by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2007 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; hogtie; first; toys; cons/reluct; X

I walked in to her bedroom feeling like a condemned prisoner. There were coils of rope on the bed, and when I say coils I mean there was yards of the stuff.

"Are you ready then?"

"Ready as I'll ever be I suppose," I said quietly, "do you really need all that rope?"

Sally did not answer me directly.

"OK, just turn round and put your hands behind you," she ordered, "I see you found some loose clothing."

I muttered something unintelligible. She had told me to wear an old dress or something not too restrictive. Restrictive? I thought that was the idea of this! Then again I suppose she wanted to do the tying not my own clothes. I wondered why she had not wanted me to wear trousers? Surely her boyfriend wore trousers? Ah well better get on with it. I meekly put my hands behind me. I felt some rope around them and suddenly I could not move them. She ran a rope around my waist pulling my hands into my back. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

"Hey, I thought you said you were just learning?" I queried.

"Just trying out a new technique," she assured me. For some reason I was not convinced.

Next came a series of turns around my chest and arms. I gave little thought to where the ropes sat. It was obvious that she had to go around my chest to hold my arms in place, the fact that some went above my breasts and some below seemed irrelevant. A woman has breasts, so unless you are going to squash them the rope has to go above or below! Her boyfriend would not be so well endowed as me but the basic principle should be the same, or so I thought.

"Come and sit on the bed," she told me. I shrugged as best as I could. She helped me onto the bed, with my legs dangling over the side.

I could now watch her technique as she tied my ankles. Like I said I have little knowledge about these things but watching her double the rope, pull through the loop, wrap round and cinch it at the end, I was sure that she was not as green as she claimed. My knees were similarly dealt with. I could now hardly move.

"I'll let you squirm for a minute," Sally told me.

Now either her boyfriend was Houdini or her technique had improved tremendously. The possibility that there was no boyfriend never crossed my mind. I squirmed as she suggested, but it was pointless. I sat on the edge of the bed with my arms locked behind me and my legs together, unable to find any slack or movement. Sally had left the room. Her confidence ate into my psyche. As the time passed I started to get angry. Angry with these ropes, and angry with Sally, unfortunately neither the ropes or Sally gave way.

"So, what do you think?" Sally's words shook me out of my reverie. "Are my ropes inescapable?"

"You know damn well they are!" I snapped, "Now untie me!"

"Oh I don't think so," she purred, "I have waited a long time to get you in my power."

I just looked at her incredulously. "Oh, and by the way," she continued, "there is no boyfriend. There never has been. I'm a Lesbian!"

I pulled at my bonds frantically.

"Well I'm not!" I think I shrieked.

"We'll see about that," Sally continued, a smile breaking out on her face. "Now let's have a little look."

I tried to back away but there was no where to go, I could hardly move.

"Let me go," I pleaded, but my words fell on deaf ears. Sally put a finger to my lips.

"Quiet, or I will make you!" she said sternly.

"What are you going to do?"

"Like I said, take a look. Sorry about the clothes, I will buy you some new ones."

I looked at her blankly. "My clothes?"

Sally started pulling at my dress, opening the front and easing it out from the ropes around my chest. I squirmed uncomfortably. Her hands grabbed my breasts.

"Your so lucky," she said softly, "Mine are so small."

I had no answer. This was all confusing me. My flat mate was hitting on me big time. How could I have not known she was a Lesbo!

"This has gone too far Sally," I started, "I have become very fond of you, but not like this. Now let me go and we can forget all about it."

Sally withdrew, but only as far as her drawers. I did not see what she picked out. I suppose I should have guessed, she had, after all told me to be quiet or else. She came back quickly and stuck something across my mouth. I don't know what it was: sticky plaster? Or gaffer tape? What ever, it was very effective at shutting me up. There was now no one to stop her musings.

"Now where was I?"

My answer was indecipherable, which was probably just as well.

It took her quite some time to extract me from my dress with the help of a pair of scissors. Next came my bra. I liked that bra, it was very comfortable but any complaints I might have had were effectively silenced. I just gurgled ineffectually. With nothing left to get in the way Sally was free to examine my breasts more closely.

I have never been intimate with a woman. Her touch was soft and gentle despite my futile attempts to struggle. She knew where to touch. Sure, my breasts and nipples received a large amount of attention but her fingers strayed to my neck, even my arm pits. I writhed and would have gasped and suddenly felt very warm. She then picked up another piece of rope. I was puzzled.

Looping round the back of my neck she proceeded to squeeze together the ropes that enrcircled my chest, first at the middle then over each shoulder and under each arm effectively squeezing my breasts. My nipples stood out proudly but for now she left them alone.

