First Time For Everything

by lizsubintampa

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Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; expo; hotel; bond; rope; gags; strip; nipple; bdsm; tease; hogtie; denial; mast; climax; true; cons; X

True story with bondage, submission, light bdsm, consensual

Quite by chance I met Anne and Frank at Fetish Con in 2013 and after accepting their invitation to have dinner with them I was taken by their honesty and apparent love for bondage (and each other) and how they used it to satisfy their needs, desires and passions.

Like me Anne is submissive and enjoys role play and bondage but loves bdsm to a far greater degree than I do.  Which is fine by me because as I watch what Frank does to her and imagine myself in her place it excites me to no end.  However I do know my limits and there is no way I will ever go as far as they do.  At least as far as I can see into my future at this point.

Close to my age (reminder, I’m now 48) the very first night we spent together was immediately after dinner at a hotel near where Fetish Con was held.  As I do not live too far from the hotel I did not have a room and therefore was not planning on staying overnight. I also was not wearing fetish clothing of any kind, just my jeans, blouse, sneakers and, of course, bra and panties but we seemed to hit it off and for some reason I accepted their invitation to come to their room and play a little. 

During our dinner conversation I told them I had never been with another woman and that as far as I know didn’t have any desire to do so.  Also, as they are married I explained that I would be very uncomfortable if they expected me to have sex with either of them.

Telling me that would not be a problem and after going over some ground rules I nervously got in the elevator with them and as my legs began to feel like jelly I went into the room following Anne and when I heard Frank lock the door I had second, third and fourth thoughts about staying but said nothing and stood still until Anne took my hand and brought me to a spot just a couple of feet or so in front of a chair and, trying to help me relax, hugged me and told me (for the umpteenth time) that if anything is done that I want to stop just use my safe word/hum (just the idea of being tied and gagged by Frank (them?) made me even more nervous and, to be honest, frightened, but I still wanted to go ahead. 

Frank hauled a suitcase out of the closet and after unlocking it laid out quite a lot of rope, leather straps, gags, some nipple clamps (I am still not a fan of them but they do have their place when I’m tied up) and some other things that I just won’t list as it would be too tedious to do so at this point.

So, with Anne standing in front of me she put her hands behind her back and as Frank tied them and then her elbows I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and I’m not talking about her eyes, yes I did look into her eyes but I was much more interested in seeing how tight he tied her and made her breasts stand out against her blouse and how her breathing was much more shallow than when he started.  I’d seen many women tied up one way or the other on the Internet and at Fetish Con that day and that turns me on (because I do imagine myself in their place) but now, with Anne just a couple of feet away and with Frank grabbing more rope I was very turned on and knowing that it would soon be my turn to be tied I was already starting to wriggle and could feel my nipples harden.  Of course I’ve been tied many times before ever getting up the nerve to go to Fetish Con but I’ve never been tied with another woman and I don’t know why but it excited me more than I thought possible.  Was I a closet lesbian or just a very horny sub? 

Lifting her skirt Frank wrapped some rope above her knees and then at her ankles.  Helping her to hop to the bed (I liked watching her breasts bounce as she hopped) and after having her sit on the bed he picked up a fairly large ball gag (much larger than any I had ever worn) and after pulling the straps much tighter than I thought necessary he put his hands on her breasts (she was already drooling from the gag) and told her to sit and behave.  Giving her a quick peck on the cheek he turned to me and said, more or less, “Now for you young lady, put your hands behind your back”.

The moment of truth, shaking (a lot), I put my hands behind my back as I watched him gather some rope from the bed and when I he started to tie my wrists I let out a sort of low moan that came from some place deep inside me and when he started tying my arms and pulling my elbows together (they do not touch) I moaned even more.  My nipples felt like they were on fire and my puss felt as though it was getting wetter by the second.  When he walked me backward so I was standing just in front of the chair I almost begged him to stop when he undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees, but I didn’t, this was now all too real and I was having those all too familiar second thoughts but by the way he held me as he helped sit and, for reasons I’m not really certain about, much of my nervousness vanished as he took my sneakers off, followed by my jeans.  

I just looked into his eyes, didn’t say a thing, looked over to Anne (she was “behaving” and was watching me too), and at his urging put my feet together and let him tie my ankles and knees just as he had done to Anne.  Going back to the bed he grabbed a smaller ball gag (thank goodness) and telling me to open wide put it in my mouth and after making sure it was behind my teeth buckled it much tighter than necessary but, of course, like all ball gags I’ve worn over the years it didn’t really stop me from talking, it just makes speech a little less intelligible but easily understood.  Then, helping me to stand, he held onto my arms and had me hop over to the bed near where Anne was sitting.

Leaving me sit there I was still a bit nervous but all my inner desires were well beyond just percolating and as I wriggled and squirmed I watched him go to Anne, grab the front of her blouse and rip it open.  The drool that was coming down my chin was not just from the fact that ball gags always make me drool (a lot) but also from the “excitement” I felt building up in me as I not so silently watched him take her bra and lift it above her breasts leaving her heaving breasts practically swaying back and forth from the force of his pulling her bra like that.

For myself I was kind of amazed at how quickly he did that and how I could feel my own breasts heaving and my nipples getting even harder and thinking how wonderfully exposed and helpless she was and how I wanted to be her. 

