The Final Trek

by Knotty Master

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© Copyright 2016 - Knotty Master - Used by permission

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Chapter 5: Houston, we've had a problem

I woke up sometime around zero eight thirty hours. It was a bit late for me, but I was finally growing accustomed to sleeping when tired and getting up whenever I felt like it. It took me nearly an hour with the dermal regenerator to remove the welts and bruises from my tits and ass. I only wished it worked on the deeper tissues. Judging by the ache in my ass cheeks, I have a feeling I will be spending most of the day on my feet.

I found the bridge empty and rather than seek out Eva, replicated coffee, bacon and eggs. I usually didn’t eat this heavy so early in my day. Part of me was starving because I hadn’t eaten the entire evening before. Part of it was a comfort thing. I felt like lines had been crossed last night. Thinking about it, perhaps Eva had been crossing that line all along.

For the first time in a long time, I was free of the belt. What was I going to go if Eva wanted to put another one on me? Would I forever refuse to be helpless in Eva’s presence again, afraid she would put another belt on me when she had the chance? Without the belt, part of me felt more naked than I had ever felt before. Part of me was reveling in knowing Eva didn’t have control of me anymore. Part of me wishes she would just ambush me and force that control back on to me.

It was a two sided coin. I enjoyed what Eva was doing. Every bit of it. Still there is an ache, an emptiness inside. I couldn’t tell and don’t know how I would really tell if Eva and I would stay together without that control. I wanted to know how both of us really felt. By the time I finished breakfast, I made my choice.

“Tweetie, could you come to the holodeck?” My blood boiled with the word. “Tweetie” I thought about ignoring her until she called me by my proper name, but I had too many other things to keep my mind focused on. I wanted the relationship to change, but change can be frightening. Setting the dishes in the food replicator, I made my way to the holodeck.

“Good morning pet.” Eva said lazily as she lay in bed. My mood sank even lower when I noticed the replicant Kara curled up with her. “Eva, will you get rid of her so we can talk.”

“Computer, end program. What’s wrong? I wanted to hold you, but I figured you were a little sore last night. Think of Kara as a teddy bear, nothing more.

I was so confused inside that I just let her talk. I had so many things running through my mind I couldn’t find the words.

Eva seemed to notice the turmoil I was in and joined me at the foot of the bed. “I hope I’m not losing you. You are everything to me. Let’s just take a break for a while. We can relax and take things as slow as you want to. If there is anything we have done you don’t like, we can talk about it. Don’t ever be afraid to set limitations with what we do here. I want this to be our special place, always.”

I felt much more at ease. I still had many mixed feelings on whatever it was I might actually want, but Eva couldn’t have put it in a better way. Eva and I leaned into each other and just kind of relaxed. I finally mustered the courage to say at least one of the things I wanted to. “I’m not going to let you put the chastity control devices on me anymore. From now on, my body is my own when I’m not in here. I may not let you bind me anymore either. At least for the near future.”

Eva’s face was as sad as I had ever seen it. She had a look as though she had just lost everything that meant anything to her. I tried to come up with something to counter the blow I had just dealt her, but there was just silent sadness between us.

“Warning, Vorta vessel approaching.” I jumped up and scrambled to the bridge. Eva headed to the rear of the ship, saying she had a plan. Jumping in to the helmsman seat, I punched the coordinated up on the display. Just as the computer had proclaimed, a Vorta attack vessel was coming at us fast. It would be in weapons range in the matter of minutes.

The display screen lit up with the face of the Vorta and his Jem'Hadar troops. “Ah, Not human. You are trill. Surely you are more reasonable than your human allies. You are in Dominion territory. Come to a full stop and prepare to surrender.”

“Not today, ugly fucker.” I boasted over the viewer. I altered the heading and pushed the ship to warp ten. The Vorta ship was holding with us, but I knew it couldn’t keep the speed as long as we could. I continued to press the engine further. As the Ayuwat surpassed warp twelve, the computer alerted. “Warning, exceeding safety limits.” The Vorta ship had fallen almost out of sensor range and I figured the Vulcans always played it safe anyhow. I pressed the ship to warp thirteen and held it.

Eva approached over my shoulder. “What are you doing? Go back and fight. We can take them out.”

“With what, our laser cannons? The disruptors are still sitting in the cargo bay, remember?”

“I know how to destroy them. You have to turn about.”

“I’m in charge when we are on the bridge and it’s my call. We are already outside their sensors so all we need to do is engage the cloak and alter our course.”

“It still leaves risk, CAPTAIN. If we had destroyed them, none of the Dominion would know we are passing though their territory.”

I slowed to warp nine and engaged the cloak. Giving it a few seconds, I altered the heading to cross our original path and continue askew of it. I was about to address Eva’s attitude, but she stormed out of the bridge. I monitored the sensors for the rest of the day, without a sign of Dominion ships. I had hoped Eva would return, but she hadn’t.

Going to engineering to check the ships systems and back, I passed Eva’s room twice, stopping myself from checking on her. It was a heavy feeling to leave her upset, but she had to understand what command meant in a tactical situation. I lust hoped my military training hadn’t brought out too brash a response to her demands. I sullenly took a sonic shower and went to bed.

The next few days were quiet. Eva hadn’t come out of her room once. I was about to head for bed when I heard commotion from her room. From the sounds of it, she was leveling the place. “Eva, are you alright in there?” “DON’T PRETEND YOU GIVE A SHIT! I WAS SO STUPID TO THINK YOU DID ANYTING FOR ME BECAUSE YOU CARED! IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE BELT WASN’T IT! YOU PLAYED ALONG BECAUSE YOU HAD TOO! I have downloaded so much information. I know about so many things. Do you realize Deep Space Nine is the only place I have set foot off of this ship? I know about so many worlds, yet my world is fifty thousand cubic feet. I thought it was anyways. Now I know it’s only the five thousand cubic feet of this room. The rest of it belongs to you”

‘That’s not true Eva. I do things because I’m in love with you, not because I’m afraid of you. The ship is ours together. You are an unexpected and wonderful gift to me. I can no longer picture this journey or the rest of my life without you. Please Eva, let me in.”

“Then why are you calling me Eva. I’m in my room and you’re supposed to call me mistress. That’s my real name. I came up with Eva for you. I wanted to me more than your dominant. I thought we were friends.”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I made a stupid mistake. I make lots of mistakes. It’s all part of being humanoid. You’ve had a taste of that, forgetting things and little oversights. We are more than friends and I want to make you as happy as you’ve made me. I didn’t mean to go all military on you the other day. It’s in by training. You hadn’t presented me with your plan, so I had to go with my own. If you had just explained what you wanted to do, I might have agreed. Please Mistress, don’t let a misunderstanding come between us.

