Fiona Interrupted

by Megan Law

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© Copyright 2022 - Megan Law - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; MF/f; bond; machine; frame; collar; corset; latex; chastity; mittens; toys; tease; sex; cons; X


The vibration startled Fiona, deep in concentration drawing a mental map of connections between several disparate events. Glancing up at her message list, just below the clock, she saw:


Emergency meeting called, will update when finished

Fiona glanced at the clock. 11:48. An emergency meeting just before lunch? Unheard of. Some General must have gotten a boil or something. Fiona tried to shake her head, laughed to herself a bit, then focused back on the map in her head, the one forming on her screen. As she worked with the mind mapping application, correcting the visual map to match the one in her mind, it struck her: this project had far too few connections.

Adding a note to the map, with a pink background to remind her this was an unfinished thought…

Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

Closing her eyes and bearing down, she silenced the alarm by squeezing the toy inside her. Her front side, so it was Nat calling. She clicked into her phone app, which automatically brought up the text-to-speech part when she was in frame.

“Hi hon, how’s it going?” Nat was trying to sound normal, calm, but there was an edge in her voice. Fiona squirmed, typed out “I’ve spotted something, need to work through it.” She heard the artificial voice, so much like her own, yet not inflected, repeat the words to Nat.

“Good, good, try to keep your concentration up. I may have to work late tonight, so I’m going to have Ben drop by after work to make sure you’re OK.”

Again, Fiona heard a… worried, hurried, maybe concerned undertone in her voice. She was speaking too fast, the long vowels clipped. “OK, it’s always nice to see Ben.”

“I gave him our emergency code, so it won’t unlock you. He wanted to see your frame. I’ll call you when I know how long this will take.”

Another Bzzzt signified Nat had ended the call. Turning her attention back to her mind map, Fiona noticed her clock application disappeared from its corner of her screen. Noting this, she went back to her map, adding a note to her investigation stack to look over the last month of data for similar projects with a lack of connections.

For now, she focused on comparing this project with similar ones, ferreting out which connections were missing. She had grown accustomed to a recognizable form taking place in the research connections of similar projects. After finishing her map of this project, she searched her recent work list for projects of a similar nature, those involving computer guidance and designed to survive a shutdown of global satellite navigation systems: the US GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, and Chinese BeiDou. 

Opening each project, she found the connection map she had made for the project, and bent some of the connection nodes around the central topic to fit the shape of the map she had created today. Tossing each of these maps into a single large workspace and further rotating and reordering the maps, she saw two things at once:

Most of the projects had very similar forms of outside contacts, research incorporated, and sources cited from outside the primary researchers organizations. All this was completely proper and expected, what wasn’t expected is the missing parts. The project Fiona had been analyzing this morning, as well as two others, stood out because several branches of their interconnection trees appeared truncated, as if they had been pruned, compared to similar projects.

Fiona scribbled some notes into her research stack, both on repeating this for her other recent investigations and on where to look next in this exploration.


Her rear buzzer. Fiona popped up her home status display, alarmed to find all but the front door camera disabled from view. The front door camera showed Ben entering a code on the finger panel, odd since his fingerprint was one of the few Natalie and Fiona kept in the system. The door lock spun, Fiona got another Bzzzzz, and Ben stepped through the front door.

She watched Ben scan the room on the interior camera display, then she startled and Ben jumped as Natalie’s voice filled Fiona’s head and the house. “Ben authenticate.”

On the camera Ben spun, looking for the source of the voice, and said loudly “four twelve ninety-two.”

Fiona’s front door camera feed went dark. Natalie’s disembodied voice said “I’ve enabled her hearing when you’re in the room with her. Clear the house and report in.”

