A Favor for a Friend

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2009 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; toys; cons; X

I was online one night and I got this message from a woman that I’d known socially several years before. She introduced herself, asked if I remembered her and asked if I was busy. Chatting with her seemed more fun than going over the blogs I visit my opinions on from time to time, so I asked her for her phone # and called. We reminisced about our more adventurous times, when we were younger, but she seemed nervous and she was trying too hard to be casual. After the obligatory ‘who’s with whom now’ and what happened to so-and-so, her anxiety levels became noticeable. Her ability to find small talk was wearing thin, so I just asked her, “Penny, what do you really have on your mind? Be truthful with me and we can stop this strained chit-chat and get down to solving your problem.

“Xan, I mean Walt, I really, REALLY need to get tied up, gagged and to feel very helpless. There, I’ve said it, and you can hang up if you don’t want to do this, because I have no right to just ask you out of the blue like this, but you used to be so good at tying women up when you taught at the …”

I cut her off and said, “Penny. Penny, stop. Take a breath. Where are you now?” She told me and I wrote it down because I knew I’d have to look it up to get there. “OK, stay right there and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.” She was at an all night coffee shop close to downtown LA. I was in Long Beach, so it would take me a while to get there. She thanked me and began to cry when I told her to stay put and that I’d be there in about an hour.

I grabbed my traveling play-bag, which was a medium sized nylon duffle I kept in the closet for spur-of-the-moment encounters like this one. In it was about 400’ of rope in pre-cut lengths, various gags, medical and duct tape, scarves, sterile waddings, blindfolds, leather cuffs, hand-cuffs, zip-ties, locks, keys, a few short pieces of chain, a crop, a heavy bull-hide flogger, a rubber string flogger, a 4’ single tail, a cane and some assorted nipple clamps, clothes-pins, candles, 2 rolls of Vet-Wrap, two vibrators, three types of rubbers, and a small med-kit for safety reasons. Included in this travel bag was a video camera and some consent forms, because I’ve gotten in the habit of not only having them sign their consent, I also get it digitally preserved for legal matters. One night stands are not what they used to be, especially when ropes, gags and whips were involved.

When I got there she was standing outside smoking a cigarette, and ran into my arms when she saw me get out of my car. Trying not to cry, she began babbling about not being sure I’d come, and something about not being able to handle being stood up again. I held her and petted her a little to calm her down. Taking her by the arm we went back into the coffee shop and sat down. I ordered us a couple of tall red-eyes and we took them outside, sitting at a table away from the others enjoying the warm evening.

“OK Penny, why am I here. You said you need to be tied up, but before I offer you that, I want to know why it’s so urgent and why you’re so upset. Oh and by the way, do you mind if I record this for the purposes of mutual consent?”

“No of course not. Let’s get the consent thing out of the way first.” I turned on the camera, adjusted her image in the screen and she started. “Uh Hi. As you know my name is Penny (anonymity), I live at (more anonymity) and it’s Friday, (the date) and it’s about 9:40 at night, and right now we’re drinking coffee at, (name of the coffee shop and the cross streets). I called my old friend Xan, uh, Walt, Xan, well the guy that owns this recording, and asked, no begged him to come and tie me up. I know he’s a bondage Master and used to teach bondage at this dungeon here in LA, the (name of the private club), to people like me and a couple of my ex’s so they could tie me up, and he was the only one I thought I could trust on such short notice because I really need to be tied up. He’s a really good guy and I know I can trust him not to hurt me or to take advantage of me, well, no more than I want to be taken advantage of at any rate. I asked him to tie me up and I mean I want to be helplessly tied and gagged and blindfolded and used in any way that makes him happy, for doing this for me. As soon as he accepts my submission I’ll be his submissive, or week-end slave girl, or bondage-slut, or whatever he wants me to be as long as he keeps me very helplessly tied and gagged and all that good stuff. I’ll do whatever he tells me to do and I’ll obey him to the best of my ability, and I won’t bitch or whine or carp or complain about anything he asks me to do because I really, really need him to do this thing for me. I know what kind of Dom he is and he can flog me with his whips, or beat me with whatever he wants to because I know I can trust him not to hurt me. I’ll suck his dick until the sun comes up or let him use any part of me he wants. I just hope he does it while I’m tied up because that’s what I really need right now. I need to feel so out of control that I can’t even twitch and I need to be dominated completely. All control and self will stripped from me. That’s why I called him, because I know he can do it. I’ve seen him play and he’s good, and I so need to be used and out of control. Is that good enough Master Xan? Oh by the way, I am not being forced to do this or coerced in any way. It’s totally my choice to offer myself up completely to this man. Is that what you need for consent Master Xan?”

Chuckling, I said “Yes Penny, that was very well done. I think you covered all the bases and I’m glad to hear you trust me on that level. It warms my old heart.”

