First Meeting

by hunnyBeez

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© Copyright 2007 - hunnyBeez - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; chast; queening; cons; X

Andy had been a regular at the fetish market, but today was different he was so nervous. Today he was meeting someone for the first time, Allison or Mistress Ally, as he knew her from on line.

Andy had always known he had a kinky side to him. In his early twenties he had started to explore it with his then girlfriend. They had done a fair bit of bondage and some spanking, but it had always been taking it in turns and Andy had always felt lost when it came to his turn to tie his girlfriend up. He would just copy what she had done to him and not really enjoy it.

The relationship was rubbish if he was honest, but the sex had kept them together for two years and three months, approximately two years longer then it should have been.

He had fallen in love shortly after that relationship ended. This time it was perfect except for the sex. She had a very low sex drive and was unadventurous. Andy had started to look around websites about BDSM before this relationship had come to an end but he was only looking, looking and longing.

Even so when she told him that the relationship was over Andy had been heartbroken. He was 28 and thought he would spend the rest of his life with her. They had been together almost four years.

Andy started looking more and more at the BDSM sites. He knew what side excited him. He loved the thought of being tied, he loved the idea of pleasing a woman, and he loved the idea of pain. All these things excited him, but also made him fearful.

He knew that people met up at ordinary pubs and these were called munches. He thought it would be good to go along to one but was nervous about going on his own. Andy was very outgoing, not normally shy, but this was all very new to him. He decided to ask a question on one of the web sites. He said he was new and asked if there was a munch in his area. He knew there was one as he had seen others talk about it on the web boards, but wanted to start up some dialogue.

The first few replies he had were sarcastic in tone, telling him to look in the "what’s on" section, but then someone called pete24 gave him details of the munch and told him that he was a regular and if he would like to meet up before and go together. This was just what Andy had wanted. After exchanging a few emails pete24 turned out to be Peter now aged 26. He was collared and had been with his Mistress for 2 years.

Andy had not looked back from that day. Pete and his Mistress Cathy turned out to be good fun and they became firm friends. It was on their recommendation that he went along to the fetish market and also to a local BDSM club.

Andy had thrown himself into the excitement of it all. Within the space of a few months he was spanked, caned, flogged, tied up and whipped. He was enjoying himself so much.

It was also Mistress Cathy who had introduced him to Sammy, a small delicate Domme with wicked right arm. They had played casually for some months before they realised that they really were getting on well and Mistress Sam asked if he would wear her collar.

Andy had been delighted and so began 2 years of bliss. He explored his submissive side to the full. Mistress Sam was a firm Mistress. She expected total obedience at all times and Andy revelled in her control. They met most weekends and sometimes during the week.

He was put in chastity for the first time. This was something he found hard but he submitted to it for his Mistress. It had started with her ordering him not to masturbate or cum without permission. They spoke every night on the phone, Andy telling her if he had been aroused and how he had coped with it and if he had been tempted.

Sometimes Sam would tell Andy to wank while she talked to him, but he was under strict instructions not to cum. Then came the time when it all got too much for Andy and he failed. Mistress Sam punished him severely when they next met. He had been told that he would get 10 hard cold strokes of the cane each time he broke the chastity order.

This would be the first time Andy had been punished. He soon realised it was not like the caning they did for her amusement and fun. He was made to stand naked, bend forward and touch his knees. This stretched the skin on his bottom tight. The first stroke almost knocked Andy off his feet. He let out a gasp as pain streaked through his body and he moved a foot out to stop him from falling forward. Mistress Sam was small and delicate but she put her full weight expertly behind each stroke.

"Don’t move" Was all that he heard.

He regained his position and received the next, just as hard, just as accurate and just as painful. He felt the burning on his buttocks and struggled to keep his position, taking deep breaths to regain his composure. The third hit was followed quickly by the fourth. This one made him move once more.

"Sorry" he spluttered as his hand moved to his bottom to rub it. Whoosh, the cane hit his hand.

"In position and stay there, this is punishment not fun"

He had returned to the position but was unsure if he could take another 6. Whoosh, it hit hard. He gasped and breathed deeply, the sting of the cane now mixed with the throbbing of the welts already on his striped backside. The sixth hit and Andy heard a yelp. He then realised it had come from him; he was struggling to keep position, but did not want to let His Mistress down. As the next one landed he lost his composure once more, standing up straight this time. Again he apologised and as he did so he felt the tightness of his skin as it turned red around the white straight welts on his skin.

"Position or do you want to give up and disappoint me?" The thought of not having to take anymore was very tempting, but he had already disappointed Her by cumming when he had been told not to, so to not take his punishment and disappoint her once more was more then he could bear. He regained his position.

"Just three more" Mistress Sammy said her voice less sharp than before.

Andy tensed his body as he waited to receive them. Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh. Mistress Sammy served the last three up quick and fast, as hard and as sharp as the others. Andy let out an agonising yell, then fell on his knees as tears fell down his cheeks. It was harder than anything he had taken before. Not just pain wise, but the mental control and the overwhelming feeling of disappointment. This was how he had learnt to be a good submissive. He understood the difference between the pain he got through play and that of punishment. He did not like or want the pain and the deep welts from Mistress Sam’s cane, but more so he did not want the feeling of letting her down.

In time he was fitted with e CBT2000 and was proud of himself each time he wore it. Mistress Sam had gently pushed him with his chastity training until she was happy that his only sexual release was at her pleasure. Mistress Sam had also introduced Andy to the pleasures of Queening. Sitting on his face, allowing him to give her pleasure, his breath almost taken from him. He gasped and fought for breath whilst desperately trying to pleasure his Mistress with his tongue. He had always been told he was good at pleasuring a woman and now Mistress Sam put it to full use. With Andy in his CBT2000 she would chain his ankles and wrists to a wide leather collar then order him to pleasure her. Andy would be hampered by his restricted movement and frustrated by his passion for his beautiful Mistress. He would work his tongue and mouth giving her pleasure, knowing that part of her pleasure was that he was unable to relive his own longing.