Eva finally opened the door and let me in. She was sitting on the floor beside her bed. As I looked at the chaos, I had to wonder if a fit of rage with holo mater, had the same effect as with real things. I seldom broke things when angry, but having senselessly ruined something always brought me back in check. We talked for hours. Mistress was genuinely depressed and suffering plenty of self-doubt. I tried everything I could think of to give her reassurance, but it wasn’t seeming to help her.

I sat down close to her, but didn’t touch her. “I promise you Mistress, I want to be with you for who you are. The games are great and I love your company. I can’t think of anything I want more, than to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“You say the things you want me to hear. You disrespected me when you thought you knew best. You don’t follow the rules in my room. This is it. This is the only place I can be in charge and even when I am, the things I do are only to give you what you want. I feel good when I know you are satisfied and having the experiences you want.”

Eva’s last words hit home with me. I knew exactly what she meant because I felt the same way. “I’m so sorry Mistress. I swear I will do my best to follow the rules in your room. From now on, when it comes to anything with the ship, just explain to me what it is you have in mind and I swear I will give it my full consideration. When it comes to your room, I will follow the rules and do whatever you tell me.”

“Whatever I tell you? I doubt that.”

“I mean it. I trust you and I will always do whatever you tell me here.”

“Even if I want to tie you up? What if I put another belt on you when you were helpless? I know you don’t mean what you say.”

I thought about it. The way she described her feelings for me, had erased all of my doubts. “If we are in this room and you asked me, I would permit you to put a belt on me or anything else, tied up or not. I trust you completely Mistress.”

Eva jumped to her feet. She took both of my hands in her own and pulled me up off the floor. I could see she still had her doubts, but she was smiling through her tears at least. “Computer, replicate Mistress chastity corset One, with modification alpha.” On the bed appeared what looked more the middle half of a suit of armor than a corset. I couldn’t get over the bluish sheen to the metal. It almost looked like it had a grain to it, but it was smooth as glass. Judging by the pile of pieces, it was going to cover a lot of me.

As Mistress began to assemble the corset, I began to wonder if it hadn’t all been a mind game to regain full control of me. I also wonder if it hadn’t been me that pressed this scenario. Deep down, I desired that control. I knew I was risking a lot by letting Eva do this, but I was sure I could trust her.

The first part Eva installed on me was the Belt. unlike the last one, this one would cover most of my ass cheeks and a lot more in the front as well. It was tall and reminded me a lot of my own design with the constricting material. The inside had a much more distinct graininess to it. It didn’t have the same sheen as the outside, but felt just as smooth.

As Eva pressed it closed, the seams blended perfectly. I couldn’t make out where they were, even after seeing them just a moment before. Eva continued with the corset. I was surprised it wasn’t more restrictive. Everything Eva had ever done had always been more extreme, but aside from being rigid, I barely felt any compression. Where the two halves met and where the entire bottom edge met the belt, the seams were invisible as well.

The bra, followed by the tall collar were last. At the top, the collar contoured just as the old one did, but it reached all the way down to the bra. The bra also fit perfectly to the corset. Eva created a tall mirror so I could see myself fully. My shapely legs, my arms and my head were the only parts of me showing. Part of me was craving to have them covered too. I wanted to have my entire body immobilized.

Eva replicated a controller and ran me through several of the suits attributes. Turns out it was nanotechnology. The entire thing was made of millions of Nano bots that could compress me with an iron grip or become as flexible as latex. The neatest part of that was its ability to allow me to flex in certain ways, while forcing me to hold certain posture and constriction. The sensation was very sexy.

“I have hundreds of accessories designed for the suit. Once I start to create them, I will need a place to store them. The room across the hall is serving little purpose, so if you don’t mind I could clear it out and turn it into our toy room. That way we don’t have to use too much energy replicating things over and over.” “That’s fine mistress. I love this outfit and I’m excited to see what else you have to go with it.”

“Computer, create stable program one.” The room changed to a small barn with a stall that was much too small for a horse. The walls were stoutly made of wood and the top half of the door was narrowly spaced bars. I could see numerous rings on the walls inside. “Computer, replicate pony set one with modification alpha.”

On a high bench along the back wall appeared an array of items. They were all of the same Nano metal as the chastity corset. A pair of tall ballet pony boots, a bridal, several different mouth bits and numerous other pieces. Eva showed me several of the bits and let me see the boots. I really liked how the foot and toe of the boot was shaped like the ankle and hoof of a horse. It was even contoured like you would a sculptor to shape hair into a statue.

I looked at the other pieces and was only sure about a couple of them. There looked to be components to create several different arm binders. Reverse prayer, single sleeve, box tie and fist mitts as well. Most of it looked to be interchangeable, like she could put me in a single sleeve, with or without the mitts, but there wouldn’t be enough pieces left over for the other binders. Kind of practical I guessed.

I had never given too much thought to pony play before, but it suddenly felt very thrilling. It was an odd sensation, being just a short time ago, I was going to take a reprieve from bondage. Eva seemed happy, seeing the excitement on my face. “Whenever you decide we can indulge in bondage again, I have so many fun ideas. We haven’t done any kind of story lines or adventure type of fantasies other than some of my trickery on you. I’ve been having a couple fantasies of my own. Something out of character from what we have been doing so far. One is a role reversal. I want to be your love slave for a while. Another one has us both as slaves.”

“The fantasy I have that brought the pony play about, has me leaving you for training and coming back to a happy and proud pony. I wasn’t sure how you would feel about it, so I don’t want to push anything on you. Are you ready to get out of the corset?”

“No, actually it’s comfortable and comforting somehow. Is it okay of I stay in it for a while? In fact, I would love to feel the whole thing before you let me out. Is there more?” I suddenly blushed, feeling like a total bondage slut.

“Well there is a level two pony package I designed, but after our talks these last few days, I don’t think you would like it.” I think it was morbid curiosity combined with the thrill of the unknown, but I pressed her. “Mistress, if you fantasized about it, I want to experience it. I want to be your pet. I want you to have full control over me right now.”

Eva paused for a moment. “I have to make some changes to the program. I wrote it as a package, so I will have to remove some things. Otherwise I can’t stop it until the story has played out.”

My curiosity was in overdrive. “How long is the story? Does it involve anything as painful as the whipping?”

“There might be some heavy whipping, but nothing like Kara did to you. The duration depends on how fast goals are met. It could be a week, but uh, it could last a month. The standard safeties are in place. Ship malfunctions, approaching vessels or danger to our lives would end the program.”