Carefully, after moving her a little further down the side of the bed from me he helped her lay down and taking another piece of rope he tied her ankles to the ropes around both her wrists and elbows and, after jerking the rope quite a lot, he had her wrists touching her ankles so when he knotted the rope by her elbows there was no way she could ever reach it and when he tipped her over onto her side it was very clear to me that she was just as excited (probably more so) than me and when he pulled her skirt up more so he could put his fingers inside her I groaned and mumbled something like yes yes please do that to me.  Watching Anne trying to move, arched like that, trying to keep up with the rhythm of his hand was, I have to admit, turning me on a lot.

When he stopped touching her she cried out for him to keep going but despite all she did with her wriggling and humping he just told her to calm down while he took care of their guest and that he would be with her soon.  Of course that did almost nothing to make her calm down or relax it just made her complain more (complain by explanation being mmmpphhing, groaning, screaming and using rather, shall I say, harsh language that although muddled by the gag could easily be understood to question Frank’s ancestry and what he should do to himself).

Laughing like a hyena (they are, after all, predators) Frank came over to me and staring into my eyes he took hold of my blouse, unbuttoned it (thankfully he did not tear it as he had done to Anne’s), and then, ever so damn slowly, took my bra and pulled it down so it supported my breasts and left my by now very hard and enlarged nipples exposed.  It also made me very horny knowing that I was so very helpless and wanting him to touch me I almost jumped out of my skin when he took my nipples between his fingers and, after slowly squeezing them until I started to squirm from the pain, he twisted them and made me try to pull back but of course he held tight and that just made me more excited and, to be honest, afraid of where this might be going.  But despite that fear the pain ran its route down my tummy and to my puss but as soon as I let out a gargled scream Frank stopped, petted my cheeks, and told me to relax as he pushed me back on the bed, took a rope and hogtied me just as he had done to Anne.  He didn’t let me cum!

Taking hold of me by my upper arms he started moving me so that by the time I was in position I was facing Anne and with our breasts touching he tied us together at our waists, knees and upper arms.  Now face to face I had no choice but to endure being subjected to such a dastardly torture and as Anne nuzzled my cheek and began moving against me I returned both the nuzzling and wriggling and as I tried desperately to do more (trying to rub my puss on hers) the frustration continued to build up but with no chance of “relief” I (all too) soon became a wreck of the wanton slut I was and not being able to achieve an orgasm this way all I could do was curse him and her for doing this to me.

I was now regretting my telling them during dinner that I didn’t want to have “sex” with them only some bondage fun.  Well, this was quite a lot of bondage fun but I really wanted the sex part too!

I’m not sure how long we stayed tied like that but I do know that Frank watched us while sitting in a chair by the bed and I do know that I really really loved how Anne’s body felt against mine.  I was extremely frustrated but loving it too and when Frank finally untied us and had me hogtied still facing her he laid down behind her and smiled at me as he started grabbing her breasts and then moving his hand down to her puss where he teased her until she screamed and groaned and stiffened against the ropes and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know she was having an intense orgasm while I could only watch and cry and pull against my ropes making me more and more frustrated and tortured by not being able to do anything about it.  I really really needed to cum!

When they had finished Anne, flushed and exhausted, just stayed still while looking at me, smiling behind that huge gag, while Frank got up from the bed, came around to my side, untied me from the hogtie, then, after untying the rest of me let me stretch out on the bed (still gagged though) and then, after a minute or so, told me to get on my back and masturbate.

Now that might sound like a simple demand and while I am an expert at masturbation (I can’t deny that) I had never done it in front of anyone and although I wanted to there was more than just a little hesitation on my part but for some reason the needfulness of my body, namely my puss, won out and as I slowly began to touch myself and feel my clit swell and put my fingers inside I looked at Anne (tried not to look at Frank) and as I did I exploded and had quite an intense orgasm and despite the humiliation of doing it I was in my own little heaven and knew I was smiling.

When I finally came back to earth he had already untied Anne and she was holding me close and hugging me and when she kissed me (I honestly don’t remember when Frank took the gag off me) I didn’t think twice about it and returned her kiss as ardently as I have ever kissed anyone.  I’m not sure how long we stayed like that but when Frank “ahemmed” we smiled, separated and after slowly getting to a sitting position I started to put myself together (fixing my bra and blouse) then I sort of scooted over to the chair and put on my panties, jeans and sneakers. After that got up and hugged Frank and told him how much I loved what he did to me and then, when I hugged Anne, I told her how much I loved what she did to me too.  Laughing I just couldn’t get over how it felt to be with her, another woman, and how much I thought about what it might be like if we had gone a little further, actually a lot further.  There’s a first time for everything.

Telling them I really had to go (it was already two in the morning) we exchanged telephone numbers and leaving Anne in the room (he tied her to the chair before we left) Frank went with me down to my car and after asking if it would be alright to kiss him I put my arms up over his shoulders (he has to be at least six feet tall which to me is quite a reach wearing my sneakers) and kissed him more passionately than I thought I would. 

Telling him I hoped Anne doesn’t get upset with me for kissing him like that he held me and told me not to worry and he didn’t start to leave the parking lot until I started to drive away.  At that hour of the morning the roads were not crowded and I made it home in about 25 minutes  and could do nothing else but think about being with them the whole time.

I had a wonderful time with them and fortunately have been able to see them several times since and have learned a lot about myself as a result. 

Both Frank and Anne can be very demanding (she has a dominant side that I learned about too)) and I, well, I can be their slave/slut anytime it is possible to be with them. 

My first time with “another woman” did not go “all the way” but it has since and I am so very happy it has.  In fact, there is another woman I met about a year ago that has taken me to even newer heights and if it were not for Frank and Anne this would never have happened. 



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