First Time Sleeping Together

by Emily

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© Copyright 2013 - Emily - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; tease; fondle; nipple; oral; denial; cons; X

“This is going to be a very special night.” Donna announced, “It will be the first time we sleep together.”

Eric had been zoning out and just enjoying her touch, but his ears pricked up at that, and Donna suddenly had her fiancé’s full attention. The couple was engaged and the wedding was scheduled in a mere two months, but they had never had intercourse with each other. This is not to say that either was a virgin. Nor that they didn’t enjoy a sexual life with each other. In fact, at that very moment, they were in Donna’s apartment, lying on her large bed, and she was slowly and seductively stroking Eric’s hard cock. They regularly pleasured each other manually and/or orally, but they had never had intercourse with each other, at Donna’s insistence.

They indeed appeared to be a lovely and loving couple. Eric was 28 and a successful banking executive. While she didn’t look her years, Donna was 33 and was the manager of a psychological clinic. Donna had the dominant personality in the relationship, and Eric finally felt that he had found a perfect mate, a lady who knew what she wanted and who would take charge of him.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, sweetheart”, said Donna, getting up off the bed and beginning to disrobe. She had her back to him as she unfastened and kicked off her shorts and pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it toward a chair in her bedroom. Eric admired her naked back as she strolled toward the bathroom. He did not get up, or move for a better view, and for a very good reason. He was tightly bound in a hogtie, laying on his side and fastened securely down to her bed. He was also quite effectively gagged, with a bulbous leather plug held in his mouth with a leather strap buckled behind his neck.

A few hours earlier Donna had secured him with rope, his wrists bound behind his back and his arms and torso circled with 5 loops. His legs were bound together with a secure tie just above the knees and with another at the ankles. Between his ankles, for comfort, was a folded hand towel. His legs were pulled back and his ankles attached to the harness of ropes around his body, fastening him in a classic hogtie. All in all, it was a comfortable tie. The circles of ropes were not pulled nearly as tight as Donna had done in the past, and there was some extra slack in the rope holding his ankles behind his back. His legs were not drawn up nearly as tight as usual and he had some flex and could move his legs away from his body at least a little bit. Not nearly as restrictive as Eric had endured in the past, but still quite snug and secure and, as Eric had quickly found out, completely inescapable.

Eric lay on Donna’s large bed, facing toward the center, and additional ropes ran from his torso to the headboard and from his knees to the footboard, holding him immovably in that position. Aside from his bonds he was naked. His cock was still hard, as it had been since his fiancé had begun to place him in bondage, hours before. As she disappeared on her way to the shower, Eric could only lie there and wait for her return, and reflect upon their history together.

Like so many other men, Eric had been having submissive fantasies since childhood, and his centered on bondage. When he met Donna he immediately sensed her dominant nature. After their second date Eric just cast his fate to the winds and told her everything, and he couldn’t believe his good fortune. Much to his pleasant surprise Donna had not only been understanding, she had been enthusiastic. Even excited. She confessed her own fantasies, about dominating a man, about having a submissive husband and enjoying a FemDom lifestyle. And enjoying bondage; lots of bondage. She confessed that she loved the idea of having a man helpless, at her whim. And she wanted to indulge that whim often. Eric felt as if all his dreams had come true. Since their meeting Eric had spent innumerable hours in bondage and given and received innumerable orgasms. But Donna, although admittedly not a virgin, had decided for reasons of her own that they would not have actual intercourse until after marriage. For all he was getting in return, Eric felt that he could happily indulge this quirk.

Eric’s reverie was interrupted when he heard the door to Donna’s bathroom open. He watched her approach as he had watched her depart, except now he was treated to her naked front, her beautiful breasts, trim waistline and slightly flaring hips, and her bush of pubic hair. On her way to the bed she stopped and stood as if posing, with her arms held out from her shoulders and asked, smiling, “Like what you see?”

As Eric nodded enthusiastically, Donna lay down on her bed, facing him. With an elbow on the bed, supporting her face on her palm, she looked into his face lovingly.

“You probably won’t sleep very well tonight”, she said sweetly, with genuine concern for his comfort and welfare. “And there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll be sore in the morning, especially after this first time. I’ve tied you rather loosely, as you might have noticed, but this will still take some getting used to. But I thought that we should get going early, to prepare for what married life is going to be like for you.”

