg came in her, and without a word went back to setting up the suspension rig.

She expected Greg would let things go until she was flat and tight against the rock and her chest was crushed fast and pancaked against the still-burning hot surface. He didn't though, he did worse. He put a foam block under each shoulder, stopping her descent when her nipples, still erect because of the tether chain around them, were about an inch above the rock. The heat washed over her chest and she was desperately trying to avoid touching down, but bent that far over keeping her back from bending the rest of the way as almost impossible. Besides, it was a metal chain around her nipples; she wondered how long it would take the heat to seep up the chain and start to burn her. Even with the pad, her back was buckling. The tip of her nipples would touch and with a squeal of pain she’d pull back up for the couple of seconds she could manage until her position caused her to slowly sink back into contact for another cycle. She wondered offhandedly what was better – frying her breasts or baking them slowly like this?

Then Greg called over and told Don to remove the stops at her shoulders. She shot a desperate look at Don, but he seemed to want to see what happened himself. She made begging noises through the gag. Don stopped and looked stricken for a moment and Nel had a flash of hope, but then he reached over and grabbed the pads and pulled them away. With almost a scream through her ball gag much more than her nipple dropped down onto the still extremely hot rock and she managed to pull up the few inches she had left.

It wasn't working, Nel thought after about six go-rounds. She took a deep breath and gave up, falling fully on the rock. It hurt, it felt like she was burning, but she knew she might as well just get it over with.

Five seconds of that, thrashing and yelling changed her mind, but she found the rope around her neck helplessly tight and holding her crushed tight, unable to move. Don marveled at how much it must be hurting Nel, he could see the sides of her breasts compressed like a pancake all against the hot rock. He wasn't sure, but if she were really that unhappy she could just safeword or signal and she hadn't done that so she must, at some level, be ok with it.


Ten seconds later Nel actually was ok. No burnt flesh, at least no smell. Yeah, she'd probably be red but if nothing had happened by now nothing was going to, and her skin had adjusted to the feeling. It was quite a bit uncomfortable but it was now just another time she had been bent over and fucked on the rock.

Then she felt it, someone behind her ready to plunge into her pussy. It had to be Don; she could still see Greg finishing up the suspension rig. He pushed hard into her and she grunted despite herself. He was fucking her hard, and it forced her back and forth, moving the skin on her breasts that was in contact with the rock. There was nothing she could do about it so she just silently endured.

As she lay there on the rock feeling her pussy being relentlessly pounded into, she realized deep down inside that she was enjoying this. They had set her on the side of the rock, threatened her, but were following through and letting it happen as was proper. Greg was over there setting up for her to be suspended and it sent a twitch through her pussy like it always did despite what was currently being done to her down there. Her breasts were hot, even painfully hot, but not burnt and they didn’t feel like they were blistering. It wasn’t fun but it was perfectly do-able.

Don finished with a groan and after a minute pulled out of her. He hadn’t even spoken to her the whole time. Part of her was angry at being treated like an object, part of her was loving it. Back in town she was someone, was a person. Out here right now she was just a toy, a female body to play with. She looked over at the suspension rig, now ready. And to be abused.

Now that Don was done Greg unhooked the dog collar and helped Nel to stand. Don was unlinking her ankle cuffs from the rock. Her breasts were red but not burnt or blistered. Greg took a cream bottle out of his backpack and tossed it to Don. Nel was only too glad to stand still while Don rubbed some of the contents into the skin of her breasts. After the first few seconds it didn’t hurt anymore and by the time he was done her chest felt normal. Don hadn’t voiced any complaints at his task either.

