by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; capture; bond; harness; straps; toys; insert; revenge; disposal; fall; scifi; crime; climax; cons/nc; X

It was the newest wonder of the world, a tribute and monument to human excellence. It was the newest and best thing ever devised by the human mind. At least, that’s what the press releases said.

Physically, it was a city, albeit a small one, perched on a platform. Newly developed repulsor technology allowed the platform to hover in mid air. Floating high over Colorado (so high, read the releases, that the Grand Canyon looks like a ravine), the city even borrowed its name from a science fiction thriller of the past. Cloud City, floating high and proud, the ultimate vacation destination.

Gazing at the gleaming towers from her seat in the air car (also made possible by repulsor tech), Becky Altman couldn’t believe she was here. She’d heard about Cloud City, even dreamed of one day visiting, a dream she never thought to realize, until she got the letter telling her she’d won an all-expenses-paid trip. Becky couldn’t remember entering any contests, but she had never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Now, as the car floated down toward the arrival platform, she turned to her two companions. “I have to meet with the prize committee,” she told them. “Shouldn’t take long, then we’ll meet here for a look around.”

“Sounds good,” replied Marc from behind the controls. “While we wait, Joe and I will do some looking around of our own.”

“See ya soon,” Becky leaped from the now grounded car, waving as she rushed through the nearest door. At the welcome desk, she received directions to her meeting, directions that soon had her high up in one of Cloud City’s highest towers.

Becky’s destination was a posh suite, dimly lit, decorated with expensive good taste. For a moment, she simply stared around herself, amazed by the luxury surrounding her. Then her gaze turned toward a desk set near the end of the room, and she froze.

“Hello, Monica.” The man rising from behind the desk was well known to Becky, and the sight of him, as well as his words, sent a shiver of pure terror through her.

“You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you, did you?” the man went on, circling the desk to approach the stunned woman. “After all, it was mostly your testimony that destroyed my little business, not to mention sending my brother to prison.” As the man spoke, two others, large, brutal looking, emerged from the shadows. Becky turned to run, only to find herself caught in the grip of one of these new arrivals.

“Leaving so soon?” The man from the desk laughed. “I wouldn’t dream of it. After all the money I spent to find you, not to mention the cost of your ‘prize’ trip, the least you could do would be to stay and visit, don’t you think?”

Becky shivered, wincing at the powerful grip on her arm. Stefano, the man before her, had every reason to hate her, at least in his own mind. Along with his brother, Alberto, he had run one of the largest narcotics rings in North America. It had taken years to build a case against the brothers.

Back then, Becky had been known as Monica West, a young, ambitious officer with the DEA. It had been her testimony, providing information gathered after months of undercover work, that had turned the tide, allowing Alberto to be convicted. Stefano, unfortunately, had managed to slip away on a technicality.

Monica had quickly been submerged within the witness protection program. As Becky Altman, she had started her life over, moving and finding a job as a secretary for a small town lawyer. Her best friends, Marc and Joe, were actually her protection detail. Protection now sorely lacking, as she stood before Stefano.

“What do you want?” she asked, silently cursing the quiver in her voice. Stefano smiled.

“Why, you, of course. You’ve cost me greatly, and I think it only fair that you should pay for what you’ve done. My associates here will take care of the details.” With a nod, Stefano stepped back.

While one of the men held Becky, the other stepped in front of her. Grinning, he hooked his fingers into the neck of her dress, then yanked down, ripping the dress from her. Her underwear and shoes soon followed, leaving her naked in the grip of the man behind her.

“This is nice stuff, boss,” growled the one in front of her, reaching up and harshly pinching one nipple. “You sure we don’t have time to play with it some?”

“Quite sure,” came the terse reply. “I’ve no doubt our lady friend brought protection with her. Only an idiot would have come here alone, even for a ‘free’ visit. We need to get this done before they realize anything’s amiss. Now get her ready. She has somewhere to go, remember?”

Frowning, the man held up what looked like a tangled mass of leather straps. Fastening one of the straps around her neck, he let the rest hang down the front of her body.

“Please,” Becky pleaded, “don’t do this.” Ignoring her, the man quickly shoved a gag into her mouth, reaching behind her head to buckle the straps tightly into place. Once the gag was secured, the man holding her arms turned her to face him, while the other began pulling on the mass of straps.

Glancing down, Becky saw that all of the straps were connected. From her neck, a long strap ran down the front of her body, the other straps attached at intervals, which the man now standing behind her began wrapping around her body, buckling them securely behind her back. The straps above her waist had smaller straps attached to them. Their purpose became immediately clear, as the man began fastening them around her arms, pinning them to her sides. There were four straps above her waist, encircling her above and below her breasts, around her stomach, and just over her hips. Below her waist, straps bound her legs together at ankle, above and below her knees, and near the tops of her thighs. A final strap dangled from the one encircling her waist.

When all but the final strap were secured, the two men stepped away. Becky stood helpless in the center of the room, struggling futilely against her bonds as Stefano approached, holding something in his hand.

“Now,” he said, his smile freezing her in her struggles, “we don’t want this to be completely unpleasant for you. So I’m giving you a little gift.” He laughed, a dark, evil sound. “Well, maybe not so little, but I’m sure you’ll learn to enjoy it.”

Becky squirmed against her bonds as he reached for her, but there was nothing she could do. Stefano reached between her thighs, and Becky squealed into her gag as she felt something shoved up inside her. Quickly, the final strap was fed between her thighs and secured at her back, holding the intruder in place. As Stefano stepped back, the thing inside her began vibrating, causing Becky’s eyes to widen.

