Football Off, Bondage On

by TS

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© Copyright 2012 - TS - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; cd; stockings; lingerie; gag; chair; bfold; tease; cons; X

The weekend couldn’t come soon enough, and after we’d both finished work we were soon home, ready to relax. The plan for the weekend was for a quiet night in on the Friday and an early night ! Then plans for Saturday were for me to go to the football with Mike; and Sally to go shopping with Lisa. We would then meet back at our house for a meal, with plans for inter couple fun.

Friday’s plans went very well. I collected a takeaway meal on the way back from the station and Sally had the table prepared. After the meal we watched some TV before the lure of the bedroom got the better of us……

Saturday morning dawned with a dull, sunless, wintery sky; which after a clear night beforehand left the ground with a solid frost. Nevertheless we were both looking forward to the day ahead. Over breakfast we listened to the radio which is when we found out the football game Mike and I were due to watch had been called off.

My heart sank. Not only was I disappointed to miss the football, I also knew that Sally would not forgo her shopping trip with Lisa. Instead I expected she would line up a few DIY jobs for me (DIY of the decorating nature before readers think otherwise).

It was no surprise that Sally was soon on the phone to Lisa and after a few giggles, ‘oh yes’s’, and ‘I’m sure I’ll get him to do the same’ she finished the phone conversation and came back into the kitchen to set out the revised plans for the day.

First of all she said she and Lisa would still go shopping – no surprise there then. Then she said I’d be left at home and could listen to Radio 5’s coverage of the football games that were still able to take place despite the weather. This still didn’t rule out a day of decorating for me (which Sally knows I hate) until she said I have a choice of how to spend the day. I could either finish off the bathroom tiling, or sit down and take in the sport provided by Radio 5, with a condition or two !

Well it didn’t take too much thought and I soon confirmed I’d go for the non-decorating option. Sally’s glee at this response seemed a little disconcerting, but at least it was no grouting for me. It was then she set out what the conditions were.

I’d be left in bondage as she went shopping with Lisa. On the way back to our house Sally and Lisa would pick up Mike (who would also have been left bound) and both Mike and I would then have to prepare dinner. This didn’t seem too bad until Sally said we’d be left dressed in ‘a certain way’ and would be left for the evening in the same attire.

Sally went upstairs and prepared herself to go out shopping. She returned in a mid-thigh length, dark grey skirt, black jumper top and diamond patterned tights with three inch heels. This wasn’t a ‘tarty’ outfit, but still left me feeling rather lustful given what she said was to come my way.

She also bought some other of her clothes down with her and explained that Mike and I would be dressed to ‘wait’ upon Sally and Lisa. I was then instructed to remove my clothes. Upon doing so I was handed a pair of black, opaque stockings with the obvious intention that I should put them on. Soon after doing so Sally then handed me a black suspender belt. After a slight hesitation Sally took it from my hands and moved behind me. She then bought the lacy garment in front of me and after I raised my hands up out of the way, pulled the clasps together behind my back and secured them to together. She then smoothed the fabric down and let the garters dangle for a moment before pulling each of them down towards the stocking tops and fixing them in place. The garters were already set so they would be taught and no further adjustment was necessary. This didn’t stop Sally from pulling one of the straps out and letting it ‘twang’ back onto my legs. In fact she tested all four in this manner, laughing as she did do.

Next Sally held out the matching pair of black, lacy knickers and after I stepped into them they were drawn up my legs, over the stockings and suspenders. Sally finished by pulling them up tightly ensuring they covered my bottom and tucked away my ‘front tackle’ pulling it and pushing it up behind my butt checks as far is it would go. Next she held out a black bra of hers. Whilst my waist was not far off her measurement, I was quite broad chested. This doesn’t necessarily equate to a cup size, and so the bra I was handed was really quite constraining around my chest. This was not uncomfortably so, but each time I twisted I could fell one of the straps pulling in one direction or other. This feeling was heightened as Sally handed me some implants to put inside the bra.

At this point Sally got me to pose in front of her mobile as she took a couple of photos which she said would be send to Lisa.

Next Sally handed me the last two items I was to wear for the day. The first was a white blouse with three quarter length arms leaving my wrists exposed. The fabric was not quite opaque enough to prevent the outline of my black bra showing through. Next I was handed a black knee length skirt. As I stepped into it and drew it up my legs, I felt a tingling feeling as the lining of the skirt brushed against my suspenders. I soon pulled the skirt together as the rear zip was tightened and I looked into the nearby mirror to see just how revealing the rear slit of the skirt was.

