Football Physicals

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

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My name is Joe Bismark. Each year you kinda get used to the football physicals. Same old thing. But in my senior year of high school, the physical became a pleasure. In fact, a little too much pleasure.

As I entered the examining room, all seemed the usual. A beautiful, blond nurse named Phyllis conducted the normal tests. Blood pressure, check ears and throat, breath in and out. Just the routine exam questions. But when the doctor came in, the exam took on a new meaning.

Dr. Barbara Aziz was a stunning woman. She appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent with stunning black hair, dark complexion, and a very well formed bust. Even though she was probably close to forty, it certainly rose the testosterone level. In fact, it rose other things, too!

At first the exam seemed normal. Even when Dr. Aziz checked my prostrate, I did not suspect anything out of the ordinary. That was an interesting experience, however. Dr. Aziz had me bend over the exam table showing my butt to the world. She then took a lubricant and very slowly, almost sensuously, lubricated my rectum. “Oh yes, this procedure does excite most young men.” She commented as she continued massage.

Even though the doctor seemed to actually enjoy performing the prostrate massage, I still didn’t think anything was unusual. That is until good nurse Phyllis walked into the room. “Is the patient ready, doctor?”

“Oh yes, and he is very cooperative.”

And with that the nurse started what I thought was a most unusual physical examination procedure. “Now we will begin to perform the semen check.” she said. “We believe it is very important you are checked for all types of possible infections and improprieties.” But semen, I thought. I have never had a semen check. Just how was this to occur? My questions were soon answered.

“Now please bend over the exam table. Move a little closer, please.  You need to be directly in front of the plastic container.” I looked down and saw a Tupperware like container under the table.
“The container collects the semen after you ejaculate. It keeps it in a sterile environment until we can test it for impurities”, she explained.

This seemed really weird to me. Especially, when she reached under the table and produced two leather straps attached to metal poles. She also revealed two straps on the top of the exam table attached to a small track that went around the table. “Now I know this looks rather threatening, but we need to secure you to assure the semen lands directly in the sterile container. Sometimes, when men ejaculate, they react so violently the semen misses the container. By securing your legs and arms in position, we make sure your ejaculation lands directly into the container.”

OK, I thought, that kinda makes sense. But the next device really got my attention. “Now open wide please.” What the hell is she doing now?

“This is just like your football mouthpiece. Sometimes you young men get overly excited. We don’t want you to disturb our other patients.” And with that she shoved the mouthpiece into my mouth. But attached to the mouthpiece was a leather covering that was strapped to the back of my head. Hell, this wasn’t a mouthpiece, it was a gag!

“OK, Mr. Bismark, just relax.” I could hear her pulling latex gloves from a box and putting them on each of her hands. “Sometimes the latex can irritate the penis, so I will have a small amount of lubricant on the glove. It may be a little cold.”

What happened next was very frightening, but also, very, very pleasurable. Nurse Phyllis leaned against my back and pressed her big boobs against my shoulders. Her right arm reached around and slowly caressed my dick. Right then and there, I almost fainted. But the best was yet to come, or shall I say cum.

Nurse Phyllis gently started to massage my penis. The lubricant allowed her hand to slide back and forth with a soft, squeezing motion. Very slowly, she increased the pressure of the squeeze and speed of the motion. My already erect penis became the Washington Monument. It was as hard as stone. The bulb end felt like a dirigible ready to explode. And the whole time, good nurse Phyllis seemed to be humping me! She was really getting off on this! But, I didn’t explode, I erupted. I could hear my load smashing into the container. And, as I screamed into the mouthpiece, I understood why I needed to be gagged.

The session ended, I was totally exhausted. I had just lived a teenage dream, all in the name of good health. Even football practice did not take this much energy from my teenage frame. Of course, football practice was not this enjoyable.

In a few short days, football practice started. Two a days are never fun in the middle of summer. In the locker room, guys talk, well, guy talk. Somehow, we got talking about our football physicals. The discussions were pretty normal until Eric Freeman, our quarterback,  blurted out ,“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I got jacked off by a beautiful blond nurse.”

There was silence. “You’re kidding, right Free Man?”

“No, I am dead serious. She said it was something to do with a semen check.”