Fiona’s inside cameras came to life, one by one, as Ben swept the house, looking for intruders and carrying a small electromagnetic sensor in one hand, a map in the other. She watched him work through the living room, their bedroom, the spare room that served as Natalie’s home office and guest room, both bathrooms, then the kitching and dining room. Finally he arrived back at the door of her office. He keyed the keypad, the bolt retracted, Fiona got another Bzzzz, Ben stepped into the room. The door lock clicked, Fiona got a Bzzzt in the front.

Ben said in a whispered tone “holy fuck.”

Natalie’s voice came to them both, a hint of laughter in it. “What was that?”

Ben cleared his voice. “All clear, redeploy for containment outside.” 

Fiona tried to interrupt Natalie, but her keyboard did not respond.

“Deployed. You’ll stay with her?”

Fiona still hadn’t seen Ben, but could sense him standing there, staring. “They’ll have to drag me out of here dead.”

Fiona received another Bzzzt in the front. Natalie’s voice filled her head. “Fiona can speak after a fashion now. She can bring the notes for what you need to do up on her back screen when she needs you. Help yourself to whatever is in the fridge. Ben, feel free to explore, but Fiona will know that her interlocks are on. I’ll check in as soon as we know more.” Fiona disconnected the call with another Bzzzt.

Fiona groaned, deep in her throat. Little sound escaped the mask, but enough to alert Ben, who approached her from her right side. “My god, can you move at all in that?”

Fioan’s simulated voice came from the speakers in the room “Not much, other than to breathe and swallow.” Ben looked up and around, at the screen, then at Fiona. “Is that a synthesizer? Are you gagged?”

Fiona nodded, her ponytail at the back of her head virtually the only part that moved.

Ben walked around her, parts of the frame glowing in the light from her screen. Four posts of rigid stainless steel tubing, arcing over her head and crossing in the middle. The posts disappeared into the wooden floor with no apparent supports, he guessed they were bolted to the floor joists under.

Her chin rested on a strict, high metal posture collar, gleaming in the dim light. It rose from just below her collarbone in front to her chin, which was kept just below horizontal, and extended all the way around her neck and up the back of her head, where her ponytail was fed through a loop in the rear support. Her head was virtually immobilized, locked into staring at the large screen in front of her. Chains from front and back on the frame met at the sides of the collar, keeping her rigidly erect and unable to move more than a few millimeters in any direction.

Her arms hung at her sides, slightly out, loops around the elbows attached to short arms that connected to the most severe metal corset he had ever witnessed. He’d known Natalie and Fiona for several years now, and had seen Fiona corseted, but this was breathtaking, both literally and figuratively. Looking closer, he was startled to realize she was wearing a latex catsuit and a latex corset under the severe metal corset that kept her rigidly upright. Again, chains from the front and back of the frame attached to the elbow supports in the corset, keeping her rigidly positioned.

Below the corset, she straddled a curved narrow band of stainless steel that cupped and covered her crotch, rising to the top of her buttocks in the back. This was supported on another sturdy stainless steel shaft rising from the floor. Her hands, arms free to move below the elbow, were held at her sides, covered in large padded latex covered mittens.

Ballet boots kept her en pointe, cuffs at the thighs, below the knees, and at the ankles all chained to the support post for the crupper. The chains attached to rings around the post, which would tinkle as she moved what little she could.

Ben noticed Fiona’s eyes riveted on him as he stared at her bathed in the bluish light cast by the large flat screen. “I had no idea.”

Fiona’s artificial voice came from the speakers surrounding them “Nobody does, you’re the first to ever see this.”

Ben hovered closer, looking at her eyes above the face mask “Can you see OK?”

Fiona laughed, a quiet murmuring outside the mask, her synthetic voice said “Yes, RK surgery, I’m still nearsighted but don’t need glasses to work anymore.”

Ben’s gaze drifted down, where he noticed how prominent her nipples were under the latex. He touched her right nipple, just barely grazing it, watched as she flinched and jerked. Pulling his hand back, he yelled “Did I hurt you?”