“You’re not that old Master Xan.”

“I’ve got a good twenty years or more on you Penny, and lately I’ve been feeling that old.”

“Well, if you’ll let me, I’ll make you feel young again, Master Xan. I promise.”

“OK Penny, I still want to know why you are in such a dither.”

“Dither, that’s a funny word to use Master Xan. OK, here goes. I’ve been talking to this son-of-a-bitch online for over a year, and this so-called dom flew into LA today and we were meeting for the first time. Well, from what he’d told me online, I wanted him bad, and when I saw him for the first time at the airport I got all wet just looking at him he was so handsome and powerful looking, and, well at any rate, we went out to dinner and then his bullshit started coming out. He wanted to collar me right then and there, but even though up until then I thought I wanted his collar, I didn’t know what came with it. First off he wanted me to turn over all my money in the bank, sign over my car to him, put my condo in his name, and then become his fifth slave wife and come and work for him in Nevada where he was pimping these other women out. He lied to me! I thought I was going to be his only slave, and I thought we were going to get married and, well, I’m sure you’ve heard other stories like this before. I remember one of your lectures and you said to be careful of online relationships, and to never trust anyone until you knew them in person. I remember you said you could give them the benefit of the doubt, and have fun online but before you gave them too much of yourself that you should know that you can trust them, in – real -- life! I remember how you emphasized those words and now I know what you meant. Oh Master Xan, he seemed so perfect, and I thought that I was so in love with him. He promised me so much and all of it was lies. I can never forgive him! I gave him months of online service, and spent a small fortune on clothes that he wanted me to wear for him, and I even paid for his plane ticket out here and got us a suite at the Hilton for this weekend. And that shit-bag lied to me. I have the transcripts and emails. He lied with every word he typed. …”

I let her rant for another half hour or so, just to get most of it out of her system. While she did, I took the time to appreciate what she was wearing. Penny had always been a big woman, and I seemed to remember her being somewhere around a 16 to 18 dress size, but the woman pouring her heart out to me couldn’t have been more than a size 10 now. She had obviously been working on her appearance. I had already filed the fact that she was wearing a corset, because I felt it under her silk blouse when she flew into my arms in the parking lot. I had spied a lacey red push-up bra under her blouse because she had opened the top buttons enough to tease with a glimpse of her underwear. Her tits were still big and soft looking. I liked that. The mid-thigh tight leather skirt showed me that she had been working on the tone of her legs and they looked good to me too. Under the skirt she was wearing both fishnet pantyhose and seamed opera hose attached to garters. When you know what to look for it’s easy to deduce what’s not apparent. She had the ever popular Bettie-bangs, and both bright red and royal blue streaks in her shoulder length black hair. Her make-up had been nice earlier, but she had been crying so much that even though she had tried to repair it before I got there it was kind of smeared and uneven. She was wearing open-toed red pumps with 4” spiked heels to complete the look. They had a strap across her instep making them look like slutty Mary-Jane’s. I decided that it would be a fun change of pace for me to tie this woman up for a while and run her through some light discipline. She had actually come up for a breather, and while she was taking a drink of her coffee, and smoking another cigarette, I got her attention and told her what my conditions would be.

“Penny. I accept your offer and I want you to listen and acknowledge some of my conditions. First, I want you to understand that for this weekend, I will treat you like a slave, not a submissive. Is that understood?”

“That means I can only safe-word out in case of injury, not from discomfort or not wanting to do something. Right Master Xan?”

“You remember my classes well, Penny. That’s exactly the definition I put on situations like this. Do you accept that condition?”

“Yes Master Xan, happily! That’s what I need and want with all my heart.”

“Next, if I am enjoying myself with you, I may ask you to call in sick Monday, so that we may continue to play. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Oh that’s perfect Master Xan! I’m on vacation for the next two weeks. I was supposed to be getting collared and married, so I took some vacation time so we could go on a honeymoon. You can use me for as long as you want to Master Xan. The longer you keep me tied up the better.”

“That’s good, slave-girl Penny, because I have a good feeling about this. Lastly, I’ve been doing more and more work with imagery lately, so would you object to being video-recorded while we play? I do promise, on record, that this will be for my private enjoyment and not for the internet or any use that would compromise your social standing.”

“That’s what I love about you Master Xan. You are always so formal and considerate. I feel so safe with you. Yes, of course you may record every second of our time together, and maybe if I please you, you’ll share a copy with me so I can have a keepsake too.”

“I’ve always enjoyed sessioning with a woman, and then tying her very tightly to a chair and watching her watch a recording of what I’d done to her.”

“Oh Master Xan that sounds like heaven, and thinking about that is making me wet and squirmy.”

