Fiona's Fetish becomes Flora's Folly

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2012 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MF/f; M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; bfold; wrap; box; shackles; dungeon; casket; entomb; costumes; toys; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Part 1

It wasn’t a case of getting above herself, but Fiona Mackie believed she was becoming a very good bondage model. She simply loved it and having sent a few portfolios of her tied across her bed by a boyfriend she’d once dated, out on the internet, soon found that there were some seriously good photographers. Within a year she was able to pick and choose her work from a select group of guys and one gal.

She did like Josie’s play acting, as the lass let her swap over now and again to see how it felt from the sub’s point of view. Miss March was one of those people she soon learned to trust because of that. Plus of course there was that magic time during a video shoot when Josie suddenly stripped off and made passionate love to her. At first Fiona struggled in her bonds, not really wanting this, even though she’d said ‘You are free to use me as you wish’. She hadn’t expected the lass to take things literally!

Bringing Fiona to one of the hardest and most intense multiple orgasms she’d ever had and thus wasn’t gonna make a fuss at the conclusion. A simply brilliant time and Miss Mackie flatly refused to accept any payment for that shoot! A few weeks later they did it again too, both ways as Fi wasn’t that bad with a camera; Josie wrapped from head to foot as Fiona brought her squealing with tongue and vibrator. If they could only get someone to film them girl on girl…well! After that the pair became good friends despite a few years difference in age.

It was Josie who finally put Fiona in touch with someone she’d always wanted to work for but dared not approach directly. Angus Mackenzie was a legend in Scottish bondage photography but apparently was a bugger to work with because he was such a perfectionist. Finally at a party she and Josie got talking to the guy and at first, as expected he seemed a bit distant. Quite how as both girls were dressed to thrill. Skimpy outfits and killer heels though maybe he assumed they were just the normal kind of party animals until they’d bought him a drink and broached the rather delicate subject.

However Fiona said that the main problem was the guys she mainly worked with were into cord and also mummification fetishists. Although she enjoyed these the marks rope leaves on skin were causing her a bit of grief from her mates at work, some of whom she went to the gym with and there were often a few strange looks when they all got changed. One big one and Fiona had to lie, saying she’d been in a tug-of-war team practice. Judith however saw Fi flushing and a quiet grin meant her colleague had a good idea. Thankfully the lass saying nothing about it.

What she was after was someone who was into a ‘wee bit of heavy metal’. Explaining how she loved the ‘clink’ of a manacle round her wrist/ankle or even a collar if the guy had the right stuff. So far she’d only done a couple of those, both with only a few minutes in bondage and she wanted a lot more. Well of course that got Mackenzie’s attention as he had tons (literally) of chain and steel just waiting for someone like her. He questioned Miss Mackie over a few drinks and finally offered her a ‘long’ forthcoming session at his studio. Fiona was thrilled, so was Josie when he invited HER to come as well. For a moment he’d thought they were sisters, facially they looked very close. He’d seen an old portfolio of March’s work on the net, some of it with Fiona and reckoned these girls had talent. Now, did they really want to learn?

Of course they did and the date was set for three weeks time over the long Easter holiday. Fiona was so excited and the pair went out onto the dancefloor and had the place cheering as they strutted their stuff, seeing Mackenzie raising his glass before he left an hour later.

Those three weeks dragged so looonnngg yet on the final Friday Fiona was in a panic, wondering should she call the thing off. Josie, while doing another mummification of her friend talked her out of bottling, mainly because she refused to unwrap Fi until she promised to go through with it.

Off they went, having left safety messages with the same trusted friend of theirs and finally arrived at Mackenzie’s studio. It was actually his house, an old stately home no less, so no nosy neighbours and plenty of spare rooms to set up his desires. Greeting the girls with a warm hug but no kiss he took them to their rooms, saying dinner was on the way but hoped they could trust his cooking as he lived alone. No way could he allow a housekeeper to run a place like that. He’d never hear the end of it if the word got out about Batchfield Hall.

They changed into reasonably smart dresses, nothing tarty like the partywear but simply calf length stuff for both, medium heels and suchlike. ‘After all it’ll hopefully be the last thing I wear tonight’ Fiona said through their interconnecting door. Make-up and shoes applied both came down and ate with their host who actually was a decent cook after all. Once that was dispatched he let them freshen up while the dinner stuff got dumped in the kitchen. Meeting them in the massive hall Angus unlocked the door under the stairs then ushered the pair through and down the only flight. They passed the first room of the four on the corridor and he explained that was the ‘proper’ cellar for his small collection of fine wine.

The second room was empty apart from a sofa, two chairs, what looked like a dressing table complete with mirror and lights and two huge wardrobes on each side. He said there were some rather nice outfits for Fiona to try on as he wanted to do some ‘damsel-in-distress’ shots later on if she wished. Also this was her room to change in private, handing the girl a key and Fiona vanished as the others proceeded, coming to the first of two studios next door.

Josie was seriously impressed at the studio as she walked around it. Quality of Mackenzie’s kit was amazing. Three cameras alone cost ten grand each, the best lenses and he developed all his own stuff too. There was a St Andrews’ cross leaning at an angle against the wall with about a foot of space behind the base and she examined it closely. As expected it was made by a renowned American company and like the other stuff she could see was all pukka quality gear.

Fiona arrived having shed all her clothes next door just wearing the stilettos and kimono he’d said were in one of the wardrobes. The lassie shocked at the quality and feel of those beautiful gowns in each one. By God she wanted to wear one of those while chained up. She’d be dripping wet before he got the first manacle on her!

They got started, Mackenzie allowing Fiona to set her rules. As this was a first time there were a couple and he didn’t mind, the usual ‘no marks and no pain’. He said he didn’t approve of that anyway then opened another wardrobe and Mackie’s eyes widened at all the steel on the shelves within. He saw this and smiled, asking her to come and pick what she wanted, what scene she would like to set and so on.

Well this was heaven so she selected a collar, at least two inches round and thick, lifting it out, opening the thing as it was unlocked and putting it to her neck. The clunk as it closed round was something else though she did start when he commented that he hoped the key for it was here on the bench with all the others. That made her freeze for a moment as he checked, calling him a bugger after he’d rummaged around then waved it in front of her. Josie too was chuckling at this and it seemed to settle any nerves the girls had as she picked through the delights that lay within. It took a while but finally she had got enough for her first go.

They walked across the room and began. Fiona by now was naked, had a manacle round each wrist and ankle, the collar and the best of all. An inch thick belt around her waist. She clambered nervously onto the cross and held her breath as he reached behind to put the first screw through the back of the thing, with the last half-inch of thread going into the waistband itself. He did her ankles then told her to hold on while he moved it out a bit. A motor whirred and the cross flipped forward till it was vertical. Fiona was glad of the warning as she thought she was about to fall off. Now he could reach up and moments later her wrists were screwed into place. Then once that was done he slid a thin rod out of the X bit behind her head and secured the collar to that.

Josie could see how excited Fiona was getting and sat there patiently, as the scene was set. Then once Mackie was secure the two photographers got to work. Mackenzie went first, took a series of shots then instructed Josie how to get the best of the images using her own camera. He made Mackie pull a few mock-pleading faces and shot those, and then to the girls surprise went to the small cupboard and got out a vibrator. Grinning slightly he returned and asked Fiona did she want some exercise, handing the thing to Josie. Well she was hardly in a position to say otherwise and over the next hour was time and again brought to the edge of orgasm then stopped as the cameras continued to click. It was SO bloody frustrating for her but Mackenzie was impressed, both at Josie’s work with a camera and his subject’s willingness in the display.

She was released after another hour, leaving the open manacles where they were as she had a stretch. Then allowed to use the portaloo in her room before returning to find that the cross had been added to. Now as she stepped back onto it there were further loops of shiny steel that went above and below her knees plus the same for her elbows. Once those were locked on she genuinely couldn’t move a muscle as they went to the next sequence of shots. Finally, having said he wasn’t a sadist he told Josie to finish working her over and Fiona was allowed to erupt in a squealing thundering orgasm as both cameras continued to do their stuff.

Having called for a break while she cooled down Josie was asked to clean her up with a towel as she hung there. The lass wondering why she wasn’t being freed to do this herself. Not wanting to disturb the master while he sorted those hugely expensive cameras she said nothing, totally enervated at what was happening to her now. They did another set of shots and again she was allowed to come twice, this time on video before he said that was enough for today. The girls were a bit surprised then Mackenzie told them he assumed they wanted to stay the night and spend tomorrow doing much the same again. Well they weren’t going to argue, just as well they always carried overnight gear and a tired Fiona was carefully and gently released from the cross, giving him a big hug and kiss as thanks before scuttling next door trying not to blush.

They all went upstairs and settled down, the girls bidding him goodnight and chattering to themselves as they discussed the session. They made a phone call to their safety whom’ was pleased they had the courtesy to let her know. It was all Fiona had wanted and she hoped tomorrow would be as good as tonight had been.

It certainly was. Meeting up at the breakfast table he told them how today would go once they’d finished eating and within an hour the girls were back at work. Fiona today clad in rags as she found herself in the second studio on a medieval torture rack! Neither of the girls had ever seen one live and it was an excited Miss Mackie who lay there as the thing was carefully wound up stretching her so taut. It was nothing like she’d ever felt and it showed on her face. Mackenzie was delighted and again they got to work.

He was a careful man too and Fiona was checked repeatedly over that hour to make sure her muscles were ok. She did squeal in pain once the device was slackened and that was enough for him to call a halt until the afternoon. The girls helped him do some developing and again he was impressed at their willingness to learn the craft. Over that day the model wore a selection of dresses as she found herself on the cross, in stocks or sometimes standing there with heavy steel round her wrists and ankles just posing. She’d never worn a bridal gown before and she treasured the moment the veils were lowered over her face. It was magical stuff and really they didn’t want the day to end.

It showed how relaxed Fi was about this when the other two realised that she was still wearing the collar as they sat down for the evening meal upstairs. Both girls having accepted another night’s bed and board. After the meal it was only to be a short session but Mackenzie sprang a surprise by telling Josie she’d be tonight’s model. She accepted but didn’t enjoy it as much as Fiona did but anxious not to show this to their host.

Sunday morning found a rather nervous Fiona out in the grounds. It was a lovely day and the sun warm on her body as she walked along the path wearing high heels, a white gown, and her wrists shackled to a belt and a chain connecting that to similar stuff around her ankles. Mackenzie assured the girl there was never a chance they’d be seen but she was still relieved once that scene was done. They did others with her staked out in a clearing, both dressed like a gypsy girl, then only in stockings and a corset and finally naked, the last of these she was given another session by Josie with a vibrator. It was the first time she wore a gag too as Angus said he didn’t want anyone to hear her squealing! This time she asked for a blindfold too and it didn’t take long for her to come.

So far so good and again the girls worked hard. Mackenzie really was pleased with Mackie’s body too though so far he’d never touched her directly. Being a true gent he’d allowed Josie to do it all, saying it was best and it seemed to relax the pair, probably why the shoot went well. After lunch on the Sunday it was Josie who asked if he was interested in shooting a bit of girl on girl action, her having already suggested it to Fi. He didn’t seem sure but then agreed. Getting Fiona onto the cross wearing just her underwear, a gag and a blindfold. Miss March too wearing the same rig and smiling as she began to work her friend over, both with the vibrator then using her fingers. Fiona was in heaven by now and came repeatedly as Josie licked her out, all this being filmed and directed by Angus. By God these two were hot and with the Bank Holiday tomorrow came the inevitable question, to which they of course replied yes, made their calls to a now jealous safety and the matter was settled.

The rate for a day’s modelling was pretty good, to have nearly three and a half with this guy and Fiona said she’d have PAID HIM to go through that again. That night for dinner they really dressed up for him, both wearing the full works underneath, lovely silky frocks and full make up and finishing with matching shoes. His eyes almost popped out when they’d appeared and he joked that maybe he should get changed into his best bib and tucker. They challenged him, saying they’d finish cooking and he went, chuckling though he didn’t know what Fiona was about to suggest.

Having dined she surprised him by saying she’d seen his reactions to their playing earlier, the bulge in his trousers unmistakable. They were now REALLY ready to trust him…so would he take part in the next session for Fiona, making passionate love to her on the cross with Josie doing the filming! By now Mackenzie was sure this pair was good enough, they’d never questioned him during the weekend so he agreed, having twice asked Fiona for permission, ‘to screw the living daylights out of her’. Fi hadn’t made proper love to a man for nearly two years now and actually she’d been imagining him doing it when Josie had been vibrating her. Laughing she’d granted consent, ‘if you’re good enough” and they’d agreed how the scene was to be set.

An hour later Fiona was there. Wearing the whitest and silkiest underwear, white heels and a stunning bridal gown she’d found in the wardrobe that could be cunningly opened from hem to midriff by a well-hidden zip in the fold of the material. This time it was Mackenzie, who’d helped her onto the cross, give her the odd rub round the waist as he held her up. Miss March doing the securing round the back, this time using white painted steel they’d found in the rack, thus camouflaging it against the dress. Finally Josie said she was finished and she too gave Fi a rub then went to get the cameras all ready. Mackenzie advanced on Fiona carrying a white harness/gag set-up, pausing again to say once this was on there’d be no turning back. Again Fiona said yes, this WAS what she wanted and with that the penis gag was inserted and secured, then the blindfold applied and the opaque veils lowered over her head before he left the room.

Josie could see her friend trembling in anticipation and she waited camera ready, with the video one already running. Mackenzie burst into the room, now wearing full morning dress and top hat, marching to the cross and standing there, telling Fiona she ‘was a wicked woman’ and now on her wedding day was to get her comeuppance from her new husband. Appalled that she’d sleep with the best man the previous night. Fiona began squealing a denial through the gag, really laying it on and this was great, Josie zooming in on Mackenzie as he yelled at his ‘bride’.

He pawed her as she struggled in her bonds, then ripped off his jacket, unzipping his fly and getting out a monster. Of course Fiona had no idea how big Angus was, though actually she was so wet already that there’d never be a problem on that score. Mackenzie bent down with a rubber knife, pretending to slash open the dress and pulling the secret zip down as his new wife ‘begged’ him to stop.

She shuddered when he slid a warm finger into her, all this being caught on film as a quietly amazed Josie did her stuff, marvelling at the play-acting from the pair. So much so she was getting bloody wet herself. “Brazen hussy, you’re already thinking about this!” he snapped at the bound form on the cross, “This’ll teach you” he said and positioned himself at her entrance. Moving carefully he slid inside her sopping wet canal and began ploughing in and out, with swift strokes making her squeal at each thrust.

For Fiona it was the ultimate bondage experience, being securely bound on a cross while wearing a lovely dress with a huge and very solid cock being plunged repeatedly into her willing body. The guy was like the proverbial jackhammer until finally he came with a rush, sending a warm stream of cum deep into her cunt. Her own feelings had been mounting and moments later she erupted herself as he’d continued to pump fast, even and often. He lasted another minute then pulled out, quietly raising his left hand as if to strike her, this being the secret signal for Josie to stop the video camera. Once that was done Mackenzie relaxed with a deep breath, saying that was one of the best screws he’d performed, and actually the first to a girl in bondage, telling Miss March his late wife Tracey had never allowed him to do this to her.

Fiona Mackie’s mind was well blown by now, the feelings when he’d rammed that cock into her were something she wanted again. NOW!

She began to murmur something quite loudly through the gag but the others ignored her while they checked the initial recording was OK. But she carried on; her voice getting louder and eventually Gus came over with a towel and carefully cleaned her up while Josie worked on. He removed the gag but was amazed when Fiona asked, firstly for a drink, then a repeat performance as she felt her first was not up to scratch! Mackenzie was surprised and looked over at Miss March who shrugged, then with a smile and wink nodded agreement’ “if you can hack it matey”. Well, red rag to a bull and they gave Fi her drink and a few more minutes to cool off, set the whole scene up again and soon the cameras were running.

It was even better second time around as Angus paced himself, really giving the bride the hardest fuck she’d ever get and Fiona loved every mind numbing minute of it. He timed it perfectly, exploding into her right at the time she came too, screaming through her gag until the express train blew past and she sagged there totally helpless in her bonds once it was all over.

Angus released her and she fell exhausted into his arms, hugging tight and weeping tears of thanks. It was so moving, Mackenzie gently rubbing her shivering body that Josie took one look and quietly left the studio to make some coffee for the three, planning to give them at least half an hour to themselves. She reckoned that something had changed in her friend today and maybe Mackenzie was about to find a possible girlfriend standing there now rather than a model who knew both sides of a bondage camera. By the time she returned Fiona was back in a kimono and helping Angus with the machines, though she did still have her heels on! They were about to watch the second video when Mackenzie said it would be more comfortable upstairs in his living room rather than standing here.