I don’t know what compelled me exactly. “Mistress, if it would please you, I want to experience the program just as you had designed it.” Eva asked me twice more and I insisted.

“Computer, replicate level two pony package. Prepare and run Domina’s Stable, scenario one.”

Two large steel bound, wooden chests appeared in the center of the barn. One of them formed of holomater and the other replicated. “Warning, safety protocols are set to minimum. Once activated, users will be unable to terminate program until the conclusion of the first scenario. Do you wish to continue?”


The commitment we had just made was becoming all too real. The barn itself faded out and was quickly replaced with a much fancier one. There was a dozen human sized stalls, buggies, carts and tons of tack obviously designed to fit a humanoid. Just as I noticed the women in several of the stalls, we both turned to the sound of a door closing.

A very tall and elegant woman in fancy riding apparel approached us. I couldn’t help noticing the crop already in her hand. She stepped up and smiled to Eva, before looking me over like a side of beef. “You were right Mistress Eva, she is absolutely gorgeous. I have a condition if I am to train her to the standards you requested. You will submit to me and receive training as well. Nothing of the same thought correction, but in a manner as such you will appreciate the animal for what it will become. This is my condition and is not negotiable. Do you agree to my terms?”

Eve bowed her head and handed off the controller to my outfit. “Of course Mistress Domina. Your skills are legend and I would never question your methods. I surrender myself to you.”

A sudden sense of dread filled my veins. I had assumed Eva would maintain some sense of control of things. “Wait here Eva. You Whinny, come over here.” So my name is Whinny now. At least it was better than Tweetie. “Yes mistress.”

Thwack, the crop swiped my ass. It took me a moment to realize the sensation had been transmitted perfectly through my chastity wear as if it wasn’t even there. I squealed slightly, but managed to suppress most of my reaction to the pain. “Ponies don’t speak, ever. Do I make myself clear?” I had to stifle my previous conditioning. I looked to her with pathetic pleading eyes, as if to say “I don’t understand but I will do whatever you tell me!” Domina made a ‘hmmm’ sound and just kept walking.

She led me over to one of two heavy ropes hanging down from the rafters. After ordering me to stand in place, Domina opened the replicated trunk and retrieved a bridal. It looked much like the one sitting on the bench, but stricter looking. She encompassed my head and linked the ends together. I saw no forms of latches and figured it just merged like the seams of my corset. The bridal consisted of a band around my forehead with a strip running up the center of my head to the back and another crossing the top of my head from ear to ear. More strips came down from the headband, over my cheeks and connected right to the collar of by body corset below my ears. These were equipped with blinders that narrowed my vision straight ahead. A third band came down from the back of the headband and connected to my collar in the back.

Domina retrieved a brush from the tack wall and began a rather lengthy procedure of parting my hair around each of the bands, so none of it was pinned down. Once she had it all free, she braided it into a tightly woven ponytail at the top of my head. “My, my, Whinny girl. You have the strongest hair I have ever seen. So lovely. I’m sure it will come in very handy in time. In fact, I have an idea.” Guiding me directly under the rope, she carefully tied my hair to it with several knots. From her vest pocket, she pulled a remote out. It wasn’t the one Eva had given her. Pressing on it, the sound of a motor began whining and the rope rose. She stopped it as soon as there was just a little tension on my hair.

Returning to the trunk, Domina pulled out a bit. It had a ring in the center and a flap that looked as though it would press on the roof of my mouth. When she stepped in front of me, Domina turned it over and held it to my lips. As I opened my mouth I realized the shanks and snaffle rings for the reins pointed up and the flange would press down on my tongue when pulled on. Distressingly, it was difficult to let the ring behind my teeth because of my high collar and the bridal. I could only open my mouth so far. Once it was in place, I felt it join with the bridal, locking it in place. Domina retrieved my remote and tapped the screen. The bridal tightened down, locking my mouth onto the bit. If it hadn’t been connected to the bridal, I still couldn’t have expelled it. Tapping the controller again, my collar changed shape. My chin was lifted up and my head tilted back. I had to lean forward to see ahead.

Finished with the bit, Domina brought a drink bottle over to me. “Here you are Whinny, this will be the last thing you will have to drink for a while. I will be quite busy with Eva, prepping her for the girls. Now lean back darling.” Uncapping the bottle, she began to tip it above my lips. Nothing was coming from the bottle as she raised it higher and I was beginning to think this was some kind of tease. Just as Domina had the bottle completely upside down, a slimy mass dropped into my mouth. I was caught off guard and coughed in reaction.

It seemed to cling about my tongue and the back of my throat. It was viscous and very heavy for a liquid. It took a life of its own and literally slithered down my throat. As I felt the movement, I pictured a Nano mass like we got to mess with back at the Academy. I knew instantly that was what she had just poured into my mouth. I continued to cough in terror, imagining it entering my system and doing who knows what. Instead, I felt it massing in my windpipe, pressing uncomfortably. It was worse than the sensation of a swallow of beverage or bit of food going down the wrong pipe.

My body reacted and I tried to scream for help. The bit was of course preventing me from forming words, but the sounds and sensations were a surprise. Every time I tried to flex my throat as I would to form sounds and words, my throat loped and the distinct noises of a young filly emanated. The harder I tried, the more dramatic the whinnies were. It was a horrifying sensation. The noises I made were a perfect match for a panicked filly. My voice and my words have been stolen and changed to that of a horse.

Domina retrieved two manacles complete with fist orbs from the trunk. They were much like the ones Eva had used on me before, but shined in the same blue Nano metal as everything else Domina was placing on me. She locked each one over my hands and wrists and then held them to the sides of my waist. They merged with the corset, locking my hands in place.

As Domina moved to the trunk once again, I heard the computer. “Warning, Vessel approaching.” Everything about the barn vanished, with the acception of the trunk containing the rest of my gear. I stumbled when my hair suddenly came free and I heard the controller for my suit hit the floor. Momentarily forgetting about the Nantes in my throat, I tried to signal to Eva. I bellowed out a loud whinny. Eva understood my distress well enough and ran for the controller. Before she could get to it, a blast rocked the ship and both of us fell to the floor.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be back as fast as I can.” Eva scampered back to her feet and ran from the room. I rolled around and tried to get to my feet, but the weight from the outfit in combination with the rigid state of my upper body was making it difficult. The ship was rocked twice more by blasts before I felt the engines pick up speed. The second blast buckled the hull right above Eva’s room. The power to the lighting went out and sparks flew. Once the sparks dimmed, I was left in total darkness. Every few seconds, an electrical bolt arced out from a panel, striking my cage swinging from the ceiling. Every time it did, the room lit up with a blue glow. Another weapons blast shook the ship, but I could tell Eva had managed to engage the shields.

