Finding Lori

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; M/f; D/s; bond; straitjackets; hoods; gags; chast; stuck; straps; padded-cell; facility; committed; rescue; boots; restrain; tease; denial; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

I am walking quickly through the large hallways of a state run mental facility surrounded by surly interns who are very unhappy people made even unhappier by the confusion and determination my presence has caused. The ordeal started two months ago when I was told my dear friend and fellow bondage enthusiast Lori had been committed by the state into the mental facility. After an extensive search I found her location and bluffed my way to be told the particulars of her incarceration. I knew Lori well and her deep seated desire to experience the most stringent bondage she could. She had worked for several years as a nurse at two different mental facilities until she was found wearing a tight straight jacket and leg binder locked in a “quiet” room.

Lori and another nurse had occasionally strapped the other into various restraints often leaving them over night locked inside one of the padded rooms. I knew from past experiences with Lori’s desires to be bound that if she suppressed her need for too long she would find away to satisfy the building desire. During her marriage she fought with her desires daily since her husband was the definition of vanilla often finding solace in my company or in self bondage. When the relationship ended due to her husband returning to find her bound, hooded and gagged stuck in her own trap. He released her becoming more confused as he removed the multiple restraints and leather items finding her svelte body encased in layers of tight latex.

Her husband realized she had done this to herself leaving her arms and legs bound together while he asked her what was going on and the two talked for several hours with Lori sitting on their bed encased in her latex with her arms and legs firmly strapped together. When they had finished Lori had told him all her hidden desires telling him of her cache of bondage implements and the array of fetish clothes. Her husband left her bound on the bed shaking his head as he walked out of the house returning several hours later to find her still bound waiting on him. He asked why she hadn’t freed herself he was told that now he was her master and it was not her place to ever free herself.

The two worked on their relationship for the next ten months, Lori desperately wanting him to control her explaining the rules of the dom-sub relationship and prodding him to dominate her. Lori introduced him to her chastity belt quickly regretting her decision to allow him to hold her key. Lori spent three months locked into the tight belt while her husband grew more distant finally arriving home one evening to find he had emptied the house leaving her the barest essentials and all her bondage and fetish gear. The letter explained he could no longer support her desires asking her to sign the attached divorce paper work. Lori quickly signed the papers hoping he would return the key to her steel prison and allow her to relieve her burning desire to orgasm.

Lori spent another two months locked in the steel belt while she waited for the divorce to be finalized never speaking to her husband and only hoping he would return the key. A week after the final decree was signed he called her to wish her a good life apologizing for the secret actions he had taken. Lori broke down weeping and begging for the key blabbering about how impenetrable the belt really was and she desperately needed the key. He listened to her for several minutes then told her he would only send her the key if she sought help from his pastor. Lori quickly agreed and began seeing the pastor who quickly refereed her to a therapist and after another four months Lori received a small box containing the key to the belt.

Lori sat staring at the key depressed finally understanding she had not been craving release but the control he had been exerting over her and now that control was over. Lori placed the key in the box leaving the belt locked tightly around her waist eventually sending it back to her ex husband begging him to keep it for her. In total Lori spent a year and two months chastised, the time was spent focusing on her new career of being a nurse. It was during this time a fellow nurse discovered her steel covered pussy and the two began playing their nightly bondage games. Lori eventually asked for her key to be returned being forced to wait until he decided to return it before the girls could take their games to the next level.

The first night Lori’s pussy was freed her friend bound her nude body with twenty medical restraints spread eagle to a steel bed filling her mouth with a shock therapy mouth piece before taping her entire head. Lori was left wriggling blind and mute with a small egg vibrator teasing her for twenty four hours unable to move any part of her body to help relieve her sexual frustration. Her friend checked in on her several time during the first night, informing her she would remain bound and teased until she returned the next evening for her shift. Lori spent the day whining and screaming into the gag desperately wanting to climax. The small vibrator slowly stopped humming allowing her to rest for several hours before she heard her friend telling her she was going to leave her for another day alone in the dark.