“Bullshit, what nurse in her right mind would shoot your joy juice for a football physical?” commented one of the other players. It was then I realized, I had been had. Not that I minded, but I felt violated. I was taken advantage of by an older woman! As the general discussion continued, it was evident only about six guys received this special physical.  We all felt we needed to do something, face these bitches with the facts. But what then?

It was about 9:30PM. Some of the lights were still on in the office when we approached the building. None of the five of us knew what we would do once we got inside. We just knew we needed to do something.

The door was ajar when we entered the office. After going through the waiting room, we found a room with a large walk-in refrigerator and a computer work station. Eric Freeman started looking at computer files while I opened the refrigerator door. “Hey, look at this. We are all in here. What’s this rating system?” Eric was trying to determine how she set up her physical files. But instead, he stumbled upon something much more interesting. “She’s grading our semen. The bitch is grading the sperm count, matching it to our physical attributes and giving each of us an overall grade.” But why? What good would that do? The answer was in the refrigerator.

As I looked around, I found viles of frozen semen with numbers matching the numbers in the computer files. But, each vile of semen had a shipping label. It all started to make sense. The good Dr. Aziz was harvesting our semen, grading it, shipping it to the Middle East and selling it on the black market. I could have offspring riding camels!

We were furious! We needed to get to the good doctor and nurse good body and make them pay. We proceeded towards the examining room where Dr. Aziz and Nurse Phyllis were working. Before we entered we peeked through the door. We could not believe our eyes.

Nurse Phyllis and Dr. Aziz were both naked and locked in a romantic bear hug in each other’s arms. As Dr. Aziz stood there, Nurse Phyllis stroked her, moved her fingers gently across her breasts and gave her a slow, passionate French kiss.

What a show!! But the real show was just beginning. Nurse Phyllis led Dr. Aziz to the exam table. The doctor climbed on to the table and laid back. Her golden form seemed to glow. Her breast looked like mounds of desert sand with pink, cherry nipples reaching upward.

What happen next caught us all totally by surprise. The nurse walked to the head of the table and spun two leather straps around the track. First, she took Dr. Aziz’s right hand and fastened it in the strap. She then placed the left hand in the strap and fastened it securely. The nurse walked to the bottom of the exam table and pulled out the straps that were attached to the metal poles and positioned them near each leg.

The nurse took the left leg and positioned it so the strap was above the foot. She took the strap and secured it to the ankle. She then took the right leg and secured it to the other strap. She took each pole and moved them to the outer edges of the table. An unbelievable sight. Dr Aziz was bound hand and foot, spread eagle in a large X position on the exam table. Her legs were opened so wide it exposed her vagina in a manner that invited temptation. You could actually see the pink lips pushing out from the deep, black pubic hair.

As a grand finale, the nurse produced a red ball with a long, leather strap. As Dr. Aziz opened her mouth, the nurse placed the red ball between her teeth and secured the strap behind her head. She had to move several strands of black hair as not to painfully pull. She raised the doctor’s head and lifted the long hair up to bring the leather straps under the back of the head painlessly.

Now, firmly bound and gagged, Dr. Aziz could not move or raise up from the table. Nurse Phyllis, still naked, walked to the bottom of the table between the out stretched legs. She took her hands and rubbed each leg from the end of the toes to the V of her bush. She leaned forward and softly blew a wiff of air into the vaginal lips.  She continued forward, with her tongue protruding from her mouth, until she reached the awaiting valley of love.

The golden body of Dr. Aziz vibrated wildly. She screamed chords of pleasure through her ball gag. We could see the lips of the nurse touch the lips of the doctor’s nest. What we could not see was the movement of the tongue inside the good doctor. Quite obviously, Nurse Phyllis was very adept in pleasing the sexual satisfaction of the doc. The bonds were stretched to their limit as Dr. Aziz attempted to roll, toss and shudder with sexual electricity.

But the show was far from over. Nurse Phyllis raised her head up from the exam table giving Dr. Aziz a momentary rest. A rest she would surely need. As the nurse stood up, she opened a drawer located in the end of the exam table. What she removed appeared to be a long, black, plastic penis with several straps. At the end, there was a smaller projectile. The nurse took two of the straps and placed them around her hips. She took the third strap and pulled it between her legs and connected it at the small of her back to the other straps. She positioned the small projectile end into her vagina. She reached back and adjusted the 3 straps together so the phallic object was firmly and squarely centered.