Nel allowed Greg to lead her over to where the suspension rig waited, leaving her facing as expected away from the opening of the canyon. Greg asked Don over and asked him to hook Nel up. It felt sort of surreal, her standing naked in front of her friend, waiting for him to attach her to a rig to be brutally whipped. She felt keenly her bare pubic hair exposed to his gaze, something that given a choice would only be seen by Greg. Yet a fresh load of Don’s cum was up inside of her and hadn’t even had a chance to start leaking out of her yet. The afternoon was far from over. But it was a different sort of chill than normal. She was here, she was going to be hurt, and the wait for that as always was almost a hypnotizing turn on. But Don was here. She knew what it was like to be strung up here and whipped by Greg, it had to happen or all this wasn’t real. But just two days ago they had been sitting at school at lunch and Don had only seen her once naked and never tied up. And here they were today. He looked at her as Greg walked back to his truck for something, looked her in the eyes. Are you sure, she knew he was asking. She just looked back, expression unchanging. Go ahead, get on with it.

He waited until he got her message. He lifted a wrist and stretched it out to the waiting clip and fastened it in. Then the other wrist and her arms were stretched out wide and it was too late. She knew she couldn’t break free and she had no safeword to stop whatever happened. She could feel herself getting wet down there, the breeze wicking the moisture away as Don spread and fastened her ankles wide apart.

Greg handed Don the bullwhip. Nel eyed it warily, knowing what pain it had inflicted on her in the past and that more of that pain would shortly bring again. It was too late to run away; she couldn’t get loose now and everybody knew it. Greg explained the ritual and handed the whip to Don. Don presses the whip to Nel’s lips, who kissed the whip tenderly. Then Don looped it around her neck once and brought the free ends together to run down between her breasts. It rested there, a stark reminder to Nel of what was to come.

Dreg took a long bandanna out of his pocket and used it to cleave-gag his helpless girlfriend. Then he moved over and cranked on the ratchet and Nel’s wrists were drawn up and away until she was tight and almost on her tip-toes. It wasn’t bad, Nel thought, it was like wearing heels and she could do this position for a long while. There was one rope and a hair clip hanging straight down above her. Greg grabbed it and braided it into the hair at the top of her head. Nel noticed Don looking confused but he’d see soon enough. Greg used the tie into her head to keep her head up; after being whipped a while she normally stopped caring about holding her head up. It wasn’t any fun to have the weight of her head hanging from that chunk of hair, but it generally was barely noticeable compared to the rest of her body right about then and a lot safer than her head being closer to her chest where the whip was often landing. Greg was pretty good with it, but it was far from a precision instrument.

Don walked over to where his friend was strapped up naked, the instrument of her torture still hanging around her neck, scarf cleave gag splitting her mouth. Don pulled out the scarf and let it fall to her neck. “Are you sure about this, Nel? I could refuse and I could stop Greg from doing this to you.”

Nel looked up at him. It felt a little humiliating “It’s not me who needs to decide, it’s you. I’m already strung up and helpless. I couldn’t stop this if I wanted to. No, I am not looking forward at all to getting whipped, but I’m all jelly inside right now knowing it’s going to happen. I’m so hot and horny if someone rubbed my clit for five seconds I’d explode. You wouldn’t do this any more than Greg would to Nel, but you might if I’m just a body to be used for your pleasure. This, out here, it’s just who I am. Yet I don’t matter. It’s you who needs to decide – can you and are you going to do this to me, or are you not? Am I, out here, Nel or am I just a play toy, a female body to be whipped and broken and used for your pleasure? I can’t be both; you won’t put up with me being whipped like is about to happen if I’m Nel out here. You need to decide if you are going to be who you are supposed to be out here and let me be who I’ve agreed to be. Don’t ask me, ask yourself.”