Lori’s friend did not leave her alone for long though returning after her rounds were complete and teased and tormented her for two hours before forcing Lori’s exhausted body to orgasm explosively several times. Her friend released one of Lori’s arms placing the key in her free hand saying “If you can release yourself before I get off then you can clean up and go home if not I will secure you again and leave you for the next three days until I am scheduled to work again”. Her friend added “Remember you will be at the mercy of the other nurses while I am not here”. Lori lay panting thinking about her options deciding not to be left helpless for the other nurses who she knew some were cruel to patients that were considered dangerous and released the straps still holding her to the bed.

Lori’s friend had entered all the details of Lori’s needed treatments and the codes describing her behavior so the other nurses would keep her bound and gagged before she knew Lori had chosen to free herself. When Lori staggered passed her friend on her way out surprising her by Lori’s choice of freedom accidently hitting enter instead of erase in her amusement. The entry would later serve to keep Lori incarcerated much longer than she had ever wanted. Lori and her friend continued to play their games until Lori had been left in an expertly applied straight jacket with full leg restraints, her head covered by a “bite” hood that included a hard plastic mask that kept her quiet. Lori spent two days locked in the padded room wondering how long she would be left alone with the inert plugs keeping her aroused and incapable of achieving an orgasm.

On the third day Lori was discovered, her weakened body moved to the infirmary while they figured out who she was. The hospital gave her fluids intravenously leaving her head encased for two more days before removing the hood so they could ask her name discovering who she was. Both women were fired and banned from working in the nursing field again leaving Lori alone and forcing her to go back to her previous line of work dancing at strip clubs. Lori would spends months unsatisfied using anyone she could talk into restraining her as an outlet until she was treated very badly scaring her to stop being so stupid. Lori could not lock her belt on again because of her job so after several months of frustration she came up with a plan using her extensive knowledge of the mental hospital operations to satisfy her needs.

Lori would use the system to have herself committed for the standard forty eight hour evaluation period and during her “visit” she would act out in the way that it took for her to be restrained and get her bondage fix satisfied. She knew the system would release her in the two day period whether she calmed down or not and spent her two day vacations struggling in ecstasy never visiting any facility more than twice in a year. On her last vacation she had chosen a facility that didn’t always follow state’s guidelines and found herself committed and medicated for several months. During all her previous excursions Lori had been able to not take her medication but in her current predicament she was being force fed the medication through the tube built into the gag/bite shield that had been forced onto her and strapped tight.

The drugs she was given would make her awake confused and fighting making the staff give her more drugs. The facility had found the records her friend had accidently entered into the hospital records and was using those and her “visits” to other hospitals to keep her secured. When I finally found out what had happened I quickly had an ID made that had her ex husband’s name on it, since she had used it on check in. I found a court order release form on line and changed it to the correct names and headed to the hospital to aid in her escape.

Arriving after first shift as I had heard Lori talk about many times how things got screwed up after first shift because they didn’t care and were normally paid less. I walked in talking loud and making a scene slamming doors and banging on counters throwing my bogus paperwork in their faces and demanding my wife be released immediately. The things Lori had said about the night shift were correct I had them so shook up they led me directly to her. When they opened the door they were explaining her medications and when I saw her condition all I could think was how much fun she would be having if she had been awake.

Lori was covered from neck to toe in heavy canvas, the straight jacket was pulled so tight I could see her hands through the material. The canvas leg binder was strapped equally tight and there were more straps running from her cocoon to the bed keeping her from moving any part of her body. The bite guard was made of hard plastic having been pulled so tightly against her face and chin that her skin was bulging out around the edges. I studied her while the guards unhooked the straps from the bed thinking just the way Lori likes it total coverage and extremely tight. As soon as the straps were unhooked I scooped her limp body up in my arms and turned carrying her still bound towards the door hoping my luck would hold long enough to get outside.

The guards stumbled along behind me talking about needing the straight jacket and things back while I walked faster yelling about where her personal items were ignoring them completely. I had found where her things had been stored before going to get her and talked the guy at the state run storage facility to give me all her personal things letting him keep her furniture and stereo and things to settle her storage fees so I had filled the back of my SUV with her stuff. I had taken the plates off my truck before stopping at the hospital and was glad as the guards followed me all the way out the door and an intern set her items on her lap as I walked out. I was still yelling desperately trying to keep everyone confused being able to have one of the guards open my door so I could set her inside the truck and quickly snapped the seat belt over her. I was yelling to bill me for the jacket and other equipment as I climbed in and drove off hastily hoping no one noticed the missing plates on my truck.