Fiona’s synthesized voice, not able to express emotion, came out as calm as ever. “It’s just a TENS stimulator, you didn’t hurt me.”

Ben shook his head, took a step back, and looked her over. “I’m trying to not be judgy.”

“Then don’t. What is going on?”

Ben looked down at his feet. Fiona’s voice displayed none of the urgency she felt “Don’t give me any crap about clearances, just tell me why you’re here.”

Ben looked at her, his emotions at conflict with his professionalism. He knew that Natalie was playing him, sending him here, especially under these circumstances. He also knew that part of why he was here is that Natalie trusted him to look out for Fiona in a way she trusted nobody else on the planet. He didn’t want to lose his job over this, he certainly didn’t want to go to jail, but she had a right to know.

He was standing far enough to the side Fiona couldn’t see this playing out on his face. She felt his tension, figured it had to do with the situation, and waited. She had learned patience the hard way, and was now an expert at letting people come around to what they were always going to do.

“Utkin landed in Seattle this morning, on a flight from Tokyo.”

Held in place by the frame, Ben could see very little of Fiona’s reaction. Her biometric sensors picked up her immediate flight response, interpreting it as physical stimulation, and corrected her response. First the TENS unit in her anus started, ramping up in intensity, followed by her vagina, her breasts, and then both sides of her neck. As they crescendoed, the vibrators in her anus and vagina began a low warbling, the TENS units now slowly backing off.

Fiona rocked and recovered, calming her breathing. She flexed her arms slowly, fighting the restriction of the tight, heavy PVC suit. She was sweating inside the suit now, as the devices backed off she felt clammy. She managed to get her focus back on her screen, get the speech app in focus, and replied “Are you here to protect me, or to prevent me from being taken again?”

Ben recoiled as if she had shot him. Moving back into her view, at the side of the screen, he looked straight at her and said “You know I would never do that.”

Fiona’s eyes moved back to the screen. “I know you are a patriot first.” She stared back at him, her eyes large over the breathing mask.

Ben’s face crumpled. “I am in love with you first, a patriot second.”

Fiona laughed. From outside the mask, it sounded like muffled woofs, a tear rolled down Fiona’s cheek and she reached to wipe it away without thinking, her plastic-encased hand nowhere near capable of reaching her cheek. Ben stepped forward and wiped it away with a rough thumb, then kissed her eye, one of the few exposed parts of skin anywhere. He stepped behind her and tried to hug her, but there was no part of her that was accessible and wouldn’t cause her pain.

Fiona remained rigid, but it was impossible to tell if it was her, or just the frame. Fiona’s voice said, it’s intonation flat as always “Natalie knows, doesn’t she?”

Ben said near her ear, not knowing if that is where she heard the sound from, “Yes, it’s why she sent me.”

“Where is Utkin?”

“I’m not briefed on the details. I got a personal call from Nat to come guard you, the team outside was given a verbal OK from a request by the FBI. We’re here to protect and contain. We’ll know when Natalie calls.”

Fiona’s attention turned to her screen. Pages of details flashed in front of her. “Did we close down all the safe houses the Marks left behind?”

“Can you talk to Natalie?”

Ben saw her ponytail nod again, and said, “We kept the one on Pearcy Island untouched. There are cameras on it, from across the road, but we didn’t enter.” 


Pearcy Island safehouse not ever breached. Agency has video.

An eternity passed, the tension in the room mounting. 

Fiona, already fatigued from her day in the frame, needed to eat. “Did Nat leave instructions on how to feed me?” Ben moved back into view. “God! Yes! I’m so sorry. It’s on the screen at your back here. Let’s see…” He moved back behind here, touched the item that said “feeding,” then shook his head at the instructions. 

He moved into the kitchen to retrieve and prepare her food, finding it in the door of the refrigerator as instructed. He squeezed a half cup of the goop into the glass bowl as instructed, heated it for 2:30, then checked the temperature. Returning with the bowl, which was barely warm, he located the large funnel in the drawer the instructions indicated, and found the socket for it at the top of the mask assembly. He placed the funnel in the socket and poured the goop into the funnel, scooping it out of the bowl with a rubber spatula.