Time went by and there were no more blasts. The electrical arc had continued, mainly focused on the cage, but had arced over at the door frame several times. I didn’t know how conductive my outfit was and I had no desire to find out. I scooted myself to the back wall as far from the panel as I could get.

None too soon, the door opened and Eva rushed in. I wanted to warn her about the panel, but my cry was nothing but another Whinny. Eva was less than a meter from the panel when it arced again. I watched in horror as her whole body tensed. The panel blew in a shower of sparks, having received the energy feedback from such a close target. Eva crumpled limply to the floor. I began scooting myself on my back toward her. I was relieved when she began moaning.

Just as I neared her she scampered back from me. “What are you?” she cried out in fear. I was shocked, figuring out she had addressed me. Again, I whinnied. I was desperate to make words and comfort her. I watched Eva scan the room. She looked to the hanging cage several times and back to me. If her memory had been wiped, she must think I was some dangerous creature to be so strictly restrained.

“I know you. Are you a prisoner?” I whinnied again, trying to twist side to side and indicate no. It was absolutely frustrating. I couldn’t talk, wave my hands or even nod my head. “I don’t know what is happening. I don’t even know who I am. I remember something. I was flying the ship and another ship was shooting at me. I outran them. I remember I was worried. Yes, worried. I had to check on you and see if you were okay. I care about you, that much I know. I don’t think you are a prisoner. You must be a pet or a servant of some kind. I wish I could remember something. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to figure out what is going on.” Eva backed out of the room and secured the door. I could only imagine the fear and frustration going through her mind. Thinking about it, I speculated her cybernetic implant must have been damaged. She had short term memories, so the biological part of her mind seemed okay. I wonder how much of the day she remembers?

Hours must have passed. I managed to use the wall to right myself and get to my feet. When Eva came back, she seemed much calmer. “Your name is Whinny and I think I bought you from a lady. I thought there was a crewman named Tekara, but she isn’t on board. I checked all the files on the computer about this ship and there is even a copy of Tekara in the Holodeck files. I must have been fond of her. It’s strange, I know what a Holodeck is, but I have no memories of ever using one. I know how to operate everything on the ship, but I don’t have any memory of it before today. I know how this works too.” Eva stated as she picked up the controller off the floor.

I was hoping she would free me, but she started grilling me with questions. We worked out a simple yes or no system and I could finally start to fill in some blanks for her. A whinny was yes, silence was no and a foot stomp was hell no. It was tricky because I had no way to get her to ask the right questions in the right way.

“Are you my slave?” I thought about how to answer that. We were in her room and I had sworn to abide by her rules while in here. If she regained her memory and found I had disgraced her again, it might end our relationship. I just hoped she would get around to the right questions. I whinnied.

“Are you like a pet?” “Yes.”

“Are you happy being my pet?” “Yes.”

“Do you like being in that outfit?” I had a conundrum. How do I get her to free me without lying? “Yes.”

“Do you stay in that cage sometimes?” “Yes.”

“Do you want to be in your cage now?” “Hell no!” I stomped several times to be sure there was no doubt.

“Are you hungry, thirsty?” I made two yesses.

“Come on, I don’t know if it is appropriate, but I will let you eat with me in the galley.” Finally, I would be free to answer questions differently outside of the room. Just as we started to walk my heel found a piece of debris on the floor. “You’re going to need something on your feet. There are boots like your suit in the trunk.”

I steadied myself as she placed the crotch high boots on my legs. I was grateful they were flexible for the time being. They were much like the other ones now scattered on the floor in that they were ballet styled into horse hooves. My balance was definitely hindered. I was still shorter than Eva, but this was the closest I’ve been to seeing eye to eye with her.

In the galley, Eve approached the food slot. “Do you eat the same kinds of things I do?” “Yes.” “Computer, two chicken lo main dinners, two sweet teas, one set of chopsticks and a straw please.”

Eva placed the meals on the table and used the remote to free my bit. She adjusted my collar so I could open my mouth fully and pulled the bit from it. She sat me down and pulled another chair close. As she held the drink to my face and lined the straw up with my lips, I took a gulp. She alternated between feeding herself and me. Between bites, she expressed some of her speculations, but never asked me any questions.

“I can’t find a flight plan in the computer. The log shows Kara departed a planet called Earth and eent to a planet called Vulcan. Many modifications to the ship were made there. This is also about the time my command codes start to appear. We went to a space station and loaded a large amount of cargo. I must be delivering it somewhere, but there is nothing in the computer. I have a feeling I don’t operate on the level and I likely handle questionable goods. It would also explain the lack of records about where you came from and where Kara went. She had access to everything and seemed to run the ship more than I did. Perhaps she was a pilot or had been hired to deliver this ship to me and I had to drop her off somewhere.”

I couldn’t believe how close and yet how far Eva was from reality. If she would only check the logs on the Holodeck. I tried to mouth words to her, but she took it in jest. “That is so cute, you want to make sounds like a human.”

I had actually found the feeding enjoyable. It helped calm my otherwise high anxiety about the situation. My biggest fear was that if her long term memory is gone and not just simply wiped, Eva could wake up tomorrow and this will start all over again. I have got to figure out a way to check her implant. If nothing else, get her to see the pad in my room that contained my journals and diary. There she would know exactly who we both were and what we were doing out here.

Once the meal was finished, Eva picked up the bit. I leaned back and stomped my feet on the floor. “What’s the matter Whinny, don’t you want your bit back?” I stomped my foot twice more. “Okay sweetie, I’ll leave it out for now. Let’s Get you back to your room so I can do some more research.

I stood up and took the lead back to the corridor. Once we were in the passage, I ran as fast as I dared in the boots. Eva was right behind me, telling me to calm down. As I tried to pass up the Holodeck and get to the captain’s quarters, I was suddenly whipped on the ass. I turned in reaction and discovered Eva holding the controller. “Please, you need to behave until I can figure things out. I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t have you running amuck right now. In to your room or I’ll have to punish you.”

It wasn’t a hard choice, rather than get locked back in the room I would take the punishment. I stomped my foot and started down the corridor again. I received another lash and Eva grabbed my arm. In my current state, I could offer little resistance as she dragged me into the room. With the power still fried it was lit only from the lighting in the hallway. “Now are you going to behave?” I didn’t know what else I could do. I whinnied for yes. “There is a lot of stuff laying around in here.” Will you cooperate and get in your cage?”