Up they went and as Josie expected Fiona went and sat on the sofa next to Angus. Not quite together but close enough. The movie played on, all three of them laughing at the performance of the pair. It was bloody good stuff and by the end Miss March saw Gus toying with Fiona’s hair. Normally if a guy did this then Fi would have thumped him. One hand was flicking the back of her ponytail and her body now leaning against his. More to the point they were holding hands too. Secretly she was delighted as Fiona had endured a rough few years since a car accident so maybe things would look up for her.

By now it was time for the girls to go, as both were due back at their proper jobs. Mackenzie gave Fi a thousand pounds for that shoot. It would have been more but she declined, saying she’d really enjoyed the session, giving him a long hug and kiss before going to the car, his hands rested on her hips as they had kissed and Josie already knew. Miss March herself was thrilled when Mackenzie gave her one of his older cameras’. This was worth at least two grand and she’d learned an awful lot from the guy, who said that if they ever wanted to do it again…

She didn’t tell Fiona this straight away but within a month the pair were back. Both had made some serious money thanks to Mackenzie’s photos and especially the video shoot. That alone was worth ten grand in profit for him and he’d rung the girls, offering them a healthy share of that. They returned for the next session on the early May Bank holiday and Fiona spent nearly all the daylight hours wearing some kind of chain. To the point that she had got hold of the key and was wearing the waist belt under her night-dress as she’d slept. That nightie being found on her pillow the first evening. No doubt a wee present from Angus who gave her a warm smile on seeing her wearing it the next morning under her kimono as they prepared breakfast.

Mackenzie was hooked on her now and unlike the first time always found time to give her the odd rub when Josie wasn’t looking. When the lass was upstairs and Fiona on the cross he spent a few minutes really playing tongue tennis with her. She too was enjoying the attentions and it helped during all the scenarios they set up. Even the one when she was clamped into a coffin while wearing the bridal gown, gag and blindfold having read stories about that on-line.

This time Josie dressed as an undertaker as the pair ‘forced’ the frantic bride down and secured her into place by ankles, waist and neck. Her hands being cleverly locked to the white belt, the wrist cuffs being covered by the flower arrangement every bride has. The lid was closed and locked for the cameras then once they were off Mackenzie suggested to Josie they go for a walk. She was shocked that he’d leave Fiona stuck like that until he revealed that inside Miss Mackie’s underwear was a bloody good vibrator and butt plug, these set on random and her friend had wanted at least a couple of hours in there! “She’s something else that lass” he’d said as they went outside. During their walk Josie realised that not only were they looking for locations on the ground for more shoots but that Mackenzie had been cleverly asking her about Fiona’s life, what sort of relationship was she in if at all and stuff like that.

The coffin was certainly rocking when they returned and Josie watched as it vibrated again. Then it stopped and a series of faint mews came out. Mackenzie said that was probably her ‘I’ve had enough’ signal and moments later the pair were freeing their captive. She lay there absolutely knackered after that and it took a concerted effort by the others to get her out of the coffin and next door. Angus left to make lunch and give them privacy, Josie helping her undress and was amazed at her friend. Why hadn’t she told her about the vibrator? Was she getting addicted to this or what?

Fiona was, but didn’t want to spoil it for Josie so just said that she’d wanted to try something a wee bit different. Happily Miss March accepted that as an excuse and let the matter lapse. That afternoon it was her turn on the cross for a session and this time she enjoyed it a bit more, though she did decline his offer of a ‘damn good screwing’. Cheekily saying that Fiona had got first dabs on him so that was the way it’d stay. He grinned at that, so did Fiona, blushing furiously which quietly proved to March that these two really would start seeing a bit more of each other before long. The rest of the weekend went the same way and again the payments to both were way more than expected.

* * *

Angus Mackenzie spent the next few weeks wondering whether to invite Fiona back on a much more personal note, they’d spoken on the phone a few times but she was too busy with her normal job to pay a visit. He wanted her so badly now and not just as a model and he spent a fortune on-line hoping she’d return in the future. So he was thrilled on Friday of the late May Bank holiday to see her car arriving at his front door, though surprised that she was alone. The girl got out and he paused, eyeing her in a figure hugging dress with that luscious blonde hair flowing. Wearing heels that she must have slipped on once the car had stopped. No way could she have driven it wearing those. She walked up and this time they embraced with a loooonng smoochy kiss, his hands holding her round the back and sliding south to her waist.

Only there to find a surprise as underneath she was obviously wearing what felt to him like the steel belt. She nodded; saying she’d accidentally kept it from last time so had better bring it back. He asked her where Josie was, as he was a bit concerned with Fiona being here on her own. Mackie replied that Miss March was away in America on holiday, attending a Bond-Con session in Las Vegas but was fully aware her friend was coming. Even lending her one of her cameras if things turned out that way. Fiona also told him that their normal safety had been informed what was happening though she didn’t say Margie had ‘wished her luck with her new life’ Apparently Josie, the cow/gossip/best friend had already told the lass how things had been developing with these two.

That seemed to settle Mackenzie down and they walked to the door, his hand finally clasping hers and once inside they really kissed again. By God she was hot and he wanted her now. Smacking her on the backside he told her to go and change into something more comfortable while he cooked dinner, saying it’d be about an hour.

Fiona thought this dress was good enough but said nothing as she went upstairs with her little suitcase. Mackenzie realising she’d packed for the weekend already. Entering her room she found it as expected was neat and tidy, though the dress hanging there on the wall was something else. She examined it and was smitten. It was gorgeous and she wanted straight away to wear it down for dinner. Her own was off a moment later and Fi paused, black underwear doesn’t match cream so she checked the empty drawers where her own stuff normally went. Only to find it appeared that Mackenzie must have been shopping, possibly on her behalf. There was some of the finest quality stuff a girl could want. Corsets, garter belts and everything laid out just right. Fiona smiled…and grabbed.

A grinning Miss Mackie helped herself and she twice needed a tissue to clean up even before she’d finished dressing. The feelings she had on bringing the zip up were something only a woman can understand. It fitted like a glove and she ran hands over her torso, then mischievously put the belt on last. It felt perfect as she slipped on the shoes then headed for the stairs just as a gong sounded, so she’d timed it perfectly. Mackenzie was standing there at the bottom as she swept down, making every girl’s ‘dream entrance’ and they embraced and kissed as he began to run hands all over her.

They dined and talked about themselves, really personal stuff and at the end having moved next door, sitting together on the sofa with his arm round her waist he asked her what she’d planned for this weekend. Actually Fiona didn’t know, she just wanted to be with Gus so told him that. He grinned, saying she did look lovely in the dress and smiling as she blushed. Fiona replied that’d it would look even better with her chained on the cross. “You’re insatiable…love” he said and that was enough.

Both looked at the other and realised they’d crossed the bridge and he seized her arm and pulled her up. They kissed again long and slow then headed downstairs hand in hand; her high heels ringing on the flagstones and within ten minutes she was safely chained, gagged and blindfolded. He took the usual sequence of shots then set the video running as he reached under her dress, his fingers working her to a wonderful orgasm.

Once that was done and she’d cleaned up they left the studio behind and returned upstairs, watched a bit of TV then he said it was time to turn in as they had a busy day tomorrow, telling her what she’d be doing and wearing. She followed him up and they shared another kiss before she closed her door and went off to bed.

That next day was really special and the pair was inseparable now. Mackenzie had her doing the most outrageous shoots wearing all sorts of stuff. Victorian for a start, he had to help her in and out of that stuff, the corsets for those outfits were SO tight but always finding time for the extra long rub once she got some breath. Once they’d finished a shoot if it was a full-length dress she left it on and spent the time swishing and strutting around the house.

Fiona even went down to the 10000 years BC when she dressed as a cave girl and they went outside. There was a small cavern in the hillside behind his house and they shot a memorable set of photograph there. Not wearing any restraints but just cooking lunch on an open fire and looking so fucking hot he wanted to screw her right now. Fiona didn’t say that she’d wanted him to bash some chains into the cavern wall and leave her spread-eagled and begging for a while, maybe they’d do it another time.

She prepared dinner that night, something he appreciated and she was a great cook too. He finished up the developing while she’d laboured then left something special by her bed for tonight. They ate, saw some more TV, actually watching that bridal cross shoot again and this time the pair were holding and kissing each other through most of it. Mackenzie couldn’t keep his hands off her now and eventually said it was time she went off for the night… knowing which room she’d be sleeping in already.

Fiona Mackie was amazed on entering her room after their snogging session outside. A lovely ivory coloured silk nightgown hung there, wanting a pretty girl to wear it. She examined the fabric and what lay beside it. Knowing that if she put this on she was lost. Trouble being she was and did so, quickly stripping off, using the bathroom to do her teeth and stuff before returning and beginning the next part of her life. Stepping into the thing and lifting it to her neck, slipping an arm into each sleeve then using a thin cord and rod to pull up the zip that she normally did for dressing. Committing herself she slipped the tab into the slot and after a long moment clicked the tiny padlock shut. Her emotions were rioting as the satin fabric caressed her from top to bottom, the hem swishing so seductively round her ankles. Every girl loves that feeling and she pranced around the room. A final brush of her hair and a nervous Fiona was ready to go.

There was no turning back and after putting on her heels she walked quietly to his door, her little heart pounding ten to the dozen as she gently tapped on the wooden surface. There was a long long pause before he opened it, dressed in a pair of boxer shorts, wearing the face she’d hoped. One of longing for her body inside that dress, knowing that only his key would free her from the satin prison. He reached for her hands and carefully pulled her inside where they embraced and kissed for what seemed ages. Mackenzie’s hand slid up her back and stroked the skin just above the padlock. He touched it briefly and she saw him smile and nod knowingly. “Yes my Princess,” he murmured quietly, “It’s time to make you my Queen”

She almost fainted at that and he grinned again, holding her tight with one hand, the other reaching for the tiny key that lay on the bedside cupboard. She said, “Not yet, do it right now, with me like this”

So he did, walking backwards pulling her to the bed then falling back with her on top. She hitched up the fabric and sat on him, reaching down inside his shorts knowing the treat that was already rock hard. Fi was so wet that no aid was required as she manoeuvred back and onto him, while his hands held her steady, stroking her satin-clad body, rubbing her torso. Once she’d impaled herself with such a sexy sounding moan he began to work on her breasts, really kneading both as she began to rock back and forth until he came, spraying a healthy amount of seed into her. He continued to pound, making sure she climaxed moments later and then she collapsed on top, weeping tears like the first time they’d done it downstairs. Finally she relaxed and released him, getting off and heading for the bathroom even before he’d unlocked her dress.

Coming back to the bedroom they shared another snog and rub. His bucket like hands all over her butt. Then suddenly after a few minutes of this he lifted her off her feet, threw her giggling onto the bed and was on her like a flash. Whipping the dress to round her waist, spreading her legs as far as they would go and then pinning her down. “Do it honey, just screw me hard” she begged and of course he obliged. Spearing into her like a bloody harpoon. How could a girl be so lucky? Her brain screamed, as he came in and out, hardly giving her chance to breathe, his hands working her nipples through the dress, really banging away until finally with a grunt came that rushing again, this time the couple in perfect unison.

After another session in the bathroom, the pair bundling for it, (she lost and had to wait) they returned to the bedroom. She looked at him then the bed and he nodded, saying that he needed to make sure she’d leave him alone tonight, twice was more than enough. Angus reached into a drawer and brought out a thin leather belt and walked over, wrapping it round her waist. Next came a pair of padded cuffs which were applied to her wrists, then to her complete surprise were drawn behind and secured to the belt. This wasn’t the hoped for passionate cuddle she’d wanted but waited expectantly. He helped her into bed so she was facing the middle then reached down and smoothed out her dress. Before she could say thanks Fiona found her ankles being locked together as well! This really was unexpected but she guessed there might be more. “Is that all you can do…” she smiled, hearing him ferreting about.

He returned from behind and slipped a harness over her head, this containing a thick penis gag that went swiftly into her mouth and the straps tight under her chin, muffling a short squeal as he pumped it up. Then Fiona’s vision was denied her as a blindfold was wrapped around her face and secured to the harness. He clambered into bed, kissed her on the nose, bid her goodnight saying she was almost ready and after getting a muffled reply put earplugs into both sides and she was done. Angus knocked off the lights and moved in, holding the totally restrained form next to him and hoping this was what she’d wanted tonight.

Fiona Mackie lay there utterly content, knowing she’d met the man who appreciated her needs. How things had changed for her over the last twelve weeks and as Mackenzie gently cradled her body she dropped off wondering how to tell Gus she was his for evermore if he wanted her.

Mackenzie too knew this and his mind churned, should he propose to her tomorrow or what? This girl hadn’t just done what he wanted, it was her who was pushing herself. She wasn’t a gold-digger either after his fortune. Fiona had told him she had nearly half a million pounds worth of her own house, all paid for thank you plus an equal amount in stocks and shares and was making more every day. Even her boss didn’t know how rich Miss Mackie was and actually the job she did was about a fifth of what she made in a year. Her own on-line investment company was doing damn well.

The night passed in bliss for her, though she was glad when Angus awoke, kissed her on the forehead having removed the plugs and began to free her from the bonds. Fiona had a long yawn and stretch after that, rubbing both wrists from where she’d lain on them. That concerned him and again she saw how thoughtful this guy was as he said there’d be no bondage work till after lunch because of that. They had a smoochy kiss then he unlocked her dress, whacking her on the rump, saying it was about time she made some breakfast.

Fiona chuckled and went next door reluctantly shedding the gown, had a refreshing shower and dressed for the day, wearing a simple jersey calf length wrap that was in the wardrobe, no shoes and no make-up because he asked her not to.

The lass did their meal and washed up while he played around on the computer, then amazingly he heard her start doing the vacuuming. Really this girl was all he wanted now and his mind was made up. That afternoon they began the normal photo stuff, mainly outside in the wood, Fiona chained to a tree wearing very little, a skimpy chemise, slutty high heels and white knickers looking seriously distressed because it was pissing down. Her nipples were rock hard through the material and once the shoot was done he gave her a going over. That got her smiling despite the weather though she was glad to get back inside and dried off. The rest of the day was in the studio doing some damsel stuff, dressed as an executive in smart jacket, trousers, heels…yes and steel all round. Her wide eyes pleading over a gag. Secured to a chair as a kidnapper made all kinds of threats to her wellbeing. Great stuff, then she got demoted to the secretary, with the short skirt, stockings showing and the unbuttoned blouse displaying half her perfectly formed breasts.

Monday morning and Fiona awoke, again in his bed, wearing that lovely dress, it again locked round her neck though this time her limbs were free. She stroked him awake then they screwed the living daylights out of each other. She was dreading the moment tonight when she’d have to pack and leave Gus to himself.

But of course it wasn’t going to happen if he had his way. Angus HAD decided and planned to go shopping for the right item. He cunningly tricked her into the coffin late that afternoon, well she’d actually needed no encouragement having seen it and almost leapt in. Smiling as the ankles, waist and neck were secured snugly to straps coming out from below the padding. She was wearing the full whack again, including the vibrator but this time he’d given her a selection of rings to try first. As if by magic the only ideal band was one of a pair so he knew her finger sizes. Her wrists were locked to the belt and the flower arrangement done. Locking the coffin he set the vibrator remotely for it not to come on for at least three hours, grinning as it’d be SO frustrating for her in the utter darkness not knowing this, she’d assume it’d start straight away.

He did however warn Fiona he’d be going out and leaving her alone, the first time ever like this, but she trusted him implicitly now, sharing a kiss before the gag, blindfold and earplugs had been applied, the veils lowered and the shudder as the lid was slammed down. She was so wet feeling the ten heavy duty locks being applied round the sides as he always knocked each hasp loudly before clicking it shut. Then her world was silence and she waited, praying the vibrator would kick in NOW PLEASE!

Angus found the perfect ring in about two hours and carefully drove home, no way could he dare crash and leave ‘his’ girl to perish. Arriving safely back he came downstairs just as the first of her orgasms began to erupt, the coffin shaking on the floor. He checked the remote and saw she’d been going for a minute so cruelly wound the hammer right up then guessed right and cut it at almost the correct point. He actually heard her squeal in frustration as it had ceased. It was really getting her going now and ten minutes later Fiona sent herself into the most blissful daze that lasted…well…OH GOD it’s started again she thought, and after a third time came a ‘I’ve had enoooouuuugh…’ series of short squeaks.

Fiona was quietly crying when straight away she felt the heavy knocks on the lid, her knowing that her ‘beloved Gus’ was about to free her. A few moments later the lid was off, her earplugs were being removed, followed by the gag… but then nothing else. Strange.

She felt ‘her’ wedding ring being removed then even more bizarre when what appeared to be another was applied to a different finger, this would normally be the engagement ring. Surely Angus would have known that? His hands vanished then her left wrist was undone and lifted up. To her shock he kissed this finger then asked Fiona if she’d marry him, saying she was all he wanted and he couldn’t live another day without her!