“Well, let me switch this off and we’ll get started. The first thing I want you to do stand up, take your blouse off, lay it across the chair, stretch up with your arms and grab that branch and hang on. I’m going to snug up that corset of yours.”

“You knew I was wearing a, well, of course, when I hugged you in the parking lot. Yes Master Xan, I think that you can pull it in at least another inch or two. It’s so hard tightening these things right, without help.”

Being close to downtown LA, nothing like this shocked anybody. A pair of girls at another table watched, fascinated, but no one else even noticed. I tightened up the laces slowly, to get her used to the added constriction, and pulled at least two more inches from her waist. After tying off the strings I told her to stay like that for a few minutes to get used to it and the little sounds of excited woman were encouraging. When I told her to put her blouse on again I waited until she had it buttoned just right and then I pulled her arms behind her back. Penny had narrow shoulders for such a big boned woman, and her elbows came very close together as I tested her flexibility. I knew they’d touch when I applied ropes to them later and this gave me my first twinges of erection. Personal control was easy at this point, being out in the open, but later it promised to be a fun weekend.

One of the girls from the next table asked in a timid voice, “Are you going to tie her up Mister?”

“Yes, I am, and I’ll be making her very helpless and she’ll love every minute of her captivity.”

Purring in a husky voice, Penny said, “Yes Master Xan, I know I will enjoy every helpless moment of your bondage.”

Blushing, the girl that asked the question turned to her friend and said, “I wish you’d do that to me some day.”

I just chuckled, leaned over and said to her friend, “You should. Your friend here would look very beautiful wrapped in rope and squirming to be touched.”, and with that said I pulled a small strap from my pocket, and after placing Penny’s hands palm-to-palm behind her back I buckled it around her wrists and led her to my car in the parking lot. On the way I asked her, “How long do you have the suite at the Hilton?”

“Just until check-out time Sunday Master Xan, but I can keep the room longer if you’d like.”

“I’ll decide that later. In fact, we won’t even need it that long. Staying in that room would be a negative reminder of this unfortunate situation. We’ll go there now, clear your things out of there, get a refund on your credit card for tomorrow and do something different.”

Meekly, Penny said, “Thank you Master Xan. You do know about the hearts of women and how certain things affect them.”

In the car I used a second short strap to secure her crossed ankles for the short ride to the Hotel. Penny squirmed as we drove, savoring even this small amount of restraint, and I knew she would respond well to the ideas running through my mind. She knew that more would be coming soon.

As she settled accounts at the desk I waited for her and when we got to her room I decide that it was time to step things up a notch. Once we got in the door I had her show me what she had in her toy bag. As soon as I saw it I picked up the 2 ½” rubber ball and with a little help from her to wedge it past her teeth, it seated inside her mouth, and attractively distended her jaws. Penny moaned happily as I found some athletic tape and started to layer strips smoothly across her lower face. I made sure that I used two strips of tape under her chin to keep her from opening her jaws enough to dislodge the ball with her tongue. Penny touched her face when I laid the tape down, savoring the strain this rather severe ball, that was now trapped in her mouth, put on her jaws. Using some of her make-up, I camouflaged the tape so that the medical-white now blended into her skin tone and then carefully drew some realistic lips over the painted tape. I let Penny study her appearance in the bathroom mirror and do a little touch-up work so that she was satisfied with the deception. She also repaired her other make-up and fussed with her hair a little. The next thing was the fashion show.

“Penny, take off the skirt, blouse, the seamed hose, garter and heels. That outfit was for him, and even though you look good in it, I want your mind on me now. Until I release you from service, I will choose what you wear.”

Penny almost tore her clothes off and soon was standing in front of me in nothing but corset, bra, matching thong and fishnet pantyhose, nervously fidgeting.

“Penny, when in doubt about how to stand, always place your arms behind your back with your wrists crossed, and stand with one leg straight, cock your hips and let the other knee bend, with your foot slightly raised up on your toes. Your chin should be up to display pride in your appearance and your eyes should be on me so that you may catch the slightest direction from me, whether it’s verbal or simply a gesture. This is an age-old posture, accentuating a woman’s natural curves to display her femininity to the man she is trying to impress.”

Penny’s eyes followed me as I walked around her, adjusting her stance. I changed her crossed hands to crossed wrists, pulled her shoulders back a little so she thrust her chest out more, used my foot to have her point her foot and toes at a better angle and lastly I tilted her chin up just a little more than she had it. Her eyes were bright and I could tell she was enjoying being put on display. I had her shift back and forth, bending one leg and then having her reverse the position and bend the other leg.