After speeding away for several miles I pulled over and reattached my plates before heading back to my home. Lori continued to sleep in her canvas cocoon and I wanted to get out of the state before stopping to free her so I checked her breathing and continued on. Lori continued to sleep so I only stopped to fill up and drove all the way home with the bound woman sitting in the front seat waiting for her to come too. As I wrestled her contained body out of the truck she aroused and started struggling and fighting me forcing me to set her down on the garage floor and calming her letting her see it was me and that she was at my house. Lori whined in the gag and curled up in my arms humming as I carried her to my bed and lay her down. Lori went back to sleep while I freed her legs and removed the plate covering her lower face. I left the jacket tightly secured mostly because I would have to roll her over, plus like Lori I prefer to keep her restrained as much as possible and went back to the truck to unpack it.

I unpacked the truck and started putting her things away finding she had increased her collection of latex and leather items substantially and still had all of her bondage equipment including her chastity belt. The belt gave me an idea so I gently unbuckled the crotch strap of the straight jacket noticing she had been placed in it naked which I thought was unusual but eased the steel belt around her waist and between her legs locking it and replacing the canvas strap. I could see no reason Lori would feel any different than normal about being bound and controlled and I hoped hiding the key to the belt might keep her with me long enough to convince her to stay.

Finally winding down from the excitement and long drive I lay down next to Lori and quickly fell asleep. I was awakened by a wonderfully soft voice whispering and felt her nibbling on my ear. I rolled over embracing her tightly feeling her hands and arms under the thick canvas and listening to her purring in my arms and told her to be quiet I had a long night, Lori snuggled up to me giggling and whispered “Thank you”. We slept for a few more hours before I awoke finding her no longer in the bed and jumped up yelling her name, hearing her laugh and yell back she had to pee. I knocked on the door asking if she needed any help she said she did especially since somehow her chastity belt had appeared. I entered ignoring her sarcasm about the belt and helped her clean herself watching her move in the straight jacket like nothing was wrong. After a long kiss I followed her to the bed watching her firm ass bounce as she walked covering her with the thick blanket asking her if she needed anything? Lori looked at me with her beautiful green eyes that I could see she was still very tired and still working through the drugs she had been on and said “No, I’m perfect”.

I let Lori sleep and went to make coffee and finish putting away her things I had unpacked earlier. While I drank my coffee I found two boxes of shoes including to my surprise finding several pairs of ballet boots and shoes. She had never expressed interest in ballet shoes before making me wonder if she had learned to walk in them since she had so many. I also found a straight jacket that was made out of black canvas that looked by the size and shape of it to be custom made for her. Lori slept till the next afternoon waking to relieve herself and to get a drink but never asking to have jacket removed. I was napping in a chair in the living room when I woke finding a purring Lori nibbling my ear again. I smiled and kissed her neck asking if she was hungry hearing her growl and say “Starving!” I carried her to the kitchen table depositing her in a chair and starting fixing her something to eat holding a glass of water to her lips letting her drink until it was empty.

We spent two days napping and chatting Lori still wearing the jacket and belt until she finally asked if I would give her a bath so I peeled the jacket off and led her to the bathroom first washing her body before being asked to join her in the tub. After her bath I dried her letting her dry her hair before picking up the jacket and as I began to fold it up she scooted quickly over to me and pushed her arms into it. I pulled it away and she stood pouting as I said “If you want a jacket maybe we should use yours, this one really needs to be washed” Lori’s eyes lit up as she squealed and dashed to the bed room. I followed her watching her bounce onto the bed while I got her jacket, Lori asked how I got her stuff and I told her the story and smiled when she asked “How about my shoes?

“Come see for yourself!” chuckling as Lori dashed into the closet seeing all her things hung up and sitting on shelves and squealed as she looked around. She kissed me again as I showed her the black jacket and asked “Yours I presume?” Lori giggled and nodded her head and turned quickly and grabbed a pair of knee high ballet boots and dashed back to the bed. I watched as she quickly laced the boots on her feet looking as if she was relieved as she lay back and rubbed her pointed toes. I held up the jacket inviting her to come to it wanting to see her walk in her new footwear. She smiled as she leapt to her toes and sprinted with her arms out into the jacket. The jacket was indeed made to fit her perfectly, after buckling the series of straps down the back of the fitted jacket I pulled her arms tightly across her chest closing both of the buckles attached to the sleeves.