Nel just waited and watched Don for a few seconds while he decided. He reached up and put the scarf in her mouth and she almost had an orgasm on the spot. Too late now, the final bridge burned. She was helpless, Greg certainly would whip her, and Don had just passed his own Rubicon and he would whip her too. Too late. No point in even begging, which she could hardly do with the bandanna in her mouth. It was real. She was going to be punished, and this time there were two people to do it. When it was just Greg she got short breaks she really needed to catch herself when his arm got tired. With two of them they could switch off and she might not even get a moment. Sometimes when Greg whipped her she got so tired and it hurt so bad that she started slipping off into her own little world and when he’d stop to rest his arms she’d come back to the canyon. It was perfectly possible Greg’s arm was fine and he was just worried and giving her a break out of worry and telling her it was his arm to keep her from being angry. It didn’t matter. She wondered if today it would just be one long trip, wondered how easy it would be to come back after the promised full hour of being bullwhipped…

It mattered not, it was too late. As Don brought the handkerchief up to her mouth she stopped him. “Promise me, when Greg does this to me, when he’s done he lets me go. I am hurting so bad I don’t even want to move, and he lets me go and while I lay there he fucks me and pleases himself. Promise me once the whipping Is done you’ll force me to please you too.”

Her earlier challenge had hardened Don. “Yes, I will.” Nel’s legs buckled as she had an orgasm right there and then. Greg off to the side too far to hear their words could see it, Don was just impassive, only getting in the way of her thrashings a little as he tied the kerchief tightly in place.


Greg cranked the rig a few times and her toes lost contact with the ground. Greg called Don over to the crank, explained it to him. Getting her off the ground was adequate for what was coming but normally her feet were about three more inches higher. He pointed out that her legs and the ropes holding her ankles were not straight so she wasn’t as tight as she could be. Raising her up the next three inches just got things tight. Past that she could go up about another two inches and the ropes on her ankles would be a straight line from her hips to where they tied to the ground. After that any more cranking only started to stretch her apart. The tighter she was the tighter her muscles were and the more the whipping hurt. The looser she was the more she could dodge and squirm, which was nice in its own way. He backed away from the crank and told Don it was up to him.

Nel watched him as he took one quick look over at Nel suspended a few yards away, then he started cranking. She came up the three inches and he kept going. The slack came out of her legs and now she was stretched tight, all four limbs a straight line with the ropes holding them to their anchor points. She expected that to be it but Don kept going. It almost immediately got harder to crank – it was no longer lifting it, it was stretching her, starting to tear her apart. Nel guessed she really went a bit too far with her words earlier and well, she guessed Don had a limit. She could only wait as she felt the ropes and suspension cuffs stretch her. Being whipped while stretched this tightly would be pure agony.

But she liked it that way, didn’t she? Her pussy was dripping and the whip around her neck felt heavy, ominous. They had agreed she’d go through an hour of whatever the other two decided to hand out to her. It looked like clothes were going to be no fun for the next few days and she was due back at work for another eight-hour shift in the morning.

Greg came up to her to get the whip. She tensed, sometimes he just removed the whip, sometimes he pulled on the ends until the loop around her neck cut off her breathing. She’d struggle, helpless, knowing there was no way he was going to kill her but he could keep her airway cut off as long as he wanted, to the point she passed out once. He didn’t this time, just uncurled it from her neck and walked the needed distance away from her to use it.

Greg gave a little class to Don with it, showing him how to make the well-known cracking sound off to the side of Nel, then started showing his friend how to use it. You could just lay it across a target facing you, or go wide and strike an area on the side facing away, or even wrap it around her. All those strikes were gentle and Nel jumped but it didn’t seem to be hurting her or leaving marks.

And then he showed how to hit hard, to jerk back at the last second to make it bite harder. Nel took the first two with grunts, then one across her breasts from behind her got her yelling and shaking. Greg followed up with another real strike to her bare exposed butt that left a red line Don could see and made Nel scream. He gave her a chance to breathe after the follow-up, but from there on out it was real; Nel shifting and trying the best she could to shy away when the whip whistled and screaming or yelling when it struck, now almost always leaving a mark. Greg played it all over her trunk and once up between her legs that she especially did not like. By the time he stopped after about eight strikes Nel was just hanging in a daze and quietly crying except to scream and wail after each new strike.

