by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; chastity; cuffs; blindfold; bedtie; spreadeagle; gag; collar; tease; clamps; cons; X

They had been chatting online for months moving to include phone calls and texting, always sharing their fetish and bondage themed ideas with each other. James had broken down and told Linda about his recent experimentation with self-chastity and waited anxiously for her response. Immediately she responded by how great she thought it was thanking him for sharing his secret with her. They chatted regularly about his growing fascination with chastity with her doing research on her own and asking many questions when they talked.

He was surprised at how many questions she had asked him begging him for pictures first of what devices he had tried then of himself locked up. When he got a small package one day from her he ripped it open almost gasping from surprise when he found a shiny new chastity device unlike he had ever seen. Of course he checked the keys and locking mechanism sterilizing the unit before forcing his cock and balls into the steel. The unit was a perfect fit for another piece of information about her and how much attention she had paid to their talks.

When the two finally decided to meet knowing they were in the same town already they met for dinner her wearing her favorite corset that he had purchased for her with a pair of extreme high heels he had gotten her for her birthday. They talked and laughed through dinner with her finally asking “Are you wearing a tube right now?”

He smiled and just nodded, adding, “If I hadn’t been I would be really embarrassed right now.”

She asked more questions making James very comfortable with her and the topic before she asked “Can I feel it?”

James nodded again watching her heaving chest as she gasped with excitement and slid closer to him reaching under the table grasping his encased cock. Linda smiled warmly moving her fingers around finding he had worn the unit she had purchased for him knowing because it had been the only full coverage unit he had ever been able to wear. Linda smiled as she released her grip and asked “I thought you said those weren’t comfortable for very long?”

“All of them but this one,” he answered with a grin knowing she knew that even her unit became more than uncomfortable if he became excited.

“I felt tonight was special so I took a chance.” Linda asked more questions, learning more about how he liked pushing his limits wearing uncomfortable units more often trying to train his body to accept any device he wanted to wear. When they were done with dinner she had asked him to sit with her for a few minutes in her car asking him to let her see him locked in the unit she had gotten him. For thirty minutes she studied his locked-up cock making him extremely uncomfortable while she stroked him and asked questions paying close attention to his reactions.

During their next meeting he was wearing the unit he had described as “The egg.” She got very excited remembering he had told her it was made of thick Lexan. “I want to see it!” Linda blurted out much louder than she had intended. Linda knew he had told her it became very uncomfortable within a couple of hours, becoming much worse if he got excited. James smiled weakly agreeing and the two paid for dinner and went to her car again. Linda loved being able to see his cock and balls especially when she could tell it was growing inside the plastic sphere. Again she spent a long-time toying with his locked-up cock and balls until he was groaning in pain. They spent another hour talking about why he wore the devices and her growing interest in chastity devices for women.

That night when James arrived home almost ripping the egg off his cock and balls, quickly ordering her a new chastity set including bra and thigh cuffs. James relocked his cock and balls into another much more comfortable device setting his timer for forty-eight hours and lay dreaming of her being his key holder. Linda was also dreaming of being his key holder and wondering what he meant when he said, “Being chaste forces me to concentrate on my partner's needs, alleviating the ability for me to think of only myself.” The comment convinced Linda she needed to try out chastity for herself asking for his advice before finding a package on her doorstep from him.

The two met a few more times before Linda asked if he wanted to spend the night with her. James told her wanted to and they set a date when he would come to her house for dinner and stay the night. James knew he had to make a good impression on Linda, planning to force himself to stimulate and satisfy her needs completely, having no choice but to remain locked up for the week before and after their first encounter. He thought back to how many girlfriends had always seemed to enjoy his talents in bed while chaste and he hoped with her knowledge of him and his passion she would be willing to participate. During this time he had decided to only be able to be sexually released after making sure he had made them orgasm remembering how each of them wanted no real part in being his keyholder or even tried to understand what that meant.

Linda had studied up on chastity, wearing the belt and bra he had given her for weeks at a time waiting until she had some time alone to be able to bring herself to a massive climax before she would unlock herself. Now she thought she understood his desire to be locked up not realizing his real desire was to please his partner first not extend or intensify his own orgasm. On the first night they spent together she opened the door wearing the chastity set he had given her with only a pair of high heels and a small apron.

James was shocked when he learned she had locked herself up the day after setting the date meaning she had been locked up twenty-four seven for over two weeks. The extended time unable to satisfy herself had made Linda very frustrated and extremely horny pushing her to be more daring. Linda invited him in, taking his coat before handing him the keys to her belt and bra telling him like the keys she was his to do with as he pleased. He spent the evening staring at her in the steel bikini, loving the way the chain between the thigh cuffs limited her steps and the noises the steel made when she moved. Enjoying the pain his swollen cock was in and the thought of neither of them having the keys to ease the pain.