It was only at that moment that Eric realized he had misinterpreted what she had said earlier. It finally dawned on him that she had not meant that they would have intercourse, but only that they would literally sleep together. And she seemed to intend that he sleep while still bound and gagged. Donna had never mentioned anything like this before. His eyes widened and he began to shake his head and mutter, making unintelligible and barely audible sounds behind his gag, trying to protest and explain to Donna how terrible this would be for him.

Although she could not have understood any of the sounds Eric was making, Donna knew exactly what was on his mind. Still smiling sweetly. She knew that if she took her time, if she was patient and considerate, she could reason with him and make him understand. Glancing down she was glad to note that his cock was still thoroughly stiff, in spite of his obvious apprehension. She reached out and gently grasped one of his nipples and began rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. She knew he loved this, and she was delighted to see his cock twitch, as he became even more excited as she toyed with him.

As she admired his cock, she reflected on how easy it had been to get him used to keeping his pubic hair shaved clean. She, on the other hand, kept her nice bush intact. Mistresses, after all, did not shave, at least not there. He would just have to deal with her body as he found her. And she loved pushing his face against her pretty bush, pushing his nose into her pubic hair and knowing that he was continuously forced to breath her musky scent.

And it had been no problem getting him to submit to bondage whenever she wanted. That had been a snap. He enjoyed it so, and more often than not he was the instigator. This next step was going to be a little bit more touchy, but she would approach it gently, firmly and with perseverance. Donna knew, from speaking with her mother, her aunt, her mother’s friends, and FemDom friends from her own generation, that this was almost always a major issue and hurdle of married life.

It seemed, for some strange reason, that new husbands were quite reluctant to change their lifestyles and easily agree to begin sleeping while bound and gagged. There was always an argument. But this was a critical step. Once a husband accepted this requirement, accepted sleeping while completely restrained, and got used to it on a permanent basis, any of the other little concessions would seem trivial to him. This was known by wives to be a major milestone in every relationship.

“Now sweetheart”, she began softly and lovingly, as if she were only stating the plainly obvious, “you know how it is. The way we are. You love the FemDom lifestyle, don’t you Eric?”

Her tone was calming him and he nodded.

“And you know how much I love it when I have you in restraint, don’t you sweetheart?” She released his nipple and moved her hand to gentle grasp his hard cock. “It really turns me on, and I know that it turns you on too. Right?”

Eric nodded again.

“Well, sweetheart, we need to prepare for our married life. All submissive husbands sleep in bondage.” She made this last statement as if it were just common knowledge. Eric’s eyes again widened in surprise; he had never heard of such a thing. And Donna, of course, knew that she had exaggerated somewhat, about all submissive husbands. Not all did. But she felt that all should. From what she had learned from her mentors, the benefits were well worth the trouble. Worth it to the wives, anyway.

“You do love it when I bind you, don’t you sweetheart? When I have total control, even over whether you are able to speak? And you’ve given me the absolute right to bind and gag you whenever I want, isn’t that right?” She stroked his face gently and then began to play with his nipple again.

Eric nodded again.

“And we’ve agreed on that kind of FemDom lifestyle, haven’t we?”

Eric nodded again.

Donna reached down and began gently stroking his cock. “I love seeing your cock nice and hard, like it is now. And it’s especially exciting when you’re tightly fastened, like now, and can’t do anything about it. You’ve turned over all the power to me. I love having control over how excited you get and when, or whether, you get to come.”

Eric, clearly enjoying the attention being given to his cock, nodded enthusiastically.

“Well you know that as part of that lifestyle, husbands have got to learn to sleep bound and gagged”, Donna continued softly and logically. “That’s an important part of the lifestyle, that’s just the way it always is. Women don’t want men continuously waking them up in the middle of the night, by flopping an arm over us. Or waking us up when they go outside to smoke a cigarette, or deciding to check their e-mail in the middle of the night.”

She once again continued to very gently stroke his cock, paying close attention to his reaction.

“And if I get up to smoke, or to pee, or to check my e-mail, I like the idea that when I return you won’t be sprawled out all over the bed, leaving no space for me. And that you won’t hog the covers and pull them off of me in your sleep. And”, Donna continued, with a sly little smile on her lips, “I’ll get a great deal of satisfaction knowing exactly where you are, that you’ll be right where I left you and that you’ll stay right there until I decide otherwise.”

She stopped stroking his cock, but kept a gentle grasp on it.

“So, think of all the little problems and annoyances which this solves.”