Spinning Lori around I pulled the strap in the front over her arms yanking it tight making sure the formed cups for her breasts were uncovered before buckling it in place. The crotch straps that criss crossed her damp crotch were pulled up behind her and once again buckled tightly. Turning her to face me again her eyes were closed and she looked completely happy. I kissed her then walked back to the kitchen to clean up leaving her to twist and adjust her new jacket. I added the canvas jacket to the leg binder in the washing machine and started the extended cycle in an attempt to remove the smells they had. Turning around I could see Lori walking through the house looking around and watched her gracefully walking on her toes stopping to look at pictures on the wall and stood in awe of her beauty.

Lori and I spent the next few weeks getting her healthy again, Lori spending her days in one of her straight jackets always wearing her toe boots. Lori’s nights were spent strapped to her bed in her leg binder and jacket and the bite guard/gag from the hospital. She had never asked to have the belt removed and I had not offered to remove it waiting for her to feel comfortable enough to ask because she wanted it off. Lori and I would sit with her lying on me strapped tightly into the jacket, belt and toe boots talking about everything we had been doing since the last time we saw one another. I would feed her and help her as she needed and during the following weeks and I began to wonder if she would ever want the jacket or belt off.

Coming home from work was always interesting, always wondering if Lori was still there and if so what she had been doing all day. Lately a bubbly Lori would meet me at the door rubbing her canvas encased body against me while she purred behind the gag she had chosen for that day. Asking, as I did everyday if she wanted out of anything today I got an enthusiastic nod she did. I quickly unstrapped the gag watching her flex her jaw muscles, the gag for today had been one of her largest, she finally said “I would like to take a hot bath, could you please release me from the jacket and boots, only?” I smiled agreeing with a nod and started removing the jacket letting the straps fall to her sides then dejectedly saying “You can finish from here” watching her firm ass as she bounced off to the bathroom.

I had hoped Lori wanted to be with me sexually but asking to leave her belt on showed me she wasn’t as comfortable with me as she once was. Lori spent the next two hours in the bathroom, I was sure she was enjoying herself in the hot water since it had been weeks since she last took a full bath. I made dinner and ate while I thought about the worst that could happen knowing she was about to fly the coop again. I finally heard Lori asking me to join her in the bedroom, I entered the room to find a totally nude Lori standing on her toes wearing only a pair of ballet slippers with the laces wound carefully up to her knees. “I would really like to you to have sex with me if it would please you”

I was still stunned at her wonderful body when I realized she wasn’t in the steel belt anymore. I pointed at her waist waving my finger slightly and watched her blush as she shyly pointed to the belt sitting on a chair with another ring of keys hanging from it. “Ahh, a spare set, I should have known” Lori smiled as she rushed forward hugging me and whispering “Please use me as you want then lock me back up until you want me again” I scooped her up into my arms carrying her to the bed. Lori and I spent the next three days making love with her restrained in a multitude of positions and me satisfying myself while letting her orgasm only when I gave her permission.

After a long shower together Lori knowing I had to go to work she stood once again on her toes this time wearing her thigh high ballet boots holding the steel belt in her hands. I asked “Is there any more keys?” she just bowed her head nodding no. Before wrapping the belt around her waist I pulled a leather corset I had seen when I put her things away and laced it quickly. I pulled until the back was closed, I didn’t ask how she normally wore it because I was in a hurry and have a thing about the back of a corset being left open. As soon as I was done with the corset I adjusted the belt and squeezed it closed over it snapping the locks closed. The black straight jacket was next, again yanking the straps tightly until Lori was very firmly locked inside it.