It was the conundrum of a lifetime. Follow the rules or risk further punishment and possibly wrecking our relationship. Somewhat defeated, I whinnied. Good girl. Eva looked around seeing any means of lowering the cage, drug the trunk in front of it. She helped me stand on it and then crawl up into the cage. I got myself into position and Eva locked my neck and boots in place. “Do you want your hands on the bar behind you or to stay at your waist?” I didn’t know how to answer a two sided question. “I’m sorry, do you want your hands behind you?” I remained silent. “So you would rather have your hands remain at your sides then?” It would be much more comfortable to stay the way I was. “Yes.”

Eva locked my waist band and reopened the trunk. “Looks like we have some options. Do you want some entertainment?“ Rather than being bored for who knows how long, I signaled yes. “Do I usually make the decisions on this?” What choice did I have? “Yes.” She picked up a blue metal dildo. I was surprised and fascinated when it passed right though my chastity belt and found its way inside me. She did the same thing with the anal plug. I whinnied as it easily passed my sphincter. It glided easily as if it had been heavily greased. The sudden stretch shocked my nerves. She finished off by sliding a catheter tube into me. I wondered If she were going to relieve me, but she never connected anything further to it.

Eva closed the cage door and palmed the controller. She typed out a series of commands. “There you go Whinny. I’ll be back to check on you later. The door closed and the room was once gain pitch black. I felt hands on by breasts, freaking me out momentarily. The sensation was soft and loving. My breasts were given a soft fondling and warm breath fell on my neck. Soon I felt a mouth, complete with lips, a tongue and teeth gently kissing. I could tell that it was more than just electrical impulses fooling my nerves. The suit must actually form the mouth and hands.

I hadn’t thought about it until now, but there was residual tenderness where I had received the whipping in the corridor. The suit must have actually whipped me somehow. The hands left my breasts and grabbed my ass cheeks. I felt hips press against my own. Then there was another body against me from behind. The both of them began to fuck me. In the dark, I had nothing but the knowledge of the suit to convince me I wasn’t being fucked by two men. Eva had improved upon my disk design greatly. I was lost in the sensation. Hands were everywhere. I was sandwiched between two sweaty men.

I was building for a climax when a thought crossed my mind. What if Eva’s short term memory fades of me and she forgets I’m here? What if I’m left like this for days until I die? As I crested the first orgasm, I thought, “Hell of a way to go.”

Chapter 6: The order of things

I lost count of how many times I came. I was exhausted and wanted to rest. It was heaven in hell. I couldn’t begin to describe the relief I felt when the door finally opened. Eva tapped the controller and everything stopped. She cooed and talked to me like a child. “There is my sweet Whinny. I bet you’re tired.”

She unlocked the cage and unstrapped me. She rolled me out on to her chest and guided me over to sit on the crate. She continued to talk as I stretched my legs. “Going through the archives of the ships computer, I discovered you are a trill. There are some pretty good images and your spots leave me without question. It said your people seek a symbiont, but only one in ten get one. You must be one of the unfortunates that didn’t. It said that sometimes Trill who have a high drive for bonding, but don’t qualify for joining often become eccentric. Must be why you decided to become a pet. I traced myself and found I was a mineral specialist. Kara was with a military organization called Starfleet but quit.

“Kara accessed the ships system just this morning so I’m beginning to suspect the alien vessel had something to do with her disappearance. I wish I could contact this ‘Starfleet’ and at least get an image of her, but there doesn’t seem to be a communications link in this part of space. The only thing that is on the ships manifest is a communications relay system, so I think we might be out here to set it up. If we could talk with someone, it just might answer some questions. Your room, this Holodeck is completely burnt out. The computer is fried, so I guess I won’t be able to give you whatever play time you have for a while. With all of the programs lost I don’t even know what you or we even did.”

My heart sank. The holodeck was the main source of entertainment out here, but it was also a major clue to who we both really were. I had to get to my journal and find a way to get Eva to look at it. Eva looked at me. If I let you tag along with me, will you be good? I whinnied excitedly.

We went to the bridge and Eva sat down at the helm. I tried to indicate I wanted to type on a computer, but Eva interpreted my mannerisms as bad behavior. I sat down at the navigations control and thought about how to type. Slowly I adjusted my position and lowered my nose to the screen. While Eva busied herself at the controls, I managed to select a screen that I could type on. It was tricky but I managed a few words.

‘im kara captain free hands have answers’

It seemed to take forever to peck out. Eva finally noticed me messing with the screen. “Hey, stop that!” She pulled the controller from her pocket and moved towards me. Not wanting to be whipped, I leaned back in the chair, as far from the screen as I could. “You can’t mess with that, Whinny. This is very sensitive equipment.” She suddenly paused and looked at the display.

“You are Tekara?” I whinnied. Eva looked at me doubtfully. She pecked at the controller and my mitts were freed from the corset. The mitts changed shape and I found myself wearing flexible metal gloves. Eva kept the controller at the ready, as if she was afraid I might attack her now that I had more freedom. Not wanting to alarm her, I kept my movements slow and flowing. I leaned forward and started typing away.

‘I am Kara and Whinny. You are Mistress Eva. We were playing a game when the ship was attacked. You received a shock that took your memories. In the captain’s quarters, you will find a pad in the top right drawer of the dressing table. It will prove what I am telling you.’

“Okay, I want to believe you. I will look for the pad, but I don’t want you getting into anything while I am gone. Put your feet up on the front of the chair with your knees against your chest. Reach over and though the arm rests and grab hold of your ankles. As soon as I was in position, Eva used the pad to modify my outfit. The tops of my boots merged with the cups of my bra and my gloves merged with my boots where I gripped at my ankles. Everything became rigid and I found myself locked to the chair by the way my arms wove through the armrests.

Eva left me and went to my quarters. I sat watching the stars streaking by, anticipating being freed soon. I was no medical expert, but I had to see what I could do about Eva’s implant. If it was the implant it was technically a mechanical problem. I just didn’t relish the idea of poking around in her brain.

Eva retuned with the pad and sat down at the helm without freeing me. I watched her read document after document, then I heard my own voice. I had forgotten all about the recordings I had made. I had forgotten most of what I had said in them. I do remember the mood I was in when I made them. The only time I had made voice recordings was when Mistress had first come to be. I was listening to myself for the first time and I could get a pretty good idea how she was interpreting it.