Next was the bondage. Sally moved behind me and reached round and pulled my wrists together behind my back ready to tie them together. This was the last point at which I could put up any meaningful resistance, but I remained compliant and soon any potential to resistance to the moves Sally had in mind resided. My wrists were then tied together in a crossed fashion. Sally pushed my shoulders in a turning motion to bring me face to face with her. I felt helpless, with my hands secured behind my back. She raised her hands up to my face and pulled my face towards hers as she leaned forward to place hers lips upon mine to initiate a deep, tongue- in-mouth kiss. Once our heads were bought together here hands slipped down my body and she pulled us more tightly together by pulling towards her the cheeks of my bottom. As she did do her hands traced the line of the rear garters holding up my stockings.

She drew away from our embrace and said it time for me to get comfortable. I was left in in the lounge of our house as Sally fetched one of the kitchen chairs into the room.

I was then pushed against the seat of the chair and my still bound hands were positioned over the top of the short backed chair. A rope was then attached to my wrist tie pulling it back down towards a rear, lower rung of the chair. Sally then moved in front of me dangling more lengths of the white rope she had ready. As she circled my ankles with the rope I reflected upon the contrast between the white rope and the black of my opaque stockings. My wondering mind was bought back into focus as my ankles were tied tightly to the outside rungs of the chair giving me no movement at all.

Sally them moved the chair so that it faced the full length mirror in our lounge. I was then looking at a bound figure, arms pulled behind, legs pulled apart (with a view up my skirt to the top of my stockings) in a white blouse. I was bought back to the realisation of the current situation as Sally moved back in front of me. She hitched up her skirt and swung her right leg over me as she sat on my lap. Knowing I could little about it she moved forward to kiss me again.

Moments later she soon stood up and declared she was late for her shopping expedition. She then told me that Lisa had agreed to keep Mike similarly tied and that when they had both finished shopping they would each return to the other partners’ house. One of the bound ‘boys’ would be realised in order to cook the meal (en femme) for the others, with the other ‘boy’ kept restrained having been transported to the other house.

I didn’t know what to think. I would be left alone, bound, for the afternoon thinking I would be released only to have to cook for the others, whilst still dressed in a back skirt stockings etc. Otherwise I would be kept bound as I was transported to Mike & Lisa’s house and made to watch as Mike prepared dinner for us all, with me being left bound and helpless.

Whilst I was contemplating the options I didn’t notice Sally pulling out a couple of items from or ‘bondage drawer’. Looking in the mirror I then did see Sally approaching the rear of the chair with a harness gag in her hands. I knew resistance was futile and allowed the bright red ball, to be pushed between my lips. I next felt the straps being secured behind my head, but surprisingly not too tightly. Then I felt the straps being pulled over the top of my head and as the chin straps were pulled back behind my head Sally pushed my head one side then he other as the straps were all secured together. When she was happy with the arrangement the first ‘back of head’ strap was released and tightened up by a further notch. Whilst this was happening I let out a few ‘mpphhhhs’ in an attempt to protest at my treatment, not that this would have any effect !

To finish off my predicament Sally had two more tasks to complete. The first was to apply a blindfold, and I watched as she produced a silk scarf from her drawer and then move behind me. I then looked up into the mirror as I saw Sally standing behind me. At this point it is worth describing the view.

I saw a bound figure in the mirror sat upon a chair. The person’s arms were drawn behind the chair and apparently secured. The black stockinged legs were wrapped in white rope and attached to the rungs of the chair. As I looked up I could see a view up the skirt revealing sticking tops contrasting against the top of the thighs. A black skirt outlined the view, above which the white blouse barely hiding the black bra beneath. Looking further upwards was the sight of a gagged mouth with straps running under the chin, around the back of the head and then over the top of the e head.

Whilst I was taking in this sight I was powerless to prevent the scarf being pulled down over my eyes and secured in place with a tight knot at the back my head. My helplessness was complete.

I felt Sally smoothing down the cloth over my eyes and then she moved in front of me and rubbed her hands up my legs. As she left, she plugged in my earphones and left me listening to Radio 5 Live declaring if Chelsea win I would be realised first and would have to cook for the others. Otherwise if Arsenal won Mike would be cooking for all, of us.

Just imagine the frustration as the earphones fell out soon after Sally left the apartment. With nothing to listen to I had no idea of the score and 4 hours later I heard the key in the door, but still didn't know whether I’d be cooking as dressed ‘en femme’ or whether I’d be left bound bound as Mike did his business in the kitchen.