"Very pretty," she complimented and disappeared to the dressing table. She returned with a brush and comb. It was very strange being meticulously groomed while tied up like a chicken for roasting. She knelt on the bed behind me and brushed out my hair, combing it and bunching it into a pony tail. Every now and then the brush or comb would scrape my back or her lips would touch my neck. I shuddered, shivered and I think I even purred. It was all so confusing. She reached around me and tweaked each nipple. I am sure I squawked.

Much to my surprise, and concern I suddenly felt an ache in my groin. It was like nothing I have ever felt. I wanted to open my legs. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted Sally to touch me. I was all hot and bothered and so confused. She manhandled me into the middle of the bed and onto my stomach. She ran a finger down the back of my left leg and I kicked like a mule.

"Naughty," she chided gently. What was I supposed to do! I had so little movement, all I could do was flex my legs at the knees like some insane nodding donkey.

I had never noticed that her bed was like an ornate cage with bars at the top and bottom. She proceeded to lash my ankles to one of the bars effectively stopping even this slight movement. She then returned to my legs and I went wild. It was worse then being tickled. The ache inside me got bigger. Suddenly she pulled my knickers off my bottom.

I think I expected to be spanked, but that was not her idea. No one has ever examined or played with my bottom as she did. She probed inside my anus and even reached a finger into my pussy. I know I was wet. It did not go unnoticed.

"Cooking nicely," she murmured. I did not understand.

She disappeared from the bed and I wondered what was coming next. I felt her roll me over and pull at my knickers. She did not bother to remove them but rolled them down to the top of my legs. She patted my groin gently, then busied herself tying a rope to the one around my waist. She the prodded the rope between my legs, rolled me over and pulled. The resulting pressure only fired my growing needs. She tied the rope off to ropes around my hands. Now the slightest movement caused very strange feelings down below. I was so busy coming to terms with these new sensations I did not notice her detach the rope from the bed and pull my legs over my back securing it to the upper ropes around my arms. I had seen this position while browsing the net. I thought a hog-tie would be uncomfortable. I was wrong, despite the fact I could hardly move there was no undue pain or strain, but the rope between my legs felt like it would split me asunder. Sally pushed me onto my side.

She sat on the bed and cradled my head in her lap. Her fingers carelessly wandered through my hair, down my neck or over my chest.

"I am sorry to have to trick you like this, but it was the only way to get your attention," she said softly. "You have ignored any attempt I made to get intimate so I had to do something drastic. I have wanted you for some time now."

I squirmed as best I could. If I thought about it Sally had been behaving a little odd recently. We had gone out together more often and she had stayed closer to me. In the cinema she had snuggled up to me under the pretence of being scared! I had, as she said, done nothing to encourage her. Well she had my attention now, in spades.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" She asked.

I could not answer her but I did shake my head.

"You don't know what you are missing. Men just want to shag you. Once they have had their jollies it's off to something else, no thought for your needs. Women on the other hand......." Her fingers stroked my left breast.

I have never had feelings like it. I am not a virgin by any means but my experience of sex would confirm her hypothesis. I have often wondered what all the fuss was about. A lot of huffing and puffing and for what? I have had orgasms, but only from myself. I had never felt like this.

"Women," she continued, "know how to pleasure women. Men can be so selfish."

I vaguely wondered how tying someone up was supposed to be kind or romantic.

"Have you ever had a multiple orgasm?"

I had heard of them, but assumed that I was not capable. My head must have shaken again or maybe it was a shudder. She took it as a negative though.

"You are in for a treat then," she purred.

I could not see how she was going to get between my legs with them locked together and a rope jammed in between. Her fingers were driving me wild and I could do nothing to stop them, or her for that matter.

"We've got all night."

The words hit me like a sledge hammer. No one was going to come to my rescue. I had started this willingly not thinking she would take advantage. I was in my own home, and hers for that matter. There was nothing to stop her keeping me tied up for several days before anyone would notice. I suddenly felt both panicky and tired. I had been tied up for quite a long time and my struggles had had no effect except to make me ache. I realised that I would not be able to fight her off, even if she did untie me.

"I'm going to uncover your mouth now," she told me, "I want to kiss you. Please don't scream, I can always put it back. But first."

She got off the bed, gently moving my head and letting me rest. I had a full view of her taking her clothes off. She danced for me. It was most strange. I can't say I have ever looked at a woman sexually. I then remembered all these videos she had been watching, I now understood. With all her clothes removed she approached me with purpose. There was a stinging sensation around my mouth and then I was engulfed in a very passionate kiss. It was like nothing I had ever experienced, firm but somehow soft. I felt her body serpentine along mine. I was overwhelmed with a passion I had never felt from any man. I think I actually responded to her kiss.