When they were finished with dinner he picked up the duffle bag he had carried in asking her to prepare herself for a wonderfully frustrating night. James instructed her to go to the bathroom and relieve and clean herself thoroughly and to remove the entire chastity set. Linda giggled, doing as she was told, cleaning herself thoroughly before returning to her bedroom to find James waiting for her. Having already prepared her bed for the night's events neither of them needed to ask any questions since they already knew each other so well. James smiled warmly looking at a fully naked Linda taking her hand leading her to the bed turning her to face him. James held up a padded satin blindfold showing it to her getting a small giggle and a nod of agreement.

James slowly slid the blindfold down over her eyes making sure the pads were placed directly over her eyes. In a calming voice he said “Open wide” smiling as she immediately opened her mouth. James firmly but carefully pushed the large ball into her mouth, whispering, “Ok you can relax…” feeling her shaking body touching his. James guided the straps under her hair buckling each then readjusting them after they were arranged properly pulling the ball deeper into her mouth. Linda was shaking not in fear but excitement, their hours of chatting had given her high expectations and even higher hopes wondering if he had brought the keys to his own chastity device with him. Her mind ran freely over the possibilities of tonight.

With the harness buckled tightly James watched Linda chewing on the gag for a moment. “Does it fit ok?” He got a nod acknowledging his question. James eased Linda onto the bed moving her into the center caressing her body with his hands letting his fingers follow the lines in her skin from the steel underwear she had been wearing. He spread her legs towards the bed posts tracing the deep lines around her thighs moving very slowly arousing the blind and muffled woman. Linda was trembling again as she reached her hands towards the bed posts showing James she was eagerly waiting for what she expected next. James was stroking her legs as he wrapped wide leather cuffs around her ankles buckling each as tight as he could loosely attaching the straps from the bed posts to each.

Linda could feel her freedom slipping away as her arousal continued to grow making her pant for air around the ball strapped tightly into her mouth. James stroked her legs slowly working his way up to her waist circling her dampening pussy but never touching it as he caressed her stomach feeling the deep indents in her skin. James was wincing from the pain he was causing himself as his cock fought the steel surrounding it, smiling slightly at what was happening. James had purposely worn a short solid tube having only a small opening in the tip and a steel “cup” that encased his testicles. With the short tube covering him any expansion of his cock pressed his balls tighter into the cup increasing the pain he was causing himself, and the pleasure of knowledge he was incapable of providing his own pleasure only hers.

James knew exactly what the device would do having worn it many times while the two talked about their sexual fantasies making him get hard while he was trapped in the device. Tonight was the first time he would be expected to make a woman explode in ecstasy while helpless himself to achieve anything but discomfort and be forced to remain frustrated. James knew if he had given himself an out by bringing the keys with him he would have used it so he had left his keys to the device in a large gallon jug of frozen water chained in the freezer in his garage. Even when he arrived home he would be forced to wait for the ice to melt, while it sat in the garage melting he would continue being tormented by his inability to free or satisfy himself.

James hand circled Linda’s breasts, lightly touching her erect nipples hearing her gasp when he brushed each one. Reaching her neck James stroked and massaged it before taking the wide collar and fitting it around her throat, slipping the strap through the buckle and pulling it until it was snug.

“Let me know if this gets too tight,” he whispered his first words since strapping the gag on.

Linda nodded her head letting him pull the buckle tighter, mumbling “OK” when she felt it was tight enough for her.

James knew from their conversations she liked to wear collars and wore them very tight so he obliged her desires also making himself more excited relishing how she looked with her head held immobile by the tall black collar. Finished with the collar he ran his fingers up her arm reaching her outstretched hand wrapping another wide cuff around her wrist buckling it tight then locking it in place. Another strap was attached to the cuff before he walked around the bed grunting from his cock trying to expand more as he inspected the beautiful woman almost trapped by him. Another long stroking of her helpless body started again at her ankle leading up to her grinding hips to her wrist.

James quickly buckled and locked the last cuff around her wrist attaching it to the strap then stepped back to watch her body twist and grind for a moment before taking a piece of ice from the pitcher near the bed and sticking it down his pants. Linda was gasping around the gag as she listened to her heart beat in her ears wondering what he was doing and what was going to happen next the anticipation causing a surge in her arousal. James found some relief from the cooling effect of the ice on steel, sticking a small towel down his pants and dropping the remaining ice into a bowl. James returned to his captive, stroking her legs again from her thigh to her ankle before pulling on the tail of the strap, stretching the leg just a little.