The lass was stunned into total silence, this lasting a long while as he described the fact he was, yes, kneeling by her side and yes, that was an engagement ring on her finger. Still Fiona said nothing, was this what she wanted? “If you don’t love…I’ll have to gag you till you do” he said. She could tell he was smiling at the situation and made him really wait, till she reckoned his knees would be creaking. Then her mind rioted as a penis gag slowly slid back in and was buckled. Fiona was surprised and again did nothing, wondering if she should speak right… “Oh well, it was worth a go. I’ll have to find another lovely girl…” he said sadly as her hand was kissed, stroked for awhile then kissed again, the ring being removed and her wrist slowly lowered to the other THEN LOCKED to the belt.

She tried to say something, only for the gag to suddenly inflate, really squeezing her tongue down and she couldn’t make a sound, even her distress was impossible. “I’m so sorry love, here have these keys,” saying that the set he was putting between her breasts were the ONLY ones for those shiny steel locks. Those impregnable and blast proof locks that he was holding the first of in one hand. The coldness of the metal on skin made her gasp but her muscles were frozen solid and it never occurred for her to try and stop him. “Goodbye my dearest Fiona, you really were the one” he said then put the plugs into her ears, kissed her on the nose then adjusted the veil until she looked perfect. She felt the lid REALLY slam down this time and Fiona began sobbing hysterically as once more she felt the coffin banging, her counting four times down each side then once at each end.

Miss Mackie was doomed… lying there crying at the way she’d been cruelly betrayed by the man she’d wanted so badly. Even Marjorie or Josie couldn’t save her now as they both had guessed that sooner or later she’d be moving in with the guy so they wouldn’t want to disturb the early part of the relationship. Of course in the weeks to come they’d expect to hear all about it but she’d be long dead by then. The girl felt the coffin being dragged for some while, the guy must be damn strong to shift it on his own. Then came what appeared to be a series of kicks then everything was quiet apart from the sound of blood thumping in her ears.

Fiona awoke and thought she was dreaming. She was upstairs, in Angus’ bed totally free and wearing that lovely dress again. Reaching slowly round and finding the lock, yes it was there but was this all a dream?

She reached over to his side and her heart missed a beat at touching a box. A ring box no doubt and that opened her eyes, Seeing the man who’d betrayed her sitting there, fully dressed and staring at the girl with tears in his eyes. Fiona leapt out of bed, bursting into sobs but also rushing into his arms, letting him hold her as she almost fainted with relief. “I’m sorry love, by God I’m so sorry,” he said, his eyes watering. They held each other tight as he explained that almost straight after he’d kicked the coffin and locked the door that he’d discovered her limits in bondage. Now he promised that they’d never go that far again… though he still wanted her to marry him as he sat her back on the bed. Reaching for the ring and getting on one knee, asking her that question so formally with the open box there. Her tears flowed faster as she replied yes and feeling magical as the band was sliding onto the finger.

Josie and Marjorie were delighted when she phoned and told them that night. Both were expecting a move but not this sudden. They knew however how careful Fiona was in her decisions and she’d have thought it through. Josie questioned her on returning from the States and visiting her at Mackenzie’s house to show them some ideas for future shoots. She warned the guy that he’d better look after her friend or there’d be trouble to which all three of them laughed before a squealing Miss March was dragged downstairs, stripped naked and chained to the cross to be worked over by Fiona for being such a bossy boots.

Fiona sold her house three weeks later and left her job too. Planning to become not just Angus’ wife but everything he wanted of her while still running her investment firm. They took some great photos, Josie helping when she had time but really she wanted the pair to be for themselves. Fi loved her work now, Angus was still being careful though he did push her hard. Hanging the spread-eagled girl by her wrists and ankles between two bent trees provided a memorable set that netted the pair almost twenty-five thousand pounds. It hurt Fiona’s wrists doing these and she’d only allow herself to hang for two minutes at a time so Gus needed to be quick. Josie would stand behind the girl supporting her full weight, then once Gus was ready would slowly let go, making sure Fiona didn’t jerk. Then Mackenzie would rush in close, take a sequence of shots then March would return and grab Fiona’s torso again. She knew that anything after ten and the girl could suffer serious nerve damage. They only did five each day spread over several hours but by the end it was worth it.

* * *

It came as a surprise to Fiona when a few months later Mackenzie asked was she interested in doing an on-location set of shots for an old friend, actually the very guy who’d taught him most of the skills to become a bondage photographer. Rather than being done at their place his buddy was offering them free use of his castle on the Isle of Mull for a fortnight so it’d be a holiday too. This contained all sorts of goodies they could use. A ruined monastery for a start, a derelict church with a crypt and stuff like that. She thought about it and once reassured that only him and Angus would be there agreed.

They packed a rental van with nearly all their stuff except the coffin. All the chains and manacles Gus had. Virtually her entire wardrobe was in several large suitcases including the wedding dresses and a medieval style outfit from a hire shop, because Roger Lunes apparently had a thing about that era and this was their main shoot. He apparently had a whole room of that stuff, a serious collector and highly regarded expert in that field. Also he had recently started an Edwardian collection too. Her role was to playact Lady Flora, doomed chatelaine of Castle Kealty.

A day later and they arrived early afternoon at the imposing yet remote castle on the far west of the island. It was almost on another off the coast with a causeway they splashed across even though the tide was nearly out. A stunning setting and Fiona was thrilled as they drove down the heavily wooded but rather over-grown path. Roger met them at the door, saying he’d sent his two menservants away for a fortnight so the three of them would be alone. He was really taken in by Fiona’s looks as he gave her a hug and kiss. She was wearing jeans, white roll neck sweater and chunky boots but the guy loved her appearance. “What a beauty you lucky bugger. Wouldn’t care to leave her to look after a lonely laird at the end would you old fruit? She’s brought enough stuff anyway” he said to Gus as they unpacked the van. She heard this and stuck her tongue out, this making them all laugh as they went in.

It was a lovely place, all wood panelling and in beautiful condition. This was going to be so much fun and she asked him what else was here. Finding out he had a genuine dungeon made her eyes widen and that really pleased him. The three looked around the place, Lunes suggesting places for the shoots he wanted them to do, then finally unlocking the room with the medieval collection. Fiona gasped as she looked at all the lovely dresses and stuff arranged in four massive wardrobes. “Can I wear all these?” she asked and was thrilled when Roger said yes, asking her size as some were very large and others quite small. “10 or sometimes 12 when she’s got PMT and needs an excuse to be a cow,” Mackenzie interrupted, Lunes chuckled, getting a long-suffering glare from the girl. Also if they had time she could do some of the Edwardian stuff as well. Gus was seriously impressed at the armour and stuff, wielding a sword that he could hardly lift.

That first night she offered to cook, saying the men had done enough work to get the van unpacked and left them chatting. She quickly changed into a 17th Century serving wench outfit she’d seen in that first wardrobe and came in as the guys were having drinks. “Dinner is served me lords” she said, curtsying deeply, cheeks glowing at the thrill of play-acting like this. She really laid it on thick and the men were delighted, Roger giving her a wee crafty rub on the ass when Gus wasn’t looking. She flirted back and that made the night go well as she plied them with food and booze. Sitting next door after the meal they had a good old laugh and chat as Lunes asked about her life, Fiona saying how she and Gus had met, the bondage shoots that ended up getting REALLY personal and so on. They’d brought a few albums and Lunes watched some of the acting on the DVD’s so he knew Angus’ missus would hopefully have few qualms about what was going to happen to her over this fortnight.

Next day they got started and like times at their place it was all she wanted. The dungeon was bloody spooky, as Roger rarely ventured down there. Why should he? All the stuff on the shelves looked really old, hardly surprising and the guys reckoned most was over three hundred years so they made sure keys and locks worked flawlessly before they’d even think of applying them to Fiona’s body.

Most they discarded as dangerous because of rust, others because the keys snapped in the locks when they were turned first time round but others were fine, the blokes marvelling at the quality of the black smiths’ who’d no idea their stuff could last four centuries. Soon there were enough safe ones to use. These all got some fresh oil and the chain lengths measured minutely, then spike ends were hammered deep into the rock, the loops checked then re-oiled then done a third time.

Finally the girl was allowed in, Roger saying she looked stunning in that dress. Really pleased because the girl had obviously studied medieval make-up and now looked perfect. Even to the point she began to mess it up a bit as a prisoner is hardly going to look in pristine condition. Fiona’s heart was already slamming in her chest as she was positioned against the slimy looking walls and the first manacles clicked round her wrists. Her legs were spread as far apart as the dress allowed and she was shuddering as the iron closed round.

Gus was working on setting up the video cameras so it must have been Lunes who’d surreptitiously run his cold hand right up her trembling legs as he’d adjusted her stance. The cheeky bugger and it took a concerted effort for her not to smile before the men left the room to change themselves for the scene. She stood there helpless, daydreaming of all the shocking things that must have happened in this very room over the centuries and, yes she was getting wet thinking about…

The shoot began half an hour later, both men now dressed as jailers, bursting into the cell, telling the struggling ‘Lady Flora Kealty’ that she was doomed to die an agonising death unless she told all about the plot to betray the King. Wonderful stuff and Angus went behind the camera as Roger primed some bellows, getting a torture rod blazing white hot then coming over. Fiona screaming in ‘mock’ terror as he held the sizzling point right in front of her face, Gus could see the sweat forming on her brow and zoomed right in, catching the look of horror in her eyes, this was perfect he thought. Miss Mackie was actually just grateful for the heat, as it was bloody cold down here.

That was the end of that sequence and the men doused the bellows and secured the films, chattering as they praised their ‘heroine’ who by now was just busting to go to the loo. “Um… how about me?” she began as they’d walked off for a coffee break and a smiling Gus came back and freed her, the lassie getting a long kiss and cuddle as reward before she scuttled away.

* * *

These shoots took time but everyone was enjoying themselves as Fi, or ‘Lady Flora’ as Roger began to call her worked on. They took thousands of shots, not just her in restraints or things but in the main house as well, her wearing every type of medieval costume you could think of. Right through the class system from servant to Royalty, though Gus did notice she particularly liked the wench’s one, wearing this most of the time between shoots as she did the catering for the trio, then volunteering to do the housework. Fiona reckoned that was her responsibility while here as the guys were working so hard on the scene sets. Lunes was simply thrilled as she brought his collection to life and having got Angus to properly measure her during the third day was soon on the phone making orders for more stuff.

Most challenging was in the crypt under the church. If the dungeon wasn’t spooky enough then this was. Roger had to show her the certificate of de-consecration before she’d agreed to film down there. Though once inside she had a wonderful time, eventually asking Lunes if she could spend a night down here. She pointed to the unused slot under the altar, then at the stone coffin lying next door, telling a fascinated guy about their stuff at home. Fiona had also found on a website a story about a girl on a Scottish island who’d ended up ‘buried’ in a church like this. The three read the whole thing through and thought it pretty good. “Barra’s not far from here, shame that company doesn’t exist or I’d spend a fortune with them”

Gus looked closely at it, the design of the altar and said yes, they could be onto something here. It was almost the same design as in the story he said. Getting a pencil and paper, drawing a sequence. They’d need an A-frame off one of the estate jeeps but the coffin could be slid into that slot right here, then the top stone that lay over there could be laid above like the others. The flanges at each end would come down across the slot hole securing the coffin safely under at least two tons of stone! “How lucky is that. Just like the story, I cannot wait” Fiona said.

She was ecstatic when Roger agreed to set this up, giving him a hug which made him blush though there was a hell of a lot of work to do. Fiona left them to it while she returned to the Castle to carry on the chores, starting lunch and preparing the black dress she wanted to wear tonight. Roger and Gus drilled several dozen sloping air holes around the coffin, measuring and doing the same to the altar, obviously Fi was going to need fresh air during her incarceration. Having done that they had a dry run through without her or the lid, sliding it in and dropping the top down. Making sure the air holes in the flanges were in line with the coffin ones. Gus knew straight away that she’d be thrilled with this.

Inside the coffin were soft cushions for her comfort and holes drilled for various clamps that’d be securing her in the usual places. That was the only difference from the story as the girl there was already caged inside a gibbet when she’d been put in. But Fiona still would not be able to escape. As if two tons of weight wasn’t enough to hold her captive she was insisting on being unable to move at all.

By seven PM the job was done and after a long session in the bathroom giving herself an enema Miss Mackie was getting ready. She’d done a lot of research on the period so Mr Lunes was stunned when she came down an hour later wearing the proper burial gown for that era that she’d found in an old wardrobe. Spending the whole afternoon repairing and preparing, carrying the head-dress and veils in her hand. “Bloody hell I’m impressed,” he said as Angus too gave her a look, and while Roger wasn’t watching a well done hug and kiss. They walked to the crypt, Gus feeling Fiona start to tremble a bit as they stepped into the old church and she was really shaking on entering the room downstairs, her going first. Actually he thought she’d bottle out seeing the coffin there in all its cold glory. But she was made of stronger stuff than that and after a moment’s pause and reflection alone, playing to the camera she stepped into the coffin and summoned her helpers. The guys arrived and began to settle her down.

Angus asked her was she ready for this, tapping her arm as a signal and Fiona nodded straight away so he began to secure the steel top half bands, the bottom bits already screwed into the base. These were all padded but would still be quite tight enough for her not to be able to move. Firstly the one for her legs and he gave her a rub as he adjusted the dress to hide the black metal. Then the complicated one that would hold her arms by her sides as the coffin lid would be too close to her stomach for the wrists to be in front of her. It was tight across her midriff and she really had to breathe in till it all clicked shut. She was committed now and again he saw her eyes, fearful but wanting this so very much. That done he gently placed the half band round her neck and her smile faded a bit as she heard two clicks that would keep her locked for evermore.

Roger arrived with the death mask she knew would come, having read about this and knowing once on she’d never be able to speak again. Gus fitted the top lip into the slot above her head then paused and kissed her farewell. Then the mask came down, his hands carefully lifting her chin, making sure the three inch gag that’d hold her tongue down wasn’t choking her. She hummed in agreement having tested it before and he pushed a bit further until the bottom bit was able to lock into the collar. Golly it was tight she thought but it was a bit late now. The last thing he tapped, was she ok and got another hum as an affirmative reply. It’d be the last she’d ever hear as Gus placed thick earplugs on both sides and arranged the veil. Fiona was prepared now and the men got the A-frame ready to one side then lifted the lid, grunting as it was damn heavy then sliding it into position. It dropped down the three inches with a long slow graunch and lay flush with the rim exactly as the mason had measured for.

The men looked at each other in surprise, both thinking how the hell were we getting the lid back off tomorrow. They hadn’t put the two straps inside first and couldn’t put handles on the top because the coffin wouldn’t slide into the slot if there were anything sticking up. “We’ll work on that later Gus, what she doesn’t know cannot hurt her” Lunes murmured as the chains were wrapped round the coffin. He agreed and they hauled it up and guided it into the slot then pushed. It took some strength to get the thing in, a lot heavier than expected with her and the lid on but finally it was level. There actually was space at the other end of the altar so they could easily stand against the wall and slide it out again. Last of all came the massive stone top for the altar and it took all their might to position this, then lower it. The job was done so Angus banged three times on the top with a bloody great lump hammer. Gus’s wife-to-be was buried under two tons of stone, with steel bands holding her helpless in a coffin yet she was loving every minute of it!

“Time for a wee dram then” Gus said as they shook hands, switched off the video camera that had recorded everything and began to head back up the path. They watched the tape while savouring a fine malt, Gus editing out the bit when they’d spoken about the lid. You couldn’t hear her hum or see Gus tapping her as the prearranged signals. “So, you gonna leave her here after all or what?” Lunes joked again as they supped their third. “Hmmm…maybe, maybe not. I’m sure we could come to a leasing arrangement” Roger laughed, sadly knowing Mackenzie was only jesting, he loved the girl intensely and it showed, no way would he ever allow anyone to hurt the lassie.

* * *

Fiona was in utter bliss as the lid had dropped in, it actually just touching the nose of the mask, pushing her head back into the cushion, also it resting just so her nipples scraped the surface through the dress. No wonder the guys had put her arms by her sides. Fiona breathed as light as possible and she could do nothing except move her fingers and toes. Next time she’d wear a type of mitten device to stop this. Oh bugger, she’d forgotten the vibrator so it was going to be a looonng night for her but she didn’t care. Lying there, then feeling the swoop as the coffin went up, then the gruanch as the men slid it under the altar. Later came the shudder as that beautiful stone top was lowered, then at last came the three very faint bangs, Gus’ signal to know the job was done…simply magic.