Greg stopped where he stood in front of Nel and held the whip out to Don while Nel watched warily from where her aching body hung. Don really didn’t want to have any part of doing that to his friend, but while they were waiting for Greg at the mall she had insisted he promise that if they did whip her he would use the whip on her ten times, five of them as hard as he could. He had asked her if she was crazy, but she just shrugged and said he needed to understand how much that thought turned her on. He had given her his word and he hated to break his word, and Nel, despite how she looked now, back then knew what she was getting into and egged him on to give the promise, so… As he took the whip he heard a quiet sob escape from the helpless naked woman in front of him.

“Here, let's make it a little more interesting.” Greg offered after Don took the whip. He walked over to the come-along and lowered Nel until her feet were firmly on the ground then disconnected her ankles. She could now stand and even move around a little. Greg moved out of the way. “Go ahead. Aim for her belly button or her butt until you get the feel of it.”

The first three strikes were almost useless. The fourth one Don pulled and got a yell from Nel and a scrabbling away from where the whip had already landed. She had nice, tangerine-sized breasts that she almost always covered up in school with boring t-shirts. Don aimed stroke 5 at them, it went low on her stomach but strike six was right on target and she cried and shook for the better part of a minute before she got her breathing under control. The next she shied away from but he landed anyway across her bottom from in front of her. And Don was done; he couldn’t hurt her anymore. He had no idea why Greg did this and worlds less why Nel let him. The last three strikes were on her back and light; she flinched but didn’t do much more. He handed the whip back to Greg.

Nel watched him and it looked like he was done, but he suddenly whirled and the whip wrapped itself around her waist before she could really react and she was screaming and shaking uncontrollably again. After a minute or two it ceded to quiet crying, hanging limp by her wrists, knees bent, unmoving, waiting for the next blow. She had hoped it was over but he could and easily would keep going until she was just a mindless throb of pain. He had done it before. Begging would only get her gagged and she couldn’t get away. Nothing to do but wait for more pain. She hung there, full of dread, eyes too tired to open, listening for the sound of the whip in the air.

It didn’t come. Instead the line on her wrists loosened, lowering her until her knees were on the ground. She felt the shadows, looked up to see Don and Greg in front of her. As she watched, Don pulled down his shorts showing her a rock-hard cock.

“Suck it good, slave.” Greg commanded. “If it’s not the best blow job Don has ever gotten I will string you back up again and whip you some more. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.” Nel barely mumbled, almost lunging for the cock presented before her. She ached terribly but anything was better than being whipped more. Arms still strung up above her, she went to work.

Suddenly, about halfway through, Don stopped and backed away. No, Nel thought with terror, what had she done wrong? She braced herself to feel herself being pulled back up into the air, knowing what that would mean. But why? She had been giving it everything she had!

Instead the clips on her wrists were released and she fell on her back to the ground. Inward she was almost shaking with relief. She knew what that meant. It was over. No more whippings. She had made it. If it followed the expected path Don might or might not have sex with her, but she realized as he moved between her legs that this was why he stopped her early. It hurt a little where the whip marks touched the ground, but both of them were welcome to her body instead of inflicting more pain on it. Welcome indeed.

Don did finish himself inside of her. Instead of taking his own turn Greg started immediately into the aftercare. He helped her drink a bottle of water along with two strong painkillers, and then started in with the balm on the whip marks on her front. It hurt at first as always but the analgesic worked fast as it always did and soon the front of her was warm but no longer screaming in pain. He had her roll over, never any fun and the dirt stuck to where the balm had been applied, but it meant Greg would make the rest of the fires on her body go out so she gingerly and with only a little whimpering did it. The balm worked as well on her back as it did her front and the pain pills were beginning to kick in.

When it was done she sat up, a little gingerly at first and then she shrugged it off. She stood, a little shaky for the first few seconds, then she was fine. She leaned over to Greg, gave him a passionate kiss. To Don it almost seemed like a ritual sort of thing, and he was surprised when Nel after a few seconds walked over to him and did the same. She took a step back. “Have I been pleasing to you this afternoon, masters?” She asked quietly but strongly.