James tightened each strap little by little circling the bed, touching and stroking her body as her ability to move decreased until all four limbs were pulled taunt. James said nothing as he watched the helpless woman twisting on the bed admiring her ability to entice him with her movements enjoying the sounds of the restraints as she struggled in them. Linda knew he was watching her making a special effort to be sexy for him, pumping her hips in the air as much as she could. James dropped another handful of ice in the bowl placing his cold hand on her breast watching her nipple grow even harder. While her nipple was still engorged James took a connected pair of clamps letting one close on her erect nipple.

Linda gasped and moaned as the clamp bit down repeating the noises as he clamped her other nipple and toyed with the chain between them. James was holding back his own moans and grunts from the pain from his encased cock and balls but knew this was what he had to happen to prove its worth to her. James wanted to show her what could happen when he was able to concentrate on her needs hoping to finally have someone to share his passions with. Thinking about what could be smiling at the images in his mind of her locked in the belt while he was tied to the bed being pleasured. James slipped out of his clothes clamping his own nipples before easing onto the bed making sure all his toys were within reach. For the next two hours James massaged and kissed every part of Linda’s body still not touching her pussy driving Linda to moan loudly while she bucked her hips each time she felt him get close.

Linda wanted to cum worse than she had ever wanted anything in her life, mumbling incoherently around the gag becoming more desperate as she tried to get him to make her cum. Every time she started begging James would climb off the bed to watch her as he iced down his cock, his silence tormenting her even more. He had resumed his fondling and stroking, brushing her soaked pussy and Linda thought he was finally going to make her cum when she felt him climb off the bed again. Linda screamed around the gag in frustration fighting her bonds frantically trying to free herself so she could masturbate herself to an orgasm. While she struggled on the bed James stood nearby watching and while the ice on his trapped cock melted he took in the scene making him smile at her frustration.

James waited until she lay motionless panting for air before saying “I think that’s enough for tonight” watching her look around trying to see through the blindfold if he was serious. “I think it’s time to put you back in your chastity belt,” James said, taunting her. Linda began screaming and thrashing again as she listened to the sounds of him picking up her chastity set. James let the steel brush her waist laughing as she tried to scoot herself away from it. “Oh so you don’t want to be locked up again?” he asked mockingly, getting a loud moaning “NO!” or so he figured that was what the noise meant.

“Well why shouldn’t I, I mean you have been teasing me all night knowing I can’t fully enjoy myself it really only seems fair” James continued with his ruse. James knew what it meant for her to be locked up again because she was about to start a new project at work and wouldn’t be able to visit him for at least two weeks. “You did give me your keys so that makes it my decision." Linda knew that two weeks locked up after being teased so long would be excruciating and desperately wanted to be able to cum either by his hand or hers. A frustrated Linda continued thrashing and moaning while James fiddled with the belt pretending the chains had become tangled watching her struggle.

James thought about his discussions with her in the chastity chat room, he had been practicing chastity a couple of years using it to intensify his girlfriend’s orgasms in turn making his own much more satisfying. They had chatted often usually late at night when neither of them could sleep telling each other everything they were thinking and dreaming. Now James had her bound and gagged thrashing in frustration able to make her suffer or push her to pure bliss. His entire purpose of locking himself up had been to make himself become a more attentive lover but being her key holder he liked the power of controlling her orgasms. James sat next to her flailing body stroking her taut stomach really enjoying the feeling of her body struggling under his control.

James laid his hand on her hot pussy stopping her struggles instantly as she groaned loudly pushing her hips into his hand. James played with her restrained body before standing and quickly strapping a large cock around his waist stretching the band at the base around his sac. Walking around the bed James pulled each strap already holding her to the bed making her body stretch even further watching her muscles strain against the restraints. James started kissing her all over again pulling the chain between her nipples with his teeth as he eased the large phallus into her. Linda almost screamed when she felt the cock entering her thrusting herself onto it as he slowly pushed it further into her.

James was enjoying being able to concentrate on her, really being able to feel her under him, the taste of her sweat on her skin as she thrashed under him. He had never been able to truly enjoy having a woman under him because of the effort and thoughts going through him from the stimulation on his cock. He had always been forced to concentrate on himself to try and control himself only partially paying any attention to his partner. He could now concentrate on everything he had missed previously while still satisfying her. James paid close attention to Linda’s body and moans, slowly stroking her with the phallus while messaging and kissing her sweat covered body.