She tried humping herself to orgasm and that got about halfway, damn, damn, damn and she was frustrated, unable to call or do anything. The men were probably at the pub now and she’d never be seen again. Oh what have I done, she thought getting so emotional, the silence deafening. She didn’t want this after all. Fiona struggled, her nipples rock hard against the dress, the material rubbing her crazy and again she tried to move. NO, she screamed then more desperate and pathetic wailing, her body now rebelling against the steel. Oh Gus help meee… she wailed getting frantic by the second. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, all her money gone but suddenly it all clicked and her brain went to automatic, moments later the express tore through and she lay there totally enervated. Not knowing she’d only been buried half an hour and the guys were barely back at the Castle. It WAS going to be a long night for her after all.

Fiona lost count of the orgasms she endured that night. Sometimes she wondered if the whole crypt could be shaking as she wailed and screamed for her man, then that rush yet again and it felt just right.

It came as quite a surprise when Fiona awoke, still in total darkness. Where was she, had she died and yet not died, was she in the…and it made her scream, again start struggling against the bonds. This wasn’t funny now and her back hurt like hell from the humping. She WANTED OUT yet there was no way she knew that the men were already here and setting up the frame again.

Suddenly she realised that something had thumped, was it six, her Gus’ signal that she was about to be freed or had she only just gone down and the three was the start of this. Oh God she hadn’t been ready to concentrate and the longest seconds of her life passed before the wonderful vibrations began to come through. Then the lurch and graunch as the coffin swung back out and she was sobbing with relief.

But then nothing else seemed to happen for ages, then the coffin suddenly seemed to tip vertical, then way beyond and began to shake. For ages it seemed to do to her, almost as if she was upside down, this was really terrifying then Fiona felt the wonderful onrush of fresh air as the lid finally came off. Her ordeal was over and as the coffin rotated and regained equilibrium Gus unlocked the facemask, collar and pulled out her earplugs. Gus’ fingers clasped hers and the girl was crying like she’d never cried before. His quiet voice warning her to close her eyes as he was about to lift the mask up. Everything seemed so LOUD to her and then came the wave of pain as the bonds were freed and she screamed. Fiona lay there helpless, for a moment in agony then gradually her muscles responded and she, with some help was lifted out.

Roger saw how emotional she was, switching off the camera and pressing ‘delete’ saying to Gus he’d leave them be. Fiona just held on tight, sobbing quietly and his hands gently massaged her to a calmer state. He didn’t dare say just how difficult it had been to shake the lid out. About an hour later they were able to walk back to the castle, her taking time but getting there eventually. She managed about half her breakfast before admitting defeat and Angus then ordered her off to their room, saying she was not to leave it until he said so. Fiona complied and after a bath and hair wash zipped herself into that nightie, secured the padlock out of habit and slept till nearly nightfall.

Gus was surprised when she came down for supper, he said nothing about her ignoring instructions to stay in their room and this time she ate a fair amount. After that the three went into the living room where drinks were made, Fi happy to prepare and serve the others. Having sat down they chatted about her experience and showed Fiona the video. She really went red seeing how hard they’d laboured to seal her up and for a moment shuddered about how wrong it could have gone.

Roger however was fascinated by the girl and asked Fiona why she did all this. She grinned a bit then paused, it was a serious question so deserved the right answer. Replying it was about power, saying that for so long she’d been the dominant one in her work relationships, making all the ‘controlling’ decisions that it was nice to occasionally have to rely for her wellbeing on another human being. “Look at the facts, you two had the ultimate power while I was locked away like that. My life, everything I am was at your whim. You could have got pissed, gone out, had a crash and both died and I would have perished also. I and I guess a lot of women ‘get off’ on it. That’s why I let Angus do those things” She asked him to fetch some ‘rigid stuff’ so she could demonstrate and he did, leaving the pair together.

Roger came over and gave her a long kiss and cuddle and to his pleasure she responded, not with tongue but enough that Angus might have said something had he seen them. “You really sure you’re OK now Flora?” he joked and she smiled, his hands really rubbing her through that slinky dress and she did and said nothing to stop it as he apologised for putting her through it. Amazed when she said it was ‘mostly’ enjoyable.

Angus returned, coming back with a selection of bondage paraphernalia. “Right Rog, this is what she means,” he said. “Sitting there she’s a millionaire, able to make or break companies with just a few phone calls, far better than I imagined and she’d made me a bit I can tell you" he carried on. Pulling Fiona to her feet bringing her to the centre of the living room then making her kneel facing away from his chair. Swiftly he put the steel belt round her waist, solid hinged manacles on her wrists then locked them behind her back, then securing her ankles together with the same set-up, pushing her down and a rigid pole from those going to the belt. A collar went round her neck with a rod from that going into a hole on the top of the waist belt, this holding her upright. It took about a minute and Lunes could see her eyes dancing as she tried flexing, this of course was impossible.

“In just a few seconds she’s become a nothing. See, until these keys here,” he brandished them towards Lunes, “Are placed in the locks she’ll remain in that position forevermore. Trapped by solid steel at my whim. Fiona really enjoys this, she needs to be controlled sometimes as it allows her to make serious decisions when she has to. I don’t understand cause I’m a bloke” and he carried on. “Though actually it’s nearly 8pm, isn’t that the Celtic Aberdeen kick off time?” She gasped as Roger nodded agreement and switched on the TV, hoping that Gus would free her, but at least she was facing the screen. Shame it wasn’t Rangers but hey the Don’s might win for her team.

“Not for you Mrs Mackenzie-to-be, you were a naughty girl coming down without permission” Angus said and she yelped as the thick gag was placed into her mouth. A harness quickly attached and to her annoyance the blindfold was placed over her eyes despite her attempt to stop him, this ceasing as he smacked her bottom. “I’ll let you listen but any noise and that’s it, understand?” She nodded and stayed still for the whole of the first half. Aberdeen did score and Gus saw her head twitch and guessed she was smiling. Halftime came and went and minutes later her shoulders sagged when Celtic scored twice in three minutes, even more sagging when the commentator said Hearts were now two up on the Ger’s.

Fiona groaned, flexing her hands in annoyance but when Rangers apparently scored she squeaked with joy then stilled. Silently Angus reached over and pumped up the gag then grinned to Roger and slipped the plugs into her ears, then noise cancelling headphones over those as well. Miss Mackie shook her head but Gus tapped her twice on the shoulder and Fiona froze. Gus telling Roger this being a signal they used at home. Whenever she played up two taps was the indication that if she continued that, whatever scene she was in then she’d remain like this all night.

The rest of the match passed slowly for her. Rangers won, Celtic lost in the last minute and Fiona was freed, just in time for late coffee. Lunes could understand her now and the three chatted more about the shoots he wanted her to do this week knowing he could really push her.

* * *

By the weekend they’d finished all Lunes’ stuff and Fiona asked if they could do some of her wearing her own clothes here in various situations. Most daring was the re-enactment of the scene in an ancient Greek era film where Andromeda is offered to a sea monster as a sacrifice. This would involve Fiona as usual being chained but this time outside on the rocks in the bay on Lunes’ estate. He agreed and the guys went to work, eventually finding a huge slate slab about ten feet square, quite smooth because of the tide-wash down on the shore line twenty feet below the cliff.

She stretched out for a moment so they could measure the pinpoints for the manacles then got up. Lunes had a real good look at her as she stood unselfconsciously wearing a lovely white swimsuit, her perfect body just feet away and it was hard for him to concentrate on the job. Even more so as she peeled it off to slip on the dress to be used for the shoot. Mackenzie saw him looking at Fiona’s body and grinned inside, it must be SO frustrating the guy seeing her like that yet not able to do a thing about it.

It was eventually done, the chains prepared and cameras running, the two men dressed in black leather from head to foot, wearing masks too as they dragged the play-acting and gagged helpless maiden to her doom. Fiona really hammed it up and Mackenzie sure had a hard-on as he snapped the chains round her wrists then spreading her legs and securing those too. She wailed away as they moved off to finish the perfect sequence and was there for a while in the warm sun.

By now she reckoned the guys should have enough film just as a wave bigger than the rest crashed into the rock below and the water erupted, straight up her dress and soaking her. Now she really began screaming, this time in panic as another smaller wave followed. The wind was getting up but nobody had noticed as they carried on filming. “She’s bloody good at this” Lunes said as he zoomed in on her contorted face. Minutes later they had enough and the cameras were turned off as Gus realised the keys for her manacles were in his jacket; this being at the top of the cliff and the tide was coming in!

Fiona was terrified, she’d realised this almost before they had and she tried screeching at Gus to get his ass down and free her. But the pair seemed to be carrying on! He eventually hurried down as another wave almost buried her, knocking him off his feet but fortunately in the right direction and he landed next to her coughing form. The gag was ripped off and thrown into the sea. Unlocking the manacles he swept the girl over his shoulder and staggered up the rickety path where Lunes waited with a pile of blankets. Angus laid her down and she coughed a bit but fortunately hadn’t swallowed any salt water. The men didn’t hesitate and literally tore the dress off her and wrapped a now naked Fiona from head to foot in blankets, almost mummifying her then carrying the girl to the jeep. Just before they’d left she looked down at the rock, stunned to only see the very top of the chain spikes above the crashing waves, realising that she’d had another bloody close escape.

Trouble being that again the thrill of this had really got her excited, Fiona was addicted to this but if she said anything Angus might stop her, worried his girl would come to harm if she went too far. She would just have to be careful. Lunes was still trying to get that image of her naked, out of his mind. What a shame he was probably too old for a girl like her. She was twenty-seven, Angus thirty-two and he was just over forty. Back at the house the men ran her a hot bath then Roger left Mackenzie to sort the lassie while he returned to the cliff top to recover the camera gear. Looking over the edge, waves sweeping way over the rock he realised just how close a call it had been.

They watched the film that afternoon and agreed it was one of the best they’d seen. Fiona was alright now but Angus had taken a bit of a knock where he’d fallen on one arm, planning to retire early to bed. A shame really as the three were planning to have dinner in Tobermory rather than Fiona cooking for them, she deserved a night off too. Eventually he told Lunes to take her anyway to avoid upsetting the restaurant. Fiona went to get changed as jeans and T-shirt would not go well if she were seen dining with the laird. She dithered about what to wear before selecting a flowing midnight blue dress, glad she’d brought the matching heels that the shop sold with it. Doing her hair took a while but eventually she clattered down to a look of admiration from her dining partner. Gus ordered him to look after her though he did point out that Fiona had forgotten her jewellery. She replied that she’d not expected to be dining out and because of the shoots she’d only brought costume and that would be inappropriate.

Lunes said he had some real stuff in his safe and went into the drawing room, coming out with a box, leaving it with her as he went to get the jeep. Fiona selected a delicate necklace and pendant, teardrop earrings and capped it all with a ruby broach. Putting this just over her left breast. Mackenzie nodded in approval and gave her a hug and kiss, seeing she was actually nervous. The toot of a horn came from the front door and he watched as she departed, swinging those lovely hips he’d have his hands on when they came back. Gus went off for the supper she’d left for him then headed for bed.

It was a scary journey for Miss Mackie as they splashed across the causeway, Lunes was a fast driver and she needed to hang on tight. Her thinking about the tide and what it could have done. “Should be right out in three hours so we’ll be OK on the way back missy” he said, doing his best to reassure the stunning blonde sat clutching her bag and the doorframe.

Arriving around sundown he parked outside the post-office in the slot marked ‘reserved’. “Does have the odd advantage” he grinned, coming round to open her door. His eyes staring at her stocking clad legs as she swung herself regally out. They walked the hundred or so feet to the place and he listened, that lovely clicking sound of her heels really got him going. Going inside Fiona noticed a hush falling over the place as everyone had stood when they’d entered, really scary but it seemed it was deference to their Laird. Once Lunes acknowledged them with a nod people sat down and the chatter resumed, though she did see everyone ‘checking her out’. He guided Fi to a secluded alcove, one hand resting on her back as she was steered through the restaurant. Was this the laird’s new lady? Fiona guessed they were thinking but didn’t care. What the locals thought was not her problem, she was happily engaged to someone else and that was the way it’d be.

Dinner was lovely, very expensive and the only downside was Fiona quickly realised that after Lunes had put at least a couple of drinks away that she’d have to drive them home. So limited herself to one small glass of white wine as the local bobby was actually here at the bar, drinking in uniform. “Keeps him in line” Roger said and she laughed out loud, a really sexy sound and Lunes was glad she couldn’t see under the table. They talked more about themselves, mainly Fiona it seemed as Lunes seemed a bit hesitant about himself, maybe he’s shy, she thought as they continued their meal.

Finally they took their leave though Fiona noticed that no bill appeared to be paid by the laird. Perhaps he had an account and settled at the end of each month, she did hope so as bad payers had got her so annoyed while at her old job. The barman gave him a slight exasperated look so maybe not. Again his hand was there at her lower back, almost stroking her backside and she hoped he wouldn’t. Not in public anyway. The journey back took twice as long, because she was driving an unfamiliar vehicle in high heels and it began raining buckets. She was simply petrified easing the jeep across the causeway, breathing a huge sigh of relief as they got back to Castle Kealty.

“Well done…Flora,” he joked once they were in the garage, and she smiled, wondering just when he’d stop calling her that. She also wasn’t expecting the hug, long rub all over, this time on her backside and she felt his hands pause so he must have guessed what she was wearing under her dress and slip. “You naughty girl” he murmured. She went bright red and got a looong smoochy kiss, him leaving her short of breath as they’d done so. Then he thanked her for the evening before going upstairs, thankfully not waiting for her. Fiona had to go into the kitchen for a calming drink, her heart pounding fast, pleased that Gus had washed his plate up. She fixed her make-up then switched off and headed for her own man and maybe…

Entering their room she was pleased Angus had waited up, lying there watching a bit of Match of the Day. He got up and came over and they kissed, passionately and his hands too began to roam over her ass. “Didn’t know you had those on,” he said, grinning as she blushed so red. Thankfully he wasn’t coarse enough to ask her if Lunes knew this. She removed that nice jewellery then turned to face him as he moved in and started to undress her. Sliding the dress and slip off her, staring as she stood, just wearing the stockings and the rest of it. Her heels still on and he so wanted to…. “I ate a lot tonight, I need to burn some calories off” she said as he eased her towards the bed.

“Were you naughty?” he replied and she nodded, saying she needed punishment for a toffee dessert. He broke off and produced the wrist cuffs, placing them on her wrists then she leapt onto the bed as he got the ankle ones out. Soon cord bound her spread-eagled across it, a gag in her mouth but no blindfold. A quick photo as she looked hot, then he began to work her over. Seeing that wanton look in her eyes knowing this was all for him and nobody else. They really went for it and the girl bucked and rocked like a good-un before that wonderful blowing came through. After that she was released and bathroom stop completed she returned and donned her nightdress. “Satisfied?” he said and she thought about it, Angus watching her start to shiver a bit as it was cold in here tonight. He had changed into towelling pyjamas and her just in that slinky dress because she’d forgotten to bring her winter ones. “You need a blanket or two I reckon, yes?” and she agreed.

He unlocked and reached into the long heavy blanket box and selected one, pausing as an idea came to him, coming over and kissing her. “I’ll get you blanket warm,”. To her surprise he came up with the gag and blindfold seeing her eyes light up. Putting them on and then starting on her arms, cuffing them in front and to the belt. Her ankles were also done and then he laid her on the bed, wrapping her up tight, lifting off, then laying her down as another went around her. She counted this being done at least five times and she was getting lovely and warm now.

Fiona had often been mummified but not like this, more comfortable than shrink-wrap plastic. She felt straps being put round and done tight, probably Angus using a few belts as they went round her chest, waist, knees and ankles. Then she was lifted up and carried then laid down again. It sounded hollow and Fiona realised she was about to spend the night in the blanket box as a pillow went under her head. This being confirmed when he raised the blindfold and she looked down to see how well wrapped she was. The lassie simply couldn’t twitch a muscle and she smiled round the gag. Angus saw this, leaned in and kissed her goodnight then put the blindfold back and earplugged the girl, headphones as a final touch. Her feeling nothing but assuming the lid was being closed, hopefully locked too. Sweet dreams for me tonight, she grinned, wondering with five nights left if she could spend another in the crypt!

* * *

Sunday came and the guys slept in as Fiona normally woke them when breakfast was ready. It was Lunes who came in about ten-thirty, waking Gus and asking him where Fi was. A befuddled (as you are having just been startled out of bed) Mackenzie sat up, then as his head cleared and he grinned and pointed to the blanket box. Saying Fiona had got too cold even for him to warm her so he’d trussed her up and stuck the lassie in there. Unlocked it he lifted a twitching form out, this giving him kittens as he took off the gag only to be met by expletives as Fiona begged him to hurry up or she’d wet herself. Laughing, (which only made it worse) he and Lunes quickly unwrapped her, undid the chains and she fled cursing into the bathroom with wrist and ankle cuffs still on. She emerged ten minutes later, most apologetic and rather red faced but thankfully dry underneath. “Another few minutes and you’d have a huge dry cleaning bill love” she said to Lunes with a grin.