“Oh my God, what’s that?” exclaimed one of the team members.

“It’s a dildo you dildo.” I responded. And with that, the blond nurse climbed upon the exam table and positioned herself above the doctor. As she held herself up with her left hand, she took her right hand and directed the dildo into the awaiting, moist cavern of the doctor. Her hips slowly lowered and her shining buttocks descended downward. The plastic manhood maneuvered slowly, pressing the walls of the vagina outward.

When she penetrated as far as she could, the nurse lowered herself on her elbows and dangled her large breast in the air. She continued down until her nipples touched the tender nipples of the doctor. The nurse slowly swayed side to side, allowing the nipples to rub and bounce off each other. You could see each blossom become red and expand as the nipples kissed each other.

The nurse then gently placed her lips over the risen left nipple of the doctor. She sucked in and raised her head, causing the breast to form a tight skin triangle. When she released, the breast spread out across the doctor’s chest. She slowly repeated the steps on the other breast.

The good nurse lay flat upon the doctor and arched her back. A steady, pounding motion maneuvered the dildo back and forth within the ripe vagina. Slowly, at first, but continuing to speed up until both women were violently convulsing with pleasure. Dr. Aziz tried desperately to scream, but the ball gag muffled her sounds of joy. But Nurse Phyllis yelled and moaned as she jackhammered the doctor’s moistened hole.

Nurse Phyllis collapsed on to Dr. Aziz’s body. She and the doctor were drained of emotions.  The nurse took the gag out of the doctor’s mouth and stuck her tongue deep into her lover’s mouth. All the while, the dildo was still deep in the confines of the doctor.  After this moment of pleasure, Nurse Phyllis slowly raised up and gently, teasingly, eased the dildo out of Dr. Aziz.

Nurse Phyllis stood at the end of the table and threw her head back, slinging her blond hair around her neck. She reached forward and grasped the fake manhood, stroking it as if she were masturbating. She was totally oblivious to the door to the exam room opening.
“Bravo, bravo!” yelled Eric Freeman as we entered the room. “Great show ladies.”

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?” scowled Dr. Aziz. “Phyl, call the police. You all are in big trouble breaking into this office”

“Oh, yes, nurse, call the police. And while you’re at it, you can call the FBI.” replied Eric.

“What do you mean?” inquired the doctor.

“Well doc, it seems to me you two are in a lot more trouble than we could ever be. You see, we came to approach you about the semen checks and discovered you black market semen ring. We became so upset we forced out way in and totally lost control. You know, temporary insanity. The way I see, you and the nurse face serious criminal charges for luring us here. Also, one of our players is only 15 years old. I believe that is rape and child molestation in this state, right doc? Yeah, in jail and never practicing medicine again. Now who really is in trouble?”

“OK. You’ve made your point. Now, what do you want?”

“We want to really enjoy both of you.” Eric looked around the room at the other players. “For the next three hours, you are our sex object.”

Nurse Phyllis started to run, “No way, no fucking way am I going to give sex to …” Just then several players grabbed her arms and placed a rag of chloroform over her mouth. Roosevelt Johnson, one of our defensive tackles, picked up the naked, limp body of the nurse and carried it to an examining chair on the other side of the room.

“Sorry, doc, but this is going to be our payment for services rendered.” And with that Eric placed several rolls of sterile wrap into the mouth of the doctor. He quickly grabbed some medical tape and twisted around her head several times. The tight gag caused her cheeks to bulge. The doctor, still secured by the strap work of the nurse, fought violently to get loose. But additional bindings were yet to come.

Another player took extra wide tape and forced each breast down flat, stretching the tape under the table and back around the other side. The tape was then tightened above and below each nipple, making a red bullet appear in a mound of white tape. One player took his fingers and flicked at each nipple, watching them bend back and forth.

Meanwhile, Nurse Phyllis was beginning to regain consciousness, Just as Roosevelt was taping her arms together behind her back she looked up. “What the, what the hell is…mmhhh”

“Sorry nurse, but you need to understand what it is like to have a football mouthpiece forced into your mouth.” Another player fastened the mouthpiece gag behind her head double secured with wide medical tape.