There was a flurry of activity that I barely could follow during which time my legs were free from both my back and each other. As I luxuriated in the new freedom she looped a rope around one ankle and pulled it towards the bars at the foot of the bed. Within a few moments I was spread wide lying heavily on my still bound arms. I did not have the strength to fight her. She cut the rope between my legs. No sooner had the pressure gone it was replaced by her dancing tongue. I climaxed in a second. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. The waves seemed to take my breath away. I could not close my legs and she did not stop. I went wild.

I bucked and jerked. My hands pulled wildly to no avail. I am sure I screamed but nothing affected her frantic lapping of my juices. I went into sensory overload, my body as taught as a drum. Eventually she stopped.

As my senses returned I ached all over. My legs were still spread wide leaving me feeling vacant. My groin hurt. My arms felt like they would fall off and I felt clammy where I had sweated so much. I looked for Sally. She still looked flushed.

"Now it's my turn," she stated.

I could hardly speak, but before I could say anything she released my ankles allowing me to close my legs. I rolled over into a semi-foetal position, my knees up to my still bound chest.

"Would you like a taste?"

It took me a second or two to comprehend what she meant. I was still reeling from the exertions and strains of what had happened.

"I can't," I croaked.

Whether she deliberately misinterpreted this statement or genuinely thought I was claiming ignorance I have no idea but before I knew it my head was buried in her pussy.

"Now lick!" She ordered.

The aroma was unfamiliar, but it was strong. The taste was even stranger. I did as I was told and within minutes she was bucking and jerking, almost suffocating me, her hands pushing my head into her.

"Yes!" She screamed. It felt like my head was in a vice. Her fingers dug into my head and she went very stiff before releasing me completely.

I lay on the bed bemused and exhausted. My groin still ached from the aftermath of my own orgasms and my upper body was still encased in ropes. Sally was no where to be seen. Perhaps she actually was intending to keep me tied up all night? At that point I didn't care. I just wanted to rest.

"So where do we go from here?"

Sally's voice sounded flat, even uncertain. I rolled over to look at her. She was sitting rather sheepishly on her dressing table stool, a dressing gown half on half off.

"Are you going to untie me?" I suggested hopefully.

"Not yet," she still seemed uncertain. "I like the way you look."

"I am very stiff," I told her, "My arms ache."

"What did you think of the orgasms?" She said changing the subject.

I had no answer. I just closed my eyes. She waited.

"Unbelievable." I decided. She seemed pleased.

"How do you like bondage?"

This answer was going to be even more difficult. I could not decide if this had been fantastic or horrific. My emotions were still in turmoil and my body tingled all over. I was very conscious of the ropes around my breasts, and my inability to even scratch an itch. Again she waited.

"Not something I would have chosen," I said guardedly. "Do you tie all your lovers up?" I hoped she would overlook the innuendo.

"Only the special ones." She said.

"I'm flattered. I think."

"You should be. I have spent a long time preparing for this. Now come along it's time for your shower."

"Like this?"

"Of course."

This was another new sensation. I have not been washed and showered since childhood. Sally was very diligent. She even massaged my bound muscles to encourage circulation. She also kept rubbing or kissing my nipples. It was pointless to complain.

Next I had to use the toilet. This was embarrassing, not being able to clean myself up. Sally just fussed about without a care. It then struck me: I thought the sub was supposed to serve? I was the one being tended to not the other way round. Sally was virtually worshipping me!

Next came the evening meal. Sally had ordered in a delivery. I was seated at the table with a pinny to protect me. Despite my assurances Sally tied me to the chair. I am not sure where she thought I might go. Even if I made it to my bedroom and locked the door I would have had severe difficulties freeing myself. Actually I'm not sure that the bedroom door has a lock on it. Two ropes, one at the waist and one higher up secured my body, and she even tied my legs to the chair. I felt strange sitting with my legs wide open. I felt very vulnerable.

Sally fed me. She hardly stopped talking, changing between discussing the food and what I wanted to reminiscences of her childhood or comments about previous friends. She then washed up while the drinks were cooling. The whole thing seemed bizarre, it was as if this was the most normal behaviour in the world. We then watched telly. Well, I watched telly; I am sure Sally watched me.

I must commend Sally for her forethought. She had sat me on the side on the table that faced the sitting area so that she only had to move it out of the way and I had a perfect view. So of course did she, she had a perfect view of me displayed naked, legs wide and inviting. The pinny had long since been removed. I was not cold but I did feel very exposed. I knew that there was going to be more sex. There had to be. I was just not sure how or whether I could handle it. Then again, I had no choice. Sally was in full control.