Early afternoon Lunes suggested they all go for a stroll, as he wanted to show them the further reaches of Castle Kealty. Fortunately Fiona and Gus had both packed walking gear and borrowing rucksacks from Lunes the three set off. Though what the local constabulary could have said had he searched them made everyone laugh when Fiona mentioned it. She carried all the food and drink plus a gas camping stove, a full selection of underwear, ankle strap high heeled shoes (white) and two dresses complete with slips and copious petticoats, plus a wide brimmed hat. Gus carried the cameras and flashlight stuff while Roger’s bag provided the mirth, several shackles of various types, the metal waist band, Fiona’s collar and a whole series of chain lengths, the tool kit and a bit more. It easily weighed sixty pounds but the visitors were impressed as he carried it easily without a struggle.

They trudged off and walked well over a mile, splashing across a path to the second islet that Roger soon admitted he’d never visited before. This soon appeared to be deserted apart from a corner where there was an old crofters cottage, with only the outer walls remaining. This appeared to have a cellar, partly open to the elements and Gus said that was ideal for a shoot once they got the floor cleared of two centuries of crap. Fiona began to change saying she could manage the dress herself thank you. They heard her grumbling as she struggled with the garments, Lunes stuck his head out, seeing her beautiful breasts in the sun, volunteering to help. She declined with a smile that he saw and it made him hard underneath at the fact she’d made no attempt to cover herself, turning so he got the full picture.

Before long a visiting ‘Lady Flora’ was being filmed wandering down the path looking so gorgeous in the sunlight. Her golden hair glowing against the brilliant white of her dress. Then the shriek of terror as the crofters’ son leapt out, flung her over a shoulder and carried her downstairs then chained her to the floor. This time they’d agreed beforehand that Gus would really do her. It felt so great for Fiona being speared by that huge cock, the dress and petticoats hoiked up round her waist but she had to remember not to ask him to do it harder. Instead begging and pleading for her life. Lunes switched off the camera moments before Fiona’s climax hit but he’d caught Gus just right as she’d been hauled downstairs and restrained, whipping off his trousers then plunging down as she’d wailed. Thankfully his own hard on was going as he tried to concentrate on the filming.

Once that was done they broke for tea saying just what a good actress Fiona was and she blushed. Both men noticing she hadn’t bothered getting changed. Mackenzie gave her a good brush down and they got most of the dirt off though it’d still need cleaning before being used again. Lunes asked her why she liked these clothes and she explained, saying she’d always loved dressing up as a girl and during her early years wanted to be an actress on TV doing period dramas. This was like doing that though not quite what would be acceptable on the BBC. “Yeah your language this morning left a lot to be desired my lady” Lunes said and Gus laughed. “Too right Rog old lad. I think she needs a bit of punishment” Fi looked from one to the other in amazement, though the guys saw her eyes light up as they packed the meal stuff away. She joked just how could they punish her here, but soon found out the hard way.

Both men grabbed hold and a squealing Fiona soon found herself being stripped of the mucky dress, thankfully them leaving the undergarments on. Then ‘helping’ her into the other one because it was still fresh and pure white. Lunes amazed that she wasn’t trying to resist! The collar was put on and also the belt. Wrists cuffed behind and her legs secured with a foot of chain between them, this being connected to the belt so it wouldn’t drag on the floor. Knee cuffs were applied, this with a little less chain. Her shoes were attached and strapped tight, the gag inserted and pumped full before Gus told her what the punishment would really be.

They going to make her walk all the way home to the castle dressed like this!

Fiona squealed, as this wasn’t fair! Trying to stamp her feet in protest though she almost fell over because of the ankle chain and knee cuffs and that made them laugh. They couldn’t do that, it was miles…in these shoes and with wrists behind her it’d surely be dangerous? She looked so pleadingly that Gus took a photo while Lunes repacked the rucksacks.

They left her standing there, her hoping one of them would change their mind. Roger finally said that they’d better be fair after all and her shoulders slumped in relief as they returned. Only for Mackenzie to tell Lunes to hold her tight as he released the girls’ wrists one at a time. She was amazed when Roger’s powerful arms clamped round her waist while Gus recuffed her, now in front!

“OK Roger, that’s done. She’ll be OK I think, oh just these,” and he fished out the earplugs and put them in. He debated whether to wrap a gauze bandage over her face, limiting her vision and did so, he looked in and could see her wide eyes so she could obviously see enough to notice where she’d be going. This was to her consternation and Fiona started to struggle as she could barely judge more than a few feet. Mackenzie, using his sixth sense and a swift kick from her to his legs realised she’d reached the limit and stopped. Telling Lunes to wait a moment.

Mackenzie tapped the girl twice on the shoulder and she paused as he removed the gauze and earplugs, saying to her he was calling time out; though Fiona knew she’d only be allowed to speak when he said so. This settled her a bit and he removed the gag too, seeing she was distressed, her fingers were still twitching. He recuffed her wrists behind her back then shortened her ankle change so she couldn’t try kicking him again. Lunes again holding her hips to prevent struggling before Gus began speaking.

He asked he what the matter was and Fiona begged for a drink saying they’d really caught her short. If they’d warned her she’d have been ok, bursting into tears as Mackenzie came close and embraced her. Kissing the girl and rubbing all over her back and ass to try calming her down, Lunes surprised that she wasn’t asking to be freed. He decided to give them a few minutes and left, saying he’d give it fifteen or so. Looking back they were still together, Fiona stunning in that dress with her hands secured behind her back, utterly helpless but seemingly consenting to what they were doing. What a girl she was and he was having lecherous thoughts about her restrained like that. Even more so when he’d kissed her downstairs after their night out, the feel of that hot body as he’d stroked her, feeling those suspenders she’d been wearing below her dress. More to the point she’d responded too. He began wondering, was Fiona really happy with Gus and her life, maybe she…

By the time he returned Fiona was nowhere to be seen but Angus was there, holding the dress and most of the undergarments, saying she’d just gone ‘for a pee’. She came back smiling, that blonde hair so pure and lovely, her perfect body in that bustier with stockings below, ending with heels that made her legs so sexy. To him she was the finest embodiment of womanhood, even though she was still wearing the wrist and ankle cuffs.

Fiona had another drink and a bar of chocolate from the bag, got her hair brushed out then to Lunes’ amazement began to put the petticoats and stuff back on saying she was going through with the whole punishment. This time she asked for assistance and it was Roger who’d got the job. He got her laced real tight enough to gasp as Gus and him put the dress on her. While Mackenzie sorted her belt and wrists out it was Lunes who did her legs. Taking the opportunity to rub his hands from ankle to above the knee several times once she’d been secured. He really had a hard on now and looking at her while Angus finished the wrists he saw her smiling blissfully as he’d stroked her thighs. Fortunately for Fiona he’d stopped doing this by the time Angus came round with the gag or he might have seen her face. At least her husband-to-be wouldn’t see the damp patch forming below! She hoped they’d re-do her wrists in front before they left or she’d have to play up again.

Finally she was prepared and Mackenzie took some photos. He gagged her tight but she shook her head violently as he’d brought the gauze and wrapped it over her face. It was Roger who said not and asked him to remove it as she’d started to struggle again. “Play fair old son or she’ll need rescuing from you too” Fiona was partway to agreeing with that as he removed it and slipped the earplugs in. Mackenzie was pushing the boundary again and once or twice she’d had second thoughts about a scene. Only for instincts to take over as she so wanted to prove herself, like now.

Although she’d got emotional, this was because they’d caught her unawares. Gus knew this and he’d thankfully stopped. She felt she had to prove herself even more to her lover’s mentor. That she could take as much as they’d dish out. Only if pain became involved would she use her and Gus’ other safety call. In the months they’d been doing this she’d never spoken that ‘Ginger’ word. Fiona was recuffed in front, her hat was laced on then she was slapped on the rump and the men walked away.

Within a few hundred yards Fiona Mackie knew she was really in for a challenge. For most girls using high heels wasn’t a problem, she’d been wearing them since she was in her teens. But over this bloody terrain it was near impossible. Plus the fact she had so little balance because of her loss of hearing and also she needed both hands to lift her dress and petticoats up at the front. Lunes and Mackenzie got the rucksacks and set off, leaving her swiftly behind. Only to turn around and laugh as she tottered along. Going in the wrong direction! The guys were carrying on looking for movie locations to film later in the week and were circling the island. Lunes ran up, turned her around, pointing back the way she’d come and indicating that was the correct course, direct across the middle or she’d be out here all night. Slapping her on the backside then going back to Gus who was sat on the deck almost crying with mirth.

Her heart was hammering inside her chest, feeling the tug of her stockings as she placed one foot in front of the other so carefully. The men had warned their victim that she’d be severely punished if there were a speck of dirt on her dress when she made it home. It didn’t help that once she’d been secured they’d told her it was Spurs V Arsenal tonight at 745 and as it was already way passed 3 she was going to have to hurry. Trouble being the faster she went the more turned on Fiona was getting, imagining herself as a helpless damsel trying to escape her captors. She was really wet now and finally paused, unable to restrain herself any more.

Hoiking her dress and petticoats through both hands she tried reaching for her bits. But that pair of bastards had foreseen this, making her wear both full-length slips as well and she couldn’t grip the silk while wearing gloves, they kept sliding down. The caress of those swishing round her legs, with the heaviness of the dress and petticoats would have to do. She couldn’t even hear the delicious rustle as the material swung back and forth. With an exasperated squeal she dropped it all down, shook her dress tidy then lifted the front and tottered off.

Two hours later she made it to the grounds. Her feet on fire now but happily groaning through a post-orgasmic haze. Elated at crossing the muddy patch between the islets intact she’d really had a go at getting everything up. Succeeded and brought herself off big time. Though she almost fell over and that would have ruined the adventure this had been. The Castle steps were the hardest things and she gave a squeal in pleasure at coming through the door, seeing both men clapping. Fiona curtsied then waited with baited breath as she was inspected. Firstly Gus recuffed her wrists and again took some pictures. To her shock she saw Roger pointing at her and frowning. Horrified she looked down and there was a tiny mud patch on the back of one shoe that she’d missed. She’d scraped off the rest on the wet grass beforehand.

Surely this wasn’t enough to warrant further punishment? Fiona saw the men chatting then nod. Her shoulders sagged as Gus began to remove the plugs while Lunes, the bugger went under her dress and after another good stroking freed her ankles and knees, also removing her shoes so Fi could rest her bloody aching feet. She sighed through the gag as she was allowed to sit down, having stood, or walked in these shoes all afternoon!. “Bloody lucky we said dress and not attire,” Lunes said. Gus agreed then told Fiona that had she failed then her fate would be missing the match because she was chained up in the dungeon for the duration. She laughed as they uncuffed her and Gus led the girl to their room where she was undressed and taken for a steamy(in more ways than one) shower. Lunes prepared supper and later on a free and nightie clad Fiona was cheering as Arsenal put three past Spurs without reply.

The next couple of days passed in bliss for Fiona. The shoots were finished so once the men were busy editing she was able to spend time dressed as she wanted. The men noticing that she wore something she could swish about in while out walking in the grounds. Normally the white Edwardian frocks, with petticoats and everything else underneath like she’d worn for the walk. She simply loved these clothes and remained like this all the time. Cooking, cleaning she did it all. Even when working at her laptop. The old and the modern looking unreal and it made a wonderful photograph that Lunes took when he saw her tapping away on the Monday, cellphone in one hand as she did some work on his investment portfolio.

By the next day her skills in the US stock market had netted him fifteen thousand pounds after paying tax. What a girl and he gave her a long hug and kiss, stroking her through the dress and again she made no attempt to stop him. His hands all over her torso, caressing her breasts and she’d sighed and closed her eyes as he’d worked on. Moving down and rubbing her shapely hips and onto her ass, a contented smile as he again kissed her. They heard footsteps in the corridor and thankfully Mackenzie stopped outside to select a book so she’d calmed down and Lunes had crept out the other door by the time he’d entered. Fiona was so confused, yet thrilled she had two men almost vying for her affections and only one of those knew about the other. She’d have to be a bit careful now.

* * *

Early Tuesday night saw Fiona down in the crypt again, the guys acceding to her wishes, this time the girl more prepared for the session. She wore one of her bridal gowns, complete with the usual though she didn’t say to either of the guys that inside her knickers was the remotely programmed vibrator. This time to counteract any movement from her extremities she was wearing heeled leather ankle boots that fitted firmly against the bottom of the casket, the manacles just above these. Fiona had mentioned about her fingers so both hands were in long satin gloves, tightly wrapped into balls and taped up.

Again she had that initial fear that Gus caught so well on camera before he helped her settle down, her eyes dancing as she felt the padded cuffs locking over her legs. The waist ones trapping her wrists, then that surge of emotion when she heard the clunk as the collar was secured round her neck. Gus, doing the same routine saw again that utterly contented look as he’d placed it on. Roger left them to it and the camera was turned off as Mackenzie leaned in to kiss her goodnight, the mask in his hands.

Their lips met, tongues engaging and it was so sensual and lasted a while. “Honey, leave me down here forever” she murmured moment later, eyes closing now as he’d already placed the top bit in and was holding her chin to go under the mask. He was startled at that, not sure he’d heard correctly but said nowt. Fiona sighing so happily, adjusting her tongue under the gag as it invaded her mouth a second after speaking. Then she heard those two magical clicks as the mask finally held her so still, pressing her deep into the pillow. “Goodbye my beloved Princess” she heard him say, heart already pounding as the earplugs were inserted. She felt the veil placed over the mask and it being pinned to her shoulders so it wouldn’t move and the job was done. A final stroke of her torso then nothing.

Lunes arrived within a minute so he and Gus slid the lid over the top, this time remembering the straps and again came the shudder as it worked down into the gap. The A-frame lifted the heavy coffin up and having put a bit of grease inside the slot and the bottom of the casket it was pushed home easier than last time. Lastly came the heavy top piece and Angus again paused before shrugging, then thumping not three but four times on the stone. Roger Lunes looked in surprise at his friend who shook his head. “Later,” before they packed up the camera and switched everything off. Angus trudged up to the castle, convinced that she’d said those words. Hoping that she was making a rather sick joke. After all how could she want to remain, she’d die an agonising death for fuck’s sake and after a couple of stiff drams he assumed he’d misheard.

Just as well because the orgasmic struggling bride had said FOUR HOURS, having changed her mind because she was waiting for an important phone call about 11pm from a client in the States. Knowing the vibrators’ battery would only last a couple of hours then just sit there lifeless was another reason. That had also happened when she’d once fallen asleep and it was bloody uncomfortable getting it out next morning. Those four not three thumps came so she knew he was confirming four hours and she was already humping and bucking as the vibrator began to torture the helpless girl. This wouldn’t last long she’d not be too wasted for her phone call and at least she’d get another night in her own bed.

One which was occupied by a snoring Angus Mackenzie, alarm set for six so he could be down by 7:30 to rescue the maiden. He again was convinced about what she’d said and they’d have to have a bit of a chat about this later. After Sunday’s adventure he needed to know who was pushing the boundaries.

However this wasn’t to be as Lunes came in at four o’clock next morning. Waking his buddy saying he had a major problem developing with his mother who lived in London. He needed to go today, the first ferry leaving Tobermory at 10am. As Fiona was definitely the only sober one of the three they needed to free her immediately so she could get cleaned up then run Lunes down to the boat. He said they were quite willing to stay on and do those extra bits Mackenzie had scouted while they’d been out on that walk. There was some new stuff that should be at the post office that they could use. Clothes for Fiona and amazing new tungsten restraints for Mackenzie to use on her. Saying she’d really end up helpless wearing these. The pair both grinned, knowing she’d want to try them straight away, “Just make sure the keys fit first” he smirked. Lunes also asked Gus to make sure the property was returned and stored safely before they locked up. He’d get the dresses cleaned later.

So by 5:15 the coffin was being opened and a shattered Fiona was released. She hadn’t known Gus suspected she’d sneak the vibrator in so had changed the batteries to extra long-life ones. Her legs were gone, her back hurt and she was absolutely furious when they told her what the time was. “Didn’t you bloody listen to me?” she hissed once Lunes had left them to walk up. Only to apologise moments later on finding out he thought she’d said forever. “Oh yeah, staying like that I’d last about three days” she said at last, wondering if there was any way they could pipe food in and waste out so she could last longer, that’d be something to think over. Then he explained why she’d been freed now and Fiona apologised again and got a cuddle, saying she’d be ready to go by eight thirty if he or Roger could make their breakfasts.