My voice rambled, often crying. “I’ve got to find a way to trick Mistress. I have to shut her down somehow and delete her. I have to keep playing along until I figure out a way to kill that monster.” On and on I had made several recordings that were all about the same tone. When things turned out okay and Eva and I fell in love, I didn’t make any more recordings. I should have deleted the files, but it was something I just hadn’t gotten around to.

I trembled, motionless and wide eyed. When Eva looked up at me, her face was soaked in tears. I was crying hard myself, knowing how I had inadvertently caused her so much pain. My empathic abilities made it all the worse, feeling her pain from within. I could only watch despairingly as she ran from the bridge.

A million thoughts rambled through my mind. How could I have been so careless. How could things have come out so wrong to wreck things so badly. I didn’t even look when she reentered. When she walked up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, I was filled with hope that she had figured it all out. That hope was replaced with surprise and confusion when I felt the sting of a hypo spray on my arm. In a fraction of a second, everything went black.

I woke up lying flat on the floor. It took me a moment to figure out where I was. I was in the docking airlock. Eva might be using at it as a makeshift cell, but being one door from the vacuum of space was terrifying. Eva came over the intercom. “I don’t know what else to do, you were planning on killing me. I don’t understand. I asked you about things and you said you wanted the situation you are in. I can’t imagine things were any different before I lost my memory. You are one of those Trill that went crazy. You are evil. I just can’t risk keeping you on board.”

“Warning, air lock is occupied. Safety protocols initiated. Warning, safety protocols are overridden. Beginning depressurization.” I flopped about in terror. My hands were locked in the mitts and the mitts were secured behind me at the top of my ass. My boots were merged into one and my legs held rigid. “I’m so sorry for this Tekara. I wish there was another way.”

My ears popped. It was the first sign of the dropping pressure. I drew breaths, but I could tell the air was thinning fast. I concentrated on Eva’s thoughts on the other side of the inner door. I lost myself like I never have. ‘This is wrong. I am making a mistake. She didn’t mean the things she said on the pad. Lock her in the cage, just don’t kill her.

My chest heaved unabated, but I couldn’t feel the air passing through me anymore. I could feel my body heat rising and my skin burning. My ears and eyes felt like they would burst any second. I was dizzy from the lack of oxygen. “Airlock decompression, overridden. Returning to one atmosphere.” I heard the air returning to the chamber, but not fast enough. Shortly after the announcement I blacked out.

I awoke in the med bay. I tried to sit up, but I was held perfectly motionless by the restraint field. Eva stood up and approached when she saw I was awake. “I’m sorry I almost dumped you into space. I’m going to find a suitable planet and leave you there. Once I set up the communications array, I will contact the organization Starfleet and tell them of your situation. I’ve kept you sedated while I repaired and modified your room. It will see to your needs until I find somewhere to let you off. Most of the programming for the Holodeck was lost in the attack, but I pieced some things together from what was left and a seemingly large amount of fetish related materials on the main computer. I hope you actually enjoy the games like you told me.”

She pressed a hypo spray to my neck and I was out again. When I awoke, I was in another barn. It was much like the first one Eva had shown me. I tried to call out to her, but my pony voice was still in place. My outfit was entirely flexible and I was able to look myself over. I wasn’t sure if they were the same boots, but they were now completely joined with the chastity belt. My arms were completely sleeved right down to my fingertips. Aside from the flesh around my bridal wrapped face, I was completely covered.

I snapped to my feet when the stall door rattled. I wasn’t happy to see Holo-Kara standing in the doorway. She giggled in a childlike manner. “You are all mine now. I can’t wait to teach my little pony a thing or two. Come along now.”  Kara led me out of the stall and over to a hitching post. Next to the post was the trunk with all my gear. Kara called to the computer and asked for a harness. A heavy leather bundle of straps appeared, hanging from the post. I faced a moment of dread. What if Holo-Kara was sentient?

My hands were still free for the moment. Kara had my controller in one hand and was sorting out the harness with the other. Knowing I might not get another chance, I rushed her and ripped the controller from her fingers. I ran for the back of the barn, but Kara was much faster and sure footed in her riding boots than I was in my pony boots. With her grabbing at my arm, I was turned sideways mid stride and fell. I managed to turn on my back and grapple Kara with my legs as she moved for the controller. I had managed to trap one of her arms and the way she was turned she couldn’t get a grip on me with the other.

It was a struggle, but I worked over the controller as we wrestled around on the ground. I found the option I was looking for and went through the options. I was hoping to find a way to eject the Nanites from my throat, but the best option I could find was to put them into a neutral state. I felt my throat relax and called out. “Computer, freeze program. Kara went motionless. I unwrapped myself from her and rose to my feet.

I played around with the controller for several minutes, finding the menu option to remove anything on me was password protected. Without a password, it was essentially a trap not unlike my first dungeon program so many months ago. Anything put on would stay on and once a restriction was in place, I would have no way to undo it. I came up with a new idea. I had the computer remove Kara’s riding outfit and replace it with a copy of my own. I also restricted her voice to whinnies. That done. I secured her in a reverse prayer and hobbled her boots. I even replicated a controller to control her suit.

I had the computer fabricate a second skin over my face and the straps of the bridal. Creating a full length mirror, I checked myself out. My fake flesh was perfect, but I needed to do something about the rest of me. I created a cold weather English equestrian outfit and high riding boots to cover my feet. Once I was dressed, the only giveaway was the rather large footprint of the riding boots. The helmet did a good enough job of hiding where my new skin met my hairline. “Computer, resume program.”

Kara struggled immediately when she discovered her current state. She started running from me and I pulled the controller from my pocket. I selected a heavy reduction and rigidity for her corset. I figured if she could barely breathe, she would put up much less of a fight. When I activated the settings, I found my own breath crushed from my chest. Feeling like an idiot, I grabbed her controller from my other pocket and replaced it with mine. She had managed to get out the door and was just about to round the side of the barn. I gave her the same treatment I had accidently given myself and watched her start fighting for breath. I wasn’t in as bad a situation because I wasn’t running.

I walked out and took ahold of her. Bound and hobbled as she was, I easily guided her back into the stall. There were several rings hanging from rings on the walls. I took four of them, one from each wall and clipped them to the rings on her bit. She was now held standing in the center of the stall. If she pulls in any direction, she will be rewarded with the bit pressing on her tongue. After locking the stall door, I fabricated a few more items and mentally prepared myself. Because of what I had done to the belt, I knew I had to subdue Eva fast.

I called the computer and opened the com. “Eva, there is something wrong with Whinny. I think you should come down here right away.”