Rummaging through the clothes she had there, the first thing I put on her was an R-C butterfly vibrator. I personally adjusted the thin elastic straps that held it in place so it fit snuggly against her mound and the bulge of the vibrator fitted directly over her clit. I then had her put on not one but two pair of support pantyhose, over her fishnets and re-adjust the vibrator so it was still in position. Penny squirmed, feeling how restrictive the hose were on her legs and moaned as my hands caressed her ass and thighs. I could already smell her arousal, so I turned on the vibrator for a minute or so and watched her squirm and writhe. I turned it off and said, “Well, that works, so now it’s time for more clothes.” Penny’s eyes were expressing frustration, but she was experienced enough to know that no slave-girl ever got instant gratification. I found a pair of red, satin, full granny-panties and had her put these on over the pantyhose.

“I bet those were bought to be used to stuff in your mouth as a gag, right slave-girl Penny?”, and she nodded, blushing a little. “And I bet if I were to look for them, I’d find several more pair, just like them, wouldn’t I?” She nodded rapidly and wriggled a little to show her excitement.

The next thing I found that I wanted her to wear was a wine colored knee length Lycra pencil skirt, that clung to her legs so tightly that it was almost like a hobble skirt. I then held up some black stiletto heeled boots for her to put on, that covered her calves with the slightest bit of leather coming up over her knees. These boots sported a 5” arch from toe-to-heel with no platform. Almost certainly expensive, they did their job well, making Penny look hot.

Penny twirled and posed for me, smiling brightly with just her eyes as I found the opera-length leather gloves and had her pull them into place. Over these went the long sleeve turtle neck sweater of fine wool that matched the skirt and clung to her curves in a delightful way.

Taking a long length of her rope and doubling it in the center, I moved behind her, made a loop around her arms a little above her elbows, and began snugging it down until her forearms were almost touching and her elbows were very close. Making consecutive loops up her arms for comfort, I used most of the rope in wraps, then started cinching the wraps together with the last couple of feet. This pulled all the slack from between her arms and Penny moaned deeply as her elbows touched. Knotting it off, I used a second rope to secure her arms together with wraps just above her wrists. Penny was now inescapably arm bound. She was unable to even reach any of the knots, much less try to pick at them with gloved fingers. Draping her trench-coat over her shoulders, I led her out to the balcony so she could watch the glimmering lights as I quickly re-packed her remaining things and called for a bell-person to pick up her luggage and move her car to valet pick-up. After the door closed behind him and it was just the two of us. I moved to stand behind her on the balcony and groped her luscious breasts as she leaned against me and whimpered her pleasure. I held her like that for a few minutes and then began to untie her.

“Penny, I’ll tie you again soon, but someone has to drive your car back to my place. We have to consolidate ourselves into one vehicle. I’ll drive us back around to my vehicle, but then I’ll give you directions and follow you back to my place.”

As soon as her hands were free, Penny pantomimed driving and punching in directions on the dash of her imaginary car and then more driving and looking at something there. I picked up on it and asked, “You have a GPS system?” Penny nodded vigorously and I replied, “That’ll make it so much easier. I’ll program my address in when we get to my car.” Penny stretched as I shoved the ropes in my pocket, and then we both walked calmly to the elevator, across the lobby and out to valet where I tipped the attendant as Penny walked regally to the passenger seat and got in. She was checking her appearance in the sun-visor mirror when I got in, like she would if she was checking her make-up. Satisfied, she seemed quite happy as we drove off.

Even at that time of the morning LA expressways have a fair amount of traffic, because in LA, everybody has to be driving somewhere, all the time. I knew Penny would be excited driving across town gagged the way she was, but I had to flash her with my high-beams a couple of times to slow her down. She missed a couple of turns and had to backtrack a little, but we finally got to my place. I pulled my car into the garage and then transferred my travel bag to her SUV now sitting in my driveway. Before I let her out of her car I turned her in the seat, re-strapped her hands behind her back and then draped her coat back over her shoulders as she got out and we walked in my door.

Hanging her coat up, I found several more straps in the closet to keep her in place. The first one went on her upper arms pulling her elbows together again. Another went on her upper forearms. Longer straps went around her arms and torso above her breasts, below her breasts and around her waist and arms. To her surprise, the other short one that I had used on her ankles went around her hands and over her fingers keeping her hands in a prayer-like position, adding a little redundancy to her bondage.

Throwing a kneeling pad on the floor, I laid out four belts, parallel to each other and had her kneel so that she was sitting back on her heels. I positioned her in the right spot over the belts, let her wriggle around to get comfortable and then strapped those belts over her legs to confine her to that kneeling position until I released her. I made sure they were tight, so she would feel their even pressure confining her to the floor. Being a hospitable host, I compressed earplugs and put them in her ears before I used a padded leather blindfold to cut off her sight. Setting up the two tripod mounted video cameras I had and adding some more light to the area where she was kneeling, I turned on her vibrator first and then both of the cameras. I felt reasonable sure I could leave her like that while I showered, changed, and packed another bag with more toys and enough clothes for a few days of a vacation fun with a wanton slave.