* * *

Entering the dining room bang on time you’d never have known how Miss Mackie had spent her last few hours. She looked so elegant in a calf-length black skirt, white silk blouse and a smartly tailored cream jacket over that. Heeled black boots to finish off and both men stood as she’d entered. Her hair too, changed from the rather straggly mess they’d seen two hours ago was now immaculate and she gave Gus a warm kiss, Lunes getting a polite nod as he had his hands full serving her the full Scottish breakfast. He did however see she was again wearing the earrings and necklace he’d let her use. The broach was too ostentatious to wear on a jacket and he assumed that was upstairs. Fiona munched her way through the meal as she’d not eaten last night, as usual being courteous enough to commiserate with Lunes about his abrupt end to their trip and they’d leave the place tidy. She was startled to find they’d be staying on after all as he was planning to return Saturday night and as Lunes had remembered the servants’ weren’t due till Monday he needed a lift back from Tobermory.

Mackenzie said he’d clear up while she took Roger alone. He’d now changed into a very smart suit and looked rather distinguished, his grey beard matching his status. The jeeps were work vehicles and Gus didn’t fancy sitting in the back with half a ton of junk. Off she drove, battering through the water as the tide was still coming in, quickly finding out again that wearing heels made hard work of the journey and she was pleased to see the ferry terminal. Needing the loo she came in with him. Lunes again hearing the lovely click as they’d walked across the parking lot. Fiona noticing that Roger once more had an arm at the small of her back guiding her through the door. She stood to one side while he bought a ticket, a few people, mainly tourists watching her but she didn’t care.

They shared a coffee in the tiny cafeteria and once sat down they’d had a chat, her thanking Roger for such a wonderful break. “Even the bits when I couldn’t see” she laughed, realising that he’d reached over and was stroking her hands. “You’re something so special,” he said, eyes staring into her own. “Make Gus promise that he’ll never leave you alone Fiona for a minute,” she smiled, mainly at the fact for once he’d not called her Flora. “Well apart from the obvious,” and she really laughed now, “You’re too precious for a man to lose”

This was really turning her on, Angus never used phrases like this and she did nothing as there were a dozen people here hopefully not listening. The boat arrived on time and finally the call went for foot passengers to assemble by the ramp outside. All the others left but Roger still sat there rubbing her. Eventually once nobody was about they got up and this time it was Fiona who walked closer and into his arms. They kissed, slowly at first, his hands at her back before running down onto her shapely hips then as expected onto her butt. She’d expected this and was wearing suspenders under her slip and skirt just to see his reaction. What a tease she’d thought getting dressed earlier today.

He quickly discovered this and she shuddered when he murmured what a wicked girl she was. Saying once he returned at the weekend the last movie shoot they’d do she was in for a real punishing session. Fiona’s heart leapt at that and she smiled broadly as their lips met again. This time tongues were used but again she didn’t resist, her legs were going wobbly and Fiona almost felt like a schoolgirl having her first kiss behind the bike shed. Finally he broke off and prepared to go. “Goodbye my dearest Flora, until we meet again” She watched him stride away, turning back at the door and blowing her a kiss before he vanished. Fiona’s eyes were watering and she fled to the fortunately empty ladies restroom, bursting into tears as she slammed and locked the door behind her.

It took her ages to recover her composure and the boat was well away by the time she emerged, make-up repaired and once again Fiona looked gorgeous. The duty manager who was coming through the lobby moved to the front door and held it open for her, saying “Good morning ma’am” as she came closer. Fiona thanked him politely as she passed, pausing to ask about the tide time. She needed to know so she could get back across the causeway. It’d been ok with Lunes guiding but no way was she attempting it alone. He told her and they parted, the old lad going off with a spring in his step, saying to his mates in the tearoom that the laird’s new lady they’d heard about was very pleasant and he’d just been speaking to her.

With three hours to kill before she could attempt the causeway again Fiona went for a stroll round the picturesque town with its famous row of coloured buildings. The weather was glorious and the lassie glad she’d popped the small camera in her bag. She snapped a few shots then moved the jeep into his reserved slot because Lunes had asked her to collect several big parcels that’d had arrived. He said that two of the packages were nice dresses complete with apparel she could wear and another was ‘some interesting’ stuff for Gus.

He’d had a glint in his eye when he’d said that but Fiona fortunately didn’t see this. Just as well or she would have smacked him hard. Walking in to the post office she spoke to the teller who was delighted that someone had finally arrived to collect these packages as they were really in the way. She offered to get someone to carry them and Fiona was pleased as one of the parcels weighed eighty-five pounds. It clanked a bit as the man put it in the jeep. Fiona apologised for the junk saying she’d get Roger to have a tidy. Going back in she found there was another large two piece item that was being held up on the mainland because of its size. “He can pick that up himself” she laughed. The postmistress said it’d all be added to his account, sighing slightly and that set bells ringing. “Pardon me for asking but does he owe much?” she asked and there was an embarrassed pause. Fiona was shocked to discover Lunes owed nearly two hundred pounds!

Fiona had heard enough and paid it in cash on the spot. The postmistress was thrilled and signed off the account straight away. So score one for Miss Mackie and she left to a chorus of “Thank you ma’am’s”

Assuming now that Lunes had others a determined Fiona went along to the restaurant where they’d had dinner. Again she was treated with total deference by the bar-staff as she ordered a light lunch. At the end she reached for her purse only for the man to start saying there was an account. “Yes,” she said with a scowl, “And I bet Roger owes you a bit too” getting another weary smile, this changing to a proper one as Fiona paid up nearly four hundred pounds. Using all but twenty of what she had left in her bag but at least she got another coffee out of him. Miss Mackie was determined to have this out with Roger on his return.

Driving back she timed it right and the causeway was dry. Arriving at the castle Mackenzie met her at the door, saying he’d had lunch and did she want some. Fiona replied no, saying she’d eaten in town though she’d better not tell her fiancé about paying those bills. He brought her inside and they shared a long kiss and he rubbed all over her. “Mmmm stockings, naughty girl you know what they do to any man, especially this one” and she had a broad grin, having just proved that this morning. He led Fiona upstairs and having let her use the bathroom met the lassie in their room. Mackenzie unbuttoned her jacket and began to strip her, sliding hands over her ass as he unzipped her skirt, their lips together. Soon her blouse and slip were off and he stepped back. Looking at the white lace underwear covering the finest body on this island. Her lovely breasts being held by the material and her nipples hard and ready for him. She needed a few additions though.

“Dungeon, fifteen minutes” he said and walked off. She repaired her make-up, used the loo and came into the long corridor just in her underwear and a pair of white heels to find him waiting with the video camera. She strutted her stuff down the passage, really swinging those hips then followed him down the staircase. The doors were already open as Fiona did her stuff until she walked into the dungeon to find the other camera all set to go and some additional restraints hammered into the wall where the manacles were hanging. Without hesitation she faced the room and stepped backwards, pulling the two halves of the fixed belt round her waist. This being at slightly the wrong height until she bent down and spread her legs wide enough so she could click the manacles round her ankles.

This done she straightened up and stared as he nodded then clicked the neck collar closed with that delightful clink. Gasping slightly as her back rested against the cold wall she reached up and slipped each wrist to the padded manacles and sighed as they were closed tight around. “Nearly prepared my precious,” he murmured and she knew gag blindfold and probably earplugs would be next. She was right and then everything was adjusted for tightness, really holding her firm and then…nothing.

For a moment she thought he’d left her, only to realise that one fingertip was tracing its way up each stocking clad leg. She shuddered in nervous anticipation as they were joined by more until he was up and down, warming her skin. Then he stopped and she blew hard through her nose in frustration as he twanged her suspender straps. She hated that and squealed, then cold hands went onto her hips and did the same all over again. This teasing lasting for over an hour as he brought her body to hot and cold again and she was really going now, Mackenzie could smell her. But this was a punishment session for wearing stockings while out with another man, in fact twice with the same guy so it was up to Angus whether she got pleasure. Though he knew she’d endured way more than most females could already. Just how could she do it?

She was starting to buck through the belt and finally his fingers slid inside her hot body, feeling for her zones. Fiona’s mind was already blowing. Lunes might have the patter but HER man knew how to press the right buttons. She waited again and then Angus’ hard shaft penetrated slowly, really slowly and she gripped and flexed with all she could as it went deeeep. He withdrew almost out then she knew it was about to…bang, he slammed into her, making the girl shudder as he started back and forth. By heck he was good at this and Mackenzie saw her hands opening and closing as her lovely body went into automatic mode, soon the pair erupting into thunderous orgasms that had both seeing stars at its intensity. He licked her clean then brought her off using just his fingers, then another tongue session then Angus looked at his watch.

Soon Fiona was freed and scampered upstairs for a shower having been told it was 5pm and she had to make supper before Liverpool Anderlecht kicked off. He waited in the lounge and wasn’t surprised when a white clad Edwardian damsel brought his tray, curtsying beautifully before returning with her own. They sat together eating the meal then after the match finished Fiona was unable to concentrate on what the managers were saying because she was lying on the carpet being ravished by her fiancé. Because Lunes wasn’t here Gus didn’t need to gag her and the lassie was able to scream at full volume.

What a way to finish the day and the girl realised she’d had more orgasms in the last ten days than probably the last two months. Gus worked so hard at his job and she couldn’t keep jumping on him all the time expecting the guy to perform.

* * *

Thursday was much the same. Fiona being filmed wearing whatever she wanted to and swishing her way around the castle. They did a few dungeon shoots and on one of those ending with her being screwed hard against the cell wall. Angus asked her how it felt and was amazed when she smiled and said he should try it. So he stripped to his shorts and stood against the wall ready to be cuffed when she returned from the loo. He was shocked when she arrived and threw a big box at him saying the only way he’d get the full effect was if he wore the contents, holding the top garment up. Angus Mackenzie had never tried this apart from at college when he’d worn a girlfriend’s skirt for a drinks’ dare. Now his wife to be was challenging him. They left the dungeon so he could change in comfort though he wondered aloud how come there was a dress that fitted him.

Fiona explained that Lunes’ collection was of various sizes and she’d only worn about sixty percent of it. “If you’d listened to Roger that first night instead of taking the piss you’d understand. There’s some lovely stuff and it’s too big for me dammit. Though you’re lucky and the heels I think will fit are only three inches. Come on, my lovely” he stared at her again and Fiona assured him she’d never tell Lunes, nor would she film this. Even offering to lock the cameras in the car till they’d finished. He, after much talking and a few hugs and kisses nervously agreed. She smiled broadly and strutted her way to the cupboard to fetch the corset she knew he’d need. He saw her dress swaying and to his embarrassment began to get hard. She saw this and giggled which almost made him call it off as she returned carrying the fearsome garment.

The lassie hummed happily as she wrapped it around his trembling waist, easing the laces then yanked tight. Gus really jerked and felt the air squeeze out of his lungs. “Ouf, bloody hell,” he wheezed as she told him to reach up to the frame, whereupon she pulled again getting the same result. After another go she’d got enough shape to make him/her look OK. Next came the knickers and she sucked him off first so it’d fit flat. Another pair to make the feminine shape and then came the bustier, which now fitted right. Two pairs of stockings were slid up each leg and clipped, he twitched when she’d mentioned something about shaving ‘her’ legs. Four pairs of socks gave ‘her’ cleavage then came the slip and two petticoats. “How the hell do you enjoy this” he said as she laced the second petticoat round ‘her’ waist. “Swish baby, I love to swish” Fiona smiled, telling ‘Georgina’ she was becoming a lovely girl.

Next came the bit he dreaded when Fiona sat him down at the dressing table with some difficulty as the corset dug in. “Slap-time, now you’ll find out why it takes me so long, honey. At least we’ve got all afternoon” and it did take Miss Mackie nearly two hours to turn Gus into a just passable Georgina. Once done she was just about to apply the dress when ‘she’ asked to use the loo. Fiona sighed and dragged ‘her’ in, pulling knickers aside thankful that she only needed a pee. “No turning back Georgie” as she returned and Fiona lowered the dress and began to fasten it up. Gus was thankful for the extra knickers as he could see why some guys like this sort of thing as the wig was fastened. Clip on earring and a necklace followed. Finally Georgie stepped most unsteadily into her rather tight heels allowing Fi to buckle them up. “OK sweetie, walkies” she said.

If Fiona had struggled enough in high heels during her walk home then Georgina really had a lot of things to learn. She was all over the place and it was hard for Miss Mackie not to crack up with mirth as the new lassie wobbled and weaved about the room ‘like Bambi on the piss’ Georgie said as Fi came up to grab her seconds before she tumbled across the bed. “Slowly honey, just wait till you’re shackled and deafened like I was the other day” Fiona said. But to Gus’ credit after about half an hour, with one stop to give her feet a break she was getting there. Another half-hour and Georgina found herself not quite enjoying it, the corset too damn tight for that but the feel of the material swaying round her ankles was something else. Fiona saw her smiling and reached over to give her new girlfriend a rub. Gus’ was hard as a rock underneath but dare not mention it or she’d take the piss again.

Now they ventured into the corridor, Fiona laughing as Georgie peeked around the doorframe first. “Hiya Roger, what you doing back,” Fi said as she’d stepped through, making Georgina almost fall over as she’d tried to turn round and escape back into their bedroom. “Only kidding love, come on, a hard screwing awaits you” and that was enough for the new lassie to swear at her then laugh in relief. “Naughty girls’ who use language like that get punished, that’s what you said to me if I recall” Fiona said with a grin. Holding on tight they took ages to come down the wide staircase, Georgie having to concentrate so hard but for a first go Fi reckoned she was doing OK.

They kissed and rubbed each other having got down safely and Fiona could see now that Georgina was appreciating what she had to go through every day. Telling her this and getting a long hug “Thanks my love, at least you’ll stop nagging me when we’re going out for the night. Maybe I’ll buy you some stuff for when we’re back home. Saves me having to ring round for a girlie to go partying with…” laughing as Georgina said there was no way on Earth she’d dare do that. “Spoilsport” was the reply.

Up and down the corridor she went under guidance from Fiona, the odd laughing comment but to the lassie’s delight she was starting to swish, like her fiancée the new girl was starting to love the feel of the material rubbing round her stocking clad legs. If only these shoes weren’t so bloody painful. She got Fiona to remove them “Five minutes and keep walking,” she said as the lassie went for a loo break herself. Coming quietly back she peered round the banister to see Georgina rushing up and down the corridor, holding the front of her dress up. The SAME way Fiona loved doing and had been filmed performing just that trick last week. What a lass Georgie was becoming and Fiona could see she was really getting into the mood.

Arriving back she caught the girl in mid run and no way could Georgina disguise the pleasure she was getting from this. “Gotcha,” said Fiona as her girlfriend stopped, knowing she’d been caught out. Her shoulders sagged and the lass looked crestfallen. Fiona said not to worry, giving her a kiss but at least she could see what was happening. Gus knowing this would be the only time he’d ever do it. Shoes were reapplied and she tried again, this time managing to get up a decent pace…or until Fiona showed her how fast a girl can really run in heels if she’d had ten years experience rather than two hours. This time Georgina needed another loo break and Fiona cruelly made her go upstairs alone, do her stuff with the dress and everything still on and be back in fifteen minutes. She barely made it back and sure was relieved, though Fiona was obviously unaware he’d jacked off while rubbing himself all over.

Finally they came down the staircase into the dungeon, Fiona allowing her to walk barefoot as the steps are rather tough, even she struggled first time round. Now it was the moment of truth and she asked her permission to do this. Georgina replied yes, setting the rules as Fiona had done her own first time and actually respected the fact Miss Mackie had allowed her. Checking they had the right keys even though these had already been used frequently was enough and Georgina rather nervously stood up to the belt, spreading her legs so Fiona could do her ankles. The belt clicked round her waist and she tugged a bit forward and realised she really was stuck till Fiona freed her. The ankles by now were secured and while under the dress Fiona could smell what she’d been doing upstairs. Naughty girl AGAIN!

Saying nothing the neck collar was clipped and tightened then the moment of truth as a nervous Miss Georgina raised first her left, then her right wrist to be manacled. Fiona sorted the chain and stretched her taut, thankful that actually Gus was normally only two inches taller than her. Only his chest and waist were different than her own. Muscle instead of tit and any sign of spread cruelly cut by the corset. Georgina whinnied a bit like a filly as Fiona slowly gagged her, being the first time ever having one of these in her mouth she’d asked Fiona not to pump it up too much. She was shaking as her vision was cut off and lastly Miss Mackie kissed her girlfriend on the nose and slipped in the earplugs.

Fiona could see how much it was affecting Georgina and she calmed the lassie by rubbing hands all over her body, from armpit to hips and especially over the bust. Though it was only socks under there Gus could still feel her hands as Fiona caressed her. Face too got a stroke then nothing.

Miss Mackie stripped off her own dress so she could crouch easier without dirtying her gown. Lifting Georgina’s and sliding it over her own head so it flowed down over her back. There was room under there for her to sit on her haunches and start stroking those stocking clad legs. Her hands began and she could feel the trembling as they went higher then lower, much as Gus used to do to her.