“Yes, entirely pleasing.” Greg responded. This all still seemed to Don like a script. But he nodded as well; it had been one hell of a show.

“A slave girl is happy that she has pleased her masters.” Nel knelt down where she stood with her back straight up and knees open, hands palm up on her thighs. Don stopped for a second to look at it; he had heard of the slave girl position, of course, but had never seen anyone actually do it and never in a million years dreamed the one to do it in front of him would be a naked Nel. She stayed in that position on the ground unmoving, starting straight ahead and taking no notice at all as Greg and Done took down the rig and cleaned the area of their presence, until Greg came to her and told the slave girl it was time to go.

Nel was a little tentative climbing into the car seat but managed without a lot of difficulty; Don figured the pain pills were in. She looked a mess with all those red marks on her chest and breasts, and her back when it could be seen wasn’t any better, but she seemed to be alright. Or at least familiar with the situation.

They stopped at the corner where Nel’s clothes were, the truck again hidden from the freeway a short distance away. Don walked over and retrieved the bag while Nel gingerly climbed out of the truck and waited. She donned her t-shirt and shorts with only a little bit of effort and presented herself to Don for inspection. He confirmed none of the marks they had inflicted over the last few hours were visible in what she wore. They both got back in the truck and they left the area behind.

Dusk turned to darkness as they passed the city limits. Nel asked the two if they could go to a sports bar in town, she said she wasn’t ready to go home quite yet and would enjoy a drink or two. Don looked at Greg with a look that said “Well, I guess she’s not hurting quite as bad as we thought” as he shrugged and Greg changed destinations.

The bar was quiet but almost full; there was a basketball and a hockey game on the screens but nothing really big. They got a table near the back corner as Nel requested, Nel in the middle of the u-shaped table with the other two on either side.

They settled in. Greg said he’d stay clear after the first drink so that he could still drive, Don was welcome to drink as much as he wanted. Nel had announced on the way in she wanted to start with a rum and coke.

They ordered food along with the drinks; they might as well get dinner while they were there. The talk was light and about casual things. Don alternated with regular soda but Nel kept up the rum and cokes. She was feeling really good and got giggly as the alcohol hit her.

Greg shrugged as he explained to Don when Nel had to run out to the ladies’ room. “Nel is generally a quiet drunk, but if she’s happy or turned on she gets like this, giggles a lot and is way too adventurous.” Don just shrugged; yet another side of Nel he had never seen or imagined.

The dishes from dinner were cleared away before Nel returned. she seemed as she had been the whole meal, like her normal self. Giggly and a lot spicier; normally the words that best described her were “quiet” and “thoughtful”, but she was having a good time right now.

One of the waitresses walked by in her uniform - a black low cut tank top, denim shorts and cowboy boots. Nel got a gleam in her eye.

“Greg baby, go get me one of those tank tops.” You could tell she was drunk, but she was serious. “This is such a bummer. I’m soooo drunk, I’ve got my two favorite guys all to myself, and I can’t tease you two worth a damn in this.” She indicated her t-shirt with disdain.

She looked at Don and then at Greg, who wasn’t moving. After a second, Greg answered uncomfortably. “Ok, but we were just out at the canyon. Some of the stuff we did will show in one of those tank tops.” It wasn’t a lack of wanting to; Greg had wanted to get her into a tight one of them for a long time.

Nel looked over at Don for support, saw none. She sighed. “Ok, I’ll sweeten the pot, baby. You go get me the top and I’ll change into it right here at the table. I’ll be topless for about five seconds for the whole place to see.” She nuzzled up to Greg. “I *know* you’d like that!” Don couldn’t believe his ears. Damn she was a different woman when she got lit.