For an hour he purposely kept her on the verge watching and listening to every move and grunt she made. He continued to move slowly stroking her with the phallus while she moaned and wriggled under him. Each time she would raise her hips he would reach down, pinning her hips to the bed stopping his movements. When the pitch of her moans changed he knew she was ready to orgasm and steadily increased his thrusts groping her breasts as he kissed her body. James wanted to stop not only to ice his aching cock again but to be able to enjoy her reaction, deciding to continue and let her orgasm for the first time tonight. When Linda orgasmed her body seemed to freeze momentarily before she screamed and convulsed under him pulling on her restraints making the leather creak from the increased tension.

James was lost in the sensations of her trembling body under him and the sounds of her as she rode the joy of her orgasm. James held himself motionless watching her under him for several minutes after she stopped pulling and lay motionless then slowly removed the phallus from her smiling as she whined. He could feel the increased grip she had on the phallus as he pulled out noticing the effort it took to remove it and couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have his own cock inside her. While James dreamed Linda was lost in her own thoughts of how she felt still held captive as the orgasm faded hoping she could repeat the experience having no idea tonight’s experience was far from over. Linda didn’t notice James had climbed off the bed and was icing his throbbing cock standing within arm’s reach of the helpless, panting woman.

By the time Linda’s senses had returned James had already prepared for another round of teasing her having laid out a few new toys for his amusement. Linda lay squirming, wishing he would say something, wanting the nipple clamps removed, shaking her chest a few times then whining behind the gag afterwards. “Oh the clamps stay where they are,” he said with a smile in his voice. “If I am forced to endure, so you will as well."

Linda moaned after hearing his voice, comforted he was still there getting excited as she realized he wasn’t finished with her helpless body yet.

James ran ice over her stretched body covering it with a refreshing coat of cool water and even though she squealed and thrashed as the ice was run over her the cooling effect was very nice. James was smiling as he watched the goose bumps rise and once he had covered her body with a sheen of water he stood back icing his cock waiting for the bumps to recede. Kneeling next to the bed James blew across her damp body lightly running his finger from wrist to ankle along the side of her wriggling body smiling at her faint giggles from behind the gag. James repeated this a few times on each side and down across her pinched nipples, almost laughing out loud from her squeals when his finger would cross her pinched nipples. James walked away from the gasping captive to go relieve himself and try to calm down before he started to force her to another orgasm.

When he returned she was mewing and twisting on the bed, he was sure she was trying to get him to pay some more attention to her. Linda had lay panting for several minutes before beginning to wonder if she was alone, then she suddenly felt afraid with her mind running thoughts of what could have happened. Linda had struggled against the restraints arousing herself wishing she could touch her throbbing pussy and hadn’t let him tighten the collar so tight. James watched silently as she struggled and whined noting which strap needed to be tightened, really getting aroused as he watched the muscles in her body strain against the leather holding her in place.

James knelt next to the bed again whispering in her ear, “I have a long night planned for you my dear." Stopping her struggles completely, and continuing when she stopped struggling. “I am willing to lock you in your belt and free you, or we can continue with my desires, it's up to you.” He had given her the choice to be freed or remain his captive, backing away from the bed to wait for her answer. Linda lay panting wondering what else he had planned feeling her arousal increasing but already having been satisfied once she was unsure what she wanted to do. It took a moment but she finally mumbled “OH, UN” James smiled teasing her “Excuse me, I couldn’t understand you." “OH UN!” she tried to scream hoping it would clear up her garbled speech.

“If I understood correctly, you want to continue our sessions?” he asked, very amused.

Linda struggled to nod her head “Yes”.

“You know me not being able to cum means I can literally keep this up all night…” Linda giggled as the idea of him tormenting her all night made her body tingle. James climbed on top of her, straddling her waist first using his body weight to push the air from her toying with her pinched nipples making sure the clamps were still biting her correctly. While Linda struggled to take air in he leaned forwards pulling her head up making her think he was removing the collar. Linda liked the tight collar having wished it wasn’t as tight earlier and squealed when she felt him pull it a notch tighter, really squeezing her throat.

James reached across her struggling body letting the large cock still strapped on him press in between her clamped breasts and pulled the straps connecting her wrists to the bed much tighter. With her wrists forced off the mattress he climbed off the bound woman turning immediately to the straps at her ankles. James pulled hard on the straps lifting her arms again stopping only when her feet were no longer touching the bed. Linda had been concentrating on the collar only noticing the extra tension after he was finished feeling only her ass and back were now resting on the bed.