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure. I think the corset is squeezing her too hard, but it won’t let up.” Formulating a last second plan, I retrieved my own controller and prepared to hand it off to Eva. She must have been close, because she was in the door fast. “Where is she?”

“I locked her in the stall. She was getting frantic and I didn’t want her to hurt herself.” I passed off the controller. Eva immediately began typing on the screen. I was incredibly relieved when my corset loosened. “You’re right, something is wrong. Eva stepped opened the stall and stepped inside. I moved behind her and readied the old fashioned police handcuffs. Using my combat training, I punched her arm in just the right spot, causing her to drop the controller. I slammed the first cuff on her wrist and torqued her arm behind her back. Eva was larger than I was and I knew I had to maintain control. I bent her wrist and yelled for her other hand. She tried to call for the computer, but I applied more pressure, causing her to scream. She gave me her other hand and I cuffed them together behind her back.

I made sure to get a hand over her mouth before I let go of her hand. I pushed her to the back wall and placed another cuff through the ring and locked it to the pair on her hands. I pulled a cloth from my pocket and held it over her mouth. I pushed her nose up hard with my free hand, causing her to tilt her head back and open her mouth. She tried to bite my fingers as I packed the wad in. I used the roll of vinyl I had created and circled her head several timed, pinning the gag firmly in her mouth.

 Eva look of terror increased when I asked the computer to remove the skin and clothing. I did my best to assure her I wouldn’t hurt her and I only wanted to help. I hated to leave her in such distress, but I had a plan. I stopped by the med bay and grabbed a hypo. My next stop was the cargo bay where the grav lift was. I floated it back to the holodeck and parked it outside the stall. Eva was crying in fear as I approached. “I promise I won’t hurt you. I’m going to fix everything somehow.” I shot her in the neck and she went limp. She hung from her arms in a kneeling srapado. I positioned myself in front of her and commanded the computer to end the program. I thought I could bear her weight, but I fell back on the floor with Eva’s limp body on top.

It took me a while to roll her off me. I lowered the grav lift to the floor and drug her onto it. I pocketed my controller and hauled Eva to the med bay. I had about two hours before I would need to sedate her again, so I got right to work. Her cybernetic brain was emitting enough energy I believed it to be functional. The tissue in her brain looked normal, as far as I could tell anyways. I was clueless as to what I could do.

“Computer, hypothesize. Based on the scans of patient’s brain and implant, how would I go about accessing the implant to determine how it is functioning.”

“The simplest procedure would be the use of a McCoy probe developed by Dr. Leonard McCoy. The device is self-guiding and will establish a link to the medical computer.”

“Are the design specifications on file?” “Affirmative.”

I practically ran down the corridor to the replicator, my boots banging heavily on the floor. I replicated the device and hurried back to the med bay. I activated it and synced it to the computer. Getting it started was simple but watching it work on the monitor was disturbing. “Implant interface established. There are forty-nine billion, three hundred sixty-six million, twelve thousand, four hundred eighty-two files.”

“Computer, how are the files organized.”

“The files are organized by date, with links from multiple files in an unspecified order.” I accessed the final file on the morning of the attack. It was weird to see a memory typed out as a vivid description of events, with thoughts and interpretations. Every little detail observed and cataloged by importance. I poked around the random web, amazed at how sights, sounds, smells and sensations linked back and forth to other memories. Nearly every thought linked to every other one in a giant tangled mass. I had to wonder how more people don’t go insane.

I broke myself from my wonderings and administered more sedative. Back to the day at hand, I opened the files that had her passing through the door. She sees me on the floor. “Ah ha!” I call out loud. The split second she was zapped by the panel created a file with millions of files that literally led nowhere. It was like a giant hairball on the flow to the preexisting memories. There was a standard print to each file after that. Files that could be described as muscle memory, skills and coordination. The older files had the same thing, but from here out, only the new memories created, were linkable to other new memories. Somehow I had to remove the glitched batch of files and write some pathway to the older ones.

I began comparing the files from the moment of shock to both the old and the new memories. I managed to cluster the entire mass and delete it. I then matched a newer view of the med room to an older one. My bet was that the link once made, would begin forming more out of commonalities. Another thought crossed my mind. I moved through the new memories until the point Eva heard my recordings. I began changing everything.

Had I realized the snowball effect, I might not have taken on the challenge. Every single thought and action from that point on was linked to the recordings. At first I thought I could simply delete them, but it would require deleting all of the new memories. Instead, I opted to change them. She would remember me saying “I’m growing fonder of Mistress. I was terrified, but I love the experiences. I will do anything for her.”

From there on, I had to change her perception of each and every reaction. Happy instead of sad. Assured instead of terrified. The airlock incident was especially tricky. Her mind was filled with so many panicked and desperate thoughts. If my changes work, Eva will think there was a mechanical problem and she was my hero. She would think she had run the last pony program as an attempt to make things like they had been before the accident.

By the time I finished poking around in her memories, I had re-sedated Eva more times than I could count. I had gone at it for almost two days without rest. I was so tired that I almost didn’t care what the results would be when she woke up. I knew I cared, but I was numb and working through a cloud. I selected a hypo to counter her sedatives and shot her in the neck. It took a moment but she came around.

“How are you feeling?” Eva looked around, confused. “Did you attack me and tie me up in the holodeck?” Shit, something I forgot to change… “Yes, but it was for your own good. I had to get you to the med bay because you were um, hallucinating. You came in and tied up the holographic Kara and were being really mean to her. I was scared I might be next. I knew I had to help you.”

“That’s not the way I remember it. I went in thinking you were tied up by the Hologram and you were in distress. I saw you take off your skin and it was you underneath.”

“Take off my skin? See, you’re not making any sense like on the holodeck. Tell me everything you can remember before that”.

“Well, I was doing planetary surveys, trying to find a place to land. I can’t seem to remember why. Before that, you almost died when the airlock malfunctioned and then, for some strange reason you wanted to be pony trained right then and there.”

“Ah, I think when you saved me from the airlock, you might have been traumatized. I didn’t want to be a pony girl right then, you talked weird and then trapped me in the holodeck. That was the first time I had noticed anything odd with you. I want you to think back. Look around this room. I want you to think about a time you were in here before you took care of me after the airlock accident. You have been here before. Try to picture it.”

“I don’t remember. My hand. There is something about my hand. Yes, I came in here after cutting my finger. It was a week ago. Right there on that table, I used the dermal regenerator to close the wound. I cut my hand moving the warhead. The warhead I replicated after I bypassed the weapons lock out on the replicator. I was going to beam it into the Vorta ship and turn it into space dust. I remember!”

