Football fun

by BookWriter

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Storycodes: Solo-F; tease; strip; naked; M/f; bond; rope; harness; nippleclamps; blindfold; ballgag; toys; display; bdsm; flogger; denial; cons; X

Hi Jamie Lee here. Why is it when guy's watch sport they forget their partner's even exist???

Sean always watches the football every Saturday and sometimes during the week. It is at these times i barely get a word out of him. I end up bored and lonely when the football is on.

So one Saturday Sean sat down in his chair waiting for the match to start in half an hour's time. I took to the bedroom and lay on the bed. I was feeling horny & frustrated. So i got off the bed and stripped off my pyjama’s. Standing there naked my 38DD's jutting out proudly i opened the container at the foot of the bed. I scanned all the lovely bondage gear we have. I got wet at just the sight of it.

I grabbed an open carry box and put in a load of neatly coiled rope. I rummaged about the box. I decided to put the large red ballgag in the box as it completely fill's my mouth silencing me at the same time. I added a flogger, a crop and a pair of clover clamps were also added. A leather blindfold that buckle's at the back and finally the Hitachi wand.

I took the opportunity to spray my favourite perfume. I put on a flimsy bath robe i have and quietly entered the living room putting the box down on the table. I walked softly until i was standing in front of the tv. Sean looked at me and i untied the robe an let it slide off my shoulders. I folded my arm's behind my back and parted my leg's standing there my submissive nature shining through.

"Master" i said softly. "could you please...... tie me up?"

Sean looked at the box on the table & smiled. Sean rose from his chair a raging hard-on evident in his jean's. He picked up one of the ropes and wrapped around my folded arms tying a double knot when done binding my arms together. He took another rope and wrapped around my body under my breasts and above before tying it off behind my back.

Another rope was threaded between both ropes and when pulled tight my breasts jutted out proudly squeezed between the 2 ropes. The loose ends were pulled over my shoulders and tied off to my harness at the back. He roughly grabbed my arms and the rope dangling down behind me and threaded it through the back of my harness pulling the rope up until my arms sat with my harness to which he knotted to the back of my harness.

More rope was wrapped around my waist and pulled down between my spread legs up through my lower lips and looped through the front of the waist rope then brought back down between my legs, the rope digging deeper into my loins. The rope was pulled tight and tied off at the back of my waist.

He fondled me tracing his finger around my most intimate areas. He tied a rope to the one of the eyelets he had installed above the window at ceiling height. He moved me over to it an tied the rope to the back of my harness. If anyone chose to take a closer at the gap between the curtain's they would get an eyeful!.

My ankles were tied together and cinched in the middle then more rope below and above my knees. Sean put the Hitachi between my thighs and rested the head right on my crotch rope. More rope was tied around my thighs and cinched keeping the vibrator in place.

Sean went to the box and took out the ballgag. "Open wide".

I opened my mouth as Sean forced the huge ball into my mouth and then tightly buckled the straps behind my head.

Sean approached me with the clover clamps and started pinching my already erect nipples then applied the clamps causing a low deep moan as the clamps turned from a sharp bite to a delightful dull ache.

The last thing was the blindfold which was put over my eyes and buckled snugly behind my head. He turned on the Hitachi on the lowest setting and with a tug on my clamps he was gone. Probably sitting in his chair watching my discomfort.

I however was in dreamland. Bound tight, heavily gagged, clamps and the Hitachi tormenting me all the while i knew i was in the hands of a strong handsome master who loved me and loved putting me in bondage. I hoped he would use the flogger and crop on me whenever he wished.

I felt the setting being adjusted on the wand. He had put it on random tease mode my favourite. It would start at various intervals and bring me to the brink before shutting off denying me the climax i craved. This went on for the full 45minutes plus injury time in the first half.

I heard his footsteps approach me and the first stings of the flogger as it fell upon my bound body time and again with different intensity. I was loving every second of it.

Then i heard a whistle and my master was gone. The second half had started. It would be another 45 minutes at least before my master would come back to torment me some more.

Life is good and from now on i don’t think i will complain about football days anymore as long as they all turn out like this one........


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