“Well,” said Stefano, eyeing the helpless woman before him, “I think she’s ready for her trip. Shall we give her a proper sendoff?”

Quickly, the two men grabbed Becky and lifted her from the floor. Ignoring her struggles, they carried her to the back wall, which seemed entirely formed from glass. At Stefano’s touch, one of the panes rotated outwards. Without another word, the two men flung Becky through the opening.

“How long?”

Joe grinned. “Relax, will you? It hasn’t even been fifteen minutes. How much trouble could she get into in that short a time?”

At Marc’s suggestion, the two were whiling away the wait by flying around the city. At the moment, they were circling the towers holding the executive suites.

“You’re probably right,” Marc said, shrugging. “She’s probably being toasted by some bigwig, trying to see past all the flashes from the publicity pictures.”

Even as he spoke, the two were startled by the sight of a dark bundle rushing past them. For a second, they stared, then turned toward each other.

“That, wasn’t……” Joe cried.

“Was that…… damn!” Turning, Marc sent the car into a steep dive, rushing in pursuit of the falling Becky.

Unfortunately, the car wasn’t designed for such maneuvers, and Marc found himself unable to match the steep angle of Becky’s fall. Instead, he was forced to dive in a circle around her, his speed only slightly greater than that of her falling body.

“We’ll catch her,” he said grimly, his hands white on the control yoke.

“Sure,” Joe replied. “Question is, will it be in time?”

Becky screamed once, the sound muffled by the gag filling her mouth. The rush of air forced her eyes closed, for which she was grateful. She had no desire to see how this was going to end. Thus, she failed to see the car as she flashed by it; failed, also, to see it begin it’s desperate dive of pursuit.

To her surprise, it felt almost peaceful, falling like this. Except for the constant rush of the wind, it almost felt like floating. Other than the absolute, mind shattering terror, she found herself thinking, this could almost be pleasant. And, of course, there was the thing buzzing between her thighs.

Amazingly, in spite of the death she knew was fast approaching, Becky felt her body begin to respond to the vibrations. Moisture began for gather, feeling more than a bit strange as the speed of her fall caused it to trickle upwards, along the crack of her ass. The rush of air past her face made breathing nearly impossible, yet it couldn’t stop the moans that soon began slipping from behind her gag.

Soon, it seemed as if, paradoxically, she moved in two directions at once. Without, she fell, helplessly, toward certain doom. But within, she climbed, striving toward a peak that she found herself desperately hoped she could reach before her physical descent came to its abrupt end.

Slowly, deprived by her fall of all but the smallest amounts of air, Becky slipped into a daze. The outer world faded, leaving her senses free to experience what grew inside her. Helpless to escape, helpless to resist, she could only writhe within her bonds as her body surrendered to the sensations flooding through her.

Suddenly, forcing its way through the haze filling her, Becky felt something wrap around her waist, drawing her body against something that vibrated coldly.

“Got her!” Arm straining, Joe struggled to hold Becky’s writhing body against the side of the car. “Get us out of here!”

“Hang on!” Arm muscles bulging, Marc straightened the car’s curve and hauled back on the control yoke. Engines screaming, the car strained to pull out of its steep descent. Slowly, it began to level out.

Somewhere during that screaming pullout, the vibrating intruder slipped past the strap holding it and out from between Becky’s bound thighs. Perhaps because of the centrifugal force, perhaps because of some final spasm of her own muscles, the thing dropped from her. At a precise height of twenty feet, it detonated.

“Land fast!” Buffeted by the explosion, still holding Becky’s bound body against the side of the car, Joe suddenly felt her writhing redouble. Fearing she had caught something thrown out by the blast, he repeated his shouted command.

With a quick glance around, Marc found a clearing large enough to hold the car. Hurriedly, he dropped the vehicle to the ground, slapping at the power button as he leaped out and rushed around to the other side.

Together, the two gently lowered Becky’s writhing form to the ground, then Marc gently removed her gag. Her muffled moans quickly became shrieks.

“Mmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnng! I’m cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnng!”

Astonished, the two men could only watch as her writhing increased, her cries growing louder. Abruptly, she fell silent, her body falling limp in its bonds. For some time, she lay silent, then her eyes opened. Slowly, she licked her lips.

“Um, hi guys,” she whispered. “Do you think you could get me out of here?”

Startled, Marc quickly, gently unfastened the straps, removing them from around Becky’s body. Joe leaped to the car, grabbing a bag and hurriedly opening it. He grabbed an item from the bag, turning back just as Marc drew Becky to her feet. Smiling, she accepted the item from Joe’s hands, turning as she fumbled her way into the dress.

“Thanks, guys,” she said, turning back to face the others. “I thought I was done for.”

“So did we,” Marc admitted. “Are you, um, ok?”

Becky blushed and turned her head away. “I’m fine.” Turning back, she became serious. “Guys, it was Stefano. He’s up there, right now.”

“Stefano?” Marc grinned, an expression Joe quickly mirrored. “Attempted murder of a witness under federal protection. We need to call this in.”

“On it,” Joe replied, turning toward the car.

“Oh, and ask for transportation,” Marc added. “I don’t think this car’s going to go anywhere.”

“Good.” Watching the two turn at her word, Becky smiled. “I think,” she said, softly, “that, from now on, I’m going to keep both feet firmly on the ground. I think I’ve had my fill of flying.”

In more ways than one, part of her whispered. Unbidden, her smile widened.