"Have you got one of these?" She asked brandishing what I knew to be a vibrator.

"Actually no," I answered truthfully.

"Oh you are in for a treat," she enthused.

"I'm not sure I want it," I admitted.

"Don't be daft, you'll love it."

I squirmed uncomfortably.

"This is going to be great!" She went on ignoring my discomfort.

"Can't we leave this 'til another night?" I suggested

Sally of course would have none of it. I was prodded, vibrated and teased mercilessly. The reason for securing me to the chair was now obvious. The relentless buzzing was a bit like a fly, and the touch made me jump where ever it landed. I struggled valiantly but I could not escape it's caress.

Despite my misgivings my body responded to the stimulation with gusto. I soared past my previous heights with Sally playing the thing right on my clitoris. I did not have a chance!

"My God Sally Stop!" I yelled, "I can't take any more!"

She seemed disappointed but she did relent.

"I could keep you tied up forever," Sally confessed, "but I will let you go now." She paused, "I have bared my heart to you, it's up to you now whether you run a mile or..." She struggled to find the right words, "continue on a new journey with me. I will even give you a chance for revenge." She added.

There was an embarrassed silence while she unwrapped me. She massaged my arms as she freed them and I rubbed my wrists. Finally free of all rope I sat for a moment.

"Not quite what I signed up for," I stated, I paused dramatically, "but what a ride!"

I saw Sally visibly relax at this comment.

I did not retreat straight back to my room. I lounged provocatively on the settee still completely naked.

"Is it the parcel or the package?" I asked. Sally looked at me a bit confused. "Do you still want me without my ropes?"

Sally's eyes opened wide, I could see the lust or was it something else?

"May I?"

I sat up a bit and patted the seat beside me. She came very gingerly.

"Lay down," I invited, guiding her head onto my lap. It was my turn to stroke her.

"I make no promises," I told her, "I am still not sure about this girl, girl thing."

If Sally had been a cat she would have purred I'm sure of it.

"As for revenge, I may not know the first thing about tying ropes but I could take that sort of attention all the time."

"I would serve you willingly." Sally said firmly, "No more cooking, cleaning or washing for you."

I hate cleaning so this sounded too good to miss.

"What would I have to do? Do you want me to dominate you? I am not sure I could."

"No, I need no coercion," she hesitated, "but I did love seeing you all tied up and helpless."


"I'm not sure. Knowing you can't refuse me is a great turn on." She paused dreamily, "And the way you struggle, and the look of the ropes and......"

"I get the picture." Come to think about it I was the picture. I could not imagine what she could see or how tying someone up could make them look beautiful. Then again I have never considered bondage. "I don't know how I might react to being tied up most of the time?" I saw the longing in her eyes, "But...." It was my turn to keep her waiting, although I think she already knew what was coming, "I might as well find out." Her look was a picture. "There is one thing however..." Her eyes opened wide in puzzlement, "if I go naked..... So must you...." She seemed to relax again "and...."

"You said one thing," she interrupted,

"And," I continued, "I am going to get you a chastity belt." Her mouth opened wide.

"Why?" She spluttered

"If I am going to be kept aroused without being able to satisfy myself, so are you."

"What if I refuse?"

"Then the deal is off."

It was her turn to be in turmoil. I'm not sure where this idea came from, it just came out, but having said it I was determined to see it through. She visibly sagged.

"I have no choice," she murmured. "I had better make the most of what freedom I have left."

With that she got up. I was about to refuse but, oh well, no time like the present. I wonder if I can sleep tied up? I wonder if she will let me sleep if I am tied up? Questions, questions, I would find out answers soon enough. I wonder when she sorted all that rope out? Or does she have even more of the stuff? I would need to work out an exercise program to make up for all this time of immobility. I suddenly realised that I was wet again. It seemed that I was into bondage, just didn't know it. I did offer some resistance, honest.

That was a few weeks ago. Since then I have found answers to those questions but other ones have arisen.

Yes I can sleep in bondage.

She has to let me sleep, I still have a job, besides she has to sleep as well. However I now have a steel framed double bed and hers doesn't get used much.

I reckon she has enough rope to sink the proverbial battle ship.

I joined a health club and work out for at least half an hour most mornings. I am tied up most evenings, and nights for that matter.

Sally hates the chastity belt, but I think it looks good on her.

The flat is spotless. Even my own room which was getting a little ripe. Trouble is I can't find anything without her help. Then again, I can't do much at all without her help 'cause she keeps me tied up all the time!

"Mmmmmffffffff" Where did that ball gag come from? And no I will never tell you the combination to the box where I stash the key!

I have yet to answer her request for a lesbian marriage.