Moving back into her vision, he asked quietly “How do you eat it?”

Fiona laughed, making the wuffling sound again, her disembodied voice said “I suck it out of the penis she has locked in my mouth, silly.” 

Ben stared, watching her cheeks work slightly under the mask as she pulled on it. 

“Natalie invented this mixture herself, she calls it cum.” She watched Ben’s expression as she said this, noted with a tiny bit of satisfaction the mixture of shock and lust that crossed his face.


A message popped up.


Spotted near Expo Center, pick-up teams in place.

The two stayed riveted to the screen, another small eternity passed. Bzzt.


Got him, confirmed it is Utkin.

Ben stood and pumped his fist, turned towards Fiona, and stared.

“Yay us.” her voice came, with no inflection.

He moved behind her, wrapped his arms around her, over her arms and corsets, setting off another TENS storm in her breasts and said “I can’t live like this anymore. We’ll wait for Natalie and we’ll see what we see. I don’t know how you feel, or if you’re allowed to talk about things like this, but I know how I feel.” Under the mask, Fiona groaned and squealed and tried to tell him how she really felt, but she didn’t actually know how she really felt.



On my way home, interrogation tomorrow. We should all be ready.

Ben kept his arms around Fiona, ignoring the storms happening inside the frame, reached around under the corset as well and hugged the tiny strip of PVC-covered woman between the corset and the crupper.

When the facial recognition unlocked the door for Natalie, Fiona’s devices all stopped. She dropped her bag and coat in the hallway and moved straight to Fiona’s office, the door unlocking automatically. She walked straight over to Ben, still hovering at the back of the frame, and pulled him into a passionate kiss. After several minutes, she let go of his shirt and let him stand up. “Thank you for taking care of Fiona. I knew I could trust her to your care.”

She bent and wiped her finger along the crupper, lifted it to her mouth and tasted, then offered it to Ben. “Good, you didn’t let her orgasm.”

Natalie touched another control on the screen behind Fiona, whose screens folded up and down. Behind was a window into Natalie’s office, the spare room. Natalie took Ben by the hand and led him from the office, relocking the door, and into the next room. Once inside, she pulled him over to the window and began undressing him. “I’m sorry it’s taken us this long. I had to be sure Fiona was ready for this, and I kept hoping you would find someone and move on.”

Ben, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, stared as she unbuttoned his shirt. “Find someone? I wouldn’t know…”

Natalie kissed him, then pulled back. “I know, it’s OK. Remember the date I set you up on?”

“Umm… yeah. Cute kid. Gwen right?”

Natalie laughed “That kid is a professor of international law, and yeah, Gwen. If you couldn’t follow through on that, nothing was going to cure you except…” By this time, Natalie was unbuttoning her own plain blue button-down blouse. Ben grabbed it and pulled it over her head, leaving her arms stuck in the air while he unhooked her bra and buried his face in her chest, kissing her and letting her sort out her arms.

Fiona stared helplessly, twisting and turning on the crupper. Twice she set off her orgasm interlocks, the combination of vibrations and TENS stimulation bringing her to the brink of orgasm, then driving her away from it. Natalie’s entrance had disabled her synthesized voice, there was no way she could make herself heard through the mask and the wall. 

She watched as the woman she loved more than life itself climbed on top of the man who wanted her more than anything and rode out all the fear and tension and terror of the day. Natalie bit and clawed and raged at him, riding him like a demon, being rough in ways she was never able to do with Fiona. When she was spent, she slithered back off him, kissed him once, and said “four twelve ninety-two.”

Ben sat bolt upright. “What?”

Natalie smiled “Go tell her how you really feel. I’ll see you at breakfast. We all have to be in the office at 7:30, and we will need to shower her, so first call in five hours.”