Greg looked alarmed. “No, baby, that wouldn’t be a good idea. People would see your chest and call the cops on us, don’t you think?” Good phrasing on his part, Don thought. Anyone overhearing, and it seemed from time to time that the guy in the next booth sitting adjacent to Greg was listening in, would think they were just talking about her being topless and not the grid of red marks Don knew were hiding under that t-shirt.

She grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, raided it up a few inches. Several welts were visible to Greg and Don but the table hid them from everyone else. But if she raised the shirt an inch or two higher, there would be problems. “Maybe I’ll just pull this off and sit here topless until you get me one of their tank tops to wear.”

“No, no baby,” Greg said as he grabbed her nearest hand and Don did the same. They both pried her hands off of her shirt, which thankfully fell down to a safe length, then pulled her hands in theirs back on the table.

Nel leaned back and closed her eyes. “Ooh, you’ve got both of my hands. You could do anything you wanted to me with your other hands.”

“Yes, but we’re not going to.” Greg warned her. “Maybe when we get back to your place.”

Nel got a pout on her face. “You two are no fun.” She stopped for a second, got a gleam. “OK. If you won’t let me do that, then let’s play hands up, with both of you.” Greg gave a start. “It’s either that or I take my shirt off and wait for you to get me the bar’s tank.”


“Sure. Why not?”

“What are you two talking about?” Don finally blurted out.

Before Greg could answer Nel cut him off with a smile. “It’s a game Greg and I sometimes play at restaurants, but this time I’m going to do it to you both. I go under the table and give you a blow job. You have to keep your hands on the table. If your hands leave the table, especially to touch me, I can stop and I don’t have to continue. I can leave you high and dry and aching. Your job is to keep your hands on the table. My job is to be so good going down on you that you can’t help yourself.” She looked at Don with a shit-eating grin. “And don’t you doubt for a second I will stop dead and refuse to do a thing about it at least until we get home.” She smiled at them both. Don froze a little bit; it looked like the guy on the other side of Greg had frozen as well and was listening intently. Nel continued, oblivious. “And you can’t order a slave girl to keep going if you do, a slave girl will refuse because it’s a game and her masters are not playing the game right. She knows she could be spanked for disobeying, but after this afternoon she really doubts that won’t happen tonight, and by the time it could, a little slave girl will not be your little slave girl, so she wouldn’t get spanked. So she could say no with absolutely no risk.” The guy at the other table looked like he was trembling. Don just couldn’t say anything to stop the train that was wrecking in front of his eyes.

Nel went on. “I know blow jobs are supposed to be given at least topless, but I think the two of you can excuse me from that for tonight. Now, you two,” she extracted her hands from theirs. “Which one shall it be?” She again grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt.

Greg panicked for a second, then took action. “Playing the game will be fine, baby. We’re in the back of the restaurant and nobody should see. Have fun but you know I’m going to win.”

She reached up and caressed both of their faces in sequence. “Not if I can help it, baby. But be a dear and order me a mudslide to drink. If people see anything white and gooey on my face they’ll think I’m just getting sloppy drinking.” She giggled and then as Don watched she slid under their table.

Don was first. Greg couldn’t see anything specific through the table, but Don suddenly got a startled look as Nep was no doubt unzipping his pants. A few seconds later his hands tightened around his glass and the game was on. The bar was loud enough so there was absolutely no worry that any noises Nel made might be overheard. Greg just watched his best friend go to pieces as his girlfriend worked him over under the table. Twice his hands started for under the table but he, with a warning from Greg, managed to keep them on top.

The waitress came by to take their refill order. She didn’t see Nel and must have assumed Nel had gone to the bathroom. Nel could hear her and probably see her legs standing at the side of the table and was absolutely merciless to Don, trying extra hard to make him gasp or act out in some way. To Greg he looked like he was about to break out in a sweat and had a death grip on his glass. Besides some uncomfortable shifting around he managed.