For two years they had explored each other through BDSM. He had grown as a submissive and also as a person. He was happier now than he had ever been but he realised something was not right.

It had just been over two years since they met, when Mistress Sam told him that she wanted to take his collar off. Andy was devastated and could not understand why. Sam had explained that she had taken him as far as she could as a sub and that she felt he needed to explore more of the lifestyle. Andy had tears rolling down his cheeks as she talked. She explained that though they were really good together and had great BDSM times that they were not in fact in love. Andy tried to say that he did love her but Sam had been right. Though they had great sex and fun together, if they were together for more than a few days they did start getting on each other’s nerves. Sam put part of this down to Andy being almost 20 years her junior, but Andy knew this was not the reason. He knew in his heart that it was just that they were different people.

By the end of the weekend Andy had agreed it would be the best for both of them. If they continued the relationship they both may miss out on the opportunity to find love. They had agreed to still be friends and occasional play partners. That had been almost a year ago. He still saw Sam around but she had taken on a new sub within weeks of taking off his collar. Andy realised that that was what Sam thrived on, someone new to mould and develop. He was happy for the time they had together and would always be grateful for everything she had taught him, but they no longer played together.

And so today he was meeting a potential new Mistress. Over the time Andy had been with Sam, he had noticed Mistress Ally posting on the notice boards. What had caught his eye was the photo that appeared next to all she posted. It was of a green toothbrush. He had often wondered why a toothbrush.

One lazy Sunday afternoon Andy was scrolling through posts on the website when he once more noticed one from the toothbrush lady. He decided to send her a message asking about the photo and that had started off an exchange of humorous messages that went on for several weeks, often several in a day. They then agreed to chat via messenger. It was then that they really saw there was a connection. They both had the same quick wit and they both made each other roll with laughter. They both knew the others sexual orientation, but there was no Mistress/sub talk, it was friendship, getting to know each other as friends.

Eventually Mistress Ally had asked for a phone number so they could chat properly. This was just two weeks ago and Andy had lived these weeks in a total dream. From the first time he heard her voice he was smitten. Allison was Irish. She had a soft lilting singsong accent from Cork. She had moved to England in her early twenties but had retained her accent. She had never married, but had had several long-term relationships, the last three all being D/s ones. As they talked on the phone Allison had started subtly taking control of him. When she said she wanted to meet him it was not an offer, it had been an order. One that Andy had been delighted to follow.

Andy arrived at the fetish market early as ordered and waited on the corner of the road. Allison did not want to go into the Market unaccompanied. Andy looked in the shop window and ran his fingers through his short dark hair. He looked at his appearance, he was tall just over 6 feet, slim built, but working as a scaffolder had given him broad shoulders and a firm fit body. He had taken an eternity to decide what to wear. Normally it would be jeans and a t-shirt with a funny logo. Or leather trousers and some sort of fetish top. He wanted to look good, smart but not over done. He had thought of fetish, but what if they wanted to go somewhere for a meal afterwards? So he had gone for smart black trousers and a short-sleeved shirt. The shirt was in a soft silky material and was in a dark, almost blue-black colour with a speckled texture to it. Yes he looked ok. He felt nervous but so excited.

Some friends passed and stopped to chat. Andy did not want them to be there when she arrived but did not want to sound impolite. They eventually went on to the market after Andy had said he was waiting for a friend.

Andy looked down the road and knew at once that it was her even though she had only sent him one photograph and that was just of her face.
She was only 5 foot 4, she had said she was bbw, but she was not fat. She was voluptuous, shapely, womanly. Andy’s mind swam as he watched her move, she was elegant, she held her shoulders back and her head high. She was a walking goddess. Oh no she hates the term goddess.

Her hair was longer than on the photograph but it was the same warm golden brown falling about her face in natural soft waves. She smiled at him as she got closer and her face lit up. Andy saw the perfect smile he had seen in the photo, the gently applied make-up giving her skin the look of porcelain, but it was her eyes. Just like the photo they shined. He had thought it must have been a trick of the camera to make them so green, so large and so holding, but it was no trick. Those eyes he had looked into on his computer screen for the past few weeks now smiled at him.

"Hello, you must Andy" she held out her hand he took it and smiled back lost for words, she was beautiful.

She was wearing black tailored trousers and a fitted short-sleeved top that had a plunging neckline, not too low, but enough to glimpse at her ample cleavage. She had a long flowing see through jacket over the top and smart black court shoes. She had a lovely emerald green pendant that just fell at the top of her cleavage. A scarf tied around the handle of her handbag picked up its colour.

"I’m Andy" He replied, realising what he had said. He fumbled with his words and continued "I mean yes I’m Andy, you must be Miss Allison"

Allison held her head back and laughed the strong laugh he had heard so often over the past two weeks. "You’re to call me Allison, none of this Miss lark, well not yet, not until I have decided if I want you".

Andy relaxed at her direct way of talking. Holding out an arm he said, "Well let me escort you to the Fetish Market".

She looked at him indignantly and did not move, raising an eyebrow. She said "First things first my boy, I need to inspect, open wide".

It was Andy’s turn now to laugh. Allison had said the first thing she would do was to inspect his teeth, so there on the corner of the street he opened his mouth wide and bent down gently while Allison had a professional look at his teeth.

"They are not bad" she said "but I think I can find some work to do in there"

Andy held out his arm once more and Allison took it. He was proud to walk into the Fetish Market with this beautiful lady on his arm even if she was a dentist.