Eva and I reminisced for hours. For a long time, the excitement had blocked out how tired I was. I don’t even remember falling asleep in the chair, but when I awoke I found that Eva had propped my head with a pillow and laid a blanket over me.

Paging Eva on the com, she greeted me from the bridge. When I got there, she was holding my pad with the journals. She didn’t look up when she spoke. “I wanted to hear your wonderful words again. I wanted to hear how you were falling in love with me. I remember each and every word, but those aren’t the words in here. I don’t understand.”

“What is on there?”

“Instead of being happy, you are scared and hateful. You were planning on killing me. What am I supposed to believe?”

It was hard for me to come up with something. One lie had led to more and I was growing increasingly afraid of letting Eva down. “Eva, those were my words. I was terrified when I first met you. With a simple game I had lost complete control of everything and it was frightening to say the least. Believe me though, I did fall in love. It just came a little later than the recordings. The truth is you snapped when you heard them. I thought you were going to kill me. You were saying one thing and acting out something completely different.”

Eva got up and hugged me. I wished I could have felt it, but my corset was still rigid. I remembered the controller and pulled it from my pocket, handing it to Eva. “Here is the key to my heart. Hold it forever.”

The two lovers made it far from Dominion territory and planted the relay. In the year that followed, they dropped beacons until they had no more. Once they reached the maximum range of the last beacon, they transmitted every bit of data about the region. They played a random numbers game and plotted a course without seeing the results. For months they traveled with the view screens and mapping computer off. Only once there was no clue as to their location, did they make another random course change.

The Beginning

Sorry if the ending was abrupt, but I wanted it completed. I’m heavily medicated and barely alert most of the time now, thin like a ghost. The Ghost writer…  I kinda like that! Okay, that’s the pills talking L

There are so many people and experiences I will miss, but the journey ahead, into the unknown will be the real adventure. I hope it is true, that there are two souls created from one and that those souls always find each other. My love, my search for you will begin again soon.

Don’t mourn loss. Remember what was shared, grateful for the privilege of having someone’s life be a part of your own. Remember the joys you gave to them as well.

To the writers, readers and Gromet, thank you for the haven that you formed here. It is strange to feel so connected to a group of people I have never met or even spoken to. We are more common a people than you know. We hide the taboo, in exchange for social acceptance, but most will agree, ropes are an extension of a lover’s embrace. When someone ties you up or you tie them up, it is a complete giving of one’s self. As long as everything is consensual, don’t ever think what you do is dirty or wrong. It is passion at its core. KM.

* * * *

The author known as KnottyMaster went to his final sleep last night. He and I were once together and I was grateful to be at his side at the end. He had a fanciful mind and was one of the kindest people I knew. I wish I could be as forgiving as he was towards the drugged out monster that took two lives, one instantly and the other, painfully slow. It was so difficult to see such a vibrant man whither away and endure so much pain. He hid his suffering from others, as he did not want to bring sorrow on to those around him. Amongst the things he has left in my care is a hard drive that he said burnt up several years ago. On it is supposed to be stories he been working on and when it fried he stopped writing. I promised him to make an attempt to get it fixed and send those stories finished or not to you. Even after we parted ways, he was always there for me when I needed him. I wish I had understood his compassion, because it was his continuing friendship with women of his past that had caused me to leave him. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this, other than to say I was blind and want you to know how wonderful he was. He didn't get very far, but here is his last writing.

* * * *

Suffer the greatest of tragedies, live through the hardest times of your life and you will know who your true friends are as they will stand beside you through it all.

I spent the last couple days at the hospital. I’m back home with a wonderful woman I will Identify as K, who is taking care of me. It’s nice to have her and her kids in the house, the love and laughter filling the air. She is open minded and I let her know about what I’m doing with this story.

The Final Trek (TAC)
The Adventure Continues

When last we left our two adventures, they had intentionally lost themselves in the furthest reaches of the universe. Since then, the relationship has developed greatly. Eva is the captain now and Kara obeys without question. The Holodeck is now Kara’s room full time. Both have full access to the main computer, but only Eva is authorized to operate the Holodeck in both its holographic and replicative functions.

All of this had come about slowly after they left the range of the last probe. Kara knew now, that it was a lack of love that had left her so empty. The adventure she sought was for the unknown of the life with another and the freedom to do whatever satisfied them both. Kara realized she got more gratification from making Eva happy, than she did with her own. It was the definition of true love.

TAC Chapter 1

“Eva, run an environmental scan on the second planet from the star.”

“It looks perfect. Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, all within safe limits. It is covered with dense vegetation, with traces of reptilian life. Very wet. We will have to blast a clearing to land on, there isn’t a bare spot around.”

“What about bugs? You’re not going to make me trek around in millions of flying stinging nasties again are you?”

“I could put your full pony suit on you and give you a respirator if you’re scared.”

“I’m not scared of bugs, fuck you very much. It’s the thought of catching some alien typhoid that scares me. Why amongst all our bartering did we not upgrade the medical equipment?”

“Shut up Kara, it never came up. Besides, we have the designs for every piece of medical equipment within the federation. We can replicate anything we might need. You don’t think all my time was spent finding gear to control and punish you with do you?”

The pair strapped in to their respective seats, Kara manned the propulsion control and Eva flight control. This was to be the tenth landing without the aid of any global positional assistance and the pair was getting quite good at wielding the hulking freighter. The glow from the atmosphere burning off on the shields faded and the ship entered the clouds. “Kara, increase the forward thrusters by twenty percent and slow our decent. I’m having a hard time holding the trajectory.”

“Fuck Eva, I’m already maxed out. Something is way wrong. I say flip the ship one hundred eighty degrees and abort.” Kara knew exactly how to handle the situation and seconds were everything.

“Too late! At the speed we are going the aerodynamics won’t let us turn.”

“The warp field! Form the fucking bubble and we can turn the ship Eva!”

The warp field burst to life and the ship began to roll upwards. “Kara, when the warp field stopped our thrusters effect against the atmosphere, our rate of decent increased thirty-two percent more than it should have. I think this planet has a stellar fragment at its core. That would explain why our density calculations are off. The gravity is much higher than it should be!”

“Explain later, full forward impulse, but keep the ship rotating!”

Just as Kara predicted, the actions curved the ship into a better line and as it made the rest of the turn, began to slow the velocity dramatically. Kara rerouted all available power to the aft shields. The initial impact was rough, but the ship skid fairly smooth through the dense jungle. There were a small amount of sparking power couplers and a plasma display exploded, but overall it was as gentle as a crash gets.


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