Then Don scrunched up his face and gave out a quiet moan and Greg had no doubt what was happening. After ten seconds or so Don had regained his composure and the table was again peaceful. Greg heard Nel whisper from under the table if it was safe, and looking around and seeing no one told her it was. A few seconds later Nel squeezed back into her seat. Her hair was an absolute mess, everywhere, but she had a smile on her face and otherwise looked perfect as she retrieved a brush and fixed it.

Their drinks arrived as she finished. Nel took a drink from her mudslide then with a devilish grim asked Don to look at her. She stuck out her tongue and there was a small ball of something white and creamy on top of it. Don’s face went a little white as Nel giggled, closed her mouth and made a big deal of swallowing. Then she broke out laughing at Don’s reaction and patted him reassuringly on the hand as she told him it was from the drink; she swallowed anything else like that that might have recently been in her mouth at the time it arrived. Don noticed the guy at the table behind Greg flinch at that; apparently he had been listening.

They drank and talked for a few minutes, then with a sigh Nel admitted she was zero for one, but with a big smile she announced she was going to win this one; she knew just how to make Greg crack. And with a look around again she slid under the table.

It was Greg’s turn for the funny face and grabbing his drink hard. Don got a little satisfaction out of that; Nel was good and it wasn’t just him. Nel seemed to be playing Greg under the table, running him hot and cold, trying to get him to break and put his hands under the table. He too had a death grip on his drink but don could see it was a strain.

The party at the table behind Greg got up and left. The guy who had been listening in gave them both a hard look as he left. And then a few minutes later things went completely off the rails.

The young man was back. He apologized for possibly being rude, and if he was he would leave and they’d never see him again, but he had overheard about their game and wanted to know if he could play too.

They were both taken aback at the request, but at least he wasn’t being a jerk about it or trying to force his way in. Greg shrugged, called quietly under the table. “Nel, there’s a friend who wants to play too. Do you mind if he joins the game?”

The silence was deafening for a few seconds. Then in a quiet moment in the bar all three could hear her answer. “Sure. The more the merrier. But only him, and nobody else. Bring it on. Make sure he understands the rules.”

Greg zipped up and scooted out of the booth as Nel slid to the far side to make room. His name was Otto and he wound up sitting with Greg to the outside so that Nel could stay hidden under the table. He was a college student visiting family here while in school over in the next state. He’d been out with some old friends and it was hard but he was just in the right place, with apologies, to overhear their conversation, and Nel was so beautiful, and well… His speech suddenly cut off; Greg could see under the table Nel’s hands unzipping his shorts. He didn’t seem to be as ready for it as he should be because he jumped pretty hard as Nel pulled his shorts open wide enough to expose his member and his balls. He wasn’t anything to write home about, Greg noted, but neither was he anything to be ashamed of. Then all he could see was the side of Nel’s head and her hair as she bobbed up and down on Otto’s member.

Otto handled it less well than the other two, probably Don thought because he hadn’t had a chance to fuck and come in someone earlier that evening like Don and Greg had. He was bouncing all over the booth, every once in a while letting out a gasp or a moan, but managing to hold still when someone walked by. At one point his hands were on the edge of the table and he was fighting it but he resisted and grabbed his drink. If you knew to watch you could see him thrusting his hips as he must have been spurting into Nel’s mouth. Evidently he had a full load, Greg thought, he did it about seven or eight times. It would be a lot, but he figured Nel could handle it.

After a few seconds that Otto was just dazed where he sat, Nel zipped him back up, gave his package a little pat, then climbed back up into the booth between him and Don. Their eyes met for the first time and it was kind of funny, after what had just happened seeing what the other looked like up close. Otto was still speechless but Nel was still drunk and still happy.

