I Want a Fantasy, Damnit

by The SilkMaster

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© Copyright 2019 - The SilkMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fantasy; foreplay; mast; gag; rope; bond; cons/reluct; X

He was a simple fellow. Always trying to do the right thing. On his girlfriend’s birthday she dressed like Snow White with a beautiful yellow, blue and red dress. With the proper amount of puff in the sleeves. She looked gorgeous. Our hero thought it was fantastic and thought it was proper to whisk her to the bedroom right away and make mad passionate love to her.

Thinking that he did the right thing, our hero was full of himself. He didn’t notice how melancholic his girl felt. She was moping, not smiling and only providing one word answers when asked just about any question. It finally took him a week before he sat her down and asked some in depth questions as to what was wrong with her.

She finally confided that she spent close to a hundred and fifty dollars on that dress and all he did was walk her to the bedroom, take it off her and climb in bed. She wanted the whole package. To be kidnapped. She wanted to be grabbed. Preferably from behind. She wanted to be bound and gagged. She needed to be made to feel like a woman. Teased like a woman. Used like a woman. She wanted her blood to boil with passion and to feel the lust grow in loins.

He took the conversation in and was reflective of what he didn’t do right last time. Thinking he had to get to a darker place to please her. Much darker then he ever went before, more rough with her, more than a simple “take charge” kind of guy. He began researching how to be a thug. Even buying a switchblade at a pawn shop. Also he started building his “kidnap” kit. He collected a few of his handkerchiefs, several ten foot rope hanks and a Lone Ranger eye mask for himself. To top off the “being used” in her thoughts he drove to an Adult shop across town purchasing a small egg type vibrator. On his way out he noticed a black leather gag with a small rubber penis on it and a black leather fur lined blindfold. He bought them too.

Gathering all his new found toys and time taking research on how to be a thug, he plotted when and where to do this. He thought about the fact he had a key to her place. Should he take her in the middle of the night? No, that would be to dangerous in the dark and he would be brandishing his new switchblade. A daytime attack it would be. She was going to Pasadena for a couple days to put the finishing touches on a software roll-out she was managing. So he knew she would be back on Wednesday, finish the last of the programming on Thursday and just relaxing around the apartment on Friday. This is when he remembered that she always seem to dress a little different on her off days. Not as extravagant as Snow White, but simpler outfits from different movies. Was that suppose to be a signal to him in the past that he missed again and again?

He kept running the scenario through his mind all week in anticipation of Friday afternoon. Practicing opening his switchblade without dropping it or throwing it across the room. He also rubbed it the wrong way across his kitchen sharpening stone to dull it so it wouldn’t really cut anything but just look menacing.

Friday noon came and after chatting with her during the week he knew she would be making chili for Friday dinner at her place. So she would be in the kitchen reading or fussing with the recipe or stirring the pot on the stove most of the afternoon. He could feel his heart racing faster as he drove over to her apartment. And his cock started growing as he kept thinking about how she wanted to be used. How powerful he would feel being in charge. He parked around the block so his car wasn’t noticed out her window. It was about three now. As he started to take of his driving gloves he stopped and looked at them, deciding not to remove them on for a more thuggish look. After walking to her door he stood there trying to calm his breathing and shaking. Three minutes later he pulled out his key and slowly slipped it in the door thinking that pushing it in slowly wouldn’t make a sound. As the door popped open he hesitated leaving the door open a half inch and remembered to pull the Lone Ranger mask out of his kidnap kit and put it on. Taking a deep breath he got his switch blade out and put it in his hand with the kit bag keeping his left hand free to grab her.

Stealthily he moved into the apartment, glancing into the living room he breathed out a long sigh that she wasn’t there. Listening for a moment her heard her in the kitchen. Leaning into the living room he peeked towards the kitchen. She was wearing a blue gingham dress with white ankle socks. My gawd she was dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Thinking he was such an idiot, all the time she was wearing movie costumes and what he didn’t do. Well that was changing today. She moved to the kitchen table with her back to the living room poring over a cookbook on the table. Now was the time.