Her legs were secured into stirrups at the base of the chair. Each leg was secured with plastic sports wrap with several layers of tape. Very tight. “Look at these tits!” yelled Roosevelt. You could see the gleam in his eye as he looked around the room. “I bet these would make them tits really stick out.” Roosevelt reached over to a table and picked up two blood pressure cuffs.

Nurse Phyllis panicked. Her eyes were bright with fear. “No way would they do that” she thought.

But the temptation was just too great. Roosevelt took one BP cuff and began to roll it around the left breast. He fastened the Velcro and began to inflate.

"MMMHHHMMMHH!!” She could not believe they were inflating a BP cuff around her breast.

“Wow, look at it expand.”

The breast was forced outward, until the nipple resembled a nosecone of a fighter jet. “It’s beginning to turn purple, better take some of the pressure off.” Yelled Eric.

The right breast was next. As the cuff inflated, it produced the same erotic results. “There. What a pair!”  The breasts of Nurse Phyllis looked like the domes of two Russian churches. Tighten at the base, slightly rounded above the cuff, and very pointed at the top. Two titties that were as firm as an NBA basketball. Eric leaned over and sucked the large nipple that rose from the mound. The nurse could not help but moan with pleasure as the moisture aroused the nipple.

The chair that bound the nurse had several different settings to move in any direction. The motor hummed as the stirrups were widened, exposing her to the entire team. “Yes, she is a true blond.”, laughed  Eric. “I wonder what color is on the inside?” The nurse watched in horror as the boys explored the new frontier. She squirmed with each movement. She wasn’t sure she felt pain or pleasure. She wasn’t sure if there was a difference.

What a magnificent sight! Two beautiful women, bound and gagged, totally at the mercy of five virile young men. Eric our leader on the field, was also our leader tonight. “Now ladies, it is time for us to give each of you a present. Each of you will receive your very own personal supply of semen, personally delivered by each team member present tonight.”

At Eric’s direction, the team members divided out and approached the captive, naked bodies. Eric was the first to enjoy his reward. He dropped his pants, displaying his already erect penis. He climbed upon the exam table and approached Dr. Aziz with his manhood targeting her wet cave. He eased in, savoring every moment. With the slow rocking motion, he could sense the doctor was getting closer to an orgasm. As he pounded and poured his fluid into her void, the doctor suddenly convulsed with excitement, nearly causing the table to overturn.

Nurse Phyllis tried in vain to scream through the gag. She was fully aware of her fate. She watched as Roosevelt adjusted her chair to accommodate his 6’4, 310lb. frame. With a push of a button, the stirrups angled further out, allowing Roosevelt to squeeze his hips into the triangle. He then pressed the “raise” button to adjust his height to match her entrance.

“Get these things off her tits.” he yelled. “I want to be able to enjoy those babies. What a piece of meat”, he chuckled. And with that, he provided the answer with his mammoth erection. Nurse Phyllis soon learned size does matter.

With perfect aim, his monster entered her cathedral of love. “Oh my God.” she thought as he began to build steam. Her boobs bounced rhythmically as he continued the steady grind. He grabbed each breast with his large hands. The black of his fingers were in sharp contrast to the snow white of her globes as he squeezed. Her body pitched towards the most magnificent orgasm of her life.

“Come on, baby, ride Rosie.” he shouted. The nurse clenched her teeth, biting hard into the football mouthpiece. Her hips sprung off the chair. She pushed hard against his pelvis. She could feel his hose pumping gallons into her well. Her ears rang, her blood boiled. She could not control this ultimate sexual thrill. She had an orgasm she could not have felt with a woman.

Her body betrayed her. She felt guilty knowing her female lover watched the entire encounter. “Now the next time you use that dick on the doc, remember me.” Roosevelt told her. And the shame of it was, she probably would.

When the secretary arrived the next morning, she found the doctor and nurse bound and gagged. They were fully clothed in customary medical whites, tied to chairs in the reception area. Their legs had been taped to the chair legs and arms taped behind their shoulders.

The newspaper reported the world famous fertility expert, Dr. Barbara Aziz and her nurse had been unharmed in the robbery. Apparently, a frustrated couple had unsuccessfully tried to conceive using the services of Dr. Aziz. They returned and ransacked the office, leaving the doctor and nurse bound with their mouths taped shut, but otherwise, untouched. Or at least, that’s what they reported.