“Thank you, that was fun. My name is Nel, by the way,” with a shit-eating grin she offered him her hand and he shook it. “In case you didn’t know, I’m really drunk and am going to be horrified at what I just did once I get sober again, but I wanted to and I had fun. I take it you did too.” She smiled and Otto nodded. “I’m drunk enough that I’m sorry but I won’t remember much of what happened tonight, including you, so if we pass on the street I probably won’t know it’s you.” She hiccupped. “All in all it’s a fair tradeoff I think because if I were sober I would have never done this in a million years but I’m not and I didn’t. I’d give you a kiss thank you, but…” She looked at him, and based on where her mouth had been the last hour Otto didn’t look thrilled by the idea “I understand. I had a good time and no regrets and I think you did too.”

“I sure did. Thank you, Nel.” They all got out of the booth and left, Otto going his own way. It was decided once they got home that the slave girl had endured a hard afternoon so she got the bed all to herself. Greg and Don slept out in the living room but both of them came into the bedroom at different points in the night and had sex with a quite willing but still semi-drunk and semi-out-of-it Nel.

The next morning the two first saw Nel as she was blasting through to the kitchen. She was wearing only one of Greg’s white t-shirts and her nipples poked straight through and it didn’t come low enough to fully cover the lower parts of her buns, which both males appreciated. She went straight into the kitchen for some orange juice. She seemed to be moving rather well for someone who had gone through what she went through yesterday afternoon and drank as much as she did last night. Don and Greg, who had been quietly talking, both waited quietly wondering if the orange juice would be coming up faster than it went down but Nel made no such actions.

She came back in after a few minutes, apparently handling her recent past much better than either of the other two expected. She sat across from the other two and finished her glass of OJ, listening to them talk. Technically she was still their slave girl until six PM, but she had to be at work in two and a half hours and by the time she got off that all would be over. She asked and they confirmed they probably would come see her for lunch, but she had been through enough. It would just be lunch in the food court.

“Greg.” She finally started, looking over at the two of them, who stopped their own conversation at her words. “I want you to go out to Sherlock’s and bring us back breakfast. Pretty please?”

All Don heard was a request for breakfast, but Greg knew exactly what she was asking. “You know how busy they are at this time of the morning. It’ll take over an hour to get it and get back.” Greg knew she was asking him to leave for an hour so she could be alone with Don.

“It’s just this once.” Nel countered, still not naming the elephant in the room but admitting it was there. “You know I’ve always wondered and now is as good a chance as any.” She paused, not backing down. “You can tell me how I can make it up to you.”

Don was beginning to catch on. Greg sighed, grabbed his car keys, and said he’d be back with the food. Once he left it was just Nel and Don who were looking across the end table at each other.

Nel stood up and moved over toward Don, stripping off the t-shirt as she approached. Greg would doubtless find it there on the carpet where she was leaving it with no signs of either her or Don, but she didn’t think he’d be surprised. This, as long as it happened, was going to be so good!

Don marveled at her body, her almost alabaster skin, her pert breasts still looking good. He remembered her yesterday, tied up leaning over a rock too hot for him to touch, knowing that eventually, as did happen, her strength would fail and she’d pancake those breasts onto the hot rock. Her breasts looked fine, no signs of hurt or damage. Even after the whipping she had been given there was only one light red line running across the bottom of both breasts, she seemed to have recovered well from that as well. She motioned for him to stand up as she stopped right in front of him.

He did and she wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him, hard. After a second he responded. She seemed to like it and this confirmed it to her that he really was a good kisser. She could lose a couple of hours that way and be happy she spent them there. Then she slowly slid down, taking his shorts down as she did, and spent the next few minutes lovingly working over a member that was already getting hard and was completely hard when she was finished. She came back up to look at him.

“Greg will be gone for an hour. I just want you just once. Nobody pretending to be hypnotized, nobody has to do it, I just want you to make love to me.” She patted his package. “It’s nice and hard. I want you to use it on me. I’m with Greg, it’s just this once, but we have this once and I want it. Shall we go?”

Don smiled and took her hand as they headed together for the bedroom.


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