James was icing his cock again as she tried to flail, only making herself rock in the tighter bonds gasping for air around the gag feeling the blood pumping through her neck. James took a damp towel wiping down the bound woman’s body from her hands to her feet using another towel he dried her immediately afterwards. Linda enjoyed her sponge bath moaning and whimpering as he cleaned her hoping he would at least reset the clamps that had slid further up on her nipples. When James was finished drying her he let his hands roam around her body stroking and caressing her everywhere now able to get under her arms and legs. Repeating the teasing of only brushing her damp pussy until there was a fresh sheen of sweat on her restrained body and she was moaning and whining again.

More ice on his cock while he watched her struggling in the tighter bonds, the ice seemed to be getting less effective as his own arousal increased and he wished he had not frozen his keys at home proving to himself if he had brought them with him he would have used them. As James thought about how much longer he could tolerate the pain in his crotch Linda lay pulling at the straps feeling her shoulders strain to keep themselves in their sockets. Linda found if she let her head hang backwards she could breathe easier, the sight of her head leaning back against the collar with her damp hair draped on the mattress, helpless, giving the appearance she had given up almost made him orgasm.

James messaged her stretched body again fondling her pussy and groping her clamped breasts roughly kissing her all over making her thrash and twist in her bonds. Linda’s moans increased as her desire to orgasm grew inside her moaning loudly when she felt his strapped-on cock enter her again. He began pumping her wildly, rocking her body against the straps listening to her as he twisted and pulled on the clamps. James stopped suddenly, keeping her nipples stretched with his teeth as he reached down to the phallus partially inside her, turning on the vibrator inside it. Immediately Linda responded, squealing and thrashing as he pushed the vibrating phallus deep into her. It only took a few minutes for her to explode into the second major orgasm of the night wriggling and twisting as he continued pulling on the clamps until they popped off one nipple then the other.

Linda hardly noticed the clamps come off her body already pulling against the leather as her body clamped down on his phallus still buried and shaking inside her. James was smiling as her body shook and twisted under him again holding the chain of the clamps in his teeth until she relaxed again. Linda could feel the small waves of pleasure radiating from the vibrating cock buried inside her. When she finally released her grip on him allowing him to ease off her exhausted body. James limped to the ice turning off the vibrator hearing only her faint breathing as she hung motionless while he tried to ease his own pain. He had been so close to an orgasm, his mind was confused as it struggled with its own arousal while the increasing pain limited its ability to overcome it and the short cage for release.

Linda had stopped making her whimpering noises by the time James had recovered from his own dilemma and lay weakly pulling at the bonds that had held her so well. “Well my dear I think we might be ready for another session, once again I leave it up to you.” James said, exhausted himself but willing to drive her to another orgasm if she wanted him to. “Please give me one grunt for ‘continue’ and two for ‘stop for the night’,” he whispered into her ear.

Linda struggled, she had loved the entire event and would really like to continue but she was also exhausted and desperately wanted to curl up under her covers and dream of the wonderful night she had experienced and grunted twice.

James smiled as he pulled at the straps keeping tension on them as he only loosened them slightly moving to all four, leaving her resting on the bed. After easing the tension on her body he caressed her from neck to toes then loosened and removed the tight collar. He ran his fingers along her body as he moved to each cuff opening them until she was lying spread eagle but free of her bonds. Climbing onto the bed he kissed her breasts suckling each nipple gently before removing the gag and easing the blindfold off her head. When her eyes had adjusted he stared into them until she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

They lay together holding each other for an hour, Linda snuggled up to him wondering if he would let her keep him locked up forever hoping if she did he would always treat her like tonight. He whispered he had to go slipping off the bed laughing at her protests and smiling at her lying naked on her side staring at him. She lay on her side watching his shining cock get covered by his pants, and whispered, “What about you?”

He knelt next to the bed looking into her face and smiled “There’s always next time, right?”

Linda giggled, stroking his face and said “OH yeah, there’s a next time." She watched him dress, stopping to kiss her, reaching around and stroking her firm ass before leaving her alone to figure out if she should get up or just go to sleep.

Before he had left the house she was asleep and dreaming of the wonderful orgasms she had experienced in her dreams she saw him on his knees begging for her to allow him to cum telling him not until she does first. James arrived home setting the frozen jug on the floor as he went into the house to take a shower hanging the keys to her belt next to his house keys smiling as he walked through the house remembering her reaction. Oh yeah, there’s a next time. He smiled, wondering when she would find the keys to his daily chastity cage he had left on her key ring. Neither of them having any ideas about what would happen next, but both enjoying the adventure so far.


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