Ben scrambled off the bed and raced to Fiona’s office. Once he had unlocked the door with his passcode, he raced to the monitor at the back of the frame. There was a lock icon in the top right corner. He touched it, the screen changed to a keypad. He keyed in the magical combination, his manhood springing back to life from the ride Natalie had given him. 

The crupper pulled out of Fiona slowly, the front invader dripping, the rear one lightly covered, and retracted to her knees. The frame buckled in the middle, bending Fiona forward and rocking her back a few inches behind the crupper, tiny baby steps in the towering boots. He looked at her exposed and dripping sex, her gaped ass, and whispered “Oh Fiona…” and drove into her.

Later, when he was truly spent, he looked again at the display. In addition to a hex keypad, it displayed several symbols he wasn’t sure of. Up and down arrows apparently would have adjusted her for his height. A stop sign, one that looked like it might choke her, and one that looked like a return key on a keyboard. He pressed that and was dismayed when the frame began to stand Fiona back up, scooting her forward baby steps, then watched in dismay as the crupper returned, buried inside her. He heard the motors in both vibrators fire up, put his ear next to the mask and asked “Are you OK?”

All he heard in response was something that might have been a moan, or a growl. He sat down on the short couch at the back of the room and soon passed out.


Natalie bustled in a few hours later, found Ben crumpled on the short couch and Fiona still locked in the frame, and laughed. “Get up, sleepyhead. I’m having a fresh suit dropped off for you by one of the detail outside, but we need to get Fi prepped. Come over here.”

Natalie showed Ben how to run a clean & purge cycle on Fiona’s anal plug, so they wouldn’t have to contend with a mess, then showed him the symbol that released her. “Your keypad doesn’t allow you to turn off her orgasm interlocks, but you are allowed to retract her crupper. Without that, she will be able to orgasm with effort. You must promise me right now that you will never ever ever leave her unplugged, even if you just step out of the room.”

“I promise.”

By the time Ben finished cleaning and feeding Fiona, Natalie had showered and dressed. Natalie helped Ben get Fiona into the shower and left her in his capable hands. By the time they were out, one of the CIA detail outside had delivered a fresh change of clothes from Ben’s office in the north suburbs. Natalie had laid out Fiona’s outfit for the day, as Ben brought her into Natalie’s bedroom Natalie said to him “You may find this difficult, so just stay in your towel until we’re done here. Natalie led Fiona over to a corseting rack on the side wall of her bedroom, where Fiona immediately gripped the rack.

“Did you two talk?”

Fiona smiled, “Of many things.”

Natalie snapped her fingers and pointed at the beginning of the line of clothing articles on the bed “The slip.” Ben handed her a filmy underslip made of the lightest finest silk he had ever touched. Natalie slipped it over Fiona’s head as she pushed her arms through and settled it down past her hips.

“Clip.” Ben handed her a large hair clip, she quickly piled Fiona’s hair, now halfway to her waist, on top of her head and clipped it there. “Corset.” Ben handed her the corset, a pale blue silk with navy blue lace over, a wide and very stuff busk supporting the front. Natalie bent with it, Fiona stepped into it, the busk still closed, then Natalie pulled it up over her hips and turned her to the wall. Fiona grabbed the rack with both hands and Natalie pulled on the laces, tugging at the lace cover inside so it didn’t get trapped. 

Natalie stepped to her side, pointed at the bed, and said, “Bring the lacing hook and come over here.” As Ben approached, she handed him the laces and said “Pull slowly. I’ll keep the cover straight and help with the laces. Start with the bottom. Ben looked at the laces in his hand, tucked the top laces into the corset top, then loosely knotted the lower laces and pulled away. Fiona grunted, then said “Wow, that’s fast.” Natalie picked at the laces, bottom to top, each pull of the corset hook netting them another bit of tightness. “OK, knot that off and let’s do the top.”