Lori stood silently in her steel and leather, I spun her around checking her bonds before grabbing the head harness with the large ball and worked it under her hair and pulling the large ball behind her teeth as I buckled it tightly. I added several locks to the harness getting a slightly panicked look from her driving me to grab my ankle shackles that were quite large with two short chains connecting them. After snapping the cuffs closed I held her face gently for a moment staring into her beautiful green eyes seeing them not looking desperate anymore so I smiled and said “Enjoy yourself” and left the room leaving Lori completely helpless as she gasped around the ball for air. Work was growing more difficult, I was distracted more now than when she first arrived and all the time off I had been taking was making the boss irritable. I had gone home a few times for lunch just to check on Lori but I figured I needed to buckle down for a few weeks so I wouldn’t get in any trouble so I didn’t go home until late.

Arriving home Lori was sitting on the couch turning to look at me when I walked in but not acting like she was happy to see me so I went and changed clothes. Lori sat ignoring me while I dressed not answering when I asked if she was hungry so I fixed myself dinner leaving her to watch TV, the channel I picked. Eventually Lori struggled to her feet moving to her room while I cleaned up dinner mess seeing her shuffle slowly to the bathroom as I watched TV. Lori had been sealed inside the straight jacket since early this morning unable to remove the gag, boots or ankle shackles but since I knew she had worn all of them much longer I went to bed closing my door knowing she couldn’t open it in her current state. I heard Lori shuffling around then gently bumping my door, to see if would open before I fell asleep waking the next morning leaving quickly without seeing my bound beauty at all. My day sucked, I had no idea how long she would pout or why she wasn’t talking to me but I had no choice other than to play the game knowing if I caved she would take it as a sign of weakness having told me that in the past.

For the next two days Lori ignored me not eating, when I was there, I have no idea what she did while I was gone nor did she acknowledge me when I was at home. On the third night she greeted me at the door purring and rubbing on me again making me smile before I pushed her back and said “I’m really tired” and went straight to my room closing the door. It was her turn to get some pouting, I hadn’t done anything wrong and for whatever reason she had been acting like a baby for three days so I decided she wasn’t going to get to dictate when she could and couldn’t throw a tantrum. The next day was Friday so I again went to work early leaving her bound and gagged on her bed. Lori had spent four days and three nights in her bonds and if she acted right tonight then maybe I would free her of some of them.

I worked late to drive home the point of her not being in control getting home several hours later than normal finding her weeping on her bed. I thought I had really screwed up and pushed her too far so I grabbed the keys and quickly removed the gag harness only. I needed to know why she was crying before I freed her to make sure this wasn’t a ploy to get me to release her. Lori leaned on me begging me to forgive her for acting out pleading with me to not send her away. I stifled a laugh knowing there was no way I could send her away and asked what had been wrong before. Lori said she had been mad about me not coming home for lunch then got even madder when I didn’t ask what was wrong. I held her canvas covered body for a few minutes explaining to her why I hadn’t been coming home making her cry harder learning she had endangered my job before I asked if she was hungry getting an enthusiastic nod she was from her.

I told her to stand so I could remove the jacket getting a quiet request “My I stay this way until next weekend, I think I need some discipline time for the way I acted” I agreed she did need a little discipline saying I would replace the gag after dinner. Lori quietly let me feed her then followed me around as I cleaned the kitchen teetering on her pointed toes making my cock swell as I watched her struggle to stand still. After dinner we were on the couch again with her head in my lap she began nuzzling my crotch desperately trying to unzip my pants with her teeth. I couldn’t stand it anymore spinning her onto her knees in front of me and unzipping my pants. Lori leaned forward taking my cock in her mouth and masterfully sucked me slowly until I exploded stunned by how long she could make me last by stopping and starting several times.

Lori spent the next seven days wrapped tightly in her corset and straight jacket, her boots had been changed twice until I decided I liked the thigh highs best and laced them on locking her ankles together again and adding a pair of cuffs right above her knees. The gag had been changed to a mouth stretching O-ring gag with a large cock shaped phallus that snapped into the ring. Lori spent the next seven days slowly becoming completely helpless, each night she would service me then be quickly regagged. By the weekend she was bound helpless to her bed during the day and in an uncomfortable position in the evening. Sunday night we were in the bathtub her naked body on top of mine laughing about past adventures when she asked if I would keep her bound and gagged like I had the last week forever. I agreed not telling her I had no plans of ever fully releasing her again, unless she begged me too, and begging was something I had never seen her do.

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