It felt so mindblowing to Gus/Georgina as Fiona stoked her fire, really rubbing everywhere then finally coming out, lifting the dress up and releasing the monster, which quiet understandably was bulging. Fi was electrified and licked her all over it. That sensitive tongue dabbing everywhere then as the pre-cum emerged slid her mouth right over and allowed the cock to travel as deep as she could stand it. The helpless Georgina was in raptures as Fiona brought her to the edge, then squealed as she stopped just when she was about to blow. HECK this is FRUSTRATING she thought as time and again Fi did this till she reckoned playtime should finished and she let her go. Spurting such a stream that Miss Mackie who normally was a good swallow had difficulty in keeping up. Finally it was done and she licked her clean, replaced it where it belonged then emerged. Smoothing the dress down till it was neat again.

She looked into Georgina’s blindfolded face to see her red and sweaty but the broadest grin you could have while wearing a gag. Removing it so she could gasp some proper air into what little lung space was left in her heaving body. “Oh that’s…that’s bloody awesome” she said, getting a bit emotional but thankfully not crying or she’d wreck her mascara. Fiona didn’t undo the restraints as she wanted to do something very special and a wee bit dangerous.

Rummaging on the bench while Georgina stood helpless Fiona found another complete set of shackles. Two sets for legs and two for wrists with an inch of chain between each manacle. These were some of Gus’ own gear and could be released just by pushing the big button on the edge. Same as the collar and belt lying next to them. Although a spread-eagled maiden couldn’t reach these on her own. So having checked all the buttons worked Fiona put a set on each of Georgina’s extremities and clicked them closed. Then put a long screw thread into the collar and waist belt of her victim, then lastly attached her own, ready-opened collar and belt to the front. Lastly Fiona got dressed again till they looked identical apart from Georgina’s wig was black. Wiping her face she did their make-up until again they looked right. Lastly she removed Georgie’s earplugs.

Georgina said little as she hadn’t a clue what Fiona was doing and the lassie ignored any questions. The gag was reinserted and pumped up a bit. Finally Miss Mackie sat down on a chair right in front of her girlfriend. Spreading her legs and attaching the manacles to them, her feet slightly inside Georgina’s. Then with some difficulty she stood up and their torsos almost touched, breast to breast and Fiona could close the belt round her waist. Then with a deep breath she closed the one round her neck and she could stare lovingly at the face an inch away. Lastly she reached up and having checked the buttons once more worked she pushed the open manacle against Georgina’s arm and shuddered as the thing clicked closed. Then again for the other side. Fiona was now locked, spread-eagled against her lover girlfriend and only she could tell Georgie how to reach down and push the button that’d save them from being here for the next two days. Her eyes had measured this minutely. All she had to do was work out how and when tell her.

“Georgie love,” she said, leaning forward and kissing her nose. “Do you know what being utterly helpless means?” There was a faint shake of the bewigged head in front. “It means both you and I, are standing here, locked together. Our wrists, torsos, necks and ankles, shackled together and only you, you my beloved have the power to free us. Only if you reach, really strain yourself will you set me free then I can do the same for you”. Mackenzie was shocked, now realising exactly what Fiona had done, but knowing she’d must have planned it thoroughly…or else they were doomed.

She hummed a bit and Fiona felt her girlfriend shuddering as the enormity hit home. She didn’t try to struggle but just sagged a bit, she’d been stood here awhile and in those shoes so Fiona looked at the watch she’d hung to one side. Ten minutes later Fiona began, “Honey, I want you to reach your left hand down,” and she watched as she did so, seeing the wrist swivel and the finger stretch. It was almost enough and Fiona realised she’d cut this bloody fine. So she too strained, raising her own and to her relief the middle finger hit the button and the manacle dropped free. She sighed and Georgina felt this and she too relaxed as Fiona reached over, did her collar then freed her other wrist.

Once that was done Georgina was surprised when Fiona removed the gag then did her left wrist up again. Reaching up Miss Mackie lifted Georgie’s blindfold off and by the time she’d recovered her eyesight the pair were once again totally locked together. Georgie looked at the button and reached, only for Fiona to pull her wrist down the inch too far for her to reach. “Fiona what are you…” she began only for Miss Mackie to shhh her and kiss the trembling lassie on the nose, then their lips met and they really snogged, tongues and all. The two of them, white clad beauties shackled together and kissing the other.

“When I was sitting with Roger at the port waiting for the boat he said something very thoughtful and quite moving too,” she began. “He told me to make you promise never to leave my side, ever. Do you understand love, he wants to know I’m happy and safe with you always. That you’d never abandon me in any circumstances, whether illness or financial or whatever. He’s a good friend of yours matey, I had a few doubts about coming,” she grinned, “But I’m sure glad we did. You have to promise me right now. Even though you’re dressed as a girl you have to do it, please” She said, eyes beginning to water.

Gus/Georgina was amazed and she began to tremble as Fiona had spoken worried for a moment in case she said she was ditching him for Lunes. A really daft thought but he’d better not tell her. She could have a cruel sense of humour sometimes. “I promise love, as sure as my name really is Angus Albert Mackenzie that I’d never abandon you. Whatever the situation, whatever happens we stick together” he said. Now it was Fiona’s turn to cry hearing this from the man she loved so much. Even though he was dressed well out of the ordinary. She reached her wrist so Georgina could press the button but then it was her turn to hold back.

“In return for that promise Fiona Dawn Mackie I want you to promise me, Angus Albert Mackenzie that you’d never put either of us in danger while we do these things. Do you understand love.” She sighed, “What you did just now was a truly honourable thing and I’ll tell Roger when he gets back. But this,” she flexed her wrist, “Shackling us together with only estimates of success, that’s too dangerous and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt, understand” Fiona did, and promised just that. Their wrists moved closer and within two minutes Miss Mackie was free, Georgina expecting to be so shortly. Then with a glint in her eye Fiona soon had Georgie shackled by hand and foot taking bloody difficult steps back to the real world. Into their bedroom they went and she was freed. To go scuttling into the bathroom first as she was busting. Emerging minutes later it was Georgina who ended up being ravished as Fiona had the lass flat on her back, skirts and the rest up and by heck they went for it.

At the end and another cleanup Fiona went downstairs to make dinner. Still quite moved at what had been said between them. She’d have to be careful when Lunes returned on Saturday but her mind was made up. Bringing the meal into the living room Fiona was surprised to see no sign of Gus. Then she smiled hearing heels and the odd muttered curse on the staircase and it was Georgina who arrived. They ate quietly then watched TV stroking and kissing the other, Fiona reaching under and sliding her fingers up and down Georgies’ legs.

After tidying up they retired early to bed. Gus so relieved to get his lungs back and he groaned when the pressure released after so many hours. The laborious task of ‘scraping off warpaint’ was complete and Gus reappeared. He got a long kiss and cuddle as she stood there welcoming him back to the real world. Finishing in the bathroom Gus emerged to see Fiona again clad in that lovely satin nightgown, holding the padlock out as it was now a tradition that he ‘locked her in for the night’. He stared almost wistfully at her, wondering how it felt to be dressed like that. The feel of the material when she lay against him was enough but to be wearing it, well. They embraced and kissed as he performed the deed then put the tiny key in his wallet. Situation normal she thought.

Fiona’s intuition must have alerted her and she joked that she could always buy one like this in his size if he wanted, he grinned not knowing that next door among the Edwardian collection was a vintage Victorian one Lunes had been given by mistake. This too was made of silk and she’d tried it on. It was lovely but a tad too large, but for Georgina it’d be ideal. She brought it back and tossed it to him. Gus stared as she slipped into bed and tidied her dress. Grinning he too was soon clad in a lovely nightie, pulling it in round his waist and tying off the high neck, then leapt into bed and settled down, Fiona holding him, or was it her now? “Goodnight Georgie” she said and it was a rather stubbly Georgina who replied.

* * *

Waking up next morning Gus hadn’t a clue what he felt like. He’d not slept that well in months and Fiona, once awake cuddled and stroked a now heavy tinted but beautifully clad man. “So is it gonna be Gus or Georgie I see today,” she asked as her man stood rubbing himself. “Gus till late afternoon then we’ll see. I’d like to show you those sites we’re going to shoot on Sunday once Roger gets his ass back here. He’s said to carry some stuff over and leave it in the cave” She startled at that. “Cave, what cave is this?”. Gus explained that while she’d been tottering back last Monday they’d found two caverns on the shore, well above the tideline, he grinned, seeing her initial look of concern. “We’d like to film you in there doing your stuff”

That reminded Fiona that those boxes were still in the jeep and after breakfast they’d unload them, see what was there and then do their walk. Fiona could do whatever chores needing doing in the afternoon. Quite why the lass insisted he didn’t know but Gus guessed she wanted Lunes place as tidy as she kept their own. She’d already said to him that Roger would have to clean his own bedroom as she had no intention of setting foot in there, even to make his bed or do the washing. All their own stuff was done and ironed and Gus secretly was proud of how hard Fiona worked to maintain his way of life.

So by 8:30 the pair lugged several large boxes inside, her giving that curious look as the clank came from the heaviest. Angus left her to deal with the ones marked fragile as he correctly assumed they were garments for Lunes’ collection. She took these upstairs and opened them in private. Fiona was amazed at the quality of the two dresses and fell in love with both, realising with a shudder they were modern designs and must be for her. She so wanted to wear one NOW but assumed she’d have to wait till Sunday. They must have cost a fortune, Lunes apparently had spent nearly a grand on each of these. The underwear was exquisite, so delicate and Miss Mackie almost creamed herself silly as she began wondering how it’d feel clad from neck to ankle like this. She buckled on the killer heels and smiled, “Georgie will be bloody livid!” she chuckled, strutting around though even she found the shoes slightly difficult until she’d had them on a few minutes.

Gus too was smiling as he checked through the restraints that had arrived. They simply were the best on the market, imported from the States and ideal for keeping horny young maidens where they could come to no harm. Each of them consisted of a thick back plate to be screwed into any hard surface, including rock he was pleased to see. Then you locked one tab end of the hinged manacle into the side of the plate. Then the front hinge would come over and secure into the other side of the back plate, trapping whatever limb was in there. The keys fitting this last piece near the plate facing backward so you wouldn’t get keyholes in the photographs. All were well padded so she’d have no complaints.

There seemed to be several sizes and flicking towards the back of the booklet he realised these could be applied to elbows and knees. If Fiona wore twelve of these plus the belt and her collar then Lunes was right. She’d be utterly helpless. There were positions in each lock and buttons for a quick release. One click in and one side button only, two clicks in and you’d need both buttons, three and you’d need the keys. He assembled one and tried it on, it weighed nearly a pound and a half! Gus did it first with one click, then with two and hit the buttons. It worked perfectly and then came the last try, hearing two clicks then a satisfying clunk as the extra lock applied. There were two complete sets of twelve, no wonder the box was bloody heavy.

Fiona would love this sound and he put the key in and it worked perfectly. Great, he thought, we’ll have a dry run tomorrow at the cave, Lunes’ll be well chuffed that I could set the shoot up myself. He carefully checked each of the twelve restraints on himself, at one point wearing the three on each leg. Imagining Fi against the wall Gus knew she’d be thrilled silly. Lastly he felt the collar, two pounds of solid steel and the noise on closure even made him hard, for a moment, Georgina appearing against the cell wall clamped into position. He left it on, stripped naked, put all the other bits on plus the shoes ‘she’d’ worn yesterday and laid down on the bed, bringing himself off wonderfully.

They met downstairs and Fiona said the dresses were gorgeous and fitted her perfectly, resistance had been broken and she’d tried both on. Even without the underwear it felt lovely and as usual the outfits were great for swishing in. The pair went off for the walk and although she carried all their food and drink stuff it was Mackenzie who had the hard job of carrying a new set of restraints plus Fiona’s small camera. She loved the cave having seen it and begged him to try using the new restraints right now, but Gus refused, saying these were Rogers so he’d have the honour of first to be ‘making you helpless’. She shuddered at that, her newest wildest fantasy to be chained up and ravished in this cavern where nobody would mind her screaming. The only residents were a few birds and they’d buggered off when the pair first came in.

Gus left the bag at the back of the cavern and they examined the walls to find a suitable spot. Just in from the main entrance was another slightly smaller chamber but with still enough light for them to see what they were doing. There was an ideal rock there, just out of view from the outside unless you were stood right at the front. Fiona dug some heels out of her bag, stood spread-eagled and Gus was able to mark in where the plates would go. He was right, she was thrilled at the idea and begged him to let her see these new wonder things. “You just wait, missy,” he said with a grin, “Before you’ve been up there ten minutes you’ll be pleading like a good-un. That was exactly what she wanted to hear and having had an early lunch they walked back arm in arm, the girl utterly content about the weekend to come.

Georgina reappeared by 4pm and again she looked lovely. This time, Fiona after much pleading got the lassie to step outside. It helped that they both wore big floppy hats as they walked so nobody would have a clue who these two damsels were as they paraded up and down the pathways. Georgie by now was getting good in heels and apart from one stumble stayed upright all afternoon. They swished and swayed their way around the grounds and it was quite a shame when Fiona checked her watch and said she had to make supper. Perhaps as she had a girlfriend now she’d like to help? It put Gus in a spot as he had things to prepare for tomorrow, but now as she was a ‘lady’ she better start doing ‘ladies’ chores or else.

So they made and ate the food together snuggled up on the sofa and after the Friday night match was over screwed each others brains out on the carpet. “If Josie could see you now lover,” Fiona said with a grin, “I promised never to tell Roger, but my Josie, don’t remember…” and got no further as she was rolled onto her back and pinned down by a smiling Georgie, “Yeah, I’d like to see you try lover. If you don’t promise I’ll leave you helpless in that cave” she grinned and was about to do so when the phone rang. Startling them both and with a mad whirl of satin and silk they disengaged themselves.

Fiona being quickest in heels got there first, only to find it was Roger at the other end. She passed the phone over and listened as the guys conferred and chatted, Lunes saying what time the boat got back in and so on. His mum was OK now and Fiona was pleased once the call ended and she got the gist of the chat.

After a good clear up they went off to bed, Georgina still here clad in silk, this helping Fiona to take her mind off tomorrow. She’d hated that particular date for the last five years, as it was the anniversary of the deaths of two dear friends she’d known since her first days at school.

Amanda and Steph, along with herself and Deborah had been on the way to a party while back-packing round Northern Australia. Their rented minibus broke down again and it’d been Fiona and Debbie who went for help and it was soon after that tragedy occurred.

The mechanic who came with them quickly fixed the problem though the girls were pleased that it was not something serious. While Deborah and Fiona were stood by his van paying the guy off, the others sat inside the car because it had started to rain. A passing half-asleep truck driver swerved to avoid the man’s van and instead lost control, smashing straight into the car killing Amanda and her twin. The others were devastated and as it was three days before they were due to fly home totally heartbreaking. They’d been on the trip four months with only a few minor problems then this had occurred within sight of the finish.

Fiona had warned Gus a long time ago that she’d probably be in a bit of a mood all day but at least he sympathised with her grief. He said they’d be here for that and actually Fi was relieved that she just had him and nobody else. They awoke early and spent a few minutes kissing and stroking the other. Fiona looked a bit sad already so once they were up and dressed, for once in normal clothes he bossed her about and generally kept the lassie busy. She appreciated the odd cuddle and the one time Fiona started crying he was there in a flash to hold her tight. This lasted till after lunch when he said they’d have a run through of tomorrow’s shoot if she wanted, using the new restraints as well.

That did elicit a small smile and she packed the rucksack with one of the dresses, that lovely underwear plus some of her own gear and unbeknown to Gus she brought along the jewellery loaned to her by Lunes too. As the shoot was to be done outside near rock Fiona was allowed to remove her engagement ring. Proving to Gus just how careful the girl was in her life as she packed it in the box. He saw her kiss it then put this in her handbag, slipping that into the wardrobe for safekeeping. “Soon as we’re back, it goes on again” she promised. They shared another loonng smoochy kiss and he patted her on the arse then the pair walked over the terrain to get to the cave.

Once there he began to sort out the restraints, allowing Fiona to try one on. Her face was a picture as her arm hung there with the three clamped round it. She was allowed to click the wrist one three times and Gus was right. A broad smile at hearing that extra solid clunk as the third lock engaged. “Oh my goodness,” she gasped, “This is awesome”. He fetched the key and freed her, pressing the buttons and showing her how the others worked. She checked each with her normal thoroughness then Angus got the plates hammered into the wall, set the manacles up then left them all open and inviting. It didn’t take her long to be allowed to stand up to them and shudder at the thoughts… stripping off and folding up her jeans and stuff Fiona slipped on heels and returned.

Standing naked apart from shoes she was shaking as Gus firstly clicked the new belt and collar closed. Then did each limb until as predicted she couldn’t move that much. Just the odd flex because only on the later clicks would they become really tight. Angus kissed his girl then began to run fingertips over her. Caressing her skin and making her shake even more. With nobody within miles she began to moan and gasp as he worked his magic on her body, begging Mackenzie to really get going. Of course he was determined to tease her and kept the lass to a state of high arousal for almost an hour.