Gripping his knife and kit bag in his right hand, he slide his thumb up to the release button. Coming into the kitchen, his boat shoes didn’t make a sound on the floor. He quickly slammed his body into hers knocking her off balance, gripping her mouth with his gloved hand pulling her head back to his shoulder holding her tightly to himself. Wrapping his right around her brandish the knife inches from her face. She froze. Nuzzling up to her ear he whispered “See this” as he clicked it open. She shook from the startling noise it made then nodded rapidly yes. Slowly he pulled the knife into her neck and whispered again “Do you want to get cut?” Shivering from the cold knife being dragged across her skin, no she shook her head emphatically. Dropping the kit bag on the table in front of her and bringing the knife back in front of her quickly, he said in a normal voice “Are you going to do exactly what you are told, Dorothy?” Nodding yes and whimpering through his hand.

“That’s good. We don’t want to scream do we?”

Shaking her head no again.

Slowly he removed his hand from her face.

“Simply do what your told to do, and this just might work our well for you.”

“Let’s get started, shall we, side step over to the chair.” Moving with her still holding his knife to her chest gently pushing her down into the chair.

“Who are you?” she said quietly as her voice slightly quivered.

“Guess Dorothy… Or are we not in Kansas anymore?”

“What do you want… What are you going to do?”

He reached over to the kidnap bag and dumped it out in front of her on the kitchen table.

She was aghast at what she saw. Coils and coils of rope, handkerchiefs, she saw the leather blindfold and was wondering what the other piece of leather was. It was kind of scary with the small rubber penis sticking up out of it.

“Grab one of those ropes and tie your ankles together.” Slowly reaching out she sorted through the pile and pulled out one coil. Unrolling it in her lap she pulled on it to find an end, she bent down and wrapped it a few times around her ankles and tied it. “That is good Dorothy, now tie your knees together.”

Repeating the searching process, she noticed the egg type vibrator, putting a extra rush to her heart beat. Then with one piece of rope she wrapped it a couple of times around the top of her knees and knotted it.

“Take your glasses off and put them on the table.” She did cautiously .

Grabbing a coil of rope himself he told her to put her hands behind her back and proceeded to tie her wrists together. Rubbing up her arms, massaging her shoulders and neck after he finished her wrists. Winding a handful of her hair, pulling it backwards, looking down at her face, he smiled at her. Reaching over her for another length of rope, he wrapped it twice around her shoulders and tied it to the chair. Giggling again he ran his hands over the rope around the front of her chest. Finding the two buttons on the top of the dress he undid them letting the bib of the dress drop to her lap, exposing her white lace bra. “Oh My, What have we here?” he said, sliding his hand back and forth on each breast, slightly gripping each one a couple times. She struggle against the rope trying to move her breasts out of his hand. “Leave me alone” she said loudly.

“Not just yet Dorthy, we are not done yet” taking another rope he wrapped it around her torso under her breasts cinching her tighter into the chair. Struggling slightly rocking in the chair trying to squirm out of it. “You are a lunatic you know.” “You honestly think you are going to get away with this?”

“Be quiet Dorothy or I will take measures to keep you quiet.” Taking another rope he tied her waist to the back of the chair, taking his time rubbing her tummy as he did.

“Stop that, what is it a full moon for all you lunatics?” She said. He looked up at her and cocked his head to the side and said “eh.”

Rubbing her thighs now, slowly up and down stopping at the rope around her knees.

“You had better just leave. My boyfriend is coming over for dinner and you will be caught, go on, get out!”

“Will I get caught now? Your right, I had better run away” he said with a wry grin. Untying her knees, spreading them, taking his hand and running it up under her dress fighting her squirming. Taking the rope that was around her knees and binding her right knee to the chair as wide as he could with her ankles tied. Grabbing another rope from the table he bound her left knee too. Standing up looking at his handiwork. Admiring her sitting there all tied up, he reached over to her breasts again with both hands now massaging them, gripping them, squeezing them. All the time as she shook trying to escape from his grope.

“You are a real sicko, aren’t you?”

“That is about enough of that Dorothy” picking up the thick leather gag he looked at her and held up the penis on the inside. Her eyes grew open with a bit of shock. Holding the straps he slowly pushed the penis into her mouth as she shook her head back and forth trying to prevent it from going in. It was in almost choking her. He buckled it up tightly in the back of her head. Rubbing his thumb over the leather panel covering her lips now. Nothing intelligent came from her as she mumbled what was probably obscenities at him. The rubber penis pushed her tongue down and rode on her palate so words just couldn’t be formed.

