The Footstall

by boytoy

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© Copyright 2004 - boytoy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bondage; cons; X

The Footstall
by boytoy
The Footstall by boytoy

“Be a good little boy while I’m gone” was the last thing i heard as You padded out of the room to change. 

Not like there was much i could do anyway, considering my situation. After all, how much trouble could i get into while bound, gagged and blindfolded on my hands and knees to this footstool? If it wasn’t humiliating enough i was drooling around the ballgag, i was leaking profusely from my cock despite the fact Mistress had roped it and my balls up good and tight and tied them off to the front two legs of the footstool where my hands were bound with thick leather straps. my legs were strapped tight against the other two legs with similar straps. my ankle cuffs were connected by a short spreader bar, which was tied off to something unknown, since i could barely raise my ankles an inch off the carpet. 

I felt You enter the room before I actually heard You. This is always the case when I’m blindfolded, the prey sensing the hunter long before they saw or heard them. You glide slowly around my bound body, soaking in scenery before stepping away to light some candles. Normally, hearing the match strike would cause me to tense with anticipation, but being bound as i am i know those are for mood setting rather than dripping on me. i hear Your footsteps stop in front of me, Your hand lightly caresses my head as You kneel down and whisper in my ear “Are you ready to get started pet?” 

I mumble a semi-coherant “Yes Mistress” through the gag. 

“Good boy” You tell me as You pat my head and stand up to move around me once again. 

“Where to start, where on earth to start?” You mumble just loudly enough for me to hear. You know how that torments me, the anticipation of what’s coming. You stop at the coffee table where You set out the toys for this evening’s games after binding and blindfolding me. i can tell You’re contemplating what to use first. Come out hard and fast, or a slow tortuous build up? i feel the riding crop being laid across my lower back. You slowly slide up to my ear and whisper “If it falls, you get 15 on each cheek” 

You move back behind me and i begin to realize what’s in store for me. Ever so lightly Your fingers begin weaving slowly across my buttocks, a light sensuous scraping that sets every nerve on fire with lust. Your fingers dart and dive around me, never quite touching the one place i desperately want them to go, in spite of the taut ropes. i feel Your fingers begin to intrude into me, probing, thrusting in and out, loosening me up for what’s next. Despite steeling myself for it, the cold splash of lubricant still catches me off guard. 

Once again, Your fingers begin their irresistible probing, lubricating me as deeply as Your fingers will go. Satisfied, You slowly insert the plug into my ass, stopping every so often to pull it back out slightly, a slow inescapable torture that You play out for what seems like an eternity to me. Finally, You settle the plug deep in my ass and pump it up so it can’t come back out. 

Picking up the crop You say “Now it’s My turn to have what I want little pet” i hear the chair move in front of me, then You kneel beside me, remove the gag and return to the chair. You reach out a stockined foot under my chin, lift it slightly and command me to begin worshipping Your feet. i dive hungrily into work, licking sucking, kissing everywhere i can possibly reach, trying my best to prove my devotion. I hear the buzz of Your favorite vibrator begin as I continue my quest to please You, and You begin to moan and breath heavier as Your excitement builds. i take several of Your toes in my mouth and suck hungrily at them as You near orgasm, and feel delighted when You finally crash over the top, moaning and thrashing about in Your chair. 

“Very good pet” You commend me. “That was just the beginning”. i hear You stand up, then I feel Your hand on my head as You pull me to You, commanding me to lick as You thrust Yourself onto my tongue. Your hand guides my head where You want it to go, pulling away from me as it suits You, keeping me guessing and wanting more and more of Your sweet taste on my lips. This time You pull away before giving in to Your arousal, and i hear You slide Your panties down and remove them. 

“These are for you pet” You tell me as You stuff them into my mouth, Your juices mingling with my saliva. 

“And this is for Me” i hear as You begin buckling the strap on dildo around my mouth. I feel Your hand stroke it up and down, lubricating it before You kneel in front of me and mount it doggy style. You slowly work the phallus inside and out, reveling in the ecstasy of the moment. You quicken Your pace, building Yourself up to that plateau that You’ll allow Yourself to plunge from this time. Your scent is almost overpowering, driving me wild with lust as all I can do is kneel behind You as You ride my face. 

Satiated, you slowly slide Yourself back on the dildo until You’re pushed up against my face, slowly wiggling Your ass against my face, knowing how desperately I now want to lick it. You slide off the dildo slowly, then stand to go get a drink of water, leaving me there with the strap on still attached to my face. I lay there thinking how ridiculous I must look, a puddle of drool on one end of me, a puddle of seminal fluid on the other and a dildo strapped to my face. 

You come back in and unstrap the dildo from my face, wrapping an ace bandage around my mouth to keep the panties in that gag me.  You glide behind me and begin tugging at the inflated plug in my ass, toying with it, stretching my rectum in anticipation of the next invasion waiting for it. You deflate the plug and pull it out of me, replacing it with the head of Your strap on. Still wet from Your own lubrication, it slides into me effortlessly. You start slowly, building the rhythm over time. Faster and faster You begin to pump the dildo into me, until I’m moaning loudly into the gag, begging for more and pleading for release. 

Finally satisfied, You pull out of me and remove the strap on. i hear You moving toys around on the table, and then feel the electric touch of Your hand on my bound cock as You place a vibrating ring on it and turn it to medium speed. “you have two choices pet. you may come, but know if you do, I’ll expect you to lick up your mess when I release you, or you can hold off and remain frustrated until after I return from My bath, I’ll give you a real reward.” And with a kiss on the cheek and a stroke of Your hand through my hair, I hear You walk away leaving me a moaning, leaking struggling mess awaiting Your return.