Her screams were something else but he’d grinned at her struggles then slipped earplugs in HIS ears so the echo wouldn’t deafen him. He could lipread and she said all sorts of dreadful things as she begged. Then he worked a bit faster and she was allowed to come. Blasting over the edge and he bent down, his skilful tongue licking her juices as her body erupted in ecstasy. “Bastard, you bastard,” she grinned when her fire cooled down and he’d removed the plugs. He came close and stood inches away. His tongue running over her heaving breasts as the girl tried to calm herself. This was utter joy and within a few minutes of this she wanted more. He said it was time for a break and hit the buttons, allowing her to fall into his arms, sobbing with joy. What a girl she was. This lasted a while before she left the cave, totally naked and went round the corner ‘for a pee’.

Coming back in she saw him setting the video camera up and Gus instructed her to dress but only in her underwear. This she did in the main cave and walked back in to a ‘bloody hell, that’s gorgeous stuff, where did…” as she did a twirl and it was a slightly embarrassed Fiona who said it was amongst the parcels that Lunes had ordered last week. She saw Gus frowning for a minute and that stopped her. Fiona said if he wasn’t happy about this then she’d change into her own stuff, she had a set of this with them. He shrugged and said no, that’d not be a problem. Gus planned to have a quiet word with Roger about this tonight. Buying underwear for another man’s lady could be construed as treading on toes.

Again Fiona found herself secured to the wall, this time with two clicks and it felt better. She wanted three straight away but he said no, that’d wait for her fully dressed next time round. Though Fiona soon realised that the long dress, slips and petticoats would not fit with the above and below knee restraints. Gus said a small cut in the dress and the undergarments at these points would suffice for them. Fiona was horrified that she’d have to damage the clothes but Mackenzie said it’d be the only way. Plus at the back and with the swirling material it’d take a sharp-eyed lady to see. After the shoot she could repair the cuts anyway. She was that good at needlework that it wouldn’t take long.

Fiona agreed and Gus set the camera running, this time pacing himself and it was nearly ninety minutes of torture and teasing before Angus Mackenzie was slamming into her body, making her shriek in that pain that every man wants his woman to have. His hands were running over her body and then BANG. They came together as he continued to piledrive her. The second orgasm that tore through the girl a moment later was so powerful that Fiona passed right out!

Gus was shocked when she’d fallen silent and having laid down a pile of blankets released his wife-to-be and after cleaning her, wrapped the lassie up and left her to regain consciousness in her own time. It took her an hour to do so and Fiona had an almighty headache when emerging from the darkness and calling out to him. Angus unwrapped her and she smiled, held him then burst into tears again. This was surely the most amazing session she’d ever endured. That was saying something considering what she and Angus had been doing over these last eight months.

There was along pause while they had lunch, cooked by Mackenzie and he made sure Fiona, still just wearing underwear and blankets ate her fill. Fortunately he’d packed their first-aid kit so the lassie had headache tablet and water plied on her. After lunch they sat out in the main cave on another blanket just holding on, Fiona becoming clingy now and Gus reckoned she was thinking about her dead friends again, this being confirmed when she began to quietly sob. Mackenzie just let her get through it, again proving that he’d never leave her side in moments like this.

* * *

An hour passed by and she asked could they do the final shoot after all. He’d suggested that after the second they cut for the night. But she wanted this to just be between her and him, not with Lunes as well. He agreed, got smothered in kisses then left her to dress alone. Fiona was trembling as the satin dress enveloped her and was zipped up, having already put on two of the loveliest silk slips money could buy. Another petticoat was wrapped underneath then the dress came last. She tidied her hair then fixed her make-up to her satisfaction, managed a short swish round the cave then put on the necklace and earring from Lunes’ box. Leaving the ruby broach in there as it’d be a bit much for Gus if he saw her wearing that. She put the killer heels on then called out she was ready.

Angus Mackenzie stopped dead when he saw her. Although he’d seen Fiona glammed up for a shoot many a time this was almost too much. “I cannot…I cannot shoot you like that love, that dress, I’ve never seen anything like it, far too good for a cave. I’d prefer you to wear that at our house, not here” he continued. Fiona replied that this belonged to Lunes so it’d be staying on Mull. Her repairs would be done before they left Monday.

Again Mackenzie felt a bit strange seeing Fiona clad like that. She although wearing the dresses from Roger’s collection had always used costume jewellery before. Now looking closer as the girl stood he saw that the necklace and the earrings were the ones worn when she’d gone out with Lunes for dinner. He felt an unusual anger beginning to slow-burn, realising it was jealousy. Yes Roger was an old mate but was that it? Had Fiona let him do anything while they’d been out? She’d sure looked a bit flushed after returning home, he and the girl had made love like always that night. Had she and Roger kissed, or had he touched her inappropriately anytime when he’d been busy? This was getting a bit much.

Fiona saw his face, realising that something was wrong. “Talk to me love,” she said, coming over. “What’s wrong? Do you have a problem with me dressed like this. If so we’ll abandon this and I’ll use a different one tomorrow” and he said nothing, his mind fighting the thought that ‘his’ lady might have been flirting with Lunes. He had to sort this out but not now. Maybe he’d go and collect Roger instead of her, stopping on the way back and having it out. “No my love,” he said at last, giving her a hug and stroke, mainly so she couldn’t see his face. “Just thinking a few things for later. You look beautiful. Lets get this done” She wasn’t sure but said nothing, maybe she was too eager today to distract herself from thinking about Amanda and Stephanie for the umpteenth time.

Reaching down he made the small incisions in her clothes and she stood while he fed the metal through and locked it. Again using two clicks rather than the three she wanted. Having done this he paused for a while as she stood, legs apart but her collar, belt and arms were still free. “Sorry love, but I’m not in the mood for this after all. We’ll come back tomorrow with Roger,”

Fiona replied no, she wanted this right now and what was the matter. He looked annoyed and she wanted to know what his problem was. It was the first time she’d even raised her voice. Mackenzie glared at her, telling the lassie to release herself and they’d chat about it in the other cave. Instead Fiona again said no, really barking at him, making the guy stare as deliberately she reached under her skirt and clicked all six lower restraints shut. Gus hearing the extra loud clunks as she then straightened up with a challenging look. Fiona breathed in then closed off the belt and shuddered as the steel collar clamped her upright. “There, now finish the job, shoot the damn film then we’ll go back. OK?”

Gus was appalled that for the first time in her life she’d disobeyed his instructions during a bondage shoot. More to the point she’d ordered him instead. Walking closer he stared at her beautiful face even though at the moment she was glaring at him in a way that had it been another man Gus would have smacked the guy. “Fiona love, we’ve got a real problem here. I want to know whether you knew Lunes was ordering all these clothes. This dress, the stuff underneath, none of it is ours. Even the jewellery is his,” he said slowly. Fiona was dumbstruck. He wasn’t accusing her…was he?. “Whoa honey,” she said back sharply, “Time out. Are you saying something here, is there something you want to ask?”

He sat down on the rocky floor for a moment as she stood, her face getting ever angrier. “For Pete’s Gus will you just TALK TO ME! Look I’m sorry, get these locks off and we’ll talk. JUST DO IT!” she snapped. Gus got shirty, leaping to his feet he came over and grabbed her right arm, smacking it into the wrist manacle then pushing each one till it clicked, clicked then clunked. Quickly he caught her other arm as she’d tried to slap him and secured that then walked out as she call him an effing bastard and he better free her or there’d be trouble in store. He returned carrying something behind his back and she guessed it’d be the penis gag.

Fiona was right and she screamed for him not to do this, about to say the ‘Ginger’ word because they’d gone too far, but she was too late as he grabbed her chin and stuffed the gag in. Banging her teeth as she’d tried to stop him then pumped it right up. She couldn’t even squeak it was that tight and he saw her eyes widening in terror now. “Now you listen to me Fiona honey,” he hissed, his face inches away from hers, “I want to know just what you and Roger bloody Lunes have been doing while you’ve been here. Has he done anything that you didn’t want him to? Has he touched your body or even kissed you inappropriately?” She shook her head as much as she could. Gus was accusing her of having an affair and this was shattering her, especially on a day like today. He released the gag so she could reply then sat down as she let rip, firstly with expletives then proper words.

“How bloody dare you accuse me of doing anything” she wailed, getting so emotional now, her chest heaving as she begged him to release her. This had gone beyond fun now and maybe they’d not just reached her limits but his as well. “Mackenzie will you PLEASE FREE ME” she screamed as he sat there. She began saying ‘Ginger,’ horrified as he did nothing before stopping and crying with relief as he realised what she was saying, producing the keys and went under her skirts. But nothing seemed to be happening, as she then felt a series of vibrations. What the hell was he doing as Mackenzie began to curse. Finally after much struggling there was a sigh of relief from both as she felt the knee restraints pop open. But there was still nothing from her ankles

Coming up to see her face Mackenzie looked genuinely shocked and she began to tremble a lot. He unlocked her belt and then the collar, reaching up and doing her elbows too. Then came the moment he dreaded as the key, the bloody key that was too long to fit in her ankle cuffs because of the rock only after much squeezing did these too. She slumped forward sobbing into his arms, still worried at his expression. “Fiona honey,” he began, kissing her tenderly as she wrapped both arms around him. “I’m so sorry for what I said” and she cried a bit more then did the same, both admitting they’d pushed way too far. He continued, “The keys are too long to fit the bloody ankle cuffs where they are. The holes face backwards towards the rockface. I need to break a space into the surface behind so it’ll fit. Either that or I can crowbar the plate out without busting your legs.” Then he said the fateful words, “You’re gonna have to wait like this till I get back from the Castle with some proper tools”

Fiona Dawn Mackie’s heart almost seized solid. No way, she screamed silently. No way on Earth are you leaving my side. “Gus you can’t. You cannot leave me alone, trapped like this” she wailed as the sheer enormity hit home that she was REALLY stuck. They’d laughed at all the stories on-line when looking up scenarios to film, those about the self-bondage victim getting trapped, yet it was her own hands that’d clicked the manacles the third time. “You promised that you’d never leave me honey,” she wept, holding on even tighter. “Yeah I did, but missy, it was you who also promised never to put us in danger. I hate to say this but you broke the promise first, so unless I do the same then we’re really in a pickle. Well you are anyway,” he joked grimly. She too grinned a bit knowing yes it was her fault but at least he was calm now. Trouble being Fiona was determined that he would have to do this now and not leave.

She told him this and saw the guy smirk, “What do you think I am, Superman?” he replied, “No I really do have to go back and get some stuff. Hammer, crowbar…I don’t know maybe some dynamite even. It might hurt but hey I did say it was your fault.” Aggrieved at this she began to sob again this time louder as he packed up the cameras. Her feet were starting to ache in the heels so she, with a bit of straining was able to push up on the open belt and allow him to take off the shoes so she could stand flat footed on thick piles of blankets. It hurt her calf muscles because she’d slid down three inches to rest on the blankets. Both were so shocked at the situation they didn’t think to firstly pile rock under the blankets so she could stand at the same height as before.

After half an hour of cursing and straining, snapping both blades on the knife they’d brought Fiona knew she’d have to let him go back and again was in tears. Lunes was due back in five hours so Gus was going to need to hurry. As they still hadn’t thought about the rocks Fiona had to step back into her heels because her calf muscles were aching at the back from the metal digging in. Heck she didn’t want to stand three hours like this but knew it’d take him at least that long to get there and back, crowbar the manacle off the rock then she’d probably collapse. Gus was worried she’d fall forward anyway so he eventually told her to click the waist belt, “Once only, understand.”

She smiled thinly and did as ordered as he finished packing up. Before he left Fiona asked for a bottle because by now she needed a pee. Gus handed one over and she bent down, lifted the skirt, the slip and the petticoats. Easing aside her knickers Fiona sighed with relief as the fluid flowed out, Mackenzie smirking as he said it was just as well she hadn’t wanted a crap. Fortunately she’d had one just before this drama occurred so would be OK for the next few hours. “Would have been less if you’d let me go earlier. I could almost be back here by now”. Fiona groaned knowing it was true. She snapped back a retort, “Yeah OK, just don’t bloody go on about it. I’m sorry. What more do I have to say?”

Gus shrugged, “You getting off on this? You said to Roger the other day how women sometimes get a thrill out of this. Well this time missy you’ve really struck gold” Fiona was shocked, angry now and she called him a few names. He grinned at her language, Fiona could out swear most soccer fans on a bad day. “Just you wait till Roger gets back, he’ll throw a fit” which wasn’t what Angus wanted to hear. “To be honest I don’t give a damn what he thinks, maybe you do…” she was amazed. “You heard me love, why else are you doing his bloody housework and shit like that. You do it for us because… well because you do. But why here?”

Now she was simmering, “Because you selfish git he’s put his whole castle at our disposal. We’ve had a great time till this morning. If it wasn’t for these,” she slapped the belt and both heard the click clunk as it locked tight and she gasped. Mackenzie rolled his eyes, as he’d put the keys away in the jacket on the floor. “No just leave it and go,” she snapped. He stared at her, anger burning again. “I’ll bloody go when I want to, maybe I’ll wait till Roger’s back before we both come down” Fiona squealed at that, begging him not to even tell Lunes what’d happened.

“Why, worried he’ll give you a spanking or something. C’mon Fiona tell me this. Just how many times has Roger kissed you then? Got to be at least once. If you’d been his bird I’d have tried at least once or the girl would think I’m weird. So, what was it?” Miss Mackie reddened deeply at the memory of that night coming back from the Tobermory meal. She hated it when she blushed out of turn as there was no disguise. He saw this and knew something had been going on. “OK,” she sighed, “If you really want to know it’s three. First time was after the meal out, second after he saw his portfolio double in size and the last was at the ferry terminal when he left to go to London. Satisfied?”

Angus Mackenzie was shocked, that his lovely girl to be had allowed another man, a good mate of his to kiss her THREE times was appalling. “Why didn’t you say no?” he asked and Fiona had no answer. “I don’t know,” she said, “Maybe because I was tired after the tide drama, he caught me unawares and I didn’t fight him because…well because he’s your mate and it wasn’t fair to…to, look can we just drop this pleeease!”

“Not a chance Fiona, you’ve got some explaining right the hell now. I’m gonna count to three and if you don’t spill everything this time I’ll lock you right up again…and leave” he barked as she stood there frozen, her brain numb, just as it had been in the coffin when she so badly screwed up. “I can’t,” she wailed as the count passed two, “Gus please don’t…” becoming hysterical but still unable to stop him saying the three, then pausing before lifting each arm and those click, click, clunks coming from each of the manacles. She was helpless as the collar slipped round her neck and tightened up, then the knees came last…or so she thought, now unable to speak. Gus rummaged around in the rucksack, pausing as he removed the jewellery box. Opening it he was staggered to see Fiona still had the ruby broach. “Tell me this isn’t a sick joke love, you weren’t really going to wear this as well were you?”

She slowly shook her head, no. “Well you might as well now…Flora, you’ve done everything else he wanted, you’re as good as his. Maybe I should finish the job now.” Fiona was stunned as he pinned the thing right at the point where the dress started to show her cleavage, Lunes necklace and pendent just above the swell of her heaving breasts. “There, you’ve committed the final act now, you’re ready for him” he said as she, face paling by the moment just stared, her eyes watering. Gus reached up and held her head still as she’d tried to shake him off. Kissing her forehead then letting go. Going across then returning with the gag as her eyes opened even wider.

Fiona was devastated, was he leaving her here…to perish? Surely not and finally she found her voice, saying yes, she’d tell all if he stopped this. But again it was too late and a determined Mackenzie now inserted it and pumped the thing up tight. “Too late…Flora. You had your chance.” He kissed her again then came back with the blindfold, a bridal tiara that was a costume piece and two opaque veils that she’d seen, idly sticking them in the rucksack before they’d left. He placed the blindfold over her eyes, slapping her hard because she’d resisted, then slipped on the tiara and arranged the veils over her head.

Gus came back and stroked her shuddering torso all over, savouring the last feel of her wonderful body that was now someone else’s. Sliding his hands over her breasts, her hips and as much of her arse as he could reach, ignoring the fact she was sobbing, head rocking a bit from side to side. He told her he was leaving her for Roger to deal with, hoping she’d have a better life with him then slipped in the earplugs, tidied up the veils and pinned them to her heaving shoulders and she was done.

Mackenzie too was in tears as he took the last photos’ of his now former fiancee for his collection then lifted the rucksacks and walked slowly back to the Castle. Arriving back he packed all his stuff into the van, hers might as well stay here with Roger. Then he grabbed the jeep keys and went to pick Lunes up from the port. He wasn’t going to be responsible for her after tonight, but he was human so wouldn’t condemn her to die either.

...To be continued


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