Donna could tell that Eric had calmed down a little bit from his initial surprise. But she could also tell that he was not quite ready to joyfully accept this new state of affairs. And so she continued, with a loving and sensual tone in her voice, “And if you wake up in the middle of the night, and if you’re uncomfortable, if you’re suffering a little bit, well, sweetheart, wouldn’t you endure a little suffering for me. For your Mistress?” With that she gave his cock a gentle squeeze and took her attention to his nipple, where she drew her fingernail roughly across it, making his body stiffen and elucidating a moan. Yes, he loved that.

“Sometimes, in cooler weather, I wear a sleep-shirt. But I really prefer sleeping nude, and that’s how I’ll sleep when I have you to keep me warm. You’ll get used to feeling my naked skin against your body. Imagine me cuddling up to you, pressing my titties against you. Maybe you’ll even feel the hair on my pussy brushing against you, maybe even brushing against your hard cock. Imagine what that’s going to be like, having to lie next to me all night long, feeling my naked skin against yours, and not being able to do a single thing to relieve your horniness. Doesn’t the very thought make you excited?”

Eric had to admit to himself that this sounded immensely exciting, and he nodded again.

“You’re going to get to enjoy sleeping with me like this.”

She again gave her attention to his hard cock, and stroked it gentle, up and down, with her fingernails.

“And the dreams, sweetheart! Imagine the dreams! Me lying next to you, naked. That’s what you’ll be thinking about when you go to sleep, and that’s what you’ll dream about. And about my giving you pleasure.”

She ran her fingertips around the rim of the head of his cock.

“And, if I awake in the middle of the night, I might just touch you, give you some new stimulation, to fuel those dreams. You might just wake up from my stroking your cock. But not too much. Just enough to keep you excited. And you won’t be able to do anything about it, except go back to sleep and dream.”

She began to gently stroke the shaft of his cock. Not enough to put him in danger of coming, but enough to keep him excited and enthralled.

“And, of course, there’s always the reward you’ll get in the morning. I’ll deliver on all those dreams. A mind-blowing orgasm. You know how wonderful it feels, after you’ve had to wait for a while. So you’ll always have that to look forward to, as a reward for my devoted and compliant husband.”

Donna took her hand from his cock and watched a shadow of disappointment pass over Eric’s face.

Donna continued as if it were a done deal, as if the matter was decided once and for all. “And of course there will always be exceptions, sweetheart, if you’re ill or something. The rule can be waived until you’re well. And you’ll find that most nights you will be very comfortable. I have it on good authority that at least two of our wedding presents are going to be a leather mummy bag and a leather straitjacket.”

Without waiting for any response from Eric, Donna moved down the bed and took his hard cock into her mouth. From his moans of pleasure she knew that the battle was pretty much over.

Donna thought about the sage advice which she had received from her aunt. Always spring surprises on your husband when he’s securely bound and gagged. Especially any surprises which he might consider unpleasant or which he might be inclined to resist. This gives him a chance to get used to the news, and allows you to fully explain the situation without any interruptions.

There would be a break-in period, but Eric would sooner or later get acclimated to their system. It would not be until much later that she would assign him an arbitrary bedtime, probably 10:00 p.m. From what her aunt said, Donna gathered that this was the hour that dominant wives found most convenient.

The first few months she would prepare him for bed and go to sleep with him every night at 10:00 p.m., cuddling him and encouraging him. But sooner or later, at the last minute after he was securely bound in place and gagged, she would remember one little thing she had to take care of before she went to bed. She would kiss him on the cheek and turn out the light as she left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. And Eric, ultimately, would have to get used to the idea that his bedtime was not necessarily hers; in case she wanted to stay up to watch what he would call a “chick flick” on television, or catch up on her e-mail, or work on some project in peace and quiet. She would have things to do, and she might prefer to do them undisturbed by her husband. And when she did decide to go to bed, she would know exactly where to find him. Patiently waiting for her.

Donna took her mouth off of Eric’s cock. “O.K., sweetie! It’s our bedtime. Sorry, but no orgasm for you tonight, after what we’ve decided. You know how much you want to be released after your orgasm. To have to spend all night like that would be very unpleasant for you. And this way you’ll have something nice to look forward to, in the morning.”

Standing up, Donna continued, “So let’s give our new system a try. I know you’ll get used to it, and even get to like it.” When they began playing, hours ago, the top sheet and blanket had been pulled off the bed and deposited on the floor. Donna reached down, retrieved them and pulled them back over the bed, including over Eric’s body. She carefully positioned a pillow under his head, and she turned off the light.

She climbed into bed, still naked, and cuddled up against him. Eric did feel her soft titties pressing against his chest, and his still-hard cock did feel the tickling softness of her pubic hair.

“Goodnight, sweetheart!”

The End

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