Moments later they had her knotted, the laces wrapped around her waist and tied in the back with big bows. “We’ll need one more tightening before we dress her. Let’s get her boots on and we’ll have breakfast.”

Natalie walked Fiona over to the bed, where Fiona flopped back, not able to sit in the long corset. Natalie drew silk stockings over her legs, Fiona raising a leg and pointing her toes in turn. Once Natalie had both stockings attached to garters on the bottom of the corset, she picked up a knee high ballet boot with 8 inch stiletto heels and a solid toe cap and worked Fiona’s right foot into the boot. She left Ben to lace the boot, being particularly careful across the ankle, as she worked on the left. Once Ben had finished the right boot, Natalie had him finish the lacing on the left, as she returned to buckle and lock cuffs at both ankles and knees. When she had finished the left boot as well, she held out her hands, Fiona reached for them, and Natalie pulled her upright, directly into a kiss. In the boots Fiona was tall enough that Natalie had to stand on tiptoe and reach to kiss her.

She gave Fiona a slap on the ass, Fiona scuttled from the room with surprising agility for someone forced en pointe. Natalie took the hanger with Ben’s suit, a plastic grocery bag of sundries hanging from it, and laid it on the bed. She lifted a set of knit boxers from the back, smiled at him, and knelt in front of him. As he released the towel, she grinned up and said “save that though, we’ll take care of that tonight,” slapping playfully at his painfully erect cock.

He groaned “What did you expect, after corseting Fiona?”

She laughed “I’d have been terribly disappointed if that didn’t happen, but we have to get these on” as she pulled the pants from his hanger. As he lifted the pants on, she held open the shirt, top three buttons undone, he pulled it over his head. “Let’s eat, we can finish dressing and leave.”

They walked to the kitchen where Fiona had laid out the two breakfast burritos Natalie had cooked while they were in the shower with large mugs of black coffee and small glasses of orange juice. Ben was amazed watching her flit across the tile floor, she seemed so wobbly in the shower. Natalie bit into her burrito and waved her finger, shooing Fiona down the hall. When she was out of earshot, Natalie said quietly around the bite of burrito “the boots are reinforced, they broke her ankles multiple times and walking is difficult for her without them.”

Ben nearly choked, nodded, and took a sip of orange juice. “You have to know if you’re going to get into this how damaged she was. She’s better, but she’s not fully recovered, physically or mentally.”

He swallowed and whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

Natalie smiled, looked him in the eye. “More than anything else, never ever say that to her. She is so capable of moving beyond, you have to be too. Now let’s go interrogate a monster.”

Natalie walked to the bedroom, where Fiona was standing at the corseting rack, her dress hanging beside her. It was a simple 50s dress she had found in a vintage shop downtown, navy blue with a white shirt collar. Natalie picked up the corseting hook, began tugging at the lower laces, which untied, unwrapped, and gave a mighty tug. He tied off the bottom while Natalie worked down the top laces, then tugged that into place and knotted them as well. He picked up Fiona’s dress and lifted it over her head, fumbling with the tiny buttons up the back. Fiona pushed him away towards his tie and shoes, as Natalie came over, now wearing a white silk shell, pencil skirt, and heels, a short jacket over her arm. As he tied his tie, Ben realized they were color coordinated, navy and white accents, and smiled to himself.

As they stepped out, Ben first, scanning for trouble in any direction, two of his team members closed around them as a black SUV pulled to the curb. Natalie and then Fiona stepped out the door. Ben caught the guard in the front of the SUV gaping at Fiona as Ben helped Natalie into the back seat, then turned to lift Fiona into the big truck. Ben gave the guard his best smile as he took his place in the front seat and they sped off, the former passenger and the two outside team members scrambling into the SUV behind them.

Ben turned to the two amazing women in the back seat. “Let’s go find out what the monster wants, shall we?”


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