Cupping her cheek. He seemed pleased. Kneeling down now he untied her ankles and pulled her right one to the chair leg and rebound it. Obtaining another rope he spread her left foot and did the same. Standing he took the hem of her dress and folded it neatly up several inches until half her thighs were exposed. He grabbed the tops of both thighs, startling her causing her to shake in her ropes. Massaging them up and down pushing them apart, as she tried to close them as best she could with the knees tied to the chair. Sliding his thumb up the inside, reaching under what he hadn’t folded yet and dragged it up and down the satin of her panties, teasing her as he reached up with his other hand and grabbed her breast at the same time. All the time shaking her head and with muffled screaming from behind the leather panel. Making it worse as she squirmed she pushed herself against his thumb. Feeling the heat rise.

Her safety net kicked in just at that moment. All her life she wanted to be taken and fondled possibly used by someone. This was it, if she lived she thought it would be fun – eventually.

Our thug then took the fuzzy blindfold from the table and slipped the elastic band behind her head, placing her in total darkness. Cupping her cheek again he bent and kissed the leather panel on her lips. Jerking her head away quickly there noses bumped.

He walked around her dragging a hand across her so she could trace his trail, picking up the vibrator as he made his rounds. Stopping behind her, he rubbed firmly on her shoulders and neck as if he was rough massage therapist. Her murmuring quieted a bit. Sliding his hands over her shoulders, around her chin, down her neck to her chest. Gripping each breast leaning down pushing slowly but firmly on each one. Then working his hand inside the right side of her bra his finger located the nipple. Closing in on it with two fingers feeling it perk up. Moving his thumb to the now hardened nipple, he pinched slowly steadily almost crushing it. Her head rolled back and a long sigh slowly escaped around the gag. Letting his left hand slide down her tummy to the bunched dress he moved his hand to her crotch and started rubbing with three fingers up and down on the satin panties. There was no mistaking the heat and moisture that was coming from there. Taking the vibrator he started to rub it up and down on the satin. Releasing her breast to get to the controller he turned it on as he rubbed it. Groans and hip grinds came from his damsel bound to the chair. He pushed the vibrator into her panties, rocking it down and between her vaginal lips. Then tucking it up tight against her clitoris. Holding it tight he left it there as Dorothy squirmed slowly against it, rocking her hips against her bindings, trying to lift her legs against the knee ropes. She couldn’t control it as the waves of orgasm ripple through her body. They rumbled with a magnitude she hadn’t felt in a long long time. Biting the penis in her mouth she screamed as best she could through the gag. Sucking in deep breath after breath as she let her body wind down. He slowly pulled the vibrator out of her panties. Grabbing her around her shoulders he hugged her.

“Oh my gawd” he said, “Your boyfriend is due her for dinner isn’t he?” She stiffened up as reality came back to her.

“But that chunk of leather lets out way to much noise.” Stepping in front of her he grabbed a hand full of handkerchiefs and through them into her lap. Unbuckling the gag he slowly pulled it out of her mouth letting more drool then he had ever seen in his life dribble down her chin and onto her chest. Taking a handkerchief he wiped her chin and chest.

“I have to go now, but I still can’t let you scream while I escape.”

“Oh, I will be quiet, honest I’ll be quiet.”

“I know” he said as he started packing her cheek with the handkerchief, then a second one pushing it to the other cheek stifling just about all sound from her. He then wrapped a third flatly over her lips to hold them in and knotted it behind her head. She frantically keep moving her head mmmppffing trying to see from under the blindfold, trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Goodbye Dorothy.” was heard as he exited the kitchen.

She breathed slowly trying not to panic as the situation came to reality instead of fantasy. She struggled with her hands, rocked her shoulders and pulled at her knees trying to get free.

He left, slamming the front door so she would hear it close. Slipping off his Lone Ranger mask and driving gloves he shoved them into the mail box on the porch. Taking his key again he let himself back in. With a big smile this time. Waltzing in calling her name, “Becky... Becky are you home?” He heard the slight screaming from the kitchen and moved on into the room finding her bound to the kitchen chair.

“My gawd Becky, what happened?” he said has he grabbed her head and slipped the blindfold off. Her eyes looked shocked. He untied the handkerchief and let her spit out the packing in her mouth.

“Honey, Honey are you OK? He started to untie her knees as they were closest. She said “Yes, yes, I think I am fine now.

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